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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: he fridays lookedei, new jersey and criminal justice meanter. mayor john linder, a former teacher, says there is no room for violence in schools no one was injured, no one was hurt and the response was very good. >> reporter: students received alerts about the situation and pleased with the university and the police response. >> most of my friend, they were calm and stuff like. that i don't think anybody was crazy. they said they written investigating. >> it is always alarming but if no one is frequenting out it is not that big of a deal. and authorities say that there was no, imminent threat, but they do take all threats, seriously. student has been charged with making terroristic threats, harassment, and computer related crimes. we're live at widener university, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs-3 helps reunite a dog after a pooch was stolen during a robbery. "eyewitness news" at central detectives where the dog was reunited with her owner.
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she was stole nep july. surveillance cameras showed the thieves taking the dog. a talk philly viewer who said they found the dog on the street about a week ago, saw her picture on tv today and called police making this reunion possible. >> i knew would i get my dog back. i knew that there was nothing, it will take time and it was hurting. hardest thing was hurting my family. >> police are still searching for the suspect who stole the dog. "eyewitness news" on the scene of a serious accident at 18th and girard. this accident involved a volvo station wagon and a dump truck which crash into a church. the accident also took out a traffic light, and no word on the extent of the injuries or what led to that crash. resident of a delaware county apartment complex are back, in their homes at this hour after a fire forced them out. the flames broke out, late last night, at the glenn croft club apartments in folcroft. now, once that fire was out a high level of carbon monoxide
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remained. fire investigator also found some code violations that needed repairs before nearly 100 homeowners could return. >> unfortunately we have to be out here this amount of time, however, the main purpose, main goal to make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: indeed, three people were taken to the hospital for evaluation, following this fire, the cause remains under investigation. upper darby police are alerting residents to a series of early morning burglaries. there is five incidents in the stone hearst section of the township. and every case, the suspect enters home through a first floor window. stolen items including handbags, cell phones and electronics. >> in this morning's burglary would the man who was inside the home with her, her 25 year-old son apparently a 25 year-old son went to sleep last night and was talking on his cell phone and left his cell phone on his chest and the the burglar took the cell phone off of his chest. >> the suspect is described as
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a black man, in his 20's, and about 6 feet tall, wearing dark clothing, and a hoodie. a 20 year-old man died at the hospital after he was shot in the stomach in south philadelphia, just after 9:00 this morning. medical crews transported him from the scene on taney terrace the to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. still no word on a suspect, or a motive. on the cbs-3 healthwatch today there are five new confirmed cases of enterovirus, d68 in new jersey today. including one in camden. and another in mercer county bringing the state's total to 14. all this comes as anxious parents await test results on five children at chop, who are suffering with muscle weakness, the question is, is it linked to enterovirus. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the potential long term outcomes. >> reporter: year-old luke olivera has to crawl down the stairs because his left leg is paralyzed. he has had trouble since 11 months old. his mom who lives in
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california, was told that the paralysis was caused by enterovirus similar to the respiratory illness that is currently sickening children across the country. >> we did not get our official polio-like diagnosis until march of this year, so ham two years. >> reporter: five children are currently hospitalized at children's hospital of philadelphia with a similar kind of muscle weakness. >> this is no easy way to give an accurate prognosis in the patient's that are presenting right new. >> reporter: doctor brenda bandwell is chief of neurology at chop and she says the children are all being treated to treat inflammation around the spinal cord and cdc is testing if the paralysis is caused by enterovirus d68. the the virus usually causes respiratory problems but not always. none of the children at chop have respiratory issues and there are similar cases in other parts of the country. >> we don't know yet whether any of these patients will have long term lasting effect from his this presentation until we have seen them a little longer. >> reporter: now doctors say that the children at chop have never had any contact with each other.
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it is not clear at this point what is causing the paralysis. all of the children have had similar spinal issues, cdc testing could take up to ten days to get back. we don't know if this was enterovirus but doctors say recommendation is the same, wash your hands, children especially to have wash their hand. >> a lot of parents keeping a are close eye on this tonight, keep us posted. >> thank you very much. in weather now a cloudy day we're also tracking some rain, meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with what we can expect, kathy. >> is there a few sprinkles out and about, that is just about it, causing skies across most of the delaware valley. on storm scan three we are tracking it, it is a large system and we're seeing through northern montgomery county and bucks heading towards the north and the east a few showers is and sprinkles but there is much more rain to come, basically to the south and west, of the the delaware valley, and that is on its way, into the philadelphia area. we are talking to talk about conditions that are rapidly changing, right now in
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philadelphia 70 degrees. in allentown 65. poconos 62. the the average high is 70 degrees for this time of the year. wind are calm for the most part in philadelphia but look at down the shore through millville and dover as well, wind south/south east at ten to 20 miles an hour with some gusty wind expected overnight tonight. our future weather shows the clouds this evening and then a few showers and a few rumbles of thunder through 11:00 p.m. even through the philadelphia area heavier rain between 11:00 and about 3:00 a.m. you can still see some spotty showers and after that, by the time we will get up and head out the door for work and school, the skies will clear but breezy conditions will remain, so coming up, we will talk about the gusty wind, cooler days ahead, and in wake of this system and then more rain in the forecast. we are getting into that transition time of the year, big changes from one day to the next, kate and i will join you later in the forecast. now back inside to you.
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thanks very much. philadelphia school budget crisis could soon lead to a courtroom as a union officials fight the src's decision to cancel its contract with teachers. >> that move from the school reform commission is just the the lateness a year's long struggle over funding. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at meredith elementary school in queen village with more, cleve. >> reporter: well, not just at the the money but message. they feel like at the even of the day push comes to shove their opinions just don't matter. >> it is almost like they can do to us whatever they want. >> reporter: philadelphia teachers are outraged that a unilateral decision by the school reform commission to disregard their union contract, and force them to pay for health benefits. >> i think that the src's act is a blatant disrespect to our profession. >> to find out during our workday that money was taken from frustrates and that we woud have to start intervening without having a voice just felt very under handed. >> reporter: src's decision machine will be challenged commonwealth court in the next
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20 days by the philadelphia federation of teachers. teachers will be required to pay 55 to $150 per month in health premiums starting in december. today philadelphia's mayor michael nutter back src's move which is expect to save the school district about 50 million-dollar per year. >> the action unfortunately was necessary given the fact that the system is broken, there is no more money to be had from anywhere. >> reporter: teachers say have after enduring a salary freeze taking money out of their paychecks isn't a fair last resort. >> i am in disagreement with the mayor. i think just like they expect us as teachers to constantly be recreating how we're going to work with less and still be expected to do the same, i'm going to expect more of my politicians. >> it it was just one more hit we have had to take from a system that doesn't seem to really care too much about what we do. >> reporter: as teachers union prepares experts say one thing you should not expect is a
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teachers strike. reporting live i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a family claiming excessive force... >> they were pulled over for a seat belt violation but police smashed their car window and taserd the passenger, this dramatic scene caught on camera. also he played a pastor on tv, but his real life was allegedly in the so virtue us, actor in the long running family drama is being investigated for child molestation. there are about 77 shopping days until christmas, three is on your side looking a head why this year could be the best in years
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the latest now on the ebola out break, four people are under quarantine at a spanish hospital including a nurse ago cysttent who has been infect. >> meanwhile in the u.s. there are updates on two ebola patients and airport screening procedure for dit sees that may be on the way. let's check with omar villafranca. >> doctors in dallas say that thomas eric duncan is still in stable but critical condition. the ebola patient from liberia who came to the u.s. two and a half weeks ago is on a ventilator undergoing kidney dialysis. duncan is being treated with an experimental drug. before being put into isolation, duncan had director indirect contact with about 50 people. it can take up to three weeks
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for symptoms of ebola to begin to show. doctors at omaha, nebraska announced tuesday that they are treating tv cameraman, with the same experimental drug, duncan is taking in dallas. he contracted ebola while on assignment in liberia for nbc. ebola has killed about 3500 people, including nearly 370 health care worker, mostly in western africa but u.s. health officials say it does not appear that the disease is easier to catch then previously thought. >> everything we have seen until now does not suggest any change in howie bowl a spreads. >> reporter: cdc says in the coming days it will propose new screening recommendations at u.s. airports. omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". biohazard company responsible for cleaning up after the ebola victim in dallas is now preparing here, in kacie bowl a ever comes to philadelphia. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight, we will show you the steps that they are taking to be especially cautious.
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you are definitely going to have your usual dose of rush hour happiness nd fun out there lets take a look at i-95 you are commuting in the southbound direction out of i-95 and northeast philadelphia, beyond vine street expressway that is length of that delay here. if you are traveling further southbound into delaware county you are delayed making your way from just about 420 to 320. not a great commute. same thing for the schuylkill expressway if you are commuting in the eastbound direction, jammed, 202, all the way down towards gladwynn and then again, approaching montgomery drive through the vine street expressway. you'll have breaks in that but they are not for very long. if you are heading in the westbound direction take a look at that pile up approaching the area of 202, again king of prussia, pennsylvania turnpike area, all and all as we who at our speed sensors and our map we have a lot of yellow and red all over the board. note mid county toll plaza area slow in either direction of the turnpike going to and from the mid county toll area, right around the northeast
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extension. if you are commuting on 476, northbound we're seeing delays between the schuylkill at mid county and also if you are traveling on the northbound side of the extension, some delays out of mid county making your way towards lansdale. still slow downs on 422, 202, good news we have had earlier problems for regional rail that has now been put back to normal no major problems now for mass transit, jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" counting the calories you drink, whether it is juice or sewed, even a cocktail, your cup could know exactly what is inside and how much it could be sabotaging your diet. we will tell you more on the smart cup that details break down coming up. if the clouds and showers clear we may have quite a sight to see, early tomorrow morning, it is called a blood moon i'll tell you all bit and where to look in the morning
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this was no sunshine to be found anywhere today, kathy, a real bummer. >> yes, a few little spots this morning but they were few and far between. mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles and even some rain, on the way. the fall storms as a matter of fact. it was a great day to be outside if you were a student to learn about the weather though. meteorologist justin drabick had the cbs-3 mobile weather lab on a field trip today. he visited first graders at whitman elementary school in
5:19 pm
turnersville and they helped him deliver the forecast today on talk philly. students have been learning about the weather all year long and, of course, justin was their very first guest speaker this fall season and i'm sure they have learned a lot. look at that inquisitive little boy. thank you so much for having us over. we will go outside where we are seeing cloudy condition down the shore in ocean city cape may county. dry but mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. thinks a view from live sky cam three. our live neighborhood network takes as you cross the delaware valley. this is pope john paul the second high school in royersford where the temperature is only 62 degrees, over the course of the daze a little blue sky mixing in with some clouds, wind south east right now, and a very, light manner. only at 1 miles an hour. nearly calm. high temperature today looking pretty good, in allentown 72. so far, in philadelphia 71. and atlantic city 74 degrees this afternoon. to philadelphia on the lower side.
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you can see 07 in philadelphia right now but elsewhere lots of 60's, dover 75 and in wildwood checking in at 72. to the west we have had some showers moving in, pittsburgh looking cool, cleveland in the 50's, the second day, where temperatures haven't even made it to the 60-degree mark in the western part of the keystone state. we have a cold front coming and that is setting off the showers and a few thunderstorms to talk about as well. on storm scan three the showers that we saw in the northern and western suburbs up through north jersey right now but more rain moving toward the north and east in that batch near roanoke is moving on a plane up i-95 corridor and will be moving through philadelphia later on tonight. these showers and storms moving faster, and will be arriving during the night time hours. so we're talking about ten or 11:00 o'clock tonight we will see rain moving n front moves off shore, breezy conditions moving n we will talk about westerly wind tomorrow about 15 to 20, gusting to 25 miles an hour but temperatures will be able to make it in the 70's
5:21 pm
with the sunshine. after that cool air really start to settle in, temperatures only in the 60's for thursday, and then friday, clouds and a few showers backing down into the 60's. it that is time of the year. overnight rain up to about a quarter inch, some thunderstorms and wind gusting up to 25, and some of those thunderstorms wind could be as high as 40 or 45 miles an hour. so, the 20 percent chance of rain tomorrow, that is a slight chance, not worried about that, or thursday, better chance of rain on friday even a chance of showers on saturday. fifty percent or higher typically in the likely category. overnight showers and a few thunderstorms giving way to drying conditions, wednesday, breezy and mild, high of 74. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast thursday 68. a bit of the break. then friday a high temperature of 66 with clouds and, of course, some showers. now hopefully those showers will be clearing out in time to sees something special in the sky early tomorrow morning but you have to get up. meteorologist kate bilo joins with us more on that, hi kate. >> hi kathy.
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many folks will be keeping an eye to the the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare blood moon, inn some knee agos and early risers have best chance to see it in person. i went down to the franklin institute to talk to chief astronomer derek pits about what a blood moon is and when we should look for it. >> the the term blood moon in terms of the eclipse refers to the fact as moon goes in the earth's shadow fittings in the deepest portion of the earth's shadow it can take on a very deep red color. tomorrow morning on the western horizon, maybe about 15 or 20 degrees up we will see the full moon, and depending on than what time you are at it, a 5:15 in the morning you will start to see color developing on the moon as it begins total lunar eclipse. >> lets talk about what exactly is a lunar eclipse. lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the shadow, that is cast by the earth. different from a solar eclipse when moon blocks the sun. right now we have moon moving in the earth's shadow, and as it does so the moon takes on a
5:23 pm
reddish hugh and that is why it is called a blood moon. lunar eclipse moon doesn't disappear but takes on 245 red color. it will happen wednesday morning. moon moves through that earth shadow. next lunar eclipse will be on april 4th, 2015 but if you want to see one early wednesday morning, pits say wake up press i early to check it out if you want to see most color on the moon best time to be at is somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning, closer to 6:30 we can get the better but then again we are fighting on how low the moon is in the the sky. you have to watch out for those things. >> the moon will be setting at about the same time as sunnies rising so that may make it hard to see but get a clear view of that western horizon, just may be able to see that total lunar eclipse early tomorrow morning. we will be right
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police after rested four suspect terrorist in raids across the british capitol today. four suspects are between the age of 20 and 21 years of age. the arrests come two weeks after police arrested ten men in the uk on suspicion of terror offenses. turkey's president warns a syrian border town business to fall to the militant group isis. take a look at an isis flag flying on top of the building in syria. despite coalition air strikes, isis fighters reportedly breach the southeastern edge of the town using tanks and heavy weapons, looted from army bases they have captured in iraq and syria. still to come in our next half an hour what started as a simple traffic stop for a seat belt violation turns into a nightmare. >> the powe lease.
5:27 pm
>> police smashed out a car window and taserd the passenger and now the family is claiming excessive force. plus, developers are calling it a retail death zone, residents call it an eye sore, coming up one man's fight to put something in this new jersey town center and the new plans for change. >> god, i hope whoever find my music sings in my key, you know. >> new at 6:00 o'clock south philadelphia native bobby rydel singing the blues, how the original music for some of his biggest hits disappeared and why he is blaming his
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i'm jessica dean with the top stories. widener university freshman is in custody after posting a threat begins the school on social media. in that threat the student said he would shoot everyone, and he talked and referenced columbine high school. residents of the folcroft delaware apartment complex are back home after a fire forced them out. fire investigators had to address code violations at glenn croft apartments before letting those residents back inside. the cause of the fire is under investigation. four people are under quarantine at a spanish hospital including a nurse ago cysttent infect with east bowl a meanwhile two people i been affect with the virus here in the u.s. are receiving the
5:31 pm
same experimental drugs. kate? thanks, guess contact we are tracking some showers through the overnight hours tonight, even the threat for a thunderstorm. you can see pope john paul high school in royersford it is cloudy, it is 62 degrees. we will look at our weather headlines here. again we are seeing some showers moving through, we will show you those headlines in a bit. we have more sunshine returning later tomorrow, and then another chance for rain, later in the week but looking ominous right now. we will have the latest on storm scan three in just a few minutes, chris. we will see you then, thank you. new 59:30 change is coming to a stretch of route 07 in evesham. the plan is in the works now to transform the try tone plaza, a clap dated and mostly empty strip mall, "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live with more on is what in store, steve. >> reporter: clap dated and empty, chris, take a look at this try town place, it has been like this for years, but as you mentioned, plans for redevelopment announce today and mayor of evesham he gave
5:32 pm
us a walk through. >> what has it been like? >> we are going on a decade now. >> reporter: zero years of this one of south jersey's retail death zones a huge ugly complex mostly and sometimes entirely vacant. >> our expectations for evesham is first class, quality and this wasn't first class quality. >> reporter: mayor randy brown says he grew up here, he cannot stand it, and when he closes his eyes at night he sees this. >> we will turn this sea of asphalt into evesham's version of disney land. >> reporter: disney land it may not be but 309 million-dollar plan unveiled jointly tuesday by township and developer rd management is vastly different transforming tonight to high end apartments, restaurants and boutiques creating more than a hundred permanent jobs. >> reduced property taxes, and grow the economy and bring jobs which is project like this hits all three of them. >> reporter: it took years of fighting between the mayor and developer to come up with a plan that satisfied everyone. they wanted storefronts, he
5:33 pm
wanted, well, you heard him, disney land. >> we for the, there is no doubt, we for the and we for the hard. we for the for what the residents believe in and he for the for what he believed in. >> reporter: some of that fighting get in the way. >> it got in the way, absolutely no doubt. >> reporter: yes. >> we definitely need this. would i like to see it, be fulfilled. >> reporter: compromise came in october, residents say whatever vision gets build, it is clearly better than this. >> we shouldn't be sitting with a vacant shop like this. >> that plan still has to go through final approval but once it does, the the mayor hopes his plans, for change, will come through. in the meantime we're live from burlington county, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right steve, thanks very much. federal bankruptcy judge has approved the sale of the atlantic city's revel casino to a asset management firm from toronto. brookfield asset management has acquired the property for 110 million-dollar. a judge today, turned aside objections from the losing bidder in the auction, the
5:34 pm
florida developer glenn straub. this casino, of course, cost 2.4 billion dollars to build, it never turned a profit, it closed in september, after just two years of operation. today the supreme court took up its first religious liberties case since the the summer's controversial decision regarding contraceptives and small businesses. justices appeared -- who claims his rights were violated when officials refused to let him grow out his beard in according with muslim beliefs. state officials say policy helps prevent contraband concealment. justice alito hinted that the they could allow the the beard and give prison guards a comb. >> congress thought religious is really important even in prison. prisoners, perhaps more than anybody need consolation of religion. >> a decision is expect before the court adjourns for its 2014 and 15 term which began monday and ends in late june. well, dozens gathered for the the memorial services for the president and ceo of
5:35 pm
cooper university health system and his wife. that is some of the biggest names in new jersey politics paid their respects at the war memorial in trenton. john and joyce sheridan died after a fire in the bedroom of theirismer set county home. up investigators are not sure who set that fire but they believe it was no accident. well, the the actor steven collins is being investigated by nypd following reports he confessed to having sexual contact with children. collins was known for his role on the long running tv show, seventh heaven, tmz is report ago this collins revealed that he molested and exposed himself to under age girls during a recorded therapy session with his estranged wife fey grant. that reported conversation reportedly took place in 2012. so far there have been no criminal charges filed. an inflatable bounce house overturns, injuring more than a dozen children in china a strong wind gusts, flipped that bounce house while children were playing inside
5:36 pm
of it. nearly 30 children fell out, 13 were injured, one critically. the injured children are between the the ages of two and eight. >> why would you say somebody is going to hurt you, people out here getting shot by police. >> the man seen in this cell phone video and girlfriend filed a federal lawsuit against hell monday, indiana police department. suit claims officers used excessive force during a traffic stop last month. jamal jones and the passenger seat said he feared for his safety and refused to get out of the car and that is when the situation escalated. >> the guy taserd me and i just felt like my body was going to shut down. he taserd me on the ground, i'm saying please, top it. >> police say they pulled the car over because the driver, his girl friend, was not wearing a seat belt. they add that officers making legal traffic stops are allowed to ask passengers inside to exit the the
5:37 pm
vehicle. good evening, everyone, the usual delays out there i-95, schuylkill expressway, traffic on the vine street expressway going to and from 76, but as we take a lot ben franklin bridge it is just another day, isn't it? that construction zone on the westbound side of the ben is taking out two right-hand lanes, it is a squeeze, not only affecting anyone traveling into philadelphia, but also if you are traveling on 676, even trying to get to this point. give yourself more time traveling on the admiral wilson boulevard ape getting to the ben. it might be a good idea to take betsy ross and walt whitman bridge. they are looking great. as we look at 95 we have southbound slow down making your way down to the vine. we have delays on delaware county on the southbound side of 95. twenty-three your average on the schuylkill, westbound you loosen up in your western suburbs but not so much on the eastbound side. twenty-eight is your average on 476 and traveling on the 20's on i9 five we have delays on the pennsylvania turnpike, be mindful of that making your way to and from the toll plaza we have april
5:38 pm
accident at germantown pike the at joshua road no make or problems for mass transit. now back to you. in manayunk today officials cut a ribbon on a project that was a joint effort between the water department and parks and recreational department. this is 46 million-dollar venice island renovation. brand new performing arts and rec center is built atop a new storm water storage basin there and it is expect to go a long way towards solving manayunk's flooding issues. underground basin is designed to hold some 4 million gallons. >> the idea that you are sitting over a sewage tank that is 400 feet wide, 75 feet long and 25 feet deep and you are sitting in one of the most beautiful spots in philadelphia. >> as for venice island it has a 250 feet performing arts and rec center, there is also a spray park, an outdoor theater, a basketball court, and gardens.
5:39 pm
still to come on "eyewitness news" have you ever noticed how many calories are in what you drink? there is a new product that can tell you and we will tell but the smart cup. also ahead a storied new york city landmark sold for $2 billion, we will tell you why hilton is selling the wall dave as store ohio to a chinese company, kate. parts of the area finally seeing blue skies right now but it is not here for long we are tracking rain moving in the area overnight and we will let you know how long it last and we will have more rain to talk about by the even of the week. it is all coming up the with the seven day forecast when we
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have!
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tom wolf. democrat for governor. the iconic waldorf astoria hotel in new york is being sold to a chinese hotel company to a deal worth $2 billion. hilton worldwide is selling to the insurance group. according to a joint statement the waldorf astoria will undergo a major renovation to restore luxury hotel to the historic grand or. >> increasingly we are seeing foreign money looking for a safe haven in trophy assets in new york real estate and other
5:43 pm
major cities. the average person going in the hotel, they will notice that it is hilton operated hotel. >> to that end as part of the deal hilton will continue to operate the the waldorf for the next one hub years. it is now time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg has more. >> reporter: for many people the job search is now going long distance. of all of the job searches done each month in pennsylvania, more than 27 percent are for jobs out of state, according to many are targeting new york and new jersey which may be within commuting distance but jobs in maryland and florida are also heavily search. looking for jobs that are requiring moving is doublely hard. here's what you need to know. first focus on a single location targeting your energy in one direction will get you further long. second, if possible use a local address, even fit is a relative or a friends. no matter how strong the resume if it had has a fail address for a job in florida it is likely to be ignore.
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don't leave it off. deal witt head on. put relocation go to florida on your resume with the expected month. also use your philadelphia contacts. they might work for employers with offices in your target city. reach out to them, they can lead tour next job. i'm steven greenburg for
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the the flyers regular season kicks off tomorrow night against the bruins in boston, and i sat down with lunch with general manager ron hextall to talk about the transition in the front office and yes thinks this team could do big things this season. former flyers goalie ron hextall is now calling shots at the helm for his first full season as flyers gm. his career with the team began in 1982 and making transition from player to front office is tough. >> i think very few pro athletes when they are done, want to be done. i was than the ready for it. it just hits you like, it is over and like wow, what now. >> he would make a good goal friday a very young age. >> my mother tells story when i was two and a half years old throwing a sock upstairs. i play goalie, i really don't know. i don't have any recollection of that.
5:48 pm
so, it was just something in me that, i wanted to be a goalie and then the whole hockey thing, your father is a hockey player, you grow up in canada you are submersed into hockey. >> first goalie dover score two goals one in the regular season and one in the playoffs. >> wasn't high in my priority list. every time i get the puck they would be like shoot. that was calculated about just picking the right time and hit the net. >> as for his plan for the team. >> well, methodically build through the system and draft, and develop, and try to hold your draft picks. it is hard, i like our team right now and i kind oven vision three or four years down the road. >> reporter: what don't we know about ron hextall. >> i like all other sports. i'm an absolutely terrible dancer. >> we had a great time. i like his plans. i like him as gm. >> i think a lot of flyers fans are buying in. >> absolutely. >> to his leadership. >> leslie, good stuff, thanks.
5:49 pm
well, it has been a cloudy day but just in time for sunset we are seeing sun in the sky. here's a live look at skies cam three from our camera at cbs broadcast center. you you can see blue skies here, on sky cam three looking out over center city. it will not last much longer as showers will be arriving later tonight, and then heavy i rain possible with any showers or storms during the overnight hours. the right now storm scan three sweeping the area we are not finding much of anything. batch have of showers that came through earlier in our western suburbs has moved off to the north and east but as we zoom out here on storm scan three you can see this break in the cloud cover will be short lived. we've got this clouds, breaking up now but here comes more rain moving through much of western pennsylvania and you can see heavy rain over portions of central virginia and more where that came from. if we zoom out yet another level you can see rotation with this system. it is lifting to the north and so all of that rain is rotating in, from southwest to north east and that is what we will see through the overnight
5:50 pm
hours tonight. don't be shock if you wake up to a rumble have of thunder or a flash of lightening outside during the overnight hours. temperatures responding to some sunshine, in fact, we are up to 57 in dover. seventy at the airport. 69 degrees in wilmington. seventy right now in wildwood. not feeling that bad but lets time out the rain and see what we can look a head to throughout the overnight hours. so again clouds and a few breaks right now but by 10:00 o'clock we will see that leading edge of moisture really getting into our western suburbs from the lehigh valley down into new castle county delaware. portions of montgomery and chester county will see some rain and a rumble of thunder or two. into the overnight hours rain lifts to the north and east, we can see it coming in bands so don't be shocked again if you see that flash of lightening out the window and we will see it start to lesson by four or 5:00 a.m. i talk earlier about that blood moon and it is between 5:30 and 6:30. problem is if you are looking in the skies you will see some skies here and there log to the western ohio though things clearing out a little bit
5:51 pm
easier throughout the early morning hours of tomorrow. maybe that is good news. maybe we will see that. heading up in the afternoon we have thursday afternoon, no problem. sunshine high clouds drift in late. friday starts out with some sun and cloud cover and more rain by friday afternoon. we have more fall-like temperatures coming in over the weekend. we are seeing moderate foliage in our north and western suburbs. we have got this eyewitness cam photo, from liz fineman in doylestown. you can see that tree, is looking pretty, red, pretty orange right now. we are seeing changing. overnight showers and thunderstorm at 62. for tomorrow mostly sunny, breezy, mild, beautiful day at 74. thursday looking great as well just a little bit cooler but friday showers return in the afternoon and it is a cool start to the weekend and a we will keep it cool sunday as well. we will send it back to you at the desk. >> kate, thank you. do you plan on spending more around the holidays this year, early estimates from retailer say that this could be the biggest increase in
5:52 pm
holiday sales since 2011. >> lets turn to consumer reporter jim donovan who takes a look at the economy and what it is going to mean for holiday bargains. >> reporter: better economic signs mean retailers have high hopes for the holiday season. >> overall consumers are feeling better and that could translate into dollars for retailers. >> reporter: with 11 weeks to go until christmas the the national retail federation forecast a 4.1 percent increase in holiday sales over last year, to just under $617 billion. >> things have been a little bit better. i'm not as worried about what is happening as far as job security. >> reporter: nation's unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2008 and this year last economic unknowns of previous years, 2012 holiday shopping season was clouded by congress's fight over the fiscal cliff, and in 2013, october's a 16 day government shut down left lingering
5:53 pm
effects. >> it is clear that consumers want to be cautious, it is clear that for the past few years what we have seen with the economy people sort of of rethink the role of our holiday spending. >> it wasn't about spending mass amounts of monday bye finding quality places. >> reporter: what can shoppers expect. >> everything from web promotion toss in store promotions and even mobile promotions will be big. >> reporter: in addition is there a expect to be an eight to 11 percent increase in on line sales, as consumer further expand shopping beyond the mall. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. still a head on "eyewitness news" a traffic stop leads to an act of compassion. >> surprising thing that a police officer does for a woman whose child is not in a car seat. we will have that
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
have you ever wondered how many calories you drink in a day? is there a new cup designed to keep track of just that. smart cup, tracks sugar, caffeine, protein, and fat, whatever you pour into it. it is called the vessel, it display that is information, digitally but it will also send data to your smart phone so you can keep a record.
5:57 pm
>> there are health benefits to tracking what you consume. current methods of doing so are still too difficult to do all the time. >> it is truly a smart cup, it has a small sensor that analyzes exactly what is inside some whether it is a latte, juice, smoothie the cup knows. the vessel is set to be released, next year, they cost $99. trending now a michigan police officer really believes in the motto protect and serve and he took community service to the next level. officers ben hall spotted alexis die lorenzo driving with her daughter but without a car seat. she explained that she had fallen on hard times and could not afford one so officer hall bought one with his own money. after the police department put this on their facebook page, it went viral. >> ticket doesn't solve the situation, what solves it is the child being in a booster seat like she should be.
5:58 pm
it is easier 50 bucks i ever spent. >> i'm almost at a loss for word because he didn't have to do that. >> delorenzo plans to give back as soon as she gets back on her feet. >> isn't that nice very nice. >> safe child at the end of it. >> that is what it is all about, no doubt. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a scare at a local university, a student is in custody after threatening to shoot his classmate. also... >> the the biohazard company who has been responsible for cleaning up after the ebola victim in dallas is now preparing in kacie bowl a comes right here to philadelphia. i'm noel mcclaren and i will tell but the steps they are taking coming up. kathy? in weather we have a few clouds, mixing with some blue sky but the clouds will thicken and the rain and storms are on their way, we will time that out and show you what comes after the storms, with that seven day forecast. and the teen idol bobby rydel and the case of his
5:59 pm
missing music, arrangements for nearly everyone of his hits, gone, what happened to them and why his wife feels responsible. developing right now a widener university freshman is in custody accused of posting a threat against the school on social media. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. that student allegedly wrote he was going to shoot everyone who bullied him and then referenced the violence at columbine high school. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live on campus with more on the suspect and the arrest, syma? chris, widener university student studying criminal justice is getting a lesson on what it is like to be on the other side of the law. he been arrested for making threats on campus. police just released his name, he is louise andre villa, a 20 year-old freshman. >> nothing is a idol threat, we have to take all of the
6:00 pm
threats, you know, seriously. >> reporter: chester police work fast to find the person who a none in mustily posted this message on a app called yik yak says he wants to shoot up widener university for being bullied. he referenced columbine. >> there is nothing that is anonymous on social media. >> reporter: which why is an arrest was made only a few hours after the message was posted. police say a 20 year-old freshman made that comment around 10:30 tuesday morning. chester police tracked down the student and arrested him on campus. >> he is a room that was searched, hi computer was seized. >> reporter: we're told he is from new jersey and is a criminal justice major. chester mayor john linder, a inform teacher say being a victim of bullying doesn't justify violence. >> it doesn't surprise me that that would be his first thought or attempt to resolve it. >> reporter: students received alerts about the situation and were pleased with how the university handled it. >> everyone was trying to find campus security. i definitely felt safe. campus does a lot to make u