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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with her car. i'm chris may. aim he jessica dean. you saw her in a old wheelchair that makes it a hard to get from place to place. >> that is only one part of the story. steve paterson is live in port richmond tonight with the exclusive, steve? >> reporter: chris, jessica, it all started right here in the shop rite parking lot month. man we spoke to say the the crooks smashed in her driver's side window, glass, all over the ground, and then, within a minute, her vehicle is stolen but as we have learn it was what was inside that van, that was much more important than the van itself. >> she is's happy. >> reporter: olivia's love for life isn't limited by her disabilities, it is limited by crime. >> it is just hard to get her around. >> reporter: a few saturdays ago olivia's mom, carry was walking the deli at this shop rite. on her break she discovered a pool of broken glass where her minivan should have been. she watch the the store
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surveillance video late their night. >> from the time he broke out window and got in the car and back it off and took off, it was 192nd. >> reporter: when she realized her car was stolen teresa was angry. when she realized her daughter's $6,000 wheelchair was stolen with it she sank in despair. >> balling my eyes out, covering up over my head. >> reporter: olivia had cerebral palsy, severe epilepsy and developmental delays. her stolen chair isn't just a way to get around but an extension of herself. >> this wheelchair is custom mold todd her body. it is absolutely meant to grow with her. >> reporter: now olivia rides in the loaner with a makeshift foot rest and single strap around her belly. it is not much but mom says school is important. >> tuesday the bus driver came and didn't want to take her on the bus because it had literally no restraints on it. >> reporter: police don't know much about the suspect other than he was wearing a light colored hoodie and may have used teresa's credit cards up
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the road in this gas station. teresa's 2002 ford win star is marine with the white mark on the back bumper and handicapped license plate pdzero-628 but she says it is wheelchair is that she needs back. >> i'm hoping somebody will see it and call it in. >> reporter: family has been speaking to their insurance company and health care provider. they are trying to get another costume made wheelchair for their daughter, as soon as possible but that probably won't happen, until well into 2015 and they cannot afford to wait. if you know anything about this you are asked to call police, immediately. we are live from port richmond i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> lets hope good news for that family soon, steve, thanks very much. is there breaking news right now, philadelphia federation of teachers has been granted a preliminary injunction that stops the the school reform commission from canceling its contract with the philadelphia teachers union. teachers protested last week following the src's initial
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announce. , and the school reform commission's lawyer has argued that having teachers pay into their own health care plans would save 44 million-dollar this year and 50 million-dollar for the district each year, have after that. well, pft president jerry jordan released a statement that read in part the decision is testament to the notion that these kinds of contract changes should be decided at the bargaining table. the school district spokesmen ger and in owe tells us that the school district respect to prevail and will pursue this matter forcefully, for the the causes urgent and philadelphia children cannot continue waiting. what started out as a arm robbery ended with a carjacking. chopper three overhead just afternoon time as police took a suspect into custody after the car crash, in the intersection of olney and ogontz. and, the initial call, came in for an armed robbery at a sunoco in logan. then police, learned it was a carjacking.
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no injuries have been reported. police are looking for two men tied up and robbed temple university's, during a home invasion this happened last night on north 18th street in north philadelphia. police say the suspect's followed one of the victims into the house and then demanded contents of a lock box and pistol whipped him. >> very scary. it kind of makes you not want to be, you know, walking around or you don't know who to be scared of so you are just kind of worried all the time. >> suspects got away with cash and electronic, authorities say that this may not have been random. if you have any information, call the police. well, new at 6:00 o'clock tonight three men are facing charges in the string of armed robberies in northeast philadelphia. fourteen stores and restaurants have been targeted, just since august. on friday, police officer on harbison avenue spotted a myths bush that i matched the description of the car used in the robberies. one robbery, which he had responded to. >> all three were in the
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vehicle, all three were in the vehicle. they had masked in the car. might have been driving around looking for another place to rob. they were due to hit. >> total of about $9,000 had been taken in those robberies. the manhunt for suspect troop are killer eric frein is in the 39th day. security has been increased around pocono mountain east high school after a woman record seeing a mud covered man carrying a rifle in that area friday night. late today, officials, said dna tests on blood found on a porch is not frein's and substance found on another nearby home was in the human blood. very scary ride for students in lancaster county. their school bus collided with a dump truck sending several people, including special needs kids to the hospital. and this happened, this morning at stroudsberg and south vintage road in paradise. victim suffered minor injuries and the cause of that shall craze under investigation. and, police say a car crash head on into a tractor
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trailer killing the driver in the car. it happened this morning at the intersection of state and street road. the swat driver was not injured, police do not believe drugs or alcohol played a part in that accident. down right cold morning but it did warm up a bit as we move through the day. the not a bad day for a jog along boat house row. it isn't the only change we are dealing with however. meteorologist kathy orr is live for us outside on the cbs-3 sky deck cracking some showers, kathy. >> it the is pleasant right now but that sunshine is long gone. say good bye to it for a little while. we are seeing cool temperatures this evening but nothing like what we saw this morning. the that is the coldest air yet this season. lets take a look at these numbers, frosty start in atlantic city waking up to 30 degrees, and temperatures were at or below freezing in millville and, of course, in the poconos, trenton 33. reading 35. philadelphia a is 39 degrees. right now, 60 in the city,
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wilmington six 16789 ape east of the i-95 corridor we have milder temperatures in the north and west in the 50's and falling this evening the clouds will keep us from plunging, abe we will see mostly cloudy skies by 9:00 p.m. with a temperature of 57, down to 56 by 11:00 p.m. we are tracking showers on storm ab three. in the a lot but enough to be nuisance over the next couple of days. and we will be track ago this rain, coming up, and also, we will show you wind and windy, and seven day forecast. and, when we join you live broader. but for now back to you. and, she was just a philadelphia police officer but in the eyes of those thousands of families she helped over two decades she was a saint. >> officer, virginia hill, dedicated her life to finding missing children has become a victim of violent crime herself. >> hill was found murdered in the virginia home she moved in, and, our walt hunter, who talked with hill many times over the years takes a look back at her legacy.
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>> reporter: you always found officer virginia hill, where ever children were missing or in danger. five years after le tanya reese vanish hill's non-stop searching led to a florida cemetery where her body was finally identified, giving her family, answers at last. >> it vice sad. >> reporter: for 24 years she told me she treated every missing child, as her own. >> i think the kids i get as my own children because they are my cases, and we never give up looking for a child. >> she kept going even when other people stopped and when doors shut she kept going. >> reporter: beth eveningish said her passionate dedication let to her brother michael being identified more than 25 years after he vanish a victim of murder. and, so when she learned that hill, now retired from the the force, was killed inside of her virginia home, saturday, she was deeply shaken. >> it was her in mission in life to find peace for other
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people, who died, you know, at the very same way that she ended up dying, irony of it. >> she was just so special. she put her heart and soul n she put her heart and soul into it. >> reporter: former deputy police commissioner charlotte council who spoke to hill on the phone, only hours were she was murdered, remembered a caring officer, who after a career of helping victims, now had become a victim herself. >> she just glowed when she solved this type of a case. >> god willing somebody who is tenacious and in virginia herself is the person that is designed to finding out what happened to her. >> reporter: long after she retired in 2002 officer hill would say she would still get calls around the clock from families hoping she could help them find their children. so far virginia officials have not revealed why she was murdered, or, if they are close to catching the suspect killer. live from the news center i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". >> real tragedy walt, thanks very much. mayor michael's liaison to the lesbian gay and transgender community has died. gloria died yesterday following a battle with breast cancer. she was just 42 years old. she became first director of the cities office of lgbt affairs in 2008. in tribute today mayor nutter ordered rainbow flag on the northeast corner of dilworth plaza a lowered to half staff. philadelphia's takes a big step in the fight towards the the decriminalization of the marijuana still to come how today's changes will change the way that police deal with those found in possession of the drug, that is next. and then. >> few department stores are opening on this week in center city and retail experts say they are bringing a new trend i'm syma chowdhry with that story coming up. we have the clouds, next comes the the showers, and i'll show you when heavier rain will fall, but that won't spoil your upcoming weekend we will talk more about that with the seven day forecast, hi
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leslie. hi kathy. eagles had day off and could have an impact player back on the practice field tomorrow. dallas and dimarco murray on the roll, how do demarrow's numbers stack autopsy begins the rest of the league. we will talk bit later in sports.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest.
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for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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can't resist those burgers, maybe a late night snack. now there are new, high tech gadgets that may help keep your favorite foods from sabotaging your diet. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us what these devices can do that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. philadelphia has become the largest city in the nation to decriminalized marijuana a use and possession. police will issue a $25 fine to anyone caught possessing less than an ounce of marijuana. while someone caught smoking pot in public will receive a hundred dollar fine and up to nine hours of community services. supporters say the new policy does not legalize marijuana use or possession but does allow law enforcement to focus on more serious offenses. there is a boil water advisory for residents of parts of northampton county. officials say a water main break on bustleton pike cause aid great deal of road damage in the area. and, some residents are reporting dirty water. officials say break is being
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repaired, right now, and you can find the list of affect areas on our web site at cbs they were the day of litt brothers and wanamakers stores that make a destination for shoppers. storefronts have closed, companies shut down. shoppers looking for more places to go and now a shopping boom in philadelphia. unit glow is opened at 16th and chestnut. forever 21 will move in the dress barn at 17th and, chestnut and two other big names century 21 stores and nordstrom rack are gearing up for philadelphia customers. our syma chowdhry takes a look. >> attention shoppers, two stores open this week will breathe new life in center city retail landscape. new york based department store century 21 will open in the gallery at eighth and market on thursday, nordstrom ram is set to open on the corner of the 17th's chestnut. >> center city retail is booming, it is well and is there only more to come.
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>> reporter: she's with the center city district and said both store openings will make philadelphia a shopping destination. >> because nordstrom rack coming in and their competitors are start to go look for space in the city. >> reporter: both retailers are setting up shop in buildings that used to house other department stores. even though century 21 signs are up, the ghosts of shopping past can be seen. strawbridge used to be here for more than 130 years until it closed in 2006. nordstrom rack is taking up three stores of a former store that closed two years ago. >> it will call for excitement in center city. >> reporter: retail experts say newest shopping trend revolves around discount luxury brands. >> nordstrom and century 21, responded at the same time. that tells us something. it is in the one company doing it in isolation. so that would probably indicate that everybody thinks that is the treks. >> reporter: linda shinies an experiment in brick and mortar retail and said grand opening in fall is a smart move.
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>> perfect timing just in time for the holidays. >> reporter: shoppers, have been counting back to the grand opening. >> now that nordstrom is down here, i'm so happy. it is century 21 too. we have the best. >> reporter: with excitement like that how could companies not cater to philly shoppers. in center city syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, you may want to keep umbrella handy if you are doing some shopping in the next few days. >> yes. >> as we can progresses you will need it more and more and more. tomorrow you may getaway without it. we are looking at increasing chance of rain throughout the workweek and low pressure will just pull the moisture back, and, delaware valley. looking outside though where it is picture perfect in the poconos. this is view from jack frost big boulder. the won't be long before we will see some snow but lets enjoy beautiful fall color while we have it. we are peeking with the fall foliage in the poconos. take a look, peaking there with high color in places like the lehigh valley. so looking really good there
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as well where we see orange that is where we are seeing a lot of high color even through trenton area. yellow area through philadelphia, wilmington points south and east, moderate color in your backyard. we will be peeking with the next couple of weeks. our live neighborhood network shows us some of the coolest high temperatures, of the day. in nazareth, at the high school, 58 degrees, and bethlehem 58. same in hamilton. boyer town at the senior high school a temperature of 59. we know those sunny days and those cool crisp nights bringing in the nicest fall color and we should have a really nice couple weeks even in philadelphia as the colors continue to really pop. across the region mainly in the 60's from philadelphia, wilmington to the the south and east. cooler north and west. average high being 65 for this time of the year. storm scan three we are watching a few showers hit closer but none of this will be making it to the ground tonight. just too dry when it makes it in the philadelphia area we will see a few scattered showers tomorrow. they will be moving in with the frontal boundary.
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not everyone will see them. real problem thinks area have low pressure that will move off shore and create problems for new england and on the back side pull down some cool air. so for wednesday increasing chance of rain, and then by thursday, this area of low pressure intensifies and pulls back that moisture in the delaware valley. we will have a few waves of heavy rain before this thing pulls out. here's probability of rain, tomorrow a chance could see showers, that will be scattered. wednesday more widespread, thursday a couple of bans of heavy rain and then by friday it moves away, we will dry it out but it will be increasingly windy as well. overnight mostly cloudy sky, low temperature around 50. during the day tomorrow a few afternoon showers but not everyone will see them. high temperature is 67. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast take a look. sixty for wednesday with showers. fifty-nine on thursday, still some rain, and then we will dry it out friday, looking nice. look at the weekend, saturday
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66. sunday 66. next monday, 67. and that will be a very pretty, end of the month actually. month end next week. >> yes. >> looks nice though, thank you. >> you bet. good evening, everyone. just before that, just before the moment i was about to do my report we were talking about an accident on the ben franklin bridge, and good news is by the time i came on here it cleared out of the way. on the ben franklin bridge commuting in the eastbound direction into new jersey we had an accident block right-hand lane. that has been cleared out. we will have residual traffic traveling on the opposite end westbound on the ben franklin bridge. we will have delays from 676, admiral wilson boulevard, all the way down into philadelphia because we will see two right lanes being taken out because of construction. give yourself more time in this area look at these speed sensors for a monday we will look pretty good out there, average speeds in the 50's in a few places but we will have delays eastbound on the
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schuylkill around 476, it does slow down around the curve, 95 through construction zones have both girard and cottman avenue on the northbound side but in delays for mass transit. things at the airport look great. chris and jessica. "cbs evening news" is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead. >> hi chris and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia government told thaws nearly 5 million reek also have potentially deadly air bags. we will look at problem and tell you which vehicles air affect. plus we will lah at a new ebola problem that is what to do with dangerous medical waste, in u.s. hospitals. we will have those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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eagles return to work tomorrow to get ready for sunday's gym with arizona michael kendricks said he will return to the practice squad and should play against cardinals. they now trail cowboys by half game in the division. dallas won their sixth
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straight game beating giant. dimarco murray ran for 128 yards breaking jim brown's record of seven straight 100-yard gains to start a season. murray has 913 yards, only jets and seahawks and ravens have more yards than murray. flyers with the day off back in action tomorrow night in chicago taking on the black hawks. orange and black won their first game of the the season saturday when they beat dallas in overtime. game one of the world series will start tomorrow in kansas city. royals hosting the giants, kansas city making first a appearance in the fall classic in 29 years. they have won eight straight games in the post season setting a major league record. giants now know they are facing a tough team. >> they are very good defensively. we saw them earlier in the season. they played very well. they caught everything we hit out there. they are a solid club. they wouldn't here if they weren't. but defense is a big part of their game just like ours. >> the sixers back on the hardwood tonight in brooklyn against nets in preseason action. nerlens necessity he will will
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mix his third straight game with the upper respiratory infection. soccer player has died after injuring himself while celebrating a goal. he suffered a spinal cord injury after attempting several somersaults. he was in intensive care for five days before he died. we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at cw philly and we are back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. cbs evening news is next n. new problem for u.s. hospitals. plus american who traveled to syria to join the fight begins isis. reporting tonight from new york is scott pelley with the "cbs evening news".
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>> pelley: tonight, an urgent plea. after another death, another warning to owners of nearly five million vehicles with potentially deadly air bags. jeff glor has the latest. a suspected serial killer leads police to seven bodies. dean reynolds reports. dozens of americans get the all clear on ebola while debora patta in liberia meets children orphaned by the virus. inside syria, holly williams meets an american volunteer fighting isis. >> it just got me mad and it made me feel like i had to do something. >> pelley: and jim axelrod with yoko ono, keeping the legacy of lennon alive. >> when you hear them