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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 17, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the sun will be shining thousand the weekends, we have a drop in temperature to tell but, more on that coming up. >> thank you, good morning, the ben franklin bridge seems like it is sleeping right now. really all of our majors are still moving well. things will definitely change why you want to stay with us, see what's going on exactly in my report coming up. ukee? >> thank you, as we mentioned at the top of the show, police involved shooting in montgomery county to tell but after tractor-trailer slams into several cars. >> jan carabeo at the scene where she just spoke to investigators, good morning. >> good morning, erika, ukee, well, police had wants today get this intersection cleared up, all of the evidence out of here plaintiff the morning rush, looks like they have done. that will just towed away this tractor-trailer truck minutes ago. you can see, a better look at what this scene look like earlier this morning, now, police sources cents confirm to "eyewitness news" that this was a police involved shooting, that happened after a hit-and-run accident involving this tractor-trailer truck.
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what we know right now is that one person was airlifted to hahnemann hospital as a result of what happened here this morning. that person's condition is unknown at this time. now, again, this video shows real good look at the tractor-trailer truck, you can see, three bullet holes on the driver sifted truck, surrounding the truck are couple of police cars, one with its door open, and an evidence marker below on the grounds. now, this was the scene here at the intersection of markley and west main street, in norristown earlier this morning, police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. now, the initial police call for this incident came in just around 11:00 last night, this tractor-trailer truck was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident involving several parked cars, as the truck came down, markley approaching the intersection with maine, sources say there was police-involved shooting leaving three bullet holes on the driver side of the truck. again, one person has been air lifted to the hospital in unknown condition, again, no id on the person this morning. now, police worked very quickly to get this scene
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cleaned up. couple of cars were towed away from the scene as well as the tractor-trailer truck. work to go get you more information about the details surrounding this shooting and what happened before that but for now live in norristown, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the youngest son of vice president joe biden apologizes after getting kick out of the nay i for doing trucks, discharged hunter biden after he tested positive for cocaine. the reason for the discharge just became public last night. an us official says the navy never contacted the vice president's office about the incident. meanwhile hunter biden released statement saying quote it was the honor of my life to serve in the s. navy. i deeply regress that my actions led to my discharge. i respect the navy's decision, i am moving forward. >> 5:03, our traffic and weather together. good morning. >> good morning, everyone, happy friday. we made it through interesting week. we had some warm temperatures,
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some cool temperatures, some rain and today looks like probably the nicest day of the week so far. you can see we're clearing things out on storm scan3, no problems outside. everything looking good in our area, showers are moving up through portions of northern maine main as the large area of low pressure that impacted us late wednesday gets out of here. once it moves on out though cooler air will arrive. temperatures right now feeling okay. sixty at the airport, 58 in trenton, 58 atlantic city got pair of five's in wilmington, down in wildwood, as well. so nice cool comfortable start to the morning, will stay nice through the afternoon, 60 degrees at 9:00 a.m. by noon, looking at 68, need your sunglasses cents if you are going to eat outdoors this afternoon, by 3:00 that is great afternoon, 71 degrees, our 3:00 p.m. temperature, also expected high for the day. looking at the friday night lights forecast, if you are out at some high school football games tonight, talk about the game of the week, saint augustine, partly cloudy, comfortable, pretty nice outside tonight if you are sitting in the stands, 64 degrees at 7:00 p.m.
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great night for high school football. now we'll see how the roads are shaping up. good morning, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone, if you are traveling on any of the majors still great start to your day, that's the good news, you never know how things will switch up. we head outside, see how you are doing, traveling on the roosevelt, southbound on the boulevard do have accident at ninth street, in the inner drive notice the police activity right here. but the good news is that folks are using the outer drive to move on past this. so if you are head in the this area definitely stick to the outer drive as you continue your way down toward possibly the schuylkill expressway if that's where you are going. remember you still have paving going on probably some wrapping up of construction on the boulevard between well ocean ninth. also in the inner driver that would be in the northbound direction, but otherwise, moving well. just as well the ben franklin bridge, no delays, everything seems to be moving pretty good out there. not only on the ben but all of the bridges and all of the pink ores, speed censors high up in the 50's, on the 95, the
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schuylkill, 476. no delays on the turnpike, looking great on 422 and 202. however, that accident that january's been covering all this morning, we're still dealing with closure of the dan end hauer bridge at main street. best alternate take dekalb to avoid police investigation that is still closing the roadway. no major delays for mass transit. >> thank you, this, more the first dallas nurse infected with ebola from a patient she is continuing her treatment at maryland hospital. we have some new video for up, just in from overnight, nina pham arriving by ambulance at the national institute of health at bethesda. one of four bio containment units in the country. meantime president obey a said he may appointee bowl a czar. and some members of congress are calling foray a temporary travel ban from the the ebola-stricken countries. the the president says a though follow solve call for the ban, but not the best strategy to protect americans.
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>> this is the newly-released video of pham seen for the first time since her diagnosis. in the recorded conversation, pham's physician thanked her for being part of the volunteer team that treated thomas eric duncan. meanwhile amber vincent, the other sickened nurse, remains in isolation in atlanta's emory hospital. and this is just n another healthcare worker from the dallas hospital that treated mike thomas eric duncan, necessary identification lakes on cruise ship, not showing any signs of ' bowl a the state department says the employee left galveston texas before being notified of the updated monitoring requirements. we're told the worker did not have direct contact with dunkin, but could have pros else dollars his bodily fluids. us officials work to go bring that person back. ukee? >> the children's hospital of philadelphia has joined the fight against ' bowl a the hospital is now one after few pediatric hospitals in the country designate today handle
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any possible cases cents involving children. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us outside of chop to tell you more about it, nicole, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning to you. that's right, the three ebola cases in the united states all involve adults. but if a child were to be infected, chop says, it is up for the task, thanks to internal ebola task force, developed this past summer. >> inside the children's hospital of philadelphia, preparations have been made, as staff aim to stay one step ahead of the ebola threat. >> we have been making preparations for ebola since early august. so using guidance from the cdc in order to be prepared for the potential of having to care for a pain went suspected on confirmed ebola. >> hospital one of few in the country designate today handle any possible pediatric cases. from us children evacuated from west africa, to those who could be diagnosed here in the u.s., with a internal ebola task force in place, chop has institute add screening protocol to identify at risk patients, ensure that proper
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personal protective equipment or ppe is available, and inch to -- continue to employ, two nurses in texas contracted the disease themselves, despite wearing protective gear, while treating an ebola patient. >> education is critical. it is cents something that needs to be repeated again and again. so we have developed procedures around the safe management, and are work to go educate our staff in the high risk who would be caring for them on this procedures. >> doctor pham want wanted to reassure, it is, it is extremely low, the risk reality. local officials, state officials, mayor nutter, governor tom corbett, will be holding briefings later today to address this very issue.
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live outside children's hospital. thank you for. that will philadelphia's health commissioner gave the city's ebola preparedness a to a-plus rating during council hearing yesterday. but, others have indicated there are still problems that need to be addressed. the president of the city's firefighters union showed council the protective suits his members have. fire officials say the suits meet federal requirements. but the union says, they would not provide enough protection from ebola. >> they should bewaring the bio chemical hazmat suits, assume wrongfully so that is what the department would be outfitting or members in. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the ebola case of the us and overseas, we've assemble on line resource to help guide you and give you the information you need. just look for it at well, it is do-or-die today for the trump taj in a mal hal. key decision could force another atlantic city casino
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to fold. also this. >> you did not have the fun, paid for all legally, you shouldn't except it, no, no, no, at all. >> tempers boil over as classroom cuts force frustrated parents to find new schools right in the middle of the new school year. >> trouble in par days, bermuda braces for powerful hurricane bearing down on the island right now. kate's tracking the storm up next. >> no storms in our forecast right now, but will it and dry weekend? we have traffic and weather together on the 3's. looking live at center city, 59 degrees right now. we will
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>> steam cam seven's family hoping for jail time. >> gabrielle giffords coming to our area today. rounds table discussion in bensalem. just this past tuesday, gifford's launched new initiative calling for stronger gun laws particularly for certain convicted felons. time is 5:13, we have traffic and weather together. first, check it out, residents in bermuda hunkering down for the second major storm in less than a week. hurricane gonzalo expected to be category three storm when it sweeps through later on tonight. it is already responsible for at least one death in the caribbean. earlier this week, tropical storm fay also hit bermuda knocking out power to thousands of homes. kate has been tracking the storm for us all week, has the latest now on its track. kate? >> thanks, erika, yes, gonzalo still category 400 cane, update just came in, winds have weak ends just slightly
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but still devastating winds and the track very dangerous for bermuda. take a look at gonzalo right now, there it sits, just south, and slightly west of bermuda, a right now sustained winds, 130 miles per hour, and gusts to 160 miles per hour, moving quickly to the north, northeast, central pressure down to 946 millie bars. take a look what this is. front impacted us wednesday. unless how this is kind of steering gonzalo toward bermuda a so the latest track from the national hurricane center still takes gonzalo just to the west of bermuda by not much more, certainly not more than 50 miles or so, still can get in on strongest winds around the eye wall, as the storm moves through. what you are looking at with landfall and hurricane is the right front quadrant. now there is may not officially make landfall over bermuda, a but there in the right front quadrant of the storm, where the winds are strongest, also where the storm surge is most devastating and surging in from the south toward bermuda. this will be very dangerous storm, for that small island, in the atlantic, then moves up toward the canadian maritime
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provinces a we get into the weekend, not issue for us, but certainly friends, family in bermuda, a take close look at this storm today. storm scan3, shows, skies clearing in our area, quick look at the pollen report here, as you can see, looking at pretty low levels as we head through the weekends, pollen levels specially ragweed will increase slightly on sunday, sunday looks like bit of windy and cooler dare. now we check in on the roads with vittoria. >> thank you so much, kate. good morning, everyone, lots of good news, a lot of the earlier incidents, accident on 95, excuse me, not 95, well, 95 northbound around the airport earlier on, roosevelt boulevard, southbound, around it street. dan end hauer, all of the incident cleared. so right now, we're not even dealing with a hush hour. so right now you have got a lot of good news. we take a look at the schuylkill expressway this shot 202 in the king of prussia area no delays headed westbound or eastbound. everything is nice and wide open and giving you a big old hug. good morning. as we take a look at the vine st. expressway, no delays here
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as womenment doesn't matter if you are heading toward the schuylkill westbound or eastbound making your way down toward 956789 speed censors high up all over, doesn't matter how you cut t traveling on the schuylkill, # 59, 476, all moving well, better than that masses transit and things at the airport look even better for your friday commute. err dismay. >> thank you, here is a look at headlines this morning on cbs-3. breaking news, police involved shooting in norristown montgomery county. the gunfire started after apparent hit-and-run involving a tractor-trailer. >> nina pham the first nurse to contract ebola after treating liberian man duncan in dallas now at the national institutes of health in maryland. another nurse, with ' bowl, a is being treated in atlanta. >> and hunter biden the son every vice president joe biden, was discharged from the navy reserve earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine. he's embarrased and regrets his decision. >> time is 5:16. may want to think twice before you grab a bolt of soda. tell you the new damage the
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another atlantic city casino could be on the verge every folding. judge will decide if trump can cancel l union contract. without those cuts, owners say they have to close the casino next month. that would leave another 3,000 workers unemployed. for other casinos have already close in the atlantic city just this year. now, over at sugarhouse casino, they are getting ready to expand today. twenty-four new poker tables will will arrive this morning for the casino for philadelphia's first poker room. they're going in at the interim room. that's supposed to open next month, while the permanent poker room is being built. ukee? >> now time to check your philadelphia job market report. "eyewitness news" jobs expert,
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steven greenberg, joins you with more. >> every month more than 2 million american workers, including a thousand here if the philadelphia area, quit their jobs, quitting their jobs every year, but while quit something easy, quitting gracefully is not. too many workers view it as a time to get even with their employer. but if handled properly, that is chance tone happens your reputation. it may create valuable opportunities. handle the process as respectfully as possible. give adequate notice. make it clear you want to help the employer with the transition. that is unusual. it makes a lasting impression. resist the urge to criticize. even if you're leaving, because of your boss. the average worker today changes jobs every five years, or less. with so much mobility in today's work force, you might be working with some of your co-workers again, at another employer. think long-term. it iss not only good manners, it is good for your career. i'm steve greenberg, cbs-3, "eyewitness new
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(record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh 5:23 this friday. >> we have a nice forecast to go along with this, it is friday, it is sunny, it is dry, it is warmer than average, only down side if you are stuck at work all day today. good news we've got sunshine through the weekend, temperatures outside feeling pretty good for an october morning, six off at the airport, 58 degrees in trenton, 55 in wilmington, and 58 in atlantic city. these temperatures the numbers you see by sunday may not even hit them for daytime highs. much colder air gets in here over the weekends, you can see area of low pressure just off to the north and west, that's keeping the cold air lock up
5:24 am
behind it. so today highs get in the 70s. tomorrow upper 60s, we'll try to trim those temperatures back by afternoon as the weak cool front moves up there, high pressure builds, in much colder sunday into monday, highs only in the 50's. three day forecast, lots every sunday, look telling difference, 71 today, 69 tomorrow, then temperatures fall off the cliff. fifty-seven the high on sunday. good morning, vittoria. >> good morning, kate, everyone, if you are traveling on the ben franklin bridge, the commodore barry, talcony palmyra bridge, all of the bridges moving well, even better than that if you are headed in new jersey or if you are head in the pa all is wide open like this. and there is no one out there. traveling on 476, either direction, this shot here, not too far a which from the mid-county toll plaza, everything moving real well. quiet, everyone i think is still tucked in bed. elsewhere, we're going to switch things up a bit and travel if you are commuting on 309. not too far away from the turnpike, things moving well here as well once you get to the turnpike also no major problems. take a look, speed censors are reflecting beautiful nice for
5:25 am
your friday morning commute. fifty-five on 95, 50 on the schuylkill expressway, 76, 55. no delays on mass transit or at the airport. >> the sixers played with heavy heart, sixers coach breath brown and gm sang hinge i spent time with joe he will. chad filled in for coach brown on the side lines last night in south philly. also, at the practice game, yes, it is bubba, allen iverson, removed a lot of the drama from this game earl/un, led by 21 at the half. sixers were without a lot of their guys. 111-91. sixers were thinking of their teammate joe he will. >> very sad. our thoughts, our prayers go out to him and his family. you know, just puts everything in perspective. at the end of the day we're playing a game. it is real life out here. >> the stage is set for the 2014 world series kansas sitly
5:26 am
host san francisco game one tuesday night, the giants kept their championship homes alive last night in dramatic fashion. game tied at three it the bottom of the ninth. giants travis three run shot sends the giants to the third world series in five years. that was something. cbs-3 thursday night football, new england patriots, tom brady through for three touchdowns again the jets t almost wasn't enough. gino smith got the jets within two with a touchdown in the final two minutes. then the patriots blocked last second half field goal attempt. final score 27-25, next thursday night it is bronco's and chargers in denver. erika, back to you. >> thank you. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we have the latest development in the ebola outbreak including the local pre tesh or who says some people aren't being quarantined long enough. following breaking news in
5:27 am
montgomery county. plus teachers block traffic in the latest protest against the school reform commission. hear their demand after their contract was canceled. vittoria and kate return, they've got traffic and weather together on the 3's. how many is your friday and weekends looking? >> they have the answers, we'll be right back.
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>> bullets peers the windshield of this tractor trail. drivers in the hospital right now. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at police headquarters in norristown. >> jan, we understand you spoke to investigators just a short time ago. what have you learned? good morning. >> ukee, erika, good morning, that's right, i spoke to detective on scene, short while ago, he says, that information will be coming from police headquarters at some point this morning, so, that's why we've moved over here, to a wait update on
5:30 am
exactly what happened in tours town late last night. if you take a look at the video, you can see what the scene looked like short while ago. that will scene has since been cleaned up this morning. what we know is that a police source tells thus was a police involved shooting after a hit-and-run involving this tractor-trailer, we know one person was airlifted to hahnemann hospital as a result of what happened there this morning, that person's condition, however, is unknown, at this time. if you take a close look at the video, you can get better shot of this scene. police cars, evident marker below on the gown, the scene at the intersection of markley and west main streets in norristown earlier this morning. now, police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. >> this tractor-trailer reportedly involved in a hit-and-run accident, hitting several parked cars, and now as the truck was coming down