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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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story you will see only on "eyewitness news". >> you will pep per spray me. holy bleep. >> sarah a rodriguez asked the university of pennsylvania police officer that after he he stopped her for running a red light. she was riding her bike wednesday morning around 10:00 on 38th street near wood land walk. she noticed the officer waving but didn't realize he was asking her to stop. >> i see a cop wave and i pulled in, looked at him i said whatever, keep going. >> reporter: office shore was also on the bike followed her. >> he comes by me, chasing me the whole way, hit me with the back of his bike and i fell sideways and i took my head phones off. >> reporter: that is where video picks it up. witness named larry recorded it on his cell phone. we shot rodriguez the video for the first time. >> i called 911 at this point. >> the officer called for backup. rodriguez said another
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office's arrived, using gay slurs as he demanded larry to stop recording. >> they called him a bleep, bleep, bleep. >> reporter: incident ended with rodriguez getting a ticket. she says she accepts responsibility for going through a red light but the officer's actions were unnecessary. >> someone slamming their bike into me trying to make me crash and then holding a can of pepper spray. that is ridiculous and excessive force. >> reporter: we sent the the video to penn police. did you see the video. >> i saw the clip that was on the gentlemen's web site and that will be part of investigation. >> reporter: penn police say there is a share the road campaign and the officer was enforcing the traffic laws but they are looking into the other allegations. >> we take great pride in the work our officers do. they are true professionals. >> completely opposite of what cops are supposed to do. >> they are supposed to calm down a situation and not escalate it and make it worse and make you feel threaten.
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>> reporter: upenn police will investigate and they plan to interview all parties involve. in university city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have a guilty verdict for montgomery county man, accused in the deaths of a baby and her grandmother in king of prussia. prosecutors say that ran dan man yandamuri killed saanvi venna and her 61 year-old grand mother in a kidnaped for ransom platt that went wrong. the place goes to the penalty phase face, it will then be decided when yandamuri should get the death penalty or life in prison. philadelphia police need your help tonight, identifying a pair of bicycle thieves. they were caught on camera over weekend stealing four bicycles from the rittenhouse square building. >> taking all kinds of bikes, high end, low even. >> honestly just what we are feeling because it is my only mode of transportation. everyone that has bikes not had their whole book stolen but wheels stoler.
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>> police say 400 pikes were stolen in center city this year. police are asking for public's help to find a man wanted in the string of bank robberies in south jersey. suspect wears a berka during the the heist, berka bandits struck once on market street in camden and guys on the white horse pike in a audubon. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tonight is live with exclusive details, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, call it karma but berka bandit shows no respect and got no money yesterday. as he was leaving banking go through parking lot down to the street, dye pack exploded, it spook him, he dropped the money. police believe this same person could strike again. >> i think it is wild and really disrespectful. >> reporter: some call it sacreligious serial bank robber wearing a black muslim berka struck for a third time, first the susquehanna bank in camden, on september 17th. then audubon saving bank on september 25th, the latest happened on wednesday, at the
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beneficial bank also in audubon. >> you only say a few word to the teller. be calm, turn over the monday tonight drawer and then he takes mote fold it up and puts it back in his pocket. >> reporter: customers say using a berka as a mask is disrespectful will but clever way to take advantage of the religious tolerance what do you say take that off, let me see is what underneath that berka. >> anything that will work for them, it will be religious that they hide behind you can't do anything bit. >> reporter: authorities informed banks and local patrols to be on the alert but they don't want muslims to worry. >> everybody keeps saying he just didn't look right. if you see something that just doesn't look right, please call. >> reporter: police believe that this person should stand out, in a crowd, about 6 feet tall wearing a berka if you see him please call police. live from audubon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, thanks very much. temperatures about to plumet, rain is on the way,
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meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with that and more in the first forecast, kathy. >> there are bright spots though to the upcoming weekend, chris. right now we're seeing clouds and it is cool, temperatures will be struggling tomorrow, into the 50's, and take a look at storm scan three, we have had some sun earlier but now clouds really taking over, across the region and we will be seeing a cool night as well. right now in philadelphia, 66, the same in wilmington. fifty-six in the poconos. temperatures fairly uniform. high temperature 69, and it is the average, and that is where we were earlier today. current winds out of the southwest at five to 15 miles an hour, those stronger gusts are finally subsiding. tomorrow morning we will wake up to mostly cloudy skies, those clouds thickening from the southwest to the north east and then by the late afternoon three or 4:00 o'clock we will start to see the rain moving from the southwest as well. it will be showery at first and then get steady during the late night hours. so, coming up we will talk about the the cool snap that
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was dominating our weather especially over the the weekend and it will be a rainy start to the weekend looking at a little bit better for sunday, and we will be in the 60's, at best. so how long does this cool snap last? the answer in the seven day forecast, i'll show thaw later when i join you inside. >> kathy, thanks. it is a story you saw first on cbs-3. philadelphia police are looking for vandals who spray painted a racial slur on a center city high school. "eyewitness news" blurred out the slur on the front door at john w hallahan catholic girls high school. school maintenance scrubbed the girl before students arrived for class this morning and now police are reviewing surveillance video hoping to identified and catch those suspects. archdiocese of philadelphia release aid statement which reads in part hallahan takes pride in the designation as no place for hate school and strongly condemns the senseless and hateful act. all school families before made aware of the incident and steps taken to dress it, through a letter sent this morning. a horse running loose is
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hit and killed by a paratransit bus in bucks county this happened around 6:30 this morning in the 43 turn block of cold spring creamery road in buckingham township. the bus driver was taken to the hospital, two others inside were not hurt. no word on the driver's condition. officials in delaware county are investigating a fall that killed a worker employed by a private electric company. chopper three over that scene this morning on the 400 block of keenan drive-in ogden. we are told the victim fell about 50 feet from a bucket truck. that victim's identity has not been released. the philadelphia school budget crisis tops at gend a at an education summit in center city philadelphia superintendent of the schools doctor william hite addressed the philadelphia bar association and community leaders to day. hite says district's challenge is to support top performing schools and lift up those who under perform. he said the district cannot be deterred by its fiscal challenges. >> conversation unfortunately has been about what we don't
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have. what has been taken away and how we have to do without and what resources will be eliminated and return. none of those conversations fair to children and schools. >> doctor hite did not comment on the src's cancellation of the teachers contract, on advice of council. well, ridley park police department is excited about the new member to join its force. >> ahead at 6:00 meet the k-9 who is joining the crime fighting efforts. plus it is state of new jersey's 350th birthday, how do you celebrate? well, we will show you what is popping up on main street u.s.a. kathy? the clouds are here, rain comes next and then the major cool down more on that coming up with the seven day, hey, leslie. >> hi kathy. we have hockey back here in south philadelphia, flyers home open's begins the devils, some feel worried about the defense this season but i talk with the new alternate captain mark street and he will make everybody feel better. we will hear from him
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coming up after thursday night football a hot trend in that toking but it could pose a dangerous threat, at home tattoo, are they the ultimate
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ink ordaining rust. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how it is done and dangers it the poses, that is on "eyewitness news" tonight after thursday night football. we are now less than four weeks from election day and potential presidential contenders for 2016 are stumping for candidates in the race for pennsylvania governor. republican incumbent tom corbett was joined by his neighbor in a rally in delaware county this afternoon, that is new jersey governor chris christie. he campaigned for governor corbett at valley forge military academy. former secretary of state hillary clinton is campaigning, right now, in philadelphia, for democratic challenger in the race, tom wolf, how see here at the podium. this is a live picture, former governor ed rendell is on hand, as is former secretary of state hillary clinton. this is the the women for wolf rally, at the national constitution center. the the latest polls give tom wolf a comfortable, double digit lead over governor tom corbett. well, casino workers in
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atlantic city are making a counteroffers to own over the trump taj mahal hoping to keep the resort opened. local 54 of the unite here union, has responded to trump entertainment's demand that workers give up their entire pension and health care coverage, in order to continue operations. trump entertainment says it will shut down taj mahal on november 13th if those conditions are not met. two sides will get together tomorrow. 350 years is certainly a long time, and a great excuse, to celebrate. >> our carol erickson takes us to the historic main street in mount holly where a pop up shop is marking a big milestone for the garden state. >> reporter: if you listen closely you can almost hear their battle cry, the pop up stores are coming, the latest one just opened, briefly, and downtown mount holly, new jersey. feel free to look around but be quick, little new jersey 350 pop up shop as it is called, designed to celebrate and sell items associated with new jersey and it 350th
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anniversary will close on sunday. the. >> the internet, we have facebook, twitter. >> modern ways to get pop up customers in the pop up store. pop up story mind us new jersey home, innovation, home, liberty, diversity and the soprano's, and sinatra and some serious revolutionary war heroes. new jersey's lead wasn't much of a hero but he loves his dog, his dog seemed to love new jersey and they are not alone. >> i have converted, new jersey pride report report ray menendez and his wife check out new jersey books and new jersey t-shirts and then ended up buying both after reflecting on the state ancestors. >> you would be surprised i think at new jersey and would be proud. >> reporter: new jersey not just a decoration wall hanging on board game with turnpikes and diners but a real force in the world, complete with san. >> i love new jersey. >> reporter: unlike this new jersey 350 pop up store here today. >> and here until sunday. >> reporter: old new jersey plans to get even older.
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a jersey shore toast to that. in mount holly, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> worthy of celebration. >> new member joins ridley park police department, meet yagr, new member of the police k-9 unit. sixteen month-old dog came from excel k-9 in ohio, that specializes in providing dogs for police and security like the tsa. yagr has been training with his handler officer robert quinnlen a ten year veteran of the ridley park police department. retireeness camden county were talking television today. "eyewitness news" at the country club, that is where the 65 club held its annual lunch. mayor jeff and other boro officials joined a group of 50 retired men for the lunch in. i was honored to be there and be their keynote speaker. the topic of our discussion the changing face of tv news. >> did you go stag. >> it is amens club, bill brown and whole crew, very
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nice, and i thank them again for extending meehan invitation. it was a nice drive out to haddonfield today but things are taking a turn. >> taking a turn, some sun earlier, we had clouds and we will talk about rain heading in another weekend room. pete performance of last week at this time when we started weekend with rain and better half was second half, outside we are looking at a mostly cloudy skies, but look at the sun peeking through the clouds in atlantic city, and it does make for a dramatic sunset. this is view from sky cam three, live neighborhood network shows you various high temperatures across the region and you can see where we had sunshine and we had clouds, pennington, the temperature for the high, 73 degrees in blue bell, at windfield airport and hockessin extra clouds and only 67 today at the school and lehigh ton area high school will 66 degrees was your high. right now on storm scan three we are seeing clouds every where, we have some showers to the south associated with our next front impacting the the region this weekend.
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temperatures mainly in the 60's, and in the poconos, right now, checking in at 56. you can see to the west, and to the north, locality of cool air and over the next couple of days, our winds will have a northerly wind component. the it is not going to get any warmer. it will get cooler. next frontal boundary will snake eastward, through the delaware valley, and some rain will ride right along it like a train track, as it moves east terly, and showers moving in, late tomorrow afternoon in, to tomorrow evening, and becoming, cooler. after 7:00 o'clock hour, as it pulls in and ocean influence, and that means, and a break saturday morning seeing some showers, and slowly, the front will sag down. after two or 3:00 we will see improving conditions to the northwest and south east. heavier accumulation is expect through south jersey and delaware. we will see over an inch of rain, elsewhere a half an inch
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to an inch, expect between tomorrow evening, and saturday morning. so here's what we expect. late tomorrow afternoon, clouds with some rain moving in. highest amount to the south, clearing, saturday, afternoon, and that is got news, because second half of the saturday and sunday, should be very pleasant. overnight clouding up and chilly, low of 53. in the city, but cooler in our suburbs. watch these morning lows, 43, in allentown, so 10 degrees cooler, 38 come tomorrow morning and poconos, and some 50's to the south and ease, and milder there with the clouds. during the day tomorrow, clouds and showers moving in late, high temperature of 59, last time we saw temperatures that cool was six months ago, and in april. for the bird, on sunday, no weather issues, we will see cool conditions and a game time temperature of 58, so pack the jersey, and the sweat shirts. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 62 with morning rain on saturday, clear it out, we will see sunshine, before sunset, sunday looks great, forbidder,
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and tailgating early around the dinner hour and after sunset it will fall fast, and then temperatures rebound next week back into the the 70's, if you like to watch, weather and report it, join our team become an eyewitness weather watch it, sign up at cbs >> join the team, absolutely, kathy, thanks. and good afternoon, we're at the tail end of our afternoon rush hour, we are going to head outside and show you cameras on the admiral wilson boulevard where we are just a little while ago we had a disable vehicle up ahead here near baird boulevard, and it has since cleared but residual delays and actually additional congestion, due to rush hour. so heading eastbound on the admiral wilson boulevard where we see brake lights. also on the vine street expressway cameras here, you can see really moving slowly curling up, heading westbound on the schuylkill expressway. you can see schuylkill up top here mopping along slowly in the east and westbound
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directions as well. remainders, we are slow on i-95. he have heavy trip this entire commute. southbound still heavy 29 minute trip on woodhaven road into the vine street expressway. blue route slow still 30 minutes from the schuylkill into 95. now elsewhere in new jersey southbound, a crash at route 38 pushed over to the shoulder, chris and jessica. thanks very much. "cbs evening news" is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look a head, scott. >> more developments today in the battle against ebola as scientists raced to find a vaccine, and plus a big step toward a day, when diabetics can throw away insulin, we will have those stories and rest of the world news ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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the the flyers back in action, tonight after last night's tough loss in boston and season opener leslie van arsdal is at the wells fargo center with their preview of tonight's contest, hi leslie.
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>> hi beasley, people are worried about the defense, on this team, without kimmo timonen, i had a chance to talk to the alternate captain mark street about his new role with the team. he knows they have to get off to a better start this season and rebound to the tough loss last night. >> it is really good to have a back to back here. it was a tough loss. we were in to it. then we get scored on two minutes to go. it is a rough loss but great to play again and especially at home, great fans, home opener. it is always very exciting. we can't wait to have a good game and get two points. >> unaudible. >> well, it is a new season. obviously, we had a rough start last year. we want to have a better one this year. we had a good preseason. we are heading in the right direction but at the same time everything is so tough, it is very competitive so we want to pick it up tonight and we want to take more responsibility on and off the ice, have a
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different role this year, without kimmo so i want to play well for the team. >> captain claude giroux chalk up race night's loss to first game jitters. they need to relax and play the game and i think in front of their home crowd, hometown crowd, it will be easier tonight, beasley. >> thanks, leslie. turning to the eagles, couple fans speaking through ivy at eagles practice, trying get a fix on the game plan for sunday night's game with the giants. hopefully south jersey and philly fans are knotter jersey spies. usual trash talking between these close combatants is a foot this time it is g men mouthing off and eagles responded. >> he is the only one talking. we will go out there and play football. big game for us, prime time tv. we're wearing all black. go out there and get it. >> listen i'll tell what you motivates me when i walk out on that field and see 07,000 screaming fans.
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that motivates me. >> my weekly chat with cbs contributor, shady mccoy and special guest the focus of the giants rivalry, see what we have to say after the game. nfl week six kicks off right here tonight cbs-3 starting a at 7:30. first place in the afc south, colts and texans on thursday night, football. we will be right back. this is the "name your price" tool. it g gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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thanks for watching at 6:00 we are back at ten on cw philly and back here after the game. >> "cbs evening news" is next. scott pelley reports tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: tonight, the battle against ebola. manuel bojorquez reports a dallas hospital is defending its treatment of the first u.s. patient to die. dr. jon lapook has the latest on the race to find a vaccine. the chinese buy a u.s. landmark and take america's place as the world's biggest economy. anthony mason has that and what's behind the wild swings on wall street. scientists announce a big step toward the day when diabetics like finn can throw away their insulin. >> pretty much my earliest memories have been with diabetes, and so i don't really know any other way. >> pelley: and jim axelrod with an unlikely journey from the deserts of iraq to the land of 10,000 lakes. >> okay. today is 82 fahre