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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 4, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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closer to finding her. we're liver with the frantic search for that missing woman. >> good morning, and taking live look outside in center city, comfortable start to the morning. so will it stay dry for election day? let's check things out. now, weaver traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. good morning. >> in short the answer to your question is, yes it, will stay dry for election day, but it will not stay dry all week. in fact, i am tracking potential for wash-out on one day of this forecast. i'll tell you which day you really need the umbrella of course it is all coming up. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. traffic wise, moving real well. let's take quick peak outside. because if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, you will notice that we only have few head lights, tail light out there, but, things will definitely change, as the sun comes up, the rush comes in. that's why you want to stay here. let's head back toutiesting. >> thank you, back to top story. desperate search continues for a young woman abducted in germantown. >> now police are offering a reward for information leading to arrest. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at police headquarters with surveillance video police
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want the public to see. jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, erika, good morning. police continue to search for this 22 year old woman this morning, they tell us they have received tips in this case, but so far, nothing has pants out. so now they're offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of this person who has take then woman. if you take a look at this at this surveillance video, all captured on tape, each frightening step. police of course have received tips, and they're looking at this, but they need more help. if you know anything, you should call police, they say carlesha gator last seen, germantown around 10:00 sus dawn -- sunday night, a man grabs her, kicking, screaming, forcing her into dark colored car. police say an eyewitness was walking on the other side of the street, as all of this was happening. he says he heard her scream for help, called 911 after noticing the abducting tore had a large knife. police say freeland-gaither fought her attacker the entire time, kicking out both rear
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windows before the car drove away. as police continue to search this morning, freeland-gaither's family pleading for her safe return. >> just let my daughter go. whatever it takes, i don't care, just let her go. >> and bring her back safely, that's all, we just want her to come back safely. basically all we want is her. that's all we want. >> reporter: unfortunately police only have limited description of the suspect, man, 5 feet 10 inches tall, between 20-30 years old, dark complexion, possibly driving 2,000-20024-door sedan, dark gray colored ford taurus. if you have any information, you should, again, call police. reporting live outside police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. right now coming up on 5:33. we want to get traffic and weather together. >> happy election day everyone. weather looks like it will cop rate very nicely for us, as you hit the polls here today or just hit the road to get to
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work and school. all things considered, nice day for early november standards. here is a live look, our center city studios, over south philly, "skycam 3", a-okay, no worries, beautiful view, with all of the light of course of the night sky, and down here at the grounds. meanwhile, let's take a look at storm scan3, do you have just few little speckles evergreen firing up here, don't worry about that, verifying any raindrops on the gown, just moisture starting to move n when we look at this larger picture, you have got warmfront lifting in from the south. and off to the north. so dow think you're eventually looking at more sunshine as the day goes on. tomorrow that is followed up by very weak cold front. that's where the speckles of green are coming from, actually where the cloud cover is coming, from as well. fall foliage pretty much full swing, the peak of foliage happening as we speak, and we're going to continue to see some beautiful colors here for another week or two before it starts to go by the wayside. so now the good excuse to enjoy it. if you are lucky enough to maybe have scored a day off today, looking for something to do, that would be great excuse to go check out some of
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the leaves. fifty-three the current temperature at the airport, into 409's, out toward allentown, wilmington, dover, the basic story here, though, is that it is going to be a milder start to the day. but still cool enough that it requires the extra layers. so watching for just few clouds, as the polls open up here really in the next 20 minutes or so. 47 degrees, or so, around philadelphia, give or take depending on your location, and we expect that the daytime high hit about 67, later on, so nice and mild for the standards on this election day, but we mention the rain earlier on, looks like it will return to the forecast by thursday. and when it does return, it is going to come in with a bang. we'll talk more about the timing on that, vet tore crashes coming up little later in the show. >> at least get good leaf peeping in today. you can go vote and you can go peep some leaves then get your pumpkin spice. like the perfect november day. >> there you go. >> good morning, everyone, looking at the schuylkill expressway, no delays in either direction. notice 76 eastbound and westbound, moving well. now, which side is which? well, if you are traveling on
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the westbound direction, notice these headlights here, taillights would be your eastbound side. so no major delays right now, not only around this area hereof university city, traveling around south street, traveling within your western suburbs, it is the whole straight line where you look great. same thing goes traveling 309, this shot here right at ft. washington. making your way to and from the pa turnpike, again, straight shot. no delays. no problems. if you are traveling any of our majors, in pa, jersey, delaware, your high ' high up into the 50's, if you are traveling however on the pa eastbound between norristown and ft. washington, we do have construction zones out there, compromise ago lane or two, so just be minds full of the guys and gals in the hard hats as they continue to try to make that road little safer for you. also, construction project northbound side of the boulevard near rhawn street, traveling throughout the northeast, ukee? >> campaign 2014, the candidate stop talking and the voters get the last words. pennsylvanians pick a governor. on election eve, gop incumbent, tom corbett, went
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from one ends of the state to the other, reminder voters why he deserts respect four more years, up against democratic challenger tom wolf who has run his family business for about three decades. >> might want to reduce property taxes. i want to reduce the corporate income tax. i want to create a fair personal income tax. i do want to put a 5% severance tax on natural gas. >> but the more the people take a look at the consequences, the positions of each side it, comes down to one thing, taxes. and we know that. you snow. >> the commonwealth of pennsylvania has 8.3 million registered voters, but the experts are saying, less than half are expected to vote. >> across the rest of the country, all eyes will be on few key races that could determine control of the u.s. senate. nine battleground states are up for grabs. seven of which are currently held by democrats. if republicans win at least six, they would take the majority in the senate. early polls show races in george, a louisianna, colorado, will be titan could end in run-off elections.
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>> now, as soon as the polls close, we'll have hourly update here on cbs-3. then cbs news will have special election coverage, starting at 10:00. and we'll update all of the local races on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. your time right now is 5:37. in business news this morning, how one restaurant is convincing diners to talk to each other. >> and how honeywell is trying to get their workers healthier. money watch's jill wagner talks to us up at the stock exchange in new york city. hey, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika. people who work at the company honeywell will have to undergo some health screenings, like cholesterol checks, or else face a financial penalty. a federal judge denied a request from the equal employment opportunity commission, to block honeywell's new health programs. the company says that it is testing workers, because those who eat a healthier lifestyle shouldn't have to subs dies the healthcare premiums for those who don't. well, here on wall street, all eyes are once again on
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alibaba, the chinese e commerce giant will report its first quarterly earnings since going public in september. alibaba stock is up 7% since that historic ipo. so that means, the company is valued at more than wal-mart. >> the dow finished down 24 points yesterday after opening at a record high. the nasdaq finished eight points higher. well, like we can add k-mart and sears to the list of retailers, which are opening earlier than ever this thanksgiving. k-mart will welcome holiday shoppers at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. stores will then stay open for 42 straight hours, an hour longer than last year. sears will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving, two hours earlier than last year. and restaurant in iowa is rewarding customers for actually talking to each other during dinner. sneaky's chicken and in sioux city, giving diners 10% off their meals every wednesday night if they hand over their phones. the restaurant says this all started as just a temporary
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promotion, but it was so popular, they decided to continue it. and i'm so on board with this. i love the idea. ukee, carriy? >> oh, a hundred percent. i like the name, too, sneaky's chicken? >> sneaky's chick never iowa. >> sneaky's, all right. thanks, jill. appreciate it. >> well, happening today, nfl running back, adrienne peterson expected to be in court. sources say co-reach a plea deal in his child abuse case. indicted by texas grand jury any september, you may remember, after he admittedly disciplined his son with a switch. trial tentatively set to begin next month. phone a deal is reached today, his career in the nfl is still up in the air. >> conflicting report this morning, about notorious killer your and van der sloot. his wife said he was seriously hurt after getting stabbed in prison in peru. how much, prison official denied the charges. calling van der sloot's wife a compulsive liar. van der sloot serving 28 year
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sentence for killing peruvian woman. also the main subject expect in the disappearance of natalie hal way in and rube a. >> latest suspect to get tag, tounges wagging on the internet, sean cory's video after arrested on halloween. they say that choir attacked a man dressed as fox news anchor with a tennis racket. now, cory is feeling some heart for his model like likes, compared to the guy on the left, there jeremy peaks, you may remember him, his mugshot lit up social media earlier this year. >> our time nowow 5:40. we are getting our first look at the late paul walker's final film. >> we have a sneak peak at the new fast and furious movie coming up in the word. plus: >> a morning in day care almost turned fatal for one year old girl. i'm cleve bryan. how years of cpr training came in handy when it mattered most. >> and, whatever happened to getting rewarded for good sportsmanship? why those run remembers punished for helping an injured competitor.
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$10,000 rewards for
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carlesha free freeland-gaither's return. picking governor and delaware voters are select ago senator. the jackpot for tonight's mega millions drawing is $321 million. mega millions is played in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, and 40 other states, if you play, good luck to you. right now, 5:43, we want our traffic and weather together. katie, how are we looking today. >> today very pleasant. expect high pressure to hang on for one last day. you can tell by looking here at storm scan3, definitely cloud cover to work w few little speckles every gwen that you see sort of developing here, right across the new jersey and new york state border. and that's just our warmfront, lifting north, so we've actually got two separate systems essentially that we're tracking in the next couple of days. that will be bringing us our weather pattern here. trying to zoom it in one more time, there we go. so, what i want to show you two, separate pieces of energy, warmfront, lifting north, the cold front draped
5:44 am
back then developing area on the tail end that far. that's what will eventually affect our weather the most, come thursday. so here's how it all shakes out. high pressure still in place today. get bright sunshine, look like beautiful day. jump to wednesday off northern planes, this starts to fizzle, look at that, just completely dissipates, into nothing, and we're really just left with some clouds tomorrow. so today is nicer of the two days, just because tomorrow's casino every cloudy. but it is a dry day. thursday, though, here we go. here comes that next system. brinking in what looks to be some pretty stealth i pocket every rain, as early as 4:00, 5:00 in the morning there is may be with us for the better part of the day. rounds every rain, probably thunderstorm embedded specially with the colds front passage. that's happening by thursday night. so, that is what goes down on thursday. meanwhile, here is how it feels right now, that can be better gauge of what you want to dress for, it is very modest wind, but enough it is feeling like the 30's, this
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morning, up at the mount pocono area, feeling like the low 50's, though, basically what it reads on the thermometer in atlantic city, at philly, at trenton, where you have pretty light win. quick check on the school day forecast, got to give this one a-plus, beautiful out there today, mild for the standards, plenty of sunshine, then thursday is the day of the next seven that i highly suggest some rain gear at the ready. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. haven't seen a-plus in a while, right? to not give an a-plus for traffic right now, because oh, oh, traveling on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound 76, weaver disable vehicle, it is blocking the left-hand lane, approaching the area of montgomery drive. take a look at headlights trying to squeeze on by. does seem to be tow truck or penndot vehicle, little dark to tell, is already a significance in the situation here. disable vehicle, eastbound schuylkill at montgomery drive. making your way from the roosevelt boulevard, heading into downtown philadelphia, is going to be little bit after squeeze, as a result of this. we will continue to keep you updated on. that will now, once you get to the vine st. vest way, no
5:46 am
delays in either direction. either eastbound, westbound, looking great. >> this shot around the schuylkill, look great around 95. now with that said, if you are traveling on 95, around the area of girard avenue, i would not be surprised if you were just feeling twinge of little something there, because the construction zone, same thing around cottman avenue, still speed censors nice and hi, everything in the green, not only pa but jersey and delaware. watch out for construction project northbound on the extension beyond quakertown, no delays at the airport. >> vittoria, thank you. square at south jersey day care when young girl suddenly stops breathing. >> "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter, cleve bryan, talked to the day care owner, who saved the girl's life. >> reporter: most essential service every any care keying children safe. but they had their skills put to the test last we are, one year old teacher noticed the girl looking sick. >> she was screaming something is wrong, something is wrong. >> owner melanie davis placed her on the grounds to assess the girl as the staff called
5:47 am
911. >> i let them know that the babe had i gun turning blue, they instructed knee begin cpr. >> holland said she has been certified in cpr for almost 20 years, but never who to use it. >> almost like riding a bike. you just kind of go into the motions of your training, at the time when it is needed. >> after several minute of chest compressions, and rescue breaths, judgesline started breathing again. >> oh, my god. it was awesome, the best hinge, what we wanted to see. >> her mother said she is okay now, appears she may have suffered a serial seizure caused boy high fever. >> thank you very much. i appreciate everything. >> new jersey law requires all day care sent verse at least two people that are pr -- cpr certified, but davis center says all of their staff is certified. something parent should think about when choosing a facility. >> make sure the day care facility has a certified staff. >> holland also recommends parents become cpr certified and cope close watch on their
5:48 am
small wish this they have fevers. in mays landing, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". isn't she darling? >> which thinking. >> before you walk out the door, we will get another check of traffic and weather together. we do it on 39's. >> and another break up for taylor swift. >> this time, though, calling it quits with spotify. why swift is pulling her songs off that site. >> ♪ >> not all bad news for t swift fans. we'll let you know when she is come back took philadelphia. time to get up family. come on, shake off those sleep iss. common, let's get going. ♪
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>> you can't blame the politicians if you do not vote today. polls open in new jersey in ten minute, open in seven in pennsylvania, delaware. katie has the forecast when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's coming up in just a bit. word is taylor swift's newest break up is all over the internet. >> and this time it has to do
5:52 am
with her music, no guy here. singer pulled her entire catalogue from spotify, popular on line streaming service. that will move could help boost sales over new albumn 1989. meantime, swift also announced she's going back on tour. tickets go on sale next friday. she will bring the 1989 world tour to the link next june. and you are getting a first look at the newest installment in the fast and furious franchise. universal studios just released its trailer for furious seven. it co-stars vin diesel and the late paul walker killed in the fiery car crash last november. while the film was still in production. the studio rework walker's final scenes for this one, furious seven slate today hit theatres early april, i believe it is, april the third. right now, coming up on 5:53. katie, loving seeing the 50's this time of morning. >> oh, yes, especially this time of year, little atypical, typically used to bottoming out the lower 40's, so to be in the mid 50's even at this hour, casino of big deal, and we will expect to seymour
5:53 am
sunshine to help warm things up even more so here today. so the time something good with the cloud cover. there is just a little bit of it out there. any of the little green speckles, don't worry about them, seeing more moisture content develop into the atmosphere, but i do expect that the sun will do its part to filter through any of the cloud cover, we'll end up with nice day. as of 8:00 a.m., so you're election day planner here, still cool enough to warrant a jacket. but we're expect to go hit the upper 60s today. so dressing in layers is key. we keep you mid 60s tomorrow, as well. today is the brighter of the two, even though tomorrow is dry, certainly seymour clouds building in. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, so do have update for the earlier disabling vehicle on the eastbound side of 76, right around the area of girard avenue. montgomery drive. the disable vehicle moved to the shoulder so good news there. you definitely had some residual delay as a result of this. folks just want to see what's going on, to the right of them. so just be mindful of just slight slow down again eastbound 76, as you make your way into downtown. the rest of the speed censors look pretty good. but things will change.
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stay with us. cbs-3 "eyewit
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>> act of good sportsmanship in minnisota this morning the story is going viral. during recent cross country race, freshman runner fell to the grounds in the final few meters. well, some would have kept going, those two runners from other schools stopped to help. they pick her up, and then all three crossed the finish line together. >> if i had fallen, took me from the finish, but i couldn't leave her there. >> i just got tired and i fell and it wasn't good. and then there are two girls that helped me. they helped me finish. it was really nice of them. >> now because of league rules, the act of kindness actually disqualified all three runners. but that did not seem to bother their teammates in the least. because we know they did the right thing. >> doesn't bother me either, i would have done the same
5:57 am
thing. >> congrats for them for doing. that will 5:56. today's midterm elections will impact your bottom line. finds out how, we'll all take a look at the bigig races coming up in the next hour. >> also, the video is chilling. a nurse is grabbed on a philadelphia street, and fors dollars into a car. while trying to fight off her kidnappers. we're live with the latest on the search and reward being offered in this case. >> and, wearable technology, all the rage these days, but not just for adults. see what is hot for tots coming up.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, family, thank you so much for waking with us, until the news, we would like to you take a good look at the surveillance video, it captures brave attack on woman walking alone
6:00 am
in germantown over the weekend? man you can see wrestles her to a car, then dis a periods into the night. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at philadelphia police headquarters, with more on that abduction. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning. a full investigation is now underway, into the kidnapping of this 22 year old woman, police say, they've gotten tips about this case, but so far, nothing has pants out. now, that is why they're offering this reward. and, as they continue to search, this victim's family is making a plea to her captor. >> just let my daughter go. whatever it takes, i don't care, just let her go. >> and bring her back safely, that's all, we just want her to come back safely. >> reporter: desperate plea from the family of carlesha freeland-gaither, why someone would take her. >> why her? and who can do such a thing? >> reporter: the 22 year old last seen just before 10:00 o'clock sunday night here on the 100 block