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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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alex douglass. >> would i characterize his actions in the past as pure evil and would i stand by that. >> reporter: on the run for seven weeks frein is describe as a self-taught survival expert who roamed rug he had yet familiar woods and broke into empty cabins for shelter. u.s. marshals found frein thursday night at an abandoned airplane hanger near tannersville, about 30 miles from the ambush police barracks. authorities a that frein was unarmed but had weapons stashed nearby. >> gave him commands, to earned iser he supplied with those commands and was taken into custody. >> reporter: police say injuries on frein's face were caused during the forest, but not because of his arrest. >> eric, are you sorry. >> reporter: as angry pocono residents get a sense of relief scores of searchers get well deserved rest but the work isn't over. >> path state police, the fbi, and the atf will continue the investigation so we can build the best case, in order to achieve justice, on behalf of corporal brian dickson,
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trooper alex douglass and pennsylvania state police family. the district attorney says he will seek the death penalty in this case. and the judge denied frein bail. we're live from milford i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now, some facts on this manhunt, the 48 day ordeal cost taxpayers ten million-dollar, and at least 1,000 searchers from 20 law enforcement agency were part of the manhunt and pennsylvania gaming commission has since restored hunting season in monroe and pike counties. you can imagine how people who live around the search area in the poconos are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. they are able to resume their normal lives which, for many means trick or treating for halloween. our team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers in crisco not far from where trina tended high school, matt. >> reporter: chris, you said it very well there, the the overwhelming emotion out here, among mount pocono area residents is of course one of
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relief. is there a feeling of gratitude for law enforcement officials who managed to get eric frein behind bars. for the first time in weeks. the only thing these kids have to worry about is that homework. >> i was than the stressed out anymore and i was pretty happy. >> it was just an immediate, just relief, you know, like this heavyweight wait on your chest just totally lifted. >> reporter: eric frein's capture thursday night made for very different very welcome friday afternoon out identify high school he attended as a teenager. >> it is amazing to know that he is, in custody and i don't have to worry he is anywhere near my kids. >> reporter: nearby schools were closed for days at the times, as manhunt continued through dense wooded area with classrooms reopened, a tough choice remains. >> difficult to know if you are making the right decision as far as, whether to send the
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kids to school, not send them to school. >> reporter: that indecision, fear of the unknown, up ended routines and forced parents to have conversations that they never thought they would. >> to hear a five-year old say that he ace frayed have of, he should be afraid of things like the boogie man not eric frein. >> reporter: that five-year old voice only has to worry about which neighborhood he will go trick or treating n we're live from mount pocono, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep it right here on "eyewitness news", we will have continuing coverage of the capture of eric frein, you can get latest anytime at cbs breaking developments now in the negotiation toss avoid a possible septa strike, that could cripple the region. walt hunter is live in olde city outside where two parties are negotiate to go day, walt, what is the latest. >> reporter: good news an air of optimism here at the wyndam
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at 5:45 in front of those microphones union leaders are expected to brief the press, they said all week they would make that announcement on whether there would be a strike or a settlement or they would keep talking. sources and political leaders now a say union leaders at 5:45 will stand there and say they do intend to continue negotiating, that is great news for septa riders, that means no strike announcement or strike deadline for now. that is not official, we are waiting to hear that from the union leaders themselves at 5:45. state senator anthony williams with a group of other politicians including congressman bob brady briefed the media a short time ago and here's a little bit about what the senator had to say. >> i wouldn't say it is people putting their best foot forward to reach a successful conclusion and the fact that they have invited us along with you here i think represents that he they hope that there will be a
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conclusion that is productive and won't have, a strike. >> reporter: now septa and union leaders have been negotiating here at the wyndam throughout the day attempting to avert a strike and again sources and political leaders tell us that why they may not have have reached a settlement they are in the words of one source extremely close to a settlement and that means they will continue talking. great news for a million septa riders with election day approaching on tuesday. right now, septa officials have no official comment on this, it will be union making the announcement, they will step up to the microphones at five there 45 and again, right now we're anticipating good news coming in terms of no strike being a announced. we will have the latest. live from the wyndam had olde city i'm walt hunter, "eyewitness news". now back to you good we will check with you later, thanks very much. we will continue to stay on top of these contract talks, you can count on us for latest developments both on tv and over at cbs
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>> we have more break news on a friday, virgin galactic space tourism rocket exploded during a test flight today, one person has been killed and another seriously injured. this is the wreckage of space ship two in california's mohave desert. witnesses say that spacecraft was released from a plane that carried it to high altitude, i go noted rocket mother and then floatedded. virgin galactic has confirmed the anomaly there but they have offered no digsal details. we will turn to weather now. jackets came in hand toy day and if you have got little trick or treaters you may want to give them that extra layer tonight. "eyewitness news" meteorologist kathy orr has ventured outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with more of the chilly temperature, the kathy. >> we have ghostly clouds out here as well, chris and they will hang around but they will keep a cap on temperatures late tonight. it was scary this morning as we woke up to frost across the delaware valley but temperatures rebounded nicely. we made it in the 50's.
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high temperature so far in philadelphia 54 degrees, cool, the average high being 62, for this time of the year. happy halloween. this evening we will see more clouds but look what is coming some rain showers not just rain we are talking about wind. right now in philadelphia 52. fifty-one allentown. forty-six in the poconos and falling. so this evening by 7:00 p.m. will be around 50. the same for 8:00 p.m. with the clouds and by 9:00 o'clock falling to 49 degrees those ghostly clouds will continue and it will be anotherly calm. we are looking ahead to a weekend that will be on the stormy side, blustery and also wet,es specially on saturday but milder days ahead in the seven day, kate and i will have all these details coming up later on in the broadcast, we will see you then. we will see you then, thank you. authorities are investigating a collapse of the construction site in bear delaware tonight, some large beams of wood came crashing down in the 600 block of howell school road this afternoon.
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chopper three over that scene. at least one person was injured and taken to christiana hospital, there is in word on that person's condition. >> dozens of people are without a place to call home after this two alarm apartment fire in west philadelphia. that fire broke out late last night on the 6200 block of chestnut street in cobbs creek. samantha bullard didn't believe it at first when officers came knocking she didn't even answer the door. >> i mean he kick that door in and the whole door went boom. when i came outside the whole third floor was in flame. twenty-two people were injured. the red cross is a assisting more than 60 displaced residents. no word on what cause that had fire. campaign trail now, thinks it, final weekend of campaigning before election day and a chance for candidate to get their message out to voters who vote on tuesday. in the race for pennsylvania governor democratic challenger tom will wolf attended rally with is in quakertown, allentown and phoenixville
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today. on sunday he plans, to join president's bam a tom wolf is leading in the polls. tom corbett received an even tors. from kentucky senator red paul. paul is joining governor corbett in rallies for central pa today, the governor will be in philadelphia, on sunday, he is going to be joined by new jersey governor chris christie in a rally in bucks county. coming up on cbs-3 on "eyewitness news" 59:00 a new ruling in the case of the maine nurse who defied the quarantine, news about nurse nina pham's doctor bentley and what will happen to him tomorrow. >> november brings big opportunities for bargain hunters, three on your side jim donovan has best things to buy starting tomorrow that will save you the the most money. it is terrifying out here, unbelievable, it is a haunted house, not the one behind in front and i'll tell you 200
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kids show up here, this is unbelievable, they have got everything, including a couple of talking, skulls, what do you have to say my friend. >> welcome, welcome, to the yard. >> oh, boy we will take a if you will look at this when "eyewitness news" this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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well, legal victory for nurse from maine who has been fighting her quarantine over ebola. >> judge issued a new order easing restrictions on tracie hick ox who was quarantined in new jersey. he can leave home and go for bike rides like she did yesterday. she's allowed to take public transit. however she must coordinate travel with authorities and have daily monitoring for
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symptoms. hickox is happen bye this but maine's governor is not. >> i have been compliant with the direct active monitoring that the cdc recommend. i will continue to be compliant. >> she has violated every promise she has made so far so i cannot trust her good nurse nina pham who was successfully treated for ebola will be reunited with her talk tomorrow, a king charles spaniel named bentley. that dog tested negative for ebola a third time and is ready to go home. and we have a busy friday, afternoon, pretty typical, we have a few accidents stuck in cameras, this is i-95 at race street. you can see a crash where there is a vehicle in the right-hand lane, police activity on the scene. very slow approaching the accident and even afterwards. so headed northbound where you will see most of that delay and i-95 at race street. problems on the vine street expressway as well, you can see trash right here pulled over in the right-hand
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shoulder, thinks a at 24th street at expressway so heading eastbound towards i-95 are you will see those delays. westbound you can see brake lights there as well. in bala cynwyd a accident at king's grant drive, be prepared for local detours. now vine street expressway eastbound another crash just after ben franklin parkway blocking out right-hand lane. majors are slow. schuylkill doing bad westbound from the blue route to the pennsylvania turnpike at 14 minute trip. blue route southbound from the schuylkill expressway into 95, really slow, a 24 minute trip, 18 on i-95 heading southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, chris and jessica, back to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 but it turn into a hate crime. we will tell you what a man and his eight year old daughter woke up to find painted on their driveway. >> beasley? i'm in bishop eust ace and it is friday and that
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means friday football frenzy, they host a couple good teams, five and one records, over the next hour on cbs-3. five and one records, over the next hour on cbs-3. we will be r newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. it is halloween at long last we now how important the weather is on a day like this and there are big changes in store for tonight and weekend. >> we have team weather coverage, we will begin with
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meteorologist carol erickson live with the the cbs-3 mobil weather lab, carol. >> oh, mobile weather lab came out here. we cannot keep it out of the neighborhoods with great decorations. boy we have found one. temperatures are nice, 52 degrees. wear most spooky costumes you can possibly imagine. i'm in sewell, mantua township basically same thing different mail address west two kids this young boy is so sweet and innocent and asked if i would car think. yeah, no problem, right home too. this is one of the most scary places i have ever seen, come with me, i'm not going up here by myself. they have, in this location a mirror/mirror kind of a set up. oh, what is that? it is a graveyard. come on, you, let's go up here. okay, hi. >> who goes there good carol erickson, cbs-3. >> hi, carol, how are you this evening.
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>> well, i'm fine, you're awfully frightening looking, boys, what do you have to say to him. >> hello. >> hello there, would you like a treat. >> okay. >> what do you say for a treat. >> chocolate. >> no. >> say thank you, you're welcome that sort of thing. this ace great place. i wonder if the owner of the real home can come out briefly, they have been doing this for ten years this mirror mirror character just sort of shows up on halloween. he is scary. >> how are you doing, he is extremely scary. >> very scary. >> yes, dan, tell us, real fast how much you love doing this. >> i love halloween, my favorite holiday, out of all of the holidays. >> your address. >> thirty-nine crimson court east, sewell, new jersey. >> come by it starts at 6:30, goes until about 8:30. even if menial fun out here. thanks forgetting all this candy for me, the kathy, we
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will head back to the studio. they have ghosts and everything back here, this is terrifying. >> run, run. >> where are you going. >> we have to say trick or treat, that is what you do for sandy, we have to write down that address. that was terrific, thanks for joining in the halloween fun. look at this beautiful fall weather. we are taking to you jack frost big boulder, sky cam three looking at fall foliage just a picture perfect afternoon and clouds have moved in on this afternoon. our live neighborhood network takes to us bishop eustace in pennsauken where beasley reese's game of the week is. earlier today they came out, playing soccer and then they cleared the the field, getting ready for the big football game tonight. temperature 50 degrees, not much wind, anotherly calm, north or northeast at 1 mile an
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in can inadequacies, bringing some snow to cincinnati on the back side of it, thinks the cold component of our weather, and this will be teaming up with a developing coastal low but too far for us to be fully impacted with the rain but we will be seeing some showers, during the day tomorrow, when these two join forces. this storm is going to intensify off the coast and move into new england. we will see rain on saturday but sunday will be all about the wind. we're talking about wind chills as well. here's what to expect. rainy day is saturday. wind gusting to 25 miles an
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hour. wind picking up tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night, remember that out at a additional halloween parties, sunday will be sunny but win gusting to 35, wind chills in the 30's, and then the bone chilling cold will be coming by monday. thinks a exhibit of the freezing temperatures, you can see how the freezing temperatures highlighted in blue get close sunday morning but watch what happens monday morning in our northern and western suburbs, we could have a freeze and then temperatures will be warming. overnight cloudy skies, shower late lose of 47, dry for trick or treaters, high saturday 53 with some wind and we will remind to you turn those clocks back one hour saturday night before 1:00 because daylight savings time end on sunday. sunday's high 49, wind monday morning's temperature 33. we will bounce back on monday to 57 degrees. that is a look at your three day forecast we will be back with beasley with that game of the week when we come back.
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i'm beasley reese at bishop you stays high school, a beautiful campus, they host glassboro and they are five and one. feature game of the friday football frenzy, couple things i want to you watch. good players on this team. glassboro led by senior running back ronnie james, and he is heading to rutgers and wide receiver jujuan johnson is going to penn state but is what fun to watch tonight is vince papale's son vinny will cover that can i and that kid will cover vinny. great match up of good players. lets look at our top ten teams, st. joes's prep still on top, lasalle, archbishop wood, st. joseph's hammington, shawnee, im hotip charter, timber creek, camden who beat
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these to teams tonight, coatsville and haverford school. now to the birds, they will go on the road to take on the texans, they are four and four, but they are better than thates specially on defense. defensively eagles must contain running back air yan foster. last sunday he had 150 yards, scored three touchdowns. that was his fourth straight, 100-yard rushing game a lot of work to do. he trails only dallas's dimarco murray in rushing yard, here's foster. >> he can run through arm tackles but he is also, a really good he have iser coming out of the backfield and does a great job of complimenting what they do in the running game but what they do in the pasting game. big physical guy. you have to get guys around him. i don't think one guy will take him down. >> all right. back here it is a big game, it is friday football frenzy tonight on cbs-3. i'm beasley reese for "eyewitness sports". >> all right looks like a great game and match up.
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we will see more later tonight. coming up next fugitive found, our coverage continues of the capture of eric frein, suspect in the ambush murder of a pennsylvania state trooper. after being on the run for nearly seven weeks, what is next for the the suspect killer, plus. >> hate speech at home what was spray painted on this delaware man's driveway that has police investigating and his daughter very concern, we will have that coming up.
5:30 pm
here are some of top stories, now former fugitive eric frein ace rain on murder charges in pike county today, the suspect killer of a pennsylvania state trooper was arrested last night and we will have more on his capture in a moment. >> breaking developments, the two sides are making progress in a attempt to avoid a strike. we are awaiting details in the news conference that is set to begin in about 15 minutes from now and we're there. investigation is underway in the cause of this two alarm apartment fire in west philadelphia a, a resident there, and a fire fighter were injured in this blaze. more than 60 people have been displaced. kate? and it has been a cool, but dry halloween and trick or treaters hitting neighborhoods right now. you can see our halloween planner here. temperatures will drop but
5:31 pm
will stay close to that 50-degree mark so you will need that jacket a as we see a ghostly clouds but anotherly calm tonight. you don't need umbrella but will need it tomorrow. i will have seven day forecast in a bit, yes, sir contact. >> kate, thank you. we will begin at 5:30 with the latest on the capture of eric frein. the survivor list capture at birch wood pocono air park in pocono township last night. authorities a bruised bloody frein in front of the cameras outside pike county courthouse today. inside he heard murder and attempted murder charges against him. authorities say frein has been answering their questions but they won't discuss whether he made any kind of a confession. >> the pennsylvania state police, fbi, and atf will continue the investigation, so we can build the best case to achieve justice on behalf of corporal brian dickson, trooper alex douglass and path state police family. >> u.s. marshals found frein
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in an abandon airplane hanger in pocono township about 30 miles from the ambushed police barack. authorities say frein was unarmed but had weapons stashed nearby. be sure to stay with cbs-3 for latest on the the capture of eric frein, get latest anytime at cbs new at 5:30 a report of vandalism on the night before halloween turns into a hate crime investigation. a as "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson shows us it has to do with what was spray paint ad on the driveway of the home in new castle county. >> you said it. >> reporter: this is halloween conversation james says he should be sharing with his daughter a few gig unless front of the tv. instead, james knows he is going to have to explain this a picture we have blurred showing a depicts of male genitals sprayed on the driveway in new castle delaware just below a large message direct at their family starting with the letter n, it
5:33 pm
is what james and eight year-old michelle came home to thursday night around 11:00 and what kept her two terrified to sleep hours later. >> it was a sense of anger when i saw it, and there was feeling sad for my daughter. >> reporter: samee motion james said let him to call police. >> there is that fear you don't know what is next, why us. >> reporter: new castle county police responded, saw graffiti and labeled it hate speech despite incident occurring on what many called mischief night. >> we definitely want to make sure that people understand is there a different between mischief night and being mischief us, and committing, you know, a hate crime. >> reporter: you can see james spent morning spray painting over the hate speech but the stain remains on the driveway and largely in the heart of his family, trying to move forward. >> unaudible. >> right on the driveway. >> reporter: was it scary. >> yes. >> reporter: police are
5:34 pm
searching for suspects and asking anyone with any information to step forward. in new castle county steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities in browns mills, burlington county are investigating a vandalism spree from overnight. group of suspects spray painted homes, cars with obscenities. pemberton township police say there were 21 cases of damage, vehicles and houses were targeted on several streets including party boulevard, lee ward street, and evergreen avenue, and, pemberton boulevard. campaign 204 and it his days now until election day, candidates in six pennsylvania congressional districts are on the trail, tonight. in bucks county's eighth district incumbent mike fitzpatrick is challenge by democrat kevin straws in his first congressional race. our pat ciarrocchi takes a look. >> i'm sketch straws running for congress here. >> reporter: breakfast at eagle will diner in warminster is prime campaign territory,
5:35 pm
kevin straws, a 35 year-old democratic transplant of bucks county is working to stump. >> i'm a veteran of iraq and afghanistan. we have not fix va yet. we can talk about having a budget, making investment in the infrastructure. any sort of job creating policies to help grow middle class that has been stuck for years. >> reporter: stuck is a word resonating with voters. in the great district that frustration with congressional grid lock made republican incumbent mike fit patrick initially a democratic target. national money flowed to straws. new that has been cut off to focus on other races. >> we have planned our work and as i said we work our plan. we have raised the money. >> reporter: as a veteran politician this 51 year-old father of six, bucks county native, say nothing is guarantied until the votes are counted. clarity in washington has been hard to come by. >> i want to see more cooperation and reaching across the aisle. i think washington needs that. >> reporter: fitzpatrick sees international and domestic
5:36 pm
issues as serious and wide ranging. >> we need more certainty starting with the budget and certainty with tax policy so businesses have the confidence to grow. we need to be energy independent. >> reporter: terrorist hot spots are troubling too. still, fitzpatrick who believes in term limits says if he wins, this would be his last. he promised his family. >> beyond two years, i have made that commitment and i'm comfortable with that. >> reporter: fitzpatrick described himself as a proud republican but one who believes one should take the oath office office you need to serve as an american. as for straws after serving as an analyst with the cia, observers are saying this first test for democratic political career may prove to be a beginning. in the sat center, i'm pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. before you head to the polls on tuesday we hope do you get out and vote. check out our voter resource guide where you can learn all about the candidates and issues at cbs
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tics. and good afternoon we will go outside and start off with our cameras on the vine street expressway at 24th street where we have an accident, disabled vehicle pulling off in the right hand shoulder taking out part of the right-hand lane. everybody heading eastbound towards 95. this has been out here a half an hour and even westbound lanes a little flow going trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. over on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound lanes in the afternoon aren't actually stack up but, there is an accident on the right-hand shoulder and lane, everybody squeezing by in two lanes over to the left and northbound lanes just past business hick on avenue moving along slowly. brake lights there as well. over on the vine street expressway eastbound an accident just after ben franklin parkway blocking out right lane and accident in gladwynn if i can get my map to advance there at conshohocken state road at green lane taking out right-hand lane as well. september, new jersey transit and dart running on time with no delays n delays at
5:38 pm
philadelphia international airport. chris and jessica back over to you. still to come, on "eyewitness news" take advantage of the best bargains of the year starting tomorrow. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with what to buy and skip in the month of november. trend to go day halloween costume that was, well, making before a little boy was even born, kate. >> it looks like that costume will keep him warm, hopefully kids are bundled up tonight as temperatures drop and they stay low, through the weekend. we will also track threat for some rain, we will have details and check with our eyewitness weather watch
5:41 pm
to buy or not to buy, how do you know when you are getting a really good deal. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan heads to the expert and offers advice for you for november bargain hunting. >> when retail shopping experts at deal examined november pricing trends, several things were certain. stores will be dishing up their best prices of the year on cookware and small appliances. >> rarely do you need and best time to buy so right around
5:42 pm
thanksgiving, everybody will be cooking for the in most part. >> reporter: mark le castro of deal news says low prices will hold steady through to december. tools are a good bye too. winter in jennies a great time to get your hands on fantastically low priced tool and hardware sets. november in particular, offers double the number of of quality dealers that we label editor's choice. >> reporter: in the market for a new tv around black friday look for 42-inch l cd screens to be priced as low as 178 but if you need something bigger. >> best deal of the year will be larger 60-inch l cd, tv and we are predicting these to cost around $420, come black friday which will be the best tv deal of the entire year. >> if you have a sweet tooth left over trick or treat candy is price todd move. best prices coming in january when stores want to clear out american, november has some of the best on line coupons of the year.
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if you stack a coupon with a existing sale, go for it. >> yeah. >> stay away from toys unless there is a specific toy you want right now, otherwise as we get closer to the holidays, toy prices will go down. >> better deals. >> ella is a dolls get that now. >> yes. >> eyes glazer with the television. >> yes, run out for that. >> yes. >> that is right. >> jim, thank you. >> have a good weekend. trend to go day, an arizona couple's painful but unforgettable wedding moment. chad tanner wanted to sweep his bride off her feet, except he tripped right about there. >> oh, no. >> like a running drive down. >> you can thank mother of the bride for posting that on you tube, i'm sure chad was grateful as we get here. after years of planning, ryan vaughn a maid his halloween dreams come true, a father and son costume from the video game series. he went right to work when he found out he and his wife were
5:44 pm
having a baby boy, he used cardboard boxes, phone board, lot of velcro tape. that is intense. that sweet baby is like is what going on here. >> that doesn't fire rockets but very, very impressive. >> quite impressive and dedicated grab right there. >> mess popular dad there. >> we will be r
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here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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when we set our clocks back an hour. while many welcome that extra hour of sleep, british researchers say it is actually not a good idea for kids. they have looked at 23,000 children between the age of five and 16, from nine countries including the u.s. ape found when it gets dark early children become less active. >> it was about a 5 percent increase in the children's physical activities. >> now the extra daylight could mean two more minutes of running around, each day that may not sound like a lot but researchers say that children only get about a half an hour of vigorous activity, daily, so, even a little bit would help. and not to mention it is hard on parents with the time change with children, they never ten to get that extra hour of sleep.
5:48 pm
lets check on the weather watcher network. we have a lot of reports coming in, most of these temperatures in the lower 50's right now, feeling chilly. let's start in newark delaware. he send us a photo. some fall beauty. he has pumpkins line up outside. he is currently reporting 53 degrees with wind at 5 miles per hour in knew washing, delaware. lets head off to the north 50 degrees, thanks to eileen mur any gilbertsville and she has a comment. trick or treaters will need to wear a coat tonight, happy halloween to you too. one last observation here from mark, in new jersey, reporting 61 degrees with very light wind and mostly cloudy conditions. are you interested in being one of our weather watchers in sign up by going to cbs we'd love to have you as part of our team. let look at what is going on right now outside. we will go down the shore. we are seeing a few sunset colors but the clouds have have really obscured any beautiful sunsets we will see it in, clouds are really, thick here over the shore
5:49 pm
points. they have been increasing all day. we have see a few breaks in the clouds, we will go out to storm scan three and see what i mean. thickest of the cloud cover along the the coast, showers still well off to the west. you can see showers off to the east as well, can't rule out a couple showers into the shore points overnight but as we zoom out you can see where crux of our storm is, circulation diving down over indiana at the moment, some snow across michigan and into indiana this evening but mainly rain showers as you get in the mountains of west virginia, that is expect to change over to snow though, overnight and mountainous regions off to the south and to our west. we are talking about rain this weekend here in philadelphia 52 right now at the airport 567894 degrees in reading, 53 in lancaster. you can see where cold bundle of air is in the great lakes where it is 39 this evening. cold halloween in chicago. 34 degrees inial people owe, michigan. forty-five in cleveland. forty's in lexington kentucky. timing out precipitation, remainder of tonight things look quiet. into the overnight hours a few
5:50 pm
showers in new jersey and delaware. tomorrow morning we will see showers and occasional steady rain here and there. it will try to clear out tomorrow afternoon, in most of the rain along shore points tomorrow afternoon and then clouds gradually decreasing as we go into sunday morning and clearing out, it will turnout sunny on sunday afternoon. the winds probably going to be the biggest story this weekend. wind gusts tomorrow afternoon could get up to 30 miles per hour or higher and then there are even stronger on sunday, unday afternoon we could see winds upward of 35 miles an hour in spots and that will make it feel colder then thermometer would have you believe, sunday afternoon it feels no better than 30's out there, even sunday evening and look at monday morning it will feel like the 20's with all that cold air moving in and some strong gusty wind continuing. things get better monday afternoon. we mentioned end of the daylight savings time. tonight's sunset time 6:00 o'clock on the nose. sunday, sunset time of
5:51 pm
4:57 p.m., the 4:00 o'clock hour. that is depressing. by november 30th we are looking at sun the set time of 4:36 p.m. we are losing two and a half in minutes of daylight each day. enjoy right now we have got sun up for next nine minutes and that is a whole different story by end of the weekend. through overnight hours it is cloudy, cool, there will be a shower in spots around two or 3:00 a.m., otherwise 47 degrees with the win from the north east. wind pick up during the day tomorrow, showers around at anytime, even steady rain, just a raw you damp windy chilly day, and only in the low 50's as we go through the day tomorrow and you can see doesn't get better as we look through the weekend. and not much better around 50 degrees. set that clock back and blustery and cold on sunday. forty-nine. it will feel like 30's. monday not as harsh at 57, tuesday looks good for election day 54 degrees with sun and watch out for a shower, wednesday into thursday of next week but worst of it harsh wind and the strongest cold will be this weekend, chris and jessica
5:52 pm
back to you. quite a sight at friend central school in wynnewood, students and staff looking great in their costumes for the school's annual halloween parade. kindergarten through fifth grade taking part, happy halloween. great busy day on line as everyone is posting pictures of their little goblins and gules on this halloween. lets look at some who used hash tag cbs-3 halloween. laurel sent in this picture of us, she's a witch doctor and looking good. sarah shared with us her little backhoe. this guy looks good and ready to trick or treat tonight. finally from moorestown, new jersey, chris sent in this picture of little michael hoist the up guy, this in their halloween parade. one of mize animated movie favorite. up. as you get ready to go trick or treating with us, treat those pictures or your kids your pets your home whatever it may be with the hash tag cbs-3 halloween and you might just see them right here on "eyewitness news" we
5:53 pm
will be right back.
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well, troubled actress a manned bynes is released from a psychiatric facility in pasadena late thursday and already she's making some noise. >> kevin frazier has details from los angeles. >> chris and jessica amanda bynes out of the her lock down she has been tweet ago alarming things all day long and spotted talking to herself at a diner in the sunset strip last night. there are real concerns, about her well-being. >> she just seemed very like
5:57 pm
lonely, unhappy. she doesn't have have very many friend. >> reporter: report around 8:30 amanda came here to infamous late night hang out mel's diner. her waitress destiny told me her demeanor seemed unusual but didn't think she seemed unstable. with she replied to my questioning why are your parents trying to take everything away from you. her response was because they're ugly. >> reporter: her parents in thousand oaks near l.a. were not commenting. >> have you guys heard from amanda today. >> she need sod one to talk to. every time would i walk by i wish you could sit with me, have run watch me. >> amanda still has legal rights. once somebody is voluntary they have the right to check out of a hospital, if they so choose. >> reporter: question becomes can anyone help amanda stay on track. we will have much more on et. chris and jessica. >> all right, stay up to dayton everything that is happening in hollywood with entertainment tonight, on tonight and every week night
5:58 pm
at 7:30 on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 long manhunt is over, crowds jeer eric frein as authorities walk the suspected cop killer outside a pennsylvania courthouse. we're live in the poconos tonight where the community is finally able to begin resuming a normal life. plus breaking developments in the ongoing contract talks between union workers and septa, we are live with new details, kathy? it will be a chilly halloween evening, layer up those ghosts and goblins tonight and get ready for a blustery weekend, not just wind but also rain, it is all coming up with the seven day forecast. plus it is a halloween wish come true, a brave little boy gets to be his favorite super hero for the day, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news now at 6:00 septa's largest union say
5:59 pm
progress is being made. "eyewitness news" is standing by for a news conference that could begin at any moment, we will bring you live update. but first... >> the families in this matter of corporal brian dickson and trooper alex douglass and the pennsylvania state police have suffered an unimaginable loss of unspeakable proportions. they will never be the same, but today, we will find some comfort as a community, that is taking the community's next step toward justice. >> captured and charged with murder, a collective sigh of relief across the poconos, now that the accusedded pennsylvania state trooper killer eric frein is behind bars. a bloody, bruised frein faced a pike county judge facing charges in the deadly ambush of two troopers. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. late this afternoon investigators searched for weapons at the site where u.s. marshals captured frein. authorities say that he was trying to break into the old
6:00 pm
airport hanger on pocono township near -- in pocono township near tannersville. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in milford with the developments, cleve. >> yeah. >> reporter: for almost seven weeks people rarely caught a glimpse of eric frein but friday he was in full public view at an arraignment for murder charges. >> eric, did you kill that trooper? >> reporter: frein's captured was best case scenario for law enforcement, squad of u.s. marshals on routine patrol surprised him at an abandoned airport near tannersville. he didn't resist and was unarmed but authorities say weapons were stashed nearby. >> this individual has shown himself to be are dangerous, both with the rifles that he carried, hand guns and the explosives that he had built. there was always a lot of concern for safety of law enforcement. >> reporter: police say frein managed to avoid arrest because he is a self-taught expert in survival and very familiar with the rugged terrain in thepo