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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we have some good news for septa riders this morning. workers will not be going out on strike. late last night the transit agency and the union reached an agreement and we will have the latest details for you coming up in a live report. >> also, ahead with us is expected state police trooper killer eric frein behind bars, a community in the poconos is finally able to begin the
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healing process. >> and taking a live look at storm scan3 where carol was tracking some rain, some plunging temperatures, and just a blustery weaken overall. we'll get to that in just a second. first though today is saturday november 1st, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00. or a little after. let's check in with carol now with more on that cold rainy weather, carol? >> you know? >> what can you do? >> what a way to welcome november. i hope this doesn't mean anything. we are looking at a rainy, windy day today tomorrow sunny, windy day and inbetween, a rainy windy night. so let's take a look, see what we have out there right now. you can see ocean city, it is wet. the board walk is empty you can see just by the haze around those lights. we're looking at some moisture in the air out there. we are also finding on storm scan3 a lot of heavy rain, a lot of the heaviest is right off shore. but atlantic city is seeing their fair share of it, inch to inch and a half through many of the areas. it is even moving inland, and you can see some of the heavier spots of that.
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one of the weather watchers, kyle higgins from hatboro said he's getting heavy rainout there. just know this is rainy windy day, as we start the day today. and, in fact, has rained already so many that there is a flood advisory until 9:15 this morning. poor drainage flooding, and that's going to be in sections of burlington county, atlantic county and ocean county, as well. so just watch for that. in fact, watch for any ponding on the roads anywhere you are, and the leaves that are down because they can really make a problem and they can clog any of the drains, and can make some ponding worse. forty-seven in philadelphia right now. we have 47 in wilmington, 44 in trenton, 50 in wildwood. the temperatures are pretty consistently in the 40's, we've got winds that are coming down out of the northeast, and they're 17 miles per hour through philadelphia about 8 miles an hour through allentown 14 miles an hour through wildwood. and then you look at the wind gusts, and they're gust to go 24 miles an hour, plus, over much of the area today. our temperatures this afternoon, right where they are right now right about 48,
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49 50 degrees. our precipitation kind of like it is right now finding a loft it along the shore areas, and seeing it right through the noon hour, does start to pull away later this afternoon, by this evening we are watching for at least good portion of it to be gone, and we start to clear out. but the winds continue. we will talk about how high those wind speeds will be for tomorrow and the warm up that common the eyewitness weather seven day forecast. nicole? >> all right looking forward to that, carol thank you. right now strike averted. septa and its largest union reach late night greet on tentative two year deal. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live outside the olney transportation center, where commute kearse really breathe a sigh of relief this morning right, steve? >> reporter: that's right nicole. these were ten hours of tough talks, still needs to be some details hammered out and a vote that needs to take place but if you are waking up this morning, and you rely on septa to get to where ever you need to go, you're probably sighing a sigh of relief this morning. we have cameras that were there last night as the
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negotiations were just about over. cbs-3, in old town septa board chairman pat dion union president, willie brown announce that tentative two-year deal, details again are being sorted out at this point. but we do know the deal does include wage increases for workers, and that both sides are calling those increases fair. this is a big deal. the strike would have affected nearly a million riders, on the trolley line, the bus route, the subways we spoke to some of those riders, who are, obviously happy about the deal. >> i'll be real happen. >> i oh, yes, i will ' be walk to go work. glad i don't have to walk. >> again there still needs to be work to be done, work verse to vote, and then have that contract ratified. that should take place
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sometime late next week but the part you need to know, strike averted. the latest from olney steve patterson, "eyewitness news". >> parents are being notified about a sexting scandal. unfolding at neshaminy school in langhorne. sexually exploit -- explicit photos sent to student while inside that school. middletown township police are investigating the the incident parents are being urged to check their children's smart phones for inappropriate messages. a pennsylvania lawmaker says he's preparing legislation that would expand the state's anti-hazing law to include high schools. points to recent hazing allegations at central bucks west, new jersey say err ville high school. he said haze something another form of bullying which must be stopped. pennsylvania currently has a law that makes haze ago third agree misdemeanor but it covers only colleges and
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universities. >> accuse the of attack ago man from chester county, police say the players bolds stomped on 30 year old lewis campbell outside off campus restaurant ran away yelling football strong. victim is in end tens i have care with severe brain trauma a suspect have been suspend from the school, being held on $500,000 bail. well prosecutors will seek the death penalty for suspected trooper killer eric frein. a bruised and bloodied frein was arraigned at the pike county courthouse friday morning. prosecutors have charged him with first degree murder in the september 12th ambush in which corporal brian dixon was shot and killed. and trooper alex douglas wounded. frein was wearing the slain officer's handicuffs in court. he has reportedly been answering questions but investigators will not say if he's made any casino of confession. >> will continue the investigation so we can build
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the best case in order to achieve justice on behalf of corporal brian dixon trooper alex douglas and the pennsylvania state police family. >> he'll be held in the pike county correctional facility until his first preliminary hearing november 12th. >> those who lived through the manhunt, say they're finally able to return to normal lives. our natasha brown spent the night with those relieved residents, a night that started with halloween. >> eric, did you kill that trooper? >> a collected sigh of relief from the community held hostage by fear for seven weeks. a crowd cheered and booed as eric frein was led into the pike county courthouse friday, to be charged with murder. >> just such a relief to finally be over, and be done, and know that, you know they could go outside and play. >> some sense of normalcy returned to neighborhoods hours after the manhunt for
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frein ended. the massive police presence, that once scoured the pocono mountains, replaced on this halloween by the site of children enjoying trick-or-treating, and activity that was set to be canceled. >> these kids, you know have lived with this police presence, and the concern of having a person that's on the run, and wanted by law enforcement, in and amongst them in their community now they can get back to normal. >> crying because just joy i mean to know that you can go out and play and not have to worry, and forget about the ridge or -- trick-or-treating part just that we're safe. >> halloween festivities underway at the premium out litz with stores handing out canned toy trick-or-treaters. but some parent say they'd already planned for a night in if the manhunt had been underway. >> trick-or-treat. >> when he were going to stay home. i had bought canned toy stay home. they didn't even have an outfit. this is something i got today. she already had hers from last year. because we were not coming out. >> while thought of corporal
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brian dixon's death during the ambush at the blooming grover barracks linger there is small community exhales in the comfort of knowing their safety is no longer at risk. natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well tragic story in california, where three teens are killed by a hit-and-run driver. now, officials say the girls were out trick-or-treating. santa ana police say it happened while the victims were in a crosswalk near an elementary school friday night. police are searching for two suspects last seen running from a nissan path finer they left at the scene. the victims exact ages and identities have not yet been released. very sad. >> meanwhile a third victim from last week's high school shooting in washington state has died. fourteen year old shealee passed away friday. her family released a statement saying their hearts are broken. four other student were also shot that day as they sat in their school cafeteria. two other girls have died. the shooter jaylen fryberg took his own life.
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sir richard branson expected to arrive at the scene every deadly rocket explosion in the mojave desert today. will get a look at the virgin space plane that broke apart during test fly fright. news correspondent danielle noting him more on this special space rocket disaster. >> today was a tough day. >> reporter: wreckage of virgin galactic spaceship two scattered across part of the mojave desert. says in-flight anomaly occurredment happened surely after the space plane detached from it carrier aircraft, and fired up its rocket engine, as it has successfully done in previous test flights. one pilot was found dead inside the spacecraft. the other parachuted out seriously injured. >> the test community is very small. we are human. and it hurts. >> marlene a rule i often watches the test flights. >> this community is built around this industry. this is very, very tragic. >> spaceship two took off from
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here at the mojave air and space port. the aircraft was using a new fuel formulation that executives say had been tested and proven on the ground. the company's billionaire founder sir richard branson was hoping to ride on the first commercial flight. he tweeted: thoughts with all virgin galactic scaled, thanks for all your messages of support. i'm flying to mojave immediately to be with the team. virgin gal ac i can is working with authorities to determine the cause of the crash. in mojave, california, danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, it is 6:11 right now and still ahead on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning carol is back to tell us bore a blustery weekends, and also a look ahead at today's forecast. also ahead a legal victory for the first from maine fighting her quarantine over ebola. we'll have the details coming up next.
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newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars...
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it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania. back now on "eyewitness news", a judge is stepping into the tense stands off between a nurse who recently returned from west africa and maine officials who wanted to remain quarantined. casey hickox says she has no symptoms of ebola and has threatened her own legal action against quarantine rules. cbs craig boswell reports.
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>> it is a victory for casey hickox who has been battling main officials who wanted to keep her quarantined. >> i'm very satisfied with the decision. >> reporter: a judge issued new order easing restrictions, hickox can ride her bike, and leave her home in for the kent. she is allowed to take public transportation but she must coordinate travel with public health authorities and have daily monitoring for any ebola symptoms. >> i've been compliant with the direct act of monitoring that the cdc recommends. i'll continue to be compliant. >> maine's governor disagrees. >> if she's violated every promise she'd made so far. so i can't trust her. >> reporter: the nurse's 21 day incubation period for the ebola virus ends november 10th. she returned to the u.s. last week after treating critically ill patient in sierra leone with no symptoms, hickox has inch sit dollars the quarantine is unnecessary and unfair. the national institutes of health infectious disease chief is work to go battle
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some of the stigma healthcare work remembers facing, he led on a demonstration how workers seat up in protective gear to stay safe. nih successfully treated nurse pham who left the facilities just outside last week. craig boswell cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, doctor craig spencer, who tested positive for ebola after treating patient in west after a remains in serious but stable condition at bellevue hospital and that is according to new york health official. right now, it is 6:16. let's get a check on the forecast with carol. not the best forecast right carol? >> no, it isn't. and it is a weekends, and plans, and festivals you know but it is a weekend where if you wanted an excuse to stay home, you have got it. the weather is not all that great. we've got some rain through the philadelphia area. and we've got a loft rain at the shore. they've pick up an inch to an inch plus in some locations and take a look at the camera, bouncing around in ocean city this morning, it is a rainy start to the day.
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storm scan3 also, verifying exactly where that rain; and the heaviest, and you can see that in the yellows. they've pick up a lot of rain, just sort of going over the same area, and that's why you just add to the rainfall totals through the shore areas. but, now you're finding some of the heavier rain, much farther inland, and in fact, even passed philadelphia and we're going to be continuing to watch this trends, two low pressure systems ganging up on us this morning. the winds is also out there. so that's something we have to pay attention to. there is a flood advisory, for poor drainage flooding, and you can see the area right along the shore and even a little tip of burlington county but atlantic county, sections of ocean county, as well. closer to the shore you are that's where that is. with all of the leaves that we're seeing coming down out every these trees and all of the leaves that will be coming down with the win it, can be very tricky on the roads. forty-seven in philadelphia, right now wilmington, millville, 45 in allentown temperatures are not a big deal today in that, they're all about at the same level. but it was a cool overnight in fact, eileen murray, in
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gilbertsville, our weather watcher, said it was so cool she had to turn the heat on. so we know that we've got some of those cooler temperatures out there. it is 43 doylestown, quakertown right now, 45 in pottstown. so just a windy day. these are the wind gusts right now, they're in ex eggs of 20 miles an hour, and they may be doubling by the time we see the rest of the day the night, and tomorrow go by. because these winds will continue. one low pressure system, will be joined by another low pressure system, that keeps the rain here today it moves away then this high pressure moves in, it is so close to those lows, that the winds start to fun em. they could be gust to go 40 miles an hour. even though usually we get one day of the winds then by night they're gone, that's not the case this weekend. winds today tonight and tomorrow. future weather computer model says by 2:00 we're still looking at some rain.
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it doesn't want to bring much out through the poconos or areas to the west. but let's just keep a chance of some showers even through the day there. and then by this evening, this computer model wants to pull everything away with maybe wrapping some of that moisture back around a little bit later. but, generally by the time this evening arrives according to this, and several other, that rain system leaves. but the wind continues and then it looks great here, monday and tuesday but really windy tomorrow. our future wind gusts 30-mile an hour wind gusts 40-mile an hour wind gusts that's what we will be watching for as we go through today tonight over night and then once again tomorrow, with these winds, really kicking by the time we get to later sunday evening, and remember, we change those clocks, that is when the winds will start to die down. fifty, 53, 48 degrees, temperatures today pretty close, remember tonight we turn those clocks back. we get an extra hour of listening to the wind, in the dark but that's just the way it is. so watch for that 4:57 sunset
6:20 am
tomorrow night. tonight it is going to be a day of 73:00 the sun wakes up and by almost 6:00 the sunsets. it will be a lot earlier that you'll see the darkness tomorrow. now, remember the winds. the winds is here today tonight, tomorrow. we've got the rain today, the rain ends, so carry your umbrella make sure your pets are kept dry and out of this, as women. look at the temperature sunday night, 32 degrees, cold start to the day monday, monday looks great tuesday looks fine at 64 degrees, maybe shower thursday, and then cooler by next friday, but sunny, nicole? >> all right carol thank you. welshing owning a home has long been the american dream. but a report this week from the census bureau says home ownership, actually fallen to near 20 year low of just 64%. as jim axelrod reports for many americans, owning a home has become a dream deferred. >> reporter: four jerold matt purdue has ten year old daughter and good job in public relations. what he doesn't have is a
6:21 am
house, which is just how he likes it. >> i never have to deal with maintenance, broken pipes cleaning a gutter ... >> this isn't just a question of convenience. >> i have so many friends who own homes that are still underwater since the financial crisis can't sell their home, can't move, don't want to rent it out and they're just miserable. >> purdue is not alone. home ownership is down across the board but it has fallen most among jen x's those between 35 and 44. dropping from nearly 67% before the recession to 59% today. ownership among millennials those under 35, fell as well. from 41% to 36%. real at this tracks, darren bloom questions. >> hard for them to believe that owning a home is the best way to build wealth any more, because they've seen in some markets home prices went down 30 40, 50% during the housing bubble and the burst.
6:22 am
>> bloomquest expects the rates to rice, generates more security for mill end year's and x ers will join matt as homeownerships lost generation. >> to me the american dream is freedom, having flexibility to go when your lease is up, maybe upgrade to a better place, and not be stuck in debt to a bank. >> bloomquest said there has been a flip when it comes to lending, it is the government he says in you pushing for a loosening every lending rules hoping to jump start home ownership. and it is the banks asking for tighter requirement. not wanting a repeat after burst housing bubble. jim axelrod cbs news, new york. all right, it is 6:22 right now. halloween weekend continues at the theatres. coming up next, the sneak peak of the new super natural murder mystery, starring daniel radcliff. we'll have a preview next.
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the super natural murder mystery horns hits theatres this halloween weekend. the movie stars daniel radcliff. suzanne marquez has a sneak peak. >> i have a good idea. how about you guys beat the heck out of each other and the winner gets exclusive interview with me? >> daniel radcliff, embraces his twisted side, in the fantasy thriller, horns. >> get away from me. >> no, no. >> leave my alone.
6:26 am
>> , no, not here to hurt you. >> plays young man who mysteriously sprouts horns and gains die doll call powers after his girlfriends is murdered. >> what happens to us when the love of our life is ripped away or how we turn into the things we are perceived as. >> i don't ever want to be the reason for any of your regrets. >> juno plays radcliff's ill-fated girlfriends. >> i like the idea offing this precious memory through the love of my life's eyes, to be placed on me like that. >> radcliff says the script was so original and exciting he had to be a part of it. >> you have that thought of like if you see somebody else playing, it will be like seeing your girlfriend kiss someone else, like no, that cannot happen. i have to be the one playing that part. >> horns is based on the 2010 best selling novel by joe hill. suzanne marquez cbs news, hollywood. >> all right so, what were you for halloween? well beyonce and her daughter blue ivy are showing off their mommy and me costumes. take a look here. singer posted this picture on
6:27 am
her instagram account. my gosh, just too cute. she's dressed as janet jackson, rhythm nation rag ali, blue ivy done up as the king of pop michael jackson even sparkle socks if you see there closely and microphone. beyonce, out doing us all again. hey, speaking every halloween first family got into the spirit of the season as well. check out the spooky looking decorations on the white house. pretty cool, right? lucky children even had chance to trick-or-treat with president obama and the first lady. mr. and mrs. obama gave out candy and butter cookies. i ate my weight in butter cookies in the shape of pumpkins last night. but that's a whole other story. it is 6:27. septa ride kearse breathe sigh of relief this morning, workers will not be going out on strike, coming up next details on tentative contract deal reached late last night. also ahead, do you go into panic mode when your smart phone batteries almost dead? well those days could soon be behind us. "3 on your side" jim donovan
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, if you don't know by now, i've got some good news for you. a septa strike avoided after ten hours of negotiations, i'll tell you how we got there, and reaction from riders.
6:31 am
that's next. new hope for one of the deadliest forms of cancer, one survivor talks about the great strides being made to fight disease, but the long road that's still lies ahead. and live look at storm scan3, rainy start to your saturday and get ready for some wind. we're in store for a very blustery weekend. today is saturday, november 1st good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer, it is just past 6:30 let's get a check on the forecast with carol. so going to have to bundle up today, maybe bring the umbrella. >> yes. >> not the great one because the good umbrella don't want to have blown inside out. and i think that's what's going to happen today nicole, if you go out there. so might be better just to throw a hood up, wear hat or something or maybe want it stay inside. we do have some pretty strong wind already they'll be getting stronger. we look outside we find the city of philadelphia, if you look closely be able to see some raindrops falling down there, you go to the shore you don't have to look very hard and you can definitely see those through ocean sit. the cameras bouncing around, a winnie wet raw day today.
6:32 am
storm scan3 take a look at this, a lot of precipitation the reds, yellows the heaviest amounts of rain, and we're finding them through atlantic city area, we've seen that as we go up through the morning, we zoom in little closer right now you can see some heavy rain, through atlantic city, it is a raw day today. we move down the coastal areas, oh, how about that? stone harbor, about to get into tiny dry slot? maybe. but then we move inland. and you can see that we're looking near trediffryn, some of the heavier rain falling and just to the west of the philadelphia area, down through wilmington, some heavy pockets of rain there as well. so that is the look of the day today. we do expect to see improvement this evening, in the rain, but not in the wind. forty-seven in philadelphia right now. the temperatures are all in the 40's, with the exception of wildwood, at 50 degrees. and our winds are gusting right now to 24 miles an hour, through philadelphia, almost 30-mile an hour wind gust through atlantic city, and they'll be picking up in wind speed later today. temperatures will be just
6:33 am
about where they are right now. we add couple of degrees maybe. but we stay upper four's, to 50 degrees our future weather, still wants to keep some of these rain showers as we go through the morning through the first part of the afternoon, can this thing pull away in time to salvage the second part of the day? it is possible that we see this thing pulling away. but what won't be pulling away will be the winds, we keep them to up today tonight tomorrow in fact, tomorrow even more windy than today. we will talk about the wind speeds what is to follow, oh, remember your clocks tonight so start racing around changing them now. talk more about a little warm up coming up on the seven day nicole? >> carol, thanks so much. septa and it largest union works for days to avert a strike and now they've got an agreement. the two sides reached attentive deal late last night. now, it is of course welcome news to people who rely on public transportation, and our steve patterson is live outside the olney transportation center, with more on that story. steve, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. headlines last night the same as the take away this morning they finally have got tendon,
6:34 am
after ten hours of negotiations they all came to one conclusion. nobody wanted to see a septa strike. cbs-3, with our cameras there in old city last night the heads of both septa and the union pat dion, and the union president, willie brown came to a two-year tentative and we do mean tentative deal, details on the agreement are being worked out. they aren't being shared yet but what we do know, they do include wage increases and that both of the sides consider the deal fair. this of course is a big deal, strike would have affected a lot of people, a million riders on the rail lines the bus route the subways we spoke to some of those people, and they're happy this morning. >> i'll be happy real happy. ain't got to take the rail. walk like two blocks and the bus is right there. >> oh, yes, i will be walk to go work so it is kind of cool outside i don't have to walk -- it is kind -- >> when see say tentative deal we do mean some of the
6:35 am
details are still in motion that there still has to be a vote on the contract, and that it still has to get ratified a lot of the work should be done by the end of next week. the latest from olney steve patterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good news for a the love people steve thank you. now to the latest on the capture of eric frein. since his capture late thursday night the community's closely affected by the massive manhunt are now returning to normal. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette others, for many that includes trick-or-treating in barrett township. >> it is the halloween that almost wasn't. children revelers, spent friday evening collecting candy and celebrating. after halloween was reinstated in this pocono mountain community. >> i was actually very upset we wouldn't be able to trick-or-treat. but i'm very ham that i we are. >> the night of fright, and delight, was canceled in several communities because of very real scare. suspected cop killer, eric frein, was arm and on the loose until thursday night
6:36 am
when he was captured by us marshals during a sweet after abandoned airport. >> once i saw movement merely fanned out flanked him 5 feet from him i asked him who he was. he said frein. and my guys immediately handcuffed him. >> frein is accused of killing one state trooper and seriously wounding another back in september. >> you low life. >> during brief court appearance friday morning he answered yes and no questions. but did not end area plea. >> the seven week manhunt meant a virtual lockdown in this quiet community. frein's capture has rest denned here breathing easier, and smiling again. >> we're all happy that this whole ordeal is done. we're glad to see the kids in the neighborhoods out having a good time. >> and that's a treat everyone can enjoy. in barrett township, pennsylvania wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 6:36 right now. vandalism on the night before halloween has now sparked hate
6:37 am
crime investigation in delaware. vandals spray painted racial slur, picture every male genitals in his driveway in new castle. james and his daughter came home to find the graffiti. it has been painted over, but the sting of the words and the image still hurts. >> well, of course that fear of you don't know what's next. you know? why, we are very friendly with everybody around this street and neighborhood. >> now police are searching for the vandals and asking anyone with information to please come forward. meanwhile authorities in browns mills burlington county are investigating a vandalism spree. that a group of suspect spray painted homes and cars with obscenities thursday night. pemberton township police say there were 21 cases of damage in allment vehicles and houses were targeted on several streets, including party boulevard, blew bird street bob white boulevard, evergreen avenue bobalink boulevard and pemberton boulevard. well, apparently it pays to have neighbors who keep an eye out for each other.
6:38 am
we have proof of that this weekend. alert off-duty police office nerve bucks county is earning praise for stopping a would-be burglar. that officer spoke with our diana rocco. >> reporter: twenty-four year old would be burglar behind bars after showing up at the wrong door on the wrong street in middletown township. >> saw somebody at my neighbor's door that didn't belong there. >> officer kevin dobson, bristol township police officer. he was off duty and doing yards work wednesday when he noticed someone on a bike he hadn't seen before. >> i saw him ride down the street earlier. and, you know, i try to keep an eye out for my neighbors. and i knew i had never seen him at the house before. >> police say the man was casing homes and waiting for someone to leave when dobson's roving road neighbor pulled out of the driveway. moment later he saw the man trying to pry open her front door. in plane clothes dobson confronted him. >> i stopped he ran i just ran after him and again, i knew i wasn't going to catch him at that point. and i called 911.
6:39 am
>> the burglar took off running through the woods officer dobson was able to follow him on his cell phone. telling police exactly where he was. >> we always talk about police officers being on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it is one of those instincts that you just don't shut off when you're off duty. >> police are glad dobson acted when he did and so is his elderly neighbor, who thanked him for saving her home. >> people do have to look out for their neighbors and their neighborhoods. >> suspect now charged with burglary and other related offenses in middletown township diana rocco cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 39:00 right now. very special celebration in somerdale, camden county. sergeant first class christopher brain of the us army got a big welcome home from afghanistan. won more than 20 awards in his 13 years of active duty service, been deployed nine times, including three times to afghanistan. >> expecting pretty low key guy. feels good to be home. feels good to be back in jersey after 13 years.
6:40 am
>> welcome home. now, his lay day of active duty december 5th. he'll then move to the army reserves at joint base mcguire-dix lakehurst. >> fight against pancreatic cancer comes to philadelphia this morning with thousands of people joining the battle at memorial hall in fairmount park. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on why november is so important to this fight. >> all about giving back, after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. now, he's helping set up for the purple stride philadelphia walk run to fight the cancer that almost took his life. >> had to be here. had to help to strengthen people: >> joe thought he had acid reflux that's the problem with pancreatic cancer, why it is called the silent killer. the symptoms can be subtle. >> it has a very high mortality rate. >> doctor charles at jefferson university hospital says new surgical techniques, along with advance in the lab improving survival rates most promising experimental drugs
6:41 am
and better understanding of the molecules that control cancer growth and destruction. >> we have a lot of excitement in the field. we have guarded entheusiasm in the field. >> david silverstone came to philadelphia from la, so he could be operated on by doctor yo who is pioneer in the field. >> they were able to get 100% of the mass, and i'm cancer free and i couldn't be more greatful and thankful. >> he says the original death sentence that came with the diagnosis has been reversed. joe says he's one of the lucky ones too but they know the future more survivors depend on raising money for research, which is what purple stride is all about. >> i truly believe in strength in numbers. >> proceeds from the purple stride walk go to the pancreatic cancer action network. that's mission is to advance research support patients, and they say create hope. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:41 right now.
6:42 am
it is another drastic drop at the gas pump. the numbers are coming up next. also ahead, do you have battery anxiety? well, there is good news for smart phone users. what if you could charge your phone out of thin air? "3 on your side" jim donovan tells bus new technology, that aims to do just that. plus, new jersey senior citizens who are anything but bashful. hear about the calendar that has nearly bearing it all for a good cause. check them out. oh boy. hey rainy windy raw, all words to describe this weaken. how long this blustery wet letter stick around. we'll be right back. fate stop laughing, our floor director can't control herself. we'll be b
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>> welcome back, a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason van eat a meyer join us live from new york with a preview. good morning to you guys. >> good morning nicole. coming up, it is launch the carreers every some of the best chefs in the world. we'll take you inside this new york institution speak to the glad who now shape our world of food. >> what a mother and daughter be best friends? how photo shop helps one woman discover the answer. >> and this weekend kicks off the holiday movie season. we will break down the block busters, and those on the oscar hunt. >> all that plus your eye opener and the head in the heart saturday seg just ahead, cbs this morning saturday. >> thanks for that preview. we appreciate t6:45 right now
6:46 am
some grace news for drivers. got prices continue to drop. this is what we all want to hear right? triple a says the national average for tank of regular will fall below $3 this morning. now the last time it was that low by the time four years ago, so what's behind the price drop? expert say demands isn't rise to go meet supplies. let's look at gas in our region in pennsylvania, regular unleaded averaging 3.14 a gahm on, in new jersey, state known for its cheap gas it is about 2.83. in delaware, you're looking at 2.87. so there you have it. still her up. >> we all love our gadgets on the go, smart phones, tablets but is the convenience of technology also causing some anxiety when it comes it your battery? three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan finds in the near future, you may be able to go pour up without the cord. >> special case to extends smart phone battery life. and plugs in when she needs to power up.
6:47 am
>> not have the industries of when will i get to this next outlet before my phone loses charge. >> requires direct contact with a charging pad. but technology rolling out soon will allow the exchange of electricity over thin area. >> some companies have come up with technology that actually does wirelessly, from one place to the other within matter of inches, at this point. >> that could mean power supply supplies with the ability to charge multiple devices, hidden in desks or furniture and the ends of cord clutter. >> i could certainly see it in the next four, five years as technology progresses, a standard because nobody really wishes they had more cords to deal with. >> the idea is that if the phone is always charge we eliminate this battery anxiety, that's the feeling you get as your phone battery starts to drop. >> some of the technology to charge over short distance is expected to pop up in consumer products next year, and
6:48 am
companies are working on using antennas radio bands ultrasound technology to beam power through the rooms like we do with wyfi. one of the barriers for wireless power isn't one universally accepted standard that can be built into all products. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> let's click on the forecast no power cords needed. >> no. >> just the sun. >> in fact, mother nature flexing her muscles maybe old-man-winter maybe they're having a fight, who knows. but this is the result, dealing with rain, wind, and that's going to be a continuing problem as we go through the rest of the day i'm afraid. we've already seen a lot of heavy rain. we head out to the reading area and notice this little look, it is an attractive little look but of course comes courtesy every rain drop on the lens here rainout through the reading area. storm scan3 notice some of the heavier rain showers but also knotts we're finding them even to the west of the
6:49 am
philadelphia area weather watch ers picking up quarter inch of rain in riverside. timmeney mitchell, tuckerton getting heavy rain. and fran, in nottingham, pennsylvania says overcast and just going to be starting to pick up few rain showers so we're going to be watching for this rain, and you can see, the northern and western extent of it. so it does continue to push in little bit. but i think the morning hours, especially through the poconos, reading allentown that's when you will find the rain, is the rest of the day goes on, you will probably see these rain showers pulling out. the rest of us, however, will probably be stuck with them for good portion of the day and the closer you are to the coast, and into new jersey, probably the longer. forty-seven in philadelphia. wilmington, 44, in trenton, it is a cold, wet winnie morning out there with winds continuing to gust about 25 miles an hour over the area. but, we will be finding them gusting 30 plus, and at the shore, maybe even 40 miles an
6:50 am
hour as we go through the day and this evening. low pressure system, one of them not just one of them, we have two of them, wouldn't you know ganging up on us today. but they do pull away by tomorrow left with some sunshine high pressure builds in and it starts its fight with the low pressure systems and the result the winds that comes down from the northwest. so very windy day continuing tomorrow. as we take a look at our future weather there is one says 3:00 this afternoon. we've got some rain through new jersey, along the shore areas, not through the poconos, and then as we hit about 8:00 tonight, just brushing the coast, according to this computer model but wants to put rain shower back up in the poconos. so just know, that we have a chance of these rain showers as we go through this evening on and off in some spots and we've already seen an inch to inch and a half through some of the shore areas. that's why there is that flood advisory until 9:15 this morning, and then a coastal flood advisory from 1:00 in the 7:00 along the shore lines
6:51 am
today. so just know our weather in november and the win gust quickly, i won't stop this too often, but know 30 plus mile per hour winds today tonight tomorrow certainly within the realm of possibility by the time we hit tomorrow evening we start to see these winds come down. temperatures today, 50 in philadelphia, 53 at the shore 48 in the poconos in all locations, we pick up these strong winds and remember, turn those clocks back. we get extra hour of sleep how nice is that? we'll need it. you need that extra hour of sleep, just to turn those clocks back, so exhausting. 50 degrees today at most, windy, on and off rain, with these winds gust to go 30 miles an hour. umbrellas up and pets in, as we go through the day today. and it is a windy cold night tonight. 38 degrees we can keep these winds, gusting throughout the night, and it is cold, tomorrow. it will feel like it is in the 30's all day tomorrow even though it might hit 50 degrees. but the winds hit 30 plus, and then i think tuesday i'm
6:52 am
giving tuesday a bigger star than the rest of the week, but we do start little milder trend, coming up, so, do you love watching the weather? well we want you. , and sign up by going to we rely on you guys. >> before we know it, 2015 will be here, but stores already selling calendars for next year, chances are you won't have calendar like the one you're about to see. reporter darla miles explains. >> ho-ho-ho who needs santa claus when miss december is showing off so much skin? oh did i mention she is 94 years old? >> i wanted to go like this but they wouldn't let me do it. >> what month are you? >> january. >> thirteen months of hot sexy seniors sales of the cedar crest stars 2015 calendar exceeding expectations, raising more
6:53 am
than $8,000 in just three weeks. >> i see you sitting here with a smile on your face. >> oh, ya. looking at those lovely ladies. wow. >> smiling and proud of his 88 year old girlfriends miss may. >> did you want to show more than just your drum? >> no, no, no, that was just right. it was just right. >> all of these photos relate to one of the activities or clubs on campus. >> the garden, is the backdrop for the two ladies of august. >> it wasn't easy getting in there for her. >> no. it wasn't so bad. >> one had to push, the other had to pull. >> here is eight a year old miss september, in the library. >> we want to do it discreetly. so we said somebody slips in 50 shades of gray there though. >> i'm already for my shot as miss september. but looks like i'm wearing too many clothes. hold on. >> not happening. >> the idea came out of seeing it one of other other neighbors brought a calendar from another erickson community, and we start then
6:54 am
we said hey let's do it. >> they did it to help out their neighbors in financial need at cedar crest retirement community in pomp ton planes. >> but look behind it you'll see we're wearing bathing suits, things draped here. >> well, maybe we shouldn't tell anyone they're in the really naked? >> oh, my that was great stuff. that was darla miles reporting. by the way the calendar cost $10. we'll be right back.
6:56 am
we are looking at some rain today but the problem is with the rain, we get some very strong winds. so that is going to be the situation today tonight and
6:57 am
tomorrow. these winds will be gusting 30 plus miles an hour, and even more than that, maybe 40 plus miles an hour, along the shore areas as we go through today, tonight and tomorrow. i think this rain should be tapering offer as we move through this evening in most areas tomorrow we get some sunshine. >> that's good stuff. thanks carol. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on television always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. make it a great weekends. we'll see you tomorrow.
6:58 am
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