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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 7, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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rescue everyone inside, as you mentioned, one person, one man, was found dead, inside this three-story apartment building, on the third floor. now, according to officials, walker was found inside that victim's bedroom indicating he may have been disable. he was one of two dozen people, staying here, at the alliance of youth mission ministries, homeless shelter on north 22nd street. now, we are told the fire broke out on the third floor, again, inside that victim's room, at this point, fire department officials investigating if fire alarms were working inside that building, they've actually received some mixed reports, that indicate, they may have been turned off. but again that investigation still underway. it is also possible that this fire may have been caused by that resident smoking by that victim smoking there on the third floor. but again, we cannot fully confirm. we can tell you, 23 people were safely evacuated, they were taken to another shelter location. the board g house called the francis house, two we're told
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were also taken to the hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. but that is the very latest, two people taken to the hospital, one person confirmed dead. all in the 25th fatal fire, in year, in philadelphia. that's the very latest, live, we send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, nicole, thank you. >> also this morning, new video of kidnapping suspect, delvin barnes. >> the accused kidnapper has reportedly confessed while police are talking about how they found him and his victim. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is over at police headquarters, she has more for you. jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, late last night, suspected kidnapper, delvin barnes, moved to virginia where he is facing number of charges therefore a previous case involving a 16 year old girl. he is accused of kidnapping her, raping her, and he's also accused of attempted murder. if you take a look at the video, this is our first look at the suspect since his arrest on wednesday. you see him arriving here in virginia in custody. now, 37 year old delvin barnes
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was spotted when carlesha gate nervous up maryland three days after she was kidnapped after germantown street. police now say carlesha fought even harder to get away than we even originally thought. investigators say once thrown into the car she found a hammer inside, smashed out the window, attack her abductor, now resting at home with her family. meanwhile the investigation continues into her case, and whether barnes could be connect today any other cases, of course again he is facing those charges in virginia. police say in october, barnes hit a girl in the head with a shovel in that state, through her into the trunk of his car, then made her strip make before terrorizing her, also reportedly told that girl he had kidnapped before. as we learn more about his past, police are recalling how they got him off the street and rescued carlesha. >> at that time we announced you're safe, you're safe, we're the police. who are you? and what's your name? and we couldn't really under stands necessarily what she said. so then when we asked where are you from? and she said philadelphia.
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>> is that the moment you new? >> that was an incredible moment for all of us. so and we new that we had had her, and we had the right guy. >> now, "eyewitness news" sources say that barnes has confessed to kidnapping carlesha. no word yet on when he will return to philadelphia to face federal charges here. we are told that he was from philadelphia, had been arrested and convicted on assault charges here, actually under probation, in virginia, no word from officials there why he wasn't being supervised. reporting live outside police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> police got big break in the case, when they used gps to track the suspect's car. but isn't the type of gps most drivers are familiar with. "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan planes how the technology led police to their man. >> an estimated 2 million vehicles nationwide are equipped with what are known as starter interrupt devices. that was the type of device installed in delvin barnes
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vehicle, and law enforcement able to track him down because of it made by various manufacturers, devices contract the vehicle location and movement, and can also remotely disable the ignition, using computer or mobile phone. the device's are used by car dealerships and lenders, as a way to prevent people with bad credit from buying a car and skipping out on the payments. think of it as a virtual repo man. >> this is a way for a lot of the used car dealers have high risk customers, for them to keep track of the vehicle, and access it remotely if they need to, if someone is not paying their bills, this is a way for them to track it rather than have to track down repo man every time they need to get ahold an of a car. >> starter devices installed in cars involving some prime loans. that's when your credit score is at or below 640. most cases the driver is aware of the device before driving off the loath, and the dealer should disclose it, but in some cases they don't. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan.
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>> we keep you to up date on the rescue of carlesha freeland-gaither and the investigation. you can find the latest developments around the clock, at right now, it is 6:35. let's get our traffic and weather together. 5:35, hi, kate. >> i yes, you scared a lot of people just there. my gosh, i'm hour late. >> my bad. >> we got up, don't worry, 535. looking at bit of transition day out there right now, guys. we can expect to see additional shower here on there, that's really the least of the worries more than anything, the wind that will start kicking in, the chill that will set until for us, and at the moment, what you do see here on storm scan3, just little bit of ground clutter, mainly midday that we will start to see any showers fire up here locally. here is a look at your actual temperature. it is probably going to feel anywhere from five to 10 degrees colder than this, any time that winds is blowing, and i can tell you just by checking on the feels-like values right before we came to air with this particular hit, feeling more like the 30's through the western suburbs, below freezing how it feels in the poconos, but, only about 5 degrees removed in
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philadelphia right now. but it still feels like 456789 so do you have factor that in and put on the heavier coat perhaps today. mid up ear's the best we can hope forment specking breeze to stick with us, in the wake of the system. more clouds out there, but, you know, at least going to see bit of sunshine, up in the poconos today, it is no better than low 40's, so chill, but at least starting to brighten up in the wake of the storm. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. something to look forwards to, celebrate the weekends. you can look forward to some great traffic conditions, right now, but stilt pretty early. looking at the schuylkill expressway, 76 right around 476, blue route, in either direction you will notice we don't have any problems, westbound making your way out toward king every prussia evening, then maybe headed even further east that far toward center city, will not have any delays at all, it is a breeze on all of the roadways. even take a look at 202, this is 202, right around 29. southbound, northbound commuting not a problem. around malvern, maybe headed out toward west chester, again, no delays.
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our speed censors are beautiful. they're high up into the 50's, on all of our majors, and no delays for mass transit. we head back to the desk. erika? >> vet tore crashes thank you. 5:37. business news this morning, we all wonder this: where can you get a house with a recovering dance floor? where? >> good morning, ukee, erika, recovering dance floor. who doesn't want that at their house? well, stocks open once again, in record high territory today for the second straight day. the s&p closed at an all time high yesterday, so did the dow, which jumped 70 points, the nasdaq finished 18-point higher. today, all eyes are on the government jobs report for october. economists expect the unemployment rate will hold steady, at 5.9%, surge in hiring in september had driven that jobless rate to its lowest level in six years. home depo meanwhile says its
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data breach was worse than first thought. the nation's largest home improvement chain says hackers stole 53 million e-mail addresses, that's in addition to 56 million debit and credit cards. the company revealed that information in september. but home depo says the hackers did not get emails passwords. the us postal service will deliver packages sundays in major cities starting on november 17th. and running until christmas. the postal service says delivery demands has grown as on line retailers ship more products to their customers. >> and, here it is. the most expensive house on the market in the united state. this massive mansion in beverly hills is 53,000 square feet, sits on 25 acres, the asking price, $195 million. who doesn't have that lying around, right? well it, has a recovering dance floor, a giant ballroom, and a garage, that fits 27
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cars. ukee, erika? >> you can buy your own island for that much. >> that's crazy. >> thanks, jill, appreciate t other news this morning, the retired navy seal who says he shot osama bin laden has come forward. roberto kneel appeared at an event last night in tennessee. earlier he told the washington post, he fired the fatal shots and two other seals also fired. o'neil's decision has sparked debate on whether special operators should talk about their secret mission. >> he sacrificed a lot in doing this. whether he is the real shooter or not, he's put a bull's ion his back that's bigger in a lot of ways than the bull's eye that osama bin laden had on his. >> o'neil told the washington post he decided to go public because he feared others would leak his identity. >> well, major news about not one but two movie sequels to tell b we have the words including announce. that will shocked many fans. >> also, he is a little bit country. who knew? president obama grabs the mike when some well known musicians
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perform at the white house. here is a classic song he decided to sing. this can't miss. as katie would say. >> that's right. and fighting the flu. find out why children should get the flu shot instead of the mist this year. that's coming up in the health watch. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 this woman says it cost her business deal, and the enemy was another woman. >> i mean, you feel like you're on the same team, then you're not. >> she's not alone. from jelousy to competition, cbs-3 examines the battles women face from each other in the workplace. that is tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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>> fire alarms may have been turned offer, and flames tore through just before 3:00 this morning. >> another headline today, new video of accused kidnapper delvin barnes, held without bail in virginia on atom upped murder charges. barnes is the man police say kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither from a germantown street last week. freeland-gaither was rescued alive earlier this week in maryland. >> septa workers could sign a new contract today. the deal includes a 5% wage increase over two years. six people in florida are rescued just in time after this boat right there catches fire and another boater rushes to help.
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it happened yesterday afternoon, island. witnesses say that the high performance power boat erupt intoed flames after a breach in the fuel tank. police say the boater spotted the fire, pulled everyone on board to safety, and then brought them back to shore, no one was injured. >> to chicago now, where plane made attributing i landing, watch this, o'hare airport. very high winds we're told. extreme weather grounded more than 50 flight yesterday, the plane descends towards the runway, appearing to land at angle there. winds in chicago reached 35 miles per hour yesterday afternoon. and, another ten landing in one in canada. you can see sparks flying as the plane lands on it bell any edmonton last night. the pilot made an emergency landing, after realizing one of the planes tires blew out. three of the 75 people on board were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> 5:43 right now, it is friday, which means it is trivia friday. >> oh, here we go. >> indeed. we will sort of bring it back down to the basics of
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atmosphere this particular trivia question. so, here's the quan dray, my friends. what is the most abundant element in the earth's atmosphere? is it, a, hydrogen, b, nitrogen, c, aragon, or d, oxygen? now, i forgot who won last week? who want to go first? >> i'll go first. >> okay, go ahead, ukee. >> he's got -- >> former biology teacher, at west philadelphia philly high school, i'll go with b, nitrogen. >> b, nitrogen. and you, sir, would be correct. >> you're just a a really good guess err, that's what i'm coming to. >> oh? guesser? oh, it comes down to that? >> we can see defeat the rest of us, well, all right. we got to get a tally up. you have been winning so many of these lately. i'm not quite sure where you stand yet, but we will finds that out on the "cw". >> a lot, katie, a l.
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>> that sums it up. >> storm scan3, here we go. we do actually have secondary frontal boundery forming on the heals of the main piece of energy, that brought all of the rain yesterday. so we do still have some wet weather activity here, the leading edge of which is generally out toward the allegheny's and the appalachians, eventually see couple of midday showers roll through. but notice, this is still creating enough cold air that you have got snow falling across northern maine main. now a little too early at this point still for us to see any kinds of the white stuff, any mixing take place, but we will start to see that chill settling in here with time. high pressure in place for us, as we go forwards in the forecast, tomorrow, actually, looks real nice. but it is chilly, low 50's, at best. and then we've got another whimpy cold front will cross through, maybe a touch off a sprinkle, most of you dry, but i want to throw it in as a possibility. more than anything, sunday will feature couple of more clouds than anything, but still mid 50's, so your eyewitness weather seven day for cast shows it well, sort of like 54 degrees sandwich with 51 snack dab inbetween and some sunshine, looking
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ahead to monday, tuesday, eagles game should be fine but chilly. tuesday really looks like the mildest day of the pack for veterans day a lot of parades happening. looks like the nicest day we'll get here in terms every temperature. by wednesday, another blast of cool air is set to move in. so, that may brings us a shower, but also going to send temperatures on downward spiral once again, vet tore crashes to you. >> starting to think for trivia we should have brackets so we can get a chance -- >> not in the winner circle for once. >> either way. >> not even a chance. >> i'll start. good morning, if you are traveling out and about on any of the majors, still beautiful ride. take a look at the ben franklin bridge, no delays making your way into philadelphia or head in the toward new jersey, both sides of the ben, and really all of our bridges, are beautiful this morning. even take a lock at the roosevelt boulevard. we get down on to the highways, no delays northbound and southbound, just yet. still pretty early, 5:46. so usually don't see that big time rush happen until about 6:15 or so. so we're waiting on it, juan that said, waiting for these speed censors to drop.
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right now they're at 55 miles per hour, still watch out for the closure 262nd street as result of earlier fire location, been extinguished for quite some time. still 22nd and toronto closed that intersection, so 23rd would be your best alternate. also, still have some flooding lingering from yesterday in delaware. so owing he will town road closed at august gust that drive. route 273 would be your best alternate there. don't forget when on the road you can always get updated information about traffic backups in your area or any area with the new your drive app. you can download the app for the iphone or android by going to drive. ♪ tell me what's the word ♪ >> and the word of the day is force, as in the force awake glens that's the title of the new star wars film just announced disney tweeted the title that principal photography is complete. now, fans still have a long way ahead of them for the seventh film in the sci-fi
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saga. the project not set to hit theatres until december of next year. >> also, hey, speaking of sequels, get ready for more buzz, woody and the rest of your favorite toy story gang. disney just announced a fourth installment of the animated hit catching a loft fans off guard. the toy story franchise is already made almost $2 billion at the box office. look for this toy story movie, toy story four in theatres june 2017. well, jay leno returning to late night. this time, to help another host say good-bye. the former tonight show host will be craig ferguson's final guest on the late late show. ferguson will ends his ten year run as host on december 19th. and you can catch the late late show, right here, on cbs-3. >> well, president obama takes his minds off tuesday's rough midterm elections with some music.
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>> commander in chief, salute to the troops. a performance at the white house. the spectacle featured performances from willie nelson, marry jay blige, of course, plenty of american troops were there, as well. but how about that? president obama singing on the road again. >> that's great! great job, great crowd there. great group of performers right there on the stage of before you walk out the door, katie has another check of the chilly weekends forecast. we will de traffic and weather together. we do it together and it comes up on three's. >> plus, add caused outrage on the internet. victoria secret did quietly change that perfect body campaign. see what they're calling it now, that's coming
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>> it is almost the weaken and it will be a chilly one. katie updating your forecast, that's coming up in just a bit on the three's. >> right now, on your health watch this morning, new research shows that a nasal spray vaccine may not protect young children against swine flu. cdc says astro zeneca flu mist has little or no effect against swine flu in children last winter. spine flu was the most common bug making people sick last year, but because this year's version is the same, the agency says, it is possible that spray's not going to work. it is not clear why officials say the spray will still protect against other flu strains. >> researchers at the center for tobacco products, says cancer-causing agent, about the same in cigars and
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cigarettes. the number of people who smoke cigars had more than double in the last decade. >> victoria secret makes changes to ad campaign that caused a uproar. altered the slowing on on this photo to read a perfect body for every body. the previous ad that initiated the outrage, featured those same slim models with the tag line: the perfect body. victoria secret has not commented about the change thus far. all right, right now, 5:53. hoping for perfect forecast. what do you think, kaley? >> generally can't guarantee that. we are expect to go see at least a residual shower out there today, more than anything, i think you will notice it is chillier, and it feels chillier, because we've got more after winds kicking in. but you will at least see some sunshine today. obviously storm scan3 not completely emptying out. some will survive as it crosses in our area, just couple of lingering showers. 49 degrees, your current temperature at the airport, little chillier, the weekends
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as a whole, is kind of on the same par here, with temperatures will find today. but brighter and we expect more sunshine, but it is a coal one, high no better than the low 50's, vittoria? >> thank you, kay i i -- 422, still pretty good shape. traveling in the eastbound direction right around the area of 29, you still have good amount of space inbetween the vehicles here, and only few vehicles out there, but, as you're watching us right now, if you plan to leave pretty shortly, i would anticipate a little bit of volume starting to build, in that eastbound direction, the same as i would anticipate little bit of southbound volume on 95 at girard, but volume on 95 at girard, but stay with us, whole lot more
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reliability, is now an american thing. introducing the all new chrysler 200. america's import.
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>> we are live with update on breaking news, deadly fire at homeless shelter. and there are conflicting reports about whether or not the smoke detectors were working. also, new information about the manna cured of
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kidnapping a philadelphia woman. hear what his former father-in-law has to say when we come back. good morning, see
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>> at least one person has died in a far at north philadelphia homeless shelter. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. now, there are conflicting reports this morning, about whether the smoke detectors were working. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now at the scene on 3,000 block of 22nd street with the latest information. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, one person is dead, 23 others displaced, after fire tore through this building, you see behind me, up on the third floor of this boarding house. it is with the alliance of youth ministries, here on north 22nd street. now, officials tells us that
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the male victim may have been disabled because they actually found a walker inside his bedroom. now, they're investigating, whether or not cigarettes sparked the fire, and if the smoke alarms were actually turned off. >> we located an adult male, on the third floor front of the apartment. and at this time we still are trying to discern whether or not the alarm system was working. we've had mixed reports, some people say the alarm was working, some say the alarm wasn't working. >> and with 25 fire fatalities so far this year, fire commissioner derrick soar says fire is everyone's fight. he says that he wants the public to be cautious, especially as we approach winter. he is saying as these cooler temperatures arrive, people really need to go doing any sent of what's happening inside their homes, and of covers, never turnoff the smoke alarms. that's the very latest live here on 22nd street, we send it back to you in the


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