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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 27, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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union which took a strike authorization vote, sunday, and will keep, working through this week. but, if there is no progress, he will make a strike decision, most likely on friday. >> i cannot put eyes on it. we're very farrah part. very farrah part. >> reporter: major issues separating both sides at this time according to the union president, pension contribute, brown claiming that his members contribute the same as septa managers, but get much less out. brown saying that he is not putting anytime limit on a possible strike, if it is called. >> as long as it takes. study our history. we two weeks in 95. forty day in 98. so, we have 44 day before that. so, hopefully it don't come down to that. >> reporter: septa officials reacting within the last few minutes saying they are pleased that the union has agreed to give a 24 hour notice of any possible strike,
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by the way, a strike would not just impact, city division el, subways, buses and trolleys but it will impact suburb and ant frontier divisions, however, regional rail trains would continue running, their union a separate one reached an agreement with september a few weeks ago. much more, more from the union and septa when we join you at 6:00. live from union headquarters in northern liberties, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". once again, this is not including regional rails, those operators already have a tentative agreement in place. the as soon as any new information comes out on a possible septa strike we will make sure to let you know right here on tv and also, on cbs well, there is more breaking news right now, "eyewitness news" has learned philadelphia city council has declined to support mayor nutter's plan to sell pgw. council president darryl clark sent a letter to the mayor, state ago this council will not endorse the proposed
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$1.86 billion sale of pgw to uil holdings, a utilities company based in connecticut. mayor had said that one quarter of the proceed from that sale would be used to sure up the struggling city workers pension fund, but opponent said putting utility in private land will lead rate pairs subject to rate hikes and endanger relief programs. latest one bowl, the cdc and pennsylvania department have of health are monitoring more than 100 people, for possible signs of that virus. about 30 people who have recently traveled from west africa are being machine toward here in philadelphia. city health department says five to ten people could be added to that list on a daily basis. health officialness bucks county say they are monitoring two people right now. the the the nurse who threatened to sees after she was forced in toe bowl quarantine has been released from a newark, new jersey hospital. correspondent allison harmlen has the the latest. >> reporter: nurse casey hitchcox is heading home to maine after testing negative
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fore bail a she was being held under quarantine begins her will in the indoor medical tent since friday after arriving in new jersey from sierra leon where she was treating ebola patients. the governors of new jersey and new york are first to implement 21 day quarantines for medical workers returning from west africa. hitchcox hired a lawyer and was threatening to sue saying she was completely healthy all along and that the condition she was kept under why not humane. she was held here at university hospital, after officials say that she develop a fever. the hospital says that every effort was made to make sure she was comfortable and she had access to the computer, cell phone and meals of her choice. health officials say she is taking a private jet to maine where she lives with her boyfriend. in new york, city the officials confirmed a five-year eld boy who had been to west africa has been tested fore bowl after a showing signs of virus. boy is being held in isolation at bellevue hospital with his mother. bellevue is same hospital where credit craig spencer is
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being treated fore bowl, in serious but stable condition n newark new jersey, allison harmlen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for latest on the ebola out break. you can track developments anywhere, anytime, on cbs are you worried about ebola? maybe you have another health-related question, three is on your side hosting a docks on phone bank tomorrow afternoon. doctors from the pennsylvania medical society, will be here and cbs broadcast center, answering your questions about general health issues, that is a happening from 5:00 to 6:30 so mark that down and give us a call tomorrow. parents and students are stunned when a charter school abruptly closes two full months in the school year. officials say they simply don't have the money to keep walter d palmer high school in frank for up and running. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at school district headquarters to explain what happens next, syma.
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>> reporter: well, chris, parents were alertedded last night that the the high school was closing its doors for good, leaving students left in 24 hours to find a new school. >> high school students should in the report to school monday october 27th. >> reporter: that is robo call teresa dawson and other parents of students at william palmer high school received sunday evening. the school abruptly monday morning, leaving nearly 300 students, scrambling to transfer to another high school. and, dawson wishes the school would give more notice. >> so they can, so these kids can get some type of situation and now the the kids might be out a week. >> reporter: dawson is mother of 211th graders she said that the school suggested a high school at west philadelphia, but. >> that is not where i want my child to go so it is basically now, it really up to me to find somewhere to go. >> reporter: walter palmer charter school has a separate k through will school, totaling 1300 students but district says it the had has a cap of 675 students. >> my hand are tied.
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i have exhausted almost every court. >> reporter: earl they're month k through eight school held a lottery leaving dozens of students to find a new school. walter pal will more says he for the to avoid these cuts. >> it is very traumatic for me because i'm very personal with these children. >> they went over their enrollment numbers and here they are in a silt ways that financially they cannot stay open. >> reporter: school district you the officials say school was chartered to be k through eight and not a high school. >> this did in the have fund that they were operate ago above their charter. >> reporter: district officials are trying to remove palmer's k through eight charter school. school has to pay back more than 1.5 million-dollar but parents say the students are the ones paying the price. >> they are upset but we have to make the best of it. >> reporter: parents of student will meet with school officials at the high school, this evening, at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the closure. school will remain opened for parents to get information about transferring their
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students to another school but class is definitely canceled. live at school headquarters, syma chowdhry for "eyewitness news". same, thank you. spa supreme court justice caught you the in the porn e-mail scandal has retire. state judicial conn duck board says justice shamus mccaffery has also a need greed not to seek senior judge status or run for bench again. that decision follows disclose another mccaffery sent or received 234 e-mails with sexually explicit content or pornography. methodist pastor disciplined after officiating at his gay son's wedding will be allowed to remain an ordain minister. judicial council of the nation's second largest protestant denomination ruled a pennsylvania church jury was wrong to defrock frank schaefer last year. council ruled on technical ground and did not express support for gay marriage in general. today we are enjoying a fall warm up, just as we near the end have of october and just wait for tomorrow. meteorologist kathy orr is
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live on the skies deck with the first look at that forecast, kathy. >> chris, it is spectacular out here, a few high clouds indicate ago this warmer days air head for the next couple of days but in november, a chill, will end all the warmth we will see in the coming future. take a look what is going on across the delaware valley. first we will start with storm scan 3a few high clouds lifting through with the warm front and we will feel the change. very pleasant high so far 67, the average being 63. that ace above normal. right now 66 in philadelphia 68 is the warm spot in wilmington, cooler temperatures in the lehigh valley, allentown sitting at 62. once the sunsets temperatures will cool quickly. sixty-two by 7:00. 9:00 o'clock a few clouds 58. by 11:00 p.m., 55 degrees. coming up we will talk about suddenly in the 70's and then look ahead to your trick or treat forecast and a november chill that will bring us back to the cold realities of the late fall season.
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i'll see you later on in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy thanks. three people are now dead in the school shooting in washington state after a 14 year-old girl died from her injuries last night. gia sore yan owe's organs will be donated for transplant. shooter is jaylen fryberg, he took his own life in that incident. he was school's home coming prince. he then opened fire friday at marisville pillchuck high school north of seattle. three students remain hospitalized. police say man responsible for last weeks terrorist attack in canada a maid a video of himself and it is now being analyzed by police. michael zehaf bibeau opened fire at can inadequacies's national war memorial where he killed a solder standing guard. he then fired shots at parliament before the the sergeant at arms killed him. former friend say zehaf bibeau coverted to islam, became radicalized and addicted to drugs. he had ties to jihadists in canada. parents out there check your baby wipes they could be
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contaminated, three on your side with the major recall. also ahead tonight, it is halloween that had a grinch this would be it, woman is caught on camera stealing decorations from the front of the philadelphia home. high flying water rescue after 13 people get stranded. refreshed, redesign, all new, when it comes to buying a car what does that mean for you? three on your side jim donovan decodes secret language of car dealers when "eyewitness n
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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on day 45 of the search for eric frein, investigators
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tried something new, hoping to spot the murder suspect from above. the ohio department of transportation donated a large balloon similar to the kind used to track weather systems this balloon is untethered, unmanned, and unlike helicopter, it is silent. frein ace accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper, and seriously injuring another at a barracks in pike county on september 12th. well, police tonight are searching for a thief who seems to be a little too much in the spirit of the fall season. woman was caught on surveillance video stealing halloween decorations. it happened, thursday, outside of a home in the 11 hundred block of fitzgerald street in south philadelphia. you can see her grab a couple items and then ran from the scene. if you have any information, on who that woman is, you're asked to call the police. well, it is rare that a burglar will walk right up to the camera but that is what happened early wednesday at this business, in the port richmond section. or the richmond neighborhood
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rather. the mask man broke in the coding development group on east schiller street and then took a lap top and a video camera. if you recognized the man in the mask there, you are asked to call police. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a nationwide recall of baby wipes, we have important information for parents. >> it is end of an another, 13 year combat mission in afghanistan has ended as u.s. marines hand over a big military base to the afghan military, kate. and i'm live in horsham with one of our great weather tools to tell but another one we're launching today, coming up i'll tell you why i'm live in this driveway of a lovely home in the horsham hatboro area coming up
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well, not only was it a gorgeous day outside but it is also a very exciting one for our team of meteorologists because they are unveiling a new tool, that allows all of to you contribute to our weather coverage. >> we are excited about that. meteorologist kate bilo is live with more on that in just a moment but we will start first with kathy, and more on this fall warm up, kathy. >> it is imminent, knocking on our doorsteps. you can see behind me beautiful fall color of the poconos where we have peak color there. it will be warm even north. we're talking about temperatures climbing well through 60's in some locations in the 70's, even down the shore. picture perfect day from the
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city to the boards, look the at this folks on the boardwalk, stralling with that late october sun in ocean city, cape may county. here are high temperatures for the day as measured by our live neighborhood network at our live reporting stations. warrington 69. dover at international speed way 68. new castle st. peters school 68. whitefield elementary cool in reading plenty of sunshine and 68 degrees. temperatures are going to have huge swings this week but the good news we're going to be on the high side for now a at least for tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday unfortunately towards halloween it is downward slope. right now in philadelphia it is 66. sixty-two in allentown. sixty-four in millville. to the north and west you can see cool air in buffalo but lot warmth in the western part of the keystone state through cleveland and to the south, we will have have southerly wind over the next couple of days with the area of high pressure and that means we will get a lot of warmth. so 70's for your tuesday as high pressure sits to the
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south. high clockwise flow. bringing in the warm southerly wind. we will watch a cool front approach by the afternoon on wednesday with a few showers still making it to 70 degrees. breezy conditions, associated with this and that will knock temperatures down some 10 degrees by thursday, and then after this, for halloween, we will get even cooler, and that is the start of a major cool down. you can see this dip in the jet stream to the west, a huge trough builds and you can see by friday, even into saturday we will bottom out. it is not just cold but it is also the wind that will welcome in the month of november. overnight just a few clouds, not quite as cold, low of 52. during the daze tuesday look for mix of sun and clouds, a warm day, high temperature is 75 degrees. take a look at this in the poconos if you are looking at that beautiful fall foliage, temperatures will be in the 60's, thursday mostly sunny, 59, and our exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast 70's for the next couple of days and then
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turning cooler with a temperature of 60. our meteorologist, kate bilo is live right in in hatboro, pennsylvania and she has the mobile weather lab introducing something new to cbs-3. the the weather watcher network. you have one of our weather watchers with you, right kate. >> i do, kathy. i have one of our top, youngest weather watchers here with me tonight. we will talk to him in just a minute. you already know we have greatest tools to information cast the weather including our cbs-3 mobile weather lab and now we have this our eyewitness weather watcher network and we are very exited to launch it tonight. take a look. in the eyewitness weather center we're always tracking, whether it is rain, snow, highs or lows. we use the latest technology to bring accuracy to our forecast and now we are expanding our tools to share the conditions from your backyard to a backyard more than 100 miles away. the at witness weather watcher network. eyes on the ground reports from all across the region
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from the the shoreline to the mountains and every town in between. >> our weather watchers are reporting some glummy conditions. >> reporter: hyper local observationness real time from your neighborhood when are in warminster or williamstown, medford or montgomeryville we have a weather watcher nearby keeping us updated and informed and making our forecast even better. we will get real time updates across the networks, we will bring these updates via our touch screen interface or mobile weather lab and we hope you will come to know and trust these additional members of our time, peel like kyle higgins of hatboro who at 12 is our youngest weather watcher. his passion led him to install a advanced weather station and observation room at his home and his data becomes our data all in one, rain gauge, wind vein and the wind speed measure. >> all observations we will get from you will be from that. >> yes, from that station. >> reporter: back here live now i'm join by kyle higgins. he is our younger weather
5:22 pm
watcher. how old are you. >> i'm 12 years old. >> twelve use old. you have loved weather for many years. when guy first start getting interested in weather. >> when i first got interested in weather, i was five years old. ever since i have just loved it, been my passion. >> that is great. you saw the weather station in the backyard. he built one with his dad and upgraded to the new model. you want to be on tv and do some kind of preten tv stuff already. >> yes, do. i have been doing it since i was little and i started trying more advanced, the degree green, green screen, computers. >> kyle will take my job one of these days what made you want to be part of the eyewitness weather watcher network. >> when i saw the commercial on the tv a few weeks back i saw it and said i would really like doing weather. sign me up. where do i sign. >> he did sign up, and this is what it looks like. this is our interface here on our eyewitness weather watcher network and thinks your observation. let me see if i can find your map here. we are in hatboro horsham area
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kyle is reporting 65 degrees. he hads a barometric pressure of 30 even. and it is steady. here is a quick look at his comment, mostly sun which some sir us clouds above. it is a beautiful evening here. to can be part of the weather watcher network. we are launching it today but we are taking sign ups. go to cbs, and to sign up. cbs and you too like kyle can send your observations in and be part of our team and help us forecast a tricky winter head. so back here live we are in horsham, we are with kyle we will be here throughout the rest of the show. he will help me forecast the weather from his drive waste and we will have more from this area back to you chris and jessica. >> kyle, looking good. >> yes. >> first television appearance. >> horsham is in good hands. they have their own meteorologist in their own backyard. good stuff, kyle. >> we will be right back.
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we have a baby wipes recall. new tech advertise poseables is recalling the wipes because they may have possible bacteria contamination they were sold under cuties,, f emt ex, fred's, kidgets, member's mark, simply right, and well beginnings l sold at walgreens, sam's club, family dollar and it is not a shortage, just a delay that is how cdc is describing the lack of flu vaccine specifically made for children. centers for disease control and prevention confirms the delay tonight, and said that the overall vaccine supply is behind by about 10 million doses for this time of the year. manufacturers say that they plan to have, most coastes available in october but now, some shipments will to have continue, into november.
5:27 pm
>> there might be a little bit of a delay, but keep checking, and we understand that the vaccine is on its way. >> doctors are urging people to get flu vaccines during the current ebola scare, the hope that is fewer people will flu-like symptoms will reduce confusion, and fear. coming up next half an hour the hazing investigation continues at central bucks west high school in doylestown, will charges be filed in this case. police give us an update, up next. also ahead tonight car confusion auto makers use all new, redesigned and refresh. so what do they mean? our consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with how to decode secret language of car dealers. new at 6:00 he is known for taking risks and famous philadelphia chef mark vetri has his sights set on the navy yard. we will take you inside this new you venture on this
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i'm chris may, at 5:30, we've got breaking news, twu local 234 president, says he cannot promise his workers will stay on the job the at septa past next week even. the union authorized a strike today, workers have been without a contract, for seven
5:31 pm
months. well, she's heading home to maine after testing negative for ebola. she threatened to sue after being held in quarantine against her will in newark, new jersey. and parents, and students arriving at walter d palmer high school in frankford are shock to find out today that the doors have been closed for good. officials challenge the enrollment cap and lost in court. now without financing, some 300 students are being forced to find new schools. kate? chris, we're back here live in horsham with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab on had what is turnout to be a perfect october day. we have got a couple more of those in the forecast. lets look at your weather headlines. seventy's return as we head into the day tomorrow. it will be beautiful day. enjoy it. you can sit outside and soak up the sun while you can. would i recommend it because a major chill arrives this weekend and that means it will be chilly for trick or treating as well as on friday. we will got big changes in the seven day forecast. i will that have in a few
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minutes. back inside to you. >> kate, thank you. new details about allegations of hazing at central bucks west high school that prompted official there is to cancel the rest of the season. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the story. >> we want to make sure we are thorough and do it properly. >> reporter: monday cbs-3 is learning how far investigators are in figuring out who did what in the hazing scandal with national headlines. >> that is our goal, to determine if there is in fact a problem f is there, it is criminal nature, then we will deal with it criminally. >> reporter: lieutenant patrick with the central bucks regional police telling cbs-3 that the department is working with the d.a.'s office on initial fact gathering abe they have yet to interview players on the cbw football team. >> it will take sometime to get our information together. >> reporter: c.b. west football at center of the hazing allegations n a letter sent home to parents, the the superintendent said among other actions being investigated, one student may have been forced to grab another's private parts, while fully clothed. thursday, he suspended the
5:33 pm
team, and canceled the rest of the season, including friday's rivalry game, begins cb east. >> football is huge in central bucks county, so when one of the biggest games all year suddenly doesn't happen because of scandal, the fall out with people talking around town may be bigger as if the two rivals played a great game. >> parents were disappointed, the kid, everyone was difficulties a interest 30ed. it is a shame what happen. >> reporter: late this afternoon cbs-3 receiving another statement, school board president paul faulkner agreeing with the superintendent saying quote, all involved that the district appreciated the gravity of the decision and firmly believe that the action taken, regarding the team and coaching staff, were more than justified based on the violations of the code of conduct and discipline. the school board is scheduled to discuss the issue at a meeting tuesday night n doylestown, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have got new developments tonight in the case of alleged deadly hazing at florida a and m university. the trials of three of the schools marching band members
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have have been postponed until april. however, the the trial for a fourth member did begin today, with jury selection. all four have pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say that robert champion collapsed and died after being hit with fists, drum stick and mallets on a bus, following a performance in 2011. today marks a major milestone in the war in afghanistan. there are no more u.s. marines or british troops at camp leatherneck in helmond province. the last left this morning after handing over control of the base to afghan forces. cbs news producer aaron is embedded with the marines. >> reporter: they boarded planes monday morning to leave camp leather neck in helmond province for the last time. >> i got an eight month-old little boy at home i miss, seven months of his life so far. i'm ready to not be here ever again. >> reporter: in a ceremony sunday marines lowered flags at the base which was shared by u.s. and british forces. helmond was headquarters for
5:35 pm
u.s. military operations in southern afghanistan. it was also the deadliest province for coalition forces, nearly 1,000 troops here were killed here during the 13 year conflict. before boarding their flights marines methodically went down the perimeter turning over guard post one by one. by the time last platoon left the base camp leatherneck was under afghan control. taliban has been stepping up attacks in anticipation of the the draw down. on monday a suicide car bomb explosion killed at least seven prosecutors in the northern part of the country. sergeant jerry green questions whether the afghan forces are a match for the taliban. >> can they come together as a country and grow, that has yet to be seen. >> reporter: as they leave the marines worry they may have to come back one day to fight again. erin lyle, cbs news, camp leatherneck afghanistan. dramatic rescue is caught on tape, coastguard crews pull at least nine people from the ocean near miami. those people were rescued from
5:36 pm
inner tubes and rafts, one person air lifted off the boat for treatment, no word on his or her condition right now. it is not clear if those people are in fact, migrant. in hawaii dozens are preparing to leave their homes as lava inches closer to a rural town of big island. authorities say lava has pick up pace and moving at 15 to 20 yards each hour. lava flow has been moving towards town since june, speeding up and then slowing down at times. the red cross says it is opening up a shelter for evacuees. terrifying landing is caught on video in portugal. strong wind causing a plane to sway as it landed. the wind up to 41 miles an hour were reportedly a lingering remanent of her can again sal owe but fortunately no one was injury. good evening, everyone. if you are commuting on 95 i just tweeted this photo moments ago. it is not going to be a fun
5:37 pm
commute at all. this is i-95 not too far from girard avenue. if you are heading southbound into center city, you will be delay from the northeast down to the vine street expressway. if you are commuting in the northbound direction you are basically slow approaching the vine and then all the way out through to dot man. ninety-five not around the north ice will you be delayed but slow in delaware county as well. moving on over to 476, southbound as well ars northbound you're slow around bruise mall area but we are seeing delays around 95, mid county, generally speaking 476, again will not be easy and same thing with the schuylkill and vine street expressway. we also i have few notes if you are traveling any of these trolleys, each of them are experiencing delays, due to different, situations, regarding police activity, and so on and so forth. something to be mindful of there as well. as we look at our wide 13 is your average on 95, in the 30's on the schuylkill. slower than that heading eastbound out of the area of 202 down to 476 no major problems at philadelphia international. we will keep you updated for sure. now back to the desk, chris and jessica.
5:38 pm
still to come on "eyewitness news" imagine being lifted to the edge of space in the balloon, and then jumping. a google executive did it this weekend's we have the video. another victory slipped from the bird yesterday in air zone, fans having a typical monday of arm chair quarterbacking. i will cover issues and we will hear from chip kelly coming up in sports. kate? beasley, i'm live here in horsham on a beautiful night with two great tools, cbs-3 mobile weather lap and eyewitness weather watcher network. we will tell you more about that and have your full forecast including a chilly weekend in the seven d
5:39 pm
5:41 pm
the the monday morning quarterbacks are second guessing a couple of decisions, chip kelly made at the end of the loss in arizona company of you say foles should have been under center for the third and inches run to shady mccoy, i say offensive line was defeated before the run had a chance, regardless of foles location. some questioning chip kelly's decision to kick field goal on third down. i think taking the lead with two minutes to play was a no brainer and in brains involved in letting john brown get behind the defense for the game winning touchdown. here's chip on kicking the
5:42 pm
field goal. >> i was very, very confident in our defense and i'm still very confident in our defense. they have two plays for 155. but besides those to plays our defense has playing at a real high level and our defense finished off rams game and redskins game. they have been in those situations before. i have a to be of confidence in them. if i had to do it again would i dot same thing and put it on the defense. >> on social media here's what some of the fans are saying about the loss, at cap. they beat themselves. mental mistakes, from the players and coaching have staff. learn and go forth. very positive stuff. at tony mark, nick foles tough loss buff i have faith in you and the rest of the birds. more positive reactions on twitter. as for the black doctor phil one, very interested in this one, we took two tough losses on the chin. we bounce back, thank you from black doctor phil. at eagles fan talk says, i'm accepting the five-two and looking forward to next week,
5:43 pm
i am with you. so some real positive stuffy think, at mill roy eagles fan despite heart breaking loss of the winnable game in arizona philadelphia eagles remain in the playoff hunt. way to go, guys. we will be right back with more news after this.
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress.
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if you had hoped to use apple pay at cvs or rite aide, no such luck. pharmacy chains have both disable the mobile payment system. the stores gave no official explanation as to why it was turn off but it is rumored they will join some other form of payment system next year. forbes is reporting that it could have been turned off because cvs and rite aide are part of the group of of retailers working on their own rival payment system called currency. trend to go day there was an error in game five of the world series before a pitch was even thrown, listen to this. >> ♪ what's so proudly we hail, we're so galantely streaming ♪ >> well, singer aaron lewis messed up the words of the national anthem. he was supposed to sing at twilight's last gleaming you but instead he sang we're so galantely streaming. it rimes.
5:47 pm
he tweeted an apology saying my nerves got the best of me. that is a big crowd. also trending a record breaking sky dive for google's vice-president, he took a special balloon almost to the edge of space nearly one 36,000 feet above the the new mexico desert, and then he jumps. he broke sound barrier on his way down and set several world record. his top speed was 822 miles per hour. >> wow. >> no. >> what is more pressure doing that or inning ising national anthem. >> i don't know, those are both nerve racking, and anxiety inducing situations. >> too bad you cannot take the words out there. maybe you know them. >> yes, and, yeah. >> oh, well. >> bunched up. >> we will be right back. >> meteorologist kate bilo is actually joining us with the cbs-3 mobile weather lath in hatboro, montgomery county. kate a beautiful day out there. >> it has been the the perfect fall day, pairly a cloud in
5:48 pm
the sky. now we have a few hugh sirus clouds but we are out here tonight to rhawn much our brand new weather watcher network. i'm here would your current youngest weather watcher, kyle higgins. remind everybody as if they didn't see before, what grade you are in. >> i'm 12 year-old and in seventh grade he is an amateur meteorologist. he wants to do this when he grows up. i will pull up your observation on the weather watcher network and tell me about the weather right now. >> it is a beautiful fall evening out here, currently it is 62 degrees and mostly clear, hardly a cloud in the sky. there is no wind out, 51 humidity and barometric pressure of 30 degrees and holding steady. like i said it is mostly clear, a few clouds in the skies, so now i'll pass it back to kate in that was wonderful. he will be doing this for real some day watch for him on cbs-3. lets pull up other observations on our eyewitness weather watcher network. i want to pull up dug in new
5:49 pm
jersey it is 65 degrees with 39 percent relative humidity. doug says dew .39 and fall colors near their peak. we have another observation here on the weather watcher network from doug faith in schwanksville 62 there and he says, winds calm, occasionally westerly breeze, fall colors at their peak. this weather watcher network allows us to have eyes on the ground all across the region. people talking about the fall colors. lets look at that fall color map. fall colors are at their peak across most of the area it is beautiful outside. taking a drive all around the region you cannot help but notice gorgeous fall color. high color in the city. peak colors north and west. lets look at temperatures because it has been a comfortable day. we are settle in the mid 60's the at the the airport. sixty-four in trenton. twenty-six in allentown. storm scan three shows a whole lot of nothing, no rain or snow to talk b it is clear as we sweep the area we will move along. lets talk about high pressure which stays overhead into the daze tomorrow and it will be very warm with the approach of the front and southeasterly
5:50 pm
wind. highs in the 07's. wednesday a couple showers as our first front comes through and then summer turns on thursday, sunny and cooler but real chill, waits for first weekend of november and it will feel like it. a blast have of cold air. temperatures ten to 15 degrees below average. so your overnight forecast a few clouds, not as chilly as recent nights low of 52. take a look at your tuesday forecast, sun, clouds, a nice warm day, 75 degrees. that is more than 10 degrees above average. my advice is to get outside and enjoy tomorrow because look at what happens with the eyewitness weather seven day forecast. seventy-five tomorrow. then wednesday a couple of showers here and there. not a big deal. 07 degrees. as we head in thursday, cooler, friday halloween, chilly, 58. real chill over the weekend. highs barely in the low 50's saturday and sunday. it will be windy. reminder we will set those clocks back sunday morning so it is time to fall back. the end of the daylight savings time. back here live we are here in horsham with the mobile weather lab.
5:51 pm
we have talked to kyle. did he forecasting. we will have more on our eyewitness weather watcher network at 6:00 o'clock. you can join our weather watcher network as well. head to cbs tours find out what it is all about and become a part of the eyewitness weather team. chris and jessica, back inside to you. >> great job, out there by everybody, tonight, kate, thanks very much. well, are you in the market for a new car? as car dealers continue to clear out the last of the 2014 models, now is a great time to get a deal. >> as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan finds the the terms used in automotive ads and on the car lot can be confusing. >> reporter: new car owner, is relieved he have does not to have figure out jargon of car ads anymore. >> i had to research what these terms meant. >> reporter: terms like all new, redesigned and refreshed are often used in advertising, but be aware, there are no federally regulated and no industry wide definitions. what they mean may depend on
5:52 pm
who you ask. >> the terms, they var a cross auto makers. it is really up to the marketing. there is not one uniform classification that everybody can slot into. >> reporter: chrysler says all new refers to a model that is pretty much new from the ground up. a cadillac dealer we spoke to said all new means a car that hasn't been seen before. with some manufacturers it can mean taking an older model and making it pretty much all new. >> sometimes in order to save money, auto makers will basically change the sheet metal, the headlights, the taillight, and then kind of call that maybe an all new car. might have the same engine, transmission. >> reporter: everyone agrees on the term redesigned. >> it is an existing model that they have had significant upgrades too as far as it may actually look completely different. >> another term you have heard office next between racial, that is when an auto maker
5:53 pm
gives an automobile an overhaul. experts say you may not want to get caught up in the marketing jargon but make a list of the features in the car, contacting all the a price had fits your budget and shop with that in mine. >> yeah. >> i don't get suckered into all this new stuff, it is like look, here's had we want. dollars and sent, buddy. >> do you own a car. >> yes. >> yes, i do. >> watch out. >> jim, thanks. >> please do. still ahead on "eyewitness news" beyonce takes on a new fashion venture. >> according to billboard taylor swift has produced her best work yet, details next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision.
5:56 pm
that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. we're all very excited here taylor swift's first official pop album hits stores a couple days after some songs were leak on line. >> all songs were quickly taken down when her record label intervene. fans said they stopped following or unfriend anyone who did not pay, the good news here that is critics are giving 1989 very good reviews, and it is expect to become one of the bigs selling records of the year.
5:57 pm
>> meantime beyonce british retailer top shop are teaming up on a new fashion line. they are creating a whole new brand of athletic street wear, the line will feature clothing, footwear, accessories inspired by dance, sports and fitness. they expect to launch that in the fall have of 2015. well, tonight's prime time line up now. >> a new highly anticipated episode of ncis los angeles. >> how many officers were compromised. >> hundreds, at least and is there something else you should know. >> this week the specially trained agents are head ago cross the border as teamworks to track down clues to solve the case. our ukee washington talk with n cia s l.a. stasidion a law and eric christian play partners on the show. he talked to them about how important it is to have that chemistry on set as well as off set. >> you have got to have that chemistry and makes it super easy that it works as well off camera as well as on and that
5:58 pm
is part of the magic of those relationships you see with chris and ll too. >> renee and barrett. >> it is hard to fabricate. that the fact that we have it is one of the chief components why the show has been so successful for five years. >> and you can watch ncis los angeles tonight at 10:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. and that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. developing now at 6:00 septa's largest union holds a news conference to talk about the the possibility of going on strike. we will tell you what it could mean for commuters. plus hundreds of students show up at school to be told their classes have been canceled permanently. we will tell you why this cool closed and what happens to those students. kathy? >> we are in for a dramatic swing in temperature from the 70's to the 50's, swing something 25 degrees and just a couple of days, feeling more like winter by the end of the seven day, i'll have have all that coming up, touring the the newscast. and famous philadelphia
5:59 pm
chef mark veteri opens up his seventh restaurant in the navy yard. yes says that is a perfect place to dine. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right the now. local commuters are on edge after september's a largest union said is it could go on strike next week. thousands of septa workers have been without a contract for seven months now. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. so many people depend on september, a strike could make getting around nearly impossible for some and lead to grid lock for others. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live outside union headquarters with northern liberties with the very latest on this, walt. >> reporter: as farrah part as california, and pennsylvania, these were the words of union president willie brown in the 4:00 p.m. press conference at union headquarters. the translation for septa riders if both sides don't get closer brown will make a
6:00 pm
strike or no strike call on friday and in one should count on any el's, buses, subways or trolleys running past this upcoming weekend. septa riders have have a schedule for something they hope will never arrive, a possible strike, twu local 234 president willie brown, saying that he cannot promise his 5,000 members will stay on the job after this weekend. >> i cannot promise anything beyond this week. at the even of the week after negotiating with septa the rest of the week, i will evaluate where we are. >> reporter: brown says his union which authorized a strike, sunday will keep negotiating, throughout the week, and depending on how it goes, he will most likely make his decision friday, on whether or not, there will be a walk out. >> i cannot put odds on it, we are very farrah part. >> reporter: brown says worker pension contributions, are the major issue right now, and he promises, he will give