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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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says that delven barnes should have never been allowed on the streets. barnes remains jailed in virginia tonight but he is expect to return to philadelphia, in just a matter of days. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. barnes faces serious charges in both the abduction of carlesha free land gaither an an a attempted murder case in virginia. now we're learning even more about his criminal past. investigative reporter walt hunter first broke the news police found gate's live in the sat center tonight uncovering even more new, and disturbing details, walt. >> reporter: jessica, court records show accused kidnapper delven barnes viciously a attacked his former wife, her mother and father, nine years ago, almost to the day, one of those victims claiming that if barnes a had gotten a tougher sentence back then the crimes he is currently accuse had of might have been prevented. >> i hope that he spends the rest of his life in yale or give him the death penalty. >> reporter: we are calling him an tone toy conceal his
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daughter's identity his strong words for penalties about accused kidnapper delven barn charged with abducting carlesha gater from a germantown street driven by his memories of the beating court records show he received from barnes nine years ago. the suspect, who would then married to anthony's daughter, grabbing a baseball bat, producing a glass bowl and striking him in the head. >> something ain't right with him. >> reporter: these protection orders were issued in an effort to shield anthony his wife and daughter but records show they could not stop barnes who viciously assaulted anthony's daughter, who at the time was his estrange wife. the defendant engaged in forceable sexual intercourse, jumping on top of her, hitting her in the face, choking her, placing a comforter over her face telling her he would stop beating her if she removed her clothes. for his crimes, barnes received a maximum on the four to eight year sentence, released a after that on two years probation in november of
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2013. while on probation, he a allegedly kidnaped carlesha, and attempted to murder a a virginia teenager. >> if he is got the time he supposed to have got, with my daughter this wouldn't have happened to those two young ladies. what with three strikes you are out thing. he got a lot of strikes. what is he still doing walking around the streets? >> reporter: officialness virginia told us that barnes was on quote active probation supervision end quote at the time he is accused of kidnapping carlesha and attempting to murder that are teenager. beyond that they have offered no comment or explanation on how his conduct following release from prison was being monitored. live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. "eyewitness news" will continue to lead the way this story as the investigation unfolds. we will bring you developments on tv and on cb. we're following new information tonight in what has been a devastating, tragic week in chester county the the community there the georgia
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hering for a candle light vigil to remember two murder victims, one a three-year old child whom prosecutors say was torture. "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin much is live in parksberg with the details now, justin. >> reporter: yeah, chris that vigil is set to start in just about one hour. this all began after an outpouring of grief on social media, after the deaths of scott mcmilan and jasenda miller and now those mourners have a place to gather in real time here at the gateway church. at tonight's vigil gateway church pastor jonathan damon is expecting many mourners will come with one question: why? >> that is a big question, that is a big question. for tonight we would encourage people to come and just even ask those questions. god invites us to come to him when we have questions. >> reporter: asking what led mcmilan's mother and boyfriend to allegedly torture and abuse him so severely he died at their hands. neighbors would never have
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known. >> in this case, the defendant intentionally avoided anything that have would have raised a red flag. the neighbors tell thaws they didn't let the kids play outside so nobody would see the bruises. the older brother was taken out of school for the last two weeks. >> reporter: after mcmilan's case chester county d.a. thomas hogan says his office is fielding calls from across the country ranging from those moved by this story and others wanting to report suspected child abuse themselves. candles will be lit for jasenda miller the brandywine ymca fitness instructor gun down by her estrange boyfriend in the parking lot. she leaves behind two children. and, the vigil this evening is set to begin at 7:00 o'clock and go until 7:30. the the public is welcomed to come but if you cannot make it you are asked to express condolence on line on social media with the hash tag remembering scottie. we are live from chester county i'm just fin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> just continue, thanks much. new at 6:00 o'clock in delaware county, officials say the and at weekend activity. they are investigating the students in connection with the possible drug activity on school grounds. >> police in haddonfield new jersey need help identifying the people scene in this video vandal icing the school bus, this happened around 5:00 in the afternoon on tuesday. the bus was park near the department of public works on center street. police say that the suspects used skateboards to smash, the side door of the bus. anyone with any information on who those young people are is asked to call haddonfield police. lets take a look at the weather now, windy end to the week and get ready for a chilly change as we head in the weekend. kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at this colder forecast, kathy. >> with my winter coat in my gloves for the first time this
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season. we're talking about the coldest temperatures we have seen, in seven months getting down into the 30's every where and in the poconos may have dipped down in the 20's. right now we are looking at breezy conditionskwith those wind that will go light. temperatures are falling fast as skies are clearing in philadelphia 49, 41 in allentown. thirty-two in the poconos. wind are out of the west in allentown and reading at least 12 miles an hour. gusts are slowly subsiding that is good news. strong gusty wind have driven, some sprinkles toward philadelphia, and even some lake enhanced snow showers through northeastern pennsylvania. the gusty wind, will hang out to next couple of hours. a few sprinkles north and west and, falling in the 40's. coming up we will talk more about the coldest morning that is right upon us, 60's return
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but only as a flash. but it will be memorable by end of next week and, possibility of some snow in the forecast. we will talk more about the seven day later in the broadcast. >> one person is dead, 24 others displaced after flames break out in a home for disable veterans and home less used in north philadelphia. it happened early this morning at the lines of youth mission ministry building on the 3,000 block of north between the second street. fire fighters, found a man's body on the third floor where that fire started. investigators are now checking to see if the building smoke alarms were working properly. police in darby say 18 year-old casem hill is in custody in connection with sexually assaulting a 14 year-old girl. according to investigators hill turn himself in early this morning. officials say he called police after the allege incident challenging them to come and get him. now he is being held on $50,000 bail as he awaits a
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psychiatrice rally with ways. south jersey man claims that camden county police paralyzed him during an arrest, in a new lawsuit. twenty-one year-old xavier ingram of camden remains hospitalized and unable to move, from the neck down. there was a surveillance video of that arrest that shows in gram running from police in june after he allegedly ditched a stolen gun. well, during the chase he appears to fall and is then handcuffed on the ground. police say that ingram caused his spinal injury when he fell but ingram's attorney says it was caused by excessive force after ingram was subdued. >> the lawsuit that we recently filed from mr. ingram contend and claims that the the officers stumped the back of his neck and back. >> camden county prosecutor's office is investigating the case. they have referred us to a previous statement in which they wrote an investigation into officer conduct is ongoing but incident was captured on video ace there is no indication of the use of
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excessive force or police misconduct, that might have contributed to ingram's injury. 5,000 members of the transport workers union local 234 vote on whether to approve a two year deal with septa. it has been a week since septa officials and union leaders reached that deal. it will give workers a 5 percent raise for the duration of the contract. and union leaders are encouraging their members to vote yes. a strike is not likely. well, small business make up the core of many neighborhoods. >> so your city leaders hoping to ban certain types of businesses like salons and day cares in one section of philadelphia, still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will take a look at both sides of the debate. plus their dedication to our nation, can never be overlooked, we will tell you about a special honor for one group of local veterans. bestially? it is friday and that means friday football friend i our game the featured one of the week as voted on by you the the fan haritan high
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school hosting sun valley. it is senior night. we will also hear from jason avant former bird playing against them on monday night. is there more news after this
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a new proposal aims to revitalize one northeast philadelphia neighborhood business district by banning more than a dozen types of businesses. it is all happens in the city's mayfair section where "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers spent the day, finding out what i'm pack this proposal could have on log businesses. >> thirteen bucks and dominic promises a close shave. he is owner of hair wizards barber shop in the mayfair section of northeast philadelphia. >> i work hard for this. >> reporter: opening up a business like his in mayfair might be tougher on time soon. proposed bill in city council would establish what is called a zoning overlay that would prohibit certain types of business from his opening, places like hair salons, care lots, day cares over a does men total. it means they could open up their own shop nearby but building proposal is intended to be part of the broad redevelopment of mayfair one where streets are filled with more restaurant and higher end
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retail and less nail sal will on's. seth kaplan is chief of staff for northeast philadelphia state representative kevin boyle. he said higher rent businesses raise property values and quality of life. >> families will want to move into a community where they have everything. >> another part of the kaplan's argument is just about volume. they say for example the block it often sits on. on my right shoulder you can see car dealership and next door a hair salon. further down the street we have dry clean their sits right next to the used furniture store. in total four out of every ten businessness mayfair are the types of stores that would be banned, under this new zoning proposal. officials say that leaves little room for other industries to grow, dominic munoz disagrees. >> most people that want to open up their own business just want to do better for themselves, provide jobs for others. >> reporter: for now it sits in committee, whether it becomes law will decide if it remains business as usual, in mayfair. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". well, camden county now where today veterans got well deserved recognition for their services. freeholders from camden county honored those veterans, eight have of them received veterans recognition award while six received the camden county service medal. all these veterans suffered traumatic brain injuries or they held seven treat those who have have. >> it is perfect to celebrate our veterans, and, interesting around the country, historically speaking young people need to see what our veterans have done for this country, and, they need to understand, that without their commitment ape sacrifice that we wouldn't have democracy in this country. >> it represented all branches of the arm forces. >> dozens of law enforcement offices gathered at art museum kicking off 2014 fall festival torch run. this event celebrates the special olympics fall games. runners stopped at several spots, to pass the the torch on to other participants,
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until they reached the finish line at villanova university. the special olympics fall festival, runs through the weekend. windy, blustery, brisk, all of those word used to describe this afternoon and this evening and our eyewitness weather watchers have pretty much seen it all. falling temperatures, the big story, that is what kathy is reporting in win known a pressure 29.85 and steady and relative humidity on the dry side. looking further north and west it is 46 degrees. there you go, right now in collegeville, buddies saying a cool night across the region, sky is clearing and in trap. the cold your coming and it is certainly is coming. we have some very cold temperatures across the region, already. 41 degrees being reported in advantages villain doug say it is a clear chris being night right now. look at this beautiful november sunset doesn't get much better than that. if would you like to be a
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eyewitness weather watcher we would be happy to be join our team. eyes and ears around the delaware rally, sign up now at cbs,/watchers. we will share this incredible eyewitness weather video coming from bucks county, this is grabble, it starts off as a snow flake and then it reaches some super cool, water in the atmosphere on its way falling toward the ground, and what happens is, all these ice crystals surround that snow flake and snow flake become undistinguishable and looks like ice. if we saw any of this today it started off as a snow flake. it was cold enough, high enough up in the atmosphere to have snow. not at the surface however. we are looking at snow flakes through the the poconos, and through northeastern, pennsylvania, some very cold air coming across, the milder waters of the great lakes creating lake effect snow to the north and west. we have some enhanced, sprinkles, earlier this evening and now things are really dying dunn because the wind is dying down, thankfully. look at these peak win gusts
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to day and these are tropical storm force gustness reading, philadelphia, allentown, atlantic city and trenton gusting to 37 miles an hour. right new gusting to 20 miles an hour across the region. temperatures are coal in the 40's. thirty-two in the poconos going down in the 20's overnight tonight, 37 in cleveland, 41 this afternoon in chicago as you can see this cold air dipping in for the weekend, but more of that cold will be coming. forecast low, 34 degrees. the coldest since last april so it will be a very chilly start to the day. temperatures will rebound quickly. southeasterly wind will kick in with less wind, 50's will be tease event. same goes for sunday, by machine we will boost it up toward 60 degrees and then tuesday is looking fantastic. next week a different story, you may be hearing more about than a arctic blast or polar vortex. well, colder air will be dipping down into southern canada. the core of the cold air stays from the plains and heads down towards central part of the
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country. for us, we will be seeing very chilly air late next week. if we have any mixture we could have a little rain, mixing with wet snow late in the week but too far out to talk about that. overnight 34. the high tomorrow, 51. as we look ahead on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, temperatures will be rebounding nicely through most of the next week and then that cold chill returns next thursday and next friday. all and all looking like a decent seven day, beginning tomorrow afternoon, kathy, thanks. you bet. some breaking news, right now a disturbing new image just into "eyewitness news". this is a substitute teacher laying on the ground following what school police called an a a all the at bartram high school in philadelphia a late yesterday, officials say that the sub tooth was attack by a student who he had asked to leave earlier in the day. we are told teacher suffered a concussion but is expect to be okay. this is third incident
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involving a teacher at a cool will in the past month, we will have much more on "eyewitness news" at 10:00 and 11:00. >> 6:20, start things off on i-95 right around 452, and an accident, scene on the right-hand lane, which could be contribute to go this northbound volume. it is slow go there. and jammed solid in both directions right around the boulevard. we are heading eastbound jammed from this point almost looking like a still hot there eastbound toward the city and westbound lanes all break lights just a string of red elsewhere on 422, at 202 to oaks heading westbound, heavy trip still and 17 minutes and everybody out in the about southbound a 35 minute trip there from the schuylkill expressway up into 95. and closed down in delaware at new castle will avenue take route one. stay there
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it is friday and time for high school football frenzy, we're at haritan high school big night helps continuing sun valley. senior night at the verye motional night for parents, for the seniors, and also ane motional night for the head coach. >> you know, kind of bitter sweet to see them leave, nice to see them move on as young men and those lessons we teach them through sports. i think this group especially epitomizes that leadership and that ability to be persistent and stuff like that. it will be sad to see them leave but awesome they will do great things in the future. >> all right. lets turn pro and talk about the eagles as they get ready for football. they have a lot of former birds ties, ron riveria head
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coach, sean mcdermott defensive coordinator and jason avant is there we loved him here after playing eight seasons for the birds, he was a leader, sort of a captain on the field and off. great third down receiver. here's jason avant looking for to the match up. >> i have been watching them on tv, so it will be fun. it will be exciting. it will be good to see old faces but at the same time trying on get a win. >> i told him when we let him go appreciate everything he did in my first year as a coach because he made that transition here fantastic and jason is a special guy good all right. sixers in action tonight taking on chicago bulls, and at the center nerlens noel will in the play because he has that injured ankle, and in soccer for the union, jim curtain did one great job taking over and now he lose that he is interim tag and he is the new head coach and
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rewarded for leading the team to an 11-six-six record. great job by jim. there is more news after this time out.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 this woman says sexism cost her a business deal and enemy was another women. >> i mean you feel like you are on the same team and then you are not. >> she's not alone from jealousy to competition we examine battles women face from each other in the work place tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will see you at the ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. stay tuned for "cbs evening news" tonight, president's plan to send even more troops back into iraq, scott pelley reports from new york, the "cbs evening news".
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>> pelley: tonight, getting in deeper. the president plans to send 1500 more troops to iraq. reports from major garrett at the white house and david martin at the pentagon. a super typhoon taking aim at alaska is about to trigger a dramatic change in the weather in the lower 48. meteorologist eric fisher on the return of the polar vortex. awaiting the grand jury's decision in ferguson, missouri. michelle miller is with the the man who's trying to keep the peace. >> there's a lot of fear, a lot of people are afraid of what could happen. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road" with a college-level course in sportsmanship. >> we laugh together, we cried together. we all hugged. it was really a big family of huggers there. it was awesome.


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