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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  October 6, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. we grin with breaking news this morning in westville, new jersey where one person has died in a crash. it happened at the corner every delsea drive anal moneys g road. police say a car hit a commercial tanker and got wedged beneath the larger vehicle. the victim's identity hasn't been released just yet. of course we're going to bring you more updates on this story later on as we get more information throughout the morning. today is monday, october 6. good morning, everyone, i'm not tasha brown. >> i'm erika von tiehl. other stories we're working on, as concerns rise about the enterovirus, new school has new protocols after a student dice of the respiratory illness. >> also, developing now, tv cameraman who contracted the deadly ebola virus on his wack back to the u.s., the cdc fights to keep the disease from spreading. >> shooter at large in west philadelphia this morning
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after man was gunned down overnight. more on those stories coming up. first, for the cast, still feeling so chill think morning. >> i know, i have i've broken out the tights. it has happened. >> whatever it takes. sure sign of fall. >> absolutely. we definitely got a dose of early november more than anything over the course of the weaken here with the temperatures bottoming out in the 40's, where we are currently standing in fact in a lot of spots, could even see little frost in a few spots this morning, not around philly, probably pretty far north for. that will but that's a sign of the fact these temperatures have take answer hit. so we will be talking about that coming up here in the next few. but, we're actually rebounding quickly as well. so nice little turn around on the thermometer, couple disturbance this is week we also have to discuss. full details straight ahead. back to you. >> concern is growing after the cdc confirms enterovirus d68 did cause the death after little boy in mercer count. >> i parents have a loft questions, so many gathered for meeting last night in hamilton township where four year old eli waller went to
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school. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at children's hospital of philadelphia where some children are still being treated. jan? >> reporter: erika, natasha, that's right. there are at least three children here at the children's hospital of philadelphia. now being treated foreign trouveres russ d68. the concern growing here in the delaware valley, especially since the boy in new jersey who recently died was confirm to have the virus. this is that boy. this was four year oley lie water, he went to hamilton township school new jersey school, he died in his leap nearly two weeks ago, confirmed few days ago, however, the child did have enterovirus, sunday just yesterday, parents, community members gathered for town hall meeting at stein earth high school to address their concerns. officials answered questions about how the school district is handling what is happening. they say they have ramped up cleaning at schools, even brought in extra staff to help sanitize classrooms, top to bottom. other than that, health officials say, fighting this
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virus becomes about education, since d68 is a virus with no vaccine. health officials say focus needs to be on prevention. >> we're making sure students are talking to teach percent how to throw tissues away, making sure they get to wash their hander more than one time during the day, before lunch, avalon. >> of course, health officials are emphasizing hands washing and of course covering cough and sneeze, as well as staying away from anyone who seems to be sick as well as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are often touched that can get the germs on them. meantime that superintendent of that school says he's going to be talking with his principals later this morning to make sure everyone is on the same page about preventing the spread of this virus. live outside of chop, jan carabeo, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. developing right now, an american photo journalist who contracted ebola while working in liberia is head back to the us for treatment in nebraska. >> he becomes the fifth
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american to return to the u.s. for treatment since the outbreak of the disease in west africa. now, yet, texas based hazmat crew began the second and final decontamination of the phase of the apartment where ebola patient thomas duncan had been staying. the first phase of the clean up friday took 11 hours, all the people living in the apartment were relocated to an undisclosed location friday. and will be required to stay there up until october 19th. after chilly sunday, how are we looking? >> still off to chilly start yet again. good morning, everybody, skies are nice and clear, allowed the temperatures to drop off readily here, but on skycam three all is calm, all is quiet, all clear overhead, at least for now. but eventually the clouds will thicken, we will talk about why. take you out next, remain clear at the moment. but, eventually, our next warmfront is going to move in, and when it does, it will bring in more clouds cover, also going to live to up its name, warmfront, warmer air,
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warmer temperatures as a result, but not just yet. 49 degrees currently at the airport, we are expecting to drop off few more degrees about that sun comes up. thirty's, at the moment, in allentown and mount pocono. so another chilly day for you there. you might even see little bit of frost developing on the windshield. so, depending on your location, you might need to actually be thawing out before you hit the road. forty-seven in pittsburgh. real quick check on the eyewitness day planner off to chilly start granted. have the extra layer ready to go. other than couple of clouds looks like real nice day. definitely a lot more seasonable, too, the high tops off at 71 degrees later ton. -- on. jessica, good morning. >> good morning, to anyone just getting up and out the door in the next couple of minutes. quite a few problems to talk about considering the early commute time. so, just after 4:30, on the schuylkill expressway, at conshohocken, where you can see a disable vehicle pulled over to the right hands shoulder taking outright hand lane. turned into pretty serious fuel spill. can be out there for quite
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sometime, significant part of the morning. so headed westbound toward the king of prussia area you will see most of the delay and volume, pretty sticky spot anyway little later on for your morning commute. we want to pay attention to. that will the ben franklin bridge moving along, from the fit i -- philly side, losing the two right lanes for construction, so something we've been used to so far. if your headed on into jersey you will have no problem doing so. crash out in new jersey, just on delsea alan moneys g road, route 47 there, police directing traffic around the scene. so just use some caution. more problems elsewhere in new jersey, just some police activity out in cherry hill, route 70 eastbound, haddonfield road, right lane blocked, be prepared, use some caution to squeeze by to the left side. rest of the majors looking good, 425, schuylkill expressway all looking good in all directions, erika, back to you. >> jess, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in west philadelphia. investigators tell "eyewitness news", the 35 year old man was shot in the chest. it happened at 60th and girard
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avenue just before midnight. the unidentified man was taken to the hospital where he died. no word on the shooter at this time. also, new this morning, police in north philly are looking for gunman after man is shot several times, it happened on the 2300 block every west summerset street at about 1:00 positive. police say they responded to report of shots fired. they found the victim unconscious with multiple gunshot wounds. he is a at temple university hospital right now. no word on his condition. and, funeral services will be held this morning, for trooper david kid a of the pennsylvania state police. trooper kedra lost his life in a line of duty during training accident tuesday. family, friends, gathered last night for his viewing in northeast philadelphia. trooper kedra end listed in the state police in 2012, and he was only 26 years old. philadelphia police meantime standing up against the college in vermont after a controversial decision by some
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of its student. >> mumia abu-jamal chosen to be the commencement speaker for the graduating class at goddard college. he was convicted every killing philadelphia officer daniel faulkner in 1981. so yesterday dozens of philadelphia officers took to the streets standing in silence for 30 minutes as a sign of their distaste. >> something we shouldn't have to be doing. but again, we are here to show support for maureen faulkner, for the philadelphia police offers, and police officers around the country. >> the college released a statement saying the students decision expresses cents their freedom to think radically and critically. later today law makers in harrisburg are expected to introduce a bill that would prevent speeches from inmates like mumia to educating al centers. a triple shooting in cobbs creek, leaves one man dead, and police are still looking for the gunman. shots rang out outside of cousin danny's lounge 5200 block of delancey street early yesterday morning. second victim, 47 year old man, was shot in the legs and
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is in stable condition. a 24 year old took himself to the hospital. he's also recovering from a gunshot wounds to the leg. well, the revel casino hotel meantime that auction may be offer but bid here lost isn't going quietly. brookfield asset management won with a $110 million bid. a 95% discount on the facility that cost $2.4 billion to build. but, florida developers, glenn straub, claims the winning bid was accepted after the deadline, and revel's attorneys didn't share information on competing bids as promised. he'll argue his case in a camden courtroom tomorrow. stay with us straight ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, pope francis recognize ago beloved nun from new jersey. >> how the holy father honored sister merriam over the weekends. knack two minutes.
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search resumes after four month hiatus, special search vessel now combing the corn indian ocean for traces of the boeing 777. flight 370 was bound from beijing when it vanished without a trace on march the eighth, all 230 people on board are presumed dead. another wave of air strikes is launches against isis in sewer y officials say fighter jet took out group of militants, and six of their firing positions. meanwhile, isis fighters continue to tack on a town near the turkish border, forcing nearly 160,000 people to run from their homes. between the air strikes, and the grounds assaults, the fighting left at least 16 militants dead. and happening today, the supreme court gets back to work, the justices will be tackling issues like same sex marriage, affirmative action, a bore sean rights, affirmative action against the reform law. more than three dozen appeals are already on the docket.
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the case load for the term is usually settled by february with the term effectively ending in late june. and now the first ever beautification ceremony held in us over the weekend? beloved new jersey nun has take answer step toward sainthood. >> sister merium of the sisters of charity of saint elizabeth was proclaimed by pope francis. happened saturday at special mass in newark's sacred heart basilica. sister merium born in 1901, died only after two years after nun. becomes one of seven beatified americans. all right, we have some sure signs of fall here. you have the tights on. you have the boots. >> i'm just breaking out stuff little by little. >> layer by layer, we get colder and colder. >> chilly start. it is about a month ahead of schedule. talking temperatures like. >> this right about on cue, actually, believe it or not, to see some frost out there. >> okay. >> not in philadelphia, though. i think you got to go pretty far north to see. that will we will talk about,
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that also talking to separate disturbances moving, in so activity going on this week, but no major storms, that's good news. yes, will be there will be fresh browns every rain, showers, whatever you want to call t courtesy of couple of fronts. first little series of fronts comes from one little system so. we start things off by taking you out to storm scan three the sign of that. see the clouds beginning to build lit bit off to the west, but we are still in the clear completely, with nice clear sky, temperatures have drop off very readily, once this warm and then cold front comes through, it will be bringing us sort of the two of them, will bring us the next potential for wet weather. generally speaking, it looks like this whole thing will basically pass us by to the north and west, but we will be right on the edge so we have good shot to see some showers if not even steady rain and early wednesday morning out of that. now, let's talk about that first frost. we have long been seeing the frost already. out toward the great lakes region with clear sky, light wind. but here at home, this is basically right on cue. early october is about when you see that take place here,
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through the pocono region, carbon, monroe counties, points north, there are in fact some frost advisories posted foray cross northeastern pennsylvania this morning, and we've got few weeks to go before we would normally expect to see it around philadelphia. and, again, we don't expect to see that in philly this morning, but, if you go out toward the lehigh valley, or again, the poconos, you might have to fall out little bit before you hit the road here. sun and handful of clouds out there, breezy, milder day, real rapid turn around on the thermometer, gain solid 10 degrees for the daytime high from yesterday. becoming cloudy tonight, not quite as chilly, drop down to 56 degrees, little more typical for you here, smidge above average with the low i might add. but there will be more clouds to see out there, sort of skew the sunshine tomorrow, we do, however, see the temperatures warming up nicely mid 70s, again along the way, warm, cold front comes along, have to throw in the potential for showers if not little steady rain early wednesday morning, that the tasha, back over to you.
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>> little sports highlights here. eagles have won their seventh straight game at the linc, but it was not easy. the eagles special teams unit got the eagles on a roll early yesterday against the rams. the birds blocked a punt and took it in for a touchdown. the third gain in a row with special teams touchdown. shady mccoy ran for 81 yards, and the eagles hung onto beat the rams 34 to 28. and there is more october baseball today. it is nationals and giants at 5:00. giants lead that series two wins to none. the cardinals host the dodgers at nine. that series is tied up at one game apiece. and the american league, the baltimore orioles finish off sweep of the tigers yesterday in detroit. orioles beat the tigers two to one, it is the orioles first trip to the american league championship series, since 1997. so it has been a minute. the orioles will take on the wild-card winners, the kansas city royals in the alcs. the royals swept the angels winning last night's game three, eight to three, it is royals and orioles for the right to go to the world
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series. the american league championship series, it begins on friday in baltimore. >> interesting line up out there. straight up, samsung releases new ad poking little fun at rivals, at the rival apple over the new iphone six. we'll have that story. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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first. >> here's a look at this morning's headlines. one person dead in westville, new jersey after car hit a commercial tanker and got wedged bee into the that vehicle. police have not released the victim's name. and concerns are growing after the cdc confirmed that the death after little boy in mercer county was caused by enterovirus d678. eli waller died in late september of the disease that most commonly affect children. >> and, one american is reportedly back in the u.s. after being diagnosed with '
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bowl a off initials texas are monitoring those expose today that disease by thomas duncan. well, it is now 4:50. time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, jill, the unemployment rate, at six year low, but a lot of people are still struggling to finds work. any idea which industries are hiring right now? >> that's right, yes, good morning, erika, that the tasha. the on line job data base simply hired tracked job openings by industry occupation and location to figure out which industries are hiring. construction industry tops the list with almost 12% increase in openings in september. that is followed by the travel industry and then the military. the tech industry, not surprising, and non-profits are close behind. overall, though, as you said, the labor department says the job market is improving, a really strong jobs report for september sent stocks higher on friday. so we'll see if the mark coats keep up that momentum today.
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erika, natasha? >> we hope so. jill, looks like samsung is having little bit every fun at apple's expense. tell us about that. yes, that didn't take long, right? samsung is poking fun at apple over bend gate, as you remember, of course, that's when some customers complained the new iphone six plus bent in their back pockets. so samsung newest ad for its galaxy note four says its phone underwent a three-point bend test, they say our hips are stronger than we think, samsung's new smart phone by the way is available for pre-order right now. erika, natasha. >> yes, it took all after hot minute to get on that. >> new they would be right on that one. thank you. >> thanks, jill. coming up p after the
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good morning, jess. >> good morning, erika, good morning to anyone just waking up and getting -- getting ready to head out the door. rough start, only 453, on the schuylkill expressway, just at conshohocken, where you can see headed westbound into the
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king of prussia area moving real slowly. key are -- we are compromise ago shultz their and right-hand lane, due to disable vehicle that turned into pretty serious fuel spill. that's probably going to be out there for quite some time for a clean up. use extra caution headed out on the schuylkill expressway little later. ninety-five at cottman, usually troublesome spot. rush hour begins to get underway little later in the morning. looking great right now. so southbound toward the center city area where we see most of the volume and back up, looking great so far. out in jersey, pretty serious crash, noun, closing almonnessing road at delsea drive. alternate to get around, that take route 45, which is gateway boulevard. now, we send it over to katie in the weather center, hear she has good news. >> pretty decent day unfolding out there, good morning, everybody, we can expect much more seasonable day, too, so while yesterday was dose of early november, today is much more seasonable for early october standards. storm scan3 shows we do still have this nice clear sky out there, eventually the clouds will start building, you can see, little bit of the
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activity on the radar here, just west of the allegheny's. and through the allegheny's, in fact, but that is all going to bypass us here today. so right on the edge, problem is we can't dodge that forever, eventually we have to deal with some wet weather hereby the mid week. live neighborhood network, just handful of observations from around the region here, new castle, you're in at 45, four's in logan township, west chester, 43 chilly degrees under the clear sky, in havertown, pa. but sass the day progresses expect the warming trend to take effect here. 71 degrees the expected high. later tonight those clouds thicken little bit more. it means it is even a miler night than this early morning will provide. but, by tuesday, watch for shower, not a huge deal, i would say, the best shot for us to see any steady rain comes overnight tuesday leading into wednesday, but eventually wednesday actually clears up nicely, and we will end up mid 70s, delayed reaction behind the cool front comes on thursday, and that's when you will notice certainly much cooler day on tap here, but the sun will shine as we wrap up that part of the week.
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natasha, back to you. >> all right, well, now, let's get check on some of the stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following this morning, members of philadelphia's disable community head to the city council, hoping to get more handicap accessible taxies on the street. plows look at the surprisingly difficult process of trademark ago viral internet trends. and a box office round up for you. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio 1060". >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we will tell you about the steps being taken to protect children, after a young boy from new jersey becomes the first confirmed death from enterovirus. >> plus, also learning new details about this fire that ripped through several buildings that the flight 93 memorial. >> looks like bomb went off in a donut shop here. now seeing what it looks like from inside whether a carar plowed right into that store. we have that video. we're back at the top of the hour.
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breaking news right now. a car collides with a commercial tanker truck in gloucester county, new jersey, leaving at least one person dead. "eyewitness news" on the scene just after it happened. this is at delsea drive and anal moneys on road, a car became wedged under the larger truck. stay with "eyewitness news", as we continue to gather more information. good morning, it is monday, october 6. i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm natasha brown. ukee off today. four year old new jersey boy becomes the first confirmed death from enterovirus. now his school is taking steps to protect other students from getting sick. also, this morning, an american infected with ebola due back in the country later today as another victim takes a turn for the worse. katie? >> erika, today is going to be pretty pleasant one. we enjoyed beautiful looking
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sunday, but it was definately chilly sunday for the standards. but today, a quick rebound on the thermometer. talking temperatures coming up. jess? >> thanks, katie, good morning, a lot of problems all across the board already even for really typically early start. so the schuylkill expressway, disable vehicle, turned into pretty serious fuel spill, westbound toward the king of prussia area. see most of the problems. we have a lot of problems actually in new jersey to talk b we hit all of those in just couple of minutes. >> parents in mercer county new jersey look for answers at town hall meeting after learning that a child has died from enterovirus d68. >> officials say that the safety protocols are being enforced in the hamilton township school district right now. eyewitness neutral reporter jan carabeo picks up the story live from the children's hospital of philadelphia. that's where other patients are being treated. jan, good morning. >> reporter: that the tasha, erika, good morning, we know of at least three patients, three children, who are now here at the children's sp


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