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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they are people who have been through an incredible ordeal, and there are people who need our compassion, our respect, and our love. >> reporter: about 120 more people, continued to be monitored in texas. including, people who came in contact with the two nurses who contractede bowl, while caring for duncan. nina pham and amber vinson are in stable condition in hospitals in maryland and atlanta. cdc is announcing stricter procedures for health care workers treating ebola patients including full body suits and hoods and the pentagon announced it is forming a special military quick response team. in dallas, omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the east bowl a in the u.s. and overseas, we have assembled an on line resource guy to help keep you informed and you can check it out at cbs ebola concerns hit a local school, keeping students who had recently moved from africa at home instead of in
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the classroom. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at chrome yokem elementary in maple shade with the details, cleve. >> reporter: chris, better safe than sorry. clearly scene here in maple shade. parents becoming a bit concerned when they learned that some students had either come from or been through africa were about to start class here. an bound answer of caution from the school district to put out more information to alleviate concerns. >> it is a little scary. >> reporter: parents protective instincts kick several days ago when they became aware of two new students who spent time in africa were enrolled and about to start contracts in yokem elementary school. >> tell he were going to come and i think they should have taken more precautions. and get everybody, feedback. >> reporter: maple shade school district has tried to clarify the the situation telling parent they are from an unaffect region of east africa and they have no i am is toms of ebola. as precaution and alleviate fears of fellow parents the
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family decided to keep their kids at home a week beyond 21 day monitoring period with them taking at digsal week out past 21 days, it is a little bit more, puts a little bit more my concerns and fears at ease. >> reporter: school district wouldn't whether the family was from right wand a it is more than two you this miles a what the from the epi center of ebola out break. parents say even if the chances on have the student being in contact with ebola is remote the seriously necessary of the disease is enough to cause concern when it is their kids and grand kids involved. >> people are starting to panic and this creates more anxiety, i think with the people. >> there needs to be open communication and i felt that there was. people are going to react the way they are a's going to react based on their own personal experiences and their fears. >> reporter: the school district says when the students arrived and they go to class they won't face any restrictions, or have to go through any special medical monitoring. we're live from maple shade, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". >> all right cleve, thanks very much. it is a story that does have people talking tonight and we'd love for to you join the conversation. follow us on facebook or on twitter. some breaking news right now you a philadelphia adjudge puts a hold on the school reform commission's decision to cancel the philadelphia teachers contract. the teachers protested last week following the src announcement. the philadelphia federation of teachers requested the the priest limb nature i injunction. the school reform commission plans to file an appeal. their attorney argued having teachers paying into health care would have saved 44 million-dollar this year and 50 million-dollar yearly after that. pft president jerry jordan released a a statement reading in part saying the decision is a testament to the notion that these kinds of contract changes should be decided at the bargaining table. we are still awaiting comment from the src. and develop right now, indiana police say a convicted sex offender charged with murder could be link to murders going back to 20
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years. investigators believe darren van met a 19 year-old woman for sex and strangled her inside a motel room on saturday. a friend, contacted police, and gave them his phone number leading to a search warrant. and once in custody he allegedly told police about that crime and others. >> admitted his involvement in the incident and expressed an interest in notifying police of other criminal incidents he was involved with. this included initially describing and then helping detect us locate three other victims in the city of gary. >> three other victims were also found, bringing the the total number of murder victim to seven. this investigation is ongoing, so far, van has only been charged with the murder of the teenager. retired philadelphia police officer known for her work trying to track down missing children has been killed. sixty-nine year-old virginia hill, was found badly injured in her home near norfolk, virginia she later died at a hospital. hill was a veteran of the philadelphia police department who devoted her career to the
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cases of missing children. members of her family, are devastated by her loss tonight. >> it is a a nightmare. we are still waiting to awake up from it. >> it is just owe hard. >> there is no indication right now as to the cause of death. now virginia hill was not your average police officer, to the thousands of families whose lives that she touched. the the many children, that she helped to find. to them she was a saint. at 6:00 o'clock tonight our walt hunter will talk to some of those affected people, including the sister of a little boy, hill helped to find. a school bus carrying special needs students collides with a dump truck sending several people to the hospital. that crash knock the the school bus on its side and it happened this morning at south vintage road in paradise, lancaster county. we talked to one parent his son was on the bus. >> i had just got to work and the principal had called me and said my son's bus was in
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an accident. there were four students, a bus driver and two aids on the bus. >> as far as i know there has been no serious injuries. >> the the cause of the crash is now under investigation. meantime a deadly accident in bensalem is under investigation tonight, police say a car crashed head on into this tractor trailer, killing the driver of that car. it happened this morning, at the intersection of state and street roads. the truck driver was not injured. right now police do not believe that the drugs or alcohol were a factor in that accident. well, a carjacking ends with a crash, and an arrest in ogontz today, chopper three overhead, just afternoon time, as police took a suspect into custody near the intersection of olney and ogontz. we're told that a second person, ran off on foot and remains at large tonight. all of this started with an armed robbery at a sunoco station in logan. it does ant appear that anyone was hurt.
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we saw a frosty start to the the day but now we're tracking a chance for showers. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first check of the forecast, kathy. >> we have rebounded really nicely, jessica, i had sunshine and now more clouds then anything else but temperatures have bounced back in, to the the 50's and the 60's, but look at some of these numbers, i mean we are digging way back into the archives, looking at some of these morning lows, in atlantic city the cool spot is 30 degrees. that was at the the airport. below freezing in millville, and the poconos, and allentown, recording in at 32 degrees. wilmington 36. philadelphia is 39. that is the coldest temperature we have seen since last april. right now, some 60's through philadelphia, wilmington and points to the south and east. to the north and west only in the 50's. average high is 65 for this time of the year. the clouds will help to keep temperatures well above freezing tonight, and we will slowly fall, into the 50's, through philadelphia, even by 11:00 p.m. coming up we are tracking some showers on storm storm three
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and we can see so long to the sunshine. we will not see that for a while. we will lot at the timing of the rain and it gets windy again some bad hair days, this week, we will track it with storm scan three, later in the broadcast. >> all right the kathy, thank you. it is now day 39 of the manhunt for eric frein, man suspect of killing a pennsylvania state trooper, and seriously injuring another. security has been increased around pocono mountain east high school after a woman reported seeing a mud covered man, carrying a rifle in that area, friday night. officials say dna tests on blood found on a porch is not frein's and substance found on another nearby home was not human blood. philadelphia police are looking for a suspect who gunned down a 27 year-old man. this happened overnight, on the 1800 block of east ontario street in kensington. victim was shot in the head, and back and pronounced dead at the hospital. police say that the violence could have been much worse
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after stray bullets struck several homes in that area. authorities are also searching for a man who opened fire, inside of the rite aide pharmacy in ambler, montgomery county. then got away with an unknown number of oxycontin pills this happened around 5:00 this morning in the 1200 block of bethlehem pike. in one was injured, investigators say this suspect business 5 feet tall and he ran away south, on bethlehem pike. well, work is underway on a new headquarters for the philadelphia police department. "eyewitness news" at forty-sixth and market in west philadelphia. where the the ceremonial ground breaking was held. the the old provident mutual life insurance life building will be renovated and will house the police department as well as medical examiner's office, the morgue and the department of health. that new headquarters will allow the the department to vacant current headquarters at eighth and race. well, it is cold and flu season, and we know parents at some point will likely to have give their kids some kind of medicine. >> but surprising number of parents aren't doing it
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correctly that is one story still ahead. plus a crazy rescue after a woman gets stuck in the chimney we will tell you how she got there and why she ended up in jail after her rescue. a really close call for a tv crew caught on camera as they are almost run down by a tractor trailer. >> rare baby photos we see a mother panda taking care of her little one and this is not even taken in the zoo. we will be right b
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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well, a close call for a tv crew in north cattle, this photographer from cairo, tv
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was setting up for a live shot from when a semi was copping barreling towards them. the the truck missed the reporter a and photographer and crashed in the concrete barrier. pretty close call there both men are said to be okay tonight. a florida man was testing out video on his new smart phone and wound up capturing this a 20-ton crane crashing to the ground. yikes. the crane operate the or works for a tree service that was commission todd remove branches from a rotting tree and he did not expect apparently the tree to buckle under the pressure. >> it just twisted, and then it crushed this minivan with the boom. i watched the crane operator, do a tuck and roll in a 5-foot area and jump up and survive and nobody got hurt. >> three cars and a rv were destroyed, crews work for several hours to upright that massive piece of menry and clear a waste all of the debris.
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bizarre rescue in southern california, police say a woman tried to break in the home when she got stuck in the chimney. neighbors heard crying, they called police and that is when they found this woman trapped inside. fire rescue crews had to take chimney apart to get to her and then they used dish soap to slide her out. she was treated at the hospital and then arrested and taken to jail. search is on to find a hero who ran into a burning home to save a man. >> everybody out of there. >> my daddy is in there. i have to get him out. >> you might have seen the the hero there running out there with the man in his arms, right there. officials in fresno, california said the man was still hook up to an oxygen tank when found in that home. he was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation, as for the man who risked his life there, neighbors say's appeared to come out of in where. well, on the healthwatch today parents often make
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mistakes when it comes to giving their children medicine according to a new study, researchers at the nationwide children's hospital say that tens of thousands of kids are given either the wrong medicine, or an incorrect dosage. doctors say that the most common mistakes are made with painkillers and fever reducers. in fact experts say one child is affected every eight minutes. good evening, everyone, if you are traveling on any of our majors it is surprising. we were going through cam were shots and it is lighter then usual. look at the schuylkill expressway, great example of that traveling westbound you'll note ace approaching girard avenue disabled vehicle at the shoulder here not causing a problem but you have a good amount of space between vehicles not only westbound but eastbound. it is not every where. continuing further west you will have delays approaching city avenue out through gladwynn and eastbound around conshohocken curve. looking at 95, i-95 also moving along pretty
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swimmingly. let jump over to the wide because if you are traveling gannon our majors, our speed sensors are not awful at all. fifty's what you are traveling on 76 around the vine street expressway. traveling on the vine you will have delays around schuylkill westbound too and eastbound coming from down towards brad street area. fifty-five and 95 in delaware county we will hit delays on the roosevelt boulevard both north and southbound. coming from the area of the schuylkill. watch out for a delay on the eastbound side of the turnpike around mid county tolls no delays for mass transit and to the airport things are looking great, chris and jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. still to come tonight, cleaning up dirty clothes without any water. we will show you the washing machine that is said to put a new spin on the way we do laundry. an elephant never forgets the but it also turns out they may be able to predict the weather. what kind of on storms they can hear from miles away, we are coming right back.
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kathy orr has very big competition out there, and we mean big. researchers say elephants are tops in the animal kingdom when it comes to meteorology. the university of virginia and texas a and m claim that pachyderms have the ability to sense an approaching thunderstorm up to a 150 miles away. fourteen heard were tracked for seven years, and elephants movements were then associated with the direction of rain. elephants have a very good,
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had very good hearing and can a apparently hear low frequencies produced by rain and thunder that humans cannot. big ears. >> yes, you have very good hearing too. >> i don't have those ears. >> they cannot read radar. >> no, they can't do that. >> but we remember with the tsunami that hit in indonesia all of the animals ran for higher ground and folks nate turf that area followed them because they knew the animals do just necessity. >> they just know, yeah. >> weather-wise we are tracking our radar because we know we have rain on the way for at least the next couple of days. it will be a mid week kind of doll drums before we get back in the sunshine. lets the look at outside, expect tack to lar afternoon of the poconos at jack frost big boulder no snow just yet but peak fall color very pretty in the poconos, for at least, viewing coming up this weekend. down the shore, right along the the shore in atlantic city temperatures in the so cold this morning. but at the airport in atlantic
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city the coldest temperatures around, the immediate region around 30 degrees. so very chilly. another very cold spot, will take you to with our live neighborhood network spot in kutztown at the area middle school. i want to you look at this picture. we are starting off before sunrise, it is spectacular. you will see the frost. temperatures dip slightly below 30 degrees. here comes the the sun, and beautiful, sunrise and there is the frost, quickly being erode add way, by the sunshine. but then clouds continue. we will will show you one more time because we were, like looking at this. i'll step out. here's sunrise over kutztown. beautiful. areas of frost giving way to some dryer conditions, and temperatures only rising in to the 50's this afternoon. elsewhere, we are looking at a big rebound as well. philadelphia's morning low 39. the coldest morning, since april 21st. and, we had a nice rebound as well 62 right now. allentown 59. poconos 51.
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and some 60's to the south and east. to the north and west in the 50's and we are going to see some of that cooler air again. storm scan three we are tracking a few scattered showers, really in big deal, tomorrow. a bigger deal come late wednesday and into thursday. so here comes this frontal boundary with a few scattered showers, more clouds then anything else but as this low, moves off shore, the cool air behind it will be pulled down. the moisture will continue as well and we will talk about breezy and damp conditions wednesday but in particular, thursday and that means rain and temperatures only in the 50's. we will not break out until friday. future weather shows tomorrow afternoon, some spotty showers, here and there. and then by wednesday some afternoon showers, more numerous moving in from the ocean and then early thursday morning we will get big batch rotating through and after that we will begin to dry it out, late on thursday. so, during the the overnight period we're just talking about mostly cloudy skies, low 50 a in philadelphia. not quite as coal.
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few afternoon scattered showers for your tuesday and then heading to the poconos to see that beautiful fall foliage best day would be thursday, damp and then clearing skies. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast you can see showers wednesday, damp on thursday, and then improving conditions. you can get your updated forecast anytime with the cbs philly weather app check live radar get severe weather updates and share your storm and foliage pictures with us. down load app on itunes and google play. we will be right back with
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose
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backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. well, when eagles return to work tomorrow to start preparing for sun a game in arizona they will be in second place half game behind the cowboys.
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teams were tied going in to yesterday's games. cowboys got three touchdown passes from tony romo and another, 100-yard game from dimarco mur toy beat giants 31-21. murray broke jim brown's record with seven straight hundred yard games to start a season. cowboys are six and one. the birds are five and one. nfl has a new touchdown king, last night payton manning threw four touchdowns, and this one to demar us thomas. number 509 breaking brett favre's rorrer. broncos won 42-17. after the game payton reflect on the milestone. >> i have always been a fan of quarterbacks whether it is brett favre, dan marino or john elway. so i'm very honored and humled to join a pretty unique club. when you they in guys like johnny unites and other guys that my dad, guys that were my dad's heroes growing up as well, it is, i can put tonight some perspective. >> after the game, the teammates playing keep away with the ball that ball, now,
5:27 pm
is on its way to the football hall of fame, he is a first ballot lock for the hall, and with the way he has been playing, probably not hanging up those cleats anytime soon. >> no, they were saying he could throw 80 more touchdown passes. wow, pretty special. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. so which pacitti has the worst accent? this should be an interesting debate. fans of the popular web site are speaking out and we will have that for you the in the next half an hour. >> plus some news on the royal baby watch we will tell you when prince george can expect to meet his new baby brother or sister. speaking of baby pictures thaw will never get tired of seeing rare video of the mother panda caring for her little one in the wild. new at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive a young girl using a makeshift wheelchair after hers is stolen, and that is not all, we will tell you why she was turn away from her school bus tonight on "eyewitness news"
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i'm chris may with the top stories for you, emery university hospital in atlanta has released a third ebola patient tonight. that patient had been unidentified at this point but he is determined to be free of the virus and he pose knows threat to the public.
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in indiana, police believe that they may have arrested a serial killer, darren van, has reportedly confessed to killing a teenager, and leading officers to the bodies of six other women. until the investigation is complete the he has only been charged with that teen's killing. man hunt for suspect trooper killer eric frein in the 39th day, and there is more security at pocono mountain east high school have after a possible sighting near the the campus, and dna tests have concluded that a substance found at two homes nearby was not blood, kate. thanks, chris. good evening. we are enjoying a chilly day feeling more like november, then mid-october. lets take a look at our weather headlines to start us off here gray glummy stretch as we go through mid week time frame with rain chances every day. we will break down the chance each particular day and what about the weekend does it clear out. we have had good luck in the past couple weeks, i will have more information with the seven day forecast, coming up,
5:32 pm
jessica. well, searchers discovered remains of the body believed to be a missing university of virginia student. correspondent craig boswell has the latest from washington d.c. on the disappearance of hanna graham. >> police will spend another day looking for evidence in the heavily wooded area in virginia where they found wooded remains over the weekend. it could be hanna graham, the 18 year-old university of virginia student missing for more than a month. a pair of dark tight pants, like those graham was wearing the night that she disappeared were found near the body. sergeant dale carry led the team that made the discovery. >> i don't know how else to explain it other than something inside me just to continue to look. god wanted to us find what we found. >> reporter: graham was last seen in the earl will i morning hours of september 13th. surveillance video captured her with three two-year old jesse leroy matthew junior. police track him down in galveston texas and charged him with graham's abduction.
5:33 pm
police say they also have evidence linking matthew to the 2009 murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. harrington's body was located about 5 miles from the remains found saturday. harrington's father says he hopes that the discovery will bring peace to the graham family. >> not knowing for 39 months was worse than knowing that morgan was dead. >> reporter: the results of forensic toes confirming the identity of the remains are expect in the coming days. craig boss well, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the search continues for the the man who terrorized a group of temple students after marching in their off campus house last night. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao shows us it was one frightening need. >> reporter: tight up, staring down barrel of the gun is what roughly half a dozen temple university students experienced on north 18th street, sunday night. >> awful, scary. >> reporter: alexis segal lives here in the 1900 block. police say two men with guns
5:34 pm
made their way inside their neighbor's home tied up at least six people inside and robbed them at gunpoint. it has her and her roommates thinking about safety. >> i will get more locks on our doors and just keep practicing safe measures. >> reporter: temple university said home invasion and robbery may not have been random and that is still under investigation. police say two suspects followed one of the victims into his house and demanded contents of a locked box and pistol whipped him. six people were restrained as identified as temple student ranging from 18 to 20 years old. suspects got away with cash and electronic. a scary night for students, one that still has them talking to day about personal safety both on and off campus. >> if you are paying attention tour surroundings you know what is going on. >> i never go alone. i am always with friend. >> watching what time you go out, going down dark streets. >> reporter: in the meantime police are still searching for those to suspects. if you have any information they want you to give them a call.
5:35 pm
reporting from temple university, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new relax marijuana law is in effect in philadelphia a police will issue a $25 fine for anyone they catch with less than an ounce of marijuana anyone caught smoking pot in public they will receive a hundred dollar fine and up to nine hours of community services. officials say new policy does not legalize marijuana use or possession but it does allow law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes. when members of the armed forces leave military sometimes they have a tough time finding civilian jobs. kyw news radio cherry greg tells us about a job fair that helps veterans and their spouses develop a resume highlighting unique skills. >> reporter: from gray, white fatigues to a gently used designer suit and tie. >> casual man, simple, black on black maybe. >> reporter: eighteen year-old jose figure row just completed his first year in the army national guard and needs a part-time job to help save for college but he had a hard time
5:36 pm
explaining to employers about his military experience. >> i'm 13 bravo, heavy artillery. it is kind of hard to explain but dealing with heavy equipment artillery wise. >> it is challenging for veterans to equate what they did in the service and apply that in the civilian work force. >> reporter: union league brought in job coaches for one on one mentoring to link veterans the two right employers. >> it is a room that has been filled since the day started. >> reporter: roughly 250 people attend today's job fare but with more than a quarter million veterans leaving military service every year more of these will be needed. but many employers say veterans make the the best employees. >> just the skill sets that they have, they are hard work he ethic, their integrity. >> reporter: for figueroa, after his resume a suit make over the future seems bright. >> biggest challenge would i say would be like having a hard time just choose to go which to choose because they are all amazing great people.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: in center sit the eye cherry greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". crews plan to demolish a bridge in montgomery count that i connects lower and upper providence township. the air cola road bridge spans the perkiomen creek. following that demolition crews will erect a new bridge in the same location. >> we expect this bridge to be opened no later than july of 2016. meeting the original commitment made to the public and hopefully being able to take a few months off of that, as well. >> the total cost of this replacement project 7.7 million-dollar. good evening, everyone. we have a few things going on but lets talk first about rush hour delays if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard you will net is a squeeze, on the north bound side from the schuylkill expressway all the way through to that broad street exit is just a long lazy river of traffic. you will need to give yourself more time. same thing traveling on i-95 in either direction through construction zones of cottman avenue and girard.
5:38 pm
touch of the vine street expressway, traveling on the schuylkill express waste all and all we are not awful. speed sensors in the 30's but eastbound we will hit that pocket of traffic approaching 476 and we will definitely have delays traveling on 422, making your way around oaks, and if you are traveling in center city philadelphia we have a fire location, closing 12th street at spruce. but your best alternate would be to use walnut or lombard. no major delays for mass transit. things looking good at the airport. the chris and jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. with a simple swipe of your phone apple unveils a brand new way to pay we will have for you up next. how about washing your clothes without any water, makers of the brand new washing machine claim it doesn't need what the tore get those tough stains out. we will put it to the test. we will show you the day, the weather truly went to the dogs. kate? well, i cannot promise to have a dog on set with me but i do have some changes in the forecast, we are tracking showers and perhaps even some steady rain throughout the
5:39 pm
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or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you.
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apple launched a new system to make it easier to shop with their smart phones. apple pay can be used at many retailers and web site as a way to check on it a pay for purchases. before you get too excited you should know digital wallet technology is only available for brand new i phone six, and the six plus. new survey find almost half of shoppers will avoid retailers affect by data breaches when they, do their holiday shopping this year. 45 percent of americans surveyed said that they with definitely not or probably not shop at some of the retailers, during the the upcoming holiday season. that includes stores like target, home depot and neiman marcus. those and others who were hacked and customers had their credit and debit card information illegally accessed. trending now, a weatherman in canada encounters just more than he can handle will when a dog steps into help with the the forecast. >> we have jasper at minus
5:43 pm
2-degree mark. minus three in edmond ton. >> well, pull harder, pull harder. global news weather specialist mike somebody he will had trouble with ripple a within year-old shepherd cross, and the dog was jim him will to promote adoption with the edmonton human society but this is good, since airing video has gone viral and many people are showing interest in adopting ripple there. >> got a lot have of energy, ripple. >> yes. >> a chinese release this video of the the new born panda, first time an infrared camera was used to show the a cub in the we will. cub was first seen october 6th, resting in a cave. second video the following day shows the the mother panda licking the cub and later cuddling her baby until it falls asleep. good mom there. >> beautiful. within thing to see it in the zoo but up close. >> it is so rare, very, very cool and fun to check out. >> we will be right back
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well, it is official, philadelphia accent is not the worst in the country, cord to go >> the honor goes to, pittsburgh. >> yep. >> that sit won web site's ugliest accent tournament beating another pennsylvania pacitti, scranton. the gossip news site set up a
5:47 pm
tournament bracket for this putting what it deem to be 16 mess ugly accents in the united states against each other. other cities in the tournament included philadelphia, atlanta and also boston. well, at least we have that going for us we are not most ugly accent in the world. the lets look at this picture from kevin wilson in havertown. he sent this in on our weather watcher network which you can join cbs philly dot the come/watchers. you can see frost on the ground in havertown and brightly colored leaves as well, it was a very cold start to this monday morning, many spots, below, 40 and a lot of areas actually sub freezing with frost on the ground. it will not be quite as cold tonight, reason is as you can see here on storm can three is clouds are moving in and clouds keep us warmer throughout the overnight hours. the reason is they kind of work like a blanket does when you are sleeping when body cools, blanket traps that heat and keeps you warm. so cloudy nice and warmer then a clear night. we have clouds insulating us
5:48 pm
tonight. there could be a stay shower. we could sees a few over central and western pennsylvania but back into ohio is where real wet weather is at the moment and it is heading our way by the middle of the week. it looks like late wednesday into thursday will be wetest time frame we will see through the week. temperatures right now are advertised in the mid 60's. we are a at 26 at the airport. sixty-nine in allentown. sixty-nine in reading as well. very chill 51 in mount pocono what to expect? heading in to tomorrow morning we will see 4:00 a.m. chance for a stray shower here and there we will see sun midday tomorrow. notice showers are just lurking throughout the area. we can see one at anytime throughout the afternoon and evening especially. heading in to wednesday, note is what is happening off shore as this system gathers some moisture it ramps up and will start to toss moisture back into portions of the northeast. so wednesday afternoon we have showers all around the region. then look at this, thursday morning batch of heavier rain moves through as that moisture band spins back and right through the day thursday we are looking at a threat for
5:49 pm
rain. it does look like best chance of steady rain and prolonged period of steady rain will be on thursday. look at your rain chances 506789 percent chance tomorrow depending where you are. some spots may not see rain but cannot rule out showers. up to 80 percent on wednesday and thursday, and then friday we will try to clear things out. we will put 10 percent chance of rain in there. we cannot rule out instability showers as this system moves away. so by wednesday midday though we are not looking a lot, less than half inch. wednesday night into thursday that these amounts start to inflate with some spots looking at close to an inch of rain. so it is not a complete wash out this week but very unsettled, we will see chance for showers, just been day. and now speaking of that fall chill in the air we are seeing color around the region. high color from the lehigh valley in the north and western suburbs. moderate color in philadelphia and much of south jersey things are looking beautiful in the poconos. and overnight mostly cloudy just a stray sprinkle, 50 degrees. not as cold a as last night. for your tuesday, mostly cloud which a few showers in the afternoon and a few breaks of sun early though. you're witness weather seven
5:50 pm
take forecast, it is chilly on wednesday, and thursday, both days with the threat for some showers, even some steady rain, into thursday and then friday, partly sunny, breezy and a little bit better. take a look at weekend, saturday, sunday, monday, looking fantastic with highs in the mid 60's and lots of sunshine. now, we have our first taste of november temperatures overnight but what can we expect when november actual a lives. meteorologist justin drabick gives us a sneak peak at the winter outlook, justin. >> well, kate this morning we had a first widespread cross frost across the delaware valley. will chilly temperatures continue into november. lets check out climate prediction center for the month of november. out west warmer than average temperatures. that extend in the northern plains. also mid-atlantic and northeast. look at that well above average. temperatures expect for the month of november. will this be the trend in, to the the upcoming winter? well there is a lot of factors that go into a winter out look big one will be the potential for el nino this is warmer
5:51 pm
than average tropical pacific ocean water many it impact global weather patterns. el nino is forecast to develop in the next one to two months. the lets check out that inter outlook issued by know a the temperatures deep south, florida expecting cooler than average temperatures. again out west, warmer than average, that, extend up in the northern plains. lets check out mid-atlantic a and north east. northeast, forecasting to be well above average, once again but here in the delaware valley, equal catches of below or above average temperatures. the as of right new there is no signal indicating either way at the this point. how about the precipitation this map is classic for el nino. again, more ago i have storm track across the the south. that is where we are expecting much above precipitation, here in the mid atlantic and northeast we will still have a threat for slightly above precipitation amounts for the upcoming winter. i'm meteorologist justin drabick in the cbs-3 studios. >> justin, thank you.
5:52 pm
british scientists developed a new washing machine that uses plastic beads to get stains out of clothes. >> major u.s. hotel chains are already using this technology. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh tells us engineers are working on the next step a model that can be used at home. >> reporter: light load of laundry and trying a new way to clean more than 1500 shirts a day. these washer use just a little water. >> within the first week we knew that the water saving was more than 60 to 70 percent. >> reporter: xerox machine makers say that is about 350,000 gallons of water saved each year. major hotel chains like hilton and choice are already using the washers at some u.s. locations. the the british scientists who developed the technology say that a small amount of water helps the beads gently rub against the clothes and act like sponges to absorb dirt.
5:53 pm
steve jenkins says machines use half the detergent and energy as traditional washers. >> when we can clean as effectively as a hot cycle at cold. >> reporter: one and a half million of these beads spin through every every machine, they are about the size of the grain of rice but they are hard like a marble. xerox, insists that the beads cannot slip through drain rarely gets stuck in clothing and can be used in up to a thousand washes before recycling. engineers are working on a washer/dryer model for american homes, that they hope to sell within two years. in sheffield, england alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we don't have any of them here. >> we will see right. >> last return for cbs return tonight with the season premiere we will talk with the stars will arenet and sean heyes up next. we now know when baby george will have a new royal brother or sisters. details about kate's pregnancy is coming
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
5:57 pm
well, duke and duchess of cambridge will welcome their second child in april. >> we don't know if they are having a boy or girl but the king is still suffering from a severe case of morning sickness. her condition is said to be improving, their first child, prince george, was born in july 203. cbs hit comedy the north is back and it business to get even funnier. >> as was the whole tour i'm very impressed. >> thank you. that means a lot because not only am i admissions director but i'm activities coordinator, facilities manager and a marco polo umpire. >> and that is emmy a award win sean heyes joining the the cast this season. he will play kip, who is carol's new best friend.
5:58 pm
he talk with us about building chemistry with his hilarious ensemble cast. >> i came in, and everybody welcome me so much and showed me so much respective so much respect and i'm a huge fan of everybody in the show so it was, a reallies i kind of, fit. >> i was going to say one of the other things is, like in these situations the most important thing has always got to be the the show and the show always has got to be the star and it needs to be the best it can be every week and we're all work towards the same goal. >> the show is the star. catch season premiere of the millers tonight at 8:30 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive a little girl forced in an old, possibly unsafe wheelchair. hers was stolen. now perfect parents aring abouting thieves to give it back. also to most she was a philadelphia police officer
5:59 pm
but for many more she was a hero, someone who gave families hope and brought their missing children home. tonight, some shocking news as this hero is lost to a violent crime. kathy. chris, sunshine in for clouds and then showers through mid week period. we will talk about how much rain, when it moves in, and when it sun will come back, full blast in that seven day forecast. and looking for bargains in all have the wrong places, where you'll soon find a shopping boom in time for the holidays. we used that wheelchair, and if they want to drop the wheelchair off and keep the van, that is cool too. >> reporter: well, tonight an "eyewitness news", exclusive, a mother's desperate ground on a return of her daughter's stolen wheelchair. that chair is the the girl's life line was stole's long
6:00 pm
with her car. i'm chris may. aim he jessica dean. you saw her in a old wheelchair that makes it a hard to get from place to place. >> that is only one part of the story. steve paterson is live in port richmond tonight with the exclusive, steve? >> reporter: chris, jessica, it all started right here in the shop rite parking lot month. man we spoke to say the the crooks smashed in her driver's side window, glass, all over the ground, and then, within a minute, her vehicle is stolen but as we have learn it was what was inside that van, that was much more important than the van itself. >> she is's happy. >> reporter: olivia's love for life isn't limited by her disabilities, it is limited by crime. >> it is just hard to get her around. >> reporter: a few saturdays ago olivia's mom, carry was walking the deli at this shop rite. on her break she discovered a pool of broken glass where her minivan should have been. she watch the