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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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philadelphia, with the details, jan? >> rye now, there are at least three children here at the children's hospital of philadelphia, suffering from enterovirus d68 and concern growing, now that this virus has become deadly here in the delaware valley. >> she's described by his father as a beautiful mix of eager necessary, and hesitance i, need and striving, caution, and surprise. the four year old eli waller's live was cut short. he died in his sleep nearly two weeks ago. now, the cdc reports, the yards ville elementary school student tested positive foreign at the owe virus d68 as this new jersey community continues to mourn his death, the hamilton township school district starts to address the concerns. >> very sadening, i just want to know, you know, is there a risk of it spreading, how are we going to manage it and contain the situation, because everyone is worried for their children, and that's where we are now with it.
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>> school and health officials answer those questions, at steinert high school on sunday. nearly 100 parents and community members attended the town hall meeting where the school district says it has ramped up cleaning at all of the schools, even brought in additional staff to do the work. the focus now, they say, should be on education. since d68 is a virus, and there is no vaccine, health officials say the best course of something prevention. >> making sure teach remembers talking to students thousand throw tissues away, making sure that they get to wash their hands, more than one time, during the day, before lunch, after lunch. >> and that superintendent goes ton say that he's going to be meeting with all of his principals later this morning to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to stopping spreading of this virus, in the meantime, health officials urge everyone to wash their hands, cover their cough, and their sneezes, stay away from people who seem to be sick, and of course wine down, disinfect those regularly touched surfaces. and health officials are urging parents if you believe
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your child is sick, contact your healthcare provider. live outside of chop. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, 6:02. traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i hey, guys, we can expect to see pretty pleasant day unfold, happen mine day to you, we kick start the work week, school week, dow come bearing some good weather news for up. yesterday ended up being absolutely beautiful day. as long as were you ready for t that's the key. you need to walk out the door with the extra layers here, guys, and trust me on that one, especially if you perhaps commute into philadelphia, from the suburbs, you're starting off on chillier place, you will notice just as cool as yesterday was, perhaps do you have walk out the door little earlier than did you on a sunday morning, out to storm scan3, stays quiet, we continue to see that nice clear sky, a pretty light win here on the cbs-3 skydeck, but we have little breeze, noticeable out there today, meanwhile, off to the west, the combination of our next warmfront, already underway, don't have to worry about any
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wet weather here today, rather later tonight we do actually start to see the clouds building in, but will be it. meanwhile notice frost advisories posted here up across the poconos, chilly enough that you might need to that you out the windshield, not just in the poconos, you i would say as farther as upper bucks county, berks county, lehigh valley, yes, little frost out there. through maybe more remote towns, the more remote suburbs, for example, so, just keep that in mine. 49 degrees the current temperature though meanwhile here at philadelphia international airport. currently the wind is calm, but as i mention the breeze will be out there at some point today. so, you will notice that it is coming out of the south to help warm things up. far more seasonable temperatures here than what we're used to or what we were used to yesterday. 71 degrees, the expected hi, basically, on par with the standards, little cooler toward the resort towns. jest, a we send it into you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody. 6:03, a lot to talk becomes really relatively busy morning and pretty early, so on the
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schuylkill expressway, at conshohocken, you can see, both lanes really having some difficulty here. eastbound, where you can see that disable vehicle that's been out there for quite some time this morning, turned actually into fuel spill. that will will be therefore quite some time during that clean up. so headed eastbound, toward the city where you can see a lot of back up, westbound, as well, a loft brake lights. now, we show you the backups from the fuel spill, you can see, just slammed, actually at the blue route, not too far away, so that's the eastbound delay due to the disable vehicle. out in new jersey, just some construction, completely blocking all lanes on route 130 northbound, at route 47. all lanes blocked until further notice, take 295, if you want to get around that mess. almonnessing road close today real serious accident now closed for investigation. that is delsea drive. your alternate to get around there this morning take gateway boulevard. rest of the majors a loft things looking real smooth still. ninety-five. 422 headed eastbound, schuylkill have the blue route headed actually slower than this, about 17 minute trip
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there. mass transit great alternate, septa new jersey transit and dart all running on time with no delays, currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport, erika, back to you. >> new this morning, man is shot and killed in west philadelphia. it happened at 60th and girard avenue just before midnight. police tell "eyewitness news", that 35 year old man was shot in the chest. the unidentified man was taken to the hospital where he died. no word on shooter at this time. another strikeout for authorities, hunting for eric frein the man accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers last month. possible siding bass reported yesterday in price township. hundreds of officers converged on that area for hours, but did not come up with anything. since the search began, they've found food, ammunition, and homemade explosives. >> well, funeral services will be held later this morning, for trooper david kid raft pennsylvania state police. trooper kedra tragically lost his life during a training
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accident on tuesday. family and friends gathered last night for his viewing in northeast philadelphia, trooper kedra enlisted in the state police in june of 2012. he was only 26 years old. a bucks county psychiatrist accused of abuse throwing patients scheduled to go on trial today. prosecutors say doctor shiewiet inapropriately touched eight patients in his offers, victims between 18 and 33 years old. doctors license has been suspended until his trial is completed. also happening today, supreme court gets back to work. the nine justices will tackle issues like same sex marriage, affirmative action, and president obama's healthcare reform law. more than three dozen appeals are already on the docket. case load for the term usually settled by february, with the term effectively ending in late june. the us-led coalition continues, the hunt for isis and syria. another wave of air strikes took out group of militants,
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and six firing positions. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis explains what impact that strategy is now having overseas. >> people along the turkey syria border could hear explosions and see smoke rising over the syrian town of kabonni, state militants fought kurdish forces over the weekends. despite weeks of us and allied air strikes, the militants continue to make advances, forcing hundreds every thousands of syrians to flee to turkey. on 60 minutes, fbi director james, told scott pelle, islamic militants groups in syria are global threat. >> i sil is as sophisticated as others in its media presence, its recruiting and training efforts on line. >> about dozen or so americans are fighting long side isis and other groups. >> how do you keep them from coming home and attacking the homelands? >> ultimately american citizen unless their passports is revoke end tight told come back. so, someone who has fought with isil with american passport wants to come back,
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we will track them very carefully. >> isis militants are threatening to be hedda american aid worker, 26 year old peter, they say their son changed his name. >> we implore his captors to show mercy and use their power to let our son go. >> they say in a letter, their son told them he is afraid to die but if he does they should take comfort because he went to syria to help others n washington, susan macinnis for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we're learning more about a fire that ripped through flight 93 memorial in shenksville, pennsylvania. investigators say, it was not intentionally set. but it, could still take weeks before they finds the exact cause. the memorial itself was not damaged but several priceless items were lost in the flames. well, also, some new developments at a battle to stop ' bowl a cameraman back on us soil after being diagnosed with eye bowl an in
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liberian being treated in a nebraska hospital. officials are monitoring ten people in texas, that may have had contact with the only patient diagnosed with the disease on american soil. thomas eric duncan, remains in critical condition, a week after being placed in isolation. and health officials say massachusetts doctor, rick sacra does not have recurrence of ' bowl a admitted to the hospital this weekend with cough and low grade fever. and according to his employer, i believe he's okay. >> as long as the outbreak is continuing in africa, there is a risk in other places a outbreak anywhere is potentially threat everywhere. >> officials are monitoring this homeless man who shared an ambulance with duncan for symptoms. the director of the cdc is scheduled to brief president obama on ebola situation today. your time right now 6:09. and more than six months after malaysia airlines flight 370 dis a periods, a new search is underway to find that missing plane.
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coming up. >> and, developing now, a powerful typhoon washes 3us air men out to sea in japan. and controversy on campus, as convicted cop killer mumia abu-jamal speaks to class of college graduates. what philadelphia police are saying about his speech. still ahead. >> ♪ a night to remember, what she promoting for her new albumn. shake it off. 6:10, this monday. stay with us, back in a moment. >> ♪
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three high tech shims assigned to area in the indian ocean that's about the size of west virginia, the first ship started searching last night, using new seen zone or equipment and better maps trying to search the sea floor. so far the rough seas have flowed shower progress. developing now, a powerful typhoon has made landfall in central japan. the storm hit tokyo with high wind, and heavy rains. three american air men based on oak inch owe with a washed out to sea. two remain missing. the third was found dead in the water. the group was taking pictures during the storm. the typhoon is expected to dump as much as 16 inches of rain on japan. right now, 6:13, halfway
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across the world we're dealing with cold temperatures, katy? >> we certainly are. by comparison, wet weather we find on our map here on storm scan3 is far less impressive. really just a warm and cold front duo that will roll on through for us for the next two days, here's your warmfront. the combination of it. it doesn't look all that impressive. hands full every showers mainly back west of the allegheny's, or through the allegheny's, but for us we keep the clear sky. off to the south and west, see the trailing ends of frontal boundary, potential for severe weather yet again today through the lower mississippi valley and points east. so, we have to keep an eye on the radar across those areas for. that will back here at home again nice day. it will be a tad breezy out there, with sunshine, we warm up easily, notice the winds direction it, southerly components of the wind means milder air starting to come back to the zero our area. it will help the temperatures rebound. cloudy tonight, still dry, tomorrow i can see shower around, won't be how many dealing deal, more of heads up
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for you. early wednesday morning, also when the next cold front comes, in so coy see perhaps some steadier rain early in the morning, but skies should clear out nicely as the day goes on, thursday, see the drop. upper 60s to round out the week. >> good morning, 6:15, and we go outside and check out the cameras, which are pretty slammed up on 59 at cottman avenue. so see a lot of brake lights right there, headed southbound toward the city, compromising right hand shoulder little bit due to the construction, northbound side actually moving along towards northeast philly little bit better than the southbound side. but on the schuylkill expressway, which we could say the same thing, actually at the blue route, back up from the earlier disable vehicle which still is in place taking out the right hand lane. that's the disable vehicle actually up ahead at conshohocken, so, this is that back up from that. it is taking out the right-hand lane, one of the right hands shoulders, everyone squeezing on by, causing huge delay there. now, alternate to get around
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that road closure, almonesson road closed at delsea. take gateway boulevard to get around that crash investigation. over to you. >> thank you, very much. there is breaking news at the top of today's headlines on cbs-3 this morning. one man is dead after his car crashed into a tanker truck in westville, gloucester county. >> this happened about 3:00 this morning at delsea drive and almonesson road. >> the centers for disease control confirms four year oley lie waller of mercer county has died from enterovirus d68. hundreds of young people had have been diagnosed across the us. flesh television cameraman who contracted ebola in west africa back in the u.s., first man diagnosed in the u.s. thomas duncan is currently in critical condition. we're back in just a moment. stay with us.
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judge birds head into this week's game at five and one actually, for the thirds week in a row, the eagles special teams scored a touchdown. and, it was the second week in a row the birds scored on blocked punt. the birds got the running game going a little better than recently, shady mccoy had 81 yards on the ground. the eagles hang onto beat the rams, 34 to 28. obviously offensive lie we have to do better job of finishing people off. talk to the guys on the side
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line, don't be complacent with the score. >> this is to win, and this is a blessing, and we do have to learn thousand finish better. but we're not there yet. >> in last night's prime time game tom braiden and the patriots man handle the beg as, brady teams one ron, for touchdown, 62nd later the patriots recovered a fumble, and they ran it in for north touchdown. cincinnati was undefeated before that game. certainly, not after. the patriots beat the ben as big time 42 to 17. >> now, dozen of artists and drafts men put their work on display this weekend at the annual fall for the arts festival. >> lots of fun. "eyewitness news" in chestnut hill where the business strict dis celebrated the 30th anniversary of the autumn street fair. everything from paintings to sculptures, to fine crafts available for purchase. there is fun for the whole family, including the festival food, got to love that, amusement rides, for the
6:21 am
children. >> oh, i usually go every year, i missed this time. >> nothing like apple cider on a fun day. >> funnel cage for me. >> i know, the fate of atlantic city's old reb casino is back up in the air, that's coming p for you. >> also the end after era for the first time in 50 plus years. there will be no saturday morning cartoons this weekend. >> oh? >> the reason they're going away, that's coming up next.
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off to cool start, kaley? >> absolutely, erika, good morning, everybody, we are seeing temperatures easily dip down into the 30's, into the 40's, and this morning will be one of those morning where i highly suggest layers. you don't necessarily need big chunky sweater all day today, however, because we will see these temperatures start to rebound nicely here.
6:24 am
>> coming on down south, still in the 30's, heading further off to the north. this is about the tim we start to see the frost starting to form here through the poconos, is in fact frost advisory posted up that way, through carbon monroe county but i wouldn't be surprised if even as far south upper bucks saw frost on the win shield. we warm up later today nicely to much more seasonable 71 degrees hi, jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, for the first time i may have some possible good news for everyone, on the schuylkill expressway, just had this clear up about 22nd before we came on live here, so eastbound is headed toward the city, so we have this blocked off pretty much all morning due to disable vehicle, and fuel spill. now actually just cleared up. just reopened. see everybody still slowly moving through. but at least it is a slight improvement there, as well. but, ben franklin backing up, from the fit ill side, so see headlights coming in westbound into the sit, moving along
6:25 am
slowly starting to pack in there just little bit and losing one of the lanes compromised therefore construction. an accident at merion hill lane, just use some caution when traveling, through, for some local detours. erika, natasha, back over to you. >> the word is secret. taylor swift, top secret listening party for fans at her new york home. >> the shake it off singer invited 89 fans, to her road island house on the beach. the number of fans comes from her new albumn, titled, 1989. the year swift was born. fans got to hear every song on that albumn which hits stores shelves october 27th. >> and saturday morning staple for many is gone for good, believe it or not, our sister station, cw, was the last american broadcast channel to pull the plug on saturday morning cartoons. of course, cartoons dominated saturday morning from the 19 60s, through the 80s, i used to love getting to up watch them when i was little.
6:26 am
>> me too. >> networks just couldn't compete with cartoon channels on saturday light. kids viewing habits have changed, as well, thanks to new technology lie dvr's, streaming services >> my wife dis a periods three days ago. >> highly anticipated dollars gone girl snatches the top spot at the weekend box office. the emotionally charged film starring ben afleck as man whose wife goes missing on their fifth anniversary makes him possible suspect, it is based on the best selling novel the same name. gone girl pulled in $38 million, barely beating out and a bell, the horror move bye creepy porcelain doll. the equalizer, hey, that's what it is about, equalizer slipped to third place followed by the box trolls and the maze runner, i know you're reading gone girl. >> i know, i am totally hooked. i couldn't put it down. that's jim ' so sleepy. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news",
6:27 am
live with the latest on the four year old boy in new jersey who has been confirmed now, he died of enterovirus d68. plus: an american ebola patient is in route to the u.s. from liberia for treatment. i'm marlie hall in dallas, coming up the latest on efforts to treat patients here in the u.s. and, a fender bender at jfk airport, what caused two planes to collide on the runway. also, jessica and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. back in just two minutes. how can you explain nature is so hand in hand.nd ♪ a place where by doing nothing you can get so much. how to explain a beach hidden by the earth?
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some things can't be explained, you have to experience them. vallarta-nayarit, live it to believe it.
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>> a child died from enterovirus d678. >> protocols being enforced in the hamilton township school district. jan carabeo picks up story from children's hospital of philadelphia, where three more patients are being treated for that virus. >> jan, good morning. >> erika, that the tasha, good morning. that's right. at least three more children are here, at the children's hospital of philadelphia, this morning, being treated for enterovirus d68. more concern rose throughout the delaware valley, especially, since this virus
6:31 am
has become deadly, that four year old confirmed, by the cdc, to have died from enterovirus d68. that four year olds is this little by, eli waller, went to hamilton elementary school, died in his leap nearly two weeks ago, but cdc just confirmed the child had enterovirus, just yesterday parents and community members gathered at steinert high school to address concerns. they answered questions about how the school district is handled what's happening. ram up p cleaning at the school, brought in extra staff to help sanitize classrooms top to bottom. other than, that health officials say, fighting this virus becomes about education, since, d68 is a virus with no vaccine, health officials say, focus now needs to be on prevention. >> taking about throwing tissues away, washing hands more than one time a day,
6:32 am
before lunch, after lunch. >> superintendent goes on to say he will be talking to all of the principals later this morning to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to stopping the spread of this virus. in the meantime, health officials remind everyone to wash their hands, cover their mouths, when they call -- cough or sneeze, to disinfect surface that is are often touched and can get germ i. urge parents if you believe your child is sick, make sure to contact and consult with your health care provider. live outside chop this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> symptoms for enterovirus very similar to common cold. you want to look for fever, runny nose and coughing and sneezing. the more severe symptoms include wheezing on difficulty breezing. developing right now, us cameraman who contracted ebola in liberia returns to the u.s. overnight. >> meantime authorities continue to track down anyone who came in contact with another patient, currently being treated. marlie hall has the latest
6:33 am
from dallas. >> in a specialized unit at the nebraska medical center, freelance cameraman became ill last week while working for nbc in liberian one of the countries in the midst of the outbreak. officials will be on hands to quickly admit him. >> from the time he actually enters the unit, will be about a minute. >> doctor will use the lessons they learned while treating american doctor, rick sacra. also contract dollars ebola while in liberian but tested negative for the virus after treatment at the same nebraska facility. sacra underwent tests for the disease over the weaken after coming down with cough and fever. but late sunday the centers for disease control confirmed he does not have the virus. here, in dallas, thomas eric duncan is battling for his life. he is the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. he flew from liberia to texas
6:34 am
last month. >> we understands that his situation has take answer turn for the worse, we're hoping for his recovery. >> authorities in dallas believe about 50 people may have been around duncan while he exhibited symptoms. among them, a homeless man. officials track down that man, and plan to monitor him and the others. in dallas, texas, marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is time for traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i good morning, everybody, nice clear sky out there, and what promises to be very pleasant day for us. but you got to be ready for it. in the way of having extra layers ready to go. which you probably will be able to shed later today. we are expecting warm up. storm scan3, quiet. because of the clear sky, frost advisories are posted, through carbon, monroe counties this morning, and guys, i won't be surprised if you see little bit of frost out there across berks county, upper bucks county, lehigh val think morning, look at the clear sky, not one cloud in it. and that's allowed the temperatures in kutztown specifically to drop off to 37
6:35 am
this hour, even despite that very light wind. so, those are the things that you really need for the frost to form. so we get it out there. 51 degrees by 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia, expect nothing more than couple of clouds. puck nice afternoon to evolve, however, 71 degrees, with that sunshine out there, as the afternoon progresses, so it will be milder day for us here in the delaware valley. jess, we send it over to you. >> and thank you, katie. good news there, not good news coming from my end. one heck of a monday so far. good morning, 6:35. we are going outside where you can see intersection right here in upper providence, so this is mill road, and egypt road. see accident really taking over this complete intersection, police activity on the scene trying to get that cleared up. out of the way. not whole lot of back up and volume in the area as of yet. we can always expect that to get worse, rush hours begins to get underway. in new jersey things starting pack in. forty-two, just at creek road. so headed northbound toward the city or the 295 interchange, you can see, headlights starting to stack
6:36 am
up little bit. the southbound side, a.c. expressway, moving along great. out in westville, crash, talking about this all morning, the crash has since cleared, but now have this all closed off for investigation. so almonesson road, closed at delsea drive. take gateway boulevard. west conshohocken, conshohocken state road at merion hill lane, another accident there. just be aware for some police activity on the scene. ninety-five southbound, really heavy woodhaven road into the vine st. expressway, about 31 minute trip. the schuylkill actually slowing up just little bit. slow minute ago. about 18 minute trip headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. vest way, as well, erika, back to you. >> jess, thank you. controversial decision by college in vermont drawing harsh criticism from the philadelphia police department. the graduating class of students chose a man convicted of killing an officer to be their commencement speaker. the department held a demonstration yesterday, and "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson was there.
6:37 am
>> thirty minutes without a sounds. the philadelphia police department and fraternal order of police projecting silence as a response. directed at vermont college look to go a convicted killer, for words of inspiration. >> it is something we shouldn't have to be doing. but, again, we're here to show support for maureen faulkner for the philadelphia police officers, and actually police officers around the country. >> sunday 20 graduating student from the low enrollment goddard college in vermont where student choose their own expensement speakers, listen to prerecorded words of the chosen speaker and inmate mumia abu-jamal. >> this is your commencement. as such, ill dwell on the worlds that you are about to enter into. it happens. and true to goddard's founding ideals hopefully transforms. >> the story is well documented. the political figure formally on row for the murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner, now serving life after years of court
6:38 am
battles, ac activism and media attention, for faulkner's widow maureen, she says, it is a constant 33 year reminder of her husband's murder. >> more than half my life i have been dealing with. >> this i've tried so much to go on with the normal life. but when this man, he may be physically in a prison, but i'm mentally in a prison. >> faulkner caused students' decision disgraceful, spoke to us by phone from her home in california. >> just slap in the face for all officers across america, and in philadelphia. >> sunday the college released a statement from their interim president, bob kenny, saying, quote, choosing mumia as commencement speaker to me shows this newest group of goddard graduates expresses their freedom to engage, think radically and critically in a world that often sets up barriers to do just that. monday, harrisburg lawmakers will introduce a bill to the state senate, aim to go prevent speeches from inmates like mumia, in places cents like education centers, at times like these.
6:39 am
in center city, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, if you do plan to vote for governor in pennsylvania next month, today is your last chance to register for the election, do you have smith your voters registration paperwork, by the close of business today. now, you can fill out the form by going to our country board of elections or penndot license centers, putting learning for you with the application on also, check to make sure that you're registered, as women. now the revel casino hotel auction, it may be over, but the bidding war it is not. canadian company won with a $110 million bid but now the loser of florida developers plans to challenge the results in court tomorrow. he says, several rules were broken. >> and another nail biter for eagles fans out there what you thousand dollars it would be, anyway, talking how about the birds just manage to evening out a victory over the ramams. >> a w is a w. >> also ahead, olympic winner michael films just got second
6:40 am
dui. now admitting something for the fist time. >> inside a donut shop, see what happens when a car slams into the restaurant. >> ♪ >> chilly temperatures out, there might want to throw extra coat on before you head out. how is the rest of the week looking? katie has your seven day. we'll be right back. >> ♪
6:41 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> deadly crash at los angeles donut shop. surveillance footage shows destruction as driver of silver jeep just plows right through the store. one man was sitting in a table, i think you can see it, when the suv actually hits him, watch the man in the center of your screen. he escaped with just cuts and bruises, one person, though, was killed. four others were seriously hurt. the driver of that jeep was taken to the hospital, and released. and it is not clear what caused her to lose control of her vehicle. >> well, bit of fender bender on the tarmac at jfk airport in new york, passenger tweeted this picture of that delta plane's banked up tail after a royal jordanian plane rearend philadelphia last night. both planes had just arrived at the airport, thankfully, everyone safely got off those planes. and were not hurt.
6:44 am
>> 6:43, kaley? >> good morning, everybody, we have a little combo matter to sever up for you here this morning in the way of warm and cold front, today you don't have to worry about either of the fronts, see the saint of life on the radar way off to the west, all of the moisture expected to bypass us to the north, so we end one more sunshine out there today. and nice pleasant start to the week. just got to be ready extra layers ready to go, i say layers because if you dress too heavily with a heavy sweater, something like that today, you won't be needing it later in the day. so, just again, extra layer, extra scarf and you'll be okay. pollen report, low levels, a-okay here, the ragweed still the predominant one, not causing us any headaches out there. 71 degrees the expected high under full sunshine here today with kim of clouds here and there, later tonight clouds are expected to build a bit comes from the next warmfront. watch for shower, steadier rain overnight into wednesday morning, before skies start to
6:45 am
clear, behind that cold front, start to see the temperatures drop off bit here. thursday, looks nice, though, 69 degrees, and sunny, if you love watching the weather, we want you to join our team of eyewitness weather watchers, sign up right now by headed to the website for all of the info, jess, over to you. >> thank you, and good morning, everybody, 6:45. we go outside, right now, a lot of problems real think morning, even since the very early hours, so out in oaks, crash here, see just completely destroying the intersection here, mill road, egypt road, crews on the scene trying to get it cleared up and out of the way. not whole lot of volume real toy speak of in the area as of yet, but only 6:45, we know it can only get worse from here on out. speaking of worse, ben franklin bridge not doing too hot so far this morning. actually from the jersey side headed westbound into the city where you can see a loft brakes lights, also compromising one lane due to the ongoing construction, so really crawling on into the city. out in flourtown, disable vehicle, route 309, expressway northbound, right at route 73,
6:46 am
the left lane block, there so be prepared to squeeze on by to the right-hand side closed delsea due to session of earlier accident. take gateway boulevard to get around it. back to you. >> a look at today's headlines, breaking news this morning, one man was killed when his car crashed into a tanker truck in westville, camden county. police still investigating the circumstances behind this crash. >> also, the centers for disease control confirms four year oley lie waller of mercer county died from enterovirus d68. hundreds of people had been sickens by that virus, most of them children. and, developing right now, the american news cameraman who contracted ebola in west africa has returned to the u.s. for treatment. the first man diagnosed with ebola in the u.s., thomas duncan, currently in critical condition. right now 46:00. and the eels rest four and one on the season after yesterday's wild win over the rams. >> the birds beat st. louis 34 to 28 after the eagles blew a
6:47 am
huge lead early on. here with a expert's perspective, always pal jolovitz from sister radio station sports radio 94wip. good to have you here. special teams and defense, really stepped up yesterday right from the jumps. >> they stepped you in the last two weeks, five touchdowns lasts two weeks, guys, we wouldn't be ex hauling probably right now if they hadn't. also cents no team has ever given up 27-point lead in the history of the nfl in regulation. eagles tried. but defense came up big in the end. in a win that seems like lost somewhere. here is shady mccoy to try to get him going. and they did little bit. lane johnson back on the offensive line. they got shady going little birth. yes would be out of the game on the final drive. so he's still a work in progress here. but you see here, as he finds his way, but he hasn't broken the big one yet. five carries, 6 yards, then they got him loose. darren straws at the end of
6:48 am
the game was in the game, however, for the birds. as that is something we have to watch for. because the running game has to open it up waiting for jason kelce, kevin mathis, to get back. >> eagles offensive start off with the great touchdown? >> start off with blocked punt touchdown. two games, two block punt touchdowns, special teams, have been amazing, three touchdowns there, really saves them. day 15, they block the punt two, punts for touchdowns, return the punt, return the kick off, walk off field goal. block the field goal. not much more you can ask for. >> they've been doing great job. what about the rams touchdown? seriously by the time i tuned in 34 to seven. oh, it is a rap, that's over. clearly not? >> well, the rams got touchdown, then nick foles decided to drop the ball for no apparent reason while -- >> can someone teach him how to slide? >> him and michael vick both. riley cooper slides well. he caught this pass at the end of the first half there is was the good nick foles. cooper went up, big receiver, red zonement and then you think right here, no problem, 20 to seven.
6:49 am
this pass maclin made it 34 to seven. crank up whatever you got on sunday afternoon to get ready. won't come back from 34-seven. they have rookie quarterback, team in disagree ray, forgot to above, that doesn't work. and then you think everything is okay, and then that's when they start the round. >> ultimately foles seriously towards the ends there, do you think it was sloppy play or was it just kind of -- >> the offense couldn't get going. offense real had i trouble the entire game getting going at times. and three turnovers in the fileable. the one by nick was huge. and then the rams scored three touchdowns, had 93 yards, less than two minutes ago, if it wasn't for couple of drops by ross, may have been more hair raising than it already was. >> all right. >> keep it in a nail by ther. >> eagles certainly keep, win or lose, yep. >> thanks very much. four and one. >> take care. >> win is a win.
6:50 am
>> in other news now, michael temps says he is taking a break from swim to go focus on his sobriety, olympian took to social media to announce he would be entering six weeks inpatient treatment program. twenty-nine year old charged with seconds dui in maryland last week. >> phelps tweets: all right, right now, it is 6:50 on the nose, we will be right back with a check of traffic and weather together. first a lookk at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:51 am
6:53 am
>> festival began in 1972, part of radio station promotion. it now draws hundreds of thousands of people. >> beautiful. >> beautiful to see at night. 6:53. one more check of the traffic and weather together. good morning. >> looking ahead to nice day, erika. good morning, everybody, happy monday to you. at least we can get you out the door the first day back to work and school for many of us on pleasant note. chilly note. those temperatures are easily
6:54 am
dipping down to the 40's, and quite few spots even into the 30's yet again for the second day in a row. so, you might see little frost on the win shield up toward say upper bucks county points north. but outside beach patrol headquarters beautiful scene right now, granted, little cool. but it will be a nice day here. 71 degrees under sunshine this afternoon, in philadelphia. little milder with every passing day. but we're tracking warm and cold front, duo here, warmfront tomorrow, helps the temperatures climb, 73, our expected hi, but will bring in more clouds perhaps shower here and, there and we may be dealing with some early morning rain on wednesday with the cold front, so we sort of have to watch the placement of that. otherwise, though, the second half of your wednesday overall just looks very nice, we hit 75 degrees because temperatures haven't had a chance to response to the cold front just yet. by thursday they start to drop back off. jess, over to you. >> thank you, good morning, everybody, messy messy morning, a lot to talk about, so pay attention, might be affected somewhere along the line here. 309 having few problems, at waverly road right here, you can actually see this was car fire, also headed northbound
6:55 am
where you can see most of the delay, taking out the shoulder, partially that right-hand lane there. so toward the pa turnpike, where you will see most of the volume, and back up, elsewhere on 309, not too far away at church. so there is disable vehicle over to the right-hand side, actually was an accident, now stuck, there over into the right hand lane. a loft accidents and small things to talk about, in oaks we showed this camera, mill road, egypt road, taking out entire on the section. not whole lot of traffic to get in the area but can expect it to get worse. conshohocken state road at merion hill lane, just be prepared for extra detours around that area, locally. al almonesson road closed at delsea drive due to investigation for earlier pretty serious accident. alternate, take gateway boulevard. over to you. >> thank you very much. hundreds cents of attend the 15th annual paw's for the cause dog walk in northeast philadelphia. dogs and owners walk 1 mile to the fox chase cancer center to help raise money to fight
6:56 am
cancer. to date this has raised more than $225,000. look at the cute little sweater. >> oh, love the dog outfit. love it. >> contemplating about breaking out the dog sweater yesterday. >> it did not happen. don't wore. >> i it appears it is hard to skate and sing at the same time. >> i would imagine. singer mark donnelly belting out oh, canada while skating in a junior hockey game, when he tripped and hit the deck. >> ♪ >> oh, no! >> yikes. >> oh, that hurt to watch. >> yes. >> and it happened just before the owe canada part. >> oh, you feel for him. >> i know. he's okay, right? >> donnelly tripped over the red carpet, and then fell to the ice, but, apparently ever the professional, he barely missed an beat, finished the song with the help of the from the crowd. you don't spec a red cart
6:57 am
there to be in the middle of the ice. >> like who does that? get it out offer. >> my goodness. >> that was painful. >> oh, boy. next on cbs this morning, country music legends willie nelson. >> to continue follow your local news weather and traffic, turn to our sister station, that would be the "cw philly". your eyewitness w news will continue right after. >> this i don't know why i gave it a southern twang. by
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning. it is monday, october 6th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dire turn for the ebola patient in dallas. the cdc director joins us. the young women of isis. how girls as young as 14 are being radicalized by the terror group. and bubble trouble. the man who tried to run across the ocean and the rescue he says that did not need to happen. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> freelance cameraman ashoka mukpo is on his