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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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members to the oval office to discuss the first case of ebola transmitted in the u.s. a nurse at texas health presbyterian hospital contracted the virus while caring for thomas eric duncan, liberian man who died of ebola in dallas last week. >> if this one individual was infect, and we don't know how, within the isolation unit, then it is possible that other individuals could have been infect as well. >> reporter: the cdc is investigating exactly how she became infected and also stepping up education and training for health care workers. four u.s. facilities with specially trained health care workers in bio containment areas including here at nationalist tooths of health in bethesda they could become treatment center for potential ebola cases. >> care for a patient with ebola requires meticulous attention to he detail and we are looking at every aspect to see how we can make it more safe and easier. >> reporter: other facilities are located at emery university hospital in atlanta
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a, the nebraska medical center in omaha and rocky mountain laboratory in monday tan a texas health commissioner has brought in staff from across the state to help trace cast of the infect nurse, she and one of her close cast are both in isolation. at the white house, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". community in our area taking the the threat of ebola very seriously. tomorrow delaware county will hold meeting of the new ebola task force and we will have that story for you tomorrow, right here on "eyewitness news". search is underway for a suspect in just an unbelievably cruel theft disable vietnam veteran had his prosthetic leg stolen outside of lincoln financial field last night. he did get it back but whole ordeal begs the question who would do something like this. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at south detectives with the very latest, walt. >> reporter: chris, detectives here at south division say that it was exactly that, a cruel, crime, yesterday disabled vehicle veteran,
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sonny foster, was 57, it was his birthday but instead of celebrating as he performed outside lincoln financial field last night as a street performer at eagles game he was shaken by the theft of his prosthetic leg. >> i have to recover may leg. >> reporter: disable vietnam war veteran sonny forest did his best to make his way in the south detective division, where he had just been told his prosthetic leg, stolen from him hours earlier had now been recovered. >> i got you. >> reporter: uniformed officer helped support him the leg stolen from forest as he performed songs outside lincoln financial field during the the eagles game. >> he was cutting between some cars and three other girls ran behind her and she was gone. then i said oh, man my leg is gone. >> reporter: minutes later surrounded by pictures and stories of his entertaining outside phils and eagles game, and, recounted the frightening
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hours when he feared, and fears without the prosthetic leg, would would not be able to perform or care for his family. >> i'm done without this i'm in the ambulatory. this is city of brotherly roof. >> reporter: then came the cup from police the prosthetic leg had been found at fernrock terminal, and forest now left the police station able to walk down the steps, and before leaving, a hug for the the officer who helped him, and a suggestion on how the thief who victimized him should be punish. >> i would like an apology, that is all. then faux work for older people who don't have limbs and stuff like that then you will see how it feels when you cannot get around. >> reporter: now detective here at south division say they are looking for a female in her mid 20's, wearing an eagles jersey, and they hope potentially that the video from around the stadium complex or perhaps from septa
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a, may help lead to an arrest in this case. live from south detectives, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. breaking news now septa a has reached a tentative contract agreement with the engineers that operate its regional railway services. this agreement, which includes a 13.32 percent pay raise comes after nearly five years of negotiations. the engineers have been working without a contract since 2010. a lot of clouds out there today, meteorologists have been tracking showers as well but also, a warm up. kathy orr is live on the sky deck with her first forecast, kathy. >> we have rain, we have mist, we have fog, a little bit of everything on this glummy monday afternoon, but it is not going to stay that way. take a look at storm scan three we are looking at a few showers moving across the region rotating along i-95 corridor some in the northern and western corridor but through south jersey and delaware we are seeing bulk of the rain at this point.
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temperature right now in the 60's some 50's in the poconos. average high 68 for this time of the year, this evening, we will see the foggy conditions, then the drizzle continue, and it will be damp right through evening as temperatures stay in the lower 60's. then all eyes on the next storm system moving our way that will provide more rain, and changes in our forecast, coming up, we will talk about the foggy start to the day tomorrow, a tremendous warm up, and track more rain that will be more significant then we're seeing this evening. see you later in the broadcast with all of that. >> all right kathy, stay dry, thanks very much. thirty-one days and counting now the accused killer eric frein continues to allude capture despite a widespread manhunt in the poconos. over the past few weeks search clues have found campsites and numerous items from ammunition and homemade explosives but they have not luck finding frein. they are hoping their luck will change with the seasons. the as more leaves fall, they say helicopter searchers should be more effective. major new developments in
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the high school hazing investigation at sayreville high school. seven football players at sayreville war memorial high school in sayreville are now charged with sexually assaulting younger teammates. this behavior, allegedly occurred during a ten day period last month, all of a sudden students have been suspended and all are minors. last night the community came together to support the victims of the alleged a salt. >> just support for those four young boys who are so brave to come out and say what had happened. >> it is unclear if the teens coaches knew bat alleged abuse or suspected it was going on. the the school's football season was canceled last week. tonight in bucks county authorities say that an arsonist is on the loose. investigators tell "eyewitness news" they found evidence that suggest a fire at the the bucks county dance center in bensalem, was intentionally set. it broke out around 4:30 this morning. fire fighters remained on the scene for several hours, making sure there were no
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flare-ups. fortunately no one was injured. also this morning fire crews say home in millville, new jersey from being destroyed. chopper three on the scene over 3900 block of east oak street. it is believed those flames started in the basement of the structure and then spread to the upper floors. crew as arrived just in time to heat the house and from being engulfed in fire, no one was home at the time and no one was injury. we are awaiting an update on a driver involve in the serious crash in chester county. it was just after height of the morning commute when a car slammed in the utility pole, in east goshen township. emergency crews had to cut the roof off to free victim from that wreck, it is not clear how it happened or if there were any other cars involved. "eyewitness news" at 21st and spruce streets where a philadelphia police officer was injured in the crash. we are told he a apparently hit another officer's cruiser that was park on the side of the street for a traffic stop. he is hospitalized with injuries to his face, back, neck but is expected to be
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okay. no one else was hurt, including the other officers. also tonight a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike remains under investigation. around 3:30, three vehicles including a tractor trailer collided in the southbound lanes near mile marker 11. no word on who was at fault or if any charges will be filed. atlantic city man is suspect of murdering his own mother just hours after being released from prison. we will have that story on "eyewitness news" plus another bounce housings flying in the air, two small children are injured. it could be a simple way to earn extra money but three on your side with a warning for anyone who is thinking of cashing in on those frequent flier miles. powerful storm rocks japan, hundreds of thousands are evacuated from their homes, the meantime tropics heat up after a quiet hurricane season so far, we will have the latest when "eyewitness news" at 5:
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six people get trapped 35 feet in the air, and indianapolis zoo, take a closer look which shows the the rescue, zoo officials show that they were stuck for about an hour, in all, but no one was hurt. coincidently just last month, the indianapolis fire department trained on the sky line ride, to make rescues, in these types of emergencies. well, two small children are injured after a bounce house, goes flying through the air in new hampshire. witnesses say inflatable house dropped at least 60 feet with
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those two kids inside. one of them a two-year old boy is still hospitalized, and in critical condition. the the other was not injured, significantly, and is expected to recover. a retired businessman makes quite the discovery in scotland, armed with only a metal detector he unearthed a treasure trove of artifacts left behind by vikings. in all he dug up more than 100 items including a silver cross dating back to the tenth century. experts are still trying to determine just how much it is all worth. faa says service has been fully restored at a chicago routeing sent their was deliberately set on fire two weeks ago. officials say a contract employee cut tables and lit the telecommunications room at the chicago air route center on fire back on september 26th. the services disruption led to the cancellation of thousands of flights impacting air traffic across the nation. >> do you have frequent flier miles or credit card points
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you just maybe don't know what to do with? some people are selling their miles and points making hundreds even thousands of dollars. >> but as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan warns us tonight, before you cash in you should know the risks. the. >> reporter: with the busy travel schedule and a points earning credit card, carrasquillo lynn racked up thousands of airline miles with no immediate plans to redeem them. enticed by adds for mileage brokerage companies which offers money for miles and points she decided to give it a try and sold more than 57,000 miles for $460. >> i didn't see a value in holding on to them hoping would i find a flight coy use. >> reporter: although she made a nice profit, experts say each time you sell your airline miles or points you are taking a gamble. >> lately it is very populated. it is a big business. but there are risks involved. >> reporter: checking fine prints of reward programs you'll find selling your miles or points isn't allowed. if you get caught you could have your account canceled and be banned from the program.
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>> they play hard ball with people. >> when people sell miles or points brokers redeem them for an airline ticket that they sell to someone else. the industry is watching, for transfers and tickets that seem unlikely. >> the airlines and credit card companies are looking for transferring of points to people on different states, different last names, in different geographical regions. >> in some cases it is permitted to transfer points or miles to family or friend, each airline's terms and conditions vary so before you move any miles around be sure to check. by the way, because selling your points and miles is against the the airline's terms and conditions, that is why the the traveler in our story only wanted to use her first name. >> very interesting. >> because i know sometimes families like to share. >> yes. >> sure. >> you know something is up. >> and if you are a buying could you conceivably spend money on something. >> airline may say, those tickets are no good. it is a risk. >> all right, jim, thanks.
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>> good evening, everyone, speaking of the airport if you are doing any travel this weekend we have delays up to an hour, and, in case we didn't get to it. as we look now at 95, it is a wet commute and all over our majors, i-95 commuting southbound you're delay on to the northeast down through the vine street expressway and definitely in delaware county. we are seeing this shot around girard avenue you'll notice a break but it is slow through construction zones just like 202. 202 southbound delayed from chesterbrook boulevard through 401. as we will notice here it is such a squeeze, we are traveling north bound on 202 approaching the schuylkill expressway that is another slow spot because once you get there, you are not moving, either side of 76, within your western suburbs or center city philadelphia will be slow. your average on 476, about 14 miles an hour and at 12 on the i-95 the rather and watch
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out for big time delays on the vine if you are commuting the eastbound direction between 76 and 95. watch out for this accident closing lincoln drive between rittenhouse street and city avenue, schoolhouse lane is your best alternate, chris and jessica. >> thanks very much. esquire magazine is out with the sex why is woman alive, we will tell you who in the next half an hour. blade hunter heads back to court, sentencing for oscar pistorius. his attorney described a broken man we will tell what you went on in that courtroom. and fighting autism with healthy vegetables, we will tell you how broccoli, can help control the symptoms, this is "eyewitness news"
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and, power lines. leveling homes. and, tropical storm. it is still a very powerful storm and forced the evacuation of more than 100,000 people, but three people were reportedly swept away by waves, and a fourth is still missing tonight, but three dozen injuries have been reported and the rain is not yet over. severe weather in arkansas turned deadly officials say one person was killed, four others were injured when storms destroyed a home in ashdale 150 miles southwest of little rock. the the storms began there, marched east in oklahoma where they down power lines and
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overturn a tractor trailer. really a massive storm system that really covered a lot of the united states. >> absolutely, and still pushing eastward we will see part of that storm in our neck of the woods later on this week, but lets talk about the drizzle and fog. those are our issues over evening hours and tomorrow morning, mainly the fog. the outside right now we're seeing it in philadelphia and we are seeing it down the shore, and ocean city, cape may county the boards are wet, and visibility is, getting lower, a live neighborhood network takes as you cross the region you can see high temperatures today not so impressive, dover air force base with the clouds and fog and the mist, 65, 63 in philadelphia international airport. wings field airport in blue bell reporting in at 63 and south jersey regional airport in lumberton checking in at 63 as well. bad conditions for flying today. toward the north and east we are seeing these rain showers, drift, and is there not a the lot out there just enough to be a nuisance. the visibility reduced though,
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allentown 2 miles. reading 2 miles. 1.5 miles in lancaster. look at poconos down to .3 of a mile and promises to go lower even tonight. temperatures you can see mainly in the 60's, poconos we are looking at 53 degrees. to the north cooler temperatures in state college. look at the the west in cleveland and pittsburgh places where we're in the 50's for couple days last week already bumping up in the 70's and that is in our future. we are watching that severe threat shifting eastward from chicago, all the way down along mississippi, these are all tornado much wases and a few warnings highlighted in the deep red. you can see comma shape with this precipitation indicating an intense area of low pressure that is moving east, but for us we will see warmer temperatures after some morning fog. although ahead of the this system temperatures well in the 07's, maybe even touching 80 degrees for wednesday, that is how strong those southerly wind will be ahead of this potent front out west right now, and then by thursday,
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this will be moving through, with showers and thunderstorms and then we will cool it down, behind it with temperatures for both friday and saturday only in the lower 70's. so a huge swing in temperature, with that front approaching, and departing. take a look at our future weather, we can start off wednesday with mainly showers and thunderstorms to the west, slowly progressing east ward but slowly here is your line of storms, hit looks like thursday afternoon and then that will be sweeping out. so something to be thinking about later in the week we will have potential for some stormy weather. overnight, clouds and fog, low temperature of 58 degrees, tomorrow morning, our future visibility is showing some intense low visibility in the poconos, at about 7:00 a.m., a tenth of a mile, philadelphia .7, same in millville, .4 in trenton. there could a dense fog advisory issues overnight tonight, so plan for some extra time, to get out tomorrow morning. tuesday morning fog and then partly sunny high temperature
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of 78. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast, wednesday rain possible especially north and west high of 80. thursday stormy especially in the afternoon high of 72. if you like the weather, we will want you to join our team and become an eyewitness weather watcher sign up now and go to cbs we will be back with more news after this
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well, eagles are off until next week as they helped in the bye on the high note of crushing new york giants. cannot say that enough. the has not birds dominated both side of the ball blocking well for shady mcco. he ran for 149 yards, this season, and how about the defense, relentless eli
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manning had a long night, sacked six times and the birds reported their first shut out in almost 20 years, 27 to nothing. >> we played a better, total four quarters. it wasn't as many, in other games, as i said last night we did take some spirit. we did it on a more consistent basis. to win in this league it the is about consistency and we are moving in that direction. >> everybody is talking about the eagles big win last week, you may recall, dominic rodgers cromartie sending out a picture making fun of the eagles not winning any super bowls. fans had a last laugh, zero points, more tweets we have today. one play from what could have been six-o but five-one feels amazing. fly eagles fly. could not agree more. eagles, proud to wear my eagles gear as always, amazing shut out win last night, and, another tweet, celebrating in eagles victory day, fly eagles fly, and eagles in black, all
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black, looks amazing, five-one fly eagles fly. i was than the sure about the uniform but i'm really liking them right now. back to you chris and jessica. >> i feel the same will way. >> all black was unbelievable. >> coming up, thousands of photos could soon be leak on line. >> these photos were supposed to disappear in second but now, they could be published for the world to see, we will tell you how snap chat was hacked. cleve? less than 48 hours after being released from prison for murder an atlantic city man back behind bars his latest victim authorities say is his own mother coming up we will speak to some of her friend. new at 6:00 ebola scare too close to home for area nurses they are speaking out about making sure they are safe, as well as patients, they need the hospital every day, tonight at 6:00.
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i'm chris may with the top stories for you, a nurse who was infect with ebola while treating thomas duncan, has now been identified as 26 year-old nina pam.
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and we're told that all five were suffering from flu-like symptoms. officials say none of the passengers on board the plane is traveling from west africa. and, a disable vietnam veteran has his front set of legs back after it was stolen from his wheelchair outside lincoln financial field last night. police are searching for a suspect, kate. >> good evening, it is a cloudy, glummy gray day. our triple sweep scanning area and finding showers through the shore points, atlantic city, cape may point and even some drizzle and light showers, up near the city, and we have lower visability in the form of fog tonight into tomorrow morning, to talk about plus the seven day forecast, coming up in just a couple of minutes. now backup to you, jessica. >> kate, thanks. police in atlantic county a says a reunion between mother and son in prison for
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30 years was short lived. two days after his release, police say quick killer, murdered his own mother. new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live outside atlantic county prosecutor's office in mays landing with the details n, cleve. >> reporter: prosecutor charging steven pratt with murder but the question is was he acting on his impress or something he planned for years. spoke to gwenn pratt's friend who did not see this coming it is very sad. >> reporter: kevin murray has lost a dear friend. allegedly beaten to death by steven pratt less than 48 hours, after he was released from prison. her son came home friday. we had a good party for him. coming home party. >> police came to the home 6:30 sunday morning after receiving a 911 call.
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they arrested steven pratt at the house. an autopsy revealed gwennlynn died of blunt head injuries. >> everything was good. i am at a loss for words i don't know what to say. >> pratt spend 30 years in prison for a murder at just 15 years old. in eight help shot and killed a neighbor after a scuffle. murray says he told gwynnlynn he was concerned about her taking in her son but he felt an obligation to help him. >> your son comes home and you don't know him he has been gone for so long. this and that. she expressed to me, that it was her son. >> neighbors say gwynn pratt was easy going and always friendly. >> she went to work every day.
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testing. isis fighters have made it to about 15 miles from the baghdad airport. cameras rolled as isis launched attacks on the town of cabani on the the boarder with turkey. isis is doing bat there will with kurdish fighters, in the meantime there was a bombing in baghdad ape mostly shiite neighborhood and at least 30 people were killed. we're still waiting for an identity on the driver who was killed in the deadly crash in the northeast philadelphia last night. that also happened on the 2700 block of willits road. the driver, of the white car, which is, here on its side was partially ejected when that car flipped on its side. investigators tell "eyewitness news" she was not wearing a seat belt. it is unclear why that driver lost control of the car. well, a rough commute for drivers taking the new jersey turnpike, early this morning, chopper three over the scene
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of the overturn dump truck. this is near exit four in mount laurel. the right lane, in the southbound direction, was closed for several hours. crews cleaned up that mess, and, there is in word on any injuries, there. and more video from chopper three this morning, this shows tree trimming truck that felon its side in bucks county. this happened on tailorsville road in upper makefield. in one was hurt there, the scene was cleaned up a a short time later. some good news for drivers, gas prices continue to drop, it has been a while since we have seen prices like that. "eyewitness news" us in mays landing, new jersey where drivers paid $2.95 for gallon of gas at that place. drivers in the philadelphia area are also seeing low prices, the triple a predicts gas prices will head lower still as global oil prices have slipped and the supply has out paced demand. right now drivers in pennsylvania are pagan average of $3.32 a gallon for regular gas, in new jersey, an average of $2.99 a gallon.
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for drivers there they are paying 3.06. good evening, everyone, drivers are definitely lose ago lot of gas on all majors today, you think with it being a holiday we were find the volume, not be so heavy. definitely not the case today. looking at the schuylkill expressway net that is eastbound traffic making its way in center city. we are slowing down not only around center city itself but throughout your western suburbs. we will look at your wide in a second but this shot of 422 around 202, really paints the picture. it doesn't matter where you are going commuting on the westbound side of 422, between 202 and royersford you are just jammed, then if you are trying to make your way down on the eastbound side of 422, towards pennsylvania turnpike, schuylkill expressway it is just all around bad news. rain is not helping either, seven is what you are getting. usually seven is lucky number but not on the schuylkill expressway ever. be careful of delay there giver self more time. sixty on the blue route. drop on i-95 as well as
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12 miles an hour. it is unless delaware county. watch for over hour delays at the philadelphia international, chris. vittoria, thanks very much. final farewell today to one of the the original voices of philadelphia sports, the dean, bill campbell, family and friend gathered for his funeral today at christ the king church in haddonfield. legendary broadcaster passed away last week at the the age of 91. although his voice has been silenced the memories he made with fans will live on. >> bill really connect with the fans and you felt like were you listening to a good friend. that was his gift. >> bill campbell is survived by his daughter, two grandchildren and four great grandchildren. he will in doubt be missed. well, still to come here tonight snap chatties hacked, thousands of accounts have been compromised and private photos could be leak any day now. new reason to eat your veggies how broccoli is easing
5:39 pm
symptoms for people with autism. caught on camera some of new york's finest make a new friend, we will show you more of this heart warming video, kate. it is a gray, glummy, drizzly evening but we have warmer weather inn store as we head towards middle of the week. we will tell you how long it will last and tracking more rain with the seven day all coming
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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>> users of the photo sharing services snap chat are bracing for a leak of thousands of pictures all thanks to hackers. >> snap chatties designed so photos and messages shared between users, after six seconds disappear, supposedly they cannot be saved on a hard drive but, posting hacked photos of celebrities and now its users gotten a hold of as many as 200,000 photos sent on snap chat for the past several years. it literally pays to be a dad. men with children reportedly earn 40 percent more then men without off spring according to a new national study conduct over the year 2010. dads had a median salary of $49,000, compared to about $29,000 for men without kids. why the difference? part of the reasons is fathers tend to be older and more
5:43 pm
established in their jobs and therefore, they command higher wages. trending now, a unique race held in maine that you probably have to see to believe. it is call the wife carrying competition. the goal, to see which husband can carry his wife across hurdles and mud pits and be first to cross the finish line. so the win are gets this prize his wife's wait witt in beer and five times her weight in cash. hopefully you are okay, geese. heart warming story from the big apple, two police officers give a lieutenant will boy with special needs an official nypd had. the whole thing, caught on camera by tourist from brazil who wanted to share act of kindness with the rest of the world. there sweet. >> very nice. >> that poor woman though i mean she bounced right into that upon. >> yeah well you have to be tough to participate in something like that. >> strong. >> everybody has to be strong
5:44 pm
too. >> good luck to all of them. we will be
5:45 pm
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tropics have been relatively quiet for many months now but they are starting to heat up again. >> meteorologist justin drabick is tracking two storms churning in the atlantic right now. >> good evening, everyone.
5:47 pm
offer past few days tropics have become a alive but this year, it has been a slow start for the season. one of the slowest in several years. the here's how we stand as of today, seven named storms, average is nine, and typically we will see our tenth named storm forming right around a october 19th, that is the average. reason for suppressed tropical activities is we have developing el nino and wind sheer and dry air over tropical atlantic. we have not seen a whole lot of storm growth but typically, this time of the year, it is not uncommon to get more storms. we are out of the peak which is september 10th but watch a at what happens mid to late october. we will see spike in activity. that is where we are right now. typically we will see more storm formation this is time of the year and a lot of the times they develop out in the gulf of mexico and caribbean. reason is we have cold front that come through the east coast that stall out. we will get storm activity developing, just a along that front and what happens is these storms start to track north and east, of the atlantic seaboard.
5:48 pm
the not out of the woods just yet from this tropical season. here are two storms right now, this is fey, moving eastward that is losing its tropical characteristics but this is a stronger storm, gone sol a and, for cased to be a strong hurricane as it tracks to the northwest and eventually turning more northerly over next several days. to that are official forecast track and the rest of the forecast we will send it back over to kate with the check of the eyewitness weather seven day. >> thanks, justin. speaking of gonzales, a category one hurricane, wind sustained at 75 miles an hour, gusts to 90 miles an hour. over lesser antilles right the now. lets look at this new track as of 5:00 o'clock that takes it directly over bermuda, strengthens it to a category three major hurricane and then cat two. not very often we will see a direct hand fall, over bermuda that is where track takes it between thursday and friday but it will stay off eastern seaboard. for us mostly thanks to the cold front which will produce
5:49 pm
nasty weather in our area live neighborhood network in kutztown, kutztown area middle school, 57 degrees, cloudy, damp, foggy and damp at whitefield elementary school as well. the roads are wet, playground is wet as well at 62 degrees. we have a great photo from the eyewitness cam thanks to gar any landenberg, pennsylvania. it is just a very miserable looking afternoon out there fog will be with us overnight tonight and into tomorrow. jerry by the way sent that by our eyewitness weather watcher network. join us at cbs lets look at storm scan three which shows most of the heavier showers over at the shore. clouds are here. even if you cannot see it light drizzle will be occurring across the at area throughout this evening and tonight a lot of showers all through the north east. but the main system is this, it looks like a hook here moving in portions of the mid south and in mississippi river valley with storm strong, tornado watches as these storms move into tennessee and mississippi. this rain will eventually, slowly will lift towards us
5:50 pm
through the remainder of the week. temperatures right now with cloud cover, drizzle out there it is not feeling very warm, it is 63 at the airport. thirty-six millville. sixty-one in allentown. so lets break down the week. we will start with tonight, damp showers fog, low visibility. that will continue. low visibility into tomorrow morning. then in the afternoon tomorrow is probably the the nicest day of the week, much warmer, partly sunny, highs near 80. wednesday very warm and windy, rain comes in late wednesday, a shower here and there during daylight hours but it looks like thursday is wetest day with periods of rain and possible thunderstorm especially through the first half of the day. so tomorrow morning we will start out with fog and shower. watch what happens in the afternoon clouds erode, sun breaks through and turns out to be a nice day. wednesday, clouds, showers at anytime but here comes that strong front and notice how slowly it lifts through 9:00 o'clock wednesday night we will see showers but rain keeps coming thursday at 11:00 a.m. it is still raining and if that front stays over us for an extendedded period of time we could see upwards of 2 inches of rain, purple
5:51 pm
shading embed ded here heading in to thursday over 2 inches of rain possible in portions of the area. we will watch that front and progression moving through over next several days but definitely looks like a soaker on thursday and then, some improvement by the very end of the week. overnight cloudy and mild with the fog developing watch for fog tomorrow morning, and partly sunny and warm at 78. here is your seven day forecast which has a little bit of everything, warm on wednesday. watch for that rain wednesday night. the thursday rain and thunderstorms. and then friday it is beautiful, saturday looking good as well and it is cooler but sunny gannon sunday. we will send it back to you at the desk. well, healthwatch tonight a chemical in a vegetable plant shows promise in treating some symptoms of autism. >> cbs news correspondent marley hall has the details from new york. >> reporter: chemical in broccoli sprouts could help some of the behaviors associated with autism. >> we saw calming. we saw more social
5:52 pm
responsiveness and less irritable. >> reporter: researchers looked at 40 teens and young men with moderate to severe autism, they found when taken in pill form the chemical in broccoli sprouts causals improved verbal communication and decreased repetitive behaviors. >> that is the bottom line message is for the science community needs to follow this up with more clinical studies and more lab stud toys understand exactly how this is working. >> reporter: research is exciting for the sanchez family. >> diminish the symptoms. >> yes, i think you can. >> reporter: ten year-old jacob has autism and his parents would prefer natural treatments to ease his symptoms. >> would i love to find something out there that says yes, if you take this and it is completely natural and healthy, and eliminates, would i try it in the heartbeat. >> reporter: scientists say, it is also found in kail, and cabbage could be helping people with autism because
5:53 pm
eighties throughout to reduce stress in their bodies. in new york marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it looks like this halloween could be a sweet one for candy makers. national confectioners a association says that americans will dish out two and a half billion dollars on candy this year. number one pick is chocolate followed by candy corn. esquire magazine names its sexiest woman alive. >> will awe agree with the choice though? find out next. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it
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well, actress penelope cruz has been named esquire magazine's sexiest woman alive. she's 11th woman to be given that title by the magazine. previous honors include
5:57 pm
angelina jolie, halle berry, rihanna, and scarlet johannson. all of this, can be seen, in the november issue of, esquire magazine. well, with the changes of seasons come a whole new crop have of beautiful outfits. >> tonight insiders fashion expert lloyd is in los angeles checking out hottest new looks. >> chris and jessica, fashion experts were out in full glam mode this weekend, and even though new fall season arrived they felt no need to cover up but the big question is were they hot or um. definite hot for kate bosswell both of her babies got back and revealing skin in the smoking white alexander gown from the 2014 fall collection. kate was out for a los angeles museum charity event. on the um, side and keeping with the light colors natalie portman shows christian dior which was a snore. natalie stepping out for children's hospital gala in los angeles wore gray gown and artfully draped she seemed a
5:58 pm
little uncomfortable. rounding everything out, jessica capshaw earns a um, for her playful white top which was accented with embroidered flowerrals and pared with shorts. tad risky for this time of the year even in l.a. as she hit carpet of the variety power women's lunch. i'm all for taking risks, chris and jessica back to you. >> catch insider weeknights at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> that will wrap it up at 5:00. breaking at 6:00 medical emergency in boston ends with crewness hazmat suits boarding a plane. he just wanted to entertain a crowd outside an eagles game but walt hunter tells us how this veteran ended up losing a prosthetic leg. kathy? it stopped sprinkling here on the sky deck but you can see behind me a foggy center city philadelphia a that will continue, even get worse for the morning commute, we will talk about that plus a massive warm up in the seven day. and they had a front row seat to the horrors officeis,
5:59 pm
this local couple tells of the terror that came too close for comfort. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news right now a medical emergency at boston's logan airport. five passengers on board a plane from dubai are escorted off that flight by hazmat crews. all have been taken to boston hospitals for treatment of is what being called flu-like symptoms. the fact -- good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. lets look now at latest one bowl, centers for disease control calls on all hospitals to be on alert a as we learned identity of the first person to contract that disease, outside of the u.s. her family identified patient as 26 year-old neta fan who treated liberian man died from ebola the in the dallas hospital. in the meantime philadelphia international airport says it is complying with cdc guidance to make sure all passengers are safe. the cdc is telling hospitals
6:00 pm
to always think ebola when anyone comes in the hospital presenting symptoms. >> fact that the nurse contractede bowl's though she had taken precautions has many medical professionals on alert. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on what the cdc is recommending. >> reporter: loss of concern about this. we have routinely been checking in with local hospitals who say they are ready to handle any potential ebola patients but the local nurses union say they are not. this comes as federal health officials are urging the nation's hospitals to ramp up preparation and review procedures for treating infect patients. >> care for patient with ebola requires meticulous attention to detail and we are looking at every aspect to make it more safe and easier. >> reporter: cdc says it will double down on training and outreach on how to safely treaty bowl a patients, locally we have check with the organization that represents hospitals, about ebola preparations. a statement from the hospital and health system a associatio