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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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disabled because they actually found a walker inside his bedroom. now, they're investigating, whether or not cigarettes sparked the fire, and if the smoke alarms were actually turned off. >> we located an adult male, on the third floor front of the apartment. and at this time we still are trying to discern whether or not the alarm system was working. we've had mixed reports, some people say the alarm was working, some say the alarm wasn't working. >> and with 25 fire fatalities so far this year, fire commissioner derrick soar says fire is everyone's fight. he says that he wants the public to be cautious, especially as we approach winter. he is saying as these cooler temperatures arrive, people really need to go doing any sent of what's happening inside their homes, and of covers, never turnoff the smoke alarms. that's the very latest live here on 22nd street, we send it back to you in the studio.
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>> and nicole, another fire breaks out at west philadelphia highrise. smoke bill owed from the 18 floor of the west park apartments, on holden street. firefighters got the call shortly before 2:00 this morning, and had those flames under control about a half hour later. it is not clear what cause that fire, good news, though, no injuries have had been reported. >> also, new this morning, woman is hospitalized, following this crash in southwest philly. police say the driver lost control and slammed into this building on 61st and osage, in cobbs creek. she was taken to the hospital for treatment of a head injury. police are investigating whether alcohol may have played a role in the crash. >> chester county's da seeking the death penalty in a case against a mother and her boyfriends, accused of murdering her little boy. thirty-one year old jillian tate and 23 year old gary fell endbaum, accused every killing scotty motorcycle mill inch inside their trailer in west caln township. police say her other son who was six was badly beaten but survived. scott had i been punched in the face and stomach.
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but the d.a. says that was just the beginning. >> he was surged with a homemade whip. he was lashed with a metal rod. he was tied to a chair and beaten. he was tied up side down by his feet and beaten. >> the man's wife who also lived in the trailer with their baby is facing child endangerment charges. she reportedly found the body and called 911. police though say that she could have intervened earlier. >> right now, coming up on 6:00 # three, it is friday, our forecast for the weekends. >> generally transitioning into quiet pattern here. but cool across the delaware valley. so it is enough to warrant a heavier coat this morning, i would say, any time the breeze blows, especially as right on cue, it starts to blow my hair out of place. we'll feel little chillier. lets me take you out first and for most to storm scan3, had ground clutter reporting, to report here, at some of the radar site. no raindrops at the moment.
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but when we zoom it out, put things into motion, you can see that there is still some residual wet weather to deal with here. and it is going to come through in just the form of some lingering showers, generally around midday for most every out but moves in northwest to southeast. again, nothing more than just quick little shower here and there. >> here's where we stand right now, more of the most part, into the mid four's, as is represented in philadelphia and atlantic city, all the few oddballs out in mount pocono, a loft times one of them, northwest breeze kicking in, too, and manic tell you just from my own personal experience, right here, on the skydeck, that it does make it feel chillier. generally you can probably knock a good good solid five to 10 degrees the value, that's how it feel, those are the values as we show you here, that you are going to want to be dressing for, feels more like the 30's across the lehigh vale, mercer county, trenton, more like 309's there, as well, even feeling like below freezing up in the poconos courtesy of the breeze. so that's probably the more
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noticeable factor of the forecast here today. you are going see at least little sunshine. we expect to top off around 54 at best, but, again, with the winds, it is not going to feel like 54 degrees, vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, so still traveling on all of the majors, traffic wise, i really don't have too much to talk about. let's get outside, see how you're doing, just give you live look at the conditions. if you're traveling on the vine st. expressway, beautiful ride in either direction, no delays eastbound, head today 95, no delays westbound, making your way toward the schuylkill expressway. so it is still excellent out there. as we continue, we are going to jump to the 42 freeway to show you that not only traveling in pa, still pretty good, but traveling in new jersey, one thing i am noticing on the northbound of the 42, starting to see few more vehicle jump on the road, and i would definitely imagine by about 6:15, that's when we really start see a good amount of traffic. if you are traveling on 95, starting to see a slight southbound slow down around girard. traveling on the rest of the
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majors, speed sensors still high up in the 50's, watch out for this accident in the northeast clause g rhawn street, colt manure best alternate. >> vet tore crashes thank youment feds pressing charges against accused kidnap here took his victim philadelphia into maryland. however, first stop in court is virginia. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live now at police headquarters to tell you more. jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning. "eyewitness news" sources say this suspect has contested to carlesha's kidnapping. meantime he has been taken to virginia on other charges in a previous case. >> take this stuff and go home. >> go home. the only words to reporters, as kidnapping suspect, delvin barnes, arrived in virginia overnight. he is facing a number of charges therefore allegedly kidnapping and raping a 16 year old girl last month. and because police say he told that girl he had kidnapped before, investigators are now looking into whether he's connect today other cases. >> we will go through our
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missing persons file, see if anything even remotely fits as a possible. we do know one thing, we not rescued her, the outcome may have been quite different. >> carlesha gator was found alive, three days after police say barnes kidnapped her off a germantown street. they were spotted in jessup maryland after federal agent there tracked the suspect using a gps installed in a car he had recently purchased. >> there was a plastic bag that had been placed over the rear passenger side window which we new fit the description from the philadelphia from the philadelphia abduction. >> carlos leash an in the back seat and still distraut found herself to identify herself to police. that will was the highlight of their carreers. >> where are you from? she said philadelphia. >> is that moment you new? >> that was an incredible moment for all of us. >> meanwhile the investigation into carlesha's kidnapping continues. police now say she fought even harder to get away than originally thought. investigators say, once she was thrown into that car, she found a hammer inside, smashed out a window, and attack her abductor. she is now resting at home with her family philadelphia
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police making good on their word. >> i promised i was going to get her daughter back. >> now, barnes once lived in philadelphia where he was arrested and convicted on a number of charges, including assault edge active probation in virginia, but while supposed to be under supervision, he allegedly committed these crimes, no explanation yet from officials. reporting outside of police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, new re this is morning from delvin barnes' former father-in-law. barnes served # years in prison for 2005 assault on his estranged wife and her family in philadelphia. court records show barnes beat and choked his then wife, punch her mother in the face and hit her father in the head with a glass bowl. >> you get this thing inside you when you meet somebody for the first time. most of the time you can tell whether you -- this person is okay or not okay. and that's what i got with
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him, something ain't right with him. >> the former father-in-law called the newest allegations haunting, but said he knew it was only a matter of time before barnes would strike again. stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep you up-to-date on the rescue of carlesha gator and the investigation, you'll find the very latest at while there, by the way, also sign up for breaking news text alerts. happening today, members of transport workers union local 234 are expected to approve a new two-year contract with septa. that deal would give workers a 5% wage increase, over the life of the contract. if the agreement is rejected union work letters strike at 2:01 a.m. monday morning, but again, that likely will not happen. >> happening today, president obama meets with congressional leaders for the first time since the republicans won the senate in tuesday's midterms. speaker of the house, john boehner, and presumptive majority leader mitch mcconnell outlined the gop goals yesterday in the wall street journal. they include completing the
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2,000-mile keystone xl oil pipeline and repealing obama care. >> our job is to make the american people's priorities, they don't like obama care, i don't like it. it is hurting our economy. you know the president said i list toned what happened tuesday night. really? >> can't wait another two years or another four years -- >> the obama administration the president will work with republicans, not at the expense of his core principals. >> your time 6:09. the navy seal who killed osama bin laden finally comes forward. hear from whim when wee come back. >> terrifying day on the job for tv news crew when they ends up becoming the story, see what happened after a murder suspect carjacked that news truck. and then went on wild ride. >> and, a suspicious roadblock on the jersey turnpike. see why the driver would not stop when he saw the orange construction cones. we'll be back. >> ♪
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>> hope fillly that rain has gone away, even if it hasn't, hey, it's friday. you made it this far. katie has your forecast. vittoria has your roads for when you we come right back. >> ♪
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>> two pilots killed after army national national guards helicopter crashes in idaho. chopper on training mission when it went down about 2 miles away from the basin
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boise. the two pilots were the only people on board. well, now just bizarre story out every australia. a news cameraman came face-to-face with a man wanted for attempted murder. photographer peter spear says he called police on the man twice. but in the 30 minutes it took them to respond, that suspect add today his crime spree, he pulled a gun and carjacked his news van. a camera mounted in the suv captured the crash, that ended that chase. the suv slammed into a gas tank, and then the police moved in, taking that suspect into custody. >> wow. all right, 6:13 right now, we want to get our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody, nice wide zoom on storm scan3, shows retreat now thankfully of the storm that brought us decent amounts every rain yesterday, and certainly was mostly an all day event. now it is basically pulling away, and still currently brinking in some pretty decent snow, i might add, across northern maine. on the heals of this, still see left overactive at this, just secondary frontal boundery that has form in the wake that far system. so probably going to still be
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left with lingering shower, mainly around midday, but you can see already the leading edge tail end of the loop here already starting to creep in toward central pennsylvania. so, you know, the further northwest you are, the more likely you'll see it maybe before the noon hour. we walk you through future weather though, here you go, noontime frame, shower will fire up. there are supports that won't see drop of rain. so you don't need to i can take the umbrella today. just be ready for maybe few raindrops you might have to flick off the windshield wiper around lunchtime but even toward 4:00 p.m. dollars models still suggesting could be lingering sprinkle out there. then we clear outment then the chill sets in. if you have got perhaps a friday night football game that you are hitting up i would suggest a nice heavy blanket, cup of cocoa, pair of gloves, not the worth idea being lack where we bottom out. early morning low, 35 degrees, factor in the freeze it, will feel that much colderment weekend looks pretty good. 51 degrees tomorrow, yes, chilly, sunniment come sunday, back to the mid 50's, with some clouds, i can't rule out a sprinkle, no huge deal there, looking ahead to monday, tuesday, we actually
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get chance to pull out of the worse of the chill here. we should hit the low 60s by tuesday. vittoria? >> thank you, katie, so much. you know, we were pretty quiet all morning, do have an incident to talk about in the northeast section of philadelphia. this is actually right not too far away from duncan road by the cvs, dunkin donuts on the corner or in a shopping center rather. very serious accident at rhawn and tabor. so if you are traveling in this area, notice the crush of vehicle here, it is closed making your way around this area. now if you are trying to get through the northeast, you can always use cottman avenue as an alternate. you have to go around the five-point area and cut through fox chase. so definitely want to keep that in mind. again, rhawn street closed at tabor of the best alternate cottman avenue right at duncan road, cvs right on the corn he, give yourself more time. also still watch out for some of the rush hour delays, bubble up, so on the westbound side of the schuylkill, city around, touch around conshohocken, also on 95 south
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out around girard, even around cottman. so traveling out of the northeast is going to get a little sticky right now, and only bound to get worse. if you are traveling northbound i-95 not awful just yet. no delays for mass transit. we head back to the desk, ukee? >> vet tore yack thank you. breaking news this morning, officials investigating a deadly fire at north philadelphia homeless shelter, they say the fire alarms may have been turned off. another headline today, new video of the accused kidnapper delvin barnes, held without bail in virginia on attempted murder charges. barnes is the man police say kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither from a germantown street last week. now, 31 year old jillian tate and her boyfriend, 23 y year old gary fell onbaum accuse the of killing scotty motorcycle mill inch inside this trailer in west call on township. police say her son, who is six, was badly beaten but survived. we'll be right back.
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>> the flyers and avalanch, bean the maple least in a shoot-out last night. flyers also won last night, over the florida panthers. sean's first period goal put the flyers up one-nothing, and they kept up the offensive pressure all night long. don't even know if lionel richie was in the house, though, jake voracek had a goal tied for the nnl lead in scoring, beat the panthers four to one your final score. nicely done. the philadelphia union's interim coach expected to get the job for good, later today, jim took the union to first cup final. but criticized a bit for
6:20 am
failing to make the mls playoffs. the union went seven-five and six under his guidance last season, congrats, coach. >> monday look to go increase lead in the ffc east, mark sanchez will be under center for the birds match up with the cam newton carolina hurricanes, the canes have lost three games in a row. now the eagle beat the texans last week with sanchez taking over at quarterback after nick foles' injuries. go get them, fellows. >> bengle roll to victory in cincinnati. browns are in first place tie with the pit burying steelers, in the nfc north, good to have eagles football back on mondays, been a while since they played. >> no kidding. >> let's get it on. >> 6:20. apple sere new competition, coming up meet al election a see how she meets your
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family's needs inside your home. >> fire deared the first when he saw orange cones and the man walking towards him on the jersey turnpike. now the dash cam video is going viral. find out why the roadblock wasn't what it seems. when we come back.
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>> 6:23, let's get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody, very happy friday, being sent your way here. we are expecting much more sunshine than what yesterday produced t would be hard not to beat that here, because we didn't see any sunshine at all. but, today, is going to be chillier day. that's what you'll really notice about this forecast, actual air temperatures generally speaking into the mid 40's, but, knock a good five if not 10 degrees off for those values, any time the wind blows, expecting mid 50's at the height of the day, but there will be a clearing sky later tonight to allow the temperatures to drop right
6:24 am
back down, so, for beasley's friday football frenzy game of the week, the clear skies are there, but it will be a chilly friday night football forecast, across the board here at. meanwhile we take you into the upcoming weekend pretty quiet overall, few more clouds sunday, maybe just little sprinkle here and, there but overall we have quiet weekend coming up, and it will be cool out there. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, so full swing rush hour, we are now within it, as we approach 6:30, if you are traveling southbound on 95, you will see a lot of brake lights headed out of the northeast, so from approach coat man, down through the vine st. expressway, slow, find brakes as of right now, but still generally going to be delayed the entire lent. give yourself more time. ninety-five, no problems just yet, but northbound 95 usually see delays in delaware county so maybe just prepare if that's where you are headed as well, so drop down to 20 on 95, till in the 40's on the schuylkill expressway, but not everywhere, westbound 76, seeing that pocket form, approaching city avenue out through to belmont.
6:25 am
and watch out for this accident in the northeast, fox chase section, closing rhawn street at tabor, cottman avenue your best alternate. >> vet tore crashes thank you. and trash it -- arbitrator, whether to reinstate ravens running back ray rice. rice's two day appeals hearing wrapped up yesterday in new york. the league's increased rice's suspension from two games to inch deaf net. this after video surfaced of rice assaulting his now wife jena in a atlantic city casino elevator. >> league officials claimed rice was not truthful about the incident in previous meetings. >> fed he had hit jena, punishing a player twice for the same offense, that would violate the league's collective bargaining agreement. >> minnesota patient attacks nurse was metal bar. happened over the week edge, but police just released the video late yesterday. they say 68 year old charles logan fled after the attack
6:26 am
and then died after officer shocked him with a taser and arrested him. logan had been initially hospitalized for confusion. it is unclear what prompted that attack. eight nurses were injured, one suffered a collapsed lung. well, it sounds like something of urban legend, man driving alone, down a darkened highway, comes across a roadblock and a shadowy figure. dashboard camera shows us it was all too real. he was coming local from work after midnight monday morning, he saw the orange cones blocking lanes of the new jersey turnpike near jersey city. describes what happened next. >> he walk over to the car. as a good samaritan, give them the benefit of the doubt. you never know what will happen. reached into his pocket. i knew something was going down. so i left. >> called 911. new jersey state police arrested two men for setting up the fake roadblock. the incident is still under investigation. >> that is so scary, though, dark night, you don't know if you should stop for the guy. >> very dangerous.
6:27 am
florida family gets surprise this their backyard. >> rita sanchez saw monster alligator. check the guy out. walking through a field in cape coral, now she was in the safety of her car. wildlife officer estimate full grown gator that just ate a big male. he said gators are known to walk through neighborhoods in search of food. he adds that a male gator can grow up to 15 feet, and female, up to 10 feet. >> wow i've been down there, i never saw anything that big, i used to work in fort myers right near cape coral. my, see them on the golf course, but nothing like that. >> and cruising through the neighborhood? and he had just eat answer big meal. >> hello. >> we don't want to know what that was. >> coming up, the navy seal who killed osama bin laden speaks out. that's next. >> also, breaking news right now, liver on the scene after deadly homeless shelter fire. nicole? >> that's right, erika. one person is dead, 23 other displaced. we'll tell you why investigators say the fire
6:28 am
alarms may have been turnoff. we're live from the scene. coming up. blah and -- >> n mat arrives in virginia to face more serious charges, and new this morning, his former father-in-law is talking about his past. >> vittoria and katie return, they've got traffic and weather together on the 3's, back in two minute.
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>> fire at homeless shelter in north philadelphia, has left one person dead, and fire officials are now investigating reports that the smoke detectors may not have been disable. let's get you right out to "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer. >> on 39,000 block of north 22nd street. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. took about 15 minutes to place this fire under control, sadly, there just wasn't enough time to save everyone inside, as you mentioned, one person was killed, inside this fire, 23 other, displaced, all after fire errupted inside the third floor bedroom, here at the alliance of youth mission ministry, the board g how the here on north 22nd street. officials say that male victim may have actually been disable, because they did in fact finds a walker inside his bedroom, and now, officials are investigating whether or not cigarette may have sparked this fire, and if the alarms were tampered with. >> we still are trying to discern whether or not the
6:32 am
alarm system was working. we've had mixed reports, some people say the alarm was working, some say it wasn't working. so l and i come out and check the alarm system. also reports that the alarm was turned off. >> and, again, that's all being investigated, as we speak. twenty-five fire fatalities, so far this year, the fire commissioner, derrick saw err, says the fire is in fact everyone's fight, up g the public to be cautious, especially, as we approach the winter season. meanwhile we're told two dozen residents displaced by the fire, they were taken to francis house, which is another shelter here in the area. but that's the very latest live in north philadelphia, we send back to you in the studio. >> all right, nicole, thank youment the retired navy seal who says he shot osama bin laden has come forward. roberto kneel appeared at event last night, in tennessee. earlier, he told the washington post, he fired the fatale shots, and that two other seals also fired. o'neil's decision has sparked debate on whether special
6:33 am
operators should talk about their secret missions. >> he sacrificed a lot in doing this. whether he is the real shooter or not, he has put a bull's ion his back, that's bigger, in a lot of ways, than the bull's eye that osama bin laden had on his. >> o'neil told the washington post, he decided to go public, because he feared other would leak his identity. >> all right, right now, 33:00, on your friday morning. katie, how is it looking outside? >> looking pretty good to start the morning off. at least bank on little more sunshine than what we saw yesterday. not hard to beat yesterday. i mean, we really didn't see any sun at all. it was so dreary, but this looks better, doesn't it? you have light waves lapping up on the shore line here, outside beach patrol headquarters, clearly cloud cover off in the distance, eventually going to see another round of showers roll through here, many of you not going to see one drop of rain, but the reason for this just a wrap around frontal boundery on the heals of yesterday's system. you can see, most of that moisture actually already starting to fizzle, but the moment it is still over central pennsylvania, so, main
6:34 am
little time basically to arrive here. here's how it feels when you walk out the door. i think the most notable part of the forecaster, the chilly breeze starting to set n so our actual temperatures, for the most part anyway, are into the mid 40's, but here's how it feels. these are the temperatures to be using as a gauge for what you want to dress as when you walk out the door. i would say heavier coat good idea. but we take you through the rest of the afternoon here, we do expect mid and upper 50's, just shy of seasonable in most spots here, up toward the mountains, no better than low 40's, at least with little sunshine, but again, you will be dodge ago few raindrops here and there. vet torrealba ya? >> right now dodging few delays, we have a lot going on, it is 6:34, and we're definately seeing the rush. let's get outside in just a second, but first talk about rhawn street. now, we have closure, this is in the fox chase section of philadelphia, rhawn street, at take err. it is really duncan road. right at the intersection, see cvs, and also a shopping strip
6:35 am
mall full will in the same intersection there. so, we're dealing with an overturned vehicle, it is now uprighted being towed away from this accident scene. but still dealing with this closure so cottman avenue is your best alternate. try and do your best to maneuver through the neighborhood as well. we take a look elsewhere, now going to the roosevelt boulevard. if you are traveling northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, do have accident at the ninth street intersection do, have police, on scene, as well as an emergency vehicle, it seems that this vehicle is blocking the left-hand lane of the outer drive. so this accident is affecting the inner drive and outer drive, spec rush hour declares on 95 southbound into the city and the schuylkill in toward your western suburbs. >> thank you, man who allegedly kidnapped a philadelphia woman and took her to maryland is facing federal charges. >> now we know more how investigators tracked them down. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at police headquarters with the latest information, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning, well, late last night, after being arraigned in maryland, suspected
6:36 am
kidnapper was taken to virginia where he is facing number of charges therefore previous case involving a 16 year old girl. there he is accused of kidnapping her, raping her, also accused of attempted murder. this is our first look at the suspect since arrested on wednesday, see him there arriving in virginia, in custody, and he is 37 year old delvin barnes. he was spotted with carlesha just three days after kidnapped off a germantown street. police now say carlesha fought even harder to get away than originally thought. investigators say once she was thrown into that car, she funds a hammer inside, smashed out the window, and then attacked her abductor. she is now resting at home with her familiment meanwhile the investigation continues into her case, and whether barnes could be connect today any other cases, of course, again, he is facing those charges in virginia, police say in october barnes hit a girl in the head with a shovel in that state. through her into the back of his trunk then made her strip make before terrorizing her, he also reportedly told the girl that he had kidnapped
6:37 am
before. and as we learn more about his past, police are recalling how they got him off the street and rescuing carlesha. >> at that time we announced you're safe, you're safe, we're the police. who are you? and what is your name? and we couldn't really understand necessarily what she said. so then when we asked: where are you from? and she said philadelphia. >> is that the moment you new? >> that was an incredible moment for all of us. we new we had her and had the right guy. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" sources say barnes has confessed to kidnapping carlesha. it is unknown at this time when he will return to philadelphia to face federal charges here. now we're told he once lived in philadelphia, was arrested, and convicted on number of charges here, including assault. he was supposed to be on active probation supervision in virginia, but while he was supposed to be on supervision, he allegedly committed these crimes: no explanation at this point from officials. reporting live, outside police
6:38 am
headquarters, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> meanwhile, police say eyewitness to that kidnapping was crucial in solving the case. duane fletcher was walking up green street in germantown when he heard carlesha freeland-gaither screaming for help. fletcher immediately called 911 and gave police a description of the abduction and the get-away car. >> no, i'm just glad she's good, i'm good, you know what i mean, just rough couple every days, even though i don't rough, you know. >> now, police credit fletcher for cracking this case. philadelphia police detective tell us "kyw news radio 1060", that he thinks fletcher should get the $47,000 reward for information in this case. and, stay with "eyewitness news", as we stay on top of the rescue of carlesha freeland-gaither and the investigation. when you're not near a tv go to while you're there you can also sign up for breaking news text alerts. ukee? >> erika, this is just unbelievable video. six people pulled to safety
6:39 am
after their both catches fire off the coast of florida coast guard says the 40-foot cigar both erupt intoed flames thursday afternoon. another boater spot that fire, and prank into action. and it was just in time. as they rescued the men say they had just jumped overboard. >> i thought at any moment first thing, thing was just going to blow up. >> could have been obvious lay lot worse. boats replaceable, rebuild them, so we can build another one. >> authorities believe the fire started from a break in the fuel tank. more than 400 gallons every fuel burned for hours. fortunately, no one was hurt. erika? >> over to chicago now, plane made tricky landing at o'hare airport and some very high windment look at the screen here, looks like the plane landing sideways almost. extreme weather grounded more than 50 flights yesterday. the plane descended towards the runway, appearing to land at an angle. win in chicago reached 35 miles an hour yesterday afternoon. >> talented pilot. and in canada, another emergency landing sparks flew,
6:40 am
it was a flight operated by jazz aviation and air canada regional air carrier. aircraft spokesperson says the pilot report add mechanical problem, and there were reports of blown tire, or faulty landing gear. >> well, imagine being inside your home in just voicing a command for information? just voicing it. coming up we'll introduce you to the voice that's giving apple srie some competition. >> major grocery store chain in our area closing for good leaving thousands without a job. >> and it wasn't a touchdown nora interception, it was this four year old girl that was the highlight of an nfl game. brought the stadium to tears, when we come back.
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>> soon o less place to go to save on grocery. bottom dollar food is shutting down. parent company of the low cost grocery chain has sold its 66 locations to ailed i. bottom dollar foods says stores will remain open though until the ends of the year. this news left many shoppers surprised. >> they are closing all the bottom dollars? oh, this is a god grocery store. >> at least to the ends of the year to get used to it, but i wish they would stay open. i do like the produce. >> the prices are great. their produce is great. and i do save money when i come here. >> bottom dollar's 2200 employees will receive severance pay.
6:44 am
>> our time 6:43, here's your traffic and weather together. katy? >> ukee, would he head on out, check in with couple of most recent reports coming in from you guys, the eyewitness weather watch err network, actually start things off snack dab in the center where 44 degrees is the temperature, being reported by joe o'connor, actually reporting here from harleysville, pa, sent in real fun picture here, where you still have some clouds, a sliver of sunshine here on the horizon, so that's generally what you will find here. still, a little sunshine, but there will be clouds around, and we will talk about some potential for more wet wet near second here. first we head out to sailors burying, keith, one of the gold star reporters in the morning, here, so 43 degrees, it is a chill start, you've got a modest but noticeable breeze, checking in here, generally out of the west northwest at 11 miles per hour, then across central new jersey, to mark, another one that sends us reports every morning, and we love it, chatsworth, pa, light winds, 45 degrees, cool start out that way, as well. let's take you next to storm scan3, we've got to talk about the wet weather issues here
6:45 am
today, not talking about anything super major out of this, but, you can tell, that there is still lingering moisture, this is actually secondary frontal boundery, that has developed in the wake of the main piece of energy. soap, this is just going to help rush nerve risidual shower for you here so poconos could pick up something sooner than ever. next week big old head up, blast of "cold war" creeping in, sends our temperatures on little more after nosedive. so on this evan flow pattern, for the next couple of days, and chilly but quiet weekends overall. maybe sprinkle sunday, no huge deal overall the next three days are just little on the cool side. and because we do still need people to join our team of eyewitness weather watchers, see your name up there on the boards sign up right now, head to for all of the details, vittoria? >> good morning, so we still have incident that we need to address, traveling on the roosevelt boulevard, and of course a big old beautiful
6:46 am
tree, which is blocking incident scene, no laughing matter, ninth street on the roost develop boulevard, at the intersection, of the roosevelt boulevard. dealing with a accident in the northbound direction, compromising out outer drive where you will notice a vehicle blocking the left lane here. but also, compromising the inner drive, as well. so, northbound roosevelt boulevard at ninth, just watch out to do a little maneuvering at that point. also, traveling on 95 southbound, delayed out of center city or excuse me out of the area of northeast philadelphia, down through to center city, your speed censors are really dipping down, into the teens, 16 miles per hour, and you're going to start to feel that delay, around academy, and it will continue all the way down through to the vine. thirtieth what you are traveling on the schuylkill, delays westbound approaching boulevard out through to gladwynn, 55, 476, and still are dealing with closure in the northeast, rhawn street at tabor, cottman avenue your best alternate, but are in the process of clearing this out of the way. we will keep you updated, ukee? >> updating breaking news this morning, authorities want to know if fire alarms were turnoff, before a deadly fire
6:47 am
at north philadelphia homeless shelter. the flames swept through the 3-story building on north 22nd street been 3:00 this morning. >> we have have new video now of accused kidnapper delvin barnes. barnes being held in virginia on attempted murder charges. those charges are unrelated to the kidnapping chance he face in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither in germantown last week. >> septa workers are expected to approve new contract today. the two year deal includes a 5% wage increase. >> well, amazon has created futuristic computer for your home. take a look at the oak owe. it is essentially a speaker connected to the internet, then answers to thousands of voice commands in question. you can also stream from music services and echo will even give you the news. right now, amazon is only allows people to buy the device by invitation. it retails for $200 or just $100 if r already have an amazon prime subscription. and more good news for prime members, amazon is
6:48 am
extending his free two day shipping to other websites. the company's vice president made the announced, and first agreement is with all saint, british fashion retailer. amazon prime launched back in 2005. it cost $99 a year, and also gives you access to a netflix style library of streaming movies, and music. >> on the hell watch this morning, possible break through for those trying to quit smoking. taking owe mega three capsules significantly reduces the craving for nicotine. that is according to new study by the university of hafa. forty-eight people who smoked at least ten cigarettes a day were part of this study. after taking five owe mega three capsules per day for 30 days, they reduce their smoking rate by average of two cigarettes per day. >> how about that? powerful show of support and strength in since that the. >> i daughter of biennales player help donate more than $1 million to the fight against pediatric cancer. as don champion reports, the four year olds girl is battling the disease herself and undergoing treatment here
6:49 am
in philadelphia. >> little lea stills stole the spotlight during last night's nfl game between the bengles and brown. >> thank you, lea. and devon. >> fans cheered on as the four year old presented check for more than $1.3 million to help fight pediatric cancer. her father, ben as defensive tackle, devon still, watched on proudly. >> i haven't seen my daughter smile this much in a long time. >> the game marked the first time lea's been healthy enough to see her father play since she was diagnosed with stage four pediatric cancer. >> i'm ready for today. you ready for today? >> her battle documented on social media by her father, lea's undergone surgery and chemotherapy in philadelphia, she flew to cincinnati for the big game wednesday night, and immediately ran into her father's arms. >> the courage she shows me, nothing short of prince
6:50 am
rational. >> during the game, strong under his eyes, fans held signs and wore still's jersey. the money donated thursday was raised by sales every still's jerry? a lot of the credit goes to her, what i am ' doing is easy, just talking about her story watch she is doing is the hard part. >> a fight that will continue on saturday, when lea flies back to philadelphia for more treatment. >> don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". how about that? devon out of delaware, went to howard tech, born in camden with penn state. spent a lot of time here. >> what a great guy, all that for his daughter. what a fighter. >> great reception last night indeed. in the words this morning, is strong with this next story. word is the latest chapter in the star wars saga, finally, gets a name. >> yes, announced, the force awakens, sent fans buzzing on line yesterday. disney tweeted the title along with news that the principal photography is complete. fans still have long wait ahead of them for the seventh film in the sci-fi
6:51 am
sequel. not due out in theatres until next december. well, the toys are back in town again. disney caught a lot of fans off guard by announcing toy story four. the toy story franchise already made almost $2 billion at the box office. look for toy story four to hit theatres june 2017. >> i lover these announcement, but, i mean, waited so long. >> feeling g you little bitment speaking of toys three, new toys are headed to the hall of fame. >> rubic's cube one of this year's unductees, that's not easy toy, we all know if you tried. also inducted at the ceremonies yesterday in rochester, new york, bulbs, okay, and little green army men. anyone can nominate a toy for the honor, but his final decision is made by historians, educators, and others. >> is can you plunge in there? >> would -- >> did you ever play ker hunk plunk? can't say i have. >> we'll be right back.
6:52 am
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>> we have sunlight out there at this hour, guys, if you want to get out the door, you will need to have your heavier coat ready to go, at least might even think about taking your sunglasses with you. much brighter day by comparison, here's where we stand right now generally mid 40's, wildwood, smidge milder, and mount pocono, you're always the oddball out, flight
6:55 am
38 degrees, but knock good five to ten off the values. that's how it feels. that's what you want to be dressing for when you walk out the door. so, that said, despite bit more sunshine, we are going to see a shower fire up sort every residual, behind retreating system from yesterday. because breezy, cool, we gave up middle of the road c here for your school day forecast, storm scan3, while it looks active, ground clutter, do have some clouds at the moment down the shore, but brighten up nicely we put things into motion on storm scan3 over most of the delaware valley, but you can see, some of the wet weather actually verifying as some showers waiting in the wings. there it is. basically central pa issue but will be an issue for us, very minor issue granted but lingering shower by about midday. vittoria? >> you still have lingering delays, on almost all of our majors that would you usually see rush hour. as we take a look at 95, 95, right around girard avenue. southbound commuting out of the northeast down through to the vine, it will be slow, a lot of this volume around the
6:56 am
construction zones every both cottman avenue and girard opt going to grow thicker now approaching the 7:00. if you are traveling 422 eastbound notice sun glare off toward dollars root side of the screes. -- screen, that will be affecting your commute, eastbound 422 delayed trooper downed toward 202, 21 on the schuylkill expressway again 13 on 95, no delays for mass transit. let's head back to the desk. >> most parent. >> -- >> reese is he tans not limit today human. >> zoo keep fresh china, par that is don't want to take their medicine, sugar or not. they resist the handler's best efforts, when he tries to pin them down to get the medicine in them, my goodness, may have been think the wrestling is fun, because that's what they do, theories. >> i i said, no i don't want it. >> take he will him. >> you can tell at one point
6:57 am
the panda hiding behind him. you don't see me here! >> that's great video. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> music makes it that much better. >> love that song. >> all right, next on cbs this morning, bob chief err on 60 years of "face the nation". >> now to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports, we're keeping it live, keeping it local on your "cw philly" station. happy friday, family. hope to see you in a bit.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday, november 7th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a superstorm halfway across the world that could plunge nearly 250 million americans into a deep freeze. the man who claims he killed osama bin laden breaks his code of silence. now his fellow navy s.e.a.l.s are breaking theirs. plus a little girl fighting cancer steals the show during "thursday night football." first we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is going to take over all of the united states. >> millions of americans brace for a deep freeze.


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