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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 14, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the head of the centers for disease control says it's time to rethink ways to control ebola. after a nurse who treated the man who died from the virus became infected herself. >> we need to consider the possibility that there could be additional cases. it sounded like it was falling out of the sky. >> a jetliner makes an emergency landing when it seemingly cummings out of the air. >> she almost hit this van next to it. i'm shaking. and a school bus driver is charged with dui after allegedly taking dozens of children on a terrifying ride along a busy stretch of highway. this is the "cbs morning news"
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stretch of highway. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, october 14th, 2014. captioning funded by cbs good morning, i'm susan mcginnis in for anne-marie green. the centers for disease control is rethinks its procedures for controlling ebola. anita sam, the dallas nurse, sick while treating the dallas patient is in stable condition. records indicate she repeated visited duncan's room. the world health organization calls the outbreak the most severe health in which in modern times. kris van cleave is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that dallas nurse is now a patient in the same hospital where she likely contracted ebola. this as the cdc says it's now necessary for u.s. health care workers to rethink and review the procedures they're using when treating somebody with the
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virus. a dallas nurse has received plasma to fight ebola. 26-year-old nina pham became the first person to contract ebola in the united states while she chaired for thomas eric duncan, the liberia man who died last week. so far it's unknown how pham contracted the virus. officials say she wore a glove, gown, mask and shield while treating duncan. the cdc is investigating but believes at some point protocol was breached. >> enemy here is a virus, ebola. not a person, not a country, not a place, not a hospital. it's a virus. >> reporter: president obama is urging national security and public health officials to take lessons learned from pham's case to ramp up the nation's response to fight the virus. he spent much of the day monday meeting with senior advisers and international leaders to battle ebola in west africa.
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so far more than 4,000 people have died from the disease there. parishioners at nina pham's church prayed for her monday night. >> she's okay. >> reporter: pham's condition remains stable. and we are hearing a u.n. aide worker who has worked in liberia has reportedly died at a german hospital. susan. >> kris van cleave in washington, thanks. the fear of ebola spread to kansas city, a medical worker who worked off a boat is in isolation. he had a high fever and is undergoing tests. and a bus in downtown los angeles was evacuated and sequestered after a man wearing a surgical mask told the driver he had ebola. the passenger got off the bus and disappeared. the driver is being monitored. police say the case is likely a hoax. an earthquake off the coast central america killed at least
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one person in el salvador. this 7.2 quake hit last night was centered throughout the coast and felt throughout south america. no major damage is reported. at least two people were killed when a large storm stretched across the southern united states. the system stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. tornados were reported in several states and this morning tornado watches remain in effect in georgia, florida, tennessee and alabama. through northern alabama one woman was killed when a tree struck her house. in hamilton, alabama, a church steeple was struck by lightning and caught on fire. >> reporter: a tornado with winds up to 135 miles per hour touched down in ashtown in southwest "argo" the ef-2 tornado obliterated the home
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where charlie lived with his family. >> it's hard to look at it. >> reporter: he was killed. his wife and three children injured. >> my heart is broken because this is a very fine family. >> reporter: the tornado was at least one of two that swept through arkansas monday. no one was injured after this store collapsed but severe weather destroyed michele williams home, barn and cars. >> i really don't have to deal with it right now. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people in southern and midwest states are without power. the national weather service forecasting 21 million people could be in the path of heavy rains, winds and tornadoes. snapping off trees and roofs. >> just very traumatic to look out and see the back of your house pretty much demolished. >> reporter: heavy rain caused flooding in mississippi and texas as the rainy weather forced the postpone of game three of baseball's american league championship series in
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kansas city. david begnaud for cbs news. passengers on board an american airlines flight that had to make an emergency landed in san francisco say they were terrified. flight two 93 was headed for dallas when it had to turn around. shortly after takeoff there was a loud popping sound. turns out the 757's interior walls were coming off. >> all the interior insulation started ripping off from the aircraft in the same row both sides and up on the top. it was terrifying, we didn't know what was going on. we were all shouting for the flight crew, come look. you know, the walls are caving in. >> the airlines say there may have been trouble with a blown air duct. 184 passengers and 6 crew members on board. no one was injured. there were more protests on monday over the death of michael brown on missouri. demonstrators gathered outside
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of the edward jones dome in st. louis the while rams played the san francisco 49ers. robert lewis of our affiliate reports. >> reporter: roughly 200 demonstrators took their protests to an that separates the police and fire departments in ferguson. they demonstratored for hours in rain. organizers say the overall message was to continue their overall protests and to encourage police to be more sensitive and restrained. some religious leaders demonstratored and could be heard asking police to arrest them. organizers called this morrow monday. >> this is happening waking up knowing every 28 hours one of my black brothers or sisters will be killed. >> it matters. and it seems they don't want to acknowledge how important that
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statement is. >> that is robin smith reporting. there were more than 50 arrests made at protests in missouri on monday. well, coming up on the "morning news," changes in the catholic church. the vatican signals a shift in tone towards homosexuality and divorce. but first, north korea's leader makes his first appearance, vanishing from sight for weeks. this is the "cbs morning news."
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protesters today. officers took down bamboo barriers what be erected by demonstrators. the protesters are demanding a greater say in elections in 2017. >> the mysterious absence of north korean leader kim jong-un is over. after five we're without an appearance, kim appeared in state media using a cane. photos show the 31-year-old kim visiting a housing development. it's not known, though, when the visit took place. a new document presented by catholic bishops meeting at the vatican has striking new language about gays. supporters hope it could signal a dramatic shift in church policy while traditionalists are calling it a betrayal. alphonso van marsh reports. >> reporter: catholic bishops meeting with pope francis are challenging the church to be more accepting of gays and
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same-sex couples. this archbishop say homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the christian community. he asks are we capable of welcoming these people without compromising catholic doctrine? the question is part of a vatican document that 200 bishops are discussing at vatican city. the document is not expected to change the catholic church's condemnation of homosexual acts or its stance against gay marriage but vatican observers say it represents a stunning shift in how the church want weres to be seen. >> by accepting it, it's present in the lives of people even if they're not living exactly how the church is teaching that say huge step forward. >> reporter: pope francis told reporters last july he would not judge gay people generally seeking god. the pope's tone differs from his predecessor pope benedict who as a cardinal once referred to gays
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stock exchange with that and more. good morning. good morning, here on wall street it was another triple digit loss. the dow lost 221 points monday. the s&p 500 fell 31 the nasdaq dropped 62 points. another increase in the death toll from general motors in defective switches. according to the victim compensation fund. gm recalled more than 2 million cars to replace the ignition switches. questions are being raised about security following the sale of the waldorf astoria held to a chinese insurance company. u.s. officials say they're reviewing the purchase of the waldorf. the american ambassador to the u.n. has a residence there. and the president stays there when he's in new york. and mcdonald's opened up its beef plant as part of a new campaign to answer questions about its meats. >> are there lips and eyeballs in there, jimmy?
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at what point in the process do we inject the pink slime? >> mcdonald's tells the former host of the tv show "mythbusters" that there are none of those things in the meat. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thank you. in sports, the san francisco 49ers, get off to a slow start on "monday night football" but they end up finishing strong. after falling behind st. louis 14-0, san francisco scores the next 24 points thanks to three colin kaepernick touchdown passes. the niners win 31-17, their third straight victory. and coming up this thursday night the new york jets head north to take on the new england patriots right here on cbs. our coverage begins at 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central. and when we come back, bus drama. a school bus full of children is caught swerving in and out of
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the gop candidate in a new hampshire congressional race is condemning comments made about her opponent by a fellow republican. in a blog post, state representative steve vaillancourt said this about annie custer. quote, does anyone not believe that congressman annie kuster is as ugly as sin and i hope i haven't offended sin. vaillancourt will lose the election apparently to garcia who he calls attractive. representative kuster has not
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commented. a school field trip in utah turned dangerous for 67 elementary school students. some parents called for help after they saw the bus driver weaving in and out of traffic. christine mccarthy of katv, our salt lake affiliate has the scary dash cam video. >> reporter: a frantic chaperone on a school bus dials 911 on the way to provo. >> oh, oh! >> what happened? >> almost ran the van next to it. i'm shaking. >> reporter: 39-year-old lisa martinez is behind the wheel just at 8:30 in the morning. drivers and others are nervous. >> witnesses said the school bus was traveling very erratically, leaving the lane. cutting people off. >> reporter: after a couple of close calls -- >> she's freaking us out, man.
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>> reporter: a trooper pulled over the bus where martinez allegedly failed a field sobriety test. inside her purse, four bottles of pills. >> they were like anti-anxiety medication. >> reporter: district spokesman chris williams said she's been with the district six years. >> in traffic, you've got a loaded bus. talk about precious cargo. >> reporter: all the drivers must pass a preemployment drug screen and then typically pass a test once a year. williams said they were lucky. >> that could have been disastrous. we got really lucky. >> the bus driver is now on paid administrative leave during an investigation. well, coming up on the "cbs morning news" after your local news, this is coming up on "cbs this morning," the first television interview that the
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police here in new york city release influenced surveillance video of a bizarre attack on friday. they're looking for this man who emerges from a subway grate and tosses a smoke bomb on to a table at a sidewalk cafe. the man then escapes back underground. one person complained of a burning in her eyes but there were no serious injuries. well, here's another look at this morning's top stories. the dallas nurse infected with ebola is in stable condition. nina pham received a blood transfusion from a doctor who survived the virus. she repeatedly visited the room
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of a patient who died of ebola, but it's unclear how she contracted the disease. and a severe weather system hit an area from the gulf coast to great lakes. at least two people were killed. thousands are without power. more rough weather is expected today in the southeast. researchers say a substance found in a vegetable appears to improve some symptoms of autism in young patients. marlie hall has the details. >> reporter: a chemical in broccoli sprouts could help some of the behaviors associated with autism. >> we saw calming. we saw more social responsiveness. and less irritability. >> reporter: researchers looked at 40 teenagers and young men with moderate to severe autism. they found while taken in pill form also improved verbal communication and decreased
4:27 am
repetitive behavior. >> that's the bottom line message for the science community that absolutely needed to be followed with more clinical studies and other studies to find out how it's working. >> reporter: the research is astonishing for this family. >> to diminish the symptoms? yes, i think it has. >> reporter: 10-year-old jacob. >> i would love to find something out that says, yes, if you take this and it's completely natural and healthy and it would eliminate, i would try it in a heartbeat. >> reporter: scientists say the chemical also found in kale and cabbage could help with people with autism because it helps to reduce stress in the bodies. marlie hall, the first television interview with brittany maynard, the young woman with brain karnes who ignites the debate
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over suicide. and canadian astronaut chris hatfield joins us in the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm susan mcginnis. have a great day.
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. today is tuesday, october 14th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. developing right now, police are on the hunt for a killer after a double shooting leaves a man dead and a woman in the hospital. we have the latest in a live report. hospitalization across the country prepare for possible cases cents of ' bowl a local nurse's union says philadelphia is not ready. the changes they're calling for this morning. and, happening now, sentencing continues for oscar pistorius. the olympic sprinter convicted of culpable homicide in the deadly shooting of his girlfriends, reeva steenkamp. >> we'll get right to it. right now, let's start with the forecast, kind of warm out this morning, actually 60 something. >> planning for late 70s y,


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