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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 9, 2014 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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jim: luck. throws. and the pass is a catch by wayne. phil: swearinger gets a free run at luck. he had time to throw it. jim: this might be challenged. the challenge flag did come out before the snap. phil: that was a quick decision. good job by the colts getting up and trying to run the play. referee: houston is challenging the ruling on the field of completed catch. time out. jim: that second replay that end zone look, this one right here. phil: oh.
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jim: the texans challenge this just before that snap. now here comes the critical ruling. referee: the indianapolis receiver lost control of the ball as he hit the ground. it's an incomplete pass. please put 8:21 on the game clock please. jim: the colts will punt. watch from the texan's sideline. phil: bill o'brien has to make a quick decision, gets it out just as luck is making the snap. jim: mike carey you thought right away it would be just that call, incomplete. mike: focus on the ball, it slipped through before he has control, hits the ground, incomplete. jim: martin is the return man.
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jim: up next the "mazda post-game show." interviews and analysis of tonight's game. got a new lighting system inside nrg stadium. phil: yeah, field looks good. bright. jim: foster. a five-yard gain back on that fumble return for a touchdown. this was curving's perspective on it. >> get it, get it. phil: he was close to picking it up that time the colts have
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stopped blitzing and the defense has been beat out a little bit by this houston offense but that time they came with the blitz, just a little too late with it. jim: second and five. fitzpatrick. able to dodge the traffic and take off for the first down marker. it will be close. looks like they'll give him the spot for the first. freeman on the tackle. phil: fitzpatrick said he's run more in his first five games than he has in his career. it's not that he's just running but picking up cards. you see it so many times he just misses getting really clocked. just gets under the tackles. i wouldn't challenge that. it's got to be -- when you remark the football it's got to be a blatant mistake before they move it. jim: still would have been third and short if they won the
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challenge. they're on first down. that play stopped by kerr, no gain for foster. phil: interesting here, i'm curious to see what the colt's defense does. excuse me, three wide receivers by the texans. will they blitz? i say yes. jim: a game that was 24-0, indianapolis, after one. now the texans have a chance to drive and take the lead here in this battle for first place in the a.f.c. south. fitzpatrick has the time he needs. he's got johnson for another first down. phil: that time they picked it up. fitzpatrick had a big pocket where he had time to throw. nobody across the middle because of the blitz. it's really interesting you see
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johnson look across the field. they just broke that route right away because he saw nobody over there, good recognition by him. jim: it's blue, alfred blue, who got the start up in new york when foster had to miss a game. performed well, the rookie from l.s.u. jim: to the right, ben jones gets a good block. fiedorwicz the good block. fresh legs by blue. picks up some yards. jim: 17 yards. now on the indianapolis side of the field with 5:00 to go. fitzpatrick. looking down the sideline. it's incomplete, flag is thrown. phil: that's on the offense. i can see it from here. the arms extend by andre
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johnson. jim: getting tangled up with toler. referee: pass interference, offense, number 80. 10-yard penalty. replay first down. jim: supposed to be a point of emphasis, more offensive pass interference. do you see it that way? do you think there's been more calls? phil: i haven't. i think there's been so many more on the defense. it's a good call. in games past, in those situations, ryan fitzpatrick has been going to deandre hopkins sometimes. tonight that success with those throws to johnson. jim: setting up the screen that was incomplete. francois. graham doesn't hold on to it. that ends up helping houston
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avoid a loss. of five or six. second and 20 coming up. of there's johnson. the ball comes out. adams with the recovery. will it hold up as a catch? did he make a football move? will that hold up as a catch? i'm sure this will be reviewed. davis knocked it out of his hands. phil: looked like he caught it. he's got it. fumbled it. incomplete. -- mike: incomplete. jim: mike carey thinks it will
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be incomplete. phil: mike, you're quick with these decisions. mike: it never got completely put away. phil: didn't get it put away. jim: all turnovers are reviewed. phil: any time you watch it, if you want to see it's a catch, just keep an eye on the football, if it's moving when he's trying to put it away. mike: if it comes out, it's going to be incomplete. phil: when you watch it full speed mike, sometimes it's a different look and you go, it's not a catch. i said this jim and i talk all the time, when you watch it in slow motion, everything looks like a penalty. mike: especially from behind. if you have a shot at the ball like we have here, the ball is still move, never gets it away. it'll come back.
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jim: johnson disgusted with himself. may get a reprieve here. phil: nothing else if it is an incomplete pass, still third and 20 jim, but it's field position. all the other things that come with it. if it does go in the texan's favor. jimp one thing to remember too. johnson had what was going to be a big gain and would have put him probably within a couple yards of a first. ron toshert is ready to -- tobert is ready to weigh. in referee: the ruling on the field stands. it's indianapolis' ball. jim: mike, your earks to that?
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mike: i disagree. you can see that the ball was never put away but sometimes when it's in the mix, they go with what's called on the field. it was pretty obvious though that he never got it really put away. jim: remember reviews now also of course have the new york office and the officiating crew up there. weighing in on that. the colts take over at the 406789 over to wayne for six. phil: good drive starter on the outside for andrew luck and hi offense. -- his offense. time is a factor as you look at it. two time outs by each team are left. of course indianapolis being up five would like to score and put it away.
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the texans, of course, the worst they're going to give up is a field goal. jim: second and four. luck. in traffic, bradshaw. incomplete. the colts were bet you are -- better off with that being a drop. next thursday night, the jets and the patriots will go to the a.f.c. east divisional series next week. another big-time matchup in primetime on cbs and the nfl network. the jets and patriots from gillette stadium. phil: third and short. this would be a time, i'd think, you might want to blitz. don't need a lot of time to get five yards. jim: watt lined up on this side. lined up wide. trying to find drew. wayne for the first down. precision play.
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moves the chains. a gain of 11. jim: they played it safe. still doesn't -- phil: they played it safe. dill good movement, reggie wayne on kareem jackson. j.j. watt had it, he tripped and fell. might have affected the throw. if he didn't fall down. good job by luck of moving in the pocket to his left. just getting that extra time to look, see it clearly, make the throw. jim: one run some clock here with bradshaw. taken down for a loss but swearinger, who has missed some tackles tonight, did not finish the deal. it was a gain or six or seven. phil: let's watch where he goes. watch you were in 36. nobody blocks him. goes really high. when you go high again -- you get blocks.
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jim: he's gone high a number of times tonight. phil: he has. 2:42, two time outs to go, the texans use their second time out. jim: do you think they go to the time outs this early? phil: i like it. put the pressure on the colt's offense by calling the time outs now, it almost, it gets to the point, you have to decide are we going to run it again to make them use the last time out or throw it to try to win the game. since you called this first one, if they throw a run d -- if they have a run that doesn't get many yards, bill o'brien will use his last time out. jim: bill o'brien learned a lot about time management from bill belichick and counts o'leary as
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a big influence too from his days of assisting him at georgia tech that one for a loss. watt bringing down bradshaw for a los of three. phil: y.j. watt, you think about sacks and everything else. he's been unbelievable in run defense here tonight. jim: texans waited six or seven second before they called their last time out. they did not call it right away. phil: it won't affect them. i'm sure he thought about it for a second. those few seconds, when it comes down to this, the colts are going to throw it. if they complete it and get the first down, the game is over. jim: luck has had his way with throwing it tonight. 373 yards and three touchdowns.
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phil: again, i think if you're the colts you throw it here. try to win the game. and i think without question on the defensive side, sitting back, everybody is tired up front. you've got to go after the quarterback. jim: at this point at the 41, talking 58, 59 yards for vinatieri. not a likely option. the colts on third and six. looking up top, here's the throw downtown. it was j.j. watt again to lewis. one of them got a hand on it, the texans will get the football back. they did the right thing. the colts were read -- phil: the colts were ready for it they keep everybody in, they're going to throw it. y.j. watt once again inside. johnathan joseph to the right where he's throwing the football
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was going for the interception he played the run to the sticks, see him out on the outside. good view of it. what a game by j.j. watt. jim: martin is deep. mcafee. try to punt here with 2:22 to play. fair catch at the 9. 91 yards away. 2:15 to play, no time outs. phil: you need a touchdown of course. you're down five. j.j. watt has been just phenomenal. two sacks, seven tackles, three passes, fumble recovered for a touchdown. quite honestly it seems like he's done more than that. doesn't it? jim: oh, yeah. it's amazing. the motor. just keeps on going.
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meanwhile ryan fitzpatrick. try to pull off this improbable comeback. down 24 after one. of first down there. they'll try to reset and get a play before the two-minute warning as andre johnson has 12. they're not going to get a snap off in time. two-minute warning. 33-28, colts.
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jim: be honest, did you think we
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had another thursdays night blowout on our hands here? phil: i didn't want to think about it. it turned out to be an exciting game. jim: unbelievable game. phil: it has. the stars, andrew luck, big in the first half. and here, houston, kind of like our game on scunt, -- on sunday, kansas city and san francisco. jim: that's mark vrabel talking to cushing. phil: think he knows a little bit ability linebacking. jim: a few things that will factor into the score, hilton stopped on the two-point try. phil: if you're on defense, stay back. make them throw underneath. jim: foster lined up in that slot to the right. first down. and fitzpatrick. the ball came out.
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it's recovered by the colts. verner may have hit him. phil: yeah. pulled it down, was going to run. decided to throw it. nobody open. too late, the hit comes. jim: d'qwell jackson with the recovery. phil: that's what got him. didn't secure the football. it's a fumble. jim: game-ending fumble. jim: the colts, this defensive line all night long did not let fitzpatrick move around like we've seen him move in the first five games of the year. they did an awesome job of staying in their lanes, making it tough. jim: how about bjorn verner, he's made some plays in the second half. phil: they need him to come through big time for this defense to be what they hope it
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turns into. joirp colts on their way to a fourth straight win after an 0-2 start. they have run right through their division opponents their first week through. they'll play the texans later in december. they've beaten jacksonville and tennessee. 4-2 on the year. phil: great effort by both teams. to fight back like the houston texans did, give them a lot of credit. they lost a tough one last week too. jim: that's 10 straight wins inside the division for the colts. the "mazda post-game show" is up next. intervuse and analysis of tonight's game. where do you see these teams going after getting an up close look at them tonight? phil: listen, you play this colts offense, you have to be scared. the quarterback can hang in there, they throw it down the
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field, i think the defense will continue to get better, jim. they've got some injuries still with players on the offensive-defensive line. they get them back. jim: t.y. hilton. phil: the defense at times tonight for the colts was dominating. got tired and houston had some success against them. jim: chuck pagano and the colts have held on to win it here. they come up with some fumble recoveries in the last five minutes, able to withstand the furious houston rally from 24 down. they improve to 4-2 on the season. phil: after that start, they've got to be thrilled with that, of course, to win four in a row. ryan fitzpatrick, another really tough night for him physically. got hit a lot but hung in there, made some big throws to give him a chance to come back and it's just unfortunate, the fumble. jim: the old teammates at miami.
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hasselbeck and fitzpatrick with an exchange as j.j. watt did all he could do tonight but andrew luck, another sensational effort. by the third-year man. a successful homecoming it is indeed to houston. phil: this houston defense struggled tonight but when they get clowney back in there, that could change their whole football team. jim: andrew luck leads the way. t.y. hilton one yard off the all-time franchise records, 233 yards. the final score is 33-28 colts. coming up, "the mazda post-game show." for all of us, so long from houston.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v jim: late in this game giving him 223 receiving yards, one shy of raymond berry's colts franchise record, part of a big week six kickoff on "thursday night football" for the now a.f.c. south leading indianapolis colts. my name is richeizen, i've got steve, deion, marshall and michael on the set. he has four in a row what did he do tonight the texans couldn't
11:47 pm
stop? steve: he came home to houston and he did not disappoint he started off really fast running the no huddle offense. he was sharp. got out in front. 24-0. they took control early, a lot of deep fwools t.y. hilton. andrew luck, 370 yards passing, three touchdowns and just one interception. he was fantastic. >> we talked about it coach. you mentioned four in a row of going over 300 yards but why? in the first two games they had no pass plays of 20-plus yards. since then, they have. 11-18. tonight they had plenty. let me show you what i'm talking about. we call this 78 combination. outside, pulse route with the inside corner route and get this, you know who make this is happen? andrew luck. they catch johnathan joseph, andrew luck looks at that tight end and throws toyota t.y. hilton. it's a perfect throw to t.y.
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hilton. look at this right here. it's like taking can day di from a baby. i always say that johnson is the only pure thraver has that kind of speed this guy does also. he's a pure receiver with great speed. >> i'm going to say he did a great job. they showed they have some offensive line depth. rich: j.j. watt had another incredible night, dee i don't know he made one -- deion, he made one big play after another. of course putting them back in the game in the third quart we are that fumble return for a touchdown. deion: every now and then we talk about a guy and give him praise and they don't live up to the hype but this is not the case. in the pregame show, coach bill cowher likened him, he said he loves to watch reggie white. i even threw out the name of warren sapp with his
11:49 pm
intelligence that warren sapp played with. but this guy, j.j. watt, his motor is unbelievable, undeniable this guy comes to play. for the entirety of the game, every day. not only in the game but at practice as well. rich: arian foster had a good night with two touchdowns, 109 yards, but marshall, he dug themselves too deep a hole. mike: i was impressed -- marshall. i was impressed. mike: the texans fall to 3-3. tonight after your local news, dave's got actor robert duval and actress el fanning. tomorrow, wake up to the local news. stay tuned at the "mazda post-game show" rolls on. andrew luck will join us here on the set. we'll have full highlights and analysis and a preview of sunday's best games.
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