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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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inch and half inch in diameter throughout brick township, toms river, bayville new jersey and point pleasant. seaside heights a waterspout reported by social media. right now we are seeing temperatures that are mainly in the 60's, with 50's in the poconos. average high around this time of the year is 65. so above average with a lot of sunshine. coming up we will track the showers that are moving our way. it will turn wind any our forecast, and we will try to clear it out of here by the weekend. we want to remind you you can track weather anytime with our cb. philly weather app, down load that right now, and get it on your phone ready to go through itunes and also google play. that is very latest from the sky deck now back to you in the studio. >> kathy, thanks very much. breaking news right now, roughly 40 to 50 people are on dirt bikes and atv's disrupting traffic across the the city this evening. chopper three over that scene a little bit earlier as they raced down the street
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performing stunts near forty-ninth and green way in southwest philadelphia. we are told that these people are part of the funeral procession in center city for a dirt biker murdered last week. we will have, more on this story, tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. blade runner oz cast pistorius is behind bars. he has begun serving a five-year prison sentence for killing his girlfriend reeva stein scam seven. cbs reporter deborah pada has more on the sentence handed down by a judge in south africa. >> reporter: huge crowd gathered oscar pistorius as began a five-year prison term for killing his girl friend. >> mr. pistorius. >> reporter: sentence foreman slaughter comes 20 months after para olympic champion shot and killed reeva stein cam in his south african home claiming he thought she was an intruder. >> the judge said that double amputee known as blade runner showed gross negligence when he fired four fatal shots at
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steenkamp through his locked bathroom door. she said her decision balanced that neglect with the public's desire to see justice done. >> it would be a sad day for this country, if an impression were to be created that there was one law for poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich ape famous. >> reporter: pistorius will spend his first night behind bars and where his cell is being prepared for him. he must stay at least ten months there before he he can apply to finish his sentence under house arrest. >> oscar will embrace this opportunity, to pay back to society. >> reporter: steenkamp's family is satisfied he will do some jail time. >> do you think just it is has been served. >> yes. >> reporter: are both sides have 14 days to consider whether they will appeal the judge's decision. deborah padac bs news, south africa. meanwhile the international para olympic committee says pistorius will be ineligible to compete in events during his entire
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five-year prison sentence. there has been another possible sighting of eric frein, man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper, and that forced pocono mountain school district to cancel classes for today. law enforcement officer report are that had sighting near a post office in swiftwater yesterday. that is close to pocono mountain east high school, where another possible sighting was reported on friday. the search is ongoing tonight, it is forcing one town in the area to change its plans, for halloween. the the owner of chickie and pete's is offering a $5,000 reward in an armed robbery in drexel hill. the suspect struck sunday morning before the restaurant opened and they forced employees in the freezer. the the robbers got away with $16,000, as well as the manager's wedding ring, and wallet. >> they knew what they were doing. i mean there is no doubt about that this was a set up job. >> in addition to those two armed robbers police are also searching for a third suspect
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who drove a getaway car. philadelphia police are searching for two suspects in the armed robbery of a subway, it happened on october 13th at subway on lancaster avenue in wynfield. two men entered and pointed a gun at an employee. both suspects fled with an unknown amount of cash. no one was injured. well, a driver loses control and crashes in to a building in south philadelphia. chopper three was over that scene at the police and fire federal credit union in the 33 hundred block of south broad street. the the crash caused a partial building collapse there, there is no word at this point on any injuries, and the cause of the crash is under investigation. well, a deadly pedestrian accident is under investigation today in bucks county. police say that a 61 year-old woman was walking near 900 block of wood worn road in middletown township when she was hit by a minivan. the driver of that minivan to stop and stay at the scene. driver is said to be cooperating with
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investigators. an suv and dumb many clubbing collided. one person is sent to the hospital as a result. chopper three over that scene on route ten and cains road in west caln township there noise word on the victim's condition. the the causes under investigation. overseas now developing news an american tourist detained in north korea is on his way home. jeffery fally was arrested after leaving a bible in his hotel room back in may. independent religious activities are forbidden by north korea's regime because they are seen as potential threats to its authority. two other americans kenneth bay and matthew todd miller continue to be held, in north korea. the youngest winner of the noble peace price is in philadelphia to receive the liberty medal tonight, 16 year-old human rights activist malala you solve says spoke at the convention center. >> many women won the noble
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peace prize and it is great honor that a woman has won it, then youngest so it gives hope to many young children and many young people who are working for an education that yes, their work is appreciated. >> she was shot the in the head by a taliban gunman for advocating for rights of girls, to go to will school. malala took that saint at the awards ceremony tonight 16 students from the all girls mount st. joseph academy in flourtown will be in the audience. through social media initiative they got mal a's attention from all the way across the world. they are inspired more than ever. pat ciarrocchi has their story. >> i did not want to be silent. >> reporter: mal a a, 17, a pakistani education activist and a tower of inspiration for the age of 16. >> we freak out over a test or something but she's fighting for a global issue and she's not a fried. >> reporter: if malala is not afraid why should they be during a initiative titled mount for malala, young woman
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added their voices to, twitter and facebook creating a you tube video to ask malala to visit their school. >> malala, it is me and i am malala. >> reporter: kelly dougherty created the twitter account. >> i treated pictures of her , her quotes, even if people think i cannot do it i should not lose hope. >> reporter: a tweet connected. >> they responded to us and said, you have such an inspirational video. i was like oh, my gosh. >> reporter: and then more, they invited students to meet malala asking colleen mcbride to be among four others who will read from malala's blog from her ceremony written before she was shot for her activism. >> she sees that when every child is given an education that is when the world will change. she does not hate them. she's not angry. she wishes peace upon them. >> reporter: to help malala fund, jes created this image for t-shirts.
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malala's message is her face. >> we have education first, sisters, teachers, one book, one patent, one child. like everything that she stands for basically. >> that is a really big part of her mission and she's seeing we're stronger than anger, hatred all of these things that the taliban embodies really. >> reporter: ultimately those t-shirts once they are created will be for sale to benefit the malala fund. mount st. joseph academy students do understand why malala could not visit the school. she's in philadelphia for only 36 hours. you could look for the girl's tweets tonight at hash tag mount for malala and hash tag education is the the only solution because they say, that is the point. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. i think she has, inspired them as much as they have inspired her. >> and continues to. >> yes. >> fantastic. coming up on "eyewitness news", kate's back, duchess of cambridge appeared for the first time since her royal pregnancy announcement. is it better than pepper
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spray? pennsylvania cashier using a unique weapon to fend off a would be robber and it is all caught on camera. thousands office health care worker get a crash course of protect ago begins ebola after cdc releases new strict guidelines. how drowsy ties drowsy when it comes to getting behind the wheel. there is a new warning that it the is just as dangerous as drunk driving. we will show you a chilling video that might just wake you
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several big at else on the healthwatch chug a warning about supplements from the f.d.a., f.d.a. now says that even after some supplements have been recalled, they remain on store shelves. what is more some contain banned drugs. the stud appears in the journal of the american medical association. also, on the healthwatch tonight, a wake, a alert and alive, that is the name of a for number washington, that is designed to raise awareness and fine solutions to the growing problem of drowsy driving. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the dangers of the sleepy drivers. >> reporter: in this video driver of the truck runs a red light and then crashes in to another vehicle. he was reportedly, asleep at the wheel. transportation safety officials say drowsy deriving is just as bad as drunk driving. >> impaired trying probably covers alcohol and drugs, distractions, and drowsy or fatigue driving as well. and that is the problem.
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>> reporter: 41 percent of drivers report falling asleep or nodding off behind the wheel at least once in their life times according to triple a. that leads to at least 100,000 accidents a year, up to 6,000 of them, fatal. >> people are in a hurry and they don't take the time to get some rest when they need it, i guess. >> reporter: two hours less than recommended eight hours of sleep is enough to impair driving according to the ntsb. >> one cannot just will ones self to stay awake. >> reporter: experts say drivers are nodding off before they know it. >> on average a person has to be asleep for as long as two minutes before they are more likely then not to realize, that they were even asleep. >> reporter: many drivers think chewing gum or rolling down the window will help them stay away. doctors say it is time to get off of the road, if you are, yawning repeatedly, having heavy eye lids or forget the last few miles you have driven. you need to pull over for yourself and safety of other drivers as well.
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>> it can be so scary, just pull over. >> just pull over. >> thanks a lot. that was a great story, definitely a reminder for all of us to be extra careful. if you are traveling throughout the rush hour right now you have a lot of things that you need to keep your eyes open for, because if you are traveling on 76 we have a disable vehicle, majority of the incident is on the shoulder because of the gaper delay that lies beside it. you will have a delay on the eastbound side of 76 right around the area of 202 and then making your way down towards the vine street expressway. so, if you are heading around the area of center city on the vine street expressway you self. so generally speaking center city is not great and getting to that point won't be either. if you are leaving the area of center city and making your way out in the northeast you've got a problem. northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, a very heavy delay from 76, all the way down through to just about ninth street, and the reason that we are seeing delay stem beyond
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broad as we would during rush hour is because we are dealing with a accident on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at fifth, causing a gaper delay and it is really, causing a mess, of volume around this intersection. give yourself more time there as well. if you can just try to avoid it all together. now as we take a look at our wide speed sensors are low, not only on the schuylkill and i-95, 476, traveling pennsylvania turnpike expect delays around mid county area no delays for mass transit. chris. vittoria, thanks very much. is there much more ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 tonight including high profile hackers that are making shoppers nervous as we head towards the holidays. some stores are taking extra precautions now, three on your side will let you know what you can do to protect yourself. and passing of a fashion icon, we will look back at the colorful life and designs of oscar delaurenta, a live report from the inside
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hey, science is fun. meteorologist, just continue drabick there, joining the cbs-3 weather show at the franklin institute today, and among those experiments, this one is involving a leaf blower and that she's van racial and wind chill. cbs-3. >> look at that.
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>> we're a proud partner with the franklin institute. >> they do a great job, with the kids, we had my son's sixth birthday party i think at the franklin and they did just. that one experiment after the other and the kids went wild. always a good time there, and, it is fun. >> it is applied science getting out of the classroom and out of the books. >> out of the box so to speak. >> thanks, justin. fun time had by all. >> outside, a beautiful day for most of us but not for everyone. take a look outside where it is fairly pleasant even in the poconos, a beautiful fall color, and full balloon and peak foliage at jack frost, big boulder. now down the shore, a beautiful day with blue skies, still looking pleasant, in atlantic city but wasn't the case every where. take a look at storm scan three. we have showers and thunderstorms popping up throughout the day even down the shore i few showers through new castle county, delaware county but main activity was right here through ocean county, along the the barrier islands as
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well, just to the south of 95 and spring lake and extending into monmouth county. we will zoom in here because this is where we have a lot of activity. showers, thunderstorms rocking toms river, brick township and all the way down through laviolette and sea side heights there was a report on social media of a waterspout. you see this in the shallow waters of the bays and inlets during the fall, and during the spring season. so it is typical when we see rotating column of air over water and that is a definition of the waterspout and really want to thank barnegat bay island, new jersey and jer there i for letting us share this picture. you wille this first here on cbs 36789 you can sea water spout, developing right here touching the water and this can create strong windses, gusts to 30 or 40 miles an hour sometimes heighter. safe liz off shore but this picture safely, captured, by a photographer in bayhead looking south. somewhere around laviolette, where where they suspect this the waterspout to be. right now temperatures are
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pretty mild in the 60's. poconos at 53 degrees. that is our cool spot. area of low pressure is culprit stirring up the showers and thunderstorms and slowly pulling away, we will be seeing some wind, and even some more rain, through wednesday, and men to thursday, it is not going to be until late thursday to see some drying conditions. and then by friday we will start to clear it the out. here's what to expect through thursday, occasional rain and total amount half inch through an inch of rain expected. winds kicking up as well. we have north winds ten to 20 miles an hour gusting to 30 miles an hour and these wind will begin tomorrow morning. overnight a few the scattered showers a low temperature of 52. during the day tomorrow occasional rain, high temperature is 60. but those windy conditions will persist, thursday 57, with some showers and wind, and then by friday we will try it out fairly nicely with temperatures in the 60's and partly sunny skies. so far, so good, as we head towards the weekend, kate will have more on that next half an hour.
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we're celebrating the life and work of fashion designer oz contact delauren ta whose career, expand five decades. >> he died last night but he will be remembered always as the king of style. the insider's louie now joins us live from hollywood with more on reaction to his passing. louie. >> reporter: think chris ander contact from the runway and red carpet all the way to the white house, oscar created signature looks, for some of the most influential women in the world becoming their greatest style alley. tonight we will pay tribute to the man who not only dressed the stars, he also became one. eighty-two years of making the world a more beautiful place, end of an era as world mourns
5:25 pm
loss of the great great pioneer of fashion. oscar took his last breath surrounded by family inside his connecticut home. >> smile. i always have a smile because i hate sad faces. >> reporter: cast car's love for life this sulton after design, created dresses for hollywood elite. he dressedded every first lady since jackie kennedy. >> fashion is non-particular and non-partisan. >> reporter: oscar's one with the clinton's was particularly close as hillary reflect on the first time she wore one of his designs in 1993. >> i had bought a dress off the rack, and it happened to be one of the oscar delaurenta dresses for sale in that way. he and his wonderful wife, annette, go through the receiving line and he takes my hand and he goes is that my dress? >> other dear friends passing the clinton's said quote we will always be grateful to oscar for love he showed us
5:26 pm
and for sharing his talent on some of the most important occasions of our lives. >> i'm so happy to see you. >> very special. >> reporter: creating welding day gowns for so many, kate bossworth and most recently inside, amal clooney posed with oscar before her last fitting before saying i do. he really was class, elegance personified. earlier this year i had an honor of mcing a charity event with oscar benefiting the sylvester comprehensive cancer center at university of miami. he spoke about his own private battle of lymphoma donating hundred thousand dollars of his own money ate brought down his spring summer collection using cancer survivors and their doctors as models in the fashion show. he recognized, okay, i have this diocese, how can i use my gifts to help others dealing witt. class act in every sense of the word. chris and erika, back to you. >> true gentlemen of fashion. >> and a real genius, what steve jobs was to computers,
5:27 pm
oscar was certainly to fashion. louie a geara in l.a. tonight, thanks very much. you can see louie and the entire crew on the insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. there is much more ahead in the next half an hour including this potato chip contest that made a new jersey mother a in million-dollar richer today. fantastic. also a ferguson inspired mural depicting teenager michael brownies now you gone. why city officialness trenton had it painted over. it is not your typical police pursuit, caught on camera tonight, a carriage horse chased down the street of manhattan. new at 6:00. >> reporter: ever wish you could raise money for an animal shelter just by taking your dog for a walk? now there is an app for. that i'm syma chowdhry with
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we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. i'm chris may. here are some of the day's top stories for you, about 40 to 50 people on dirt bikes and atv's have been disrupting traffic across philadelphia this evening. chopper three is over them a little bit earlier. we're told they have been part of the funeral procession in center city for a dirt biker who was murdered last week. well, former olympian and double amputee oscar pistorius
5:31 pm
is in prison tonight. the south african track star has started serving five-year sentence for the murder of his girl friend reeva steenkamp. youngest winner of the noble peace prize is in philadelphia and will receive the liberty medal tonight. seventeen year-old human rights activist malala yousafzai spoke at under 30 summit at the convention center. kate? good evening, chris. we are looking at a couple showers moving across portions of the area, most of the region has escape wet weather today but we have one shower moving through ocean county an area hit harder earlier today with heavy rain and hail and a couple showers moving through northern delaware that are fizzling but we have much more wet weather in the forecast. i will break that down with the seven day in just a couple minutes, erika. >> kate, thank you. >> we will begin at 5:30. we have latest on the ebola scare. department of home land security is tightening evening up travel from the epi center of the crisis. anyone coming to the u.s. from liberia, sierra leon or new
5:32 pm
gunie can only enter the country through one of five airports, screening passengers for the deadly virus. meanwhile quarantine period has ended for relatives of thomas duncan. the liberian native was first person to die from ebola in the u.s. centers for disease control, they're out with more stringent protocols to stop the spread of ebola. will we will get more from cbs news correspondent allison harm len. >> reporter: thousands of health care workers in new york city learn to suit up in protective equipment tuesday after cdc released new strict guidelines to despite the spread ofe bowl. any information helps. >> reporter: what did you learn today. >> just to be prepared. >> keep ate above our ear. >> reporter: it includes repeated training for health care training and protective gear that leaves in skin exposed. recommendations comes after two nurses who treated ebola patient thomas duncan in dallas contracted the disease. >> we're here today because one health care worker getting
5:33 pm
ebola which caring for a patient is too many. >> reporter: the cdc says protective gear should include double gloves, respirators, surgeon will california hoods to ensure complete coverage of the head and neck and disposable full face shields instead of goggles. >> cdc recommend trained machine for supervise workers every time they put honor he take off personal protective equipment. nurse jennifer johnson feels reassured after watching the demonstration. >> it is very time consuming but i do feel safer. >> good strip will show inside of the gown. >> reporter: safety is goal for health care worker on the front lines. in new york, allison harmlen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbc calls for limiting number of workers in a patient's, isolation room and effective disinfect offering that protective gear. australian teenager believed to have runaway from home has turned up in a video for isis. this is a still picture of 17
5:34 pm
year-old abdul a elmere in the message posted yesterday the teenager threatening revenge against australian prime minister tony abbott, president obama and declares war on the wet. elmere told his mother he was leaving for a fishing trip before he disappeared earlier this year. a pennsylvania convenient store clerk uses a unique weapon to fend off a would be robber. the cashier armed herself with bug spray, saying it was closest thing in her reach. all of this was caught on surveillance video in berlin, somerset county and it work. female robber there walk out empty handed. quite a scene here is new york city police pursue a runaway carriage horse. horse escaped from the stall and bolted through midtown manhattan this happened early sunday morning this video was posted on you tube by a group pushing fore limb nation of horse drawn carriages. a mural depicting michael brown has been painted over in trenton. he is the unarmed teen shot by
5:35 pm
police in ferguson missouri. >> as "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan tells us, trenton police expressed concern over this mural which they claim sent the rog wrong message. >> you have to know when to fight. >> reporter: will's street artist well known in trenton but his latest work looks like this a blank canvas after it was removed by the city at the direction of the trenton town town association. it depict michael brown whose death by a police officer ignited protest. caption red sagging pants is not probable cause which is a line from the poem written by local artist caitlin fair after taking two trips to ferguson. sheila and fellow planner byron marshall are upset that the mural what he removed. >> i felt i was disrespectful not only to the people involved in the project but most importantly to mike brown himself. >> it is art. it should be allowed, and in the city like this. >> reporter: what led up to the mural being taken down was
5:36 pm
actually violence on the street, a shooting near corner where mural was at. then a request to have it removed. officials say that the rational for removing mural was that it didn't fit overall vibe of the business district. it might have a negative impact on police and community relations. but both sides say the mural could have a positive impact. >> it definitely spurred a conversation, in the sit bye profiling and police interaction which we hope will lead to better understanding. >> reporter: whole intent was to get the streets talking not to see it, not here forever. as long as we get dialogue started, that is what is the point. >> reporter: he considered the mural a success and one he will try again n trenton i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the the penn museum announced a new partnership with the school district of philadelphia. it is called unpacking the past. the privately funded partnership aims to make a difference in the lives of seventh graders, getting them
5:37 pm
up close and personal with history. some seventh graders from the penn alexander school got to just to do that today with the visit from the museum. good evening, everyone. just bring came up to the wall we were dealing with an accident on i-95 in the northbound direction around cottman avenue. got news it is completely cleared out of the way. bad news there were a few emergency scenes. we are dealing with residual traffic as we try to recover from the lane blockages. northbound side of i-95 seems to be moving better and it seems to me we might have a disable vehicle left behind behind that incident. here is residual delay on top of rush hour traffic that we have on i-95. that would be northbound side of i-95, right there all of those sprinkling break lights, really approached that point and in the north east. heading southbound, so bound i-95 is not a fun picture either. we are seeing same delays out of the northeast down through the vine which is causing speed sensors to reflect a big
5:38 pm
old seven. not lucky seven. in the the seven you like seeing. twenty is what you are traveling, your miles per hour, average on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound heavier volume ace approaching 476, you are at 14 traveling at the blue route itself. we are dealing with the accident on new jersey on 70 eastbound at cornell avenue. give yourself more time n delays for mass transit. erika? still to come on "eyewitness news" a pregnant kate middleton makes her first public appearance since announcing the second royal baby. >> we will have that for you. nervous holiday shoppers right now, many plan to skip retailers, that have been hit recently by hackers. our consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with how to protect yourself, beasley. the flyers are on the road tonight with the tough has ago begins the unbeaten black hawks and nick foles returns to arizona this weekend, as he starts the post bye week portion of the season. those stories are coming up in sports, kate? and beasley we had a bonus day to day with lots of sunshine across the area but
5:39 pm
we are tracking rain and gets in here by later tonight and sticks around tomorrow, even into thursday. we will have the latest coming up with the full seven day
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well, south jersey nurse is the million-dollar winner of lays potato chips, new flavor contest. look for wasabi ginger on store shelves soon. flavor was created by a woman from gloucester county. spicy flavor beat out three other finalist cappuchino, cappuchino chips, um, man go salsa which is okay, and cheddar bacon mack and cheese which sound great but wasabi ginger is the winner. >> million-dollar, well done. >> well deserved, no doubt. >> well, it is now time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg is here with more. >> temporary workers represent a record share of the nation's work force. almost 3 million temps a week are employed through agencies. that is up 5 percent from last year. there are positive to negatives to temping. they mean low wages, in benefits and irregular hours.
5:43 pm
on the other hand it is more main stream and many desirable employers are getting on board. companies in the philadelphia area such as enterprise rental car, macy's and lowes hire temporary workers. manpower and kelly services are actively hiring. for temp administrate i have assistants, marketing coordinators and project managers in the philadelphia area. employers hire temps a at all levels of experience. if a company's need become permanent those workers are perfectly position todd interview for that job. manpower claims 40 percent become permanent hires. the strong demand for temporary employees. if you have good experience, you might even be able to negotiate a higher hourly rate. i'm steve greenburg for cbs-3
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flyers with the big match up on the road tonight with the black hawks in chicago. they picked up their first win in overtime against dallas on saturday, the hawks are off to a hot three-zero and one start. back to work for eagles with the trip to arizona to start the post bye week portion of the season. it is familiar ground for quarterback nick foles, the birds drafted him for his work in that state, in college. nick will need a hot hand against a solid cardinals defense. he is excited though to return
5:47 pm
to arizona. >> it is exciting to go back where i went to college, great memories at the state of arizona it would be fun a lot of friend and family. it is business. they are a very good team. they have been playing well. they played extremely well last year when we played them. they are a more tall a entered team this year. >> last time eagles played we saw victor cruz leave the field on a cart, after injuring his knee. it was, report that had chip kelly visited cruz in the hospital the following day, coach talk about that visit. >> i just think the way he got injured and i think when you look at what happened, we're all competitors in this game but you there is a feeling no matter who it is when you see someone get hurt in the game, it is to the extent that he got hurt, it is just had an opportunity on monday morning to stop by to see if he was okay, if he needed anything before he got transferred out to new york. >> that was a rare touch. that doesn't happen very often. nice job by coach. >> nfl is a brotherhood as you
5:48 pm
know having been in it. >> absolutely. >> it is nice to see that touch. >> beasley, thanks very much. >> royal fans, listen up, duchess of cambridge kate middleton makes her first public appearance since announcing she was pregnant. kate joins prince william in london to welcome the president of the singapore. there she is. duchess is about 12 weeks pregnant and suffering from severe morning sickness like she did when she was pregnant with prince george, the baby is due in april. well in, weather today we have enjoyed pretty nice weather as we were stuck in the nice wedge of clear air surrounded by clouds and showers but we made out quite nicely and beyond beautiful sunset alert tonight because we have clouds off to the east and off to the west, lot of reflection in the atmosphere. you can see we are starting to see color inside here from skies cam three looking out over the city and i want to show you time lapse as well as we go through the day from our camera at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey looking on
5:49 pm
the over the sky line. we have lots of sunshine, lots of sun moving across the sky and now as we head towards sunset time, things are looking pretty colorful out there. 65 degrees at that palmyra cove nature park. lets look at storm scan three and see what we are dealing w large scale storm system over new england but it is this one that is moving off the coast and transferring its energy to the coastal low which will strengthen as we go through the next couple of days. this is more new england storm then our storm but we will feel some impact from it as all these showers start to push east and they will come in as early as tonight. in fact, even in portions of our area, a couple showers moving through right now. we had one passing through northern delaware, that fizzled. keep an eye on this in eastern maryland and yet another storm for ocean county an area hard hit earlier today by storms that brought some hail, heavy rain and strong gusty wind. here's what it looks like right now with showers and a few flashes of lightening and rum also of thunder. we had a report of the waterspout. here that is picture from barnegat bay island on
5:50 pm
facebook, out to sea, no harm done but an interesting thing to see this time of the year. it is common this time of the year as well these storms rotate as they move through. we are seeing a lot of circulation with this storm. also this from gary in landenberg showing the blue skies. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's right now. still feeling nice across most of the area. but as this storm, moves off shore and begins to strengthen, the wind will pick up, and we will have some showers, in the forecast, tonight, and some periods of steady rain as we get in the day thomas we can sianni it does stay cloudy and chilly and as that storm ramps up we will see winds pick up the pace as well by tomorrow afternoon, wind will be 14, 15 miles an hour with gusts above 20 and through the day thursday winds from the northwest could gust as high as 30 miles an hour. it is cloudy, windy, chilly with wet weather in the forecast starting tonight. mainly cloudy overnight with scattered showers at 52. tomorrow cloudy, breeze which rain and drizzle. 60 degrees. wind are strong as well. your seven day forecast keeps it chilly and windy on
5:51 pm
thursday, some improvement on friday and then we can end looks great and look at next week, sunshine we may hit 07 by tuesday. now we want you to join your our team, we want to you be part of the eyewitness weather team. eyewitness weather watchers, sign up at cbs tell us what you are seeing outside your window and we will put you on tv. for more information cbs back to you guys. >> thanks, kate. well, another major american retailer may be victim of the sign's tack, staples confirms that its investigating a possible credit card data breach, at least some of its stores. if it discovers an issue staples says its customers won't be responsible for any fraudulent charges. well, that news comes after a series of high profile hacking incidents. and just as we are's coming up on the busiest shopping time of the year. >> in a new poll three, on your side jim donovan find some consumers are nerve bus shopping at those impact
5:52 pm
stores. >> reporter: just ahead of the holiday shopping season a survey of 865 consumers by credit found 45 percent of them, anxious about using credit cards, at retailers, hit by recent data breaches. according to the poll, 29 percent said they would avoid a store if it had been a victim of the hack, and 16 percent said they would definitely not return to one of those stores. >> it don't seem like a new data breach hits the headlines every few days. so it is one of those days that we will have to adjust to and people will have to remember that they will need to take steps on their own to keep themselves safe. >> reporter: while most retailers will take extra precautions during busy holiday season, consumers can take steps of their own too. >> the most important thing to know, is that nobody cares about your money as much as you do. so, it is incumbent upon you, to do things like checking
5:53 pm
your bank account on line, checking your credit card statement on line to make sure that nothing strange is going on. >> reporter: when choosing between debit or credit, choose carefully because when is there a fraudulent charge on the debit card that mean you lost real money out of your real account and that can take a couple weeks to get replaced. i'm not a big credit card guy. >> credit cards i don't mind or cash but debit cards, i'm not big fan. >> go credit or cash. >> or cash. >> cash, to pay for something, everybody looks at you funny. >> yes. >> thanks, jim. >> we will be right back.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
let's check out is what trending and we will begin with drone racing. this looks like something out of the star wars movie but it is real life. french model a aircraft club, organized this race through a forest, in rural france. proving that the tones are in longer just for aerial photography and cinema, thinks pretty cool. no ewoks apparently to be seen but they can be used in the sports competition as well. very cool.
5:57 pm
also a lamb and a rhino may in the seem like the most likely of friends but they showed they can get a long swimmingly and adorably. gertie is baby rhino whose mother was apparently killed by poachers. well an endangered species center nursed him back to health and pared him up with lambie the lamb. >> aptly named. >> to lessen human interaction and it looks like lamb rhino connection is a positive one. >> i think it is fantastic. >> good buddies. >> move over miley, bat time is a party time for this cutter who will let his inner miley cyrus shine. you tube uses are calling this is best twerking turtle, ever. >> there are so many out there, of all of the clips turtles twerking. >> the only twerking turtle ever. >> that is pretty good. >> i enjoyed that. my co anchor has been on special assignment in los
5:58 pm
angeles taping an episode of the talk. i want to show you him, there he is, just call him mr. hollywood, and you know how ukee says good morning, family. it turns outlaid is of the talk have the same mantra. >> people at home love it, people in the studio and your guest host. i feel like i'm part of the family. >> well, you are. >> i feel like people spend every day with us and they feel like they are part of the family. i like that our show appeals to so many different people. that is not what you would expect. >> even julie chen wanted a selfie with our ukee washington, why would she not. she has right ankle too high up. >> she knows what she's doing. experienced selfie taker. >> do not forget to catch ukee on the talk tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 right here on cb. 36789 can't wait to see that. >> male perspective in there with the ladies. >> great show. >> that is right. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 stopped in the street dozens of dirt bikers speeding, weaving, and doing wheelies in the streets of
5:59 pm
philadelphia. coming up, what could be behind this reckless behavior, kathy? we have some clouds and a few showers but they will get heavier, and more widespread tomorrow, also, tracking gusty winds, we will take a look at that plus a brighter day for the weekend, coming up with the seven day also ahead, a mural key pick michael brownies now you gone. we will tell you why city officialness one local community had this painted over. >> and a new animal shelter fundraiser lets you walk your dog and raise money at the same time, all you need is your cell phone. we will explain. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we will begin at 6:00 with developing news tonight, dirt bikes, barreling down the streets of philadelphia. chopper three overhead as the pikers raced through the city doing stunts and weaving
6:00 pm
through traffic. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm quarter von tiehl. guess case off tonight. those stunts have been going on for hours now. we want to give you a live picture of the dirt bikers. chopper three is live over forty-sixth and haverford avenue where bikers stopped and gathered for what appears to be a memorial for a friend murdered last week. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter picks up the story of a wild ride all afternoon long. >> reporter: roaring across the girard avenue bridge doing wheelies, they tore through miles of city streets, dangerously fishtailing, racing down some streets in the wrong lane, and forcing one pedestrian to scurry out of the way. procession, winding for hours, down busy streets in center city, southwest philadelphia and into north philadelphia. the bikers racing at high speed, police car at one point apparently blocking access tie west fill street, but n