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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  October 25, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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stats. >> verne: robinson again. >> gary: third and short. i'm going to go out on a limb here. >> verne: ok. >> gary: either the quarterback or robinson are going to -- >> verne: you don't think they'll do the wide receiver reverse here? >> gary: it's either dak or number 13. >> verne: really? >> gary: [laughing] >> verne: you make a lot of mope for sticking yourself out on the edge of the limb like that. >> gary: bleed the clock all the way down, i'm sure of that. >> verne: yeah. >> verne: both teams have their full complement of three time outs. third and two. they just do snap it with one second left. here comes prescott. >> gary: doesn't have the wheels. he's hurt. he did not get it. >> verne: kalid henderson with the tackle. >> gary: kentucky is going to
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take a time out here. >> verne: prescott stopped short by henderson. >> verne: 4:09 to go. a little concern on the part of the kentucky fans. look at dak prescott. >> gary: i was not surprised that he carried the ball, obviously, but i am surprised the type of play.
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running wide with his speed obviously not there. >> verne: devon bell on to punt. demarco robinson grabs it at the 20. still got it. out near the 29 yard line. patrick towles. what a day he's had. >> gary: he's got the big arm. he's got extreme confidence. he's the unquestioned leader of the football team. ever since that florida game. he runs it better than people think. kentucky has themselves a quarterback. that's about as pretty a throw as you will ever see. >> verne: 324 yards throwing it, 80 yards rushing it and they've got a first down with just under four to go.
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throw-back. towles. got it. first down. garrett johnson took the handoff then threw it back to the quarterback. >> verne: nice, complete. dorian baker. >> gary: good defense for mississippi state. kept them short of the first down. keeps the clock moving. sno3:17 to blake bone. number six. the freshman. >> gary: i believe in the last
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year's game, should kentucky put one on here, i think they onside-kicked it, got it but were offsides. in the game. >> verne: towles a man open in the middle of three defenders. that's javess blue. >> gary: there is not a lot of men that can make that throw. first of all, you've got to know where to throw it. secondly, you have been sacked six times in this game and you rip it over the quarterback. over the safety. into the heart of the defense. >> verne: flag down. blake bone fumbles it out of bounds. it will be kentucky's possession. let's check the play. >> gary: i think it was illegal -- they went fast. did mississippi state have too many men? i thought it was an illegal formation. i think they have too many
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people in the backfield. one of the receivers should have been at the line of scrimmage. >> referee: offside. results in a first down. >> verne: 2:48 to go. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> gary: saw a lot of throws high in the back of the end zone. look for blake bone, number six at the back of the end zone.
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>> verne: second down. there is the change. >> verne: quarterback draw. towles. touchdown. >> gary: that's going to be 15 yards. towles gets up and celebrates and somebody knocks down. it's going to be 15 yards on the kickoff. is it wells, number 22? it was a bit of an acting job, i'll have to say that. wells is kind of going, "come on, he was celebrating, he bumped into me, 6'5", 235 pounds, i did not knock him down." watch this.
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they just basically bump. his arm is extended but i think sold by patrick towles. now you wonder because of the extra 15 yards -- >> referee: after the play was over, dead ball, unsportsmanlike conduct, defense, number 22. the penalty will be 15 yards assessed on the kickoff. >> gary: you wonder if it makes it more likely that they go for the onside kick. snothey have not attempted one this year, has kentucky. touchdown. extra point coming. austin macginnis, perfect so far this season. and he still is. >> gary: quarterback draw.
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scored last time on a quarterback draw. he does it again. good block up front taking the all american linebacker out of the play. mckinney. the big center. jon toth gets the key block on the play. >> verne: we've got 2:31 remaining. stay tuned for "the dodge post-game show" on cbs sports but we're going to give you a heck of a finish here, i think. 38-31. dan mullen, a chance for coaching here. >> gary: with the 15-yard penalty you can do the deep onside pooch, pooch down there, if you don't get it, play defense and you get the ball back one more time. >> verne: kentucky has two time outs remaining. mississippi state has all three. mark stoops.
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>> gary: both teams over 500 yards in total offense and mark stoops said, "i thought this was a defensive conference. i came here to play defense." former kentucky football player that he's talking to there, his offensive coordinator neal brown -- neal played back in the day with tim couch. >> verne: shortly after that, rich brooks became the head coach here and rich is in the stadium. one of the nice guys in the profession. rich brooks. retired. has a place in oregon. >> gary: you can pooch this ball down here, and make a run for it. mississippi state has to stay up close looking for the onside kick. >> verne: both landon foster and macginnis are at the ball. >> gary: the high lob to about the 15 yard line would be nice if you could do it. >> verne: first onside attempt
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this year. they bounce it. it's taken. holmes has it. holmes in a foot race. a stiff arm. he's down the sideline. touchdown, mississippi state. christian holmes, a linebacker. >> gary: those faces say it all. i thought the deep pooch was the play. the bounce was not pretty. it was perfect for mississippi state. and christian holmes -- the defense makes a play with a straight-arm and a dive into the end zone. >> verne: senior linebacker out of puckett, mississippi.
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>> verne: mark stoops looks like he lost the feature race at keeneland. >> gary: after the offside kick i thought it opened up the possibility for the -- excuse me, after the penalty in the end zone i thought they had a chance to try something different but as dan mullen talked to us on the phone, he said "what's funny about this team is i've got a ton of guys that make plays. a ton of guys." >> verne: they've changed it to a 61-yard return. mississippi state back up by 14. florida state has an open date. ole miss plays tonight at l.s.u. alabama plays tonight at tennessee. auburn against south carolina. there is a little bit going on in the s.e.c. west. oregon won big. mariota had a great game. notre dame is open. michigan state adds to the michigan wolverine woes. >> gary: t.c.u., 75 points.
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>> verne: if baylor were in that game, i wouldn't give up yet. [laughing] >> gary: that's true. >> verne: mark stoops. >> gary: tough special-team week, last week for kentucky, and that one was a tough one to take. the strategy was ok, the execution was not. patrick towles can come out and throw for more yards. he's at 380. >> verne: he's had a marvelous game. >> gary: that redshirt year last year -- his third year in the program has really helped him. a great idea for quarterbacks. don't be in too much of a hurry it play too soon. >> verne: patrick towles under the coaching of a quarterback coach, donny walker, talked with
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us yesterday about -- you understand the techniques, obviously. he was dipping in his throwing motion. >> gary: a little bit of a wind-up to it and i said "can you change at your age?" he said "i did change." he's matter of fact. he does not back down. i like to throw tough questions at these guys and he stares right at you. he's a thoroughbred. there is no doubt in my mind, he's going to play at the next level. >> verne: 45-31. 2:22 to go. dak prescott. >> gary: remember, six games -- what was it, 35 days. those injuries do not go away.
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>> verne: demarco robinson. >> gary: the subtlety. i like the way this kid will redmondment doesn't use his hands at all. it's perfect technique. >> verne: third and 10. >> verne: stripped. that's the seventh sack, and towles does maintain possession. >> gary: mike wells got him back. it was mike wells who shoved him in the end zone for 15, and now
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wells comes and goes, "here i am." no faking on this one. i'm coming right around the corner and getting the sack. >> verne: loss of eight. >> gary: seven sacks, gee. >> verne: chris jones, number nix. now they've got three down, one up. see if they all rush. they do. here is wells. towles. complete. braylon heard. >> gary: there's always those games, verne, when you're the number one team in the country you've got to survive, and every team that mississippi state has played prior to this one was an undefeated football team. now they come to kentucky who is undefeated at home and they take a punch and they're still standing. >> verne: let's look at the comparative schedules of the top
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four in the west. >> gary: l.s.u. is getting better. alabama's schedule is toughening up. it's not an easy schedule for alabama. i don't know who to choose here. these are tough football games. they're going to beat everybody up and i'm telling you right now i would not want auburn's. the rest of them are about equal. >> verne: josh robinson closing in on a 200-yard day. see if they give it to him again. that was his 23rd carry in the ballgame. he's equalled his season high now with 197. >> gary: coming up as we just saw for mississippi state is arkansas. i think that's a great match-up for mississippi state. then they basically get a bye with u.t.-martin. i think they're going to go in to alabama and tuscaloosa undefeated. >> verne: take's knee. robinson's day is complete, 197 yards. he's got his hands on his hips.
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"i need three." "i need three for crying out loud." [laughing] >> gary: you can't get him hurt for doing that. you want me to call it? he asked. "tell me." "if you want it i'll do it." >> verne: my gosh. that's an extraordinary exchange. golly. he's going to walk off disappointed after a 197-yard effort. they made it 198 now. dan mullen, mark stoops midfield. >> gary: no such thing as moral victories in this league but i think mark stoops definitely has showed the kentucky fans they
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are on the right path. >> verne: the player of the game, josh robinson. franklinton, louisiana. 5'9", 215. let's go down to allie who is with dan mullen. >> allie: coach, it's never easy in the s.e.c. this is the most that you have been challenged in the second half of the game and i believe this is called being photo bombed, video bombed. >> that's what this league is. any time you're on the road. good job, man. good luck the rest of the way. you know you're going to be in for a tough challenge. one heck of a football game. one heck of a football team we played here. we knew that coming in. i don't know if people give kentucky the credit, mark the credit for the job he's done, how hard he's playing, the atmosphere of the crowd he's created, the effort their guys play with, we knew we would be in for a battle. >> verne: was josh begging you
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for the extra yards at the end? >> somebody told him. hey, we're fortunate to get a win. it's hard to win on the road in this league. we're halfway through the conference schedule undefeated so we're halfway to where we want to be. >> allie: thank you, coach. >> thank you so much. >> verne: allie, thank you. now, i think that might be megan mullen. >> allie: he's going to have -- >> gary: he's going to have to kiss josh tonight too. >> verne: josh robinson -- no, i beg your pardon. this is the 73-yarder. he scores the touchdown. let's listen to mississippi state's radio broadcaster, jim ellis. >> prescott. now they bring a linebacker. they again give it, good hole, breaking free is robinson.
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over the 40. over the 50. foot race in the middle of the field. at the 40. at the 30. cuts back. to the 20. great cutback. headed to the end zone. he will score a touchdown. robinson with a beautiful run of some 72 yards and the bulldogs not only picked up the first down, they pick up the touchdown. >> gary: i think the final thing dan mullen has to do is get through the next two weeks. challenge his team to beat arkansas without using dak prescott too much. give him two weeks to get healthy for alabama. >> verne: dan and megan's son. daughter's in the vicinity, i'm sure. 45-31 the final. for the guys up here with us, dave moulton, butch baird, chuck gardner and the lead guys in the truck, craig silver, our producer, steve milton, our director, gary danielson and
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allie laforce. i'm verne lundquist. so long from lexington. 45-31. "the dodge post game show" is next after these messages and a word from your local station. ha-ha john, john and horace dodge launched their first car in 1914. but they were not only business partners, they were brothers. competitive, stubborn... and always pushing each other. the way only brothers can. ♪ [sfx] engine revving ♪ ♪
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>> cbs sports presents "the
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dodge post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the dodge post game show" i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "elementary" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours," tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw, mississippi state over kentucky 45-31. patrick towles with a big day as well. he will be a pleasure to watch in the future. s.e.c. standings now in the east, georgia on top. kentucky will go to missouri next week. in the west, mississippi state staying perfect. ole miss against l.s.u. among the action going on tonight. i am joined by spencer tillman and where i brian jones. kentucky has a great future. we see what he was able to do. on the ground mississippi state pulled it out. >> spencer: i want to make one particular point about the passing statistics. he has the school record for consecutive games passing over 200 yards. that's important because what they're asking him to do offensively, i think that is a high-water mark that needs to be
7:25 pm
-- >> brian: listen, kentucky -- they're going to get much better. they don't have the depth they need. that cake is not baked. look at josh robinson, what he did today, they leaned on him, we taungd about in the pregame he's difficult to tackle averaging seven yards per carry. you saw hordes of tacklers unable to wrap him up. he's not a one-trick pony. it's not just about dak. it's the other guys. >> adam: the 73-yard touchdown wasn't as impressive as the one where he avoided all the tackles. offense from the tigers, b.j. >> brian: maty mauk fires to a wide open bud sasser in the end zone for a touchdown. >> adam: it is a final. 24-14. the tigers go to 3-1 in conference play. meanwhile, t.c.u., spencer, nonstop scoring. >> spencer: trevone boykin lobs it up, porter a nice leaping catch and the touchdown.
7:26 pm
t.c.u. can rack up points, there is question about their defense but they can go toe to toe with everybody. >> brian: you've got mike smith as the defensive coordinator now. this is embarrassing for the red raiders. >> adam: 44 of the last 51. they've tripled the red raiders. i just did some math. b.j., bill snyder and kansas state trying to stay perfect. >> brian: easy for you to say. not for me to watch. demarcus robinson bounce off a couple of tacklers, caps off a 12-play, 85-yard drive, number 500 for the kansas state wildcat football program. >> adam: kansas shut out for the first time in a decade -- >> adam: kansas state thinking top 10. mountaineers can do it on flat ground as well. >> spencer: smith takes the handoff a 40 yarder for a touchdown, 34-10 at that point west virginia clint trickett doing an unbelievable job, 34-10.
7:27 pm
west virginia is a sneaky team. watch from the big 12 with no championship game, watch them because they will be lurking. >> adam: they will try to slow down t.c.u. next week. west virginia 4-0 on the road. b.j., little brother strikes again. >> brian: yeah, but you've got some players, does big brother, michigan state, jeremy langford once again into the end zone. his third touchdown on the afternoon. he's going to seal the victory for sparta. they held up the paul bunyan trophy. the largest margin of victory against michigan since -- >> adam: rutgers went on the road to nebraska, spencer, and faced the king of all-purpose yards. >> spencer: the heisman is there for ameer abdullah to take it, his third touchdown of the day for ameer abdullah. took a big chunk you out out -- big chunk out of that heisman
7:28 pm
trophy. >> adam: ameer with 331 all-purpose yards. a school roar. illinois had lost 24 of 25 big ten games. they give the gophers their first conference loss of the year. wisconsin all over maryland behind melvin gordon's three touchdowns. coming up we'll tell you about the stars of the day when "the donlon post-game show" continues.
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>> adam: welcome back to "the dodge post-game show." let's check out the stars of the day. we told you about ameer, we told you about trevone. navy is always running. rakeem cato with a touchdown