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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  October 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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today it is thursday, october 16th i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. serious soaking. that rain came down in buckets keeping follow action wake. storm scan six is tracking system moving up the coast, we're asking katie when will it dry out. congress gets ready to put head of the cdc on the hot seat as we hear new revelation about the the second nurse who cared for a deceased ebola patient. steaks are high in this lottery but note for multi million-dollar jack the pot but whether students can attend a charter school. those stories coming up but lets get back to the weather and rain. be careful. we have uponning on the roadways and wet leaves can also act as ice at the
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intersections. slow your roll. >> that is such a great point, ukee because even though aftermath is basically starting to get underway this storm system we have wet weather which we will show you but some of you are starting to dry out. we have will left over issues with this. what we're looking at here is a shaky camera in atlantic city any atlantic county where our frontal bound dry makes its retreat. i want to show you storm scan three. we have this huge batch of incredibly heavy rain out here. over the opened waters of the atlantic. we expect that this will start to draw upon the the atlantic moisture and it has but there are some pockets of the heavier stuff here, over land area. we will be running into this around i-95 interchange, up the new jersey turnpike, that kind of thing but note that is things are gradually putting things in motion, starting to dry out. back edge of your clouds, very evident right here but moisture is seeping in from the south, and so until this whole front clears from west
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to east we will see these pockets moving through but it will start to taper with time. here's where we stan so far, reading is done but did you hit a daily record just shy of 3 inches. that none will be tweak here because of the overlap into the midnight hour and beyond when we still had wet weather out there. philadelphia pick up half inch. i mean is there such a disparity here which basically, means that we saw the the heavier stuff coming through in pockets. flood advisories are still posted despite the the rain starting to taper off here for poor drainage flooding for berks, up towards the pocono reason. that is it as far as advisory, watches and warnings. but you today, we are going to see those clouds break for a little sun. i could see a quick shower in some spots but overall this is a better day then yesterday, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. on the roads it is not looking so great. usually it is quiet. i'm kicking my feet back, nothing to talk about. this morning is different. we have a few accident
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situations as a result of the weather here. traveling on the vine street expressway, i have passed this accident on the way in the studio. eastbound on the vine we have an accident blocking the right-hand lane approaching the area of the on ramp, well, ramp to the ben franklin bridge and i-95. if you are traveling east bound on the vine you'll bypass that. a few flares out and b penndot and police are on the scene. folks moving by just fine because there is no volume to talk about but regardless it vice slick out there probably what caused this accident as well, this is i-95 northbound. i know it is difficult to see but you can see southbound side the sign to continue in the city. north bound i-95 right around vine street expressways another accident out there blocking the right-hand lane. best thing to do right now to note when you goat outside and jump on the roads just take it easy because i don't want something like that to happen. looking at speed sensors they are good, 50's all over the map and a lot of green every where. we have an accident in montgomery county at the bethlehem pike at bergie road so be mindful of.
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that traveling in new jersey no delays and things on mass transit all look great, erika. thank you, torey. director of the cdc is facing congress today to answer questions about the u.s. response to the ebola out break. >> hearing comes as amber vinson, second nurse who contracted ebola while treating thomaser inning duncan undergoes treatment at emery university hospital in atlanta. cdc officials say vinson was on a frontier airlines flight from cleveland to dallas the day present she started showing symptoms. vinson contracted cdc before boarding the plane but cdc says her temperature did not officially meet the criteria for some one at high risk. president obama highlights the need for the need to ramp up efforts to confront the virus. >> and that we are monitoring supervising, overseeing, in a much more aggressive way exactly what is taking place in dallas initialry and making sure that the lessons learned are then transmitted to
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hospitals, and clinics all across the country. >> reporter: cdc is establishing an ebola response team, it could be in place within hours, of a new case. the cdc also promising to give hospitals a clear understanding of the best way to treat patients and protect their workers. meanwhile the dallas happies now using a decontamination robot made by a horsham company to clean up after ebola patients are treated. it sprays a hydrogen peroxide vapor and kills viruses and other germs. director of operations of the company says the nozzle spins 360-degree to assure equal distribute of the vapor in the room. >> when we introduce it to a sealed room, we will get in every nook and cranny in the room and when it comes out of saturation it envelopes the the bacteria in the room and kills it. >> reporter: bio well says high crow again peroxide effectively sterilizees
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services, reducing the risk of contracting serious difficult sizes. we have assembled a resource guide just go on line to cbs-3 anger, sadness and disbelief when parents find out their children could be forced from their school. >> their charter school lost a long legal battle with the school district of philadelphia and now their futures are riding on a lottery. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from northern lint with more on this, nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning ukee and erika. it is kind of lottery where no one wins but come 5:00 o'clock today a child education here at walter palmer school does come down to luck. unfortunately of the 1200 students in kindergarten through 12th great, 250 students will be forced out after the school district as you mentioned lost a court battle, with the school district rather which says cap for city charter schools is 675 students. again they have about 1200. in a battle that has been
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brewing for years district successfully argued it does not have to reimburse palmer charter for 525 students over that threshold so as you can imagine parents are frustrated by the timing of the announcement here in october but also hopeful that their child will win a seat. >> i'm very blind sided. we have been supportive, supportive, supportive the whole time and now we have an emergency meeting and you tell us it is lottery pick and it is objecting. that is so unfair. >> i just don't know what to do. all i can do is just pray. >> reporter: to make matters worse, the gamble may not even there. unless the school can obtain immediate additional funding there will be 300 more empty seats, of 300 more students that will leave this school very, very soon. philadelphia school district says it has been in touch with parents, to kind of help in this transition and also to help enroll their child in the philadelphia public school system if it is necessary but
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definitely a sad, sad day a at this charter school. we are live in philadelphia, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. happening today vice-president biden will push for funding public works project, during a visit to penns landing. the vice-president, pennsylvania senator bob casey and congressman chaka fattah will tour a barge used for dredging the delaware river. later the the vice-president will travel to maple shade township, new jersey for a fundraiser. claims of excessive force inside philadelphia's curan fromhold prison leads to a federal lawsuit. the altercation was caught on camera september 20th. video shows the inmate handcuffed and being escorted after a pepper spray incident in the cell and then second later you see that corrections officer, identified as james wiseback, he started punching him. he put the prisoner in what appears to be a a choke hold before other officers break it up. corrections department disciplined wiseback and he is now back on the job.
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>> this brazen, violent behavior took place in front of ten other co's in a common area of the prison where there is five other video cameras. the concern is what does this officer do in the dark corners of the prison when no one is looking. >> wiseback claimed the prisoner threatened him, taunted him and spit at him and he said in a statement here. once i felt spit london my facial area i reacted with hard empty handed use of force. corrections department has in comment on the lawsuit. there is much more to come here on "eyewitness news", a popular vacation spot prepares for an unwelcomed visitor. they have been waiting a long time for this, a major league team punches its ticket for another trip on the world series. back in two minutes.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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oscar pistorius is back in the south after rick are can courtroom as judge hears more testimony in the penitentiary phase of the trial. we are looking live at the courtroom in south africa.
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prosecutors insist the olympic runner should go to prison for culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. pistorius defense team wants periods of house arrest. hong kong authorities are promising to investigate allegations of plainclothes police beating a pro democracy activist. let's show you pictures of the victim showing his wounds after the beating. the attack took place during clashes between police and protesters, near governmental headquarters. taste after a damage from a tropical storm, bermuda is bracing for hurricane gone sol he a category three storm with winds of 120 miles an hour. national hurricane center says that it ties soon to say if gone solo will hit bermuda sometime tomorrow. experts add that the eye does not have to have make land fall for the storm to cause severe damage. right now, at 4:43 i know you are watching that and a big storm affecting us. >> we will start with the
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focus of the tropics because we are talking about it here. this storm has been upgraded now to category four status. >> wow. >> yes. this is a very strong system that we're tracking. even as you just said it doesn't look like it will strike directly and just pass by to the west, we have seen this before where storms passing the entire east coast and still do a lot of damage. here it is, gonzalo category four with sustained wind speeds of 140 miles an hour and those gusts are higher at 165. will lets see where this is headed. expect to make a beeline towards bermuda but it doesn't strike, bermuda is so tiny when dealing with this storm system it will do damage. we have an eye on that, but back here stateside we are keeping an eye on the frontal boundary that makes its full retreat here and man, drawing on that tropical and atlantic moisture. over a nice opened ocean you'll get plenty of moisture to work with and that rain is pounding down along the leading edge of the front.
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thankfully not over land at this point but making a beeline towards northern new england and all that has to happies the front has to move east slowly but these, little rounds of rain will continue, to sort of get fed up. i want to show you wide zoom too, look at that storm gone solo a very well define eye, now envies able long satellite and eastern seaboard. we are clearing out with time so if you are still dealing with the rain pounding on the rooftop right now give it time, shore points are ones that see this happen later, but we will see sunshine, friday, saturday, sunday, and i think even into monday with one hiccup which we will see in the seven day. seventy-two with some clearing. i can see a quick shower but that is the exception rather than the normal. in mostly cloudy tonight with the low of 56. check out what happens to temperatures here. it is obvious, right. like a half and half weekend. sunny skies both saturday and sunday but cool front that will come through, weak in nature as far as precipitation
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goes, but knock these temperatures back. we're not expecting anything better that be upper 50's either sunday, or monday, advertise and wednesday and by that point we will have a few showers to track. guys, back to you. in sports, the flyers say defenseman brayden coburn could be back in time for saturday night's game against stars in dallas. coburn was back at practice in the skate zone. he was on crutches last week with the lower body injury. he says he feels good and hopes to be back in action for the stars game. the flyers are still looking for their first win of the season. well, it seems like sixers prospect dario saric could be in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection sooner than expect. saric is signed to play in turkey but there are reports he is not happy with the amount of playing time he is getting. if he is not getting play time here, what happens when he comes here with the best players in the world? just thinking outlook. well, there air lot of issues that would have to be resolved to get him stateside this season.
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kansas city royals will represent the the american league in this years world series. they scored two runs in the the first inning yesterday in kc, and that made it stand up the rest of the way. the royals pitchers allowed baltimore batters only four hits in the deciding game, the royals are making their first trip to the fall classic, in 29 years. congratulations, kansas city royals and their fans every where. national league, giants took advantage of the shaky cardinals defense for second night in the row. they tied the game on the throwing error by the cards matt adams and went ahead on buster posey's rbi single. dro he have in three runs and giants beat card six to four. giants are one win away from the trip to the world series, nlcs game five is tonight in san francisco. from baseball to football, yes, is there an nfl game tonight in prime time, right here on cbs-3. new york jets play the the patriots tonight in fox boro, afc east match up, good one,
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pregame coverage kicks off at 7:30 tonight right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning which apple got up their sleeves now. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds.
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it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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director for cdc faces congress today over u.s. response to the ebola out break. meanwhile second nurse to contract ebola after treating thomas eric duncan is now getting treatment herself in atlanta. the cdc gave amber joy vinson clears to fly from cleveland to atlanta on a commercial flight before she exhibited symptoms. only on cbs-3 a lottery this afternoon will determine which students can stay at the walter palmer leadership learning partners charter school. they have lost a court case over enrollment cap at their two philadelphia campuses. 250 students will have to switch schools, just six weeks
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into the school year. and vice-president joe biden discusses funding for public works projects during a visit to pens land to go day. the vice-president will make a campaign stop in new jersey. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's wendy gilette joins us from the new york stock exchange and not the easiest day on wall street yesterday, wendy, can you give us the details. >> reporter: no, certainly not, ukee and erika. it was a very rough ride. stocks tanked have after the opening bell. the dow jones fell as much as 460 points before recovering some ground ending the day down 173. s and p500 fell 15 after initially losing 3 percent of its value. nasdaq dropped 11 points. the reasons for the decline include fears about the spread of ebola and possible global economic slow down. >> so wendy, apple is unveiling new products today, what do you know. >> reporter: yeah, we got a sneak peak at a couple of them, screen shots showing
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images and details for ipad air two and ipad minute three i appeared in ibooks yesterday. it appears new tablets will have touch id fingerprint sensors which are currently only available on the i phone. company may announce a new mack operating system and new mack computers. apple could a launch a launch date for apple pay a new system that make credit and debit card payments in stores. invites included the message it has been way too long, so, i don't know what do you think that means. >> anticipation. >> more stuff f you got to get. >> that is right. >> that is right. >> why they keep making new versions of the same thing. >> yes. >> all right. >> thank you. coming up after a short break traffic and weather together. we will do it on
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good morning, torey. >> good morning everyone. you know usually at this time of the morning it is very
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quiet but we are currently dealing with three. lets start with the vine street management. if we are heading to the eastbound side we have an accident approaching i-95. majority of that is push on the shoulder and then more so in the right lane. folks are moving just fine but as you can see it is so slick you want to be careful to avoid any future incidents like this. we will keep you updated on. that moving over to i-95, earlier on the northbound side of i-95 around bridge street we had a disabled vehicle that was cleared out of the way on the north bound side but on the southbound side of i-95, not too far from approaching allegheny, we have another disabled vehicle will, out of the camera shot but it is out there. again southbound i-95 at allegheny you will run into a disabled vehicle. overall majors looking good. it is wet, very damp and slick. speed sensors reflect good news and in major delays traveling in new jersey and things at the airport that is
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one spot you'll find delays for sure. >> sort of like that over happen that tends to happen or chain reaction i guess here when we are dealing with this kind of a storm system. we have flood advisories across western suburbs, poconos and berks county. then we have as torey mentioned those damp leaves making things very, very slick traveling not just on the roadways but just walking down the sidewalk. taking a dog for a walk be careful it is slippery. but worse of this is starting to retreat. it is not done obviously but we have very bright shades of orange, yellow and green here on the map, but the back edge of the clouds is distinct. so as we said yesterday this has come through in pockets and rain amounts depending on location, very, very, very much. but we start to clear out at this point. temperature difference in the last 24 hours is substantial. we are seeing those temperatures drop off in the wake of the frontal boundary. today should hit lower 07's and we should clear out, but
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some spots may pick up a quick left over shower. ukee, back to you. here are some stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following. new jersey's assembly is set to vote on a measure that could pave the way for sports bet nothing the garden state. penn variety is intacting on the spread of viruses. philadelphia gets more than half million-dollar to help boost safety for pedestrians and bicyclist, check in two, three, four times a day, kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on eyewitness news update to the second nurse to test positive for ebola. plus fears of an out break are prompting local nurse toes speak out saying they need better protection and more training. looking for louie, a philadelphia woman offers a reward for a dog stole when her car. we are back at the top of the hour.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure
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women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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the second nurse who was diagnosed with ebola called the cdc, before getting on the plane and she was cleared to fly to day agency will fe tough questions about the way it has handled the out break. also, hundreds of philadelphia charter school students will be forced out of the classroom after a lottery tonight, we are live with the look at what this means for those families. and it is thursday october 16th good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning vice-president joe biden comes to our area today why he is visiting both pennsylvania and new jersey, katie. today erika, it will be a day of transition. we have some wet weather out there and we will thankfully start to clear out but it will pay dividend for us, much
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nicer weather news coming up, torey. and, while we wait on that those slippery roads are causing incidents this one here on the vine street expressway an accident eastbound approaching the the vine or excuse me, approaching i-95, and we will have little disable vehicle causing a stir as well. we will have more details, coming up, ukee. a second nurse who contracted ebola from a patient is waking up in atlanta area hospital this morning. >> doctors are treating amber vinson inside emery university hospital infectious disease unit. we have video of a medic escorting her in the hospital last night. this morning cdc is under scrutiny forgiving vinson permission to take a commercial flight one day before she was hospitalized for ebola symptoms. the the agency says they allowed her to fly because they did not meet criteria for someone at high risk. meantime president obama has canceled another travel day to monitor the out