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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 31, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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judge for the first time this morning, here in pike county court, right around 9:00. he'll be arraigned on number of charges including murder, and district attorney says he will be pursuing the death penalty in this case. now, this is the beginning of the end for very long and stressful chapter for northeast pennsylvania, after a 48-day manhunt. eric frein was captured last night, by us marshals, near an abandoned airplane hangar in pocono township. officials say he meekly gave himself up around 6:00 when law enforcement approached. he knelt and put his hands into the air. officials say he was unarmed. now everything during the arrest, we're told, frein was handcuffed, with corporal brian dixon's cuffs, and taken away in his cruiser, and investigators say frein shot and killed dixon, and seriously injured another pennsylvania state police trooper outside of the blooming grove barracks in early september during late night shift change. since making his escape, hundreds in law enforcement have searched for frein, at times, closing area schools, cancelling outdoor event, and blocking roads, his capture bridges relief to a community
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that has been on edge for seven weeks. >> we weren't going to stop until this fugitive was arrested. and i'm glad that it ended, without any other loss of life, including his. >> and coming up in our next half hour, hear from members of this community, who are finally relieved, and happy to be getting back to a normal life. that will starts tonight. kids now allowed to go trick-or-treating this halloween. reporting live outside of pike county court, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> january, we will get back to you, stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay on continuing coverage of the capture of eric frein. when you are not near your television, once again, you can always go on line to erika? >> closer to home, more breaking news, west philadelphia apartment building goes up in flames overnight. you can see just how intense those flames were, pouring from windows on the top floors. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now at the scene in cobbs creek,
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where dozens every residents are left homeless, nicole? >> exactly what happened here at the chestnut park amounts here in west philadelphia. now, you can see, it is an u-shaped building. so it is difficult to see the damage from this angle. but if you go just around the corner there, you will see that is where the fire left its damage. >> you can see fire crews had their work cut out for them, based on video we received overnight. they worked to get this massive fire under control, safely evacuating between 50 and 60 resident. now, the rest of the displaced are getting help from the red cross, which has set up temporary shelter inside the school at 58th and chestnut street. >> we're setting up with the cots, blankets, pillows, any sort of comfort item they need
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for the evening. we will work with the salvation army and other partner organizations, to make sure these folks are taken care of. >> two people were taken to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, we're told, both are in stable condition, the exact nature of their injuries, at this point, still unknown, and the cause of this fire, also, unknown at this point. live in west philadelphia, nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> happy friday, happy halloween, everybody, do you have quiet start, and because it is so quiet and generally so clear outside, these temperatures have really bottom out. soap, we are getting report of frost, on some of the area windshields, this morning, and you want to keep that in mind, might need the extra time to be thawing out, but storm scan3, still empty, still quiet. but that's going to change with time. now, temperatures at the moment, like we said, are very, very chilly. you're at 42 degrees in philadelphia, which is actually pretty darn close to
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the average. it is just that we've been relatively mild as of late. might commas bit after shock to the system. thirty-five at allentown, as well as reading for that matter. but we have since rebounded, to 33 in mount pocono. that's a spot that actually did officially drop all the way off into the 20's, early this morning. and there are some other instances that far. you're typically colder suburbs, quakertown, lansdale, hatfield, that casino of thing. you may end one temperatures that are way chillier than what you'll find on our observation maps. so just keep that in mind. fifty-seven is our expected high in the city. we will see some sun, initially, but that will eventually be followed up by some higher clouds, which come actually courtesy of two separate areas of low pressure, which may already start to bring in some showers, as early as late tonight. trick-or-treat this evening, i think, is fine. but later tonight, notice, the time stap p, 11:00 p.m., some that far moisture starts to move in. and it is going to continue to be a theme for us here on saturday. with the core of this system starting to bypass us, actually merge with second piece of energy. so, yes, there could be some
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steadier pockets every rain embedded, but generally looking tomorrow at windy, chilly, showery day, and then sunday starts to clear out, and brighten up, which is deftly good news, if you do have outdoor plans, sunday, i would say, be the day that you want to get those in. keep in mind, it will be cold outside. vittoria, over to you. >> good advice, katie, thank you so much. also, katie mentioned a real good point. and the point is, if you are traveling this morning, definitely want to make sure that you jump outside little earlier, or get the start for the car. do it from the window. because it is going to be chilly out there, and definitely you want to make sure that your vehicle is in the proper temperature, properly maintained, i don't know, something like that. let's continue, talk about the roosevelt boulevard. traveling in either direction, the roosevelt boulevard no delays at all. really, it looks pretty good out there, anyhow you cut t i'm curious to see somehow light of volume we'll have today, only because a lot of folks are at least a lot of kids are off from school, maybe a lot of next took the day off. but if you are traveling right now, you won't see problem. not only on any of the majors
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just yet, but even throughout the neighborhoods, we take a look at woodhaven road, not seeing any problems around thorton. as we continue, and move now to elkins park, you're traveling montgomery county, we have accident olds york road at ashburn road. give yourself more time here if you can avoid it i would definitely suggest do you. that will also, still dealing with the closure of route 13, if you are traveling in bucks county, between tyburn road and pen valley road. your best alternate is to take new falls road. this accident occurred at midnight. so just couple of hours ago. and they are still doing an investigation. and really if you are traveling, mass transit, traveling at the airport, everything looking great, to go along with, that beautiful speed censors, we leave you on high note. we head back to the desk, ukee, err dismay. >> thank you. time now 5:36. in bits news this morning, who is ring the opening bell for halloween? >> and when does the holiday shopping season start? money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, i hope i'm not already behind, jill? >> reporter: tomorrow's the day, so i think you're in good shape. good morning again, ukee,
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erika. forget "black friday". the holiday shopping season is starting even earlier this year. starting tomorrow, amazon will be rolling out holiday deals, there is discount on high demand gift, like toys, electronics, the same goes for office manning, and office depo. and how can we leave out wal-mart? the world largest retailer will be offering more than 20,000 rollbacks or discounts, on everything from groceries, to toys, that starts tomorrow, also. wal-mart also considering matching on line prices, for competitors like amazon. so according to the wall street journal, wal-mart will base this decision on how much it would actually lose if it slashed prices. wal-mart already matches price frost local brick and mortar stores. >> here on wall street, october, shaping up to be a sweet month for the market. the dow jumped 221-point on thursday, ending well above the 17,000 mark. the nasdaq rose 17.
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hershey will be ringing the opening bell today in honor of halloween, of course, speaking of which, expect plenty of little elsa and anna's knocking on your door today. calculated which costume themes were the most search for on line this year, no surprise, disney frozen, tops the list, followed by zombie's, then ninja's, pirates, classic clown costume in which ukee, erika, did round out the top ten. >> good to see they're hanging in there. >> indeed. i want to go out as olof. >> oh, the snowman? >> warm hugs. >> i know, thanks, jill. right now your time is 5:38. the shot from the sky are just breathtaking. but philadelphia may be cracking down on drone use. police ask for the bill after a man flew a drone over the linc during the eagles-giants game october 12th. councilman james kenney says that the ordinance would make it a crime to fly over large crowds, or follow people.
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>> you want to make sure there is some price to pay for the miss east of technology, misuse of things available to them. >> well, many people use drones for recreation, and photography. other are worried about privacy, and weapons. the federal aviation administration says drones must stay away from airports, fly below 400 feet, and avoid large events. well, at least four people are dead, and five other injured, after a twin engine plane crashed into a building in kansas. among the dead, the pilot, 53 year old mark goldstein. the beach craft king air 200 lost power in a engine shortly after take off. the pilot was attempting a return to the wichita airport when he crashed. the build something used for pilot training by flight safety international. >> well, one person is missing after series of explosions, at a fireworks factory in england. well, according to britain's press association, at least two other people were taken to the hospital. this amateur video shot by a man in stafford, people living
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close to the factory reported allowed bang, and saw smoke rising from the factory. investigators have not yet found the cause of the blast. >> we're updating today's top stories, coming up, including the latest developments on two breaking stories. >> also, it is the perfect storm for victoria's secret. big backlash surrounding this underwear ad, and we're getting your reaction. >> talk about some seriously expensive shoes. would you pay more than a thousand dollars for these sneakers? >> what? >> yes, find out what makes them so pricy. i'm betting it that is fur. i could be wrong. >> a thousand dollars? we'll be right back. sneakers with fur? >> coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. have you heard of kamoose? >> crazy sounding ingredients in food? >> no idea what it is. >> three on your side explains it all. i'm health reporter stephanie stahl. checking out some of the crazy new food ingredient, coming up tonight at 11:00.
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>> updated on morning headlines, breaking news, arraignment for accused murder ever of pennsylvania state police corporal, eric frein was apprehended yesterday in the poconos after seven weeks on the run. >> we have more breaking news, firefighter and another person are injured in this fire around midnight near 63rd and chestnut in cobbs creek. dozens of people are now in the care of the red cross. >> septa and its largest union get back to the bargaining table today. they're trying it avoid a strike, that would shutdown subways, buses, and trolleys.
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the union says they'll give commuters 24 hours before any work stoppage. all right, 5:43 right now. oh, it is not only halloween, it is also trivia friday. >> indeed. we have a special halloween edition for you, too. all right, guys, here is your question. the warmest halloween ever reported in philadelphia was, talking high temperature here, was it, a, 76 degrees, b, 78, let's go up by two's, c, 08, or d, 82 degrees? remember, before you answer, you can see a lot of swings on thermometers this time of year. so who would like to take their first stab here? no pun intended on halloween. >> okay. let me go first, since i have a big lead. i had to throw that out there. >> oh, ukee does have the lead right now. >> a lot of swings, since you said it that way, i can ' say d since you said a lot of swings. >> i gave you too many hints. this is why you should have went last. well done, mr. ukee
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washington. let's take you outside. we take a look at not just one but two areas of low pressure developing, and we are watching for both of these features to eventually merge, the first one, obviously, back here over the great lakes, it has got some snow with it, this is the portion of these systems that will produce basically, the cold air needed for us to cool down. as much as we will this weekend, then you have got this guy, second piece of energy, the two pieces will eventually merge. and as they do, this will be a very rapidly intensifying storm system, but looks like the brunt of the storm heads into southeastern new england, and eventually into atlantic canada. meanwhile, as we take a lock at what our forecast has in store here, in the days ahead, working with the clicker here, it is giving me some problem, outside, the live neighborhood network we go, where we have some very, very coal air in place. mid upper 30's generally the story from warrington to philly at the northeast airport, blue bell even checking in at 34, so frosty windshield alert basically what i would call this here for this morning in some of
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the more outlying and colder suburbs. we're still going to give you solid b for the day. off to chilly start, i give that you, but we start with sun, eventually some clouds, keeping it dry, throughout your halloween forecast, and i think a lot of the schools might have recess halloween parades, all through trick-or-treat time later tonight the first showers will roll in, tomorrow somewhat dreary day to say the least when talking low 50's at best, breeze making it feel even colder, sunday we can hardly even get you out of the 40's here sun returns, but the wind will make it feel coldment looking ahead to early neck week, nice couple of days actually mid 50's, more sunshine, nice little warm up to 63. vittoria? >> whether you said halloween parade, took me back for a sergie was bellle. good morning, everyone, if you are traveling on 95, you will notice that still things moving in a nice pattern here. it is not a slow pattern just
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yet around girard, that's where you will find a touch of traffic building, but generally speaking our speed censors are still pretty good in the 40's, 50's, take a look at 476, not too far from the area of 95, you will notice that we're not dealing with any major delays, traveling either northbound, southbound, good look, and it doesn't matter if you're traveling 95, traveling around the area of mid-county, or if you are traveling around the schuylkill expressway, lots of green, on 476, and that's the story all over the map. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, boulevard, northeast text n sean, pa turnpike, beautiful commute this morning. and definitely a treat for you. however, if you are traveling montgomery county, elkins park, we do have accident at old york road, ashburn road. if you can avoid that intersection, dealing with the road closure, de haven street closed between balance gahm inningo and overlook, all because of that manhole, pothole we've been dealing w best alternate front street. don't forget when you are on the road, you can always get updated traffic information
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about back up in your area with the new your drive app or any area really. you can download that app for the iphone, android, by going to drive. ukee? >> thank you, vet tore y victoria secret drawing criticism for new ad campaign. let's show you the ad. the words the perfect body placed over top of the models. some disagree. women and men took their opinions to social media. now there are on line petitions for the company to take it down. >> we're all different. and that's a good thing, we are all unique, and that's it. >> i think they should use an err ray of body types, not just folk just on one size six or size three or size seraglio this could lead to an eating disorder, you know? they might look at that and say oh, no, i'm too fat. >> advertising expert say more companies are featuring models of different shapes and sizes, but it is also uncommon to see plus size women in loungerie ads. >> shortly that far ad campaign started twitter just erupted when people criticizing victoria secret.
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they fired back using the hashtag imperfect. and we have a couple here for you starting with rebecca halton. she says right here, victoria secret your dilutional ads disrespect real women everywhere, imperfect, marketing sale. next up gamer couple says this advertisement makes me so mad this message is so harmful to millions of women and young girls hashtag imperfect. next up, let's see, here we go. courtney says: stop the body image shaming. no wonder why young girls have body image issues and eating disorders, hashtag victoria secret, hashtag imperfect. a lot of them. julie says the 21st century stop promoting the perfect body and start celebrating everybody. i'm perfect the way i am. and one more here from phil, says try this on for size, victoria secret. you can see has different body shapes of women saying every body is the perfect body. hashtag imperfect. we want to know what you think. join the conversation, use the
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hashtag cbs-3 mornings. uke evening? >> before you walk out the door, katie has the trick-or-treat forecast. we traffic and weather together. we do it on the 3's. also this: >> i'm kevin frazier there is week jake enters the la crime, night crawl err. nicole kidman in the psychological in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose
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backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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>> this morning, jake discovers the underground world of los angeles crime journalism, nicole kidman scrog recalls with her memory, thriller best selling book. >> kevin frazier what's new this theatres this weekend? >> you have problems remembering things. >> what things?
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>> everything. >> nicole kidman plaza woman whose brain resets her memory every single night. but as she begins a new treatment, her minds bridges up more questions than it answers. >> it is very real. you know? and it is not history, which you think people go, well, if i would wake up and couldn't remember, i would scream. that's not what people tends to do. they tend to be more introverted and interior, because they're scared, and they're trying to piece stuff together, and they don't want to let people know that they can't remember. >> in night crawl err, place new bloom, ambitious young man, starts freelancing as a crime scene cameraman, and crossing the line between legal and criminal. >> i will never ask to you do anything that i wouldn't do myself. >> took on not only the difficult character, but was a producer on the film. >> i was constantly in the mindset i don't think i ever left it throughout the shooting of it, producing the movie, also, you know, you are working all the time.
5:53 am
you don't really stop. you are just constantly in it. so there was no real break playing the character, which was good. >> do you have call the cops. >> we will at the right time. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. >> stay up to date on entertainment tonight, every week night, right here on cbs-3. 7:30. >> a loft trick-or-treaters headed out today. katie, bundle up? >> i would definitely say it is sweatshirt weather at minimum underneath the costumes when you hit the road here to go fill up your goody bags here. right now things are quiet. we've actually got some report of frost, in the colds he is suburbs, but generally off to clear start. happy halloween, guysment looks like pretty decent day overall. we will start to see the clouds thicken with time t does stay tranquil through all of your trick-or-treat plans, through the evening. but, later tonight, talking late night, ten, 11:00, midnight, may start to be couple of showers that fire up
5:54 am
here courtesy of the next system developing. that will bridges us some showers, if not some steadier rain, looking ahead to tomorrow, 52 saturday, and shooting for the low or upper 40's sunday expecting sunshine, the breeze to kick in, it will be windy and cold to wrap up the weekends, vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. let's get right to the cameras, see how you're doing. real a lot of is good news. take a look at the 42 freeway, no delays real any either direction just yet. seeing northbound traffic build ever so slightly with all of the headlights, but still nice ride. same things roosevelt boulevard. things will change. stay with us,
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it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative.
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especially when it's miralax. it hydrates, eases, and softens, to unblock your system naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. >> if you are looking for new pair of kicks, sneaker, i have them for you. >> put them on the holiday shopping list if you're ukee washington. kanye west put these on the map. he said his sales are up more than 100% over last year, all
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thanks to kanye. the sneakers are made from suede, fox, and cher link n case you're wondering, range between $51,500. >> yo, giuseppe, dude, can't do it. >> for sneakers! just saying. bring back the pf flyers. our time 5:57. live with two breaking news stories coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, they got him, the manhunt is over. eric frein the man accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers has been captured. >> massive apartment fire leaves dozens homeless, sends firefighter to the hospital. >> and, don't forget to set your clock back this weekend. but did you know that daylight saving time can be bad for your child's health? all that and more when we come back at the top of hour. good morning.
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>> good morning, everyone, thanks for waking with us. following two breaking stories this morning, an inferno at west philadelphiapartment building injuries a firefighter and forces dozen of people from their homes overnight. >> also, after 48 days on the run, eric frein is captured. we have a new picture right here just released of the accused cop killer in police custody. now, he was one of the fbi's most wanted men. >> now, eric frein is wait to go appear in court. about a thousand law enforcement officers had been searching for him, in monroe county since frein allegedly ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers at the blooming grove barracks september 12th. the survival list was captured at the birch wood pocono air park in tankers ville. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the pike county courthouse in milford right now, with more on this story. jan? >> reporter: ukee, good morning, eric frein scheduled to appear for the first time in front after judge here at pike county court around 9:00 this morning. that's when his a rainment will take place. he is facing a number of