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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 21, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> breaking news at 11:00 o'clock night. there's been yet another potential siting of the accused trooper killer eric frein. state police tell "eyewitness news" tonight that a law enforcement officer reported that possible siting near a post office in swift water this afternoon. now that is not far from pocono mountain east high school where another potential siting was reported on friday. again frein is not yet in custody.
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the manhunt continues. also, new tonight --,. >> sean breathing. but i tried cpr and i tried. and i tried. >> a mother's heart ache she tried to save her daughter's life. the victim of a deadly hit-and-run in salem county. right now the driver of that vehicle is still on the loose. >> the victim's mother found her daughter. she was in the intersection of al away road and east lake roads in piles grove. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones spoke with the family tonight. >> reporter: chelsea burns body was in the middle of the street when her mom registered nurse who was outlooking for her pulled up. >> i check for a heartbeat. there wasn't -- sean breathing. but i tried cpr and i tried and i tried and nothing. >> reporter: burns the mother of three year old boy was struck by a vehicle while walking home friday night eye at around 11:30 on al away road right near east
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lake road in piles grove township. her mom says the 25 year old had gotten in an argument with her boyfriend and got out of the car to walk home. the boyfriend then called burns mom who tried in vain to save her daughter when she came across the accident scene. >> she was dead. she with um fact i'm sure it was very quick. >> new jersey state police say burns was hit twice friday nig night. the driver of the first car didn't stop. the driver of the second car d did. police believe the 25 year old died after being hit by the first vehicle. there's no solid description available about that first car or who the driver may be and so that's why the burns have decided to speak publicly about the death of their daughter. >> they're hoping someone may have per happen spotted a neighbor's vehicle with unexplained damage or have seen someone trying to hide a vehic vehicle. >> i'm not really mad at whoever did this. i wish they have enough heart to
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just turn themselves in. >> reporter: anyone with information is being urged to contact the new jersey state police woodstown station. in salem county, new jersey, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new at 11:00 a doylestown nursing home was evacuated tonight after a fire inside an elevator. the blaze reached two alarms in the nursing center. firefighters quickly arrived on the scene. there were no injuries reported. >> breaking news now at 11:00 o'clock. fashion designer oscar did he la ren thai died this evening. his clothing was worn by some of the biggest names of their time from movie stars to royalty. also famous for dressing a number of first ladies through the years. he was battling cancer. he was 82 years old. >> a big safety alert for millions of drivers tonight. another automaker toyota is added to the list of those recalling cars because of serious concerns over air bags. air bags are designed to save lives, but these defective
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models may put lives at risk. a cbs news investigation has found multiple cases in which air bags exploded and sent metal shrapnel flying through cars. it happened to stephanie erdman. she barely survived. >> instant blindness on my right side followed by gushing blood. verifying. i thought i was going to bleed out at first. >> four deaths may be linked to the defect the latest from orlando 51 year old woman driving a 2001 honda accord. this was the the call to 911. >> honda is among nine auto makers currently using the air bag pre dude by a corporation of japan. on monday, toyota recalled almost a quarter million from its cars. but replacements will only be made available in warm weather states.
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since they believe high humidity makes explosions more likely. >> so what about drivers in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware? the toyota recall only involves passenger side air bags. so for now, toyota says if you own an affected car, you should avoid sitting in the passenger seat. why is it a nationwide recall in effect? one watch dog group says it comes down to money. >> how in the world can you approve a geographic recall that doesn't include the two states where people have been killed? >> as for the company it is constantly investing in and looking to improve its product. >> you can read the full list of vehicles that have been recalled for air bag issues on our website just log and to and click on consumer. schoolbus with special needs students on board collides with a dump truck today. the crash knock the schoolbus on its side. this happened this morning at strausburg and south vintage road in pan rah dice lancaster county. several people were sent to the hospital here but none of the
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injuries is set to be serious. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> new tonight, the state supreme courts suspends justice shamus mccaffery for his involvement in important e-mail scandal. he sent 234 e-mails with sexually explicit content. the judicial conduct board will now review the matter. before joining the high court mccaffery was a municipal court judge in philadelphia and serve on superior court. >> the centers for disease control announces new guidelines for health care workers dealing with ebola. these new rules call for face shields, hoods, boot covers and other items making sure no part of the body is exposed. the cdc you weres health care workers to practice their response and wants hospitals to have a trained employee to supervise ebola care.
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>> that has eased other parents concerns. these students have shown no symptoms and were not in an area where there has been ebola outbreak. >> today is day one of philadelphia's new relaxed marijuana law. and police are now out issuing citations. the philadelphia chapter of the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws put out this photo today. it shows a member being cited for smoking marijuana in the outdoor rotunda at city hall. now effective today anyone caught carrying an ounce of marijuana or less will receive just a $25 fine. but smoking pot in public gets a $100 fine and up to nine hours of community service. knew a 11:00 o'clock tonight cigarette smokers are on the move. stores that are just outside philadelphia say they're seeing a boom in business from smokers
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fleeing the city and its new 2-dollar per become cigarette tax. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco went to check the out. >> reporter: philadelphia's $2 a pack tax on cigarettes has smokers leaving the city. >> i think they're picking on the weak. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: while philly stores say they're seeing less of their regulars just over the city line store owners like ken say business that is a been booming since october 1st when the tax took effect. >> i'm happy. >> he owes a tobacco store on the bensalem pike. in three weeks business tripled. >> business pick up. before business very slow. >> reporter: he has hundreds of new customers. all looking for one thing. >> he went from selling 100 packs a day to 40 carton. at nearly $80 each, that another up.
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>> i buy a carton because i'm traveling all the way up here. >> reporter: down the street at wawa the parking lot is full and the line wraps around the counter. smokers say they're saving hundreds a month by crossing the city line. >> it's a lot cheaper. i get them for my friends. >> while i'm up here i grab cigarettes. no brainer. roar report the city does anticipate that cigarette sales will drop during the first year of the tax but say they still expect to bring in nearly $50 million and that will help tie up the school district's $81 million budget gap. outside school diss track headquarters, i'm diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> late today a philadelphia judge blocked the school reform commission from canceling the district's contract with its teachers. those teachers protested last week following the src's initial announcement. by canceling the contract, the src can force teachers to pay a portion of their own health care premiums. that would save the district
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$44 million this year and $50 million each year thereaft thereafter. well both sides reactioned today. pft president jerry jordan release the a statement that read in part. philadelphia schools will appeal today's ruling saying in a statement the school district expects to ultimately prevail in the courts and will pursue this matter forcefully for the cause is urgent and the children of philadelphia cannot continue waiting. ". >> now to an "eyewitness news" exclusive. a mini van stolen from a supermarket parking lot with precious cargo inside. a wheelchair custom made for veneererred olivia, was in that stolen van. the teen has cerebral palsy severe epilepsy and significant developmental delays. her wheelchair costs over $6,000 and she can't get an appointment for new one until january. her mother saw the surveillance video taken from the shop rite in port richmond.
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>> you can see them break out the window from the time he broke out the window, got in the car, backed it up and took off was 19 seconds. gone. >> that wheelchair was last seen inside the back of the family's 2002 ford windstar mini van. it's maroon with a white mark on the bumper. it has happened capped pa plates pd0628. >> well today apple launched something that takes its technology to the next level. it allows you to pay with your phone rather than your wallet. now what is unique about apple pay is that it allows to you pay for goods at traditional brick and mortar stores by using your phone utilizing the fingerprint scanner on the new iphone six and six plus. if you have the older model iphone 5s you can use apple pay but only to pay online. >> think you've heard of everything about dieting? you may be surprised by some of the easy to use high tech gadgets we found that could help you drop those pesky pounds for good.
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don't miss stephanie stahl's special report coming up. >> a suspect is behind bars but the investigation is just getting started we'll tell you why an alleged murder spree might go back decades. kathy? >> we're tracking showers on storm scan3. the threat will increase as the week progresses and also an early preview of what this winter will be looking like much that's coming up a little bit later on. >> and hundreds of protesters take to the streets all over an opera. why this performance had so many fired up in new york tonight.
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>> new tonight a crowd welcomes home a marine from serving overseas. "eyewitness news" at bash's harley davidson in mount he fram the group gathered for first lieutenant marlon penndel shack who arrived home afghanistan. she grew up in medford attended
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shawnee high school and the u.s. naval academy. >> i totally was not expecting this. my mom said we'll have pizza and get together family and friends and to have this much support for all the personnel coming home and who are i was braid right now it's incredible. >> first lieutenant penndel shack is a logistics office in the marine corps. welcome home. tv crew in washington state gets quite a scare. this photographer from the cbs station was there setting up near the scene of an accident when a semi you see it there comes barrel link through. the truck narrowly miff the reporter also the photographer and crashed into the concrete barrier. both men are said to be okay. >> the main suspect in the disappearance of university of virginia student hannah graham is now charged with rape and attempted murder in connection with a case from 2005. forensic evidence also reporte reportedly links jesse matthew to the 2009 disappearance of virginia tech student morgan harrington whose body was later found. meantime tests underway to
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determine if a body that was found saturday is that of hannah graham. those remains were found about sick miles from where harrington's remains were discover. in indiana tonight police say that this convicted sex offender has confessed to the weekend murder of a teenager and then claimed responsibility for sick other killings. darrin van has so far just been charged with teenager's killing. but detectives are investigating if he's a serial killer responsible for deaths dating back at least two decades. well opera product at the met in new york end rages a religious group who took to the stress to protest and pray. >> opera at the center of the controversy is the death of klinghoffer. rabbi weiss and young people from several faith based school says it glorifies palestinian terrorists. former new york city mayor rudy juliani and former governor george pataki among those in the crowd. the met says the opera is not anti is he september met tick and does not glorify terrorism.
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met officials say they will not vow to the pressure. >> on the cbs-3 health watch tonight, there are a lot of tricks out there to help people lose weight, but we're about to show you some high-tech help theirs that could really make a difference, and impress even the most skeptical of dieters. here's our health reporter stephanie stahl. >> reporter: eating less or more of this and not so much of that. sounds easy but it's not for many. now some new gadgets might be able to provide some high-tech will power. >> place your plate the scale. >> reporter: the meter tells how much food to eat and over how much time eat too fast and you get this warning. >> please eat a little slower. >> i've asked it to shut up a few times. >> reporter: experts say eating slowly can be a big diet booster. >> it's going to take about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you're full. if you're eating so rapidly you could overeat and really taking more calories than you really need to be satisfied. >> reporter: here's another high-tech tool for managing your diet. >> you see it really doesn't
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interrupt my eating or my normal eating behavior report roar this is the bite counter. it literally counts each time a bite is taken during a meal. >> already i'm at five bites. >> reporter: psychologist eric, developed the device after struggling with his weight. if you eat more than a pre programmed number of bites, an alarm goes off. >> we showed if we track bites you could indeed slow a person's eating and that did reduce intake. >> reporter: that's also the theory behind the happy fork it vibrates flashes a red light if you take bites less than 10 seconds apart. a mobile app keeps track. >> i was like, oh, was i eating too fast? >> interesting. that's for sure. >> reporter: experts say slowing down is only part of the battle. >> we don't want you slowly eating a pint of ice cream either. so really it's what's on the plate is also important. that's what the nutrition opponent comes in. >> reporter: many of the popular rift bands that lo actiy can calculate calories through smart devices.
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experts say it's simple math. burn more calories than you take in, and you'll lose weight. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> um-hmm. >> i might wear out the battery on that happ hapi fork. >> it's worth shot. why not? >> well here comes the rain, kathy. >> here come the rain. when you have the rain, right, less doughnuts maybe more carrots. >> all right. >> weather wise we're talking about increasing chance of rain as the week progresses we have a front that will be moving through but it will stall out and that will create a little bit of a weather rut for the midweek period. but there's some sunshine at the end of that seven day. take look outside where we have comfortable conditions temperatures in the 50s. courtesy of the cloud cover. this is the view from our center city studios through skycam3. on storm scan3 we have some showers to talk about. through the lehigh valley, berks county and lancaster very light showers moving toward the northeast. may dip into our northern northern western suburbs through quake consider town or pottstown
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but these are on their way into northwestern new jersey. right now we have a few rain cooled temperatures. the poconos we're checking in at 48. reading 57. lancaster at 56. but elsewhere temperatures still in the 50s due to the cloud cover. so not quite as cold as it was last night. we'll watch this area of low pressure in front of approach the region tomorrow bringing a chance of a few scattered showers. especially in the afternoon. temperatures will be in the 60s. now, this is going to slowly pull away and as it does, it's going to push back more of that moisture from the ocean. it's also going to kick up the winds so we're talking about more widespread showers on wednesday and then possibly some periods of rain on thursday depending on how quickly this system moves out. but thursday app% to be our coolest day with high temperatures only in the 50s. high pressure waiting in the wings though to bring us a really nice end to the week and also weekend. that will be the bonus. here's a look at future weather tomorrow morning some clouds. some breaks in the clouds during the day and a few scattered showers here and there. during the day on wednesday, you can see that counterclockwise
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rotation around that area of low pressure offshore bringing in some periodic rain and the same goes through thursday. rolling back in moving on shore and bringing us spotty showers perhaps some more steady rain. i alluded to earlier early look at the winter season. this is courtesy of noaa climatologically what should we asking this winter? you can see the item which are outlook this is a buff average in north jersey and also in to new england where you see the blue that is below average in the deep south as far as temperatures. we are expected to stay right around average. that means typical cold winter season. precipitation wising see slightly above average with the moisture. dry throughout the great lakes. this is just one of the things that we look at. we look at a developing al nino and many other factor that is we'll put together for our winter forecast and that's coming within the next month. overnight, look for mostly cloudy skies a chance of a stray sprinkle to the north and west of philadelphia in our northern suburb. the overnight low 50.
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during the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy, a few scattered showers. the high temperature 67 with a southwesterly wind. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, more showers possible on wednesday but once again not a washout. not a lot of rain. thursday a chance of some occasional rain showers and the system moves away. friday is improving but breezy. saturday and sun day look great we highs in the mid 60s. just great weather to be outdoors plenty of sunshine and monday the same. with a high temperature of 67. >> the pay off, right? kathy, thanks. >> by week is over. head straight to the super bowl from here. >> right. >> let's hope. the eagles get back to work tomorrow after that one week vacation. well revved and a couple of their injured teammates will be back on the field. we'll tell you who right after the break. ♪
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>> the eagles return to work tomorrow after the bye and start preparing for sunday's game against arizona. eagles linebacker mychal
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kendricks says he'll be on the field practicing with his teammates. he missed the last four games with a calf injury he suffered late in the third quarter against the colts. he hopes to play sunday against the cardinals. >> also, eagles guard evan mathis has been cleared to practice he injured his mcl in the season opener against jacksonville. he has been on the short-term injured reserve list and said he'll practice on wednesday that is the first day he's allowed to. evans will be back in the lineup again the panthers by novembe november 10th barring a set back. great news for shady mccoy eagles offense. they have struggled without mathis and jason kelce. he said tonight those guys will definitely help. >> this week or next week kelce will be back. i think monday night against -- carolina. >> evan will be back. i see it coming together. >> everybody healthy. >> then we can talk. >> the flyers had the day off back in action tomorrow night in
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chicago taking on the blackhawks they hope to have brayden colburn back in the lineup he missed the last four games with lower body injury. >> the sixers winding down preseason action tonight in brooklyn. taking on the nets fourth quarter tony row 10 drives and makes a tough layup. he and here sims let led the sixers with 13 points. the nets took the victory. last practice game is on thursday again the piston. we need you to download our cbs audio road show app and pick the friday football frenzy game of the week. here are your choice. cb east at cb west. pleasantville at buena and cb south at pennsbury. no go vote and beasley will announce that win are in after thursday night football and he will be live there friday starting at 5:00 o'clock. well be right back.
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♪ >> pink lights on the philadelphia waterfront tonight.
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the independence seaport museum on pennsylvania lanning glowing pink one of the many buildings in our area turning pink all month long for the month of the cure. the joint effort between cbs-3 and susan g. komen philadelphia is a reminder for women to schedule a mammogram. carving pumpkins can be a difficult and messy task. >> apparently it's in easier when you try to do it underwat underwater. >> surprising. >> take look at this video from the florida keys news service. divers carved jack o lanterns 30 feet under the surface of the water in the florida keys marine sanctuary this is an annual event and those who do this say the hardest part is keeping hold oof the pumpkin making sure it doesn't drift away. the winning design featured a sea horse. >> is that it? >> we'll be right back. >> that's nice. >> well done.
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl


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