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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in. it looks like it is coming through in pockets. that is what you are fining as this wider glance at storm scan three. is there only a few spots where we have bright colors of yellow, orange showing up there is rain basically every where in this wall of water that is moving our way but it gets very heavy, at certain point, like cutting right across a pennsylvania state border from western mess maryland. the eventually all that will be rolling through our area, at the moment, we have a couple little speckles of green across say harrisburg, lancaster county so generally speaking we are stuck in the clouds for new but that will change for time. sixty-eight at the airport. we are in the low to even mid 70's. look at reading. 73 degrees right now but notice where cool air is, brought here and it is anywhere where rain is moving through or cold front has crossed. back in the 50's in pittsburgh. state college is 10 degrees warmer than pittsburgh. that really tell you where
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frontal bun dry is still moving through. as we get through the day we have another warm within but don't expect sunshine. cloud will continue to build. showers will continue to advance. eventually turning to heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms and that can leave behind damp leaves which makes a nightmare for travel are. >> absolutely. we are here to cover that because, of course, something is bound to happen. but best thing you can do is stay with us number one. number two, just take it ease any any sort of weather. even they things are looking good, this is 76 right around at your use of south street. both directions are moving well west bun and eastbound, you do have a good amount of space in between vehicles here which ace i good thing because we are in the seeing that rush build up just yet. you will want to take it easy like traveling on i-95 give yourself enough space with the vehicle in front of you. traveling i-95 southbound we are seeing delays and drops in speed sensors around girard have after new because that is where we will find volume
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because of the construction and rush. elsewhere, 55, schuylkill west suburbs and 476, 55 on 42 two and seeing a drop on 202 because north and southbound between paoli and malvern we have cop trucks blocking two left lanes. that will add something for us. also if you are traveling in chester county we have an accident closing limestone road at 926. homeville road is your alternate here. we have an accident at montgomery county at evergreen road at rupert. construction on the roosevelt boulevard on the northeast near welsh road be mindful of inner lane closures because of paving, erika. more on our breaking news a second health care worker in texas has tested positive for ebola. cbs news confirms that unidentified worker did provide care for an ebola patient died last week. that worker is in isolation. meantime cdc is keeping a close eye on 76 other workers at texas health presbyterian
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hospital that had contact with thomas eric duncan. nurse infected while treating duncan is showing signs of improvement. she's thanking her supporters. all this amid the news that the cdc a onced in a new plan to help u.s. hospitals handle ebola. agency will dispatch a response team to any hospital with a confirmed case. now as concerns grow about ebola in the u.s. delaware county officials will be discussing the school systems readiness in the event of an out brake. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from drexel hill where a safe schools summit will get underway late they're morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is an annual state school summit here in delaware county but this year there is a new focus, specifically on, infectious diseases like enterovirus and namely todaye bowl and this conversation, comes just a day after health officials formed its own ebola task force. >> as ebola takes its toll in
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west africa health officials here in the delaware valley are preparing for a potential case of their own. >> people are understandably nervous in this day and age, a contagious virus is only a plane ride away. >> reporter: council chairman thomas is ready to handle we'll bowl a should a kay develop. today's discussion turns specifically to school preparedness but entire county is already involved. new ebola task force is formed and county 911 started screening callers for the virus. >> first thing is there a fever of greater than 101.5 degrees, or 38 degrees celsius. hospitals and first responders will communicate and coordinate any possible cases. treat and isolate patients. health officials, and, members of the liberian community. >> we have a community from west africa, we have large immigrant population from all parts of the world. we must take the necessary
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precautions. >> reporter: today's meeting specifically talks about how schools can better prepare for possible out break of ebola here specifically in delaware county. there will be a number of people involved in this conversation specifically, the county health department, district attorney's office and other local leaders, this meeting starts at 8:30 this morning. we are live from drexel hill, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". breaking news from north philadelphia, a shooting in olney. >> gunfire also shattered windows and cars and homes. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us at the police headquarters to tell us more, nicole. >> ukee and erika, police are hoping surveillance video will led them to the two men wanted in connection with the double shooting, as you mention that had left two men hospitalized, three homes and four vehicles, also struck by gunfire. an argument in olney resulted in a double shooting wednesday morning that police say could have been much worse, considering the number of shots fired in this
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residential area. we have found four parked unattended vehicles hit the by gun fire. we have found three homes on the south side of the 200 block of wellens street that was struck by gunfire. >> reporter: it all happened 12:30 near third and west wellens avenue when police responded to multiple 911 calls after a dispute in that area. >> from witnesses and there are multiple witnesses there was some sort of argument. we don't know what it was over. >> reporter: when authorities arrived they learned a 20 year-old heal with the grazed wonderful to the chest and 23 year-old shot in the head were taken to einstein hospital by private vehicles and listed in stable condition. fortunately the victim count, stopped there. >> one of the homes, the bullet actually went in through the living room wall, enter siding and went in the living room wall where husband wife and 23 year-old daughter fortunately luckily were upstairs asleep at the time.
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>> reporter: shooter is tribe as two males fled north through rear alley from third street and possibly entered a white vehicle. and, again i mention that had surveillance video obtain by some nearby businesses, hopefully that will aid police in their investigation and ultimately lead them to the two shooters. we are live at police headquarters, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicole, thank you. trying to cause what caused this roll over crash on roosevelt boulevard. it happened north of cottman avenue where we're told car hit a tree before rolling over. and, 15 to 20 feet thrown from the vehicle and was unconscious, when he was rush to the hospital, at the moment, still no word on the condition. also new this morning, police in south philadelphia are, locating this man, thomas graham, the 68 year-old was last seen in the area, yesterday afternoon, police say his wife contacted authorities, have after he
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fatally, and it is believed that graham was operating a jet ski at the time of his disappearance. authorities say a young girl who was believed to be inside a stolen vehicle in trenton new jersey is found safe. the child jania davis was found shortly before 11:30 asleep in her bedroom. police say incident began around 8:00 at brunswick avenue and race street when davis was believed to be inside a stolen 2007 ford escape. now trenton police are investigating the possibility that the child's mother filed a false police report. a 90 year-old woman is murdered in northeast pennsylvania and the suspect, is a ten year-old boy. we're told authorities, and, christine carillo is fifth grader, in and, criminal homicide and accused of selling helen novac over who is novac's caretaker. prosecutors say there was in other legal option other than charging carilla with criminal
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homicide as an adult. >> this is a ten year-old defendant, that is not something i have seen. i'm not sure how many times that has been seen in pennsylvania or not. >> christian doesn't really have an idea of what is going on. >> brown says that his client may have mental health issues and may not be competent 12th to stand trial. preliminary hearing is scheduled for darren person , accused of killing 15 year-old high school student in olney last month. iisha ra man was walking home from high school when two groups started fighting near olney transportation center. police say she was caught in the cross fire. first lady, michelle obama heads to philadelphia to campaign with democratic gubernatorial can tate tom wolf. mrs. obama will peer in northwest philadelphia it is designed to mobilize voters for november 4th election and several poles will show wolf
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with double digit lead over tom corbett. 6:09. two tech giants are offering a unique benefit for their female employees. findnd out what both apple and facebook are doing coming up. also a run of the mill police checkpoint end with the new jersey toe lease officer dragged by a suspect as car. we will show what you happens next. a daring ravine rescue woman trapped in her car for nearly 24 hours down there after driving off a cliff but it is how police, track her down that really is showing more technology. we will hear from the hero cop coming up next. it was art that brought us together in the first place. and it's working its magic once. here it means more than lines or pictures on a page. it's a way of life. it's music
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and color. the more we give in to the magic of this place, the more we'd like to stay. oaxaca. live it to believe it.
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ukee, of course, we have been tracking a frontal boundary a storm system for last couple of days that is responsible for numerous severe weather threats, and a lot of damage across the deep south but as it pertains to us, the main axis happening today into tonight and early tomorrow before it is finally out of here. you can see storm scan three moisture encroaching from the west and quite a bit of it. we are talking soaking rain right new with flash flood watches posted back through area getting hit the hardest. in much wases posted just yet but i can tell you this much the moisture is palpable and starting to feel muggy on the cb is s3 sky deck. future rain amounts tell the story. what you will fine is rain picks up in intensity through midday at the earliest and you'll see it coming through in pockets. look the a the descrepancy, spots where you pick up nothing more than a half inch of rain and others where we have three plus inches, so this really is going to be a location based system for us,'s as it the pertains to a much larger system. mean while we are tracking a
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major hurricane it is perfect to talk about gone solo briefly. this is not an east coast threat but expectation is it continues to strengthen over opened water before making a beeline through bermuda. that has been hot spot for tropical activity with system but that could churn up our surf heading through weekend. granted sun will shine but look the the at tropical off in the thermometer. a little burst of cool air leaves its mark behind by sunday and we have a hard time hitting even 60 for a couple days. in the meantime today, you need your umbrella, pretty much bottom line, torey. >> thanks very much, katie. >> you will want to take it easy later on when that rain does hit, as of right now, you'll net that is traveling on 476 we are in not dealing with any major delays. traveling north or southbound this shot around mid county tolls, things are moving well. it is in the only around here but around schuylkill expressway, 95 lots of good news. however on i-95 itself heading out of the northeast we are seeing a tropical in speed sensors because rush hour is
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now among us. traveling in the northbound direction, also you are feeling a touch of traffic through construction zones, around girard avenue and cottman but i would say that southbound i-95 delay is probably our worst delay right now. taking a look at our wide speed sensors high on the schuylkill expressway and that will change as we get closer to 6:30. thirty-four on 202, northbound we are seeing delays around area have of 29 and traveling on 422, we have a touch of eastbound delays building around trooper road as we do every morning. traveling elsewhere we have a close another of this accident here in chester county limestone road closed a at 926 all bay of an accident, homeville road is your best alternate n major delays at the airport or for mass transit, quarter. happening right now other limb yan oscar pistorius is in court for third day of the sentencing here's foreman slaughter of reeva steenkamp. probation officer told the court yesterday that the double am pew tea would be vulnerable to the abuse in the prison and should serve house arrest instead, pass tore just
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could get suspended sentence or fine or up to as much as 15 years in prison. breaking news at this hour the at the the top of the headlines on cbs-3 a second health care worker in dallas has been diagnosed with ebola. both diagnosed workers cared for thomas eric duncan first man diagnosed withe bell a in the united states. and homes and cars along 200 block of west wellens after new in olney are bullet riddled after a gunfight in the street. two men are hospitalized with gunshot wound. a man is in critical condition after his car hit a tree and flipped overer on the northbound boulevard just north of cottman avenue, police are investigating the cause of that accident right now.
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flyers head to kalas for a saturday night game still win less on the hockey season. last night in south philadelphia against the ducks, jake voracek's first goal,ens things at three goals appease in the third period. so they went to overtime and they went to the shoot-out and william karl soon with the game winner. four-three the ducks. eagles don't play this week bind that is not stopping brain trust from making moves. bird released wade smith and resign last years backup center julian, as offensive line help, is on the way. eagles o line has been hit by injuries. they have been doing okay, some of those players injured could return sometime next
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month. are you ready for prime time football? tomorrow night it is new england patriots against new york jets, live from foxboro, massachusetts, pregame coverage kicks off at 7:30, right here on cbs-3. and to the baseball playoffs and great catch by royals mike, and he makes the catch right against the dug out railing, and, tumbles over, he got it, he is okay. kansas city beat baltimore two-one to take a three-one lead in the best of seven championship series. royals can advance to the world series with a win later this afternoon, in kansas city, great play. defense played a role in the national league game as well, mets/cardinals randy air mailing a throw to first base in the tenth inning and giants win on a walk off error. tough way to lose five -four. good way win on the other side, giants new lead the nlcs, two games to one. game four tonight is in san francisco. the post season rolls on.
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>> yes,. some of the big tech companies in the world making it easier for female employees to postpone having babies. hear what people are saying about this unique benefit, next. a california woman was trapped in her car for 19 hours after crashing that car into a ravine, and new we are hearing from the quick thin
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let's get traffic and weather together we are watching this storm, katie. >> we are, it will bring in some showers and that turns to a steady heavier rain and we will have have gusty storms out there as well. you can see wall of heavy rain heading our way moving into hageers town maryland, state college starting to get hit here. so a soggy, walk to classes i
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think this morning for penn state students but as far as we are concerned, that rain is going to get heavy for tuesday. depending on your location you can see half inch up to 2 inches. it will be somewhat scattered in that regard. roadway ponding, poor drainage flooding, gusty wind to bring down the leaves if not the a couple tree branches, slick travel a concern out of this. that is through the second half of today and into tomorrow morning before it tapers out and we will clear out nicely for a very nice friday forecast. >> at least that is something to look forward to you will not look forward to traveling on the eastbound side of 76 at least right now, when will you ever look forward to getting on the schuylkill expressway. traveling on the eastbound side of 76 we have an accident situation blocking left-hand lane around the gladwynn area more so approaching belmont, notice accident here seems to me we may have a fender bend's associated with this incident on the shoulder just autopsy head, regardless people are weaving through this to get on by and it is causing quite a
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big delay. give yourself more time. we are seeing rush hour delays on southbound i-95 out of the northeast no delays for mass transit, erika. bergen county new jersey police officer is dragged by a suspect's car and it is caught on dash cam. investigators say it started at a police checkpoint last week when a man with several outstanding warrants was discovered. man tried to drive away and the officer held on. but by the time he freed himself the man led police on a high speed chase. he now faces assault and drug charges. quick thinking by a california police officer and high tech help, saved life of the california woman. the rescuers captured by cameras here. melissa vasquez ran off a cliff plumet nothing a ravine in san jose. she was trapped in her car for 24 hours. police initially had trouble finding the the car when they got a bad location from on star. one officer went to her home, found her ipad and used the find my iphone app but first
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he had to crack her pass word. >> so i made an educated guess based on a series of common numbers that people use for pass words and on the third attempt i was able to get in. >> how about that. >> her family is forever grateful, melissa is in intensive care but is expect to recover. >> you don't think about fence serving that purpose. >> on the third attempt too, got that, wow. some companies want to give workers a perk it is a holiday bonus or extra vacation. >> two giants in sill ken valley are stepping it the up here. apple and facebook will pay to freeze female employee's eggs. relatively new process allowing women to have children later in life but some critics say companies are pushing women to put work ahead of family. >> i think it is interesting because it seems to me like it is almost like trying to get people not to take maternity leave. >> if you have that option where company would cover the the entire cost up to $20,000
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to freeze your eggs would you go for it. >> no. >> why not. >> i think that having children has change my life so much i'm a much better leader. >> now egg freezing is considered and elective procedure and is usually not covered by most insurance policy but $20,000, lot of money. coming close to the bottom of the hour, coming up next, we will update our breaking news another health care worker diagnosed with ebola in texas. >> our nicole brewer is following that breakingg news, nicole. >> reporter: erika, we're covering a double shooting in olney this morning two men hospitalized why police say it could have claim more victims we are live with the latest coming up. plus a mother cut off by another driver on i-95 loses control of her car and dies. now her family is issuing a plea for help. torey and katie return with traffic and weather together. we will do it on the three's. war back at the bomb of the of the hour.
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good morning, thanks for joining us. we have more breaking news in the ebola out break, overnight another health care worker in a dallas hospital tests positive for the deadly disease. that person has in the been identified but remains in isolation, this morning. the the worker is one of 76 people treated ebola patient thomas eric duncan, all remain machine toward by cdc following duncan's death.
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meanwhile nurse nina pham previously tested positive is showing signs of improvement, and is new listed in good condition. a philadelphia area doctor lend her expertise in battling ebola in west africa. doctor farnan works with the world health organization and associate professor of medicine at temple university. she sent us this picture of the decontamination unit in the a clinic lie beer y the doctor says there is a major effort underway to prevent new infections. >> it is incredibly pertinent at this time that we don't do things like ban flights and that we don't let the fear and anxiety of the up known take over, but that we respond actively and help to support this response, because that is the only way that it will be controlled. >> doctor farnan specializes in infection control and says that she helped out where ever a response is needed. we have more breaking news right now, homes, and cars blasted with bullets overnight when gunman open fire in the local neighborhood.
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gunfire sent two men to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from police headquarters to bring us up to date, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, erika. police are saying resident in olney are luck think morning after 20 shots were fired, only two victims struck. as you mention that had double shooting sending two men to the hospital overnight, lets go ahead and give you back gun and take you through the events... no audio. third and west wellens avenue and police responded to multiple 911 calls after a reported dispute in that area. some kind of argument. when authorities arrived they found a large crowd of witnesses, several shell casing ace inn no victims. they have learn a 20 year-old male with grazed wounds to his chest and 23 year-old male shot, and both taken to einstein hospital in private vehicles and listed in stable condition. got news in all of this there were no additional victims despite the fat being that three homes inn four vehicles were also struck by gunfire.
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>> one of the homes, the bullet actually went in through the living room wall and entered through siding, went in the living room wall of this occupied property where a husband, wife and 23 year-old daughter fortunately luckily were upstairs asleep at the time. so three houses struck by gunfire there are no injuries. police check on the well-being of all of these homes and there are no injuries from stray bullets. >> now those shooters are described only as two males fled north through a rear alley from third street ape possibly entered a white vehicle that is only information we have at this point. however, we have been told by investigators that they are able to obtain some surveillance video, from... no audio. that will lead them to the shooter. >> nicole, thanks very much. we a will guys for technical difficulties there. lets get traffic and weather together, katie? >> good morning. we are going to see things start go down the area and
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that will come courtesy of just a slow moving frontal boundary that will take its time to get here. clouds are building. the moisture content is noticeable when you walk out the door. eventually you will need the the umbrella as we look at storm scan three and tri-state sweep we have speckles of green firing up here through western most counties but zoom it out and through central pennsylvania man you are getting club weird soaking rain. the that is heading our way, guys. you can tell that not everyone is getting heavy rain all at once. it is coming through more so in pockets. not everyone gets that really drenching soaking rain that will lead to an inch plus worth of rainfall total, however some of you will. it will end up being location based. basically here's bottom line with this storm time line, rain will move in with time, turning heavy, you will have gusty thunderstorms and then it does taper off by tomorrow midday. right new we have up are 60's, lower 70's still being reported, wind is noticeable.
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note that is in mount pocono and, atlantic city, coming in very breezy. sustain wind speeds in the teens, so with that said gusty thunderstorms could produce gusts as high as 35 to 40 miles an hour which is in you have to send your trash can down the road but also enough to bring down tree branches. bring down those leaves that are starting to change colors. so what that does combined with the rain of course we see this time of the year all the time is bring in slick travel conditions. that is something you have to watch out for. torey, especially by tonight. >> good to know there because you want to plan accordingly. in plans this evening take it easy, make sure you have enough gas and make sure you are always keeping an eye on the space you are leaving in front of the vehicle ahead of you. a situation lake this could happen in the rain. traveling on the schuylkill expressway in the eastbound direction we have an accident approaching area have of belmont. this is right around gladwynn would i say left-hand lane being block by an accident,
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penndot is on the scene. note that is we have an incident situation, so folks are making their way by swerving through this incident scene and what is this doing to your eastbound commute on the schuylkill? not great at all. approaching 476 down through that accident, is your delay and it will only grow. watch out for the delays on the eastbound side of 422 out of trooper and southbound i-95 out of the north east. in delays for mass transit. a grieving family is looking for answers after a mother on 36 is run off the road and killed. police say a driver cut off lease demayo in the southbound lanes of i-95 in bensalem. she swerved. her vehicle hit a guardrail and then flipped over multiple times. we are told her husband was on the phone with his wife at the time of the crash. >> then i heard a scream. i was yelling on the phone until someone could hear me. >> i hear daddy yelling and then i got really scared. >> right new police are
6:37 am
looking for a late 90's, early 2,000 model black sedan that they believe played a role in this crash. jury sentences a montgomery county man to death the for murder of a baby and her grandmother. ragu yandamuri reportedly showed noe motion when the decision was handed down in court last night. yandamuri was convicted of stabbing 61 year-old grandmother venna to death and killing her ten month-old grand daughter in 2012. >> we hope that it can bring a little closure for the vennas, this has been a very difficult two years for them. >> he had expressed remorse that we would have, we would have had a better chance to save his life but that wasn't his strategy and accordingly here we are. >> prosecutors say yandamuri plotted to kidnap the child to feed a gambling addiction. he kill the grandmother when she got in the way. beer becomes a hot button issue in the township meeting in chester county. owner of united sport training
6:38 am
center in west bradford is asking township for permanent mission to sell beer at their facility. residents are calling foul saying beer should not be served in the place where children play sports. >> if the adults want to have their alcohol, let them go support the the local diners, you know or local bars or taverns, not here. >> i have seen how service of beer can be manager in the facility of this for the safety of everybody. >> both sides will to have wait for a resolution, board did not vote and will continue to have have the hearing next month. your time 6:38. happening today camden gets a new grocery store. you are looking live at the the price right on the 2800 block of mount evefram avenue. ribbon cutting is at 9:00 this morning. residents are very excited to have another place to get fresh fruits and vegetables and so much more. camden's last remaining grocery store a pathmark closed its doors, last year. also happening today
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pennsylvania governor tom corbett will sign the bill known as hanna's law. bill is name for hanna, and bristol township bucks county native. hand ace fighting crabe disease a rare deadly disorder affecting one in 100,000 new borns. legislation requires hospitals to offer prenatal screening for crabe and five other diseases. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter and his wife lisa were honored by the philadelphia history museum last night. event dubbed city social was all about raising public support and awareness for the museum's, exhibitions and programs. the mayor received a replica of the museum artifact that signified friendship and other items. >> very nice. congratulations. health officials i have new tool to battle enterovirus d68 next up in the healthwatch. also as nina pham is recovering many are wondering about her dog bentley there. can dogs transmit the ebola virus to people? hear from a vet coming up. >> reporter: an argument in
6:40 am
olney resulted in a double shooting wednesday morning that could have been much war, considering number of shots fired in this
6:41 am
6:42 am
on the healthwatch this morning a new tool in the fight begins enterovirus, cdc just started using a faster lab test to diagnosis the respiratory virus that is spreading like wild fire all across the country. now it should only take days instead of weeks to process the lab results. the virus has sickened
6:43 am
hundreds of children and may have killed at least six others. in the hospital, the city has stepped up, to take care of her dog. >> bentley is nina pham's within year-old king charles spaniel. some are war that i had dog could contract the virus and pass it on to humans but vets say that is very unlikely. >> do they transmit it? at least at this time the best evidence we have is that dogs don't transmit to people. >> meanwhile spanish authorities put down a dog blank to go an ebola patient last week and some feared bentley might share the same fate. however dallas mayor mike rawlins say at least for now bentley is being safe and being cared for in quarantine. right now 6:43. lets get traffic and weather together. katie, you are watching that big storm. >> of course, i am. of course we are seeing glimmer on have daylight outside beach patrol headquarters. it looks dam top say the least but we are calm and quiet for now. that will be changing with time from west to east.
6:44 am
this storm system is so, so expansive. it is just huge. it extend from canada down in the gulf waters here, so we have hundreds of miles and millions of americans that are being affected by this. certainly the worst of it, i would say, came through the south east and southern plains where we had all that severe wet are in the last few days. the as it pertains to us it is showers turning over to steadier rain with thunderstorms as the day progresses who are. it will be wayscally produce a battle for pollen out there don't worry about that pollen being an issue. ragweed is still predominant pollen but levels are really low. today 78 degrees. a warm day, looking for the the rain to build in with time here, gusty thunderstorms accompanying it. we could be looking at half inch up to even 2 inches of rain. it will be very localized where you see these heavier pockets of rain coming through, that is where you will get heavier amount of rain. by thursday, yeah, we will still be left with morning showers at least, probably a few thunderstorms or steady rain but it will gradually pull away and we are going to
6:45 am
gradually dry out as a result. friday looks nice. weekend not too bad. we will see a few more clouds but look at drop off. temperatures taking a hit with the burst of chilly air starting to settle in. meanwhile guys if you love watching weather and you are geared up for this rain on the way, we want to you join our eyewitness weather watchers team. head to cbs tours read all about the program and sign up, vittoria. good morning, everyone. unfortunately we have a double bubble on the schuylkill expressway, two accidents almost in the same area. we will start first with the eastbound accident. this has been out there for 35, close to 40 minutes. if you are traveling east bound on the schuylkill approaching belmont out of the gladwynn area we have an accident blocking left-hand lane. notice another incident on the right-hand shoulder. one lane in traffic getting by. on the westbound side approaching belmont we have this accident which is also blocking left-hand lane and only allowing one lane of traffic to get by and some of that incident scene on the right-hand shoulder. all and all we are not moving well on either side of the
6:46 am
schuylkill this will affect your commute which is why you are dropping down speed sensors which are 9 miles an hour and would i say really delay behind that incident you are traveling basically nothing. so if you are on i-95 it is another slow spot southbound out of the northeast down to the vine in speed sensors in the teens. 476 not awful, 422 eastbound expect delays and nothing major for mass transit, ukee. breaking news leads this look at today's headlines on cbs-3 a second dallas texas hospital worker has tested positive for ebola. both workers diagnosed with ebola took care of thomas eric duncan first person diagnosed with deadly virus in the united states. another breaking story two men are in the hospital in stable condition after an apparent gunfight on wellens after new in olney. the homes and cars are riddled with bullets. a little more than two hours a new super market opens on mount evefram avenue in camden. the price right takes the place of the pathmark which closed last year. this weekend a chester county community will join
6:47 am
together for a fund raise tore help two brothers. >> they both have muscular dystrophy, a non-profit is working to make life smoother for both of them. it is this weeks story of brotherly love. when 11 year-old jake fritz rides his scooter from the family van to his house. >> it always gets stuck in the grass because it is bumpy. >> reporter: the path is isn't paved and his wheels have a tough time getting up the ramp to the door. both jake and his seven year-old brother ryan have muscular dystrophy a fatal genetic disorder causing muscle weakness this disease makes families feel very alone. it is a rare disease. >> reporter: that is where scott stepped in, president of the all volunteer happy to be home, which makes homes accessible to the disable. >> they are not a lot of houses built handicapped accessible to begin with and when they are they are in the on the market because family that built them is living on
6:48 am
them. >> reporter: fritz family and happy to be home raised fund for ramp and a bathroom. >> we have an accessible sink toilet and roll in showers and it made life easier. >> reporter: at day the the family will throw a second fundraiser to raise money for a wider driveway. there will be music, dancing, and silent auction. jake and ryan even donated their own artwork. to jake and ryan's mom the community's help means the world. >> in the face of something so difficult that there is so much kindness and love out there too. >> reporter: in the last three years happy to be home raised more than a quarter million-dollar for families, so life at home is a little easier. >> tickets for the hope rocks fundraiser are still available even if you can't attend, you can donate to the trust set up for jake and ryan. the find out more at cbs hope you can help out. well, word is lawsuit pop singer keisha is suing her music producer doctor luke.
6:49 am
>> she wants out of her contract. in the lawsuit kiesh claims doctor luca boosted her physically, emotionally, sexually and emotionally over the last decade. doctor luke is firing back with his own lou sought accusing keisha of extortion. two avengers will be facing off on the big screen, variety reports robert downey junior is in final talks to appear in captain america three and iron man. but, get this, captain america three will not be a happy reunion. premise pits two avengers against each other in the marvel comic civil war story line f downey junior signs on the dotted line he is reportly going to make about 40 million-dollar for one movie. captain america three hits theaters in 2016. they always do so well, you can see why they are paying him 40 million. >> that is like ali/frazier, here we go. i will go see it, indeed. during their two decades of fame, philly's own boys 20 men have logged a lot of miles
6:50 am
and performed in front of the hundreds of thousands office people. >> but yesterday they return to their roots for a special cobbs earth. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has their story. >> ♪ >> reporter: boys two men back to school. >> it is good thing to be back. >> ledgendry grammy win globe trotting r and b group is releasing a new album and they wanting to back where it started capa. >> this is where it all started, this is what motown philly was all about. >> thinks meaningful for us to be able to see even under these times what he can do positive things. >> reporter: joe and beaver is in her third month aspirin in capa. between putting on a concert she had to manage expectations of 700 students in the wake of staffing cuts at every level. just last week students here protested the district's state run school reform commission after teacher contracts were terminated. philadelphia resident nathan morris is worried about music education. >> every year ol district of philadelphia gets cut, music
6:51 am
programs and arts programs. it has been a struggle for the last ten years or so. >> a moment to celebrate what philadelphia really can do. >> it is the adults that made a difference and some of the adults are here and so it is a challenge all the time but it is all joyous. >> reporter: 200 students chosen to hear three alumni, three guys from philly, choosing their old school just to hear back from the kids. >> the energy of what the kids are all about and what they believe in here is the same. it feels good to be back. >> reporter: in light of the dire situation facing the district we asked any of the guys if anybody had asked them to give back to contribute to the current situation? they said not quite but they certainly would be willing to after meeting all of the bright kids today. their new album releases next week. reporting from south philadelphia, i'm steve paterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how about that, nate, and shawn. >> there used to be a fourth member.
6:52 am
>> you know, shawn stockman was in the fill boys choir just like i was. >> it could happen. >> get you a cain and everything. >> we will be right back good morning.
6:53 am
we all got together and we are we had a free weekend. having a great time. there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know
6:54 am
if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families. i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend.
6:55 am
we have precipitation heading our way. >> it is not here yet, we have a little sliver of sunlight depending on your lakes to start it off but clearly storm scan three is showing signs of life here. few little speckles of green but in match for is what to come here, guys. this is our frontal boundary. there will be round of heavy rain that come through in pockets. this is general expectation for rainfall amounts, they are all over the place and they keep changing so we have to continue to change the gauges here. expectation is we are looking at half an inch to as much as one or 2 inches, depending on your location because it comes through in pockets with the heavier stuff. gusty storms as well, very mild, one last day and temperatures start to drop off by tomorrow, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody. traveling on the schuylkill expressway we are still dealing with an accident as you make your way eastbound approaching belmont. accident situation not too far from the gladwynn stretch still taking out left bound
6:56 am
lanes, and we have an incident on the shoulder here. westbound you're jammed because of an earlier accident approaching area of belmont as well. that is now on the shoulder but take a i look at that delay. severely affecting commuting on 76 both east and westbound jammed within your western suburbs. we are traveling 12 miles an hour. that westbound delay is moving all the way back close to montgomery drive. twenty-one is your average on i-95, delays out of the northeast through the vine street expressway. you'll fine southbound volume on the roosevelt boulevard as well trying to get to the schuylkill, in major delays however for mass transit, ukee. it is a busy morning have breaking news and our coverage continues on the cw philly. we will have very latest on the second patient, diagnosed with ebola here in the states. and also we are live with the details on the wild shoot-out in the local neighborhood. also ahead on the cw philly we are hearing from a doctor about the importance of those tiehl pumpkins you may see them out trick or treating and sitting in the windows this halloween. next up on cbs this morning an american doctor talks about what he learn as a
6:57 am
child prisoner in the dramatic costly rescue by seal team six. >> as we continue following local news weather traffic and sports, you know how we roll. we're on the cw philly keeping it live and local. hopefully you can join us. good morning.
6:58 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month.
6:59 am
under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, october 15th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a second texas health care worker is infected with ebola. captured by the taliban and rescued by the navy s.e.a.l.s. the vatican. cardinal timothy dolan is with us from rome. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> another has been diagnosed in texas, among those who worked on thomas eric duncan. >> they have interviewed the