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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i'm concern because now i have to drive-in instead of taking the train in. and using septa to get town here to fifth and market to work. >> reporter: that was walt hunter reporting for us. stay with cbs-3 for latest on the septa talks, when we're not on air, go on line at cbs now to the tragedy in the heart land, a twin engine plane slammed in the building in wichita, kansas today just a few moments after take off. four are confirmed dead in this scene. five are injured. four people are missing tonight. cbs reporter bigad shaban has more on the short flight and its terrible end. >> reporter: black smoke rose from mid continent airport in wichita kansas thursday morning after a small plane crashed in the building. the faa says a twin engine beach craft king air 200 like this one, lost power in an engine shortly after take off, and pilot told air traffic controllers about the problem, and attempting to return to the runway. when the plane crashed into a
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building on airport property. >> focus right now is to identify who was in the building and assessing injuries that may have occurred to the people involved. >> reporter: building housed simulators for flight safety, ambulances took the injured to the hospital. several other people in the building are unaccounted for, faa investigators are on the scene. >> bigad shaban for cbs news. >> remarkably there were a hundred people inside that building at the time of the crash, building itself is operated by flight safety international which uses facility to train pilots. taking a look at the weather now a chilly change is in the air and temperatures are only going down from here. what will this mean? meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with more, kathy. >> it is halloween tomorrow, friday, just the perfect combination, and everyone is wondering is this nice weather going to hold on. today's temperatures are only in the 50's but with the sunshine it was fairly comfortable. take a look at numbers. high today in philadelphia made it to 60 degrees. fifty's in our suburbs. average high is 62 degrees for
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this time of the year. we have a few clouds out there on storm scan three but otherwise, dry conditions, and that is how it will stay, right through this evening. here's the forecast, first forecast, just a few clouds at 7:00, some clouds and cool temperatures at 9:00. backing down in the 40's by 11:00. the trough continues to build in the east, it will really max out over the weekend bringing south cold air of the season, coming up, we will talk more about that halloween cast and what you can expect for your trick or treaters, and your weekend coming your way and temperatures, falling to freezing, the first time we have seen this, in many, many months. that is coming up later with the seven day, i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> see you then, thank you. officialness maine are now seeking a judge's permanent mission to keep a nurse under house quarantine. kacie hickox returned to the united states from africa and then departed for maine after complained back held in new jersey. cbs news correspondent omar
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villafranca picks up the store friday there. >> reporter: tracie hickox flew the coupe. she broke her quarantine and went for a bike ride in fort kent maine. state troopers followed her but did not try to stop her because they did not have a why's permission to do so. hickox returned from west africa last friday and support to reporters outside of her house last night. >> there are things that we know work and all aid workers are willing to do those things but i'm's not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it is not scientific. >> reporter: hickox was quarantine inside a new jersey hospital tent after returning from overseas and officials say she developed a fever. she tested negative for ebola and returned to maine on monday. she wants to resume her normal life. she promisedded officials she would take her own car and continue to monitor her temperature. >> it has all been a little overwhelming for me but i still believe i'm fighting for
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something much more than myself report report guidelines from the federal center disease control and prevention recommend daily monitoring for health care worker like hickox who have have come in contact with ebola patients with you some states like maine are going above and beyond those guidelines. president obama, hoist pushing for less aggressive quarantines, travels to maine to will rally for a democratic gubernatorial candidate. omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president's ebola a response coordinator ron klain is meeting with cdc officials in atlanta today. stay right here, we will have continuing coverage for fight against ebola in the u.s., you can find those updates anytime on our web site at cbs a young woman survives a terrifying attack that sends police on a chase through northeast philadelphia, two days later. last night police chase aid green toyota a camry about a mile to where it crashed in mayfair. authorities say this was a car used in the abduction of the woman on monday.
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she reportedly had been duct taped and was injured. driver of the camera tried to flee the scene last night hitting an officer. >> when the officers stopped behind the vehicle to investigate, the operator of the reek will backed up, striking one of the officers and then pulled forward and drug one of the officers several feet. >> reporter: officers shot out the back window of that car, suspect was eventually taserd, there were no injuries, and police are searching for additional suspects. a vehicle crashes in to a house in bucks county. chopper three over 921 bath road in bristol, no one was injured in this, we're told the home owner may have been pulling into the driveway when it happened. well, philadelphia city council passes a bill that creates penalties for hate crimes that are not covered under state law. mayor nutter had has two weeks to sign that bill, supporters say that the bill fixes a gap in the state law that was exposed during last month's attack on a same sex couple in
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center city philadelphia. in that case, prosecutors were not able to charge suspects with hate crimes, because sexual orientation and gender identity are not covered, by pennsylvania law. pennsylvania state senator leanna washington pleaded guilty to a conflict of interest charge in norristown today. she admits using her state senate staffers and other resource toes plan, campaign fundraisers. a montgomery county judge sentenced the 69 year-old democrat to five years probation. the first three months will be spent on house arrest. washington plans to resign from office tomorrow, today she tearfully a apologized for her actions. >> i have always been known to stand up for what i believe in and what is right, however, this resolution with the attorney's general office is the best decision for my constituents, my family. >> reporter: washington has spent more than two decades in the legislature and will be allowed to keep her state pension but she's been ordered
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to pay back some $200,000 to taxpayers. big plans are in the works for the area around the philadelphia landmark. "eyewitness news" at 32nd and powellton in west philadelphia where it was announced the state is giving two and a half million-dollar for 30th street station district plan. the project is long term with a 30 year time frame, that money will go toward a redevelopment plan in the area around that station. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" termally ill woman's controversial decision to end her life got a lot of people talking. now brittany maynard admits she's having second thoughts. we will show you her newly released video coming up. do you have battery an at. if so there is good news for you. we will tell what you could happen that could allow to you charge your phone out of thin air, three on your side's jim donovan with the new technology coming up, syma? do you know what the perfect body looks like? well, parentally victoria secret thinks they do i'm syma chowdhry
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we have zoo breaking news right now chopper three live over a shooting in north philadelphia, you're looking at 11th and poplar streets. one person has been taken to hahnemann university hospital, no word on that person's condition, and you do see the the authorities there investigating exactly what happened, and again, thinks at 11th and poplar streets, we will continue to follow this story and bring you any new developments. when you add it all up, smart phones, tablets, lap tops, wearable tech, we love our gadgets and we love it when we can get on the go but when it comes to recharging most of us continue to be
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tethered to a power supply. >> always got to plug? >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find out that you may be able to power up, without the cord. >> reporter: publicist erin uses a special case to extend her smart phone's battery life and plugs in when she needs to power up. >> you know, not to have that stress of when willie get to this next outlet, you know before my fine loses charge. >> reporter: right now wireless charging options require direct contact with the charging pad but technology rolling out soon will allow the exchange of electricity over thin air. >> some companies have come up with technology that actually does a allow you to being power wirelessly from one place to the other within a matter of inches at this point. >> reporter: that could mean power supplies with the ability to charge multiple devices, and desks, furniture, and the end of cord clutter. >> i could certainly see in the next four or five years as technology progresses, it
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could be a standard. nobody wishes they had more cords to deal with. >> the idea is that if your phonies always charged, then you eliminate this thing we all shared called battery anxiety. that is the feeling you get when your phone battery starts to drop. >> reporter: i have battery anxiety. some of the technology to charge over short distance is expect to pop up in consumer products next year. companies are working on using antenna a, radio bands and ultrasound technology to be powered throughout the room as we do with wifi but just a matter of getting gang when the different internal components to match up. >> i didn't know you had to charge rotary phones. >> if i could walk around with a rotary phone and a cord, i would. >> yes. >> the rest of us will make a huge difference. >> jim, thanks. >> a heavy afternoon so far. 5:12, there is a a schuylkill, and westbound lanes, approaching 202, you can see
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slow go to the king of prussia area accident taking out right-hand shoulder and part of the right-hand lane, eastbound lanes is not doing too much better toward center city. over on i-95 at allegheny, you can see jammed on both side. out bound lanes where headlights are coming in. slow from the betsy ross bridge up in the vine street expressway and northbound lanes moving slowly a as well headed north bound. completely lambed so far 422 westbound from 202 into oaks. a 15 minute trip there. 202 southbound heavy from the schuylkill expressway into route 30. that is a 24 minute trip there. an accident tying things up in montgomery county, and 73, and, and everything is on the typical spots in new jersey. forty-two, 55 and 295 all slow on the southbound side. currently no problems on mass transit. septa, new jersey transit and dart running on time with no delays and in delays at philadelphia international airport. chris, back over to you good slow go on a thursday, jessica, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00, trick or treaters maye something
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different this halloween. we will tell you, why more and more of these tiehl pumpkins are popping up on peoples doorsteps. honey boo-boo's sister gives her first broadcast interview after reporter that mother is dating a registered sex offender. and a marie cardwell said she was molested, we have live reports coming
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philadelphia mayor michael nutteres reminding residents to have working carbon monoxide alarms in their homes. fire department handed out safety fur to students and residents at engine company number 49 in south philadelphia today. city law states one carbon monoxide alarm must be installed within 15 feet of every bedroom. okay. about 24 hours from right now, the kids will be, costumed up, hitting the streets, ready to go, how will the weather be. will weather cooperate. >> weather will cooperate. you remember those years we had snow, we have had cold, we have had wind. >> sure. >> we will not have that this year. a beautiful 70-degree day, but it isn't going to be that bad. it will be dry. we just need to layer up. i will that have halloween forecast coming up. we will look outside where we are enjoying this fall day. it wasn't that warm around the region. temperatures in the 60's, 50's but ocean city still plenty of sunshine and the boards we're
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still being used. why not. still the fall season. live neighborhood network takes us to the pal will my use cove nature park in new jersey where temperature is 57, wind northwest at 7 miles an hour and you can see the sun dancing off the the beautiful delaware river, fall foliage really in peak form. wind are out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. really pleasant afternoon. on storm scan three you can see clouds moving across the region, we have had two weather systems impacting our weather over next several days but big story will be the cold that is coming. right now in philadelphia 58. fifty-seven in millville and atlantic city. average high being 62. so everyone below average, poconos only in the 40's today and getting even colder. during the day on friday for your halloween we have areas of low pressure off the coast and cold air with another area have low pressure coming from the great lakes. temperatures in the 50's, but we will stay dry, in between these two systems. now by saturday this low will be moving off shore and combining with that off shore
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storm but we will see win, we will see rain, and some cool conditions, with highs in the lower 50's, but the wind really kicks in as this storm really, energizees off the coast of new england on sunday. we're talking about gusty wind and chilly temperatures. height will be in the 40's on sunday and wind chill, will be in the 30's. we have not talked about that in a very long time. we have been talking about the jet stream already taking a dip, tomorrow through the the weekend it goes well down in the deep south, and then slowly begins to retreat by the beginning of next week, you see this big ridge with warm air out to the west, eventually we will warm up but this weekend is going to be a shock to the system. temperatures overnight will be in the 40's in the city, 30's in our suburbs. during date friday, some sun and clouds and cool but it will be dry. temperature 57 for the afternoon high for your trick or treaters and as we look ahead throughout the evening for the ghosts and goblins we will have spooky clouds, it will be anotherly tranquil, at
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7:00 o'clock 53. 8:00 o'clock 52. tomorrow evening at 9:00 p.m. the temperature will be 51 degrees. at least it will be dry. on the exclusive three day forecast saturday 52, wind which showers but the maximum wind will be on sunday, even though it will be a dry day, temperature of 49. remember daylight savings time end on sunday, so turn that clock back one hour, before you go to sleep saturday night, because you don't want to be late or early for any appointments you may have. that is your three day forecast, we will continue to keep an eye on the changing weather and you can too, take a look at the new cbs philly weather app, keep track of severe weather, gusty wind or anything that comes our way as we head toward winter, of course, check it out right now on itune and google play. we will be right back with more news after this.
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honey boo-boo's sister ann a cardwell is speaking out tonight. she claims she was molested by a convicted sex offend shore is dating her mother momma june. >> michelle turner sat down with cardwell and she joins us live from l.a. with more on this exclusive interview, michelle. >> reporter: hi chris and jessica. this is a controversy that i led to the cancellation of here comes honey boo-boo and tonight i will talk to the family member at the center of all of this. her name is and a marie cardwell, known as chicky on the show and she tells me that she told momma june she had had been molested and she said momma a june did nothing to stop it. >> does it make you angry, does it make you feel betrayed by your mother, does it make you question is she a fit mother. >> it gives me a lot of
5:24 pm
emotions, i'm mad, i'm upset, i feel betrayed and i feel very hurt, that is the main thing, i feel hurt that momma let him come around. >> you feel like she chose a child molester over you. >> yes, she's happy. she was smiling, laughing, giggling around and knowing the fact that he is a child molester momma. he did this to me. why would you let him come around the girls, knowing what he did? good what about alana, honey boo-boo, she's right around your age when you say he did this to you. >> only thing i have to say for alana don't get too close, don't get too attached, don't be, you know, all lovey, because you don't know what will happen. >> have you talk to anna about this. >> i talk to all of my kids split is okay, all right. >> she let him get around pull kin, knowing that she will get the the kids taken away. >> you can see howie motional
5:25 pm
that is. honestly, i had trepidation going in to this interview because i didn't know how and a marie would react and she got really emotional and she's a woman that is very conflict, i will say that, chris and jessica. >> a hard remind their not everything you see on reality tv is in fact a reality what ising on in these lives. >> reporter: this is real reality television and it is not, fun, or funny. it is a sad twisted advertise turning situation. >> thanks very much. you can see much more of this exclusive interview tonight on entertainment tonight, broadcast airs at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. coming up her story captivated the nation and now brittany maynard terminally ill women choose to go die has released another video. >> i hope my family is so proud of me. >> the woman is standing by her decision to die with
5:26 pm
dignity but is she having second thoughts about when that will happen. a hear what else she has to say coming up. new ad campaign by victoria secret is stirring up controversy i'm syma chowdhry with that story coming up. and then new at 6:00 the posted speed limit is 25 but residents in the camden county community say that drivers far exceeded it, they want it to stop before someone gets hurt, we will tell you how police are responding at 6:00.
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i'm chris may with some of the top stories for you, just a short time ago contract talks between septa and its largest union to afford a strike, ended for the day but they are set to resume tomorrow at noon time. the a work stoppage would affect september bus subway and trolley services. a twin engine plane loses power just after take off and crashes into a building in wichita, kansas. four people are confirmed dead there, at least five are injured, and four people are missing tonight. and the nurse who work with ebola patientness west africa, has now returned to maine and broken her quarantine, casey hickox was out in public this morning. she did test negative for the disease but maine public health officials are tracking her movements. kate?
5:30 pm
and, chris it is a beautiful evening at one of the most scenic spots in philadelphia, i'm here with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab we are a at laurel hill cemetery which is gorgeous place to be but tonight it turns creepy as we head towards halloween. i'll tell you more about is what coming up here tonight. a chilly 59.5 degrees on the cbs-3 mobile weather lab but cold conditions are on the way. we will have have the seven day forecast for you and more from laurel hill cemetery coming up in just a bit. >> kate, thank you. we want to update you on breaking news at this day. there has been a shooting in north philadelphia at 11th and poplar, where we're now told the victim was shot seven times and has died at hahnemann university hospital. police are investigating a circumstances surrounding that violence at 11th and poplar. we do know that a white car was seen speed ago away from that scene but so far there have have been no arrests. nurse who was released from quarantine in new jersey is being monitored tonight by police and health officials in maine. casey hick ox tested negative
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for ebola after returning from west africa. she has been outside walking and biking. discussions for a compromise have broken down. in the meantime president obama is traveling to maine to attend a political rally. he has pushed for less aggressive quarantine measures. the president's ebola response coordinator is in atlanta to daze to meet with officials from the centers for disease control. a local group is doing its part to help out, stop hunger now is sending food to ebola stricken africa and "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao spoke with organizers. >> on the job today just one man, moving 19 pallets of food or 250,000 meals into a shipping container poised for west africa. the mission is mighty but greater philadelphia is prepared to pitch in. >> stop hunger now is an international hunger relief agency and we have a vision of the world without hunger. we want to end hung inner our life time. >> reporter: andrew with the
5:32 pm
stop hunger now philadelphia office is sending these much needed supplies out the door but boxes were boxed by communities throughout the delaware valley. they are now heading to sierra leone but the goal of this delivery is two fold, not only to feed the hungry but to help those suffering from ebola. >> nutrition is a huge, necessity to recover from the virus. >> inside each box is 216 meals, and these packets contain all of the vital nutrients someone needs in order to survive. >> including, close to two dozen vitamin and minerals, containing rice, soy and dehydrated vegetables. these packets, only water. >> these meals are very nutritious and dense. it is, almost like medications to a degree. >> and the meals follow medical supply recently to the region as well, delaware valley doing its small part to provide a bit of relief for those who need it most. in folcroft, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> terminally ill woman admits she's having second thoughts after making a controversial decision to end her life. twenty-nine year-old brittany maynard made that confession in a new videotape. released by an end on have life choice advocacy group. maynard does have have terminal brain cancer. she initially decided to end her life with the doctor's assistance. this the saturday, but now she says she's not quite sure. >> i still have enough to weigh and i still laugh, smile with my family and friends and that doesn't seem like the right time, right now, but it will come because i feel like myself is getting sicker. it is happening each week. >> maynard has moved to oregon that is one of three states that had has the death with dignity laws. >> apple ceo tim cook says he is proud to be gay. he made the announcement in an essay for bloomberg business week published today. deeply private executive says he has never denied his
5:34 pm
sexuality but never publicly acknowledged it until right now. cook says quote i consider being gay among the greatest gifts god has given me. >> so why come out publicly now. coke writes it is hearing that the ceo of apple is gay can help someone, struggling to come to terms with who he or she is or bring covert to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their own equality then it is worth trade off with my own privacy. we are now getting a look at the top of the one world trade center before it opens to the public. >> observatory consists of the 101501 and 102 floors, visitors between the ages of 13 and 664 will pay $32 to board sky pod elevators, and those will take them to the best views of new york city. the sites are just one part, you can have a drink at a bar there, dine by the windows, you can even rent space for a party. it opens next september. well, you may have seen
5:35 pm
vatican sistine chapel, but never like this german company has installed 7,000led lights, which allowed visitors to see the brush strokes of michael angelo's 16th century. the vatican blocked them off in 1984 to protect the work of the italian renaissance painter from sun damage. victoria secret is coming under fire for a new ad and what they call the perfect body. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry shows us what this controversy is all about. >> reporter: this advertisement is catching shoppers eyes but not for the reason that you think, it is no secret that victoria secret uses thin models for their campaigns but add words perfect body and that will stir up the perfect debate. women and men took their opinions to social media, soon the hash tag i am perfect started to trend. new there are own line petitions for the company to take its ad down. >> there is a consumer sentiment and backlash against the line of perfect bodies
5:36 pm
because a lot of women are feeling this is not representative of their perfect bodies. >> reporter: annie heckburger is antissing expert. she said this kind of criticism from consumers has a silver lining from the company, in this instant it is very interesting that they have gotten a lot of people talking about a bra that might not otherwise get attention. >> reporter: she says that there is a reason why lingerie companies don't use real women as models. >> lingerie in jennies about fantasy and story telling. >> reporter: we spoke with some shoppers who were outraged over the new ad campaign saying there is no such thing as a perfect body. >> we're all different and that is a good thing we are all unique and that is it. >> i think they should use an array of body types not just focus on one side six or size three or zero. >> this could lead to a eating disorder, you know, they might look at that and say i'm too fat. >> show positive aspects. not everybody is small and everybody should appreciate their body.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: perfect advice to have, the perfect body. in marlton, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what do you think about the perfect body ads? you can tell us and join the conversation, just connect with us on facebook or tweet us just use the hash tag cws3 chat. >> at 5:37. busy afternoon. we will start things off on i-95 at ridley park where we can see a major southbound delay here from 420 all the way southbound towards commodore bear bridge. northbound moving fine. over on the schuylkill expressway pretty massive delays on the eastbound side. westbound side moving okay but still pretty much slow go that schuylkill at city from montgomery all the way up to belmont. an accident, out on lincoln drive at gypsy lane cause something problems over there and out in new jersey, 295 southbound at sloan avenue just outside of trenton. currently problems on mass transit, new jersey transit and dart doing great no problems at the airport. all major starting to slow up a little bit on 422.
5:38 pm
heading westbound heavy 16 minutes and 202 southbound still slow a 23 minute trip there, chris, back to you. >> jessica, thanks very much. camden is launching a rog token hans a gateway in the city. crews will reconstruct haddon avenue knew between vesper boulevard and right around the area have our lady of lords medical center. haddon avenue knew will be re-surfaced and new sidewalks, curbs and ramps will be installed. hundreds of children had a new place to play in camden tonight, dozens of volunteers spent this day building a new playground at cooper b hatch family school. "eyewitness news" was there on park boulevard, layout for this park is based on students drawings that were created in a special key sign event back in september. still to come on "eyewitness news" halloween can be scary for children with allergies and challenging as well. but this year is there a new way to tell which homes are safe for all kids. health reporter stephanie
5:39 pm
stahl tells bus the tiehl pumpkin project, beasley. it is rare for a key fence i have lineman to command top billing, houston's yj watts is texans biggest star. eagles talk about dealing with the wrecking machine coming up in sports, kate. beasley aim leave in laurel hill cemetery one of the oldest cemeteries in the united states with one of the best views of the schuylkill river you can find but once sun goes down things are turning spooky here on the night before halloween, i'll have details in weather,
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
well, are you outlooking for work. now is your philadelphia jobs market report time. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg has more. >> pretending you are some within else can be great fun on halloween but that is not good thing to do on a job hunt. 54 percent of hiring managers in pennsylvania say they have caused candidates lying on the resume. that includes candidates to pretend they have skills, degrees or experience that they do not have. it goes both ways. employers also disguised their open position toss make them sound more glamorous or interesting then they really
5:43 pm
are. employers should be more candid and honest with their applicants. it could lead to new hires staying at their new jobs longer. in 2013, more than half of all new hires, quit their jobs, after less than a year. there are many reasons. but unhappiness with the new position is certainly one of them. candidates and employers try to be something they are not. contributes to the labor market that is frustrating. customized accurate resume can get employers knocking on your door. i'm steve greenburg for
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welshing eagles face the best defensive lineman in football sunday when they travel to houston, jj watts is a disruptive force, texans move him around to every position along the line making it very difficult to know where to offer help. even when block he doesn't stay blocked. watts makes game changing plays, every week. >> he is a hard guy to get a beaten. he has a lot of variety of different moves, different ways to hit the run, different ways to attack an offence and a line. >> whenever we're playing a guy like that or a guy that tends to be in the backfield a lot, and just spend extra film
5:47 pm
study and understand his game a little bit more. >> all right. for the first time in five years, san francisco giants are celebrating they won world series this he beat kansas city in game seven last night three-two your final score. madison bumgarner threw five innings of scoreless relief and named most valuable player of the series. >> incredible. >> i remember when. >> yeah, hunter pence was great for them too, why can't we get players like that. >> rebuild. >> through go. >> beasley, thanks. >> you probably noticed a chill in the air and only getting colder. how should your kids be dressed for halloween. >> meteorologist kate bilo is live outside with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab at laurel hill cemetery in philadelphia where pretty halloween festivities are already underway, kate. >> that is right, chris. if you want to celebrate halloween one night early you have to come here. beautiful during the day but things get creepy at night. i will tell you why we're here
5:48 pm
in a minute. but first lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers. lets look at these conditions here. thinks erin in montclair who is reporting 57. she has a comment for us, beautiful crisp fall day. that it is. another observation close to erin from paul callahan in chester springs reporting 53 degrees. he says his high today there was 55.5, with a morning low of about 41 and a half degrees. it has been a chilly day at least in contrast with the cool air yesterday. if you by the way would like to sign up for weather watchers program we would love you to have you part of our team and sinus at cbs lets look the at how things are shaping up temperature wise. it is chilly outside. temps in the 50's across the majority of the region. fifty-eight at the the airport. lower temperatures off to the for the and west. we've gotten colder air to look forward to storm scan three shows a system over great lakes producing rain and snow across canada see white
5:49 pm
shading there. the lets look at how this storm will impact us. as we head in the day tomorrow most of it stays off to the west. some clouds will develop along the coast during the daze tomorrow and maybe even some drizzle at the shore later tomorrow night but most of us look fine for trick or treating. it is saturday that moisture backs in, steady rain along the coast, showers further inland, saturday will be cold, windy, cloudy and near miss on sunday look at how this storm develops off the coast most of the rain moves out ape just a windy but sunny day. overnight low tonight 42 degrees, chill which a few you patchy clouds, tomorrow halloween not bad a lot like today a few more clouds high of 57 degrees and for your trick or treat forecast if you are heading out with the kids at 6:00 p.m., 55. fifty-two at 8:00. a a few clouds but it will be tranquil n problems for your trick or treat forecast. you're witness weather seven day see chill coming in, temperatures not much better than 50. sun returns on sunday remember to he set thorough clocks back and we will start to see temperatures rise next week into monday and tuesday.
5:50 pm
back here live we are at beautiful historic laurel hill cemetery and joining me is emma stern director or programs. tell us what you can find here tonight. >> tonight we have ghost tails and goose bumps. walking tour through the the cemetery. guests will be led within the cemetery to different spots to hear local legends. it should be a great night, and a good time to walk through the cemetery at night. people can warm up at the end with hot apple snyder and ginger snaps. >> that sound fantastic. >> different stations set up, walking tour and also a few spooky stories. >> exactly, yes good that is great. >> lets see if people cannot make it tonight at 7:00 and $20 a ticket. if you can't make it tonight what else can do you this holiday weekend in the cemetery. >> you can come back for a self guided tour. we're opened every day until 4:30 and we have cell phone tours in the office and it is great place to bring a picnic, ride a bike or just take a walk. it is on a beautiful fall day it is a beautiful place.
5:51 pm
my first time here but will not be my last time just a gorgeous place to be. thank you so much. again tonight 7:00 o'clock $20 for ghost tails and goose pumps at laurel hill cemetery. now back inside to you. >> thanks, very much. lets take a moment to look at the pictures you have been send nothing using the the hash tag cbs-3 halloween. we will start with rachel and rachel has a bear and ballerina that are clearly ready to go trick or treating. barbara sent in this shot from her yard. she has an inflatable ready for holiday as well. danielle send nothing this picture of two drop dead gorgeous children a little girl and boy, and they have their trick or treat sign. genies dressed up as irkill and little will red riding hoods in this picture as well. finally thinks a picture of 1988 of a young elvis, it seems like a good idea at the time. >> yes. >> jessica, we all have unfortunate photos, we all have unfortunate photos. >> i hope you have that on
5:52 pm
your dvr. >> tweet us your own photos, unfortunate or otherwise, your kids, your pets, your home, whatever it is, if it is halloween we want to see it. use the hash tag cbs-3 halloween and you might sees your photos like mine right here on "eyewitness news". >> those glasses, very good. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight halloween, which is tomorrow of course, can be difficult for children with allergies. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a new alternative. >> reporter: tiehl is the new orange for kids with allergies, candy can be dangerous for them. >> sometimes they are giving out recess peanut butter cups and i cannot have those. >> reporter: allie lynch allergic to peanuts is part of the pumpkin project organized by fair, food allergy research and education whiz is encouraging people to offer none in foot treats for halloween, things like stickers or toys instead of candy. >> we get that is what halloween is all about but we would love it so that kids with food allergies can have
5:53 pm
eye tea that they can participate and feel safe. >> reporter: tiehl pumpkins will identified households offering non-food allergy save halloween treats. doctors say it is an important distinction because individually wrapped halloween candy doesn't list ingredients and even that isn't always enough. >> i have had patients who have had severe reaction from his a canned that i they thought did not have tree nuts they were told did not have tree nuts or peanuts that did. >> tiehl pumpkin project isn't and i candy, organizers want a safe alternative for children with allergies so they can have fun too. families participating are asked to have canned a veilable in a separate container from the non-food treats. i think thinks a terrific idea, we have more information for you at cbs, click object health. i have info or facebook and twit ever. >> we want everybody to participate. >> exactly. >> thanks very much. happy halloween. still ahead on "eyewitness news" could a piece of metal solve amelia earhardt's
5:54 pm
disappearance. >> is there a local connection to this. we will tell you about it when "eyewitness news" continues.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
there is eye new clue in the disappearance of amelia earhardt and local company is at the information front. >> international group for is , aircraft recovery is based in chester county and their researcher say a piece of metal found on a pacific is island many years ago could be a piece of earhardt's plane plane. they plan to visit next sum inner hopes of solving the in mystery. earhardt was attempting to circle the globe when she disappeared in 1937. get ready to meet the mccarthey's, cbs's new fall comedy about a tight sports crazed boston family premiers tonight right here on cbs-3. >> my god, i got a lot of kids. >> hey mom. >> is there one that i like. hi ronnie. >> game better be over in 20 minutes. >> why they want to watch good wife. >> the good wife. >> well, stars of the show, tyler ritter and laurie met calf joined us from los angeles to tell us more about
5:58 pm
this brand new show. >> just all within their crazy dynamics, the way that they communicate, the teasing, especially between the siblings, the way the mom plays favorites, you know, in this family, completely out in the opened. >> don't miss mccarthey's premiering tonight at 9:30 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 drones in the city, philadelphia councilman doesn't want them popping up where they are not allowed, how an unusual stunt at an eagles game is prompting a push for change. also picket signs are made so will septa workers walk off the job. contract talks ended for the day. we will tell you where the two sides stand, kathy? get ready to layer up your ghosts and goblins for halloween, plus temperatures plunge in the 30's, it will be freezing, across the delaware valley. we will take a look at all this coming up with the seven day forecast.
5:59 pm
residents in one camden county neighborhood are fed up with speeding drivers, is what being didn't to try to slow them down, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. right now at 6:00 concerns about drones in philadelphia, after police catch a person outside a packed eagles game, that incident is now prompting a push for a new law. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> drones are becoming more popular as they get smaller and cheaper and that is exactly why a philadelphia city council member says it is time to put legislation into writing. new at 6:00 "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers looks at drones in the city. >> reporter: where can you fly a drone? question keeps popping up because drones keep popping up over more and more places like two sunday's ago at lincoln financial field.
6:00 pm
the eagles were playing the giants but unbeknownst to many in the stadium and parking lots flying high above them was a drone taking video. police found the pilot and confiscated the drone and no charges were filed but dit prove how drones can go just about anywhere. police brought their concerns to councilman jim kenny. >> adding a new chapter, entitled unman aircraft systems. >> reporter: kenny introduced a bill thursday at city counts that i will would regulate drone use in the city. owners could not fly drones over large crowds or use them to follow people. >> we want to begin to address in the common sense way and evolve as that technology evolves going forward. los angeles is dealing with it. i'm sure new york is thinking bit and talking about it. >> reporter: nypd talked to cbs news just this week. aside from privacy concerns officials say the drones could be far more dangerous. >> chemical weapons, the technology is there which we're thinking, you know, it is and will be. >> guns.