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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  October 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. here are stories we're following today. will they strike or not? septa union workers take a crucial vote that could eventually impact tens of thousands of commuters. >> more this morning, more grief in washington state, shooting at high school claims another victim. >> and in the battle of the birds, it all comes down to one play, that one right there, eagles leave the fields with a tough loss. because it was right there. >> we were better than that team, and oh, with so many things to point out. we'll a talk about it a little later. first, let's talk about our forecast coming off the weekend? warm up? >> big warm up. wu will surge on the thermometer tomorrow. today is a nice day, tomorrow
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even nicer day if you like milder air, a lot going on down the road that we have to talk becomes very cool air starts to settle in for us, with time here, so, today is a bright day, it is as sunny day, it is pretty much perfect, to enjoy outside, if you have any outdoor plans, but we are going to see this little roller coaster ride of sorts take place on thermometer with time, couple of disturbances we will be talking with time, talking temperatures all coming up in the next few, guys, back to you. >> see now bit, thank you union representing septa workers holding news conference, transferred locals 234 has vote today authorize a strike, for now, however, they'll stay on the job. 5,000 bus drivers, subway, trolley operators, and maintenance workers have been without a contract since march. >> nobody is going on strike, if we have to go on strike, we go on strike, we're on the front lines. we're the ones that operate the trains, the busses, the
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mechanic, if you don't take care of us, this stuff won't be out here operating properly. >> both sides continue to negotiate. sticking points, to be -- are to be pension, benefit, and pay increases, septa officials tell "eyewitness news" they've been given no indication of work stoppage is imminent. we of course will keep you up-to-date with this, have a report from our jan carabeo later on this morning. >> right now, coming up on 4:33, want to get back to kate. all over the place this week. >> we certainly r we will be talking a lot about temperatures, we start things off quick check on "skycam 3", beautiful outside, chilly, though, because the skies are nice and clear, of course allows the temperatures to drop off pretty readily. so you can expect temperatures probably bottoming out in the 40's at minimum here or maybe at best would be better way of put that in a lot of locations cents, out to storm scan3, still quiet, still empty, will stay that way through the better part of the day, the entire day. you do not have to worry about
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any wet weather whatsoever here at the local level. once again have, high pressure in place here, but will be few little disturbance that is move through with time, quick peak at the fall foliage, and speaking of peak, basically there right now across northeastern pennsylvania, we pretty much just passed it, though, up across the pa state board near up-state new york, here at the local level, though, it is still just moderate across southern new jersey, love to see your photos, you can tweet them to us, and make sure you let us know where you are looking at some of the brighter colors, at pretty high level of the fall colors, taking effect here, across southeastern pa. right now temperatures are into the 40's, probably knock another couple of degrees off here, though, before the sun officially comes up, starts warming trends back over again, but we are in the midst of high pressure, warm back up, philly probably get another 20 degrees on the thermometer before it is all said and done. now, off to the southwest, it is way milder, and some of this warmth, into the 60s, atlanta, birmingham, will be headed our way, by tomorrow,
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we start to see that surge, we talked about the fact that we will go on roller coaster. so we have ridge of high pressure, keeping it mild for today, tomorrow, then warmfront comes through, wednesday, cold front swings by, and that will drop the temperatures back, and then come halloween friday another reinforcing shot of cool air comes in, and that's going to set up for a very chilly weekend, looks like, as we kick start the month of november. your eyewitness weather day planner meantime though yes chilly morning but beautiful day. we get you back to the mid 60s, typical daytime high on this day of the year 63, so we are just above it. not bad at all with the bright sunshine, so i would have light layer headed out the door this morning, but keep the sunglasses at the ready, jess, good morning. >> good morning, nothing much in the way of volume so far this morning but few incidents. start off 422 approaching 29. this is actually westbound. an accident just moved out of the center lanes, pushed over to the shoulder, knotts sitting anybody back too far, but we know it is, there so we
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know to be cautious headed westbound toward 29. elsewhere on 95, some ongoing construction, out there this morning, so southbound toward center city, that's where you are going to passes that over into the right hand shoulder. see that taking there out the right hand shoulder there. over in jersey accident popped up so far this morning at the black horse pike at marshall avenue. use some caution squeezing on by to the left-hand side, some overnight work on the northeast extension, at quakertown, should be out there for the next couple of minutes, otherwise rest of the majors good, 476 southbound from the schuylkill into 959 about 18 minute thrip there, the schuylkill expressway so far real clear. mass transit looking good. so far currently no problems at the airport. >> thanks, jess. new this morning, another student injured in the washington state school shooting has died. this bridges total of fatalities to three. authorities say 14 year old gee a died last night. another girl was killed during friday's shooting by fresh nan, jay lynn fridayberg,
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friburying took his own life. three others remain hospitalized two, in critical condition, one in serious condition. also, new this morning, police are investigating a shooting in southwest philadelphia. investigators tell us that a 18 year old man was shot in the ankle it happened 66 and woodland. he was cents returned to the hospital where he is list in the stable condition. no word right now on suspect or motive. >> debate he is kale g whether medical should be isolated when they return home. >> casey hill cox, newark new jersey, hospital, 21 days for anyone returning to new jersey and new york. the nurse sent these pictures of where she has been in isolation since friday when she returned to the u.s. after working with ebola patients in syria leone.
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hickox is not sick, even tested negative for ebola. >> but i think this is an extreme that is really unacceptable, and i feel like my basic human rights have been violated. >> i understand miss hickox is uncomfortable, i understand she doesn't want to be quarantined, but migrate err responsibility the $8.9 million people in the state of new jersey. >> returning on new guidelines for returning health care workers, and guidelines expected in a few day. >> dirt bikes, atv's, dangerously weaving in and out of traffic. chopper three caught it all on tape. >> this weekend police sent clear message that it must stop. yesterday, in north philadelphia, they confiscated nearly three dozens of those dirt bikes and atv's. this comes less than a week after hundreds of riders took to the streets performing tricks and keeping other drivers on edge. >> well, they're very wreckless, riding on sidewalks, cutting vehicles
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over, definitely public safety hazard. >> while it is illegal to ride dirt bikes and atv's in philadelphia, we're seize ago lot of these vehicles. >> police tell "eyewitness news" it confiscated nearly 100 of these casino of philadelphia just this year. the eagles come up short on last minute drive against the cardinals, and some are blaming the eagles turnovers, one was a fumble with the game tide in the second quarter, nick foles completes the pass to josh huff but loses the handle and the cardinals recover at the 1 yard line. foles had career high in passe temps but intercepted twice. you could point to number of questionable moments from the coach on down. bottom line, cards won the game 24 to 20. birds fans, yes, disappointed. >> i thought we could pull it out. but they proved to be the better team. >> heart breaking. awesome game. very suspense full, but heart breaking at the end. >> a lot of eagles fadges out there in arizona, as well. jeremy maclin had two touchdowns in the game, first
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in the first quarter was 31st of his career moving him into the eagles all time top ten. erika? >> for the first time a female rabbi serving as president of a seminary and major jewish moment. >> inauguration for rabbi debra waxman ph.d. held at the national museum of jewish history. reconstruction isorubin can college and jewish reconstruction is movies, the college trains next generation of rabbis, communities provide service. much more to cover here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", the lasts marines end their mission in afghanistan. san francisco giants are within striking distance of the worlds series. good m
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>> tanks feds authority to the afghan army. for the past two years, marines have been training the afghan arm toy control the region, they handed off that authority as well as the base. they're leaving nearly $300 million worth of equipment behind. and, it is another nudge in a former soviet republic drift away from rush a ukrainians have overwhelmingly backed several pro western parties, in landmark parliamentary, leaders of both parties campaign aimed at pulling ukraine back from the brink of economic ruin. coming up on 4:43, and hey there, not bad start for a week. >> definitely not. we have high pressure once again in control today. we continue to keep it in control, at least for one more day, warmfront comes through. that will send temperatures on spike, so, yes, this is good stuff. nice weather just keeps ongoing for us, but eventually it is going to have to draw to a close. we're not only going to see a drop on the thermometer, kind of bit of plummet on the thermometer which you'll see represented in the eyewitness weather seven day. so stick around for, that specially since we have
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halloween coming up, beginning the new month coming up, it will be time to fall back finally with the clocks. meanwhile, we start things off here just with a look at storm scan3, all calm, all quiet. high pressure ringing into the region today, all that really means is that we'll see the thermometer pretty much spike to where they'll peak, as is we move forward in the forecast here. so here's here how it all shakes out. keep the sun around, beautiful day, mid 60s, just a smidge above average by i would say about 3 degrees above the norm here today. looking ahead to tomorrow, though, warmfront comes along. and a lot of times with warmfronts, would you seymour clouds, see maybe light rain, light drizzle, not this time. this system that's moving through, while it is going to really do a number on the temperatures, it doesn't really have a lot of moisture with it, because it is coming in from a drier place, in canada. so, mid 70s, expected tomorrow, still with sunshine, awesome, then comes wednesday, more clouds probably some showers, and dow think we'll have the wherewithall to hid
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07 degrees, mild, at this point the transition starting to a effect. sunshine today, absolutely phenominal, enjoy it, mid 60s here, drop it back down to 50 tonight. not quite as chilly simply because the winds, a, starting to shift a bit more westerly, b, the warmfront on the way, just won't be as cold. then we look forward in the forecast, what did i tell but the roller coaster? mid 70s tuesday, wednesday, up to 70, solid ten agree drop on the thermometer thursday, then hard time just evening getting into the low 50's here for the weekend, so we've got everything for you, whole mixed bag but thankfully no major storms in site for the next seven days. ukee, back over to you. >> katie, thank you. the world series moves back to kansas city tomorrow night with a giant a win away from the third championship in five years. that my friends would be a dynasty. last night it was close until the giants juan perez doubled in two runs in the eighth inning. giants madison baumgartner went the distance holding royals to just four hits, and
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complete game shut out. giants win this one, five-nothing, and lead the series three games to two. that's your ballgame right there. well the baseball world shocked and saddened by the death of st. louis cardinals outfielder oscar. he was killed in a car accident in his native dominican republic. he made his major league debut this year and hit .239, three homeruns, 22 runs batted in. owes cents car was just 22 years old. well, keep up with all of the philly sports teams, sign up for text alerts, text to 84816 to have news sent to your pocket phone, message and data rates do apply. more sports coming up in the next hour include that eagles lost in arizona yesterday. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning two, years after super storm sandy, one top insurance company wants to use a new tool in assessing storm damage. >> first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> septa work verse given their union leadership attrition call a strike. union expected to address the media later on today, nearly 5,000 work verse been without a contract since march. >> another student has died after school shooting in washington state. the 14 year old girl now the second victim killed by the shooter jay lynn friberg took his own life. final game, down by four points, offense marched down the field, but quarterback nick foles was unable to connect in the end zone there. final score, 24 to 20. just matter after foot or two. >> so close, so close. new rule, i thought he didn't give him enough room it come down, but that's not the way it goes now. time 4:48, coming up on 4:49. a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us.
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turbulent few weeks in the mark, at least we had strong finish. what are investors watching this week? >> good morning, ukee, erika. more companies are reporting their earnings this week, so today we'll hear from burger king, investors want to see if the fast-food chain will do better than its competitor, mcdonald, which saw big drop in sales this quarter. twitter and facebook will also be reporting earnings this week. last week strong earnings across the board, helped the stock market close out its best week of the year. ukee, erika? >> jill, coming up on the second anniversary of assume err storm sandy. hearing in one case another natural disaster hits one insurance company looking at new way to assess damage. tell us about it? >> yes, that's right. statefarm reportedly filed an application with the department of transportation, to test drones. so they would fly no higher than about 400 feet, and they would look at damage to rooftops, and other structures, after hurricanes, tornados, fires, and floods,
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for now, the company, though, just looking to test this idea to private facility in illinois. but it actually made a lot of sense. >> sure does. hopefully won't get anything like sand. >> i thanks, jill. take care. coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together. we do it on the
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coming up 4:53 on your monday morning, coming up on traffic and weather together. >> good morning to anyone headed out the door in the next couple of minutes or so. not much in the way of volume. we approach 5:00 a.m., and going outside showing you the schuylkill expressway, eastbound lanes, just around 202, still headed eastbound toward the city currently no problem pretty much the same thing out in the westbound side. over on the vine st. expressway, all lanes seem to be pretty clear. even 95 should have no problems, westbound toward the schuylkill expressway doing the same.
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a lot of problems out in new jersey, i will list bunch of accidents, starting off on the new jersey turnpike southbound, route 168, accident pulled over to the shoulder there, 295 northbound at route 561, also pulled over into the shoulder. and an accident out in blackwood, new jersey, on the black horse pike, at marshall avenue. we head on over to travel times, blue route southbound about from the schuylkill expressway into 95, still real clear shot there about 17 minutes. and 95 southbound, from woodhaven road into the 676, about 14 minute trip there. currently no problems on mass transit. septa, new jersey, transit, dart, all running on time with no delays. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. and now we send it on over to katie over in the weather center. good morning. >> jess, good among, happy monday to you, out the door with pleasant forecast overall, actually going to be theme for us through the next two days. before we do start to see series every cold fronts come through to knock the temperatures back. overall really isn't too bad of a forecast, bill story for us is the temperature swing,
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showing you over the course of the fall season where we would typically top off. now, a lot of times in the fall you almost have to take these averages and throw them out the window because you will a lot of times do see that roller coaster effect take place here, because we see these different systems move n we warm up, cool back down. warm up, cool back down. averages at face value, just sort involve to make that disclaimer. typically as we rounds out the month of october and kick off november, we would still be into the low 60s. keep that as a mental image in the back of your head, when i show you the end of the forecast here you'll be like what? storm scan3, high pressure in place, keeping it clear, keeping it bright, sunny, little chilly to start the morning offer this morning, but again, this is fall, it is what we start to expect. but it is a little chillier than average this morning. now, here you go. tomorrow, spiking, i mean, spiking on that thermometer, 75 degrees, way above average. by solid 12 above the norm. still, in the 70s wednesday, but there comes your first cold front. will be clouds. will be a shower.
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then we knock the temperatures back 10 degrees, we keep it going here, because another pulls of cool air that will reinforce it, so that by the weekend remember when i showed you earlier, low 60s, typical for november 1st. we have hard time even hitting 50 degrees. so, that's going to be an a typically chilly start to the not just month of november, but start to the weekend, as well. along the way, like i said, two fronts come through, thankfully despite the chill that comes with them, they are relatively weak systems, so we are going to see some showers, i think on wednesday, as i said, very likely more clouds building in, for halloween, but you know what, it is halloween, i do think it does stay dry, and clouds just sort of add erie effect to the forecast for you. then the weaken we clear things out, breeze kicks in, and the chill will settle inment guys, we send it back to you. >> what? see you were right. let's get a check on some of the stories sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. city councilman wants labor deal for contractors at
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philadelphia international before the city signs new lease with the airline. pennsylvania educators want feedback on test that will soon become a graduation requirement. and a move to guarantee local performers rolls on stage when taxpayers help foot the bill for a play, musical or concert. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour, septa workers authorize strike as their demands for contract go unmet. we have a live report for you with the latest information. >> and, two people buying the same product from the same website at the same time but paying different prices cents. we'll show you the controversial new practice, that has nothing do do with coupons. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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septa workers vote to authorize a strike, as their union fights for a new contract. we're live this morning with the very latest. >> also, tragic developments in the aftermath after school shooting in washington state. what doctors now say about one victim who is had a. -- who has been fighting for her life in the hospital. >> monday, october 27th, hello everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm ukee -- erika von tiehl. the eagles fall to the cardinals, the word of the game, missed opportunities. >> erika, you will have nothing but opportunity to enjoy some outdoor activities here today and tomorrow, for that matter, we keep the sunny stretch of weather going, and serious warming trends to go along with it, so i come
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bearing some good weather news. eventually another cool down. we are timing it all out for you coming up. >> smooth sailing out on the ben franklin bridge, all lanes open, so headed from new jersey, westbound, into the city, you should have no problem. otherwise, out in new jersey we have couple of incidents to talk becomes i'll cover those in the next couple of minutes. good morning. >> good morning, happening today, leadership from the philadelphia's transit workers union holding news conference to discuss its ongoing negotiations cents with septa. >> last night its members vote today authorize strike that could side line thousands of bus, drop i -- trolley, subway operators. jan carabeo joins us now at frankford transportation center reaction from riders. jan? >> reporter: well, union leadership now has the power to strike but members told us they were told to report to work. this is bargaining chip as two sides continue to negotiate. >> despite vote to go give union leadership the ought raise totr


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