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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 27, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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authorize than your and to make that move as they battle for contract they've been working without for months now. >> thanks for joining thus morning, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm ukee washington. live report for you coming up in just a moment. right now let's get traffic and weather together. katie and jess are in the house. good morning. >> good morning, happen mine day, this will be one of those days you want to bottle up and just set aside for another day. because it is so nice outside. and it is a little chill toy start, i'll give that you, but it is october, that's what we expect. meanwhile, swing on that thermometer. taking place this week, so all of the details, and all coming up, jess? >> thanks, katie. actually good news to talk becomes as well. relatively light start so far this morning, couple of incidents to talk b we go outside and show you the cameras on top of 95 at broad. over left-hand side, your northbound lane, excuse me, your right-hand side is your southbound lane headed toward the city moving great so far. couple of incidents to talk about, out in new jersey, i'm going to cover those, and problems with mass transit coming up in the next couple of minutes, good morning.
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>> jess, members of septa's transit workers union vote to authorize a strike. >> the union president, is holding news conference this afternoon, about the new developments, and the ongoing negotiations. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at frankford transportation center more, jan, good morning. >> reporter: while union members have given their leadership the power to strike, they also say, they've been told to return to work today. and everything is operating normally here in frankford. and that is to the relief of many riders who rely on this transportation, so this means that septa buses, trains, trolleys that serve philadelphia, will keep rolling for now. members of septa's largest labor union approved a strike authorization unanimously on sunday, again, that means members have approved union leadership to call a strike, if they deem it necessary. 5,000 bus drivers, subway, trolley operators and maintenance work verse been without a contract since march, sticking points, continue to be pension benefit increases and pay raises. union members tell us they don't want a strike, but that
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the strike authorization is their only leverage against septa negotiators. >> but a company repeatedly wants to take away, and, you know, the union won't settle for. that will we gave you have enough through the years. >> now, septa officials tell us they have not gotten any word that a work stoppage is imminent. everyone is returning to work this morning, if this strike were to happen only philadelphia buses, trolleys, and trains would be affected. coming -- coming to you live from frankford, jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, coming up on 4:33, traffic and weather together. do we need a jacket this morning, katy? >> i would certainly advise it, very cool morning for us here, not terribly atypical for p the standards, but chilly enough you want the extra layer walking out the door, especially out after the sun's come up, which is probably many of you, i would also highly suggest taking along pair of sunglasses cents, because that sun will be shining nice and brightly,
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nos as much winds as yesterday. i have to tell you by comparison to yesterday, which was also pretty nice day, actually better today because you don't have that wind to worry about quite as much. and the other thing, too, when you see not only the wind speeds starting to taper off, but also the direction of the arrow. it is more of a westerly winds today, in other words, coming from the west, so, it is coming from a relatively milder place, by comparison, so it won't be, again, anywhere near as chilly as yesterday was, because the wind tapers off, also, a miler flow. 48 degrees the current temperature at the airport right now, 47 in allentown, generally going to keep these temperatures, you know, in the four's here for few more hours, so i highly suggest when you sends the kids out to the school bus or just walk to go school sends them off with at least light jacket. i personally would also suggest maybe the extra accessary of scarf, not the worse idea, like i mentioned earlier, sunglasses also to go with that, sun will shine brightly, beautiful day unfolding here, mid 60s expected by 3:00 p.m., nothing more than couple of puffy
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white clouds as the day goes on, because high pressure basically anchored overhead. so, really pleasant for us here, although, we're going to continue to keep the pleasant weather going i think here for at least one more day. by tomorrow high pressure yelled for warmfront. it will send the temperatures on serious spike. we're back to the mid 70s, as we sit in the warm sector of what is technically storm system berks system that is not going to have too much of a major impact on our area. as we look ahead, to the upcoming wednesday, that will be our next shot for precipitation. we'll talk a little more about that a little later in the show. for now, jess, we send it over to you. >> thank you, katie. i love that what to wear. >> good stuff, right? >> i'll talk to you every day now. >> good morning, everybody, going outside, check out cameras on top of 95, where everything seems to be moving along great so far. see little volume picking in on the right-hand side. again, this is 95 at broad. so head southbound toward the city where you will start to see most of the volume start to pack n so far it is currently moving along great. and over on the blue route at
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mcdade, southbound moving along great, northbound lanes no problems there, as well. few accidents, though, popping up across the board this monday morning, montgomery county route 309 at park drive, accident pulled over to the shoulder there, out in new jersey, the new jersey turnpike southbound route 168, another crash pulled over to the side. not too far away on 295 northbound, another accident route 561. currently no problems on mass, it. septa, new jersey transit and darryl all running on time with north rod delays. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. ukee, back to you. temperature now 5:35. in business news, learning more about retailers holiday hours. >> which stores are not excepting the newest form of cyber payment. money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, jill, good morning. >> hey, jill? >> good morning, ukee, erika, cvs rite aid are no longer excepting apple pay over the weekends, drug store chain stopped excepting payments made through the new apple payment system. they are reportedly developing
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a competing payment system called current c. well, here on wall street, investors will be watching as more companies report their earnings this week, today, it is burger king, and twitter's turn. last week, strong earnings across the board really help the stock market close out its best week of the year. on friday the dow finished 127 points higher. nasdaq rose 316789 it is cents about a month until thanksgiving. and we now know which stores won't be open that day for early "black friday" shopping. cosco's the latest retail tear say it is keeping its doors shut on thanksgiving, so work kearse spend some time with family and enjoy the holiday. american girl, rei, dillard, and burlington, will also stay closed, on the other hand, macy's said it will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day, that's two hours earlier than last year. and beyonce and top shop could be teaming up on a new fashion line. according to women's wear
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daily, they're creating an entirely new brands of athletic street wear, top shop is expected to announce that venture today could hit store shelves next year. and ukee, erika, i've got a feeling it will be a hit. >> you know it will, ya, add beyonce to it. exactly. thanks, jill. for years, big retail verse been tracking on line purchases in order to cater to customer-specific need. but new study found, actually taking it a step further and customizing the prices. some sites give deals depending on the type of device or browser you are using like your phone or computer, while others alter the search results to highlight more expensive items. all of this just to keep in mind with the holidays coming up. >> from the auto industry, ford's new alluminum body f150 making waves in the industry, but also hitting the auto maker in the wallet. forbes net income dropped almost 35% in the third quarter mostly thanks to building and marketing the new truck.
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the second generation f150, 700 pounds lighter because of the ill alluminum frame. it is set to hit car dealerships by the end of the year. >> wonder what what that will do for gas mileage, losing all of that weight. >> interesting. >> coming up, health alert for parents of college student watcher new study shows many schools are not capable of providing to students in need. also, a deer makes an unexpected check in at a pennsylvania hotel. we'll tell you where this happened. what authorities had to do to get the animal out of the building. we'll be right back.
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with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. >> large lava flow, destroying everything in its path. moving about ten to 15 yards per hour, that molten rock is pushing it closer to a village. officials preparing for posse vacuation in the next day or two. geologist haves also reported several methane explosions near the leading edge that far flow. scary situation. sea lion is recovering this morning, after being rescued off the coast of southern california. >> it was found lodged in his shoulder, marine biologists able to remove the hook. now being treated at satisfy world. it will be monitored for about a week before being returned to the wild. down there in sea world, in
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good hands. >> days in, at state college, deer running to the lobby, right past the clerk at the front desk. >> probably fright toned ding. >> no kiddingment animal control officers were eventually called, in once it became trapped in the hallway, able to remove t but oh,. >> see the gentleman behind the counter? what was -- wow, but it is okay, i know, frightened, frightened, oh, my, it is okay. here is a look at today's headlines, septa transit workers union will hold news conference this afternoon, after voting last night to authorize a strike. about 5,000 workers have been without a contract since lasts spring. >> nurse casey hickox being kept in isolation since returning home to new jersey after west after, a though tested negative for the virus. hickox now hiring lawyers to get her out.
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>> guidelines for returning workers expected this week. >> fourteen year old girl is the latest turn to die in the washington school shooting. another girl and the gunman died friday three students still in the hospital. coming up on a 33:00, your traffic and weather together. >> more than anything, story for thus week will be the temperature swing that takes place start off with a warm up, see very significant cool down take effect here, now, i show you this very wide zoom for a reasonable. high pressure basically hang order overhead, ridging into our region right now, but basically keeping control across the eastern two thirds, or even third at least, of the united states to bring more sunshine and allow temperatures to go on spike here point out the next thing on the path, area of low pressure, see pretty well defined area of circulation here eventually warmfront lifts north for us, that's why
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in part we will allow us to see some very significant temperature swings here, or nice surge by tomorrow, then another drop off. we look tuesday, into wednesday, this pulls comes courtesy of the cold front i just showed awe second ago. that will will bring nothing more than a cold or rather a shower to the area, and then it will start to clear out quickly so thursday is dry, bright, halloween friday, another reinforcing shot of cool air comes in from canada. and believe it or not it, looks like the great lakes may ends up with a little bit of snow out of this, not here. >> see the drop of the thermometer, so, here's where we stand. forty-eight currently at the airport, chilly around the region, have extra layer. look at the difference, you just go down to charleston and flirting with 60 currently into the 60s, and even almost 70 in st. louis, so, very very
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warm air, in place right now, and then it will be headed our way hereby tomorrow. i still say tomorrow -- today is beautiful day, lighter wind than yesterday, bright sunshine, 66 degrees, little bit above average. you got give it a-plus. tomorrow i think looking atmore of the say. beautiful dayment then look at this. you start dropping off in the wake of the front, reinforcements come in friday, that sends our temperatures on another nose dive here, at best talking low 50's for the the first couple of days of november. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie, good morning, everybody, 5:44, we go outside right now check out the schuylkill river, currently really has cents no problems, on the east or westbound side. so eastbound this is at the blue route, eastbound, headed toward the city moving along great. on the 30 bypass, looking great, there as well. headlights actually headed eastbound toward downingtown, at 340, but still, headed eastbound moving along great, see starting to pack in tiny bit of volume there. then on the new jersey turnpike, southbound at route
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168, crash pulled over to the cheryl, emergency work on the new jersey turnpike northbound, doing some ramp re -- re-doing the ramp there, so route 73 the off off ramp completely closed due to earlier car fire. route 40, at buck road, another accident there in pittsgrove, new jersey, push over to the side. mass transit, currently no problems on septa new jersey transit or dart and currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. don't forget whether on the road get updated information about traffic backups with the new your drive app. download the app for the android devices cents by going to drive. back to you. >> on the health watch this morning, why it may and good way to make mistakes. why it might be good to make mistakes. >> new study finds adults who make mistakes while learning can improve memory for the young and elderly. researchers in toronto say the brain uses these mistakes as stepping stones to find direct answer. hey, try and try again.
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>> exactly. >> now findings in the journal of pediatrics shows many colleges cannot support students with chronic medical conditions. according to researchers, 42% of four year colleges do not have a tis tell in place to id students chronic conditions, such asomugha cents ma, diabetes, and depression. never new jersey law makes, geared at tackling the heroin and prescription drug epidemic happening across the state, 21 bill packages focuses on several treatment options including prescription drug monitoring data base, and i am proving recovery efforts for those addicted to oath yachts. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" this morning, star spangled flub. >> why the man who sang the national anthem at last night's world series game, should take another look at the lyrics, before taking the field. we'll somehow the part that casino of got wrong. we'll be right back.
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>> celebrating with new albumn and tour called who hits 50. the double cd goes on sale today, and includes dozens of the bands' greatest hits, and a bran new track, their first material in eight years now. the anniversary tour kicks off in europe next month, you can catch them right here in philly, in may and in november. >> old jokes, who's on first. >> that's right. >> ll cool jay hosting new one hour entertainment special, called a very grammy christmas, featuring arianna grand ae, tim mcgraw, ferrell
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williams among others. be performing top hits and holiday favorites. you can catch very grammy christmas right here on cbs-3, that will be on december 5th. very nice. >> hey, britney spears, getting key to the las vegas strip. sin city honoring the pop tar with brittany day. on november 5th. spears kicked off her vaguest residency at the "planet hollywood" resort and casino last year, and recently extend that deal, through 2017. brittany day. celebrate here locally. >> right. era in game -- error in game five of the world series, happened before the first pitch. >> ♪ what so proudly we hail ♪ were so gallantly streaming ... >> that looks says it all. wait now? >> hear ramble in the crowd, too. >> oh, singer aaron lewis messed up the words of the
5:51 am
national anthem. he was supposed to sing at the twilight last gleeming, instead, he sang, we're so gallantly streaming, which is another part of the song. >> pressure was on, i understand. >> it was teeth tweeted apology, quote, my nerves got the best of me. >> there you go? see? that's tough. >> the circumstances -- >> i know. >> world series? the fresh shnewer. >> i ends up leaving the room sometimes. oh,. >> awkward you. >> feel bad, feel bad for him. >> and he apologized, saying he is sorry his nerves got to him. everyone -- did he just sing -- >> and the giants got over it and won the game. incredible video coming in from southern grease where severe flooding swept hundreds every cars down the streets. this video was from athens, which is one of the hardest hit areas, a hurricane pushed through late last week, at one point, it dropped more than 5 inches of rain in less than two hours. authorities are still assessing the damage this morning. let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i if i'm not mistaken, what
5:52 am
would have been left of gonzalo that went through that area, major impact on bermuda a what's going on here though locally, not too much. we have, a, quiet hurricane season, b, very quiet weather for couple of days now, high pressure fully in place today. while we had breeze yesterday, definitely sort of xfactor with the forecast, today, we lose the breeze, but keep the sun, keep the just above average warmth, ever so slightly above average today, even though off to chill start. so classic fall forecast, where you need the extra layers early on, and then later on this afternoon it will feel real comfortable to you. 44 degrees in doylestown, 39 in quakertown, chilly start, with lighter windy don't think you have to worry about frost necessarily, but it is going to be the very calm chill when you walk out the door. tomorrow, i mean, we just spike on that thermometer, 75 degrees, under generally sunny sky, couple of more clouds building in here, courtesy of warmfront, then wednesday, cold front, crosses, so it is still mild, better part of the day, at
5:53 am
70 degrees, but will also be shower that we have to dodge, as the day goes on, this is a weak front in precipitation, potent front when it comes to the chillier air it bridges with it. so by thursday, we start to see those thermometer readings dropping off. jess? >> thanks. looking forward to tomorrow. beautiful day. good morning, everybody, actually going outside, and check out our cameras on the schuylkill expressway. moving along great so far. over on the left hand side, where you can see headlights, moving on through, that's actually the eastbound lanes, headed toward the center city area, moving along great so far westbound lanes moving along good, there as well. over on the ben franklin, all lanes open, actually from the jersey side, so from the toll plaza, headed westbound, into the city, you should have no problem current lip. coming from the city headed into new jersey you have no problem doing that, as well. now the new jersey turnpike northbound, on route 73, off ramp, closed, for some emergency road work, that's due to an earlier vehicle fire, and they're out there now for repairs, so expect to move on by, to pass the exit
5:54 am
there. new jersey turnpike southbound at route 168, an accident there, been out there for the predominant part of the morning. another accident out in upper pittsgrove, new jersey, route 40, at buck road, so be prepared to squeeze on by to the left-hand side there. some of the majors still looking great, so southbound on the blue route looking good, and currently no problems on 95. headed southbound, stay there,
5:56 am
>> elite navy flying performed at the jacksonville air show this weekend, such talented folks, last year's federal budget cuts grounded the don't on station team, however, they're fully funded, and back in action. the blue angels are slate today perform total of 65 shows this year. that's my favorite memory, seeing the blue angels. >> have you ever flown with them, as far as like they do a media thing? >> i'm not ukee washington,
5:57 am
though. >> , no i haven't done it, but few column eggs have, and kind of got sick. >> it is cents cents a great experience, but i don't know. >> eat lunch afterward. >> exactly. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we have alert for septa ride earls. septa workers have vote today authorize a strike. we're live with what a look at what it means for you. >> also, chocolate, why it is okay to eat some every single day. >> go on! >> ill, when we come back. >> okay. >> good morning.
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6:00 am
carabeo joins us now at frankford transportation center, where operators remain on the job, for the time being, at least. jan, good morning. >> that's the right phrase for the time beingment union leadership now has the power to authorize or go on strike, if necessary, that vote happened this weekend, but members we're told to get back on the job, here at frankford, everything working normally this morning, they, they say, bargaining chipping as the two sides continue to negotiate. >> despite vote to go give union leadership the authorization to strike, members of the transport workers local 234 say they expect to be on the job this week. meaning, septa buses, trains, and trolleys, will continue running at least for now. >> that will means huge inconvenience. >> i can get a ride, but i wouldn't want to wake nobody up this early in the morning to get me to work. >> members of septa's largest labor union unanimously