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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 6, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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morning, and concern is growing about this virus, especially, since that new jersey boy, who died just few weeks ago, has determined to have died because of enterovirus d68 as confirmed by the cdc. this is that boy. he was cents four years old, eli waller, went to yardville elementary school in hamilton township, new jersey, eli died had his sleep nearly two weeks ago now, but the cdc just confirmed few days ago that the child had enterovirus, and yesterday, parents and community members gathered for a town hall meeting at steinert high school to address their concerns. officials answered questions about how the school district is handling what's happened. they say, they've ramp up cleaning at the schools, even brought in extra staff to help sanitize classrooms top to bottom. other than that, health officials say, fighting this virus becomes about educating since d68 is a virus with no vaccine, health officials say focus needs to be on prevention. >> we're making sure that teach remembers talking to students about how to throw tissues away, making sure that
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they get to wash their hands, more than one time, during the day, before lunch, after lunch. >> and the superintendent goes on to say that he's meeting with all every his principals later this morning to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to preventing the spread of this virus, in the meantime, health officials ask that you wash your hands, you cover your sneezes, and your coughs. of course, disinfect those regularly touched surfaces, and if you believe your child is sick, consult your healthcare provider. live outside chopper, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now, number of worried parents throughout are concerned about the enterovirus, symptoms are very sim floor a cold. you want to look for fever, runny nose, covering, sneezing, the more severe storms include wheezing or difficulty breathing. >> developing right now, us cameraman contracted ebola in liberia returned to the u.s. overnight. authorities continue to track down anyone who came in
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contact with another patient, currently being treated. >> marlie hall with the latest. >> thirty-three year old will be treated for ebola, in a specialized isolation unit, at the nebraska medical center. the freelance cameraman became ill last week, while working for nbc in liberia, one of the countries in the midst of the outbreak. >> doctors will use the helps ons they learned while treating american doctor rick sacra, tested negative for the virus after treatment at the same nebraska facility, s. acra underwent treatment for the disease over the weekend after coming down with cough and fever. late sunday the centers for disease control confirmed he does not have the virus. here, in dallas, thomas eric duncan is battling for his life. he is the first person
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diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. he flew liberia to texas last month. >> we understands that his situation has take answer turn for the worse, and we're hoping for his recovery. >> authorities in dallas believe about 50 people may have been around duncan while he exhibited symptoms. among them, a homeless man. officials track down that man, and plan to monitor him and the others. in dallas, texas, marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". right now 5:33, we want traffic and weather together on the 3's. might want an extra layer on? >> good advice. depending on location, might actually need little time to that you out the windshield before you hit the road this morning, yes, actually frost advisories up toward the poconos, so, while it is not necessarily going to affect philadelphia, or the immediate vicinity, yes, it is a chill start to the day here and storm scan3, shows us why really. when you factor in that there is virtually no cloud cover out there, that nice clear sky will easily allow the
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temperatures to drop off readily. back toward the west, we've got the combination at least of the next warmfront. it is very, very whimpy in nature, but your nearing little wet weather right now, northwestern pa generally from the al alleghenies on westbound, don't worry about that today, tomorrow, maybe a different story. meanwhile taking a look at the northeast as a whole, freeze warnings, the frost advisories, notice, they extends still into carbon on monroe counties. so until 9:00 this morning, carbon, and monroe, actually are sitting in a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. as i mentioned, 50 degrees at philadelphia international at this hour. but it is so much cooler depending on location where we have bottom out now to the 30's, even in trenton, 39 in allentown, 39 lancaster, list goes on, just generally a chilly start to the day. but there is a modest breeze, it is more southerly at this point. so that does mean because we're starting to see the warmer air nudge, in the temperatures are going to respond to. that will so we get up up to 71 later this afternoon, very seasonable for the standards, nothing more than couple every clouds as the day goes on,
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overall not terrible way to start off a week work -- work week, that's for sure. >> see if good news some do interesting somewhere. good morning, 5:35. we don't have any good news really coming from my end, a lot, a loft things going on, really busy morning, we head outside to 95 at cottman, you can see things can change so quickly, just second ago, hardly any cars really even, driving on this roadway right here, so southbound toward center city where you can see most that far wack up, ongoing construction taking out the right hand shoulder as well. schuylkill expressway not too long too much better. at conshohocken headed eastbound, where there is disable vehicle on the right hand shoulder taking out the right-hand lane, as well. turned into pretty serious fuel spill. expect that clean up and that to be therefore quite some time through the commute. road closure pretty serious accident, almonnessing closed at delsea drive to get around the area probably for investigation of that accident, we will be out there for quite some time this morning, take gateway boulevard to get on by. otherwise, out in cherry hill,
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route 70 eastbound, two lanes completely blocked, at add zero on field road due to police activity, that the tasha, back to you. >> bidding war for the old revel casino in atlantic estimate i not over just yet. canadian company won the auction with $110 million bid. and now the loser plans to challenge that result, at a hearing in camden tomorrow. because he says several rules were broken. the judge could ends up excepting a new winning bid. revel folded last month, after it cost $2.4 billion to build that casino two years ago. >> in business news this morning, who donates the most? how wal-mart is making money. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika, that the tasha. wal-mart taking another step into the healthcare business, the worlds' largest retailer teaming one direct help. com. they'll let customers compare healthcare plans and also
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enroll in a plan at wal-mart. the company says its gall to be the number one healthcare provider in the industry. here on wall street, see if the market can build on friday's momentum. strong jobs report sent stocks higher, the dow soared 208 points on friday, the nasdaq rose 45. hewett packard plans to split into two separate companies, according to the wall street journal. it would leave one company that sells ph computers and printers, then second company would spin off and focus on beta storage servers and software n recent months, hewett packard sales have dropped, and consumers are turning to mobile devices. and it, looks like the more money some americans make, the less their giving back. the chronical of philanthropy reports middle class and poor americans, gave more of their incomes to help those in need. by state, utah residents are the most charitable, followed by mississippi, alabama, and texas. states in the new england
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region, rang at the bottom. and, that report found that the biggest drop in charitable giving is in major cities like new york, la, and philadelphia. that the tasha, erika? >> doesn't say much for us. >> i know, wow. >> all right, thanks, jill. >> new york, too. >> got to change that. thank you. well, backlash against the college in vermont. it is graduation class of students select add man convicted every killing a philadelphia police officer, as their commencement speaker. as "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson reports, some say this decision, it is a slap in the face. >> thirty minutes without a sounds. the philadelphia police department in fraternal order of police projecting silence as a response. directed at aver month college look to go a convicted killer, for words of inspiration. >> something we shouldn't have to be doing. showing support, and actually, police officers around the
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country. >> sunday about 20 graduating students from the low enrollment girard college in vermont where shoed end choose their own commencement speakers listen to prerecorded words of the chosen speaker and inmate mumia abu-jamal. >> this is your commencement. as such, i will dwell on the world that you are about to enter into. it hamsment true to the ordeals hopefully transform. >> story well document the. the political figure formerly on death row for 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner, now serving life after years of court battles, activism, and media attention. for faulkner's widow marine, he said it is a constant 33 year reminder of her husband's murder. >> more than half my life i have been dealing with this, i've tried so much to go on with the normal life, but this man, may fist will be in a prison, but i'm mentally in a prison. >> she spoke to us by phone
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from her home in california. >> just a slap in the face to all officers across america, and in philadelphia. >> sunday the college released a statement from their interim president bob kenny saying quote choosing mumia as their commencement speaker shows to me how goddard graduates expresses their freedom tone guage and think radically and critically in a world that often sets up barriers to do just that. monday harrisburg lawmakers will introduce a bill to the state senate, aim to go prevent speeches from inmates like mumia, in places cents like education centers, at times like these. in center city, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, trouble on the tarmac. when a couple of planes run into a problem on their wayay to the gate. >> also, looks like a bomb went off inside after donut shop here. seymour of the frightening video after a car slammed right into a restaurant. >> also, michael phelps admits he needs help. hear what he says now that he's taking -- why he is taking a break from swimming after his latest drunk driving
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arrest. that's coming up.
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confirm, four year old from mercer counter has died from enterovirus d68. hundreds of children from across the country had been diagnosissed when that respiratory illness. developing story this morning, a cameraman, who contracted ebola in west africa, is back in the u.s. for treatment. first man diagnosed with ebola
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is in critical condition. >> following some breaking news this morning investigation underway into deadly accident in westville, gloucester county. car crashed into tanker truck, happened near delsea drive and almonessing road around 3:00 this morning, the driver of the car was killed in that crash. >> 5:43. traffic and weather together together on the 3's. good morning, everybody. as we start things off with a wider zoom of storm scan3, start to find green popping up out here, across portions of the great lakes, down in through west of the appalachians, leading edge actually of our next approaching warmfront. actually see warm and cold front combo come through here what you find with the mid cyclones, get the center of circulation, see warmfront roll through, then colds front roll through, and it just so happens that both of those fronts are actually going to have an effect on our forecast. off to the, well off to the southwest, little line, see that trailing batch, of some very nasty thunderstorms,
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could actually end up with severe weather across this portions of the us here today, basically arkansas, back to miss urine, so we have to keep an eye on that, this will not be severe weather producer, meanwhile out to the western side of the united states, more specifically, in the eastern pacific where we do have tropical storm simon, still churning away. this storm still expected to make a right hand curve, and eventually strike lands, thankfully, as weakening system at this point. but the moisture drawn in may actually feed the potential for our wet weather, down the road back to the here and now, chilly morning, where we bottom out here, philadelphia has already hit 47 degrees, 46 wildwood, the list goes on, the chilly spot of the pack, women, as you can imagine, it was mount pocono. off to the higher terrain in fact, might ends one little bit of frost out there on the windshield this morning, carbon, monroe countries both under frost advisories until 9:00 a.m. meanwhile, the school day
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forecast, despite the chilly start, gout to give us a a, at least a minus, because even despite the chill it will end up being real pleasant day out there, and much more seasonable afternoon. we quickly touch on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, shower tomorrow, perhaps some steadier rain, especially north and west at night, into early wednesday morning, friday it is still just a chance right now, but that's where that simon moisture might start to come no play. so we'll lets you know, all depend on the actual placement of the next disturbance. but if you love watching the rain roll in, we want you to join our team of eyewitness weather watchers. brand new program all set up for you, head to cbs philly. com/watchers for more information and of course to sign up. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katiement good morning, everybody, just 5:45, we go outside, check out our camera out on the 42 freeway in south jersey, that creek road, so see starting to pick up volume, headlights coming in, that's headed northbound toward the philadelphia area. and possibly the 295 interchange, starting to pick up some volume there. on the schuylkill expressway,
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volume all morning, now, this camera actually flipped around now. using this at conshohocken, eastbound, so headed toward the city there. so you can see, missing right-hand lane, and part of the right hand shoulder, due to a disable vehicle. it also cents has turned into a pretty serious fuel spill. that will be therefore clean up for quite some time. now, some road closures also, almonnessing road closed due to pretty serious accident at delsea drive for investigation. your alternate to get around that area just take gateway boulevard. in cherry hill route 70 eastbound, at haddonfield road, right lane block due to police activity. police activity, but don't forget, when you are on the road get updated information about traffic backups, with new your drive app. download it for android and devices cents by going to drive. >> surveillance footage in los angeles captures unbelievable video as deadly crash happens at donut shop. you can watch the destruction,
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driver of jeep plows through the store, one man was sitting at a table when that suv actually hit him. he escaped with just cuts and bruises cents. one person was killed. and four others seriously hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital, and released. it is not clear what caused her to lose control. >> and, take a look at this, a deadly pile up involving as many as 30 vehicles overseas, in greece. investigators say it was caused bye a track that had been speeding. four people killed, 20 other others injured. driver of the truck has been arrested. >> swimmer michael phelps says he is getting out of the pool to focus on his sobriety. olympian took to social media to announce he would be entering six week inpatient treatment program. the 29 year old was charged with his second dui in maryland last week. he tweeted, quote, swim something a major part of my life. but right now, i need to focus my ann tension on me as an individual, and dot necessary work to learn from this experience and make better decisions cents in the future.
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5:47. and whether is something free not really free? three's on your side with warning about free estimates being offered by some companies. >> first, a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> today is sure last chance to register for the election, do you have smith your voter registration paperwork by the close of business today. now, you can fill out the form, by going to your county's board of elections, or penndot license centers. putting link with the application on for you. you can also check to make sure that you're registered,
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as well. now, the supreme court meantime will reconvene later today with more than three dozen appeals already on the docket. it is expected that another three dozen could be added in the month to come. some of the biggest issues expected to be tag recalled are same sex marriage, affirmative action, a bore sean rights, and further litigation over the president's healthcare reform law. we've all heard it before. right? nothing in life is free. but, what about free estimates? in this week's angie's list report, jim donovan explains that even those might come with a price tag. when is a free estimate really me? answer may depend on your project. >> when it comes to free accidents, general rule of thumb is typically small job, don't require a lot of investigation work, to determine the problem. well, typically be free estimates, if it is more involved job, something requiring figure owing out what the problem really; that's when you typically see a charge. >> brian says whether it comes to electrical work, his
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company offers free estimates on new installations. >> the reason that we can always free estimate, service, say in your home, you have two bedrooms, that the outlets don't work. you check the breaker panel, all of the breakers a eastbound to be on and working, but outlets no longer functioning properly. that we can't give a free estimate on, because we have to come into the home, we actually have to do some physical electrical testing. >> every company has a different definition. so, always ask what the estimate entails. >> make sure you understand any type of charge that might occur with a estimate. some companies might have free estimate, but make sure they don't have a trip charge or fuel surcharge that you will be hit with instead. >> now, some providers may charge you for an estimate, if you don't hire them. also, ask in advance if all get the estimate on the spot on if you have to wait a few days. go to's
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list, i'm gym donovan. >> coming up on 5:53. traffic and weather together. >> good morning, storm scan3, definitely very empty, very quiet, under the clear sky, though, temperatures have dropped very readily. we will take just quick check on where we stand right now. fifty at the airport, doesn't sound so bad, i'll tell you what through the outlying suburbs if that's where you are starting your morning even as far south as upper bucks count coy actually be frost on the windshield this morning. there are frost advisories posted as is we've been saying through carbon, monroe county. today, later in the afternoon, one of the days you need extra layers. you need the layer in the morning, get rid of it later in the dayment don't wear that chunky sweater and expect that you will need it all day long. 71 degrees the sunshine out there. actually real nice day coming up here. but we are tracking hello jessica, oops, we are tracking our next warmfront, by tomorrow, so see few more clouds out, there and probably shower. you got me all thrown off here, jess. over to you. >> clearly you're not the only
5:54 am
one thrown off right now. >> it happens. >> it happen. green screen, good morning, everybody, popping in little early for you, 5:54. we go outside right now, we check out a lot of problems weaver going on, the schuylkill expressway really just slammed in both directions at conshohocken, due to the disable vehicle, pulled over to the right hands shoulder, taking the right hand lanas well due to disable vehicle, can't even say that right today, disable vehicle turned into fuel spill. see a the love back upgoing eastbound toward the city. now we show you actually some that far back up, really slammed, you can see headed eastbound there due to that accident. stay there. cbs-3 will be right
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>> a four year old boy in new jersey becomes the first confirmed death from enterovirus. live with a look at what his preschool is now doing to keep
5:57 am
other students from getting sick. >> and, it is the ends of an era. why you won't find saturday morning cartoons on tv any more. >> no. >> more coming up. we'll be right
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following breaking news in westville, new jersey, where one person in the crash has died. it happened at the corner of delsea drive and almonessing road. police say car hit a commercial tanker then get wong dollars beneath larger vehicle. authorities have not released have the victim's identity. >> meanwhile, school off initials mercer county, new jersey address parents concerns, after a preschooler dice from enterovirus d68. the cdc confirms, four year oley lie woman err of hamilton township, died from the respiratory illness. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at children's hospital in philadelphia, with the
6:00 am
details, jan? >> rye now, there are at least three children here at the children's hospital of philadelphia, suffering from enterovirus d68 and concern growing, now that this virus has become deadly here in the delaware valley. >> she's described by his father as a beautiful mix of eager necessary, and hesitance i, need and striving, caution, and surprise. the four year old eli waller's live was cut short. he died in his sleep nearly two weeks ago. now, the cdc reports, the yards ville elementary school student tested positive foreign at the owe virus d68 as this new jersey community continues to mourn his death, the hamilton township school district starts to address the concerns. >> very sadening, i just want to know, you know, is there a risk of it spreading, how are we going to manage it and contain the situation, because everyone is worried for their children, and that's where we are n