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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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helping families to safety. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from that scene in hunting park with his incredible story, jan? >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. fire investigators remain on the scene looking for the cause of the fire, they have been going around here and in and outlooking for that. we are told k-9 unit is on the scene to help, causes still undetermined but what we know is that this fire moved quickly. look at damage left behind, in all, five homes, scorched by the flames, and 18 people displaced by the fire, good news is though that there were no serious injuries due in part to a good samaritan. it took philadelphia fire crews an hour to control flames in the 3800 block of north park avenue tuesday night. the fire was quick to jump from house to house getting people to safety needed to be done even quicker. >> somebody was knocking on my door. it was a fire. >> reporter: that person was matthew flores who spotted flames and went door to door
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making sure folks woke up and got out. >> my first thought was to go out and get other people out of the house. i did anything anybody else with do. >> reporter: twelve adults and six children made it out safely. fire fighters rescued two men themselves and they were taken to the hospital in stable condition. when crews first arrived around 11:30 flames were shooting out of the first and second floor where the the fires started and flames were spreading. >> because of the porch construction the fire extended to the right of the original fire dwelling involving four or more other homes. >> reporter: causes still under investigation and fire marshall is looking into whether these homes have working smoke alarms. >> they may in the prevent fires but they do save lives and giving you an early warning to gee out. >> would be woman owes her life to that good samaritan. >> i told him already, thank you. >> reporter: and i was able to speak with the two men who live in that second story apartment there. this is the the home where
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that fire started late last night. they have been released from the hospital and they have return to the scene to take a look what is left. they say nothing is salvageable. we will hear from one of the men says he had haded to jump from the second story window to safety in our next half an hour. reporting live there hunting park, jane carrasquillo bay owe for cbs-3 eyewitness mousse. we have breaking news right now you a live picture of a serious accident on city avenue at wynfield. "eyewitness news" has learned a 40 year-old man is a at temple university hospital after he was eject from his car, now that car hit trees and utility poles about 4:30 near 59th street. right now traffic is block on the philly side, and lower merion side. expect traffic restrictions if you are in the area, during a clean up and police investigation as well. torey will have have more coming up in a little bit, erika. right now serious car crash in center city police say a driver lost control and slammed in the building at ninth and chestnut.
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driver was injured and taken to thomas jefferson university hospital n1 inside that building was hurt. right now 6:03. katie good idea to grab the umbrella today. >> i needed it to come out to the sky deck. i would advise you to take rain gear along. the it is just a light rain here in center city but depending on your location you have been dealing will with soaking rain so far this morning. let go show you a quick check of storm scan three where regional zoom and sweep shows the pockets where we are seeing the heaviest. it is a sliver of the delaware valley gets affect by this and have been else in the clear so to speak. what is going on is these round of rain will be just gradually rotating through. we will do a hype are local zoom here over the city of philadelphia, the whole city is in something, whether it is light rain or full on flat shower coming down, and i want to take you overtime lapse here as we go out to point pleasant beach specifically and what you will notice here
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more than anything as we put things into motion here, those trees, they are shaking pretty well. we were joking it looks like a disco party going on, and something like that because it is so breezy right now and will only get more breezy with time n terms of what the rest of today has in store expect that there will be okayingal run have rain moving through but because of the clouds that are stuck in place all day, breeze kick nothing that day time high will climb so much and with the breeze factored in it will in the feel very, very warm at all. so have your jacket ready to go, i highly again suggest rain gear you will want to have that on stand by here. even though run of rain do come through somewhat occasionally throughout the day, they will be with us, pretty much anytime today, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. this rain, it is really for a traffic reporter even when it is just sprinkling outside, it gives me a bad, queasy feeling because a lot of folks help don't take it seriously as
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they should and you definitely should. with weather like this you have to take it easy. just a few moments ago ukee talk about our breaking news on city avenue closing city avenue at 59th street. in return vehicle situation and just so you know, your best alternate is overbrook as they continue to work on the investigation and get this out of the way. also something to notice just dry to avoid that area if you can. moving on to 202 southbound right at 29, we have a disable vehicle situation that does seem to be that even penndot and police are on the scene. so as they work to clear that outlet talk about 95, because rush seems to be a little bit under way by looks of this shot at cottman avenue. southbound take a look at the area roadways. that is all slick. so take it easy. southbound i-95 you will be delayed from cottman to the construction zone and also around girard avenue. further we move into rush hour slower it will get and heavier.
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speed sensors are dropping down in the 40's making your way down toward center city. fifty-five on 476, and if you are traveling in the too far from harleysville we have an accident at main street and old sumn so give yourself time there. in major delays for mass transit, ukee. happening today students head back to class in the poconos, officials there closed schools yesterday because of a possible sighting of accuse state trooper killer eric frein. law enforcement reported a possible sighting near a post office near the town of swiftwater on monday. that is close to pocono mountain east high school where there was another possible sighting reported friday. frein has been on the run now for more than a month. erika. ukee, check this video out right here. how about that dangerous spectacle on the streets of philadelphia dirt bikes and atv racing around like that right there. also weaving in and out of traffic. chopper three overhead as they sped across the city for hours yesterday afternoon, sometimes, zooming past school
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buses, and, children, and even, race ago begins the flow of traffic, and dirt bike caravan was intended to show respect, for a rider who was murdered last week. at a memorial service, they tell "eyewitness news" that a display was a tribute to her son. >> they are just his friend riding the bike in his memory. they have been very supportive. everybody out here has been very supportive. >> it is illegal to ride atv and dirt bikes on city streets. in accident, injuries, or arrests were reported. philadelphia city council committee approves a bill that adds hate crimes to the city code. public safety committee held hearings on a bill that covers crimes motivated by hate based on sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. the bill was born from a crime that stunned many in the community, in september of a group of young men and with men assaulted i gay couple while allegedly yelling slurs. >> while we were watching
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that, shameful video as a member of city >> ill will add 90 days that could be added to a jail term or $2,000 fine could be imposed. it does not amend the state criminal code. noble peace prize winner malala yousafzai received the liberty metal. young activist was honored at the national constitution center for her courages fight for children's rights to education. at 11 years old she began writing public journal entries about living in pakistan under the taliban. two years ago she was shot in the head while returning to school by a taliban gunman for advocating girls education. >> i had two options, one was
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to not to speak and second was to speak and then be kill. i chose the second one, because i did not want to live in that situation of oppression. >> during the ceremony, malala announced that the hundred thousand dollars that she received for being awarded the liberty medal will go towards educating children in pakistan. amazing young woman indeed. 6:09. under investigation right now three teenage girls from colorado were detained in germany after authorities say they may have been trying to join isis, that is coming up. also ahead a possible case of ebola in new jersey, an airline passenger at newark airport is rush to the hospital to be tested for that virus. we are live with the full report for you. >> i don't want to be involved in an accident. >> eradic driver is captured on camera and what happens next is horrifying, we will show it to you when we come back. >> ♪
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katie. >> good morning, erika, good morning, everybody. as we track our round of rain rolling through the delaware valley we have a couple spots getting doused right now you here. also, some frequent lightening role through ocean and monmouth county. some spots not seeing anything
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at the moment. some spots seeing steady rain right now. because it depend on your location but thinks all part of the bigger picture, low pressure getting its act together, strengthening, developing right now and it will actually move northeast and become a new england issue. that is where major impact come from. for us, breezy, it is cooler, i'll give thaw and we will be dealing with rain but this is a glancing blow compared to what our neighbors in new england are dealing work trust me. breezy and chilly conditions tonight. we will have have round of rain to dodge but, again, they come through occasionally. don't worry about this being a total wash out but you will want to have rain gear ready. fifty-five tomorrow. cool day. very sort of raw, breezy. as we head into friday we will keep that breeze around with some sunshine out there high pressure settles in. saturday and sunday looking nice, a lovely trade off and coming in time for the weekend, torey. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everyone. we are definitely seeing rush
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hour now in full swing trying to travel on the southbound side of 95. it is heavier than usual because of the rain we are seeing. we are seeing this orb if you will, water drops on the camera lens. traveling southbound i-95 approaching cat man down to the vine street expressway will be a slow go and bound to get slower. watching us now at home, heading out of the northeast making your way in to center city give yourself extra time. fill up, make sure your windshield wipers are working no delays on the northbound side of 95. we are moving well. we will take you down to the ben franklin bridge. we have an update. westbound on the ben during morning commute four lanes will be open. that construction project is allowing things to span. during your morning commute. for the afternoon it will be eastbound side that will be expanding lanes and for patco commuters we are back to a regular schedule but you will be single tracking or potentially single tracking for the weekend. lots of good news as well as interesting news for ben franklin bridge as well as
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patco. we are eag drop on i-95. schuylkill looking good 476. and no major delays for mass transit, ukee. well, there is breaking news in the head lines on cb. 36789 driver has another just injuries after a crash near 59th and city avenue in wynfield. this is a live picture we are looking at here. car hit trees and power powell about 4:30 this morning. passer guy is called a hero for alerting residents to the fast moving fire along park avenue and hunting park. two people were injured and more than a dozen are in the care of the red cross. search continues for eric frein, man accused in the deadly ambush in the state police barracks. students in one pocono school district were kept out yesterday but you they are back in class today. we will be right back.
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good morning, everyone. airline passenger is under going evaluation at a north jersey hospital after possible exposure to the ebola virus. >> governor chris christie is holding a briefing on how new jersey is respond to go that threat. janel bureau of w cbs is live at newark liberty international airport where that traveler reportedly had symptoms, good morning. >> good morning to you, ukee and erika. we are at university hospital in newark where that passenger was rushed here, yesterday afternoon. we are awaiting word from hospital administrators as to whether that patient does in fact have the ebola virus. we want to show you behind me,
6:19 am
this is the ambulance that rushed the passenger here last night. they are taking every precaution, they have that ambulance sealed off, that passenger in isolation as this morning the cdc inacts a new mandate. newark and kennedy airports are among the five in the country where passengers traveling from the three ebola stricken west african countries can land. tuesday the enhanced screening process at newark revealed a passenger from liberia potentially exposed to the virus, chopper two overhead university hospital in knew work where a flurry of activity as a passenger was rush in and evaluated. >> there is a fear of that, it is a transmittable disease but it is still something can happen if controls are not in place. >> reporter: more training for government and health care workers in our region. hundreds went through safety seminar learning new cdc procedures. >> this city, as you heard before, has been preparing,
6:20 am
drilling for weeks and weeks. we are getting better at it. >> reporter: today governor christie will hold a briefing on new jersey's response. it will be the first day on the job for ebola czar ron klain tapped by president obama to oversee the federal response to the disease. klain will meet with the president and others today. as a precaution and preparations continues, american video journalist, schenn here will likely be discharged from a nebraska hospital, and he contracted the virus while on assignment in liberia. nurse nina pham, one of the nurse hose cared for thomas eric duncan, died from the virus, doctors upgraded her to good condition. the 26 year-old remains under their care at national institutes of health in maryland. now, if it is determined that the passenger on board that flight that landed at newark if he does in fact have the ebola virus, cdc tells us they will reach out to the other travel are on board that flight, as a precaution. ukee and erika. >> thank you so much for that.
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appreciate it. still to c come super heroes battle it out in hollywood and, of course, camera is rolling. see real live action scene when we come back. she has been out of the public eye for years but now renee zellweger is back and she's looking pretty different, some even say unrecognizable, see what everyone is talking about this morning, coming up.
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yes, erika we have a new depression in the tropics on our hand this morning, tropical depression number nine will go out to satellite and it does have potential to become a tropical storm before it moves over the yucatan peninsula. what you are seeing here looking off to the west here,
6:24 am
that bubble that develops, west of cancun is what we are watching and that is tropical depression number nine, next name on the list would be hanna if it is a storm. storm scan three, off to the west, and central united states, it is looking g we have low pressure still developing right now. this will continue to bring in, just round of rain, off and on throughout the day, breezy day by comparison. it is a cooler day, cloudy day by comparison. tomorrow is chilliest of the pack and we will have some lingering showers by friday though, and, it will brighten up nicely and bode very well for this upcoming weekend too. vittoria. >> thanks very much. >> good morning everybody. traveling out and about we are seeing, as katie was saying sprinkling here and there for sure, it is causing, taking it out there a as we look at 476, we will not see too much rush just yet but few more vehicles around route one traveling outbound and north bound but we are in the seeing a full blown rush but that is only
6:25 am
here. traveling on i-95 you will see a full blown rush and speeds are dropping in the teens, specifically southbound, as you make your way out of the northeast and vine street expressway. we are seeing delays on the schuylkill expressway and this is an area thaw want to proceed in caution in weather lick this around area of the curve. conn show who can even curve we are seeing slow downs eastbound. westbound we are seeing delays a approaching roosevelt boulevard and gladwynn. you are okay on 476, things in new jersey, however would i say watch out for delays from the 42 freeway north bound, all and all new jersey and delaware in the bad right now for right now. we are still experiencing the close another of city avenue through a another just overturn accident at the 59th street. best alternate toys take overbrook avenue. good news in major delays for mass transit but we have an accident not too far from harleysville and main street and at old sumanytown pike so try to a roid this area if you can, ukee. thanks, torey you. this morning's healthwatch an update on enterovirus d68 in
6:26 am
new jersey. health officialness hamilton township mercer county said child thought to have virus tested negative for it. child attend yardville elementary school. this is same school attendedded by eli wall shore died from the virus last month. f.d.a. issues a new warning about supplements, apparently even if some supplements have been recalled they remain on store shelves. is what more some contain, banned drugs, and stud appears in the journal of the american medical association. and you can get free health screenings today at drexel medicine fall health fair, doctors will be on hand at shops at liberty place rotunda over at 16th and chestnut in center city philadelphia they will be there from 11:30 to 2:30 this afternoon and get your blood pressure and vision check and more free skin cancer and lung financial screenings are also available. any medical question you have, drexel medicine doctor will be there to help out. the duchess have cambridge kate middleton resumes her
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royal duties and she's debuting her baby bump. kate joins prince william in london to welcome president of the singapore. thinks kate's first appearance since announcing her pregnancy about three months along we're toll. duchess is suffering from severe morning sickness and she like she did when she was pregnant with prince george we are toll the baby is due in april. congratulations. coming up in the next half an hour this morning an update on our breaking news an accident that shut down city avenue, jan? >> reporter: a man jumps from a second story window in order to escape a burning building here in hunting park i'm jane carabao coming up hear his story and update on the fire investigation. plus authorities are investigating three teenage girls, in colorado who are caught heading to the middle east supposedly to join isis. >> torey and katie return with your traffic and weather together, on the three's.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. a live picture of our breaking news, right now, a car obliterated a 40 year-old man is in the hospital with serious injuries after this roll over crash near city avenue and 59th street. it hit several trees and power pole in this crash.
6:31 am
it will be in this area. expect traffic restrictions will get you more traffic details coming up on the three's in just a little bit. new this morning two people are hospitalized after a fast moving fire sweeps through several homes in north philadelphia, overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao at the scene in hunting park where she spoke with one resident who jump from the burning home, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. frightening night for many people in this block at hunting park, fire investigators remain on the scene, l and i is on the scene as well as so is the the red cross all hoping to identify the cause of this fire and then help people left displaced by it. take a look at damage left behind. this fire spread and ended up damaging five homes on north park avenue. deputy fire chief says it was porch construction that spread flames from one house to the next. fortunately there were no serious injuries but 18 people including six children now have to have find a new place to stay.
6:32 am
this is 3800 block of north park avenue in hunting park. fire fighters have been on the scene here, they have been on the scene since 11:30. when they arrived heavy fire was seen on the first and second floor of the homes where this fire started, flames were spotted on the first floor of the neighboring home as well and all five homes were scorched by the flames. it took 60 fire fighters an hours before the flames get under control. no fire fighters were hurt but they had to rescue two men from inside, those men trans ported to the hospital in stable condition, and have since been released, i was able to speak with them this morning, they live in the home where this fire started and within of them says he had had to yum top safety from a second story window. >> nothing salvageable, nothing. >> thank god my wallet and keys to my church was there. i just thank god that he spared my life, you know, jesus christ is my lord and savior and i thank god. >> however as he said nothing
6:33 am
is salvageable. he said his brother-in-law woke him up when he smelled smoke and saw flames. his brother-in-law was taken down from the second story by a ladder. coming up in our next half an hour we will hear from a good samaritan who went door to door making sure every within else got out safely after he spotted flames. reporting live, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 6:33. lets get traffic and weather together, katie. >> we have round of steady rain falling in portions of our region but not everyone is getting hit. this is a take where perhaps a neighbor, county or two away is getting slammed with soaking rain or just a couple of showers and you might not see anything. that is what we have going on right now in reading, in rain drops currently falling from the sky but you have got heavy pocket of rain and thunderstorms now out towards the jersey shore points. this is generally what we're finding for the next couple of hours as the day progresses. it may end up being breezy,
6:34 am
damp, misty, drizzling but this will be a dreary day. 56 degrees already at philly international. we have not seen too much on the thermometer readings. that is in part due to the fact that we have a thick blanket of cloud cover but it also keeps us from moving throughout the day. low 60's at best down the shore, and in philadelphia, and there will be more clouds out there, the breeze starting to kick in. up in the poconos we are expect to go see damp conditions and temperatures held back in the lower 50's at best. now here's just a look at the general synopsis our weather headlines for the next five, six, seven days or so dreary, windy conditions picking up today, we will still have some damp conditions as well tomorrow and then we will cool things down but heading up towards the weekend things switch a bit here. it is a switch gets flicked and we will have nice weather. we will have full details just a little bit later in the show. torey, back over to you. we have a little bit of
6:35 am
the switch as well. we will talk about the details in a second. let talk about the rush hour commute. traveling on i-95 in the southbound direction we are delayed from academy all the way down through the vine street expressway. we have a rainy sort of mix out there on top of rush hour on top of the construction zones that have set you back every morning. all and all not a good mix. north bourbon i-95 we are not seeing too much of a problem. more vehicles out there you will notice crowding around the area of the construction zones but southbound delay on i-95 is delay to watch out for. taking a look at schuylkill expressway westbound is delay to watch out for here. traveling from approaching montgomery drive this shot here approaching area of the roosevelt boulevard, approaching montgomery drive, all the way out through gladwynn you are slow. would i not be surprised if that volume continues to follow you out through you conshohocken, because we have delays around conshohocken area as well where speed sensors drop down in the teens. here's westbound delay on the schuylkill that will affect southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard.
6:36 am
note that if that is where you are going. here is your eastbound delay, 54 your average on the blue route. we have lots of red. drop down to 14 miles an hour. traveling in new jersey watch out for delays on the 42 freeway approaching walt whitman bridge. rest of the majors so far are so good. also, just keep in mind 422 ease wound we are seeing delays around trooper building down toward 202, ukee. happening right now fbi is reviewing evidence trying to figure out if three runaway teenage girls from colorado really tried to join isis in the middle east. they were pick up in germany over the weekend. cbs correspondent chris van cleve has very latest on this investigation. three denver teenage girls told their parents they were going to turkey to study but fbi believes their goal was to join islamic state fighters in syria. teens managed to board a flight from denver to germany but intercepted by local police and fbi. they are reportedly between 15 and 17 years old, two are sisters of somalia dissent,
6:37 am
other from sudan. the families reported girls missing after realizing they skipped school, left home with $2,000 their passports. in members have the local muslim community are concerned >> i was shocked because we thought that the boys were easy target. but to our surprise the girls were easy target. >> reporter: while fbi investigates all three are about a with their parents and no charges file. investigators believe they are impressionnable young girls caught up in the moment after probably being influenced by terrorist propaganda but were not radicalized. >> i'm hoping that the parents will do their share by talking to their kids. >> reporter: in april 19 year-old shanon connolly was a arrested at denver's airport trying to get to syria after meeting an isis fighter on line. earl they're month an illinois teen was arrested at chicago o'hare as he planned to travel to the middle east and join the islamic state. chris van cleve, cbs news.
6:38 am
sayreville board of education voted unanimously to up hold suspensions of five football coaches amid a hazing scandal that rocked the the north jersey town. head coach george najar and four assistants have been suspended indefinite liz with pay. it follows an ongoing criminal investigation in which seven players with charged in connection with the hazing incident inside the high school locker room. >> i just thought that it was, just over the shot, like over exaggerated, and i know this never happened. >> knowing coach for four years i know he never would have tolerated any form of hazing. >> the board also lowered the coach's salary, because of reduced duties, since the football program has been canceled for the season. the owner of chickie and pete's is now offering a five you this dollars reward in an armed robbery at one of their restaurants in drexel hill. they dropped sunday morning before restaurant opened and forced employees in the
6:39 am
freezer. the robbers got away with $16,000 in addition to the two armed robberies police are also searching for a third suspect, who drove a getaway car. three is on your side with news that another major retailer may be a victim of the sign's tack. >> staples confirmed it is investigating a credit card date breach at its stores. if it discovered an issue staples says customer will not be responsible for fraudulent charges. gas prices have fallen to the lowest level in three years according to triple a. national average for, gallon of regular is $3.09. that is down 60 cents from this years high in april. pennsylvania drivers are still paying 3.23 on average for gallon of regular, in new jersey it is 292 ain't in state of of delaware it is $2.95 on average. new despite those low gas prices, it will still cost you you more to fly this holiday season. according to expedia flights for thanksgiving day weekend
6:40 am
are up 17 percent from last year. christmas prices are up 2 percent. estimated 21 million americans are expect to fly from now through december. and still ahead this morning see what president obama says to a voter who warned him not to touch his girlfriend. also renee zellweger does not look like this anymore, she attended her first public event in years and all anyone could talk about is her surprising transformation. now she wants to know what all of the fuss is about. ever wish you could raise money for an animal shelter why us by taking your dog for a walk? well now there is an app for that, i'm syma chowdhry with that story coming up.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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ryan costello went. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you.
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i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. a driver is caught on camera swerving in and out of traffic on camera along a pennsylvania highway. >> oh, man. >> kevin danny and casey obass were on their work truck in route 21, this happened in fayetville county monday morning and they witnessed an eradic driver that pull out a cell phone and started recording and, within minutes, the driver turn right in front of an on coming vehicle. >> he was swerving in and out, like would go off the road and she'd come back in and go in the other lane, and it kind of scared us a little bit. >> now, those two men are okay but bet female drivers in the other car, they were taken to the hospital. there is in ward if the driver will face any charges. just scary to see it. >> yes. >> 6:43. we have wet roads out there
6:44 am
this morning, katie. >> we do, other thing is the breezes start to kick in and we have seen those leaves falling off the trees, leaving behind, sort of that extra layer on the the roadways and with additional wind that will income more leaves down, get padded down and that will lead to a sheet of ice for lack of a better analogy here. we do still have some rain, very obviously rotating around, here, so while not everyone will be getting hit at the same time we will have rain in the area, almost anytime here today. some will be just a fine mist, some will be a straight up shower, some will be steadier rain. pollen levels do stay low, ragweed levels, almost off the map they are so low here for next couple days. we will start to climb over weekend as we settle in the pleasant pattern. we just to have get through next two days. we will brighten up friday. still breezy between low and high pressure. should be a nice afternoon. bit more seasonal at 63 degrees. by the weekend this is good stuff mid 60's with sunshine
6:45 am
both saturday and sunday, monday, also not looking too shabby, and we will continue this warming trend into tuesday, torey. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. your commute gets busy out there. switching up camera shots because earlier we had a westbound accident approaching broad street that was blocking the left-hand lane on the vine street expressway. we have managed get that out of the way quickly but it caused residual traffic that is stemming back toward i-95. traveling on the westbound side of the vine you'll be delayed from 95 through to the schuylkill. notice delays on vine street local as well just heavy volume but using vine to get to 76 will set you back. using i-95 to get to the vine and 76 or exit at broad street that is another slow down. i-95 southbound jammed from academy down through the vine street expressway. we will talk about speed sensors in a second. 422, approaching oaks down to 202, we are absolutely jam, rush hour is out there and because of that 11 is traveling on the schuylkill,
6:46 am
ten on i-95, give yourself some more time because it is a slick on the roads, just practice extra caution no major delays for mass transit, ukee. breaking news leads this look at today's headlines on cb. 36789 a serious accident leaves a car crumbled almost beyond recognition, the 40 year-old driver suffered serious injuries when his cadillac struck several trees and utility pole near 59th street. >> also a passerby is being called a hero after alerting residents of rehomes hit by fire on park avenue and hunting park. two people were injured and 18 are now in the care of the red cross. cdc says airline passenger is being evaluated for ebola symptoms after a flight to newark, one of five u.s. airports allowed to accept passengers from west africa. raising money for good cause by simply doing something to you every single day. >> new app allows dog owners to do just that by just walking their dogs. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry shows us how it
6:47 am
works. >> reporter: imagine every time you take your dog for a walk you are helping one of these dogs with every step. new app does that and it doesn't cost you a penny, call woof track walk for a dog. dog owner down load the app and tracks your walk. more you use it, more money goes to an animal shelter or rescue group of your choice. >> great way to give back tour local shelter with, by doing what you are already doing. >> reporter: april was released this year and owe far 4,000 shelters signed up for it, including the delco spca. >> when a 10-dollar check comes in via app or personal toe nation it means it goes toward caring toward the animals. >> reporter: the organization has been getting word out hoping information people will sign up and select them. delco spca is hosting a 5k walk and they want all participants to down load the app. >> we are going to talk about the app at the event and we have 360 registered runners and walkers right now.
6:48 am
>> reporter: they donate money they get in sponsors and advertisers. it tracks usage by how many walks, not by distance. the ceo says the philadelphia areas within of the most active market. so far, the app has donated $10,000 to shelters nationwide. >> even a dollar a take would help us get more animals in and more animals out. >> reporter: because the app is so new many dog owners never heard of it the but plan on down loading it now. >> i think it is great. it is stuff/would donate monday tie. >> reporter: sit free for you. >> yes. >> reporter: free for you, priceless for them n media, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is great. 6:48. president obama has quite the encounter with a couple voters at his polling place in chicago. >> that man you see quickly moving off camera that is mike jones and as you heard, hey don't touch my girl friend. his girlfriend was casting her ballot right next to the
6:49 am
president. when jones walk by he told the command inner chief not to get too close. the president took the the teasing, in stride and left a parting jab of his own. and, embarrassed coupe a will guyed for her boyfriend's comment. she knew wow say something but wasn't sure what it would be. >> president was mute. >> yeah. >> 6:49. >> lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us from new york, gayle good morning. >> can you imagine what miss cooper said when she got home, i think it started with the word fool, fool. >> fool you crazy. >> i know.
6:50 am
ukeelee and erika, good to see you both. a missing persons report leads to the fbi scramble. bob orr on the three american teenage girls, while apparently trying to join isis and why they will not face charges. a 400 you this dollars massage and $800,000 to train mountain lions. nancy cordis has a look on what some are calling waste full government spending, do you think so. how marijuana laced candy is bringing new meaning to the word trick or treat, in colorado this halloween. the news is back in the morning, we will see you you in just about ten minutes from now, ukeelee, i cannot wait until to see your cows tomorrow halloween, i know it is something cute. >> i'll surprise you. >> surprise all of us. >> i'll surprise myself. >> erika you too. this is neat, south jersey nurse turn an idea for powe tatee chips into a cool million-dollar. renee of westville, gloucester county came up with the winning new flavor for lays potato trips. she suggested, wasabi ginger. perfect flavor beat out
6:51 am
suggestions like cappuchino, man go salsa and cheddar bacon mack and choose. i have to try these. >> what is wasabi. >> ♪ what is the word >> the word is, broadway, that is where bradley coupe are is heading. he will star in the elephant man, cooper plays title character, and deform man exhibited as a human curiosity in the 19th century traveling freak show. the elephant man begins on broadway next month. stars came out in beverly hills to honor matthew mcconaughey as this years recipient of the american cinema award. organization select mcconaughey for what they call his ever grown talent and accomplishments in film. >> i love the work, i got two more films that are about to come out and i'm looking forward to sharing that with the world good all right, all right. >> you can catch him on the big screen next month in the sci-fi adventure inter stellar. this story is getting a lieutenant of attention,
6:52 am
actress renee zellweger sports a new look at women in hollywood event. >> we have video from the daily mail on line. internet is buzzing about this new look. many say she looked owe different from her junior i maguire and bridget generals diary days, some question whether it was really the same person. zellweger told people magazine perhaps i look different, doesn't as help get older. i am different, i am happy. that is what matters. >> women change as they age. >> she's happy, let's leave it at that. >> we will be right back good morning.
6:55 am
it is traffic and weather together, katie. >> now today will be a day where you want to think about having your rain gear at the ready, even though any wet weather will come through, somewhat scattered in nature, we have got a good shot for almost everybody to see something at some point today. so, we will call it occasional rain, tomorrow there will be lingering showers around but our chance for wet weather reduced by the weekend. here's where we stand on storm scan three, depending on your location, you're getting doused but just some clouds to kick start the day, vittoria. >> good morning everybody. you will notice that the rush is new here, schuylkill expressway westbound specifically is jam, i would say girard avenue down through
6:56 am
gladwynn. same thing if you are traveling on the ben franklin bridge, good news they have opened up those lanes because of construction, only in the morning for westbound side. so you will have, finally some movement on the right but you're still jammed heading in the city and expect delays on i-95 out of northeast philadelphia down through center city. rush is here, erika. we are so glad ukee can cut time out of his schedule to join us on our little show. he was out hanging with the stars in will hollywood. >> yes, i had to to what i had had to do. i had to go to l.a. to tape an episode of the talk. i went out there last year as well. julie chen, sharon osborne and cheryl underwood, gang was all there i asked sharon why the show continues to work year after year. >> i wish that you could kind of bottle it because we'd make a fortune. it justice. it is within of these things where you can't predict but when you do get the right
6:57 am
group it is just electric, it works. >> this is a watch or set your dvr airing at two on cbs-3. alan cummings is star from the good wife talking about his book in the my father's son. talks ababout his child's trouble hood and father telling him it is in the my son. check it out. >> no dancing this year. >> that was great last time. >> yes. >> we will dance right over to the cw
6:58 am
7:00 am
it is wednesday, october 22nd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a passenger from west africa sparks new ebola fears after getting flagged at newark international airport. three teenaged girls from colorado trying to join isis in syria. and remembering watergate legend ben bradlee. bob woodward and george bernstein join us. >> but first a look at your "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.