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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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threats, you know, seriously. >> reporter: chester police work fast to find the person who a none in mustily posted this message on a app called yik yak says he wants to shoot up widener university for being bullied. he referenced columbine. >> there is nothing that is anonymous on social media. >> reporter: which why is an arrest was made only a few hours after the message was posted. police say a 20 year-old freshman made that comment around 10:30 tuesday morning. chester police tracked down the student and arrested him on campus. >> he is a room that was searched, hi computer was seized. >> reporter: we're told he is from new jersey and is a criminal justice major. chester mayor john linder, a inform teacher say being a victim of bullying doesn't justify violence. >> it doesn't surprise me that that would be his first thought or attempt to resolve it. >> reporter: students received alerts about the situation and were pleased with how the university handled it. >> everyone was trying to find campus security. i definitely felt safe. campus does a lot to make us feel very safe.
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>> my friend, and stuff like. that i don't think anybody was crazy, in the university. they said they were investigating. >> reporter: authorities say that there was no imminent threat but they do take all threats, very seriously. now villa has been charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, abe harassment. we're live at widener university, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. also developing right now, five new confirmed cases of enterovirus d68 in new jersey. one of them is in camden county, the the other is in mercer county and that brings the state's total to 14. this is as five patients at chop, are awaiting test results to see if they have the virus. so those children are treated for acute muscle weakness that could have a link to enterovirus. now to the worldwide ebola fear, four people are under quarantine right now at a spanish hospital including a nurse ago cysttent infect with thee bowl a health officials in dallas says liberia man
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being treated for ebola is showing improved liver function but remains in critical condition. he and the video journalist being treated in nebraska are being given the same experimental drug. for the first time an american history hazmat teams are suiting up to clean up the ebola virus. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren spoke with the local biohazard cleaning crew who says it is red if i that virus makes its way to our area. >> it is perfect. >> reporter: james mcarthur has been seen a lot cleaning up, biohazard for most of his career but one thing he never expect to suit up for was the ebola virus. >> i will tell you right now, that is a big fat no. it seems like it was something, you know, it was thousands of miles away. >> reporter: his company has a franchise brand inch texas that decontaminated units that treated ebola patient thomas duncan in dallas and now he makes sure if the virus comes to our area, he is armed and
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ready. recipe to removee bowl at from the property is quite simple but can be quite invasive. biohazard crews say the best ways to eliminatee bowl virus is to remove materials like they are doing right here right now, cart them off and inn sin rate them. >> number one thing to burn would be bedding, tooth brushes, anything that the person or persons had physical contact with, definitely burn. >> reporter: mcarthur says most hard surfaces can be treated with chemicals to eliminate the virus but left untreated the ebola virus can survive for weeks. >> ebola can live outside for 21 days unlike more viruses or airborne bacteria but nowe bowl, that is one of the things we see. >> reporter: mcarthur hopes he never has to clean up the virus but if it does make its way here he hopes homework he is doing now has his team ready. in north philadelphia, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". well, to weather now, clouds are starting to roll in and our meteorologist are tracking rain tonight, perhaps even some thunder. kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck to show us when that wet weather will arrive, kathy. >> chris, we had showers and thunderstorms and to the west we have had severe weather. we're not expect ago this. wind could gut gusty late tonight and during the early morning hours. while we are sleeping. take a look at storm scan three, you cannot see much on this right now. all of the axis to the west and southwest. where we see reds and yellows, well, yellow is actually a severe thunderstorm watch. red out through west virginia and also kentucky, where we're talking about tornado watches. so some severe weather associated with this cold front but for us, it will be rain and a little bit of win. all this moving toward the north east up that i-95 corridor through d.c. and then, eventually in the philadelphia area. we're looking at temperatures that will be falling from highs today that were pretty
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seasonal, in allentown 72. fail 71. atlantic city made it to 74. temperatures are falling with the clouds. in philadelphia 69. sixty-seven in trenton. as well as in wilmington. 69 degrees right now in millville but look at the poconos, only 59 degrees, the average high being 70 for this time of the year. wind increasing from the south sustained for the most part between ten and 20 miles an hour to the south and east and north and west, not as strong just yet but they will be. future weather timing it out as we go between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. seeing showers and storms bubble up to the north and west and after 9:00 we will see it moving in the philadelphia area and suburbs. it takes over during the overnight and then between four and 6:00 a.m. it begins to move out. so tomorrow morning at the bus stop we should be seeing clearing skies from west to east. gusty wind coming our way in the wake of the storms, cooler days ahead, behind that front, something we have not seen just yet, and more rain, definitely in the forecast as
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we continue to track these showers, and storms. that is very latest from the sky deck, i will be back with the seven day forecast to show you a lot of inconsistency in our weather pattern as we head through the month of october. >> okay, we will talk to you then, kathy, thank you. residents of delaware valley apartment complex are back home tonight after fire forced them out. the flames broke out late last night at the glenn cross club apartments in folcroft. now once the fire was put out a high level of carbon monoxide was detect so that too was a problem. fire investigators say they found code violation that is needed to be repaired before nearly 100 residents could return home. tonight the cause of that fire remains under investigation. well, a 250 year-old man died at a hospital after he was shot in south philadelphia this morning. the bullet hit that man in the stomach while rushed to the hospital on the scene at taney terrace. doctors were unable to save his life. there is still no word on a
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suspect or a motive. we have some new information in the story we brought you 59:00 o'clock about a stolen dog. we have just learned that this doggies not chichi dog stolen from a home during a burglary in july. her owner, nia corea claimed the dog but later found out it was not hers after taking it to the vet. while this dog and missing dog look very similar the vet determined that it is not the same sex, police continue to look for her dog and search for suspects stole her back in july. "eyewitness news" on the scene of a serious crash at 18th and girard around noon time today. the crash involved a volvo station wagon and a dump truck which crashed into a church. it also took out a traffic light at that intersection, no word on the extent of the injuries or what led to that crash. philadelphia's school budget crisis could lead to the courtroom as union officials fight src's decision to cancel their contracts with teachers. today mayor nutter backed the
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src move which is expect to save the school district 50 million-dollar a year. >> action unfortunately was necessary given the fact that the system is broken, there is in more money to be had from anywhere. >> teachers are not happy about the decision which forced them to pay for health benefits, that payment would amount to 55 to $145 a month in health premiums beginning in december. the the decision will be challenged commonwealth court sometime in the next 20 days by the teachers union. a south jersey community will be soon transform. we will show you what changes are in store for a evesham township. plus we will tell you how this is for a stress reliever, therapy dogs, even a bunny, stop by a local college to give students a break from midterms. i hope whoever find my music singness my key, you know. >> south philadelphia native bobby rydel singing the blues. how original music disappeared
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and why he is claiming his wife, kathy. in weather we will blame it on the rain, rain and storms moving towards the delaware valley during our waking hours and into the overnight, we will track that and show what you to expect come tomorrow morning, with that seven day, leslie? well, kathy lesean mccoy is backtracking after saying he pulled himself out of the game last sunday hear what the coaches has to say as team prepares himself for the big division game at link this sunday that and more coming up in
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her sonnies rejected by the search, did she go too far with her plans for perfect grave stone, you deserve after watching cemetery controversy tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. federal bankruptcy judge approved the sale to the asset management firm from toronto. brookfield asset management acquired that property for 110 million-dollar at auction, the judge turned aside objections from the losing bird florida developer glenn straub. revel cost 2.4 billion dollars to build but it never turn a profit ape closed in september after two years of operation.
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well, some new life is coming to a stretch of route 07 in evesham, burlington county. officials to day revealed a 30 million-dollar plan, to transform, the mostly vacant tri town plaza. in its place will be eventually high end operates, restaurant and boutiques. officials say the project will create more than 100 jobs. students, stressed over midterms at one local university are getting much needed relief, therapy dogs and a bunny stopped by villanova university today, those animals are from pals for life in wayne delaware county and student say those animals were a welcomed way to unwind. >> the mummers set the pace today in a take over of boat house row. oh, yeah, "eyewitness news" on hand for the senior strut, the event features, a 1 mile walk and health fair with free screening and fitness activities. 500 people got involved today, organizers wanted to
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highlight, benefits of walking for senior citizens. south philadelphia's bobby rydel needs your help tonight, he is looking for his missing music. >> a suitcase with thousands of dollars worth or of his musical arrangement fell from his wife's car saturday night. "eyewitness news" anchor pat ciarrocchi has more. >> ♪ >> reporter: when bobby rydel sings, he always hits the perfect note. but when his orchestra on piano or the drums, you need the music. >> you cannot tell 13 musicians to fake, you know, play whatever you want to play. >> reporter: that is why bobby, his wife linda and his drummer dave were in a near panic saturday night after packing up, following a performance at marple newtown high school. >> we look in the rear-view mirror meaning my wife and the happies like this. my god we better stop and see if everything is in there.
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>> reporter: dark purple carry on side suitcase with arrangements for virtually every bobby redell hit rolled out of the open hatch and is gone. >> my whole nightclub act including, of course, sway, wild ones, we're talking somewhere in the vicinity of like 25 to $30,000 worth of charts, it is my life, it is my career. >> reporter: they stayed up all night reprinting arrangements from desk for a sunday night fund raiser with a 13 pete orchestra. in between they retraced the drive. >> we were on ellis road, we were coming home. we backtracked, all the way back to the school going back and coming back down again west chester pike. >> reporter: rydel posted an appeal on facebook and on twitter and is offering a rewar. >> matter of fact, i think it will be a meat ball sandwich and pretty good one too. no, there will be a financial
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reward. >> reporter: rydel has always seen his work as a gift, two years after a liver, kidney transplant, we talk at his home right after surgery, on the same sofa where we sat today, by comparison, rydel is a new man. >> now i'm back, you know, i'm blessed. i'm really truly blessed. >> reporter: if you find music bobby says message him on twit error facebook, he may sing for you, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i think we will have a lot of people looking for the music. >> that would be a rewar in and of itself having bobby sing for you. hopefully that works out for him. >> we have rain moving our way. >> a little rain must fall in the fall season. >> it is not snow. >> not yet. >> temperatures are going to be falling, wind will be whipping and here we go with some fall storms with some pretty decent timing. take a look outside where we are seeing foggy conditions and some windy conditions down the shore through our skies
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cam three of ocean city, cape may county, board not so busy and wind are picking up. live neighborhood network tells as you cross the delaware valley. we will take tout greenwoods school in philadelphia, one of the newer neighborhood networks. temperature right now 64 degrees. over the course of the day we saw sun and clouds but clouds are winning out. the win is calm, look at that south southeasterly a at zero. we rarely see that this time of the year. on storm scan three we have passing sprinkles to the north and western suburbs earlier in the day. then a little bit of the break and here comes the the rain, a line of showers and thunderstorms to the south and all this is lifting towards north east and will be here during the late evening hours. little bit of the speed, in the the storm, is going to bring tonight while we're still awake and into the overnight. right now in philadelphia 69, 63 in allentown. fifty-nine in the poconos, all right, and as this front moves through it will set off showers and thunderstorms and bring in some strong wind. first out of the south and
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west for tomorrow. wednesday look for a clearing skies, breezy, westerly conditions and temperatures that will still rise in the 70's with that land breeze. thursday cooling it down a bit with fair weather high pressure. highs only in the 60's and once we get into the 60's it looks like we will stay there for a little while. another chance of rain will move with this frontal boundary to the south on friday keeping it cool with temperatures in the 60's. definitely sweater weather as we move through most of the rest of the week. here is our rain for tonight, heavier rain between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. a quarter inch. some thunderstorms. generally wind gusting to 25 miles an hour but in these thunderstorms we could have gusts to 45 even 50 miles an hour, in some of those storms. more chances of rain through the workweek, wednesday we will after i 20 percent chance as system is moving out, thursday looks dry, friday, rain looks likely just some showers and then same goes for saturday, so we are definitely in that changing time of the
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year as we head deeper in to the fall season. overnight, the showers will continue, a few thunderstorms, low temperature 62. toward dawn the the skies will be clearing. we hope those skies will be clearing in time for the the blood moon. it is total eclipse of the moon early tomorrow morning between 5:30 and 7:00 a.m. you will have the best viewing. the most clear skies will be from philadelphia north and west at that time. the moon, of course, moves through earth's shadow and shadow cast a red color during totality. it is a spectacular site. if you miss it you have a chance in the spring april 4th is the next lunar eclipse. during the day skies will be sunny, breezy, westerly wind picking up in the afternoon, close to 20 miles an hour gusting to 25 but temperatures still manager to go get to 74 degrees work that land breeze. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, thursday we will go 68. then friday 66. with some showers, some
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morning showers, possible saturday, and then staying cool, sunday, 66, monday not so bad but still for columbus day and tuesday, looking for a threat of showers. really getting dicey in the month have of october. >> rainy, cloudy. >> um-hmm. >> i guess fall is here. >> it is. >> kate, thanks. good evening everyone. we still have rush hour raining on your parade today as we look at 202, 202 not too far from the area of 29. we have a delay extending all the way back towards chesterbrook boulevard and it will continue to haunt you throughout 401. so stale lot of different places where you need more time. traveling on the schuylkill expressway is one of them. eastbound delays 202 down through gladwynn. you will loosen autopsy approaching the vine street expressway but you will run into more volume toward south philadelphia. also traveling on i-95 through construction zones, southbound going to be slow around cottman avenue and girard. if you are traveling on the vine street express was approaching the schuylkill we
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ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
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and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. eagles back to work at the novacare complex as they get ready for giants sunday night. a lot of questions still being asked about number 25 after last sunday's game with the rams. first lesean said he pulled himself out of the final drive of the game but last night he backtrack telling sports radio 94 wip that it was running back coach duce staley who made the call. >> there are times during the game when duce will say okay, get in there or get out of there, then there are other times when running back himself had something happen in the pile up and they need
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moment and he will come out. it happens seem leslie and it was a none in issue. >> also today linebacker demeco ryans sat out with the groin injury, trainers say he is day to day. better news for michael kendricks he return to practice in a limited capacity. of course thursday night means prime time football on cbs 36789 colts looking for their tenth straight thursday night win when they take on the texans in houston. preshow coverage starts at 7:30. flyers start their season tomorrow night in boston. trainers keeping a close eye on forward wayne simmonds returned to the ice yesterday after suffering a bruised foot but in word if he will be ready to go tomorrow night with the bruins. he was within of the original voices of philadelphia sports, a try pioneer in broadcasting and today fans are looking back at some of the great game calls made by the dean, bill campbell. campbell passed away at the age of 91 and flags at wells fargo center are flown at half staff paying tribute to the great broadcaster. funeral arrangements have been
6:26 pm
finalized for early next week, a viewing planned for sunday from two to six. funeral will take place monday at 11:00 a.m. at christ the king church in haddonfield. he was within of the best. we will be right
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rain is headed this way. >> it is and by nine or 10:00 o'clock we will see it moving from the southwest to the northeast, some showers, some thunderstorms, during our waking hours and during the overnight, clear it out tomorrow morning in time for the total eclipse of the moon. >> wow. >> all right kathy. >> can't wait. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10:00 o'clock on our sister station wpht the cw philly and we're back here at 11:00. stay tuned for the "cbs evening news", tonight how the fbi is asking you to identify terrorist fighting overseas. plus a traffic stop turns violent, they will show you
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video, to see who is to blame. here's >> pelley: tonight, a plea from the f.b.i. david martin reports the bureau is asking your help identifying this english-speaking isis executioner. clarissa ward is inside syria with a rebel fighter who has has a warning for america. >> if you keep on poking and cornering a wild dog that wants nothing but the freedom, well, he will bite you, and he will bite you hard. >> pelley: the texas ebola patient is put on a ventilator. john blackstone looks at whether america's health care workers are ready for the disease. caught on video-- dean reynolds on a traffic stop that turned violent. and chip reid takes us 9,000 years into the past to hear the stories told by