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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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pistorius shot steam scamp to death on valentine's day last year, claiming he misstook her for an intruder. he was convicted of culpable homicide last month, the judge could have handed down a suspended sentence, instead, though, she said a non-custodian sentence would send the wrong message to the community. so once again, owes car pistorius sentenced to five years in prison, for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. and, also happening today, philadelphia city council holds a hearing on a new hate crime bill. >> that push from lawmakers follows recent attack on gay couple in center city. "eyewitness news" report jan carabeo joins us now, at city hall with more on that. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. scheduled to speak at this hearing today, the philadelphia police department, the commission on human relations, as well as victims advocates and number of other people, all hoping to add sexual orientation to the city's hate crimes law. blondel reynolds brown,
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councilman jim kenny, are holding this hearing, in front of city council's public safety committee. now, this bill comes in the response to the september 11 attack on gay couple in center city. the couple says several members of this group caught on camera just before the attack one had his jaw wired shut. spark national outrage, three people from bucks county, with the help of social media, arrested for assault, but here in pennsylvania can't be charged with hate crime because the law only covers race religion annette necessity, not sexual orientation. while some state law ers work to change that, here in philadelphia, lawmakers want to takings in the meantime. >> this bill here in philadelphia, would provide defense attorneys for the three suspects in the center city case, maintain, anti-gay bias, did not motivate their clients. now, the hearing happening here at city hall begins right around 1:30, and that hate
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crimes bill is scheduled to come up around 2:00. reporting live outside city hall, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, jen, thank you. new from overnight, house in philadelphia's frankford section leaves a family homeless. a fire there, firefighters arrived to heavy fire on the second floor of this row home along the 2,000 block of granite street. we're told a family inside was able to escape the flames without injury. firefighters placed under control, in about ten minutes, there is still no word on a cause. police are trying to find the motive for an overnight shooting in philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood. investigators searched for clues on the 300 block of east indianna avenue around 3:00 this morning, after officers transported one victim to the hospital. authorities say they are looking for two hispanic men, dark hoodies, last seen running on b street near cambria anyone with information is asked to call police. right now, coming up on 6:03, let's get traffic and weather together. how does it feel out there? >> not bad at all, in
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comparison yesterday morning, if you are not a fan of the chill, this is definitely a lot bert. still jacket weather, i highly suggest you have extra layering walking out the door, but really does feel so much better, so perception, so often, reality for us, when it just is warmer from one day to the next it, may not feel quite as chilly as, say, if this were the middle of july perhaps. but, storm scan3 does still have some signs of life out there. dow not need my umbrella, i hear locally on the cbs-3 skydeck, i would suggest, though, that you know, for the next few days, having some rain gear at the ready, not the worse idea. here's why. tracking an area of low pressure that's going to continue to develop, continue to build some strength, and gather some moisture. so in the next few days, that does mean more clouds than showers for us than anything. temperature wise, though, here's where we stand. low mid 50's jen lit story, depending where you reside, through some of the outlying towns, like atlantic city, trenton, just a smidge cooler, but flirting with 50 at least here, and that's going to easily allow us to start to climb readily into the upper 60s on the thermometer later today. down at the shore, good shot to hit 70 degrees here, but
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again, clouds will be thick, we are going to have some showers here, and there, and it is casino of off and on, little bit more prominent here, you know, dominating the scene up toward the poconos, where it does stay little cooler, at 57 degrees at best for the daytime high. by comparison, jess, definitely the much milder day. >> that's good to know. good morning, everybody, 6:04, thank you, katie. we go outside, check out the cameras in new jersey, and see how 42 is looking just at creek road. so, the top of the screen there, i guess you can say the top, the headlights coming in, northbound, toward 295, or surrounding area bridges, possibly, you can see starting to pack in little volume. till moving along great in the southbound lanes moving along fine toward the a.c. expressway. elsewhere in the boulevard, fox, you can see, roadways pretty much empty at this point. so, headed southbound toward the schuylkill expressway moving along great, northbound lanes moving along nightsly, as womenment accident out in the lehigh valley, 78 eastbound closed at route 145, your alternate to get around the area to take route 22 to avoid that closure.
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new jersey turnpike northbound, at exit 7:00 a.m. car fire still pulled over into the shoulder thereon i195. so you can try to avoid that as best you can. 422, from on the eastbound lanes, from oaks into 202, about seven minute trip there. the suing schuylkill still moving along pretty clearly headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway about 14 minute trip. nicole? >> thanks, jess, new jersey state police searching for the driver who hit and killed a 25 year old mother, and then left the scene. it happened friday night on alloway in east lake roads in pilesgrove township. chelsey burns was struck twice. the second car stopped but it was too late. investigators determined she died after she was struck by that first car. police say there is no information to go on, so now her parents are speaking out to the person responsible. i'm not really mad at who ever did this, i wish they have a heart to turn themselves in. >> anyone with information on
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that car is asked to contact new jersey state police. >> happening today the trial begins for a philadelphia day care owner accused of leaving five children alone inside her mini-van. karen tonight many son faces multiple counts of child endangerment and wrecklessness. prosecutors say, the 39 year old left the children unattended while she shopped at a port richmond supermarket in july. the children range in age six months to nine years old. a young girl, who almost lost her life promoting girls education will accept the liberty metal in philadelphia. malala yousafzai will attends tonight's ceremony at the national constitution center. in 2012, a taliban gunman shot her while she was returning from school, because of her vocal support for gender equality and education for girls. malala yousafzai also this year's winner of the nobel peace prize. federal health officials now say all healthcare workers should be covered from head to tow when treating ebola patients. susan macinnis tells us, just
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one of many new guidelines recommended by the cdc. >> reporter: while 260 people in the u.s. are still being monitored by the centers for disease control, for ebola symptoms, the agency issued new steps to ensure no more us healthcare workers contract the virus. cdc director tom freeden announced the standards, among them, healthcare workers wear protective suits leave no hair or skin exposed and use respirators over their face instead of just goggles. >> one of the critical aspects of these guidelines is a very structure wade of doing that, step-by-step which is supervised, in a way ritualized. >> guidelines come after two nurses who is treated ebola patient thomas duncan became infected while it is still unclear, how they contracted the virus, how healthcare workers remove their protective gear. >> there is some sort of fluid, on the front of that
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gown, and you take it off and come in contact with it, well, that could be a very deadly mistake. >> the cdc last updated its guidelines for treating ebola over the summer but admits the i am fiction of the two nurses proof they were inadequate. agency plans to ramp up training of healthcare personnel across the country to help prevent more transmissions. and now a trained monitor must supervise workers putting their equipment on and taking it off. in washington, susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". in maple shade burlington county ebola concerns cape two elementary students at home. family of the students who recently spent time in eastern africa decided to keep their kids home a week beyond a 21 day monitoring period. now, that eased other parents concerns. the student events no symptoms and were not in a area where there is an ebola outbreak. still ahead this morning, manhunt for accused trooper killer end continues nice in the poconos after another possible s siting. that's coming up. plus, he dressed first ladies, hollywood elite, even
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creep ate dollars the wedding dress for amal clooney. mourning the death of fashion designer oscar de la renta. see how celebrities had honoring the icon. if you are scared of sharks, probably your worse nightmare. look at those fins. sharks so close to shore, some of them even swam up on the beach. >> whew! >> that will keep you on your blanket. >> that guy's brave. >> no kidding. we'll be right back.
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>> open statement again until the retrial every jodi arias. jury fawn her guilty last year in the gruesome murder of her boyfriend. that same jury dead locked on
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whether she should be sentenced to death, or life in prison, a death penalty decision requires unanimous votes by all 12 jurors. students meanwhile will remain inside their classrooms today in northeastern pennsylvania school districts. this as authorities hope to finally get break-in their search for accused killer eric frein. state police tell "eyewitness news", law enforcement operation err reported the possible siting near a post office, in swift water yesterday afternoon. not far from pocono mountain east high school where another potential siting was cents reported friday. the fashion world is mourning the loss of an icon, oscar de la renta. dominican bonder designer first made name for himself back in the 19 60s. he dressed who's who of hollywood for more than five decades. recently make headlines when he designed amal coon err's wedding gown. made a name for himself in the world offing. >> mr. de la renta loved women, and you saw in every design that he did.
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he honored women's features, honored our bodies. >> first ladies wore oscar de la renta, like feminine, clean, strong line, beautiful, beautiful dresses. >> all right, assume err model naomi campbell, the gentleman of fashion you will always be missed. and comedian cathy griffin posted some of her favorite de la renta guns on instagram: quote, he made the secret fashion girls dream come true. oscar de la renta was 82 years old. >> 6:13 let's check on the forecast, nicole, one of those forecast that is features just sort of active wear, every day, for the next few, courtesy of one larger storm system that is starting to get its act together. not read toy see showers sort of rotating through. this is, again, area of low pressure getting its act together. right now, off to the northwest, we have yet to see the cold front cross through with the area of low pressure
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today, pretty mild day, all things considered. expect daytime high to reach 68 degrees, warmer than yesterday, and even few degrees warmer than average. but will be these showers around, you're going to seymour clouds than sunshine, throughout the course of the day, and tonight, very similar, scattered showers out there and the clouds, drop down to 51. now, with the cold front, that comes with the area of low pressure, temperatures take hit. yes, knock handful of degrees off of that daytime high tomorrow. no better than the up ear's by thursday, and again, going to be some showers around, tomorrow, thursday, but hey, by friday, things starting to break up here, high pressure regains control, still little breezy out, there see a lot more sunshine, to help warm things back up. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, 6:14, we start off on the schuylkill expressway, just near city avenue. there is actually disable vehicle pulled over into the left hands shoulder here. i don't know -- there you go, zoom out. see what's going on. so actually just previously taking out having problem in both lanes, we had a crew on
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the scene trying to get it cleared out of the way. taking out the westbound left hand shoulder lane there, now, you can see crew on this side, on the eastbound lanes, and over into the left-hand side. trying to get that out of the way. police activity there as well. so expect some small rids i had -- residual delays over the next couple of minutes, blue route, baltimore pike, southbound, pretty heavy at least starting to pack up little bit headed southbound toward 95, and an accident out in lehigh valley, still, 78, closed, eastbound closed, route 145-6789 your alternate to get around the area just take route 22. and out in the new jersey turnpike northbound still vehicle fire taking out the right hand lane there pulled over to the shoulder. exit 7a at 195. nicole, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. breaking this morning, on cbs-3, olympian and double amputee oscar pistorius will spend five years in prison for the shooting death of his girlfriend. the judge handed down that sentence earlier today. also, philadelphia city council considers adding to the city's hate crime legislation, this afternoon.
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changes come after same sex assault in center sit. >> i drivers involved in deadly hit-and-run, 25 year old chelsey burns was run down by two cars, the second driver stopped. we'll be right back. in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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the sixers in pre-season action, against the brooklyn nets, at the barkley center. the sixers got double digit scores from tony rowten, henry simms, but just wasn't enough. mason had 20 for the nats, beat the sixers 99 to 88. sixers have just one practice game left at thursday night against the pistons, in detroit. well, pair of five and one teams square off this sunday in arizona it is the eagles and the cardinals, with kick off at 4:05, birds are back on the practice field at nova care today. they had their bye week of course last week, birds line banker mychal kendricks sat on -- zade on his website he'll be there, missed four days with leg injury. another injured eagle expects to get back on the field this week, as well. that's offensive lineman, evan mathis went down with injury on opening day. mathis said he hopes to be back in game shape panthers game november 10th at the linc barring a setback in his recovery schedule. well, in the prime time game last night, the steelers
6:20 am
ben roethlisberger through two touchdown passes and receiver antonio brown through another, all in the last minute and a half of the first half. the houston texans were winning 14-nothing until on onslaught. final 30 to 23. pittsburgh improves to four and three on the season. well, most people would assume if you're scared of sharks, switching beers from sports to sharks, just stay out of the water. >> find pool somewhere? >> makes sense. >> we have disturbing video that shows sharks out of the water. look at this. this was taken off the cape look out national seashore in north carolina. and what you are seeing right there, more than 100 sharks attacking school of blue fish, and sharks got so close, see them on the beach practically. oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> take mental note not to go anywhere near. >> north carolina, find a blanket, stay there. >> goodness, frightening site. >> norm ily you think oh, okay, you're okay wading. >> not deep enough to really get into any trouble.
6:21 am
>> tell me that's not the case. >> doesn't seem to be. glad this was off the jersey shore. >> yes. >> you have to travel at least to go see this. >> goodness. well, all right, it is 6:21 right now. and problem with airbags, prompts one auto maker to recall nearly 5 million vehicles. that's coming up next. >> also, a popular show, but breaking bad action figures are not so popular with parents. find out why there is cents a petition to remove them from store shelves, immediately. >> two department stores are opening up this week in center city, and retail experts say they're bringing new trends. i'm syma chowdhry, with that story, coming
6:22 am
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>> it is better safe than sorry type deems if you don't wand to be caught un a shower. has been scattered, that is what we find today, tonight, tomorrow and thursday. it is still going to be three straight days that features some active weather, and that said, temperatures are also going to start to drop off, especially by thursday, hard time even hitting 60 degrees. jess? >> thanks, katie. we head outside to the schuylkill expressway moving along nicely at south street. so the headlights, are headed westbound, toward the king of prussia area. you can see, still moving along great, same for the eastbound side, accident out in the lehigh valley, 78 eastbound, closed, at route 145, your alternate to get around there, just take route 22. and car fire, still compromising lane out in the new jersey turnpike northbound, at exit 7a. 195. another crash, out in
6:25 am
burlington road, lakeview drive, out in south jersey, montgomery county, another crash, put letter pike and stenton avenue. erika, nicole, over to you. >> jess, thank you. philadelphia shoppers remember, lit brothers and wanamakers, but those stores long gone. and many others have shutdown, as well. >> well now center city experiencing a shopping boom. of corsive uniqlo, for ever 21 moving into the olds dress barn 17th and chestnut, syma chowdhry reports, is century 21 stores and also nordstrom rack both getting ready to open their doors. >> attention shoppers. two stores opening this week, will breathe new life into center city's retail landscape. new york based department stores century 21 will open in the gallery at eighth and market thursday, nordstrom rack sent to open friday on the corner of 17th and chestnut. >> center city retail is booming. it is well. there is only more to come. >> cassandra dom inch guest with the center city district, says both stores opening will help make philadelphia a
6:26 am
shopping destination. >> because of in other words strom rack coming in, some of the competitors also starting to look for space in the sit. >> i both retailers are setting up shop in build that is used to house other department stores. even though century 21 signs rupp, the ghost of shopping past can be seen. strawbridges use to be here for more than 130 years, until it closed in 20067. and in other words strom rack taking up three floors of the former daffy's which closed two years ago. >> so it will cause excitement for what's to come in center city. retail experts say the newest shopping trends recovers around discount luxury brands. >> nordstrom, and century 21 spotted this at the same time. so that sort of tells us something, not one company doing it in isolation, so, you know, that would probably indicate that everybody thinks that's the direction. linda shine is expert in brick and mortar retail, says grand opening in fall is a smart move. >> perfect timing just in time for the holidays in and
6:27 am
shoppers counting down to the grand opening. >> now that nordstrom's is down here, i'm so happy. and century 21, because you have the best. >> and with excitement like that, how can companies not cater to philly shoppers? in center city, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". oh, i'm with that one lady. >> you can totally relate to her, you are so excited about nordstrom rack. >> yeah! >> oh, man, that's great. >> opening friday! >> so good for center city. great to see a boom in industry down there. >> absolutely. 6:27. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", why parents are in uproar over breaking bad dolls sold in toy stores. we'll explain. jan? >> reporter: some philadelphia lawmakers want to strengthen penalties when it comes to hate crimes here in the city. i'm jan carabeo, coming up, what's happening today when it comes to new legislation. >> jan, thank you. also caught on camera, vicious attack on a woman just walking down the street. this morning, we're hearing from that victim. and, jessica and katie
6:28 am
return your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we'll be with a in just two
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>> jan carabeo joins us at city hall to break this all down for us this morning, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, un current pennsylvania law, session all orientation not covered under the state hate crimes law. some state lawmakers work to go change just that. here in philadelphia, lawmakers here at city council want to strengthen the penalties for hate crimes, carried out here in the city. and today, they're holding hearing that will start that process. they're going to told this hearing, in front of the public safety committee right around 2:00 this afternoon. now, the proposed bill is in response to the september 11 attack, on gay couple in
6:32 am
center city. the couple says several members of this group, caught on camera, just before the attack, yelled gay slurs at them, and both them. this story spark national a outrage, three people from bucks county eventually identified through the help of social media and arrested for the assault. but currently in pennsylvania again they can't be charged with a hate crime because the law only covers race, religion, ethnicity, not sexual orientation, bill here in philadelphia, that's going to be discussed today, would provide additional penalties for crimes motivated by sexual orientation, gender identity, and disabilities. now, the defense attorneys for the three suspects in the center city case maintain, that anti-gay bias did not motivate their client. now, this hearing starts here at city hall right around 1:30, then the hate crimes bill will be discussed around 2:00. reporting live outside of city hall, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jan, thank you. terrifying attack caught on surveillance video, aspiring model beaten by three menace she walked alone in brooklyn. we want to warn this video is
6:33 am
pretty graphic. twenty-one year old glenn lynn ray say jumped by three guys, they ganged up on her, punching her in the face, broke her nose, got away with her purse and iphone. >> i just remember them like the whole attack, then for them leaving me, i remember them just dragging me, and then i started yelling for someone to help me. >> wow. police say these are still images of the men responsible. she toll our sister station cbs2 in new york she is not afraid and won't let anything stop her from pursuing her modeling career. it is 33:00 right now, we check on traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, everybody. today will be one of those days where we seymour clouds than anything, few peaks of sun along the way, will also be some scattered showers to dodge in many locations, as the day goes on. we even already saw that here earlier this morning. most of this activity now sort of rotating away. that's generally what you will fine in the next few days, this developing area of low
6:34 am
pressure, starts to bring in these lil rounds of showers, sort of off and on in their variety here, no day will be a wash out. but the next few days will feature more of this. these rounds of showers, that move on through. 53 degrees your current temperature at the airport, at 49 degrees in trenton, as well as atlantic city, so much milder by comparison, at least, to what we saw yesterday, but the thing is, you know, still seeing values into the four's. still, you know, flirting with 50, in philadelphia, so, it is still worthy after jacket when you walk out the door, but will feel a lot better to you, just from one day to the next. meanwhile, as the day goes on, this is enough where i would say the umbrella is not necessary for everybody, but you may want to think about having it on stand biment one of those if you recall kind of scenarios, if you don't mind couple every raindrops, probably get away without t not looking at wash out here today, but will be showers here, there, as the day goes on. specially through the afternoon. it looks like, jess? >> thanks, katie. i know i have my little jacket to hole over my head. i don't even own an umbrella i probably should inch vest in
6:35 am
one pretty soon. good morning, going outside, check out the cameras here, getting touch. rush hour, pretty much all over the place. this is 95 at girard. so the southbound lanes where you can see the headlights coming own through, see starting to pack in just a little bit as they head toward center city. northbound lanes, moving along okay. and big jam on the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. snow is westbound delay. so headed toward the king of prussia area, relatively early for that this morning, as well. but we know that's going to set us back quite a bit as we can see completely jammed solid westbound side. accident out on 78 eastbound, closed, route 145, your alternate to get around there, take route 22. and vehicle fire in the new jersey turnpike northbound, at exit 7a. which is i195. compromise ago lane, nicole, back to you. >> thanks, jess. well, stores outside philadelphia are seeing a boom in business from smokers fleeing the city's new 2-dollar per pack cigarette tax. "eyewitness news" at ace news and tobacco in bucks county. manager there says his business has tripled since the
6:36 am
tax took effect october 1st. smokers say they're saving hundreds a month by crossing the city line. >> i think they're picking on the weak. >> a lot cheaper, i get them them for my friends. >> while up here i grab cigarettes. no brainer. >> city officials tell us, they anticipate cigarette sales will drop over the first year of the tax, but still expect to pull in around $50 million. that mondayly help bridge the school district's $81 million budget gap. time right now 6:36. last week's 460-point drop in the dow seemed pretty scary, especially, given that october is pretty spooky month for stocks markets. >> this week marks the 27th anniversary of the crash of 1987, and cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger thinks investors still have a lot to learn from that historic day. good morning to you, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> so can you kind of put that day no perspective for us? it's been a while. what can it tell us?
6:37 am
>> reporter: yes, seeds into my memory, because i was trading then. that day came to be, i mean, i started at 12:00 so of course -- that day came to be known as black monday. the dow plummeted 508, 22 months 6% of its value in one day, it still remains the single day, worse day of trading in history. now, i know last week, that 460-point drop, seemed bad, but only 2.8% fall off. at today's levels, the dow, we would have to see a 3700. drop in one day to equate the damage of 1987. i don't want t just telling you that is what it would have to be. >> last couple of weeks have been pretty frightening watching the dow. what's driving the recent drop do you think? >> reporter: you know, about a month ago investors start today worry about global growth stalling, especially in europe, and in china. now the fear is that just as the us recovery has found more solid footing the rest of the world could drag the economy
6:38 am
and corporate earnings lower. yes, accumulated worries about go political events, potential spread of ebola, you have got old-fashioned stock market route. bye i just want to remind everyone, not yet qualified for a correction. that's defined as 10 percent sell-off. you know, it has been over three years since s&p 500 has corrected. we usually get them every 18 months or so. so we're overdue. >> so jill, what can we learn from the crash, maybe how can investors protect themselves today? >> reporter: well, i think it is a great question, because as i said since we haven't had a correction in a while you know one coming. one? cash is king. keeping an adequate emergency funds can reduce your urge to panic and sell at the bottom. now, king, who is the queen, planning. a thorough financial plan that contemplates both good and bad markets can help you navigate a crash and its aftermath. diversification and re balancing, rounds out royal family. you want to understand your risk tolerance and build
6:39 am
diversified allocation plan, be sure to stick to it, don't forget to re balance quarterly or semi annually, annual basis. really does work. for more on how the current stock market sell off is not even close to the crash of 1987, go to jill on money. com. >> all right, trading at the age of 12. thank you. authorities believe but it is almost that time of year to start holiday shopping. >> hard to believe. one mom trying to get some toys off store shelves, before the rushing holiday shopping rush sets in. >> the wildly popular show, follows a teacher turned drug dealer to help support his family. the toys come with speakers, gas mask, and lab coat. >> to knowing that those are the items that one needs to make mass, i just think that it is wrong.
6:40 am
>> the petition already has signatures from across the country, but, she hopes more parents will sign it. toys "r" us says the toys are collectors items, and are intended for people over the age of 15. >> because at 15, mess toys are appropriate? >> i don't know. okay, 6:40. the cdc has issued new guidelines for healthcare workers treating ebola patients. coming up doctor jen is here, to talk about how the new protocols will help us out. >> also, safety alert for millions of families, what you need to know about a massive airbag recall. and, here's something to talk about, folks. ukee taking a selfie with julie chen. it is all before he joins her on the set of the talk. an exciting week, find out when you can see ukee on that show. that's coming up.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation.
6:43 am
and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years? judge airbags may exploited, want your repair person to check tcbs news investigation has found multiple cases in which airbags, did just that, exploded and sent metal shrapnel flying through cars. >> we have a full list of the vehicles, under this recall, for airbag issues on our website. log ton click on consumer. 6:43, time for check on the forecast with katie. >> right now doesn't feel all that bad. still cool enough to require, i would say, extra layer when walking out the door, guys, but overall definitely milder than yesterday. also starting to turn little gray outside. courtesy of this mess, we've
6:44 am
got area of low pressure developing, and as it rotates through, in the next couple of days, we will be dodging some off and on showers more than anything, but could be few pops of steady rain along the way, as well. we stant currently, choice locations cents in the live network, broomall, bethlehem, pennington, all three spots, into the 40's, but, dover, by comparison, not bad. pair of five's currently, and that's generally where we find our temperatures right now in philadelphia. the pollen report for the next few days, solo, that the arrows will almost off the map here. no huge issues with the pollen, but ragweed still the predominant pollen level right now. today actually little milder, by comparison, to yesterday's for sure. but flirting with 70, by tomorrow, temperatures start to take little bit of mod he he is hit. will be some showers around tomorrow as well as thursday. and come friday and the weaken high pressure settles back in. definitely half and half forecast for the second half looks a lot better than the first. jess, over to you. >> looking forward to the weekend, thank you, katie. good morning, we go outside, check out 422, currently, having no problems at oaks, you can see the eastbound
6:45 am
lanes, headed toward king of prussia, moving along great, egypt road moving nicely, as women. which we could said same thing for the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. major westbound delay, see completely slammed in all lanes headed westbound toward the king of prussia area, as well. and an accident, out in lehigh valley 78 eastbound closed at 145. alternate to get around there just take route 22, and car fire still taking out lane, on the new jersey turnpike northbound at exit 7a. , an accident in burlington road at lakeview drive, nicole, erika, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. and we have some breaking news today's headlines cbs36789 olympian double amputee and killer oscar pistorius, will spent five years behind bars. sentence handed down in south africa just this morning. this afternoon, philadelphia city council considers new hate crime legislation. the new laws would add to the penalties for crimes motivated by hatred regarding sexual
6:46 am
orientation, gender identity, and disability. and authorities in salem country searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. twenty-five year old kelsey burnings was hit and killed in pilesgrove township last fly. last friday. right now 6:46. the cdc plans to implement new guidelines whether it comes to fighting ebola. this as health officials in the u.s. continue to address concerns about the virus. how will these new protocols help? family physician doctor jennifer kottle here with the very latest. >> thanks for having me. >> so talking about these new guidelines, implements dollars, why was it so important to create these new guidelines? how are they different this. >> this was real important. in fact i was waiting last night up-to-the-minute for the cdc to post these. they came out late last night. really the cdc wanted to focus on what we call personal protective equipment. that is the equipment that healthcare workers wear when they are treating patients with ebola. it is cents what keeps them safe. hoods, masks, gloves. so really these guidelines focus on that. that's really key here.
6:47 am
>> heard about the cases of course in texas where there was breach in prep old column with the equipment. what are the big changes, who how will they help? >> three main changes. i am a fan, let me tell you now, first thing, cdc says all the healthcare professionals should be rigorously trained, also be practiced in the discipline in putting on and taking on this personal protective equipment. actually an art and a science to it, i remember being a medical student, learning how to put gloves on, and this things like that going into the or, or doing procedure. this happens to be taught. it has to be practiced. >> sure. >> the second main change is that healthcare professionals, there can't be any exposed skin. might have heard some cases cents or questions about that. all skin must be covered now. that is a big change. no more goggles, for example, they're saying, they're saying wear face mask instead, other recommendations, the final thing, real important, as well, is there must be a trained supervisor that is overlooking the others putting on and taking off this personal protective equipment to make sure there is cents no
6:48 am
breach in contamination and safety. >> of course dozens of people who initially had contact with that patient were quarantined. >> right. >> twenty-one day period. >> right. >> this is passed. good news. why is that such a significant milestone? >> it is very important, because woe know that ebola, symptoms develop up to 21 days after exposure, that's what we're seeing here, they've met that milestone. this is really encouraging. i think one of the most important things, you know, people have a loft fears about this patience calling, asking, as a figures action, casino of alarming. but what's real important here is that we put our concerns into proper perspective. this can be contained with proper education, knowledge, and specially these new cdc guidelines, very, very important. that's real good thing. >> what do you say to those worried patients in you see someone sneeze on the street and you back away? >> right. seeing example of this, i don't want to say over reaction, but heightened
6:49 am
reaction to a lot of things. you know, look, a the loft basics still apply with everything, wash your hand, avoid people who are sick, if you have been traveling, you make sure to talk to your doctor about that, come down with illness, doctors, we need to be asking these questions, as well. but i always say, look, your doctor is your friend, if you have questions, concerns, you can always ask us. and i will tell you the great website. literally update many of their pages almost daily so for patients and people out there that have questions and want to know the nitty-gritty, great place to go. time is 6:49. nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with the preview. good morning. >> good morning, erika, nicole ahead looking back on the life of fashion designer oscar de la renta. charlie shares memorable with this icon. >> behind the scenes of cia's new twitter account. how one woman is trying to control the image of the spy
6:50 am
agency. and how many vacation days do you have let? think about it? well, the head of the us travel association in studio 57 with the billions of dollars americans waste every year in unused time off. the news is back in the morning, we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> unused vacation days? i'm not part that far population, nora. but thank you. >> thank you. all right. , well, the word is come back for reality tv star bethenny frankel. >> people magazine reports the entrepreneur will rejoin the cast of bravo's real housewives of new york silt for the show's seventh season. you may remember that she left the show, at the end of 2010 to headline her own show, and also, lawn of her own beverage company skinny girl. >> my guilty pleasure. moving on, jimmy fallon of course comedian, actor now an author. the tonight show host wrote his first children's book, it is called your baby's first words will be dada. now, wait a minute. what about ma ma? fallon says the book is funny how to for fellow dads to make
6:51 am
sure they don't miss out on the milestone like he d amazon says the picture book will be available on june 9th. and, ukee is back in los angeles, as guest co-host of cds the talk. he starts his day with pre-show meeting right there. joining him are the regular co-hosts julie chen, sarah gilbert, sharon osborne, iesha tyler, and cheryle underwood. so, what do they like about working together? ukee got the answer from julie. >> julie: it is casino of like a girl breakfast/lunch of just chatting away, and we get paid for it. >> hello, that's the best part. >> you'll recall this is not ukee's first appearance on the talk. he co-hosted last year and most of them pressed somebody higher up, invitation back this year. >> and if you want, you can catch uke owe on the talk, tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 right here on cbs-3. can't wait to see him. >> yes, we find him pretty impressive around here, as
6:52 am
well so we'll be right back. that will be fun.
6:54 am
>> 6:53. good morning, everybody, coming some showers here and there other course of the next
6:55 am
couple of days. no day is a wash out. put that right out there. on storm scan3, even over the last few hours, few little speckles of green we're firing up here, i think you will see another rounds move in by this afternoon. currently things pretty quiet overall outside the whitfield elementary school, just little light of day starting to pop over the horizon, now the sun continues to come up later and later and later with every passing day, but at least miler day. 68 degrees the expected hi, limited sunshine, i'll give that you, there will be some showers here and there, wednesday, thursday, cool off little bit more, and you'll definitely have those clouds out, there as well. jess? >> thanks, katie. problems all over the place, as rush hour is completely in full swing, at the platt bridge, right now, where there is a disable vehicle up ahead, actually, can't really see in this camera. headed eastbound toward the city see completely slammed solid with a loft brakes lights there. over to our next camera here, 422, at 29, so the eastbound lanes packing in the most volume. headed toward king of prussia an accident out in the lehigh valley, 78 eastbound, closed at route 145. your alternate to get around there just take route 22,
6:56 am
nicole? >> jess, thank you. hey, i'm not sure how katie will feel about this one, but researchers say elephants are tops in the animal kingdom, anyway, already when it comes -- >> without the use of maps. pachyderms have the ability to sense approaching thunderstorm up to 150 miles away. >> wow. >> researchers tracked 14 heard of elephants for seven years, they always seem to move in the direction of rain. >> interesting. >> elephants have very good hearing, can hear low frequency apparently produced by rain and thunder, that other humans can't. >> but katie smells so much better. >> what? >> but you won't work for peanuts. >> i love it. we will wrap this up, wrap this up. coming up in just a couple of minutes, more local news weather and traffic on sister station the "cw philly". up next talking about strength hate crimes right here in philadelphia. what lawmakers are doing when it comes it new legislation. >> also, we're following the latest developments overnight
6:57 am
from south africa. oscar pistorius sentenced to prison time for the killing of his girlfriends. we have a full report coming up. coming up next on cbs this morning, inside the cia eights my role tempt to rebounds how they're adapting social media policy to embrace the f fight against new types of terrorism. to continue following your local news weather and traffic turn now to our sister station the "cw philly" where "eyewitness news" will continue right after this brake.
6:58 am
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, october 21st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." oscar pistorius learns his fate for the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. new strict rules the cdc hopes will stop the spread of ebola in america. and his name is synonymous with beauty. this morning, we remember the live of fashion pioneer oscar de la renta. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's going to take something. >> do you think justice has been served? >> yes. >> olympian oscar pistorius sentenced to five years in prison. >> for