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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 20, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday, october 20th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the military joins the fight against ebola in america as the cdc issues strict new guidelines. holly williams goes undercover in syria and meets an american battling isis on the front line. and peyton manning tosses his way into the history book. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> do you two have confidence in the centers for disease control? >> yes, but you don't know what you don't know until you're in the battle. >> controversy.
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>> they're now calling for all workers to have protective gear with no skin showing. >> in the first mission of its kind, the u.s. military airdropped supplies to british forc kurdish forces fighting in syria. >> they confirmed they're expecting their second child in april. kate is still suffering from severe morning sickness. >> they say they will be held responsible. >> the manner of craziness is absurd. >> he's scheduled to cast his midterm ballot today. >> the one question the voters are going to ask is who has my back. >> the president hasn't had his back. >> they say they've made
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sightings in its hunt for suspected russian submarines. >> a woman got trapped into the chimney of a home that she was breaking into. >> all that -- >> a dramatic rescue from a fresno, california, home fire caught on tape. >> i'm paying for the whole thing. >> you can afford a museum? >> yeah, i can. >> -- and all that matters -- >> taylor swift talked about the criticism. >> you're going have people who are going to say, oh, you know, like she just breaks songs about her ex-boyfriends. frankly i think that's a sexist >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> touchdown number 509 for p payppay peyton as he breaks brett favre's record. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places.
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captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is on assignment. they're bucking up. the pentagon is established a 30-person response team. they'll get special training in infectious control. >> but today marks a critical and hopeful milestone for many in texas. anna werner is at the hospital in dallas where health care workers continue to check for their own symptoms of ebola. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. texas officials are cautiously optimistic that the worst of the ebola exposure may be behind them. today a large group of people who were exposed to ebola victim thomas eric duncan passed the 21-damon toring period with no symptoms. >> it's a real big deal. >> reporter: 48 people have been taken off the list after having contact with the first ebola
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patient diagnosed in the u.s., thomas eric duncan. that group includes his fiancee louise troh and her family. they were removed from their apartment and taken to an undisclosed location in dallas. >> they've been through a terrible ordeal and lost someone they loved. >> reporter: she released a statement saying our happiness is mixed with sadness at the same time. my beloved fiance thomas eric duncan did not survive with us. we continue to mourn his loss and grieve for the circumstances that led to his death. 75 health care workers are still being monitored. the two nurses infected, nina pham and amber vinson are being treated in hospitals. they said suggestions that she ignored any of the physician and government provided protocols recommended to her are patently
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untrue and hurtful. the carnival cruise ship docked and landed. she and her husband isolated themselves in their cabin for part of the trip. a coast guard helicopter visited the ship on saturday so a technician could take a blood sample. she tested negative for ebola. >> nobody got worried or panicked. it was just disappointment that the cruise got cut short for everyone. >> people onboard the flight, one of the two nurses who became ill, amber vinson, will have to wait a bit longer to be cleared. until november 3rd. norah? >> thank you. president obama is taking heat this morning for his appointment of a so-called ebola czar. some democrats praised the 53-year-old's political experience. he served as chief of staff but
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republicans criticize his lack of expertise. >> ron klain's emergency response experience may be the bush/gore recount qualified in that and i think talking to constituents, so many people have said, you know, we didn't want somebody to give a spin. we want somebody to give us the facts, an that's what we were hopeful for. >> chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> so they have lifted quarantine of mr. duncan's family. what are the implications of that? >> obviously it's good for the family but also for people possibly exposed to ms. duncan. i think about it. mr. duncan was september out of the hospital after he had a fever of 103 and got sicker and
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sicker after that. miss vinson had a fever of 99.5 and was left sick. it's muss less at the very beginning of the illness so, therefore, it's less likely you're going to infect anybody. >> this is big news. it's not spread beyond this. what about these new guidelines from the cdc. they're must strirkter than before. >> yeah. and i think it makes sense. it's one thing to make a mistake. the thisin is not to learn from these mistakes. it would bother me if they said the protocol is fine, we're not going to change them but the cdc is changing them so they work. >> no exposed skin. >> a minute before i came here i said to the spokesperson for cdc, when are they coming out. he said can't say for sure but hopefully by today. >> what are they going to do? >> i think they're going to make sure in practice things get done
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as opposed to in theory. they're going to go down there, have previous experience, make sure they're not only doing the instructions but reading them. >> you see that as if this is another small outbreak of ebola, the pentagon could send in this 30-person team? >> i think coordination is very important. you don't want to have the fire didn't and police department coming to the site of the emergency and saying who's in charge. coordination is important but i do like the concept of, hey, are you doing it the right way? >> thank you, jon. a doctor in west africa is now training other doctors. she talks about the risks and rewards of training on the front lines. that's ahead. they hit targets overnight around the town of kobani. troops are trying to hold that strategic town on the turkish border. this morning secretary of state
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john kerry said it would be irresponsible and morley difficult not to help. holly williams snuck into the war-torn syria to speak with another american fighting isis. this morning she's in erbil. >> they're fighting a brutal war against isis in which they're outgun and outmanned and we discuss that one of their number is an american volunteer from mississippi. we drove into northeastern syria where a rag tagg tag army of ku fighters is holding the line against isis. one of them is jeremy woodard, a security guard from meridian, mississippi. >> i figured if i came over here, more americans, other people from different countries would come over here. >> woodard left the u.s. military in 2012 after serving in iraq and afghanistan, but a
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month ago after he was angered by news reports about atrocities committed by isis, he paid his own way to turkey and was then smuggled into the war zone. >> i can't really understand them, but sign language is everything. great guys. >> reporter: woodard told us he's been involved in several battles against isis, including one not far from this area on syria's border with iraq that he said raged for 24 hours. have you killed anyone since you've been here? >> i killed two in my first battle. that's it so far. hopefully my numbers will go up. i never thought i'd be over in syria killing people, but they've killed innocent people. >> reporter: if you're captured by isis, there's a good chance you'll be executed, you'll be beheaded.
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is it frightening? >> it's not frightening to me. if i have one bullet left, i'd take my own life before that happens. i'm not going to get put on youtube by isis and let them put me on my knees and cut my head off for publicity. >> jeremy woodard told us he's not the only american fighting against isis with kurdish soldiers in syria. he says he knows of two others and believes there could be several more. norah? >> holly, thank you. more tonight on "cbs evening news." she asks about his fears of what might happen if he returns to the u.s. a potential groundbreaking of the bishops ended sunday with a ceremony for pope paul vi. allen pizzey is in rome wihere
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pope francis and the bishops took on some controversial issues. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the final document on the discussions won't be available until october 2015. the focus of the coming year will almost be exclusively on the three causes that didn't make the grade of full approval. ♪ >> francis's reaction to the vote came under the cover of a mass to mark the end of the successioned on the anniversary of pope paul vi. the crowd should not be afraid of changes. god is not afraid of new things, he said. that's why he is continuously surprising us, opening our hearts and guiding us in unexpected ways. but when the upbeat tone regarding gays, and same-sex marriage, there was no surprise.
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conservative bishops immediately pushed back arguing it would undermine the confusion of traditional family. cardinal dolan appeared on "cbs this morning." >> so then why has your friend and colleague cardinal burke said that this entire document, which raises that question about whether gay people should be welcomed in the church, he said it's confused, it's erroneous, and this whole thing should be scrapped. >> well, i think he's right. he's picked up on a sign that a lot of bishops and i feel myself needs some major reworking. >> reporter: the pope began the s synod by urging them to speak freely and told them when it was over he would have been worried and sad if they had not. the general analysis is the pope got pretty much what he want. an open debate, not just in the exalted realms of the church's hierarchy. >> the debate continues.
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allen, thank you so much. now to the grim news. searchers found the body of what may be missing student hannah graham. police are waiting for the official identification. julianna goldman has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the remains were discovered on a dry creek bed about 11.5 miles from here, the charlottesville mall where hannah graham was last seen. authorities spent sunday canvassing the area where the body was found for more clues. the officials can't yet confirm they're the remains of hannah graham but they still called the 18-year-old's parents with news of the discovery. previously it was a missing person's case and canceled the search sunday. they believe god wanted them to find the body. they found dark tight pants that
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hannah was wearing the night she disappeared. police charged 32-year-old matthew with the abduction. he was taken into custody last month. they link him to the 2009 zi disappearance of 22-year-old morgan harrison. her body was found 3 1/2 months after she disappeared miles from the graham investigation. harrison says he hopes grahams can find peace now. >> not knowing was worse than morgan being dead. >> the remains have been taken to richmond for autopsy and identification. we expect results in the next few days. >> thank you. police have a new lead on the investigation of the disappearance of eric frein. a girl was walking near pocono
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mountain east high school when she noticed a man with mud on his face carrying a rifle. he matched frein's description. police are also investigating blood found on two porches nearby. he's accused of ambushing two state troopers, killing one and wounding another. peyton manning got his 509th touchdown throw. manning led denver to a 42-17 win over san francisco. bar r ry petersen is there with more. good morning. >> good morning. it was a loving evening and no surprise when the stadium erupted when 18 tossed the tufrpd pass in for number 509. the quarterback that one observer said plays like a man
7:17 am
taking a calculus test allowed himself a rare and delighted onfield smile when demaryius thomas caught the record-breaking pass. >> with that touchdown peyton manning has become the all-time career leader. >> reporter: they tossed the record-breaking football anywhere but to manning. >> i think i'll definitely remember a lot of things about tonight but i'll remember that part of it and the fact that they had the guts to go ahead and go through with it. >> he had t made that plan himself. keep the ball away from me, like hopscotch. i thought, cool. we got everybody in on friday to practice it. >> last year his 55 single season touchdowns eclipsed tom brady's record of 50 and just as famous for being an aw shucks kind of guy whenever it happens. >> a lot of people have helped to get to this point. you know, football is the
7:18 am
ultimate team game. i'm very humbled and very honored. >> reporter: brett favre's record, 508 touchdown passes stood for seven years but he saw its fall coming. >> i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. >> all right. >> i'm proud of the fact we're sitting here talking about it because that means i did something. >> as for manning, it's worth knowing he sat out for an entire season with the indianapolis colts with no plans of returning again and came back better and stronger. running his newly owned record even higher with touchdown pass 510. manning is 38 so there's no knowing how long he has left to play and his contract year runs into the 2016 season and they're already talking about another
7:19 am
record, charlie, as brett favre tweeted "on to 600." >> we're counting down "thursday night football" when peyton manning and the broncos host the san diego chargers. the game will be on thursday right here on cbs. >> hooray for payton manning. >> a right of fall turns into a
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. let's get right over to the eyewitness weather forecast with carol erickson, standing by on the skydeck. hey, carol. >> good morning, nicole, high, everybody. we do have chilly temperatures out here this morning at the freezing mark in some locations, not all that much warmer in others. we head outside, looks beautiful, 33 degrees, though, greenwood school, in philadelphia, but boy, what a great looking sunrise we've got going on. and we've got temperatures in the 30's,. >> forty-one at the airport on our way to 06 degrees sun, clouds, 50 degrees tonight, milder overnight, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning,
7:27 am
then maybe couple of rain showers on tuesday afternoon no guarantee, chance that far and on wednesday and thursday, as well. but looks great starting on friday. >> carol, good morning, everybody, we start off on cameras here on 95, at cottman avenue. a combination every ongoing construction patterns, normal delay, head over to the schuylkill expressway, city avenue, another pretty normal delay here, so headed westbound where the headlights are coming in toward the king of prussia area, see most of the problems. nicole, back over to you. >> next update at 7:55. up next on cbs this morning, crowd of college students, riot a at pumpkin festival. more local news on the "cw ♪ this flu season...
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i want to ask you about the notorious rbg t-shirt. how did you find out about the notorious rbg t-shirt? >> my grandchildren love it and i try to keep abreast of related things. >> you can't have truth without -- >> yeah. >> truth without ruth. that's supreme court justice ruth bader talking about the tumblr page comparing her to the notorious b.i.g. if her grandchildren know about it, it's a good thing. >> it was nicely done. >> very nicely done. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
mornin morning". vinita nair is with us. good morning. >> good morning. it's wonderful to see you both. coming up this half hour, an american doctor back just after battling ebola in west africa. how she's prepping others and why she turned her back on some of the victims. plus, the violence that broke out just months after a tv show that mocked the police department for beefing up its response to the events. that's ahead. britain's "independent" looks at a scene oust the cold war era. sweden is hunting for what may be a damaged russian sub. this tissue shows a partially submerged stockholm on sunday. the military says it made three sightings of, quote, foreign undersea activity in recent days but russia says there are no emergencies with its military vessels. the "washington post" says dozens of nazis and camps
7:32 am
collected millions in u.s. social security. they found they received benefits as part of the justice department after agreeing to leave the u.s. the payments allegedly continue to this day. "the wall street journal" says apple is rolling out its new payment digital service today. apple pay will allow you to buy items at more than 20,000 stores. so far many stores including walmart are not part of the service. police arrested a possible serial killer in northwest indiana. the suspect allegedly confessed to killing a young whom was found strangled in a motel on friday. he led them to three more bodies. "usa today" has an update on a story we reported earlier this month. more damage control from the ceo of microsoft following the damaging answer to a question about women wanting a raise. >> one of the additional super powers that quite frankly women
7:33 am
who don't ask for raises have because that's good karma. it will come back. >> that got satya nadella in hot water. he now says he interpreted the question super narrowly and that his answer was just wrong. the ebola death toll in west africa now tops 4,500. the spread of the virus shows little signs of ending there. they're getting infected at an alarming rate. elaine quijano sat down with an american doctor-- recently returned from the front lines. >> she traveled with a vol tire organization with the world health organization to care for patients. she's now training others and sharing her experiences with those about to deploy overseas. at this ward in aniston,
7:34 am
alabama, last week, she showed medical workers how to get in and out of their medical equipment. she knows first hand that these suits and this training can save doctors' lives from the ebola virus. >> were you not afraid for your own safety? >> the first time you walk in, you're going to be scared. i had never seen anyone with ebola. >> she worked inside this ramshackled facility. flooded with as many as 100 ebola patients and lacking resources the facility was forced to turn away patients each day. what was a typical day like treating these patient'ses? >> your time in the unit is limited because of the exhaustion that occurs while you're in this personal protective equipment. you start sweating the minute
7:35 am
you put it on. it is unbearable because, you know, i'll give you an example. it's a developing country. electricity goes out all the time. you're in a unit, treating a child. the electricity goes out and it's dark. you leave that child and you know that child will not survive. to leave that patient, it's the hardest thing to do. >> reporter: she says safety is the number one priority. it's killed more than 200 of them. did any of your fellow health care workers contract ebola while you were there? >> at ken ma while i was there two nurses, an ambulance driver and last physician got the disease and died. >> was there anything that you said to yourself every day to kind of keep yourself mindful? >> i was in a tent one of the last days i was there taking care of this man who was older and who's very, very sick.
7:36 am
i said over and over again, what's your name, tell me your name, and he kept mumbling the same thing over and over again and i finally leaned in and what he was saying was "i'm nobody." the reason i had the strength to do what i did is he's not nobody. those patients are human beings. they are families. they are parents, grandparents, kids, and you are seeing entire families getting wiped out from this disease, and that is enough. that was my motivation. >> now, since her return, she's also been speaking at eun verts to answer questions and to push for rae sources for west africa. she could find hers on the front lines again very soon. she hopes to travel to liberia as soon as next month. >> wow. she's incredibly courageous. >> she is. she worries about one thing. she's been watching this debate about the travel restrictions to west africa.
7:37 am
she's very consider thad if, in fact, there is some kind of restriction, health care workers will not be able to get in and out and stop the deadly ebola virus. >> thank you very much. a football hazing scandal. five coaches at sayerville high school are reportedly suspended this morning. the school canceled the entire football season. a new hampshire city became the scene of rioting this weekend involving hundreds of people. at least 30 were hurt, dozens were arrested. vladimir duthiers shows us how dozens were hurt and they got national attention. good morning. >> good morning. the residentet at keene were looking forward to this pumpkin festival. that's the most jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkin carving in one place. college students descended on
7:38 am
the streets for a weekend of partying. they danced on an overturned vehicle, threw cans of beer into the air, and set fire saturday night. police used tear gas to try to disperse the crowds that had taken over the streets near keene state college. the violence began earlier in the day when students spilled out of house parties, tore down street signs, and harassed motorists. all while sinking "seven nation army" by the white stripes. that prompted police in riot gear to move in. university of new hampshire freshman kristen conklin said the police overreacted. >> they started shooting everything with rubber bullets and they attacked one kid in front of a house and ten cops were on him. >> reporter: it marked the keen pumpkin festival, an event that was mocked. >> they enable small towns like
7:39 am
keene, new hampshire, to apply for a bearcat, a military great armored personnel truck, which they needed because as their application argued, the terrorist is often far-reaching and understood for sene and the site of a national target, their pumpkin festival. >> reporter: this weekend officials were not in a laughing mood. the president of keene state college con determined the violence saying we're reviewing images, videos, media coverage, social media postings. the most serious oh fenders will face interim suspension, followed by conduct anxious up to and including ex-pulgs. vlad, thank you so much. >> she's no santa claus but a
7:40 am
woman was charged after being pulled from a chimney from a california home. firefighters used dish soap to free the 30-year-old after police say she tried to break into the house. they say her ex-lives there. he says it's the second time she tried to sneak into the roof. the moral is, be careful who you meet online. >> i can only imagine. neighbors heard her screaming from the chimney. >> dish soap. well, one man answered a call for help when a home caught on fire. >> there's a man inside! >> is everybody out? is everybody out? >> oh, thank god! >> so what happened to that man in the blulue cap? the story is next on "cbs this morning."
7:41 am
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we've got some remarkable video to show you this morning of a shy hero. john blackstone looks at how he risked his own life to rescue someone else from a burning home in central california. >> there's a man in there. >> we've got to get the dad out of there! >> reporter: an elderly man reportedly on a riis sper rater was inside his home in fresno, california, saturday morning when this huge fire broke out. >> the fire was fully engulfed, huge flames coming out of the roof before the fire department even arrived. >> reporter: she had no idea what drama would unfold when she stopped her car to record the scene on her cellphone. >> i remember a man in a blue cap was calmly walked toward the house where the fire was and calmly kept walking back there. the next thing you know, here he
7:46 am
is coming out carrying this man. >> oh, thank god. >> reporter: the rescued man, 73-year-old robert wells suffered nothing more serious than smoke inhalation. no one on the scene knew where his rescuer came from and he seemed to slip away almost as quickly and mysteriously as he arrived. >> i don't know if he was somebody that just stopped because this is a busy street. some people do heroic things and they just walk away, they don't want any recognition, they don't want -- they don't want anyone to know their name, and that's good too. >> reporter: apparently sometimes a good deed is its own reward. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. >> that's an incredible story. we want to know who the guy in the blue cap is. >> i think he doesn't want us to know who he is. >> very brave indeed. have you seen this? the latest accessory for runners. masks.
7:47 am
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out of control.orecaster went a dog named ripple came out. >> currently jasper is at the minus 2 mark. it's 4 at lloydminster. all right, all right. okay. no, no, no. you're going to be able to hold him better? >> that starts to warm up nicely as we get into the weekend. >> okay. you're on your own. all right. you're on your own. do you want to play? 17 on sunday. >> all of this confirms that we should have no dogs in the studio. the 1-year-old shepherd/mastiff cross just wanted to play. he took over the whole forecast
7:52 am
after breaking free from his leash. >> he'll be quickly adopted, no doubt. thousands of legs and lungs are recovering this morning. they braved thick fog in beijing to run a marathon race on sunday. the race began in a haze. some competitors wore masks. some gave up. pollution soared to more than 15 times healthy levels. ugh. conde nast coming up. ♪ oats go! wow! go power oats!
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love your laxative. miralax. good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. let's get out to carol on the skydeck, oh, what a cold one. >> chilly morning, coldest morning we've seen a lot of temperatures at the freezing mark, or slightly below. and some places cents, it is even warmer than we would normally expect. like margate. where you have got temperature of 51 degrees, right now, and it is just as beautiful there. sky wise, as it is every place else. forty-one in philadelphia, 34 trenton, 40 in wilmington, but then you don't have to go too far before you find 32 degrees in mt. holly, 31 doylestown, and 30 in quakertown. cold start to the day, we will be finding our temperatures, climbing, though, we will fine them all the way to 60 maybe even 62 degrees today. sun and clouds. tonight woe drop down to
7:57 am
50 degrees. warmer tomorrow, maybe shower chance, especially as we close out the day. let's check the roads with jessica. >> good morning we start off right now here with our maps, you know, actually we don't. can we see this? i can't see it behind me accident in bensalem, state road, completely closed so completely closed between street and dunks road, alternate, take bristol pike. back to you. >> next update 8:25, next on cbs this morning, what you need to know before giving your chi
7:59 am
in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
8:00 am
it's monday, october 20th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including my conversation with "star wars" creator george lucas, what he thinks is a major threat to hollywood. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> a large group of people who were exposed to thomas eric duncan have passed the monitoring period with no symptoms. >> what about, though, these new guidelines from the cdc? >> it's one thing to make a mistake. the sib is not to learn from those mistakes. >> we were escorted into syria by one of the soldiers who's an
8:01 am
american volunteer. >> one of the fears is you could be capture and executed, beheaded. is that frightening? >> it's not frightening. >> the pope got what he wanted, an open debate by all levels. >> a body was found in a dry creekbed about 11 miles from here. >> the stadiumrupted when he tossed a pass in, number 509. >> bed lamb on the streets. >> he got away. a punt down the sideline by stedman bailey. down the sideline. he'll take it all the way. the seahawks take it down. it goes back for 86 yards for a ram touchdown. >> that looks like something you'd see on the internet. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by walgreens. >> i'm charlie rose with norah
8:02 am
o'donnell and vinita nair. gayle king is on assignment. those who made contact with thomas eric duncan are no longer at risk for getting the disease. he died at a dallas hospital nearly two weeks ago. it's been 21 days since the group came under scrutiny. none showed symptoms of ebola. >> that is good news. it starts this week. the president picked ron klain to oversee the response to the viewer russ. he once served on the vice president's chief of staff. secretary of state john kerry says it is, quote, irresponsible not to help the fighter fighte fighters try to save kobani from defenders. they say the airdrop is helpful but will not decide the outcome. meanwhile holly williams is in
8:03 am
erbil undercover to speak. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we crossed into syria yesterday assisted by a ragtag of fighters. we discovered one is an american volunteer from mississippi. his name is jeremy woodard who's a stormer security guard who left in 2012 after serving in both iraq and afghanistan. last month he spent his own money to fly to turkey and was then smuggled into the war zone. >> they're trying to fight for the homeland and then have terrorists take it from them. i feel like i should help. >> reporter: he has been involved in fierce battles, has aready killed two isis fighters and hopes to kill more. he's fighting alongside mainly muslim soldiers. he told us he believes isis does
8:04 am
not represent the islamic face and wants more people in the u.s. to understand that. norah? >> all right, holly, thank you. pope francis is thank roman catholic bishops for speaking their minds at a historic meeting. there was a mass on sunday in st. peter's square. francis told the catholics not to fear change because, quote, god is not afraid of new things. later they voted on gays and divorced catholics. it sparked a furious response from conservatives. peyton manning t.d. number 3 to demaryius thomas was the big one. >> it broke brett favre's record and sparked a game of keepaway keeping the ball out of manning's reach. >> i have a great appreciate for all the players in the nfl
8:05 am
playing now and who have played before us, but especially at the quarterback position. i've always been a fan of quarterbacks whether it's brett favre or dan moreno and john elway. i'm very honored to join a pretty unique club. >> this morning manning has 510 touchdown passes. that's more than two per game in 16 seasons. remember he had that spiem surgery. >> i love that he said he hasn't played keepaway since he was 8 years old. >> and also the fact he loves quarterbacks. >> yes. >> because he's the best. >> he is. we're counting down to "thursday night football" with manning and the broncos facing the san diego chargers in denver. sports voice coming out. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern right here on cbs. over the weekend i sat down with filmmaker "george lucas" at
8:06 am
chicago ideas week. it will house memorabilia along with works of art and i talked with him about the future of the movie business. >> i think the issue is ultimately what are you selling in the end? you're selling creativity. raw creativity from talented people. now, the problem has always been with the studios, although in the beginning of it the entrepreneurs were creative guys. they took books and turned sunbeam into movies. people were coming in and they didn't know anything about the business. they started hiring kids from film schools. suddenly we got jobs which was a fantastic thing and then the studios said we don't trust you,
8:07 am
we know how to make movies. they change things. they have no imagination and no talent. he said, you're a talented guy, i'll do whatever you want to do. you never hear that today. he said, i don't understand what this is about big dogs and flying spaceships. it doesn't make any sense to me. are you sure it's going to work? i said, i know it's different but i believe in it. >> it's my movie. >> but you can't do that today. you just can't. certain directors have gotten away with doing crazy things but they're very far and few between. if the studios keep doing the same cookie-cutter movie, over and over -- >> it's going to -- >> that's great. a big dogging around.
8:08 am
chewy. chewbac chewbacca. >> he'll always tell you things. mellody hobson is his wife, who we know and love. i said, why do you always have to attack movies, because george is the way he is. >> will that museum have a bunch of "star wars" memorabilia. >> that and his own collection of art since he's a great collector. >> i'd love to hear this organic architecture. i can't wait to see it. >> i've seen it. it's fascinating. coming up on "cbs this morning," would you be scared to work with bill murray?
8:09 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy.
8:10 am
at least once every eight minutes a child somewhere is given the wrong dose of medicine. dr. holly phillips looks at what's behind so many mistakes. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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8:14 am
in our "morning rounds," giving kids the wrong doesz. a new study out this morning shows surprising mistakes adults make at home giving children medicine. our dr. holly phillips is here. dr. holly, good to see you. >> good morning, norah. >> this is an incredible study. >> it is. they looked at a huge amount of data from poison control centers nationwide about mistakes parents make with kids under 6. like tylenol for fever and cost
8:15 am
and colds and antihistamines. >> i think one of the challenges as a mom is when you're doing liquid applications, there's teaspoons, table spoons, and the syringe. is some of the mistake we don't know how to measure what we're doing? >> absolutely. sometimes parents unwittingly double dose their children, right? one caregiver gives the medicine and they don't communicate with the other and they end up giving two doses. the biggest is the dosages. sometimes it will call for it to be dispensed in millimeters and then the device inside is in teaspoons. >> i find it. they all have different size caps and measurements and if you use the wrong cap, you can get confused. >> parents will reach into a drawer and pull out a teaspoon or table spoon and depending
8:16 am
what your silver ware is like you could give 50% more. so i stole this from my office. i won't say stole. i borrowed it from my office. i use it for my own kids. it's a simple sur ridge. on one side it has the milliliters. on one side it has teaspoons. you can get this at any drugstore. >> that's what i use in my house also. >> is there a way for parents to tell that they've given the wrong dose? >> right. well, most of these, charlie, realized they gave the wrong dose rather than parents who had very sick children and figured it out after. if there's ever any question, the number one thing to do is call the poison control center, your doctor, or take the kid to the e.r. >> this comes with all the cough medicines at the same time when doctors say we should be pulling back on those, right? >> that was one thing that was interesting in the study. over the course of ten years, the number of cold and flu
8:17 am
errors went down and that's because we're giving less cold and flu medicine. we still have to be careful. the most important thing is to realize how easy mistakes are to make. >> very important information. first on "cbs this morning," the new list of the best getaways. the editor of conde nast is in our toyota green room with the top picks from nearly 80,000 readers. that's next. >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by campbell's slow cooker sauces. we help you cook a dinner right in the middle of real life. campbell's slow cooker sauces help you cook a real dinner, right in the middle of real life. it's in this spirit that ingu u.s. is becoming a new kind of company. one that helps you think differently about what's ahead,
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8:20 am
8:21 am
nearly 80,000 readers answered the call when conde nast wanted them to rank hotels and cruises around the world. first on "cbs this morning," editor in chief ee lar guzman is here to reveal the top picks. you've got loyal readers. >> we do. >> it took nearly an hour. let's start with the first one. florence, italy. >> it's one of those cities that people come back to again and again. there's a feeling of ownership people have. it's a small city, a jewel box, some of the greatest works of art located within a very tiny radius and i think people feel like it's theirs. >> and their former mayor is now the prime minister. >> yes, exactly. >> is that where george clooney
8:22 am
got married too? >> no, venice. >> and number two, our own charleston, north carolina. >> yes. the little city that could. it's the fourth year in the running so high up on the list. again, think there are so many comparisons between a city like florence and charleston. again, a jewel box with a big food scene. it is one of the most beloved cities an we just keep hearing about it again and again and you're getting big named chefs opening up restaurants and more properties opening up. a very exciting time for charleston and homes in general. >> i heard more and more are buying second homes there. >> i heard. >> you go down the list. laos, bang con, thailand, beirut, lebanon. >> and this little island in the
8:23 am
philippines. >> yes. it's a series of islands, 1,700 little tiny islands. they're chasing that frontier of flawless beaches and empty beaches. it's sort of what bali was 20 years ago. >> you mention beaches and people think family vacations. you load the family up and go to the beach. right now you say dude ranches. >> it's trending. people want to really unplug and i think there's the bonding. you want to get off your device. >> bond with a horse? >> bond with your horse, parallel play with your family on your respective horses, yes. >> still very popular. >> very popular. river cruises is driving the popularity as well. bigger ships, medium sized ships, they're launching new destinations all the time and you're able to reach places that in some case use're not able to
8:24 am
reach by land. >> and african safari, something that's on my bucket list of things to do. >> and still should be. this is -- we're saying this is a great moment for, you know, multi-generational travel. we're seeing whole families go, grandparents, parents, children. they're taking a hard hit because of what's going on. it's important to remember how big the continent is because where we're seeing an outbreak, there's not anywhere near where the safaris are, so keep your travel plans booked. >> can i say one small thing? i noticed the top number 24, in highlands, north carolina. >> yay. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> you can see the award list by
8:25 am
going online to naomi good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. update now on our breaking news from montgomery county. frightening robbery at ride aid pharmacy. police in ambler say a man with a gun walked into the rite aid on bethlehem pike, about 5:00 this morning. he fired a shot inside that store, and got a which with unknown amount of cox i con continue pills. fortunately, no one was injured, and investigators say the man was about 5 feet tall and wore a mask and a hoodie. now, let's get a check on the forecast with carol. chilly one out there on the skydeck. >> it is, but we are seeing improvement. the freeze warning and the frost cents advisory, they've expired, but the temperatures are still cold. beautiful looking start to the day though with all of the blue skies 34 in trenton, but
8:26 am
those temperatures change as go to the north, 33, mt. holly, 31 doylestown, pottstown, quakertown, both three # degrees, at this point. finding warm up today low 60s today, sun, clouds, tonight, we seymour clouds roll in, and the temperatures will be up, asomugha result. 50 degrees overnight. along with the southwesterly wind, helping boost those temperatures so that tomorrow morning a lot more comfortable than this morning. tomorrow, clouds, mild, 66 degrees, we have chance after shower, tuesday, especially in the afternoon, maybe again wednesday and thursday, but after that, it looks pretty nice. let's check on the roads with jessica. >> thank you, good morning, everybody, actually rush hour completely in full swing, so far this morning, we go outside to conshohocken where east fifth avenue and spring mill avenue, weaver an accident involving a school bus, no word on any injuries there. fatal accident also in bensalem, state road, completely closed there your alternate, take bristol pike,
8:27 am
back to you. >> next update at 8:55, up next on cbs this morning, actress naomi watts. more local news weather and traffic on the "cw philly".
8:28 am
8:29 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
8:30 am
morning." coming up this half hour, oscar-nominated naomi watts is in our toyota green room. she plays bill murray's girlfriend in "it's so good." and "birdman." >> we're shown the americans taking on beijing to save the world's oldest distillery. the result could be coming to bar near you. that's ahead. britain's "guardian" says tennis champ serena williams is slamming the rushl official.
8:31 am
he call ed she and her sister te williams brothers. >> i thought the comments were insensitive, extremely sexist as well as racist at the same time and i thought they were, in a way, bullying. >> yeah. the russians officials comments got him suspended for a year from the women's tennis association and he's been fined the maximum $25,000. >> the "washington post" says jay leno was honored last night. the former tonight show host received the mark twain prize for american humor at the kennedy center. fellow comics, jerry seinfeld, chelsea handler, and seth meyers were on hand. leno called it the most wonderful night of his life. "usa today" says two san francisco radio stations are banning lorde's hit song "royals." they say they'll be lorde free zone the duration of the series.
8:32 am
"the daily news" looks at this spider the size of a small puppy. a rare goliath bird eater is the world's largest with two-inch fangs and a leg span of about a foot. the body is the side of a fist. they're so large they've been noun to kill birds. i saw this online at it's the most shared and viewed thing online it's just so incredible. >> i wish there was a puppy there to see it. kind of dangerous for the puppy. with salt lake tribune looks at an investigation as how bikini models ended up as a utah guard camp. they're seen with soldiers firing guns. apparently a noncommissioned officer gave them permission. they were not firing national guard weapons. and t"the hollywood reporte" says one florida mom started a
8:33 am
petition. she wanted toys "r" us to stop selling "breaking bad" action figures. they're based on the television hit. one figure is holding a tray of the drugs. toys "r" us says the dolls are suitable for kids 15 and older. and prince william and kate will celebrate an anniversary next year with a new baby. it was confirmed that the new baby will join brother george sometime in april 2015. they'll be celebrating four years of marriage. she's battling morning sickness but is all right. >> hopefully it's a quiet pregnancy. >> second pregnancy are always easy? >> not necessarily. but she still has that morning sickness issue. naomi watts is known for roles such as "impossible" and "21 grams" and "king kong" and
8:34 am
"the ring." she plays alongside bill murray as a pregnant russian woman. >> i think you've got a good case. >> this stupid bum is costing me a lot money. >> it's going to cost you a lot more pretty soon. >> it's not he. >> she? >> how do i know this? am i a psychic? >> they have things. >> maybe i call insurance employer, yes? >> welcome naomi watts with that russian accent. i think the question all of us wants to know because everybody seems to love him so much is how is it to act and be on a set with bill murray? >> it's so good. the anticipation of it was terrifying. i just thought this is going to be so scary because he's so good what he does. i heard he doesn't suffer fools
8:35 am
and doesn't fall in love with everyone right away, and so i was -- i was kind of terrified and just not having done comedy before or for a long time. >> and did he help you overcome your fear? >> well, i sort of had to do that on my own. i decided the only way to approach it was to arrive in character and not give him a chance to see any of my fear and so i had the accent down and i also knew that i'd be improvising with him because, you know, he goes wherever he wants to go. i had to learn the accent to a point where i was able to feel free enough to go anywhere. >> tell us about the accent though. you were born in england and grew up in australia. it's a well done australian accent. >> there's a lot available on youtube and videos from women looking for a better life and then also i found this little
8:36 am
russian spa in the west village and went there and got manicures and taped these women. >> that's the best way to expense a manicure. >> yeah. i learned the accent. on the first day with bill i just came in and started speaking to him. i thought the best way to get over my fear is to make sure i terrify him. >> it's such an incredible role. it's such a star-studded cast. you're known for your dramatic role. now you play this pregnant russian stripper. you even have a prosthetic in the film. >> yes. that took hours of standing on a slanted board while they applied it. yeah. all great things that help you make this sort of wacky one character. >> it's a good time to be naomi
8:37 am
watts. not only are you in "st. vincent" with bill but with my cal keaton in "bird man." i looked for roles that don't take up all my time and is at home. >> it's funny you think about it as a small role. i just felt like every time you were on scene i was smiling and laughing. how do you balance it all then? >> it is. it's a balancing act. but i've always had the take that i have and i'm always willing to work with great material and film actors in both of these movies. it was -- >> speaking of great architects, there's an 11-year-old who plays a central role. his name is jaden. i have never seen him before. i mean incredible acting.
8:38 am
>> he really was special, really wonderful and he had such a great experience with bill and bill sort of liked worked really closely with him and they had some really magical moments. >> and melissa mccarthy play is his mother. >> it was wonderful. it was an incredible break for me not having done that much comedy and to be in the middle of those two people, two of the great comedic geniuses. >> what is it about australia? so many good actors have come out of australia. >> i don't know. i think they have a great training there and great level of prees yags. everyone works very hard there in australia and we feel very fortunate. yeah. i mean i -- it was great. >> nicole, kate. >> russell, kate, hugh jackman. >> hugh jackman. >> and nicole who at one point you were the nanny for. >> i wasn't -- i was never hernany. i was her friend, but we did
8:39 am
hang out with each other and the kids all the time, yes, yes. >> would you like to work with your husband. >> pardon? >> would you like to work with your husband? >> oh, yes. we did one movie a long time ago but it's been a while. maybe sometime on the stage or something, that would be a great. >> we look forward to seeing what's next. >> he has such a great role in ray donovan. >> oh, yeah. such a good show. >> congratulations on the movie. really enjoyed it. >> thank you. >> "st. vincent" is in select theaters now. ahead, to keep the flowing tra diagnosis continuing. >> it's one you never heard of. i'm seth h doane.
8:41 am
8:43 am
. france is known for its love of wine and japan, sake. what about popular nations. seth doane has a story on a chinese business companying
8:44 am
facing new challenges. good morning. >> good morning. this is strong stuff. it's about 60% alcohol. compare that to 40% alcohol in something like vodka. it is ubiquitous on the chinese dinner table at big important events but now china's president's corruption crackdown is presenting a new challenge for this old beverage. this looks more like an archaeological site. >> it is. american ceo jim rice is running the oldest distillery in the world. he's uncovered artifacts in the beijing floor dating back to the ming dynasty. they have been drinking baijiu for more than 400 years. rice's company makes about 8,000 bottles earl year in china. the chinese drank more than 11 million liters of baijiu last
8:45 am
year. by vacuum that makes baijiu the most consumed spirit in the world. >> it's packaged in elaborate boxes and sells for hundreds, even thousands of dollar as bottle, and in china these days that price tag makes it a target. you've seen revenues really plummet. >> the government had no policy against zrextravaganceses so it did go down a lot. >> he issue add crackdown to try to clean up the communist government. it's not on banquet tables and gift boxes as much anywhere but jim rice has a plan. >> they've seen baijiu sales
8:46 am
drop and you'll sell more if you look at the higher end of the market? >> absolutely. the inside economy is still good. land rover or louis vuitton still sell very well. there is a market for high-classed products, so we're going to stand there. >> a special edition batch will retail more more than $10,000 a bottle, unbelievably one of the secrets to this fancy spirit lies in these mud pits. >> you don't think of mud as importing flavor. you think of french oak or something like that. >> that's true but there's good mud. >> these yeasts are buried and left to per fehr meant for 90 days. then the mixture is dumped up and distilled. it's often served in tiny glasses. >> cheers. >> clears. >> rice hopes to boost sales by breaking into other markets including into america.
8:47 am
>> wow, it's strong. >> yeah. >> and that presents another challenge all together. >> how do you describe the taste of baijiu? >> i'm not sure of the best way to describe it. i would say it's kind of like a bleu cheese. >> it's sort of an acquired taste. >> every region all across china has their own baijiu. >> this 44-year-old chinese-american opened capital spirits, a baijiu bar in beijing. he envisions expanding one day to brooklyn where early adopters are always looking for the next thing. >> most people come here thinking why would i want to come to a bar for baijiu because baijiu is horrible. >> what's the answer? >> the thing is i probably convert 90% of the people that come in here. >> reporter: jim rice says there's practical advice.
8:48 am
>> if you're going to do business in china, you'd better know baijiu. >> exactly. >> reporter: to begin you a sense of how big the industry is here in china, lat year it did more than $50 billion worth of business. vinita? >> wow. >> they would trust us then. >> $50 billion. that's a market i was intrigued of the high alcohol content but bleu cheese. >> you like the high alcohol content but not the bleu cheese. >> i'd like to try it. a paralyzed man walks hand in hand with his new bride. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
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well, it's not oft that the groom steals the spotlight at a wedding. matt is paralyze and he borrowed an ex-oh skeleton. look at this. it's a little hard to see. he's wearing it on his suit. he dreamed of walking again for the ceremony after an accident. after exchanging vows he walked his bride jordan down the aisle. he told "cbs this morning" it felt awesome. they started dating after the accident. he's saving money to buy his own suit. it runs about $130,000. >> she said it was his dream to walk down the aisle. she said i didn't care. i just want him by me for the rest of my life.
8:53 am
>> we'll see you. you have been great.
8:54 am
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. police are searching for two mask and armed men, who barge into a house near the temple university campus and terrorize student. investigators say those men tied up and robbed six student who live along the 1800 block of north 18th street. suspect burr in, one of the temple students pistol whipped, we're told, eyewitnesses say one of the suspect wearing bucks county community college. and you need a sweatshirt headed outside. good morning. >> yes, then jacket over that. but not for long. because the temperatures will be warming up, it is cents beautiful out here this morning. pretty cold, as well. let's take a look, 41 degrees
8:56 am
in philadelphia, 34 trenton, 41 degrees in wilmington, hey look how trenton just bumped up to 41, that's how fast these temperatures are coming up. we will be finding these temperatures climbing 33, up to 36 degrees, so many areas just doing several agree ride at one time. sixty for our high today, maybe 62 degrees sun, clouds, thicken up even more, 50 degrees overnight. and tomorrow, chance of a shower with 66 degrees, then right around 06 degrees for both wednesday, thursday, other chances cents of showers should be dry by the end of the week. >> thank you, good morning, everybody, we go outside, check out 309, at stump road. where you can see police ac ted at this for accident clean up on the scene. taking out these turn lanes, and part of the right hand lane and everybody's casino of squeezing on by taking out part of the shoulder, over on the ben franklin bridge, actually from the philly side. so coming from new jersey, headed westbound, into the city, be right here, you can
8:57 am
see, actually, losing some of the right hand lane due to the ongoing construction, still moving along nicely, headed from philly eastbound, into new jersey, you should have no problems, erika, back to you. >> that's eyewitness fuse for now, talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3, i'm erika von tiehl. have a great day.
8:58 am
in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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>> 3, 2, 1. >> here's what's coming up today on the doctors. >> the addiction that has her eating raw flour and the mammogram makeover, a new test you need to know about. >> what type of imaging, screening is best for me? >> then? >> here's what's breaking in today's news in two. >> glenn campbell has been making music history for decades and still is. >> the starce support the music icon as he battles a deadly disease! á >> ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hello, everyone! thank you so much for tuning in. we have a special guest today helping us kick things off. it's our favorite lifestylist, moll anderson. welcome back, moll! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> i just love being here. >> we love having you here. >> t y