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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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for vicious a attacks, on his then estranged and now former wife, her mother, and father. we're calling amber to protect his daughter's identity. >> most of the time you can tell, a bad person is okay or in the okay and that is what i got from him. something ain't right with him. >> reporter: fearing violence from barnes all three family members got these protection orders from the court but records show they could not stop barnes as he first a attacked anthony's daughter in a violent home invasion. the defendant engaged in forceable sexual intercourse, jumping on top of her, hitting her in the face, choking her, placing the comforter over her face demanding sex telling her he would stop beating her if he removed her clothes. for his crimes, records show, barnes, served the maximum on a four to eight year sentence, released on probation in november of 2013. >> what about the three strikes you are out thing, i mean he got the a the lot of
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strikes, what is he still doing walking around in the streets. >> reporter: anthony believes had barnes received a tougher sentence nine years ago, carlesha and a second woman in virginia he a allegedly attempted to murder, might have been spared. >> if he has the time he supposed to have got when my daughter, these wouldn't have to these young ladies. >> reporter: these court records tell how anthony and his wife also became victims of barnes violence when they tried to protect their daughter. we will have more on that when we join you at 6:00 live from the sat center i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you very much. stay with "eyewitness news", we're following this investigation in the abduction andathath
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even more disturbing. >> in this case the defendants intentionally avoided anything that would have raised a a red flag. neighbors tell us they didn't let the kids play out identify so nobody would see the bruises. the older brother, was taken out of school for the last two weeks. >> reporter: across the street neighbor j oann mind even hall is still unsettled she had no idea scott and his six year-old brother were living there and let alone in moral
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danger. >> i wish i known there were children in the trailer but i didn't. >> there's hope in jesus and is there an opportunity to find comfort in if they are looking for that. >> reporter: at gateway church mcmilan's death will be mourned alongside another sudden loss in chester county that of jusenda miller a mother of two and fitness instructor at brandywine ymca where she was shot and killed by her estrange boyfriend dennis castle in a murder suicide. now, the vigil here will be begin at 7:00 o'clock and go until 7:30. and mcmilan's neighborhood, it will start at 7:30 and go until 8:00. the the public here is welcome. we are live from chester county i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thanks very much. get ready for a week ebb chill. cold weather is heading our way now. meteorologist kathy orr ventured outside to the dark sky deck with more on what we can expect for this weekend,
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kathy. >> it is chilly out here, chris. temperatures in the 40's and 50's but with the wind, gusting towards 30 miles an hour at times, it is feeling much colder. beginning to feel more like winter. you know we cannot stop it. take a look around the numbers. in philadelphia 50. north and west look at the blue indicating colder temperature, 41 in allentown. forty-seven in reading. thirty-four in the poconos, and going down into the 20's overnight tonight and a few flurries there to the south and east, we have some 40's as well. we will talk about the cold, that is going to be sticking around, state college only 39. pittsburgh 36. and that will be very close to our low tonight. wind gusting to around 30 miles an hour this philadelphia, 28-mile an hour gustness wilmington, gusting to 28 in millville and slowly we will see these wind subside. the cold air coming across the relatively warmer waters of the great lakes producing lake effect snows in new york. some flurries making it into the poconos and we are seeing a few lake enhanced sprinkles
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towards the philadelphia area. those will give way to drying conditions every where but now through 8:00 p.m., winds will continue to gust and temperatures will be falling into and through the 40's. coming up we will talk about the coldest morning of the season, and it is knocking at our doorstep literally. sixty's before a cold blast. i'll have that later for you with your three day forecast, kate will be along with the seven day, later coming up in the broadcast. we'll you then. >> kate, thanks. in north philadelphia a deadly fire at a home, for veterans and home less youth is now under investigation. those flames broke out early this morning at the at lines of youth mission ministry building on the 3,000 block of north 22nd street. fifer fighters contained flames to one room on the third floor and that is where they found body of a man who may have been smoking. >> still trying to discern whether or not the alarm system was working, and we have had mixed reports some
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people say the alarm was working, some people say the alarm was not working so we will have l and i check the a alarm systems. >> twenty-four displaced residents were taken to the frances house and another local shelter. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. south jersey man is filing a lawsuit begins law enforcement officials a alleging that he was handled brutally during an arrest that left him paralyzed. new jersey reporter cleve bryan talks today to the man's family and to the camden county prosecutor's office. >> this young mandy serves to have answers. >> reporter: family of the xavier ingram blames camden county police for paralyzing the 21 year-old during an arrest in june. he remains hospitalized unable to move from the neck down. >> we are sitting by his side every single day. it is a lot to see somebody go from being independent to dependent on you just to wipe their eye. >> reporter: this video from camden's eye in the sky system shows ingram running from police after ditching a stolen gun.
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during the chase ingram appears to fall running across the street and that is handcuffs on the ground. is what unclear in the surveillance video is the extent of the contact between ingram and officers once he is on the ground. according to police his spinal injury happened on the fall to the ground, on his own by accident but ingram's attorney says that is excessive force after ingram was subdued. >> lawsuit that we recently filed for mr. ingram contend and claims that the officer's stumped the back of his neck. >> reporter: camden county prosecutor's office investigating referred to us a previous statement that said an investigation into officer conduct is ongoing but incident was captured own video and is there no indication of use of excessive force or police misconduct that might have contributed to his injuries. >> we don't believe that. it is a cover up. it is a cover up. there is no way possible. >> reporter: ingram's attorney is calling on the prosecutor's office to release more information and ultimately is seeking money to pay for
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ingram to receive 24/7 care for the the the rest of his life n camden i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a teenager wanted in connection with the sexual assault is behind bars tonight in darby. this is 18 year casem hill who turned himself into police earlier today after investigators obtain a warrant for his arrest. investigators alleged that hill lured a 14 year-old victim to his home and assaulted her. darby police say suspect called them, after the alleged incident challenging them to quote come and get him. members of the transport workers union local 234 are voting today to approve a new two years contract. septa officials and union lead's greed to that deal last friday and gives workers a 5 percent raise for the length of contract, if the union 5,000 members don't approve this contract, a strike could take place at midnight on monday, but we're told that is in the likely to happen. there is much more ahead
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here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 attacked on the job, we will show you more of this chilling video of nurses running for their lives from the violent attacker. plus local nurses explain to cbs-3 why it is sometimes so dangerous for them just to go to work. who killed osama bin laden? one former navy seal says he is the one who fired the fatal shot. more on his controversial announcement and why some are questioning his story, plus. oh, don't mind me i'm taking a picture with my
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on the healthwatch today, following up on an investigation we began in may nurses being a abused inside of hospitals, locally and around the country. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on this latest incident that happened in minnesota and we want to warn you, this is a violent attack. >> reporter: surveillance video from a minneapolis hospital shows a 68 year-old patient attacking nurse west i bar, pulled from the side of his bed. described as being delusional and paranoid the patient starts in the the nurses station and chases him into the hallway, hitting four of the nurses. >> two of them fell down in the hallway and they were repeatedly struck by the man with the pole. >> reporter: yes. >> nursing is a very difficult job. we experience a lot of work place violence and i believe it is increasing. >> reporter: patty eakins, president of the pennsylvania association of staff nurses say violence against nurses is a growing problem for our
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special report in may i interviewed several local nurses who had been attack. this right from a patient left one nurse with post traumatic stress. >> the hardest part for me was not feeling safe. it was hard to excellent another person would be capable of just that kind of violence. >> he was punching and scratching my arm. >> reporter: shawna was attacked by a patient. >> it happened on a regular basis. >> reporter: nurses are for for legislation to require hospitals to create work place violence prevention programs. >> it is hard for most nurses. some feel like they are working in a war zone. >> reporter: that pennsylvania legislation is still pending in harrisburg, in that attack in minneapolis, by the way, two nurses were injured, the patient who attacked them, died after being handcuffed, his cause of death has not been determined. you know, nurses told me in that special report i did it is not just patients who can be abusive, visitors also, a very dangerous profession for
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some people. >> not a good feeling to go to work afraid. >> never is. >> stephanie, thanks. good afternoon. we're going to start off things on the schuylkill expressway with a disable vehicle will, you can see, actually in the westbound lanes it is bright with all of the headlights heading in there but you can see them flashing right there pulled over in the left hand shoulder, shall is stop and go behind here and squeezing by to the right-hand side. this is schuylkill expressway at pennsylvania passyunk. heading westbound toward center city a area at this point you'll see small delays and brake lights on the eastbound side towards the walt whitman bridge. over on the ben franklin bridge things moving along okay, this is actually from the pennsylvania side, so, eastbound, excuse me westbound lanes heading over to the city right here. all lanes opened here and, and, heading in to new jersey, everything moving great there. as well. and for the rest, and, and,
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and 44 minutes, on the blue route heading southbound from the schuylkill expressway up into 95. now, set of down wires in delaware, terminal avenue completely closed at new castle avenue. expect police active on the scene. directing traffic around the area out in new jersey, an accident taking out shoulder on 295 southbound just at route 38. over in chester county another accident paoli pike at airport road taking out the shield there are as well. we will be squeezing wye to the left-hand side. mass transit great alternate. septa, new jersey transit and dart all running on time with in delays and no delays at philadelphia international airport. chris and jessica back over to you. still ahead, on "eyewitness news", it is ad that caused outrage on the internet, now victoria secret has change the perfect body campaign. e what they are calling it right now you. also a storm that is halfway around the the globe, could set an arctic blast to the u.s., some predict it will be stronger than super storm sandy, meteorologist kathy orr will tell us what it will mean
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for us, beasley. it is friday, that means friday football frenzy, we are at hairtan high school they host sun valley, senior night and we set match and go pro and talk about the birds coming up in sports. looking for one of these?
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get ready a storm stronger than sandy is sending the dreaded polar vortex back to
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the u.s. take a look at this shot from space already threatening to whip up 50-foot waves in the alaska. storm threatens to send a chill through millions of americans, mostly in the central u.s. in some areas of the country the temperatures will drop in the 20's and 30's. it could get cold even in florida. >> wow. >> we're talking about a massive disruption that will peak around november 13th to november 15th, but rippled through the the rest of november. >> the sudden change in temperature is called, remember this one, bumbo genesis, did i get that right. >> we will talk about that in the winter when we have a storm bomb out and pressure falls in 24 hours. >> right. >> we are talking about a 24 hour change in temperature getting rapidly intensifying, in 24 hours and that is what we usually refer to. >> these are our favorite expressionness weather, polar vortex, bumbo genesis. >> it is crazy but term pol air vortex has been around
5:20 pm
forever but it became popular last year and we will explain what that is and what it really be going on next week. lets take a look outside where there is no polar air around but it is just cold. we are looking at cold conditions, temperatures falling through the 40's in the poconos, and we're falling through 309's right now, a at jack frost big boulder and even a few snow flurries, believe it or the not, earlier to daze because of the cold, and the wind. here's what we're talking about when we talking about that polar vortex it is a mass of cold air at the poles, circulating the north pole, of course, right here and occasionally it dips a little bit further to the south. it gets displaced. and when we see a huge ridge building, in the east, or i should say to the west with that typhoon a trough builds in the east and allows that cold air to spill into the continental u.s. here in philadelphia, we're not going to be seeing any intense cold. this is what it is, these are the facts, it is a large circulation around the poles,
5:21 pm
stronger in the winter when we really talk about this and a piece of that colder air dips further to the south, in canada but the cold will continue to spill, into the u.s. so once again central plains will be the coldest as far as vision in temperature, we will get down to the 40's. we will see that in the seven day later in the broadcast. right now we are looking at very windy conditions in pennsauken wind gusting to 43. broomall the the same. new castle at the airport 41 miles an hour gusts, little creek at dover air force base, we are looking at a gust of 39. those are tropical storm force gusts. look at these wind coming across relatively milder water waters of the great lakes enhanced by our storm pulling away. we are seeing lake enhanced rain showers or sprinkles in the poconos and scranton. up 81. we are looking at a few snow flurries. fifty in philadelphia colder to the north and west. thirty-two and falling in the poconos. you can see some 40's and some 30's through the great lakes. so the weekend will be moderating with temperatures in the 50's and then next week
5:22 pm
we will be watching the cold air, coming down towards the philadelphia area, not tuesday but wednesday into thursday, where we see the the cold, real cold is still to the north and we will be seeing temperatures, below average but nothing really intense here. so far. overnight 34 degrees. that will be the coldest air of the ease on for tomorrow morning, 51 for your afternoon high. less win. sunday high of 55. monday by 6o it is seasonal for this time of the year. that is you're witness weather forecast, we will be back with that is you're witness weather forecast, we will be back with beasley and s
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it fridays which means or friday football game of the week and our featured game is hairtan high school hosting sun valley. it is senior night. i'm sure good time will be had by all here in the game. lets look at our cbs philly
5:25 pm
high school power rankings, still on top st. joes prep, lasalle, wood, st. joseph hammington, shawnee, i m hotip, charter, timber creek, camden, coatsville, and the haverford school. >> we will set this man match up in a bit. lets talk about the eagles. they have big showdown on monday night football against the panthers. now, ball security has been a problem for the birds all season, three more turnovers on sunday, they lead the league with 20. >> the the panthers defense is an opportunity seeking defense, they have 16 take aways, that is good for fifth best in the nfl, and, chip knows they have to protect the ball. >> es specially offensively we left a lot out there on the field. we have not had a game where we said we played a good football team and it has been clean. it is what we're stressing and working for. but at times too you have to give defense credit. sometimes they just make plays. it is not like our guys are
5:26 pm
serving them up. >> all right. we will set this game, talk more about the eagles, hear from the coach of hairtan high will school and more later on, a as we follow this big story entire game tonight. i'm beasley reese, for "eyewitness sports". >> all right, big night of football tonight beasley, thanks very much. we will see you later on. still to come president meets with lunch for congressional leaders, question is compromise on the menu. annex navy seal comes forward saying he killed osama bin laden why did he go public and does have a bull's eye on his back. look closely at this we will have the story behind this embarrassing miss spelling of the historical figure in philadelphia. new at 6:00 a ban on businesses? we will tell you why city leaders in one philadelphia neighborhood want to say no to shops like salons and
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i'm chris may. delven barnes the suspect in the abduction of carlesha freeland gaither could be back in philadelphia as early as monday. right now he is jailed in virginia, on charges, including attempted murder. well, candle light vigil is set to get underway in a chester county church as that community remembers murder er
5:30 pm
victim scottie mcmilan and jasenda miller. prosecutors say three-year old scottie was torture while miller was shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend in the murder suicide, kate in. some of the coldest air of the season working its way in our region tonight, temperatures dropping down below freezing in many suburbs, we're live for first fridays in olde city with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. it is currently 49 degrees. take a quick look, you can see temperatures will drop quickly, into the lower 40's. coming up tonight for first fridays you definitely want to bundle up. bring the coat, it is very cold out here. people have been walking by commenting on the chill. we will have your full seven day forecast in a few minutes, back to you. at 5:30 a former navy seal suggested another may have put himself in danger by claiming to have have killed terror leader osama bin laden. reporter andrew spencer has a controversy over competing
5:31 pm
accounts on the raid of bin laden's compound. >> reporter: former navy seal roberto neil works as a motivational speaker but one fellow former seal says. >> i wouldn't be any close to this guy. when is the real shooter or not he has put a bull's eye on his back that is bigger in a lot of ways then bull eye osama bin laden haddon his. >> reporter: national security analyst peter bergen does not think a jihad is would attack o'neill but his claim of killing osama bin laden does create another problem. >> his reputation, in the community, i don't know, him personally is not a very good one. it is not, issue first of all going out and being public about it and secondly there are people who are basically under cutting his version of events. >> reporter: reportedly part of the seal team which conduct the raid on bin laden's compound o'neill claims to have shot bin laden first in the head, killing him instantly but sources tell bergen a point man winged bin laden before he was shot by two other seals, whatever the truth, both accounts have rub
5:32 pm
many the wrong way. >> there was a day and age when silent professional was the person who did the job and didn't look for the glory. now what you have is classified information being used for power, by politicians and money by some of the guys that have gone and done this. >> reporter: on october 31st navy sent a letter to seals warning of judicial consequence for those who disregard their values and break their silence, quote for public notoriety or financial gain. i'm andrew spencer reporting. roberto neil revealed his identity to the washington post after it was published on a military web site, earlier this week. in ferguson, missouri they are bracing for a big decision from a grand jury that grand jury will deciding whether to indict officer darren wilson, in the august shooting death of an unarmed teenager michaelal brown. businesses in ferguson have been boarding up windows and doors in advance in case violent breaks out. both officials and business owners have canned for 48 hours notice, before
5:33 pm
prosecutors go public with that grand jury's decision. well, last person being monitored for ebola in texas has now cleared 291 -- 21 day quarantine period with no symptoms. that marks the end of the ebola crisis in texas. thirty-eight days after thomas eric duncan was diagnosed with ebola. two nurses who treated him became infect but both have since recovered. now that voters have given republicans control of congress, president obama invited congressional leaders from both sides to the white house, to talk about how to move forward. compromise was on the menu during lunch today, both sides talking about creating jobs but there are real differences over health care. keystone xl oil pipeline and immigration reform. >> the american people just want to see work done here in washington. i think they are frustrate by grid lock, they would like to see more cooperation. >> i have told the president before he needs to put politics aside and rebuild
5:34 pm
trust. >> president obama says he will use his executive authority to stop the deportations, republicans say that will kill any chance of congress passing immigration reform. this sunday marks the 60th anniversary of cbs's face the nation. cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer has moderate that had program since 1991. to mark the occasion, president obama will sit down with bob for his first post midterm election interview. the program will include a conversation with former president george w. bush. bob talked about when he lost his -- rather the former president talk about when he almost lost his father, president george hw bush, to machine. >> i kissed him good bye and i was convince that had was last time i would see him but i underestimatedded him. he had been under's mate add lot of his life and sure enough a year later or so he is jumping out of an airplane. >> don't miss this very special addition of face the
5:35 pm
nation with bob schieffer sunday morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. >> there are spelling mistakes and then there are spelling mistakes. >> especially when it comes to one of the most famous women in american history. our carol erickson explains from south philadelphia. >> reporter: sneakers over phone wires as philadelphia as billy penn still serving on town watch and that is as philadelphia as. >> schuylkill. >> old indian name that means. >> traffic cam. >> yes. >> reporter: all philadelphia as american flag, and the the local woman who sewed it. we look up to her, way up and say her name proudly. >> betsy. >> reporter: read it again. >> that is different. >> reporter: as different as italian and american flags, but besty lost it is, a major miss spelling on a sign post by someone but not by the city. here comes natalie she walks by every day has she ever
5:36 pm
noticed it in look above and tell me what that is in. >> betsy ross. it is spelled backward. >> reporter: backwards bestty selfie a must a after seeing the mistakes but that matt is also about to name. >> besty lost shall it is besty. >> reporter: typos in philadelphia or moyamensing and even shunk totally understandable but iconic betsy, reread that besty ross. it could be worse. >> good thing they didn't use a u, that would be interesting. >> what would that be. >> busty ross. >> reporter: cheap humor and it works every time on a serious journalist but no matter how a name gets spelled if they are still spelling it and talking but a couple hundred years from now. >> thinks like a selfie. >> reporter: with our besty. >> in philadelphia carl o or carol erickson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:37 pm
great story, carol. good afternoon everybody. 5:36. we will go outside and start off on i-95 just near 452 where you can see an accident taking out right-hand lane right here and right-hand shoulder, everyone is just a second ago was single file in one lane. there is a big backup beyond this point. this is northbound. headed towards blue route is where we will see most of this backup a and residual delay due to the accident that has been out there quite sometime. over in new jersey things jamming on at 42 creek on the northbound lanes so headed towards 295 or possibly heading out in the city, you'll hit some delays here from deptford up to this point heading northbound in the southbound lanes, moving along slowly there as well. rest of the majors still slow there schuylkill expressway eastbound, excuse me from the blue route in the vine street expressway, about a 44 minute trip there. forty-five minutes on the blue route if you are heading out bound from the schuylkill expressway up into 95. accident in the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at valley forge taking out right-hand lane there terminal avenue out
5:38 pm
in delaware completely closed a at new castle avenue. just take route nine as your alternate to get around those down wires. jessica, back over to you. >> jessica, thank you. honoring america's greatest generation, two world war two veterans living in gloucester county were recognized for their services during the war. paul capaso and ernest received the gloucester county military service medal at a ceremony today. two war hero live at the shady lane nursing home where two others were honored with the same medals in 2002 and 2003. still to come on "eyewitness news" more and more college grads are getting jobs that don't require a debring and for those with students loans to pay off that is a hard pill to swallow. three on your side's jim donovan tells us about this discouraging trend that students and their parents will want to hear about. his smile alone is enough to melt the ice on the rink of his favorite hockey team, up next see this eight year-old fist bump his way into
5:39 pm
internet fame. kate? it is one of the coldest nights of the year, temperatures dropped down into the 30's, we have not been this cold since last april, and that is not keeping people from olde city. take a a look first friday in full swing, galleries open, restaurants are opened, come on down we will have the forecast coming up when
5:40 pm
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employers added 214,000 jobs, the labor department reports that the unemployment rape dipped to 5.8 percent. despite increase on the number of jobs america is not upbeat because wages are stagnant. median family income in the u.s. has fallen now back to 1995 levels. while unemployment figures seem to be heading in right direction they don't always paint the full picture. >> numbers don't include people that simply stopped looking for work or those who are under employment. which is three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan found includes many recent college grads. >> reporter: evelyn got a full-time job after graduating from college with the degree in media studies, unfortunately it is not the job she wanted. >> i got stuck waitresses. >> reporter: she waits tables at nights and during the the day applies for media jobs but nothing has come through a lot of resumes, applying on line,
5:43 pm
and hearing that nothing back. very discouraging of a while. >> reporter: new survey looked at recent college graduates with the job like maldonado half are working in the field that does not require a degree. >> four in ten students say they don't feel college prepared them for the real world. >> reporter: career's michaelerwin says colleges need to do more to help students prepare for a career. >> academics has to work with business toss figure out what the curriculum should be so when these students do come out they are able to be placed in jobs that meet their skills. >> reporter: survey found graduates who majors in health care, science, technology were more likely to find work. students who applied for a job well before graduation were more successful and internships also gave new grads a leg up. >> i paid a lot of money for the degree and i want to put it to use. >> reporter: maldonado is hoping to find a job in her field to pay 40 you this dollars in student loans. now survey also found
5:44 pm
56 percent of college grads expect to make less than $30,000 their first year out of school. >> such a hard pill to swallow. you you are working doing everything right but making less and how do you ever pay them off. >> she has a media degree, she should have called me i would have told her. >> it is tough out there for some of these degrees good keep pushing. >> thanks, jim very much. >> we will be right
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after recent controversy victoria secret will change ad slogan. lingerie maker is swapping out the phrase, the perfect body, for a body for everybody. some customers were upset by the perfect slogan which appears to be thin models on the company's web sites. representatives from the company did not confirm why they decided to make that change. if you have been holding out, it is time to give up the ghost, grab that coat, temperatures are dropping and it is a chilly weekend. >> meteorologist kate bilo is with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab live in olde city where first friday festivities are underway. chilly first friday, kate. >> chris and jessica, it is chilly. i should not be admitting this given what i do for a living
5:48 pm
but i underestimated the chill. the wind out here. i wish i brought gloves because it is coal. wind making it feel a whole lot colder. we are live with the mobile weather lab. we have our weather watcher program up here. let's check with a few weather watchers. everybody reporting temperatures in the 40's. we will start with david mitchell in norristown he is reporting a temperature of 48 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. he says it is cloudy and cool, nice jacket would come in handy. that it would. maybe a winter parka of sorts. we will head over in new jersey, ron russell reporting 45 degrees in riverside. very chilly night there. as we head south here one more weather watch tore check with, kevin, in mulika reporting 45 degrees at the moment ape wind there gusting to 16 miles per hour. so it is chilly, just about every where. lets check in on the cbs-3 mobile weather lab where temperatures dropped 2 degrees in the past 20 minutes. take a look at the wind chill feeling four or 5 degrees colder then thermometer would have you believe at any given time. we have had a win gust up to
5:49 pm
six offer 7 miles an hour but those wind feeling strong out here. i showed you weather watchers program if you'd like to be a weather watcher sign up. it is easy. go to cbs a and that will allow to you join our team and end is us your live weather observations. speaking of the weather out here tonight it is first friday, but i'll tell you what it is one of the coldest friday nights we have had since april, and you can see on storm scan three the reason for that. we have cold win from the north and west, bringing in a lot, of shower activity. we have had some snow pellets reported here across the area i saw a few in center city and lake effect snow showers to the north and west as well. so, we've got win gusts, lets look at our peak wind gusts. that was the story. we have 42 miles an hour in reading. 40 miles an hour at the airport. forty in allentown. atlantic city as well. temperatures in the feeling all that great. it is 50's still at the airport just barely clinging ton that number. forty-one in allentown. thirty-three in mount pocono. that is cold, a and 43 degrees
5:50 pm
in trenton. tonight our forecasted low, 34 degrees. that would make it the coldest temperature we have felt here in philadelphia since april 16th of this year. it has been quite sometime and cold is here to stay. in fact it will be even colder as we head into next week. a as far as weekend is concerned it is chill ill but dry. temperatures in the 50's for saturday with some sunshine, and sunday mid 50's a few more clouds saturday night means tomorrow night won't be quite as cold as tomorrow night and on monday things recover nicely temperatures getting in the upper 50's with some sun. overnight tonight as we said coldest night since mid-april of last year. that guy is excited bit. 34 degrees is our overnight low. for your saturday lots of sun, very, very chilly though. we should be near 60. we will get to 51. take a look at you're witness weather seven day forecast it is cool but if you think that is bad take a look the the a the end of the forecast. we will start with the good stuff, sunshine through the weekend slow warm up, take a look at veterans day nicest
5:51 pm
day of the seven day by far. sixty-five the high on tuesday with some sun. wednesday, windy cooler as front comes through, thursday and friday that is when the real chill settles in highs only in the 40's and we will keep a close eye on next friday the chance that a storm comes up with cold air, could be the chance for rain or snow. we will have more on that as we head into next week. we are here live in old it i, 47.8 degrees on the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. is there 40 galleries opened tonight in olde city, stop in, you can per yous the beautiful art, such i great art scene here in philadelphia, people have been walking by trying to get in the galleries and get into these bars and restaurants for a hot cup of hot chocolate coming in as handy as well. from a blustery second street in olde city philadelphia, i'm meteorologist kate bail owe for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> enjoy kate, thanks very much. in less than one month from now this giant 85 norway spruce license covered with more than 40,000led lights.
5:52 pm
13-ton tree arrived at rocker feller center in new york this morning. as you know by now tree has roots here in pennsylvania, cut down from a farm in bloomsberg earlier this week. it will be lit during a ceremony for december 3rd. trending now fun times in outer space, take a look at this rid ohio from the international space station. a astronauts put a waterproof go pro camera inside a large bubble of floating water, that is cool and then they used to it record themselves. why? well, you have to entertain yourself somehow up there in space. >> very cool. >> everyone likes to see their favorite pro athlete show a little of their personal side and young fan in boston got a chance up close. liam fitzgerald a leukemia survivor who has down syndrome was invited to sit the on the bench during a pregame state. he got to fist bump players skating off the ice following
5:53 pm
the warm up and this video right here of young liam has gone viral and one and a half million views so far. >> isn't he cute. >> what a big day for him. >> what a big thrill. >> he will remember that. >> well done by the bruins. matthew mcconaughey blasts off into outer space and into theaters this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier up next matthew mcconaughey goes on a voyage to save humanity in inter stellar and young boy and robot joins forces to save their city in big hero six.
5:54 pm
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too...
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we're practically twins! robots come to earth and humans go to space that ups is up the box office, for this weekend. >> it does. kevin frasier from entertainment tonight has this sneak peak. >> this week matthew mcconaughey leads a mission across time and space to save
5:57 pm
earth in inter stellar and young boy teams up with his friend and cuddly little robot to save a city in big hero six. >> hello, i'm the program healed the sick and injured. >> bay max is a hugger, not a fighter but when city is under attack his young hero, gives his friend an upgrade to save the day. >> trust me, i necessity about robotics. >> we can be way smarter. >> improve science. >> yes, awesome. >> it noise really about them having magical powers, it business them using kind of their strength which is their science savvy. >> reporter: dame on wayan injury add ren tour big enough for the whole family. >> and inter stellar matthew mcconaughey takes on a seemingly impossible mission. to save mankind. >> i am thinking about my family and millions of other families. >> reporter: mcconaughey playing a father in the film
5:58 pm
resonate was his own hopes, dreams, and fears for his kids. >> it is a film that will be inspiring to not just him but a younger generation to see, the limits of mankind, how extraordinary and how far out there we can go just to fathom. >> reporter: for ann hathaway chance to play a astronaut was a once in a life time dream. >> i just felt like a kid every day. i felt like it was halloween every single day. >> we have worlds right in our reach. >> save us from extincts. >> we will find a way, we always have have. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier back to you in the studio. stay up to dayton everything happening in hall i wood with entertainment tonight, find it tonight and every week night at 7:30 here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 o'clock brand new information about the suspect in the abduction of carlesha freeland gaither, what our investigative reporter walt hunter has just found out about the past of
5:59 pm
delven barnes. plus a little will boy victim of heinous crime police say was at the hand of his mother and her boyfriend, were there warning signs? new details in the investigation, as a community comes together, to remember young scottie mcmilan, kathy? it is a blustery night but as win subside, temperature will plunge, we will have the coldest air of the ease on coming tomorrow morning, and that is not the end of this story, we will have more with the seven day. no more sol ans, laundromats or day care, we will tell you why leaders in one philadelphia neighborhood want to prevent certain kind of business from his opening. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right new. we begin at 6:00 o'clock with new information on the man, accused of abducting a philadelphia woman. details of the violent past, including one rick tim who
6:00 pm
says that delven barnes should have never been allowed on the streets. barnes remains jailed in virginia tonight but he is expect to return to philadelphia, in just a matter of days. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. barnes faces serious charges in both the abduction of carlesha free land gaither an an a attempted murder case in virginia. now we're learning even more about his criminal past. investigative reporter walt hunter first broke the news police found gate's live in the sat center tonight uncovering even more new, and disturbing details, walt. >> reporter: jessica, court records show accused kidnapper delven barnes viciously a attacked his former wife, her mother and father, nine years ago, almost to the day, one of those victims claiming that if barnes a had gotten a tougher sentence back then the crimes he is currently accuse had of might have been prevented. >> i hope that he spends the rest of his life in yale or give him the death penalty. >> reporter: we are calling him an tone


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