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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> dozens of people forced out of their homes after apartment fire in delaware count. >> i "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, joins us now, in folcroft, for almost 100 people still waiting to go back home. jan, good morning. >> reporter: that the tasha, erika, good morning. a couple of people are actually here on scene, wrapped up in blankets, awaiting words that they can return to their homes, the others are either staying with family and friends for the night. a group actually also staying at the folcroft fire station,, where the red cross has set up tomorrow poor area shelter. here on scene, some crews have started to board up parts of this property, as other people just itch to get back inside. >> close to 100 people out in the street, folcroft, after a fire smoke, and high levels of carbon monoxide force evacuation of this apartment building in the middle of the night. >> with all of the tenants out, and it went very smoothly. >> more than 70 units at the
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glenn cough apartments on folcroft area were cleared after fire broke out here, in a first floor unit around 10:30 p.m. three people were taken to the hospital, as is a result, two elderly people transported nearly for evaluation, and one woman who lives in the apartment where the fire started, taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. fire crews were able to contain the flames to the one apartment, but the smoke and co was keeping everyone out now that the fire is extinguished. red cross is ace something and close to two dozen of displaced at shelter that has been set up at the fire station. >> we're providing food for them, and just general comfort until they're able to get back to the apartments tomorrow morning. >> when they get back, we get back in, there we can get in our beds, and sleep for good couple of hours. >> that's what i would like to do. >> and no word yet on exactly when those residents would be allowed to return. they tell me, they're hearing around 8:00, 9:00 this morning, fire officials say, those high levels have likely
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come down by now, but they say, there are some code violations cents that need to be dealt with inside, and the fire alarm system needs to turn back on before anyone can be allowed back inside. the fire marshall is still trying to determine the cause of the fire that happened late last night. reporting live in folcroft, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. rape and robbery suspect behind bars this morning, waiting to be arraigned in connection with a vicious attack. investigators say, 29 year olds brandon menially here attacking this woman. police believe the victim may have been target in the this attack. >> the owner recalls the possibility this individual had been in there. looking at the potential of this not being a random attack, but that this individual was targeted. >> investigators pick up menially at homeless shelter monday afternoon. he is charged with rape, robbery, and attempted murder
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among other charges. coming up on 603 let's head outside to the skydeck. feeling not bad out there, right, katy? >> definitely not as chilly as yesterday or the day before, that's for sure, all courtesy of the latest warmfront. so we name these things very, i think, with very obvious reasons in mind when it comes to meteorology, warmfront, warm air, cold front, cold air. and we are, in fact, going to see both of our next warm and colds fronts move through. live to up their name. we start things off by taking about how we start taming the chill back. again it, comes from warmfront first and for most, we came from some very chilly conditions here, well below average over the last few mornings there is morning, we're definitely a lot milder, all courtesy of more clouds, and the warmfront, that's moving on through, which continues at this point on storm scan3, just showing few little signings of life here. we can take away the sweep around the region, and put things into motion, at this point, the bulk of activity in terms of wet weather is pretty much confined off to the
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north, things fizz link as bathroom front continues to lift away. but what this also means, we're stuck in the warm sector of storm here today. so while you will see some sunshine, we do warm up, eventually, the cold front has cents to move through. so, 64 is the current temperature at the airport, later, into tonight, talking after sunset, the rain is going to move on in. and at this point there is a possibility that some spots even pick up heavier storm. but for the daylight hours, it really doesn't look that bad. if you still had a damp road that you come across, fine. but generally speaking, this isn't too bad after day. 75 degrees is where we will be at 3:00 p.m. that's about where we expect to top off with daytime high under the partly sunny sky. jess, we send it into you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, just 6:04. and we go outside, where we can see oh, how quickly things can change. see some backups starting to accumulate here on 59 near girard, see a lot of brakes lights, a lot of volume, a lot of jams, we can always expect that to get little bit worse.
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you can see, that there really are starting to crawl out there. 422, not really the same as much for volume, just a second ago, we did have disable vehicle, right here, over into the right hand shoulder just recently cleared out of the way. hasn't affect philadelphia much in either way, just around the valley forge area. and north philly still that fire building fire dolphin street at ninth street. take an alternate to get around that, just use diamond street. >> thank you very much. developing right now, more concerns about the threat of deadly ebola virus, health officials confirm, that for the first time a person is sick with virus outside of west africa. and now susan macinnis reports, travelers could be subject to additional passenger screening, as the us tries to stop the outbreak from spreading. >> health officials in spain are tackling the first known case of ebola contracted outside west africa. crews transported an infected nurse, to a hospital in madrid for treatment monday night. they believe she caught the virus last month, while treating this spanish priest,
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who came to math from sierra leone for care, but later died. >> we all try to practice universal precautions cents, when we put gowns on, when we take them off. but unfortunately there was probably break in the procedure. >> to help contain the disease, president obama has promised to sends to up 4,000us troops to west africa. the pentagon says about 350 are already there. he also calls for the creation of up to 17 ebola treatment centers there, which are expected to be ready by the end of this month. >> the white house is also considering additional screenings every passengers at airports in the u.s. and a broad, to help stop the spread of ebola. >> all of these things make me confident that here in the united states, at least, the chances of an outbreak of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low. >> officials in the u.s. are currently treating two ebola patients, american cameraman, arrived in the u.s. yesterday, and is at the nebraska medical sentiment thomas duncan, first man diagnosed with ebola, on
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us soil, is in dallas, receiving a an experimental treatment. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". officials at children's hospital of philadelphia notified the centers for disease control of two more cases cents possibly linked to enterovirus d68. doctors are treating two new patients, suffering with accute muscle weakness and changes in the spinal. five patients in all being treated for similar symptoms. none have been confirm to be infected with the virus. doctors cents are still running tests. now, while parents send their children to school this morning, in one mercer county community, still some concerns about the virus. students at yardville elementary, in hamilton township, return to class yesterday for the first time, since the death of four year old eli water -- waller was linked to the enterovirus d68. >> i have a son who is extreme asthmatic. and my concern is he can get it anywhere.
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>> this year, it is here to stay, and we as citizens and teachers and students have to be diligent in our approach to personal hygiene. >> the hamilton township school district has approved over time for its custodian staff. also, ordered bus company to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces. now, the cdc is also test ago classmate of lehigh's hospitalized shortly before his death to see if he has enterovirus. that child is now recovering at home. coming up at 6:45, doctor jennifer cod l will join us, talk about the signs, symptoms, that you should be looking out for, again, coming up? just over a half hour. natasha? >> well, happening today, some of the biggest names in new jersey politics are expected to attends a memorial service for the president and ceo of cooper university hospital and the health system. also his wife, as well. john and joyce sheridan died last month after fire in the bedroom of their somerset county home. investigators still aren't sure who set the fire, but they say it was not an accident.
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today's memorial starts at 11:00 at the war memorial in trenton. also today, bid here lost the bankruptcy auction for the revel casino gets his day in court. florida developer, glenn straub, claims that the auction was improperly conducted and he filed papers asking for a new auction. brookfield asset management won with $110 million bid. 95% less than the original $2.4 billion price tag on revel. now, bankruptcy court judge in camden will decide if the original sale should be approved. still ahead this morning, new clues in the manhunt for accused cop killer eric frein. what he allegedly left behind. also, straight ahead, dining alfresco takes dangerous turn when a car slams into a group of sidewalk diners. that's scary. and police officer takings when he sees a small child ride nag car without a booster seat. but the driver didn't get a ticket. find out what he did that's coming up.
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>> a fan posted this on youtube, says this argument started when open stalls in the bathroom. this is before the start of sunday's 49ers game, at lehigh stadium near san francisco, the victim seen laying on the floor in the video suffered severe head injuries. police arrested two brothers, short time after throwing those punches. a car loses control and plows right into a group of people in miami and the whole thing caught on camera. check it out. you can see the video, one more time right here, people just eating outside at a restaurant when all of a sudden that out of control car
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comes barreling toward them. ten people were injured, including two pregnant women. there is cents no word on their condition, and it is not clear why that driver lost control. well, talk about unforgettable proposal. one couple won't forget their special moment. eric barrett owe propose today his girlfriends on hot air balloon. but it, started drifting off course, and it landed in the ocean, just north of san diego. lifeguards and swimmers returned to their rescue, and as quickly as possible, luckily, no one was injured. in case you were wondering, she said yes. hope they got the finger -- ring on her finger before they went in the ocean. let's get your traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> good times from here, that's what i would say. storm scan3, still tracking warmfront lifting out of the region at this point, this is three hour loop. see at this point, really not too much left in our area, on the radar, so we're basically done, with any showers, and you are just left with the
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most part couple of damp roads. don't need the umbrella through the day, guys, we have whole system here. we have warmfront followed by cool front that does move in tonight. and that front is the one that's going to produce more widespread rain, probably even some thunderstorms that could be locally gusty. morning shower, again, basically done, we do start to see the sun shining later today, though, the high hits 7a nice and mild, we sit in the warm sector of the system, then again, couple showers move in, as well as heavier rounds of rain or thunderstorm, 61, nighttime low. again, sign that's a lot miler out, there but we do start to drop off on the thermometer in the wake of the front, skies clear quickly tomorrow, breeze kicks in, and temperatures catch up to that cool front as we look ahead to thursday, and friday. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, everything starting to pick up. kind of all over the board. we go outside to cameras on the schuylkill expressway. just at montgomery. still headed eastbound towards the city things starting to pick up there little bit westbound toward the king of prussia area still moving along, though, so nothing really to use too much caution
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for, so far. 309 just at the pa turnpike, few minutes ago, pa turnpike even starting to jam up little bit headed eastbound. possibly due to construction up ahead, but otherwise, 309 looking good, north and southbound side. and an accident out in new jersey, resulting in road closure, route 38, westbound, completely closed at mall drive. your alternate to get around that, just take 70, that will set you back quite a bit. so plan ahead. church road at new second street out in montgomery county, another accident there. and still that fire out in northeast philadelphia, so dolphin street at ninth street, take diamond street to get around. natasha, over to you. >> here is a look at today's headlines on cbs-3, a developing story, the red cross is assisting dozens of people forced out of their apartments by a farrah in folcroft. three people suffered minor injuries. >> also, awaiting arraignment of man police say they caught on camera assaulting a woman in chinatown. police say 29 year old brandon menially faces rape and robbery charges. and president obama has met with cdc officials with
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outbreak of ' bowl a americans being treated in the u.s. spanish nurse now the first person to contract the virus, outside of a africa. we're back with you in just a moment. stay with us.
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>> nationals beat last night, giants still stands one win away from playing for the national league pennant. other national league game last night, st. louis
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cardinals played long ball in front of their home crowd. car ten per hit third homerun in game against the dodgers, colton wong hit tiebreaking two run homer in the seventh. the cards beat la3 to one. they could advance with another win tonight. the defending superbowl champs, seattle seahawks, they didn't play their best game last night, but they still beat washington. russell wilson through for two touchdowns, and ran for another in prime time. washington also got a 60-yard touchdown from old present desean jackson, but the seahawks won 27 to 17. the eagles play the giants in prime time this sunday night. olympic gode medalist michael phelps learning his punishment after second drunk drive address. suspended phelps for six months, he can train but bar dollars from competition. phelps announce he's entering six week inpatient rehab program. the 29 year old also faces up to a year in prison, thousand dollars fine, and a suspended drivers license.
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and michigan police officer goes above and beyond the call of duty to help a mother. ben hall pulled overall exist de lorenzo for driving her daughter around without a carseat. now de lorenzo said she had fallen on hard times, so instead of giving her a ticket, the officer took de lorenzo to nearby store and paid for a new carseat right out of his own pocket. the police department posted these photos on their facebook page, now the act of generosity is going viral. >> a ticket doesn't solve the situation. what solves it is the child being in a booster seat like she should be, the easiest 50 bucks i ever spent. >> i'm really almost at a lost for words, because he really didn't have to do that. >> oh, what a great person. >> that is. >> de lorenzo said she now plans to pay it forward when she gets back on her feet. >> that was sweet. >> love the examples of people doing the right thing. >> absolutely. >> there are good people in the world. >> i know. sometimes we need reminder, right? possible murder meantime in central park, we have to tell you b but police say this is not your typical victim.
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disturbing discovery coming up. >> whether you are drinking juice, soda, or even cocktail, your cup could know exactly what is inside, and even count the calories for you. the smart cup. it breaks i it all down coming up next.
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>> 67:00, if let's get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody everything still have little bit of sign of life out there right now, storm scan3, but generally, the gist is this. so we had some early morning showers, you can see them, really fizz link away quickly in the last three hours on this loop. now, just left with some clouds, and generally partly sunny sky. the thing is, we're in the in the clear, guys, sitting in the warm sector after storm, so tonight, cold front comes along, bridges in some rain and the, up to quarter of an inch, maybe thunderstorm along the way, as well. meantime, we warm back up into the mid 70s there is afternoon, jess?
6:24 am
>> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, a lot to talk about. 6:23, we go outside, new jersey, a lot of problems going on, actually the southbound side of 42, just around creek road. so, just after the interchange of 295 and the bridges, see pulled over to the right-hand lane taking out shoulder. this is generally not area of high volume, headed southbound toward the a.c. expressway at this time, not really setting us back too much. see the northbound lanes, headed toward the city, where the heads lights are coming in up there moving along real slowly. otherwise out in new jersey another crash, completely closing route 38, westbound, just at mall drive. take route 70 to get around it, it will set you back quite a bit. erika, back to you. >> update for you now on the manhunt for suspected killer eric frein. state police believe that they found a letter he wrote detailing how he allegedly ambushed two state troopers, in the poconos, lasts month, and then escaped. the letter does not offer a motive for the shooting. police say they've spotted frein in the woods at least five times, but they've not been able to catch him.
6:25 am
it has cents been more than three weeks since university of virginia student hannah graham vanished and search teams still looking for the 18 year old. police officers and tracking dogs are hitting the grounds every day, but there is still no sign of her. meanwhile, investigators want to talk to anyone who knows the man arrested in her disappearance, jesse matthew. they say any piece of information, no matter how small, could crack this case. and very disturbing discovery in new york central park t prompts an unusual investigation. police say a dog walker found a dead bear cub under a bush in a busy area of the park on monday. officials say the bear is not from the central park zoo. the animal's body showed signs of trauma. some people looking to enjoy time outdoors were shocked by what they saw. >> that someone would do something like that to an animal and leave it in the park, quite disturbing. >> i'm horrified right now. like some people, they just are unbelievable. >> wildlife officials are
6:26 am
looking for the person who may have dumped the bear in the park. if caught, they could face animal cruelty charges and health code violations cents, as well. so do you think what you drink may be sabataging your die net well, there is cents a new cup designed to help you keep track of all of your calories. >> fork and plate, now the cup? smart cup tracks sugar, caffeine, protein and fat, really, just whatever you pour into it. it is called the vessel. it digitally displays that information, then sends the data to your smart phone so you can keep a record. >> there are a loft health benefits to track what you consume. current method of doing so are still little too difficult to do all the time. >> and it really is one smart cup t has small censors that analyze exactly what's inside. so, whether it is a latte, juice, smote, the cup no, sir. it will be released next year, but you can pre order it now on line for $99. >> that might be helpful. >> i could see it would be helpful.
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still a hundred dollar cup at the end of the day. >> cheaper twi do that? >> you would think. coming openabilities in the next half hour, philadelphia school district cons inches its contract with teachersrs union, members are fighting mad about this. we'll tell you about it coming up. jan? >> reporter: close to 100 people awaiting words this morning that they can return to their homes after a late night fire forced them out into the street. aim he jan carabeo, folcroft, delaware county, coming up the full details. >> and we confirm all things twice. that's the motto on sign outside new multi-million dollar library in south jersey. or is it? the message that got little losses in translation, we have that store. >> i also, jessica, katie, return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. back with you in just two minutes.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side.
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i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. >> a fire breaks out overnight in delaware county. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene in folcroft where some people were taken to the hospital. good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. three people were told were sent to the hospital, because of this fire, this morning, two of those people were elderly, and taken to the hospital, just for evaluation, and one woman, who was inside of this apartment, where the fire started, was taken to the
6:31 am
hospital for smoke inhalation. on scene this morning, obviously, the fire has been out for hours now, the big question remains, is when the people who live here are going to be allowed back into their homes. we're told close to 100 people were displace in the morning, because of this fire, had to find another place to spend the night, because of the smoke and the high levels of carbon monoxide. the fire department tells me, those levels are likely down now, but number of other issues have to be addressed before folks can move back in. now, the fire started here around 10:30 last night in a first floor unit, at the glenn croft club apartments, here on the 100 block of folcroft avenue. the fire was contained to that one apartment, but the smoke and the co forced the entire building's evacuation. we're toll there are roughly 72 units here, and again, about 100 people that had to fine other accommodations. the red cross is assisting and close to two dozen of those people are now at shelter that has been set up at the folcroft fire station. but, some folks are sticking it out here on scene, waiting for the okay to go back
6:32 am
inside. when they get back, we get back in there, we can get in our beds and sleep for good couple of hours. because that's what i would like to do. >> again, no word this morning, when these people will be allowed back inside. we're hearing around 8:00 or 9:00. as for the fire investigation, the cause of this fire is still undetermined. and as far as people getting back inside, the fire department says there are some code violations that have to be dealt with first, and the fire alarm system has to be turned back on. still a developing story, we'll bring you the latest just as soon as we have t for now, live in folcroft, jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the school reform commission meantime cancels its contract with philadelphia's largest teachers union leaving many stunned by this move. the union says this newspaper ad was the only notice given about the src meeting where that move was approved. for the first time union members will now be required to pay into their healthcare plan, a cost between five to
6:33 am
13% of their premiums. >> total disrespect for the teachers and other school employees who work in the school district of philadelphia. >> the concept they're surprised is loafer recall. when i was first appointed to the src, i said that we would take unilateral action and if we could not reach an agreement. >> benning fits session to go into effect. >> traffic and weather together on the 3's. good morning. >> today is the day that marks the arrival and passage of both warmfront as well as a cold front. the warmfront has actually already basically moved through. we start things off just by taking you right out to storm scan3, the last three hour loop. yes, you had little wet weather out there. do still have couple of damp roads. look how things have fizzle, again, three hour loop. so this is all taking place very quickly here. we zoom it out, you can see, the bulk of the thrust, main
6:34 am
thrust at this point of any activity on the radar, well off to the north. so, that means, we fit in the warm sector of this relatively run of the mill storm system. so, temperatures have really respond today that. this is the difference in the thermometer readings over the last 24 hours, from this same time yesterday until now. and generally anything from ten to 12 to 15 to 20 plus degrees difference, so, you will absolutely notice that it is cents no where near as chilly, when you walk out the door. how doses that actually translate to the thermometer? we take you out to one of the live views, middle township high school, cape may courthouse, beautiful view for you, as we face basically due east here. 62 degrees, the current temperature there, and that's a spot that was easily into the low 50's, 40's, over the last couple of mornings. around the region, we go, temperatures easily rebounding back to the mid 70s today. so smidge of above average in philadelphia, under partly sunny sky, again, any of the wet weather we saw earlier this morning is basically done. and even up in the poconos, yes, might still have damp road left over, but overall
6:35 am
things are drying out, at least for now, tonight, that cold front arrives, and bridges in fresh rounds every rain. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, actually just coming up on 6:36. and we go outside, where we had relatively quiet start to the morning. and, then it all just starts to begin, you can see, out in new jersey, having some problems on the route 42 freeway, where we are getting some volume southbound lanes actually, not tip i can lay spot where we see volume for morning commute. do have accident pulled over into the right hand shoulder, partially blocking part of the right lane there, as well. if you look, right up at the top, headlights coming in, looks like almost white streak. a loft japan volume headed northbound tore dollars 295 interchange and surrounding area bridges. actually the ben franklin bridge, this could be leading to up that, so from the toll plaza pretty much jammed solid headed westbound into the city. you can see, moving along real slowly, also, losing out on one lane due to an ongoing construction project. erika, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. the supreme court refuses to hear almost dozen appeals on
6:36 am
same sex marriage, effectively legalizing it in 11 more states. the move paved the way for marriages in virginia, utah, indianna, oklahoma, and wisconsin, it also impacts six other states, governed by same -- the same lower courts. same sex marriage now legal in more than half of all us states including pennsylvania. just four weeks ago, before election day, and democratic challenger tom wolf continues to hold commanding lead in the race for pennsylvania governor. in adjust released quinnipiac university poll, wolf is up 17 points. 55% to 38%. that is a slight improvement for governor tomorrow corbett, but he is running out of time as november 4th quickly aproaches. >> losses in translation, embarrassing mistake in burlington county. take a look at this seal at the brand new moorestown township library t says: (speaking latin) the architects and town officials thought it red we confirm
6:37 am
things twice. it turns out the literal translation from latin is we second guess all. now the seal next to it also reads: 1653 rather than 1853 when the friends of the library group was form. the architect is now promise to go fix this mistake, but so far no word on how that is going to happen. >> oh, all place toss make this mistake, the library. >> oh, boy. all right, right now 6:37. and just in time for homeland security's national cyber security awareness month, we've learned new details about a vast breach at jp morgan chase, more than 83 million accounts were affected. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger is here to discuss what you can do to better protect yourself and the age of cyber crime. she live in new york, always good to see you, jill, good morning. >> morning! >> good morning. >> let's start off with some general tips. seeing this happening so much more often it seems these days. >> oh, yes. and you know, cyber experts tell me it all starts with your password. you need a strong password. and of course, you can't share
6:38 am
it. one good idea is to use on line password generators to help. then of course you want to install updates to your operating system. your browser and other critical software. limit the amount of personal information you post on line. specially anything that haak ers could use to answer your security questions, like, your full birthday, mom's made encouraging name, your dog's name, don't put it out there. also, of course, use those privacy settings, to avoid sharing information widely, if you must give out personal information, do it only if you see that web address, that's https. that s has to be at the end of it, or maybe a lock icon. both of those safer ways to go. >> now, a loft people are getting those new iphones. what are should we be doing with phones specifically if you are getting new one? >> did i it for my mother just this week. set your phone to lock automatically. of course you can't open it right now, so that's a good thing, too.
6:39 am
use passwords to unlock it. experts caution to not send personal information with your mobile phone over a public wyfi. you really want to wait until you can use end crypt dollars wyfi network that requires password. you know those blue tooth things that look kind of geeky when you walk around? well, they are a huge security risk. you have got to use your blue tooth very carefully in private. you want to use it in un crowded areas. once done, turn it off when you are not using it. finally before you toss the old phone, roof move all of your personal information from it. >> right. yes, real good advice. also now entering the holiday season, very, very soon. so what should we know about retail cyber security? >> know your retailer, i know shopping on line, you see great deet, be careful not to provide valuable information to site where you just can't find critical information like a physical address or phone number. of course, ignore those nasty pop up messages, especially the ones that ask for your financial information, while
6:40 am
brousing. try to pay by credit card. i know, debit card use is on the rise, but credit cards are actually mean that you are protected by the fair credit billing act. that protects that transaction. if you have some problems, try to work them out with searle or site operator. if you figure information has been compromised, or that you have been in a victim of identity theft, the best place to go is to the ftc. there is cents a series of steps you have to take. ftc complaint sorry to say this is with us, guys, we have to really be very developing atlantic about protecting our information. >> yes, jill, thank you. >> halloween comes early for some children in delaware. >> "eyewitness news", at dupont hospital in wilmington for spectacular party. hosed events for patients who might not be able to go trick-or-treating their family, friends this year. stores also donating portion of sits sales to help make
6:41 am
hospital stays little less scary for children and their families. oh, that's great. >> really sweet. >> dancing frankenstein. >> i know, i see superman, i've seen spiderman. that's great. such a big holiday for kids, just the best, going out trick-or-treating, and if you can't, so this is a little bit of fun. so weight. >> eiffel tower gets extreme make over. see what cost $38 million. that's coming up. >> also, should you be wore bid enterovirus d68? respiratory illness is sweeping the nation. and even claims the -- claims the life after four year old boy in new jersey. doctor jen is here, in studio, talking about the signs and symptoms that you should be looking out for. and real housewives of new jersey star theresa breaks her silence after sentencing. that's all coming up next. stay with us.
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>> storm scan3 shows us nice wide zoom here of the latest storm system, it has got some substance to it, but not as well defined, as previous systems that we've seen in recent weeks here. so we just saw the warmfront lift through. that's where the showers came from early morning. still need the colds front to cross. that's what's going to move in later tonight. so, in the meantime, just stuck in the warm sector of the storm, should get more sunshine here today, couple of clouds granted, but it is a warmer day, as r your pollen report, just quick check
6:45 am
there, ragweed still the predominant one. levels stay nice and low right through the end of the week. but we see another pattern change take effect here. so nice and mild today. partly sunny, any showers that we had earlier on, they're done. tonight, though, the rain moves back in. it will come through, bit more widespread, and probably steadier. we could even see heavy gusty thunderstorm roll through. it quickly clears out tomorrow morning, lingering shower if that, more sunshine, breeze kicks, in cool air just catches up on thursday with highs back to the upper 60s. jess, over to you? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, actually i think i spoke too soon when i said relatively easy morning, now seems to be problems popping up all over the board rush hour really starts to become to be actually in full swing. we go out on the vine st. expressway right now where you can see eastbound some volume, westbound toward the schuylkill expressway, some more volume, a loft brakes lights, disable vehicle over, push over, into the right-hand lane, not setting anybody back too much, but creating little brake lights on the way down headed westbound.
6:46 am
speaking of westbound, city avenue, not still shot. see some cars are moving, not a frozen camera, completely slammed solid. headed westbound toward the king of prussia area. >> route 38 reopened mall drive. alternate still take route 70 if you want to get around that, residual delays in addition including some of the back up as well. that the tasha, erika, back to you. >> developing story in today's headlines on cbs-3, the red cross is assisting dozens of people forced from their arts in folcroft delaware county. fire broke out in the glenn croft apartments, about 10:30 last night. three people did suffer minor injuries. also, waiting for the formal arraignment of the man police say attacked a woman in a chinatown art studio. twenty-nine year old brandon menially faces cents rape and robbery charges. president obama is meeting with the cdc over the ebola outbreak, two americans, are being treated now, in the united states, after contracting ebola in west africa. one of the americans is in
6:47 am
critical condition. ebola vie just has many people concerned. >> according together latest numbers from the cdc, virus confirm in 43 states and the district every columbia for enterovirus watch can families do? doctor jen is on call with what we need to know. good morning to you. >> good to have you here. >> now, doctor jen, enterovirus has a loft people concerned. not new virus, commonly circulating in summer and fall, but his particular strain is it more dangerous, more self smear. >> little bit different. you are absolutely right. enterovirus as a class caused cold like symptoms, happen for years in the end of summer around fall. the enterovirus d68 strain however is one that we have rarely seen over the years. and this particular season seeing a lot more of it, in some children, yes, causing very severe illness. >> now, it seems to be
6:48 am
affecting mostly children. why is that? >> you know, i think that's real great question. one of the reasons why because a lot of children have never seen this virus before. they've never developed immunity to this virus. so not able to protect themselves, as well as maybe somebody who has seen the virus. a lot has cents to do with immunity. >> also in many of the cases, the symptoms are very similar, just having bad cold. how do you know the difference? >> that's right. the symptoms can range, for enterovirus d68 can range from very mild to severe, mild symptoms can be those of just like the common cold as you mentioned, fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough, even body or muscle aches. but, now let's talk about when the symptoms become severe. in severe symptoms for children, they have trouble breathing, often wheezing, and i wanted to mention few things parents might be on the look-out for, okay? yes, wheezing, difficult breathing certainly, but with child having trouble breathing they might be breathing at higher respiratory rate, a lot faster. they may grunt, flare their nose when trying to get air in, they might develop blue i shall fingers or lips, or they might develop what we call
6:49 am
retractions, that's sometimes when a child's chest will cave in at the end after breath, because it means they're trying to get extra air n those are definitely warning signs, if a parent sees those, they should get help meade lid. >> best thing the rest of cuss do prevent children from getting this. i'm guessing washing hands are topping that? >> always top of the list, absolutely, this vie just spread through respiratory see creases, runny noses, coughing, secretions on other people, mucus, so be care f first, we need it wash our hands. soap and water, gout to do that. make sure you clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces cents so doorknobs, toys, things that children who might be ill are playing with. avoid sharing cups, utensils, especially people who are sick, of course if someone is sick around you, definitely want to stay away. if you're sick don't go to school, don't go to work, stay home, get better. don't share the germs shall we say. >> keep your germs to yourself and wash your hands. >> doctor, thanks very much.
6:50 am
nice to see you, take care. >> right now 6:49. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning. nora o'donnell is joining us live from new york with a preview. good morning to you. >> morning! >> hey, good morning to you, natasha, erika. ahead doctors are now using a experimental treatment on the dallas ebola patients. we will talk to doctor about that. then john black stone will take closer look at why some nurses around the country say they are not prepared to take on ebola. and then, we're in your town of philadelphia there following those new cases of enterovirus in children, and actually looking at the possible connection to spine abnormalities. then from star wars to the lion king, his voice is unmistakable. james earl jones tells us how shakespear helped him overcome a speech i am pedestrian meant. why the actor doesn't think he's had a career defining role. he's too modest. the news is back in the morning. see you guys in about ten minutes. how about luke, i am your father.
6:51 am
>> yes i agree, exactly. nora, see in you ten minutes. ♪ what's the word ♪ all right, erika, the word is prison for reality tv couple speaking out for the first time since their sentence. last week judge sentenced theresa and joe to fraud case. theresa 15 months behind bars, husband joe sentence today 41 months. judge staggered their sentences so one can be at home with their four daughters. >> she is like, mommy, don't worry about it, i'll be there, i'll be there, you know, i'll help daddy with the girls. >> last month the couple pleaded guilty to federal fraud and conspiracy charges. theresa's due to report to prison in january. good news to report for actress blake lively. she and husband ryan reynolds are expecting their first child. the former gossip girl actress polls add picture confirming the news on her blog. lively and reynolds were married back in 2012.
6:52 am
>> oh, good looking kid. >> funny, too, i bet. >> w we'll be right back. first here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. >> did she go too far with her plan for her son's gravestone? you decide, that's tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, cemetery controversy. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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time for traffic and weather together. katie, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. right now, in a little lull. we some showers early this morning. they've since cleared away, making way for partly sunny toyed. tonight new cold front comes along. at least part of the region put into severe weather threat zone here this evening. as we could potentially see some heavy downpours and very gusty wind roll on through our region. with this next cold front coming through. meantime, again, expect partly sunny day, should shoot for 75 this afternoon, tonight, the rain and perhaps some thunderstorms rumble in. any left over showers are quickly retreating, by early tomorrow morning, so we should ends up with sunny afternoon and breeze starts to go kick in behind the front. jet, over to you. >> good morning heads from the
6:56 am
new jersey area into philadelphia, i'll show you what we will face here. the ben franklin bridge, you can see, actually, from the philadelphia side, headed westbound, into city, you can see we are missing out, right hand lane due to construction, earlier this morning, there was two lanes taken out, now that we've knocked it down to one, see really sliding in from the toll plaza in new jersey up into the city westbound, if you're headed from philly into the jersey area, still moving along nicely, as well. route 38, in new jersey, actually, has reopen, westbound at mall drive. but if we're going to avoid messes cents cents and residual delays, hit route 70. back over to you. >> being that you, eiffel tower is getting bit of facelift for its 125th birthday. >> looks good for 125. >> yes, yes. >> built for the 1889 world fair in paris, while it was long affording tourist, great views of the city of lights, now some unusual viewing areas. >> some see through panels, look down through there are.
6:57 am
them, told it is cents completely safe and interesting perspective. >> that would be ream cool perspective. >> and that thought in the back of your head, will it break? >> oh, geez. >> would you? >> no, no. >> thanks, erika. >> sorry gang. all right, next on cbs this morning, james earl jones, he is still ahead on broadway, 45 years after his first tone. >> i to continue follow your local news weather and traffic see you on the "cw philly". have good m
6:59 am
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday, october 7th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama promises new action to keep ebola out of america. plus, thousands 6 civilians trapped as isis fighters attack on entire time. and "saturday night live" accused of ripping off material. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> when you go across borders is something that we have to take extremely seriously. >> the ebola virus spreads to the outbreak zone. >> and a nurse in spain contracts ebola outside of west