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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good news for septa riders this morning. workers will not be going out on strike late last night. the transit agency and the union reached an agreement and we'll have the latest coming up in a live report for you. >> also ahead, with us is expected state police trooper killer eric frein behind bars, community in the poconos is finally able to begin the healing process. and, taking a live look at storm scan3, where carol is tracking some rain, some plunging temperatures and blustery weekend ahead. today is saturday, november 1st, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 o'clock right now. let's sends it over to carol with more on today's forecast, and i can tell it will be a little chilly today.
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>> it will be rainy, chilly, and the winds are going to be blowing. that's going to be a problem. also, nicole, anybody who is out driving this morning, with the winds that we're seeing out there, the leaves are coming down, and on those wet roads, with the leaves be extremely careful. and it will continue throughout the weekend. this is going to be very windy weekend. you can see down at the shore right now, the camera is shaking around, and we are finding some pretty strong winds in the area. they'll be getting stronger as we move on through the day maybe even stronger tomorrow. we head all the way out in the other direction, out in reading, we have 49 degrees out there this morning, winds sustained, about 9 miles an hour, but again you can expect some gusty weather conditions there, as well. storm scan3, notice, this is the wide picture, you can see some of the heavier showers, indicated by the yellow, oranges, those are in new jersey, and through the shore areas. but they're creeping into the philadelphia area, as women, so depending where you are, getting more or less of these showers at this point. you can see that we've got them. egg harbor city looking at
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them through the atlantic city area, egg harbor, then move down the coast, seen them also through stone harbor, cape may. we move further to the north, doylestown picking up couple of showers, also seeing some around the allentown area, as women. so this is a day where we will be finding on and off rain, temperature that you see right now, pretty close to where it will be staying all day long, 49 degrees in philadelphia, everybody is in the four's, slightly, slightly warmer, 52 degrees down in wildwood. you'll keep the temperatures a little bit in the lower 50's, but with this wind today it, will just feel not great at any point. 21-mile an hour winds through philadelphia, and those are the sustained winds right now. won't be finding them gust to go about 30 miles an hour later on today, and temperatures, again, remaining pretty steady where they are right now, ooh degrees, the on/off rain, then put this computer model into motion it says 8:00 this morning, still looking at the rain, and still looking at rain in parts of the area, as we move on through the afternoon. we will finish out the time line, talk about the windy day
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to come tomorrow. that's just ahead, nick snow. >> carol, thank you. women, strike averted. septa and its largest union reach late night agreement on tentative two year deal. steve patterson outside the olney transportation center where commuters with breathe sigh of relief this morning, steve? >> nicole it, went well into late last night, but finally, you can hear the collective sigh as the all signs in this as they agreed on tentative deal last night. that will avoid a strike, as you did mention, we go into some video on. >> this but we want to tell but it. details are scarce, more than ten hours of the negotiations septa chairman and union president willie brown emerged from those talks to announce that two year deal, both sides are calling again tentative but fair. again, few details on the agreement, we do know that the deal does include wage increases, of course, the union was working with a expired contract for the last seven months, we spoke to both
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sides on how they feel the balance worked out in this. listen to this. >> both sides moved a little bit. that will was it. little compromise on both sides. this process has produce add tentative contract that's fair to our union employees, our customers and the taxpayers. it balances the needs of our valuable work force while working the transit system in the mossee fish tent manner possible. >> union work remembers expected to ratify the contract sometime late next week. we will of course bring the latest as we know more. it is the latest from olney, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> steve, thank you. parents are being notified about sexting scandal at bucks county school. now the story is unfolding at neshaminy high school in langhorne. district officials say sexually explicit photos and text messages were sent between student while they were inside that school. middle town township police are investigating the incident. parents are being urged to check their children's smart
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phones for inappropriate message. >> a pennsylvania lawmaker says he's preparing legislation would expand the state's anti-hazing law to include high schools. representative ron points to hazing allegations at central bucks west and say err ville high school. haze something another form of bullying which must be stoppedment pennsylvania currently has a law that makes haze ago third agree misdemeanor, but only covers colleges and universities at this point. >> well, five members of the football team at the california university of pennsylvania are under arrest. they are accused of attacking a man from chester county. police say the players beat and stomped on 30 year old lewis campbell outside off campus restaurant and ran away yelling fool ball strong. victim is in intensive care, severe brain tram a the suspect have been suspended from school, they're being held on $500,000 bail. well, prosecutors will seek the death penalty for suspected trooper killer eric frein. a bruised and bloodied frein was arraigned at the pike county courthouse friday
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morning. prosecutors have charged him with first degree murder in the september 12th ambush in which corporal byron dixon was shot and killed, also, trooper alex douglas wounded. frein was wearing the slain officer's handicuffs in court. he has reportedly been answering questions, but investigators will not say if he's made any casino of confession. the pennsylvania state police, the fbi, and the atf will continue the investigation so we can build the best case in order to achieve justice on behalf of corporal brian dixon, trooper alex douglas, and the pennsylvania state police family. >> us marshals continue to search for weapons in and around that abandoned air plan hangar in pocono township where frein was found. he'll be held in the pike county correctional facility until first preliminary hearing, which is scheduled for november 12th. people in monroe, pike counties, lived through the eric frein manhunt say they're finally able to return to
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their normal lives. as our natasha brown spent the night with those relieved residents, a night that started with halloween. >> eric, did you kill that trooper? >> collected sigh of relief from a community held hostage by fear for seven weeks. a crowd cheered and booed as eric frein was led into the pike county courthouse friday, to be charged with murder. >> it is such a relief to finally be over and be done and know that, you know, they could go outside and play. >> some sense of normalcy returned to neighborhoods, hours after the manhunt for frein ended, the massive police presence, that once scoured the pocono mountains, replaced on this halloween, by the site of children, enjoying trick-or-treating, an activity said to be canceled. >> these kids, you know, have lived with this police presence, and the concern of having a person that's on the run, and wanted by law enforcement in amongst them in their community. and now they can get back to normal. >> just crying because there
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is just joy. i mean, to know that you can go out and play and not have to worry. forget the trick-or-treating part, just that we're safe. >> halloween festivities are underway here at the crossing premium outlets with stores handing out canned toy trick-or-treaters. but some parent say they had already planned for night in, had the manhunt still been underway. >> trick-or-treat. >> we were going to stay home. i had bought cans toy stay home. they didn't have an outfit. this is something i got today. she already had hers from last year because we were not coming out. >> while thought of corporal brian dixon's death during the ambush at the blooming grove barracks linger there is small community exhales in the comfort of knowing their safety is no longer at risk. natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> happening today, thousands take part in purple stride philadelphia. 5k raises money and awareness for pancreatic cancer research, one of the highest
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mortality rates every all major cancers, so doctors say they're entheusiastic about new treatment methods. the event kicks off at 7:30, at memorial hall, in fairmount park. good luck to them. well, for the second time this week, a commercial space launch ends in disaster. >> i'm daniel nottingham in california. coming up, a test rocket explodes over the new half i desert, leaving a question about the future of commercial space travel. >> how children would benefit if we don't set the clocks back. aim lucy mcdonnell, with the results after new study coming up. ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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sir richard branson is expected to arrive at the scene after deadly rocket explosion in the mojave desert today. will get eyewitness look at the wreckage of virgin galactic space plane that broke apart friday. danielle nottingham with more on this week's second commercial space rocket disaster. >> today was a tough day. >> the wreckage of virgin galactic spaceship two scattered across part of the mojave desert, copy says in-flight anomaly occurred, happened surely after the space plane detached from its carrier aircraft, and fired up it rocket engine, as it has successfully done in previous test flights. one pilot was found dead inside the spacecraft. the other par chute dollars out and was seriously injured. >> the test communities very
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small, and we are human, and it hurts. >> marlene an off ten watches the test flights. >> this community is built around this industry. this is very, vitrage glike spaceship two took off here from the mojave air and space port, using new fuel formulation that executives say had been tested and proven on the ground. the company's billionaire founder sir rich around branson was hoping to ride on the first commercial flight. he tweeted: thoughts with all virgin galactic scaled, thanks for all your messages of support, i'm flying to mojave immediately to be with the team. virgin galactic is working with authorities to determine the cause of the crash. in mojave, california, danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, a tragic story in california where three teens are killed by a hit-and-run driver. now, officials say the girls were out trick-or-treating. santa ana police say it happened while the victims were in a crosswalk near an elementary school friday
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night. police are searching for two suspect, last seen running from a nissan pathfinder they left at the scene. the victims exact ages and identities have not yet been released. >> meanwhile, a third victim from last week's high school shooting in washington state has died. fourteen year old shea lee passed away on friday. her family released a statement saying their hearts are broken. four other student were also shot that day, as they sat in their school cafeteria. two other girls have died. the shooter, jaylen fryberg, took his own life. >> a legal victory for the nurse from maine fighting for her quarantine over ebola. a judge issued a new order, easing restrictions on casey hickox, who initially was quarantined in new jersey. now, she can leave home and go for a bike ride like she did this week. she's also allowed to take public transit. however, she must coordinate travel with authority, and have daily monitoring for symptoms. hickox is happy but maine's
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governor is not. >> i have been compliant with the direct act of monitoring that the cdc recommends. i'll continue to be compliant. >> she's violated every promise she's made so far. so i can't trust her. >> meantime, nurse nina pham, successfully treated for ebola, will be reunited when her dog today,'s king charles spaniel named bently. the dog tested negative for ebola for a third time. >> i'm sure she's happy about that. 5:15 right now. good morning, carol. >> good morning, nicole. i know it is an early saturday morning, and it is not probably the casino of weather you wanted to wake up or take the baby out in today. >> not quite. >> we are looking at a day that will be windy and chilly with the rain that is coming down, and it is already coming down. you can see in atlantic city, dogs not look great. occasionally you see the camera bouncing around a little bitment looking at very gusty winds out there right now. storm scan3, showing what we're dealing with. we have couple of low pressure
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systems, the translation for that is some rain today, some wind today, and we will be keeping this wind here throughout the entire weekend, including overnight which is a little bit unusual, usually we get rid of the winds over night, but not tonight. we will keep them up. you can see that we have some of that heavier rain right around the atlantic city area, it is pushing eastward, we do have some through the philadelphia area, and even farther west than that, you have got precipitation, so this is a winnie, wet day, with the winds right now, 17 miles an hour, through the poconos, temperature of 41, it is 49 in philadelphia, 21-mile an hour winds here, 49 at the shore, and you also have 17-mile an hour wind, but that's just part of it, because we are looking at some of the wind gusts, and they're gust to go 26 miles an hour, through philadelphia, and then in the 20's, really, all over the area. this is the reduced winds speed. we should be get to go around 30 miles an hour today, and along the shore areas, you could be finding winds gusting 40 miles an hour, even in excess of that. with a coastal flood advisory in effect at the shore from
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1:00 today until 7:00 tonight. so you know those low-lying areas where it always floods a little, move your car. we are looking at a very chilly weekend with the rain moving in here, temperatures barely 50 degrees today. low pressure here, low pressure here, several of those, they move out, high pressure moves in, and the difference between the two keeps that wind going. so we're going to be watching for that as we go through the day. as we look at our future weather shall we've got some rain, and that's through this afternoon, through the philadelphia area, through the shore areas. does it cut out a little bit? does it start to pull away? that's entirely possible. and then by overnight we are looking for conditions that will start to improve. sunny here tomorrow, but who even cares with 40-mile per hour winds in many parts of the area? and then by the time we get to monday and tuesday, it also looks real nice, but future wind gusts, look at some of these, 7:00 this morning, should probably be starting to rise into the 30 plus mile per hour range, we will be finding
5:18 am
that going through this afternoon, as well, i'll get my hand out of the way so you can see the area you want. we have 43-mile per hour winds tonight through the shore areas, 30 plus through philadelphia, tomorrow afternoon, still looking at winds in the 30 plus range, they start to die down on sunday night. so, our october weather wrap up. let's look backward. almost two and a half inches, warmer than normal, but we were dry, .6 an inches. so about half inch plus down on the rainfall total. highest temperature last month, 79. lowest temperature, 39. we've turned into october or rather into november now, and the weather is changing completely. so we will be finding temperatures today, no higher than 50 degrees, and at the shore, 53. the poconos, 48 degrees. and all locations, we do have rain, we also are setting those clocks back, we're falling back. we get extra hour of sleep and to hear the winds rattling outside. 50 degrees, windy day, on and off rain, keep your umbrellas,
5:19 am
the bad ones handy, they'll below inside out. pets, kept nice and dry. tonight 38 degrees, cloudy, winnie, those rain showers end, and tomorrow we've got some sunshine, 50 degrees, monday, 57, looks nice, tuesday, 64, looks great. wednesday, 64, thursday, maybe a shower, and much cooler by friday, nicole? >> carol, thank you. halloween was of course last night. some children in our area got a real treat. along broad street and cecil b. moore avenue, temple university and local businesses took part in the eighth annual avenue of treats handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. the event is organized by beach community surfaces. they look great. well, also this weekend, the clocks go back one hour, don't forget. but a british study says children's health would i am proof we didn't lose that extra hour of daylight. lucy mcdonald explains. >> reporter: jess said he dreads the fall when the days get shorter and his two boys
5:20 am
are cooped indoors. >> the more we can get the kids outside and enjoy the daylight -- >> i wish it would stay the same so it would be lighter out so i could play more. >> the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine studied whether increased daylight hours would increase kids activity levels. they look to 23,000 children, aged five to 16, from nine countries, including the us. the kids in the study wore this electronic device around their waist to measure their boyde moments. >> studies found whether it gets dark early, children are less active. >> every extra hour of daylight and evening, there was about a 5% increase in the children's physical activity. >> the extra daylight could mean two more minutes every running around each day. may not sound like a lot, but the research says children only get about a half hour of vigorous activity a day. so even a little bit would help. >> the problems of lack of physical activity, but i think it would absolutely and step in the right direction.
5:21 am
>> in london, lucy mcdonald, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, 5:21 right now, and still ahead, movie thrillers are hitting the theatres for halloween. >> i'm kevin frazier. >> this week jake enters the underground world of la crime in night crawl err. and nicole kidman stars in the psychological thriller before i go to sleep. coming up.
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jake discovers the underground world, and nicole kidman, struggles with her memory based on best selling book. kevin frazier with sneak peak in what's new in theatres this weekend. >> you had an accident. you have problems remembering things. >> what things? >> everything. >> nicole kidman plaza woman whose brain reset her memories every single night. but as she begins a new treatment, her mind bridges up more questions than it answers. >> it is very real, you know, and that it is not historyionic, you people go well if i would wake up, couldn't remember, i would scream. that's not what people tends to do. they tend to be more introverted and interior, because they're scared, and they're trying to piece stuff together, and they doesn't want to let people know that they can't remember. >> and in night crawler, jake
5:25 am
jill end hall place new bloom, ambushes young man, starts freelancing as camera scene cameraman, crossing the line between legal and criminal. >> i have never ask you to do anything that i wouldn't do myself. >> jake took on not only the difficult character but was a producer on the film. >> i was constantly in the mindset. i don't think i was ever out it and producing it you are working all the time, you don't really stop. you're just constantly in it. so there was no real break plan of character which was good for the movie. >> you will be seeing me again. >> you have got to call the cops. >> and we will at the right time. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. now back to you in the studio. >> and you can stay up to date on everything that's happening in hollywood with entertainment tonight. it is on every week into the a -- week night at 7:30 here on cbs-3. 5:25, septa riders can breathe sigh of relief this morning. workers will not be going on out on strike.
5:26 am
coming up next, details on attentive contract deal reached late last night. plus we'll have this. >> trick-or-treating was back on again in several communities here in northeast pennsylvania after a suspected cop killer was captured. i'm wendy gillette in barrett township, pennsylvania, i am i'll have that
5:27 am
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness
5:29 am
news". today is saturday, november 1st, good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. just about 530:67:89 let's get a check on the forecast with carol. little cold. little rainy. >> yes, not great weekend at all. we've got a lot of winds expected, the rain has come down, in some areas, especially along the shore, i'll show that you in just a second. let's look outside and finds not looking great picture out there this morning, center city philadelphia, we've seen some rain here, we've seen a lot of rain at the shore, let's head down to atlantic city. you can see that it dogs not look good. you can see the lens shaking a little bit. also, couple of watery spots on there, from all of the rain that we've seen along the shore areas. it is even not even great looking, as you head out toward the reading area, as well. now, storm scan3, this is the area, notice, the yellows, notice how they've been coming across atlantic city and point right around there. and we've got rain inland, as well. but the very heaviest rain, an inch to inch and a half of
5:30 am
rain already down from this system in those areas. so, with that, that is the reason that we are looking at a poor drainage flooding flood advisory, and that goes until 9:15 this morning. we are going to be watching for a lot of these rain showers, as we move through the day today, it is mostly, i think, the rain and the winds that will really start to get to you. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia, 45 trenton, 47 degrees, in wilmington, and as we take a look at the wind gust, almost 30 miles an hour through philadelphia right now. and they'll be getting higher, and getting specially higher along the shore, where wind gusts of 40, 45 miles per hour, cannot be ruled out. our temperatures today staying very close to where we find them right now. and that's in the 40's, maybe 50 degrees, and our future weather, ' we put this into motion, puts the rain through the area this morning, keeps it here around the noon hour, 3:00 p.m., we're still seeing some showers, especially along the shore, can we finally kick this thing out of here as we head through this evening. i think we've got a chance that far coming. we've got good chance of very
5:31 am
strong winds tomorrow, though, so we will talk about that, and what the rest of the week is likely to bring as we head into the month of november. nicole? >> all right, carol, thank you. well, septa and it largest union work for days to avert a strike, and now they've got an agreement. the two sides reached attentive deal late last night. now, it is welcome news of course for people who rely on public transportation. our steve patterson is live outside the olney transportation center with more on that. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole, they got it done, those are the big headlines last night, the take away for riders this morning, these were ten tough hours of negotiations, but the sentiment on both sides is that they did what they had to do to make sure there was no strike and would have been massive strike. we brought video along, cbs-3 there late last night, old town septa board chairman pat dion, union president willie brown, announcing two year deal in press conference, details on the agreement are not being shared yet, but we know the deal does include
5:32 am
wage inch creeps cents, for workers, both sides calling the increases fair. this is a big deal. strike would have affect add million riders on the rail lines, bus routes, and subways, we spoke to both sides about getting it done. >> both sides moved a little bit. that was it. you know? little compromise on both sides. this process has produced tentative contract that's fair, to our union employees, our customers, and the taxpayers, it balances the needs of our valuable work force, while operating the transit system in the mossee fish end manner possible. >> reporter: talks are fair. of course details are scarce because the board and the union has yet to present those details to their members. once that's done, and there is some voting, and then ratifying, we should have a contract by sometime next week. we'll of course keep you posted on that. that's the latest from olney, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> a the love people waiting for those details, steve, thank you. now to the latest on the capture of eric frein, since
5:33 am
his capture late thursday night, the community's closely affected by this massive manhunt are turning to normal. finally. as cbs news core upon dent wendy gillette reports, many it includes trick-or-treating in barrett township. it is the halloween that almost wasn't. children and revelers spent friday evening collecting candy and celebrating after halloween was reinstated in this pocono mountain community. >> i was actually very upset that we weren't going to be able to trick-or-treat. but i'm very happen that i we are. >> the night of fright, and delight, was cancelled, in several communities, because of a very real scare. suspected cop killer, eric frein, armed, on the loose, until thursday night, when he was captured by us marshals during a sweep of an abandoned airport. >> once i saw a movement, i told my guys, 5 feet from him, i asked him who he was, he said frein, and my guys immediately handcuffed him. >> frein accused of killing
5:34 am
one state trooper and seriously wounding another back in september. during brief court appearance friday morning, he answered yes and no questions go not enter a plea. >> seven week manhunt meant virtual lockdown in in quiet community. frein's capture has resident here breathing easier and smiling again. >> we're all happy that this whole ordeal is done. we're glad to see the kids in the neighborhood out having a good time. >> trick-or-treat. >> that's a treat everyone can enjoy. in bear it township, pennsylvania, wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> it is 5:34 right now. vandalism on the night before halloween has now sparked a hate crime investigation in delaware. vandals spray paint add racial slur and depiction of male genitals on james' driveway in new castle. james and his daughter came home to find that graffiti thursday night. now, it has since been painted over, but the sting that far word and the image still hurt.
5:35 am
>> of course the fear of you don't know what's next, you know, why, we are very friendly with everyone on the street and the neighborhood. >> police are searching for the van as and asking anyone with information to come forward. meanwhile, authorities in browns mills, burlington county, are investigating a vandalism spree. a group of suspects spray painted homes and cars with obscenities thursday night. pemberton township police say there were 21 cases of damage in all, vehicles and houses were targeted on several streets, including party boulevard, blue bird street, bob white boulevard, evergreen avenue, bobalink and pemberton boulevard. apparently pays to have neighbors who keep an eye out for each other. we have proof of that this weekend. alert off-duty police office nerve bucks county is earning praise for stopping a would-be burglar. that officer talk with our diana rocco. >> twenty-four year old would be burglar is behind bars after showing up at the wrong
5:36 am
door on the wrong street in middletown township. >> it is all at my nab or's door that didn't believe there. >> bristol township police officer, he was off duty, and doing yard work wednesday, when he noticed someone on a bike, he hadn't seen before. >> i saw him ride down the street earlier. and, you know, i try to keep an eye out for my neighbor, and i knew i had never seen him at the house before. >> police say the man was casing homes, waiting for someone to leave, when dobson's roving road neighbor pulled out of the driveway. moments later, he saw the man trying to pry open her front door. in plane clothes, dobson confronted him. >> stop, he ran, i just ran after him, and, again, i knew i wasn't going to catch him at that point. i called 911. >> the burglar took off running through the woods, officer dobson was able to follow him on his cell phone, telling police exactly where he was. >> we always used to talk about police officers being on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it is one of those instincts that you just
5:37 am
don't shut off when you are off duty. >> police are glad dobson acted when he did, and so is his elderly neighbor, who thanked him for saving her home. >> people do have to look out for their neighbors and their neighborhoods. >> the suspect has now been charged with burglary and other related offenses, middletown township, diana rocco, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well done there. it is now 5:37. and a special celebration in somerdale, camden county. sergeant first class christopher brain of the us army got a big welcome home from afghanistan. he has won more than 20 awards in his 13 years of active duty service, been deployed nine times, including three times to afghanistan. pretty low key guy. feels good to be home. feels good to be back in jersey after 13 years. >> brain's last day of active duty december 5th. will then move to the army reserves office, joint base mcguire-dix lakehurst. >> just chilling discovery, fit for a halloween movie. coming up next police
5:38 am
investigate two human skulls found in the trash. also ahead, frightening moments for police, when a man attacks them with a axe. plus, we'll have this. >> robotic bartenders serve up drinks on high-tech cruise ship coming to america. i'm alphonso van marsh off the coast, coming up. >> not looking like a great weekend for weather. carol tells us what we can expect coming up next.
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take a look at that. an axe stuck in the window of a washington, d.c. police cruiser, happened around 3:00 in the morning friday. police say the officer was simply sitting in his patrol car, when a hatchet wielding man swung into the window. that's terrifying. the officer got out, struggled with the suspect, who eventually got away, that officer was injured, but not by that weapon. wow. >> well, hey, workers at connecticut trash hauling company make a frightening find on halloween. two human skulls in the garbage. sonia ran cone, sister station in new york reports, police worked friday to determine where the skull came from, and how they ended up with the transfer station. >> reporter: the two skulls ended up here at the stanford transfer station. they were mixed in with the belongings of 56 year old robert divito of fairfield, who recently died of illness. he lived with his father, who says, he can't explain. >> because he like weird stuff like that. epp was very into the occult,
5:42 am
met a physics, a lot of trinkets, crystals, books, dvd's on the subject. >> david with the team from the company junk lug ers, hired to clean out the section of his father's house, when he found the skulls, he thought they were plastic. >> judging by the feel, you know, we were touching them with gloved hands, but again judging by the other ornaments, and decorations around the house, really, really thought they were fake. >> and so they seem like they should go in the recycling? >> yes. we just put them in with the plastics. >> here at the transfer station, police say, one of the workers thought someone was playing a halloween prank on him. his supervisor called the police, who could tell those skulls were real. when the junk lug ers got back here after another job, and saw the crime scene set up, they quickly realized those skulls were real, too. stanford police lieutenant deidra cone says the skulls were sent to the medical examiners office, which determined they were quite old. but not how old. >> sending them out to a and anthropologies for the exact age. larger one was a male, smaller
5:43 am
one was female. >> got few more clouds from the skull's teeth. >> there was fillings in one every them, then the other one did lose teeth naturally. probably old but not that old. >> so who did they belong to? all divito knows is his son bought them on line. >> he paid over a thousand dollars for those two skulls, believe it or not. >> stanford police though get answers from the anthropologies, get them back to where they belong. in stanford, sonia ran cone, cbs news. very bizarre. well, a very close call for subway riders in queens when a giant drill almost goes through their train. can you imagine? it happened on the f train just before noon on friday. the operator says something struck the top of the car, causing the emergency brakes to go off. well, transit officials say a subcontractor was using the giant drill as part of an ongoing project. they say obviously it drilled into the wrong spot. yikes! well, hey, some grace news for drivers. gas prices are continuing to drop. triple a says the national average for tank of regular will fall below $3 a gallon
5:44 am
this morning. now, the last time it was that low, was actually four years ago. so, what's behind the price drop? well, experts say, demands isn't rising to meet the supply. let's look at gas here in our region. in pennsylvania regular unleaded is averaging 3.14 a gallon. in new jersey, state known for cheap gas, it is 2.83. in delaware, you're looking at 2.87. so fill her up, right? 5:44 right now. new 4,000 passenger 18-deck cruise ship loaded with cool technology launches from the new york city area in november. cbs news alphonso van marsh has first look inside the smart ship, which is docked in england, before its made encouraging voyage on sunday. >> this robotic bartender mixing drinks is the high-tech highlight after cruise ship that claims to be the smartest on the sea. >> i use technology to make everything easier. >> royal caribbean says guests on his quantum of the seas
5:45 am
wear wrist bands to pay as they go. passages ers also use apps to book luggage, activities, like sky diving, which is a chews ship first. another first at sea, this massive crane called the north star. that lift up to 15 passengers at a time. >> this glass ponds offers 360 degrees views, from more than 300 feet above the water. a three-story video wall, and giant row bo screens, are part of nighttime shows. every crew member has hands held computer track passenger preferences. royal caribbean says their high speed internet system is just as fast as on land. >> we've got more band width from the ship, following the ship where ever it goes, than all the other ships on the ocean put together. >> if passengers stay inside, they won't miss out. cabins without windows have 80-inch tv screens, showing live video of balcony views n southampton england, alphonso van marsh, cbs-3, "eyewitness
5:46 am
news". >> we're told ticket cost average of about $2,300 for a ten-night cruise. there you have it. it is 5:46 right now. let's get a check on the forecast with carol. >> it would have to come with a non-seasick necessary guarantee. >> yes, that would be good. >> is there an app for that, carol. >> i don't know, but the only way i would get on a cruise ship. look at this, nicole. dealing with a lot of rain, wind, and finding it at the shore and finding it at other locations, as well. this is not a great weekend weather wise. unless you like extreme of weather extremely windy, and extremely uncomfortable, and that's really what it will be as these temperatures are not going to be warm and the wind and the rain will be continuing as we go on and off through the day today. let's take a look at the reading area, 49 degrees, far less in the way of rain out there than we're finding along some of these shore areas. but the shore areas are really getting hit with this. and you can see, that we're seeing it is coming in right off the ocean, your winds are hi, and your rain amounts, are
5:47 am
already hi, we've already seen them inch to inch and a half of rain through many areas through atlantic city. there are a couple of low pressure systems, ones here, ones to the south, so with the two of those joining forces, that's why we keep these rains and winds coming in off the coast. and they're moving all the way through the philadelphia area, and points beyond that. this will be the trend through the day. this system does pull away. and that's going to improve our weather, but it keeps it really windy around here, even when that is gone. so there are a flood advisory, and you can see, from some of the sections, just little corners of atlantic county, and we also are finding it down through atlantic count any our area, and ocean county. so this has been a lot of rain, and that's until 9:15 this morning, for the rain that we've already seen. remember, a lot of leaves are coming down, too, so if you're out driving this morning, know that if you hit a curve in the road, and it has been fine, haven't been any trees, in that stretch, you hit a curve in the road, tree there, and leaves down, could you find a problem. beef ' got 48 degrees out at the airport right now.
5:48 am
the temperatures won't be changing all that much. we will stay right about this mark, maybe we get another 2 degrees or so out of this, but that should be the end of it. and then the wind gusts, they will keep increasing, oh, of course our temperatures won't, but the winds will. that's just the kind of day it is today, almost 30-mile per hour winds through philadelphia, just about that high elsewhere. and we will be adding to those wind speeds, as well. temperatures will be maybe 50 degrees today, that's it, and then tomorrow, we're going to be finding temperatures that will be probably in the upper 40's, for highs. our future weather, wants to keep some rain showers around here, especially, philadelphia, point east, as we go through this evening, this computer model says, hey, 7:00 tonight, we're seeing about the end of it, many areas, maybe still scooting back on to the shore. but then tomorrow, sunshine, monday, looks as though we've got some sunshine, tuesday as well, and the temperatures warm up. our future rain amounts, around an inch or so, possible, in some locations. so, just watch for that. also, watch for these intense winds speeds, i'm just
5:49 am
stopping this every so often, but basically what you're finding every time i stop this, is winds that are 30 to almost 40 miles per hour, and even as we go through the day tomorrow. so the winds stay up all night. then they stay up again tomorrow, as well. temperatures today, right about 50 degrees, in all locations, if we average that out, and we're going to be finding a chilly day today. and another one tomorrow with these winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. and then tonight, 38 degrees, the rain will end, the winds will not. tomorrow, we pick up more windy weather, it will be brighter, but boy is it going to be windy tomorrow, with these winds gust to go that 40-mile an hour range, in many locations, 57 monday, tuesday looks like the best day, 64 degrees. you know, do you love watching the weather i know that gonadal does from newark, delaware, because he just told us, on the eyewitness weather watchers site, that they have pick up about .1 of an inch every rain in newark, delaware. this is the kind of thing you
5:50 am
can do. you can join our team of eyewitness weather watchers. you can signed up by going to nicole? >> all right, carol, thanks so much. 5:50 right now. stay with us, after the break it is a recap of the friday football frenzy. and the game of the week was between bishop use that is and glassboro. we'll have highlights and more when our sports team brings it to you. stay with us.
5:51 am
5:52 am
sixers home opener is tonight against miami. last night, they took on the bucks and future nba stars, the sixers noel, and this year's second overall pick, parker of the bucks.
5:53 am
let's check him out. first quarter, first with the ball in the paint, drops a hook, finishes 14 points, ten boards, three blocks, pretty good. parker showed off his game here on the brake. i believe he can fly. i think he just flew. he scored 11 points, sixers went scoreless for the final eight minutes of the game. that did it. they lost 93 to 81. now, when the eagles face the texans sunday, defense will have to stop foster, second in the league in rushing. last sunday foster ran for 151 yards, scored three touchdowns. here's a suggestion tackle him low. >> he can run through arm tackles, but he's also a really good receiver coming out of the backfield. i think billy does great job kind of complimenting not only what they do with him in the run game but what they do with him in the passing game. big physical guy. got to get a lot of guys around him. i don't think one guy will necessarily take him down. >> get you ready for the showdown, kick off 113 i'll be joined by leslie van arsdale and the voice of the eagles
5:54 am
merrill reese, plus weekly one-on-one with cbs-3 contributor shady mccoy. flyers equipment manager was in the holiday spirit. he taped the plastic snake inside cooler when the players reached in for sport drink. the fright night prank produced the desired effect. >> (cheers). >> it's time for the friday football frenzy. take it away, beasley! >> big thanks to the bishop use that is cheerleaders. get to your town, original authority football frenzy starts with the afternoon games from yesterday, delaware county christian school taking on calvary christian academy. joshua, looking for the end zone. he found daniel shabaz. christian won it. city playoffs, washington taking on bartrum.
5:55 am
watch as damn ear mitchell makes a swing passover to jeffrey davis. takes it to the score. washington was the winner 21 to eight. moorestown visiting undefeated timber creek, and before the game timber creek named their honorary captains, all breast cancer survivors, way to go, guys. all right, timber creek in action on the move. test's forcing his way to the ends zone. they say he got in before the fumble that you will see, timber creek won the game, 44 to seven. >> collingswood visiting west depford, and there is as a queen and the court to recognize, congratulations on beautiful fall night. college wood swinging the ball. jordan wallace going deep. and it is the highlight catch by jameer king. let me check it out. okay, that's pick time. see you, son. but watch west depford's lou, jump in front of this one, take it back like he is in the nfl. that's ridiculous. somebody better get him. depford was a winner of the
5:56 am
game 34 to seven. all right, going to pope john paul visiting owen j. roberts. matt did you have did you have looks to the ends zone, owen j. roberts a winner 21-19. ex tore at daniel boone, and rivalry game, and the fans, well, rivalry games, you never know what the fans are going to do. having tons of fun. chase yocum going to the air. he'll find gabe shapel for the touchdown, ex tore won it 30 to 13. time for the game of the week voted on by you the fans. 1100 voted for the winner. the winner is glassboro visiting bishop eustace. >> (coach talking to the team) stay together. momentum shift doesn't mother. we will walk off this field as a wish. we're going to walk off this field six and one, we'll walk off this team ranking.
5:57 am
together we do it. >> all right, coach, i'm ready. vince papale eagles great on hand watching his son vinny, made great catch on the third play, got injured, did not return. that's unfortunate. get well, vinny. >> head today rutgers, next season, and you will see why. that's a big smooth easy touchdown run. you think that's all he's got? here is james again. this is amazing. this is like a video game. somebody better get him. get him. he's too smooth. where are the other people? he's all by himself. he's doing his own video. and then ronnie james this time after this plunge in by eustice trying to pull it close, james went 84 yards to the house. fifteen rushes, 207 and 2 yards for the future rutgers scarlet night. glassboro won it. that's your sports, i'm beasley reese, have a great saturday.
5:58 am
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we have some good news for septa riders this morning. workers will not be going out on strike. late last night the transit agency and the union reached an agreement and we will have the latest details for you coming up in a live report. >> also, ahead, with us is expected state police trooper killer eric frein behind bars, a community in the poconos is finallyle