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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> robbery gone wrong. scary moment for police when chase ends in a crash on the boulevard, two officers are injured. and, remembering a life cut short as community is already dealing with tragedy. emotional night as neighbors come together to mourning two lives lost. today is saturday, november 8th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 o'clock right now, let's get a check on the forecast t has been chilly week, carol. i guess it will continue? >> oh, boy, colds out there this morning, just about as colds as we've seen in quite a while, nicolement expect to find the chilly temperatures throughout the weekends specially today, and then we start little bit after warm up. it doesn't last all that long, but at least we get one on the
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seven day forecast, right now it is cold, 33 degrees, the temperature out in reading at this point, no winds, one of the reasons that these temperatures have dropped as much as they have that and the very clear skies that we're seeing overnight. we have storm scan3, showing not much going on in our area, through scranton, the poconos, williamsport, there are few clouds, but as you get into the philadelphia area, it is clear, and the moon looks gorgeous out there. a chilly start, yes. 34 degrees, out there, right now, out at the airport, and that's the coldest temperatures we've had since april the 16th out there. temperature of freezing, 32 in trenton, 33 in millville, 29 degrees in atlantic city. that's 10 miles inland at the airport. 39 degrees right along the coast where it is slightly milder because of the ocean. look at the poconos, 27 degrees this morning, and then when you factor in any kind of wind it, feels like 20 degrees in the poconos, feels like 27 in philadelphia. the cold air is here, we don't do much of a warm up today. we'll finds our temperatures this afternoon get to go about
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50 degrees, with sun and clouds out, there so nice looking day, just chilly one, we'll talk about the seven day slight warm up coming up. nicole? >> carol, thank you. temple university student is recovering after being shot during a attempted robbery early this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter keith patterson outside hahnemann university hospital with all of the breaking details. steve? >> reporter: developing story, de sales still emerging, but we can confirm to you at this point, yes, this is a temple university student, shot this morning, in a overnight shooting, and we are told by all accounts the student expected to be okay. want to take you to some video from the scene, police responding to the 1500 block of north 17th street. they got the call at about 1:00 this morning, investigators saying, yes, a temple university student shot in the leg, in a apparent robbery gone wrong. that student frantz nerd here to hahnemann hospital. the last update we received, that student in stable
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condition. no word from police on possible suspects, but, since the shooting, temple has sent a number of alerts to students, saying, the shoot sera male, red hoodie, red beanie, bluejeans, in his mid 20's. that alert would go on to say telling student advising them to stay away from the area as police continue their investigation, and if they see anything, to call 911. but the headline here a temple university student shot and in stable condition this morning, liver at hahnemann hospital, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> steve, keys -- keep us updated. >> drug dealer leads police on choice that ends with violent collision. in the process four police officers were hit and dragged. it all gannon the 5100 block of frankford avenue friday night. officers say they saw a drug deal going down and tried to make an arrest. the 25 year old alleged dealer jumped into his cadillac escalate, fled driving the wrong way down the inner lanes
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of the roosevelt boulevard,, t bone an innocent driver at langdon street. >> even after this auto accident the male resisted arrest. and he had to be tasered, and then finally taken into police custody. >> the innocent driver is in stable condition. two of the four police officers suffered minor injuries. the suspect is facing multiple charges. and now, to the very latest on just a horrifying case of child abuse. a grieving community comes together to mourn the loss after toddler and mark the ends after very violent week in their community. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones, who is in parksburg, for the emotional night. >> very angry, scary man. >> that's how people who know gary, the accused killer of little scotty mcmillan, describe the 23 year old. rachael walton's step mom works at the hospital where scotty was take glenn all you could see is just this lifeless body, and, like i said, i am a mom, so what she told me, it is rough.
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>> at a prayer vigil friday night at the gateway church there was a search for peace and sanity, this chester county community has been rocked, the three day long tortured death of scotty inside his home, authorities say, came at the hands of fallenbomb and his own mother, 31 year old jillian tate. >> in this case, the defendants intentionally avoided anything that would have raised a red flag. the neighbors tell us they didn't let the kids play outside so nobody would see the bruce. >> kim lived inside this trailer with fallen bomb's wife, amber, people who work at the local wal-mart say there were signs of trouble at the home. >> should have done something but i never did. >> people came out to remember to the fitness instructor shot and killed outside the west brandywine y where she works, her estranged boyfriends charged with the murder. miller leaves behind two boys,
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ages 17 and 11. >> this is devastate to go our community. we can't sit and be idol. >> funeral services for mill remember set for tomorrow. as of right now, though, not clear when little scotty motorcycle mill inch will be laid to rest. reporting in parksburg, chester county, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and we're not alone, remembering this little boy, people all across the country pausing to remember scotty. in fact, many lit candles of their own and also posted them on twitter and instagram with the hashtag remember scotty. there is also a facebook page called light up the night for scott think has nearly 30,000 friends. now, there are also some resources to help you spot and report child abuse on our website >> well, members of the transport workers union local 234 approve two year contract with septa. workers will get 5% raise for the duration of the contract. union leaders encourage members to vote yes last night after they reached attentive
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agreement one week ago. the deal avoid the strike that would have have affected bus, subways, trolleys. we learn the suspect involved in the death of -- kidnapping of carlesha could be as soon as friday. barnes' criminal history, uncovers very violent pales, that includes vicious attacks on his own family. >> barnes trouble with the law started long before sunday's abduction in germantown. >> his former father-in-law, who we're calling anthony, says barnes attacked him almost nine years ago. beating him with a glass bowl, as the two struggled over a baseball bat. >> i hope that he spent the rest of his life in jail, or give him the death penalty. >> three protection orders were not enough to protect anthony or his daughter, then barnes' estranged wife. he was convicted of attacking her in philadelphia in 2005. prosecutors allege he committed forceable sexual intercourse, jumping on top of her, hitting her in the face, choking her, placing the
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comforter over her face, demanding sex. telling her he would stop beating her if she removed her clothes. barnes served maximum on four had to eight year sentence for that crime, and was released on probation last year. back on the street, police say, barnes attacked and almost murdered a teenager in virginia, her mother has a message for barnes. >> god bless him, i hope that your beep drag in hell. >> her daughter suffered injuries, chris may, cbs-3, "eyewitness "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" will continue to dig into the story and break new ground as this investigation unfolds, we'll also be bringing you development on television and on line at >> meanwhile, a fourth student has died as a result of last month's rampage at washington state school. fifteen year old andrew fryberg succombed to his injuries friday. his family thanked the medical
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team who prayed for him. andrew shot by his own cousins, three other student died from their jars, day lynn died of self inflicted gunshot wound. >> well, later today, president obama will nominate long time federal prosecutor lore eight lynn top sever as the next u.s. attorney general. currently the us attorney for the eastern district of new york f confirmed, lynch would pre place eric holder, be the first african-american woman to hold that post. >> the president also announced an increase in troops headed to iraq. the total number authorized there now 3100. cbs news core upon bent craig boswell report, not assigned to combat, but officials admit there are still risks. >> an additional 1500us troops are headed to iraq, but not in combat roles. they'll train and advise the iraqi military, and kurdish forces fighting isis militants. some of them will start filling in as soon as this month -- >> the pentagon says the coalition air campaign against isis targets is working, but
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iraqi forces are struggling to reclaim territory on the grounds. one of the reasons why we think this is a good idea right now is because iraqi security forces have stiffened their spine, and have go on the offense, and have shown that they've got good capability, but there is gaps. >> president obama gave the go ahead after iraqi officials asked the us for help. now the president is asking congress for $5.6 billion to funds the fight overseas. congressional leadership was briefed on the issue friday. the pentagon says, other coalition members have pledged to send an additional 700 trainers. at the white house, craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and last night the sixers honored members of the military and their families during stars and stripes night at the wells fargo center. the sixers and toyota donated 1500 tickets to active and retired service members so they could attend that game. players also wore special headbands, wrist bands, socks, to honor our veterans.
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and, the nation by the way will be honoring our veterans this tuesday, november 11, it is the federal veterans day holiday. federal, state being county offices will also be closed. flirting with freezing, temperatures are in the 30's this morning. carol returns with more on the cold conditions coming up next. also ahead, it is not even thanksgiving, but it is already looking a lot like christmas at the mall. where santa claus has already set up shop in our area. we'll be back.
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and back now on "eyewitness news", and folks, in depford, new jersey, say they've built a beautiful bran new home for santa this holiday season, in fact, he's already moved n take a look, stability a's slay touchdown at the depford mall for the season. now the mall bodes brand new experience for kids going to see jolly old saint nick, including, a naughty and nice list. santa will be in session every day until christmas eve. >> and, hey, in less than one month there is giant 85-foot norway spruce will be covered with more than 45,000led light. the 13-ton tree arrived at rockefeller center friday morning, the tree has roots here in pennsylvania, it was cut down from farm in blooms burying earlier this week, the tree will be hit during a ceremony on december 3rd. >> man, the season creeps up
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on us, carol, so does the cool wetter. >> it always makes me sad to see the trees cut down. take the lights to them. talking about couple of lights this morning, the biggest one is the moon, moon looks absolutely fabulous this morning, but we're trying to rifle that with a couple of light bulbs here in center city philadelphia. looks night here. let's head to the shore, we also twin very nice looking lighted buildings at the shore. it is going to be a breezy day, some locations, especially at the shore, and specially at the shore tonight. but otherwise, looks like a quiet day over the area. it is quiet already, out at the nature cove. ssh, little animals sleeping out there, 36 degrees, it is cold, so it is a cold start to the day. and it is going to be staying chilly all day long. in fact, look at some of the temperatures this morning, this is the coldest we've seen since last april. thirty-four in philadelphia, wilmington, 32 degrees in trenton, 31 in allentown, 27 up in the poconos, you've got
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33 degrees down in millville, 29 out in atlantic city, and as i mentioned earlier, that's about 10 miles inland at the airport, then we factor in the winds, not really windy, but enough winds to make it feel even colder than the actual they are mom term reading. so it feels like 33 in millville, feels like freezing mark in dover, only 27 is how it feels if you're outside in the philadelphia area. feels like 25 in allentown. so, obviously, you'll bundle up a lot today and make sure your pets are kept as warm as you are. we are looking at storm scan3, and finding clouds to the north, none here, is why these temperatures are as low as they are, and tonight, i think, few more of these clouds will start to come into the philadelphia area, and that should keep our temperatures up overnight. so they won't be as cold tomorrow morning as we're finding them out there this morning. temperatures today into the 60s, oh, i don't think so. looks as if we're going to be finding a whole different weather pattern around here.
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that's not the weather you'll look for, it is the weather late, maybe monday-tuesday time period, see temperatures that will be betting -- getting into the 60s. but otherwise we've got the chill, and specially we've got the chill late next week. now, late next week, we get what everybody is talking about, the polar vortex returning. just that cool and cold pool of air that spills down, and it will be covering a lot of the country. we'll watch for that to be pushing into the area. not until later next week, so maybe thursday-friday timetable. otherwise, it actually gets mild around here on monday and tuesday. so, the colder air coming in here, and there is a chance, just a januaries, tiny chance, that there could be rain or snow shower associated with some of that cold push. but that's late in the week. and subject to change. snow lovers, i know you hope it doesn't change. those of you who don't like the snow, we know who we are, don't we? we're going to be looking
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for -- hoping it dries out. cold is bad enough. but here today, it is just chilly, but it is going to be bright and nice going through monday and tuesday, veterans dayment decent weather coming up on the seven day. fifty in philadelphia, 52 at the shore, poconos 45 degrees, in all locations, a lot chillier than it is supposed to be. the sun getting up now at 6:38. tonight we drop down, 41 degrees, so little milder overnight, because of the cloud cover. then take a look at the temperatures, all over the place, by the time we hit that monday-tuesday, we're in the 60s, probably, and then wednesday, 57, thursday, our highs are in the 40's, our lows are in the 30's, and there is a chance that we will be picking up maybe rain shower, maybe snow shower, but just a chance late in the week. nick snow. >> carol, thank you. in theatres this weekend, matthew mcconaughey blasts off into outer space. kevin frazier has a preview. >> i'm kevin frazier. up next matthew mcconaughey goes onto save humanity, and
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♪ >> autopsy results are in for robin william. they've found no illegal drugs or alcohol in his body. williams took his own life in august. he had publicly acknowledged struck unless his life with substance abuse. the coroner has ruled williams' death a suicide that result from the as fixe a due
5:22 am
to hanging. >> actor and comedian jerry sign felled is in the spotlight because of personal revelation. he says he believes he could be on the autism spectrum. seinfeld admits as he learned more about autism spectrum disorders, he sees some of the same behaviors in himself. he even admitted that social engagement is real a struggle for him, and comedians are the only kind of people he feels truly relaxed around. >> meanwhile, james earl jones, one of the worlds' most recognizeable voices, will be honored this weekend. the 83 year old actor is receiving the voice icon a word for his voice-over work as characters like darth vader and star wars and mufasa in the lion kings. jones will be honored sunday night at the museum of the moving image. >> well, robots come to earth, and humans go to space. no, not a riddle, just some of the films hitting theatres this weekend. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has a sneak peak. >> this week, matthew mcconaughey leads a mission across time and space to save earth in inner stellar, and a
5:23 am
young boy teams up with his friends in a cudley little robot to save the city in big hero six. >> hello, i am the program me to heal the sick and injured. >> a hugger not a fighter, but when the city is under attack, his young owner gives his friend and baymax an upgrade to save the day. >> trust me, i know about robotics. we can be way more. >> science, awesome, not really about them having magical powers, it is about them using casino of their strength, which is their science salve. >> i stars day man williams, rudolph, lend their voices to the cast in a adventure big enough for the whole family. >> what do you say, buddy? >> weee. >> and inner stellar matthew motorcycle hon hey takes on seemingly impossible mission to save mankind. >> i am thinking about my family and millions of other families. >> for playing a father in the film, resonates with his own
5:24 am
hopes, dreams, and fears, for his kids. >> it is a film that will be inspiring to not just him but younger generation, to see the limits of mankinds, how extraordinary and how far out there we can go, just to fathom that. >> and for ann hathaway, the chance to play an astronaut was a once-in-a-lifetime dream. >> i just feel like a kid every day. you know, i just felt like it was halloween every single day. >> potentially and recall world right within our reach. >> we'll finds a way, we always have. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> all right, well, here on earth, stay up-to-date on everything that's happening in hollywood with entertainment tonight. it is on every week night at 7:30, right here on cbs-3. >> and, coming up in the next half hour of eye within news, we are live on some breaking news overnight. a temple student shot and sent to the hospital. plus, under attack on the job. nurses run for their lives from a violent patient, and it
5:25 am
is all caught on tape. coming up next, nurses way in on the dangers of work. we'll be
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we are following breaking news, a temple university student shot near campus. the warning the university put out and the condition of the student. that's all next.
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this morning, disturbing video, a vicious attack leaves a local teacher unconscious in a school hallway. plus, we'll have this. >> a suburban st. louis town is bracing for the grand jury decision in the bribing al brown shooting. i'm omar villafranca in ferguson, missouri. that story is coming up. >> good morning, it is saturday, november 8th, i'm nicole brewer coming up on 5:30, let's get a check on the forecast. it will be cool today, carol, but some sun, right? >> yes, it will be bright enough. it just won't be -- >> but it will look nice? just may not feel so nice? >> we are going to be finding a bright, but chilly day out there today. so, i think it is a day that you'll undoubtedly find yourselves in a jacket or two. let's look outside and finds darkness, 31 degrees, look at that, how colds it is out in kutztown right now, when this sunday comes up, as it will, little after 6:30 this morning, this will be a beautiful picture, until now, it is just a dark and cold one at that 31 degrees temperature, but an indication
5:29 am
of how chilly it is out there. storm scan3, notice, few clouds, but they're to the north and west of philadelphia. in our area, we're looking at clear skies, moon looks beautiful out there this morning, but boy is it cold. twenty-seven in the poconos, we have 34 degrees in philadelphia, 29 degrees, almost as cold in atlantic city as it is in the poconos, and again, that's little bit inland, so don't get the ocean protection at the airport in atlantic city. morning low of 44 degrees, we've seen, the coldest temperature in philadelphia, since april the 16th. and it continues to be 34 in philadelphia, and in wilmington, we have colder temperatures than that, 32 in trenton, 31 in allentown, and 33 degrees down in millville. now, the windchill makes it feel slightly colder, feels like 27 degrees, in philadelphia, and in the 20's in a lot of other locations. our temperatures get to go about 50 degrees this afternoon, it will be a nice enough looking day, just chilly one, and time out the future weather, later in the afternoon, start to pick up
5:30 am
couple of clouds. finish the time line, talk about warm up, talk about cool down, all on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, that's coming up, nicole? >> all right, carol, thank you. right now we are following some breaking news for you. fire fighters burlington county are battling this blaze at south jersey mow ers. this is live look at the scene on the 600 block of styles avenue in maple shade. now, the initial call came in just before 4:00 this morning. police tell cbs-3 one woman has been returned to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. but again, this is live look, at fire in maple shade, burlington county. you can stay with "eyewitness news" for updates as the morning continues. right now, detectives are busy investigating an early morning shooting, that sent a temple university student to the hospital. the details are still breaking at this hour. our steve patterson live outside hahnemann hospital with the very latest, steve, what can you tell us? >> yes, good morning, nicole. this morning, a slew of alert sent to the student body of
5:31 am
temple university advising student to stay away from the area of this shooting, where a student, again, was shot. want to take to you have video this morning, developing details, still coming in, but here's what we know. police this morning responding to the 1500 block of north 17th street at about 1:00 this morning, investigators there saying a temple university student shot in the leg in a apparent robbery gone wrong. that student, transferred here to hahnemann hospital, the last update when we got this morning from officials, the student in stable condition. should be okay. no word from the police on possible suspect, but again, in those news alert, sent to student, they did describe a suspect as a man wearing a red hoodie, red beanie, with bluejeans, in his mid 20's. now, still getting word from officials, on this shooting, but again, in those alert, they've told student don't stay away from that area, and if they saw anything to call police. for now, live at hahnemann
5:32 am
hospital, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". steve, thank you. meanwhile, we are learning new information about an attack on teacher that left him lying unconscious, and with a concussion. the incident was caught on camera. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has that video and the details from southwest detectives. >> a substitute teacher at bartrum high school lays motionless in the hallway after being thrown to the ground by a student slamming his head-on the floor. police say the thursday afternoon attack began with a verbal altercation between the 18 year old student and the teacher inside a classroom. >> the 18 year old student walks into the classroom, not supposed to be in there. the teacher confronts him, tells him they have to leave. they have exchange of words, in the classroom, student refusing to leave. as he goes to re-enter his classroom, to talk to the student again to try to get him out the class, the student pushes him. >> when the two see each other again in the hallway at the ends of the school day, officers say thinks he is call ate i had into much more violent exchange. >> they again have a verbal
5:33 am
confrontation. the student grabs him from his neck, throws him to the ground, where he goes unconscious for a moment. >> reporter: no answer at the victim's southwest philadelphia home friday night. we're told he was treated and released from the hospital. the incident rattled councilman kinatta johnson, hitting the street of south philadelphia instituting programs meant to curb youth violent and provide positive alternatives. >> no form of violence specially again teachers should be tolerated. we want to make sure teach remembers safe, all young people are safe, most importantly that there is a zero tolerance trolley is toward any type of violence against any teachers? the 18 year old student has been suspended and facing expulsion. co-also be facing some very serious charges of aggravated and simple assault. at southwest detectives, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 5:33 right now, new to new information from delaware county. that's where police say they cited ten student for under age drinking at radnor high school. school officials tell us, that
5:34 am
staffers observed the student in possession of alcohol before a pep rally for the football team's game against lower merion on saturday. police say they're also investigating the student in connection with possible drug activity thereon school grounds. a teen want in the connection with a sexual assault is now behind bars in darby. eighteen year old kaseem hill turned himself into police after investigators obtained a warrant for his arrest. investigators say he lords the 14 year old victim to his home where he assaulted her. darby police say the suspect called them after the alleged incident challenging them to quote come and get him. >> well, police in haddonfield, new jersey, need help identifying the people seen in this video vandalizing a school bus. this incident happened around 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. the bus was park near the department of public works on center street. police say the suspect used skateboards to hit the side door of that bus, anyone with information is encourage today call haddonfield police. a south jersey man is filing a lawsuit against law
5:35 am
enforcement officials. he alleges that police brutality during his arrest actually left him paralyzed. new jersey reporter cleve cleve bryan talks to the man's family and the camden county prosecutor's office. >> this young man deserves to have answers. >> reporter: the family of xavier ingram blames camden county police for paralyzing the 22 year old during a necessary june. the camden man remains hospitalized unable to move from the neck down. >> we sit by his side every single day like it is a lot to see somebody go from being independent, to dependent on you just to wipe their eyes. >> this video from camden's eye in the sky surveillance system shows ingram running from police after allegedly dipping the stolen gun. during the chasin gram appears to fall while running across the street, and then his handcuffed is on the ground. what's unclear in the surveillance video is the extent of the contact between ingram and the officers, once he's on the ground. according to police, his final injury happened on the fall to the grounds on his own by
5:36 am
accident. but ingram's attorney says, that excessive force after ingram was subdued. >> the losses we recently filed for my ingram contends and claims that the officers stomped the back of his neck. >> returns to previous statement which said an investigation into officer conduct is ongoing. but the incident was captured on video, and there is no indication of the use of excessive force or police misconduct that might have contributed to ingram's injuries. >> bogus. we don't believe that. that's a cover up. it is a cover up. it is no way possible. >> ingram's attorney is calling on the prosecutor's office to release new information, and ultimately seeking money to pay foreign gram to receive 24/7 care for the rest of his life. in camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and now a follow up on an investigation, "eyewitness news" first reported back in may. nurses being abused inside hospitals, locally and all around the country.
5:37 am
now, the latest incident happened at a hospital in minneapolis. surveillance video here shows 68 year old patient attacking nurses, pulled from the side of his hospital bed, and in may health reporter stephanie stahl interviews several local nurse who is had been attacked on the job. a bite from patient actually left one nurse with post-traumatic stress. >> hardest part foe me was not feeling safe. it was hard to comprehends that another person would be capable of just that kind of violence. >> local nurses pushing for legislation would require hospitals to create better workplace violence prevention programs n that attack in minneapolis, two nurses were injured, the patient who attack them died while in police custody. in ferguson, missouri, uneasy calm three month after unarmed teen was gunned down by police. now, the city waiting for a grand jury to decide whether to charge that officer. that decision is expected soon. omar villafranca in ferguson with the latest.
5:38 am
>> the street of ferguson, missouri decorated for the holidays. but these are not festive times for this city. business owners are boarding up windows, as the area braces for a grand jury decision, whether to indict officer darren wilson in the august shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. >> we are going to take precautions. we will pre-cut our boards this weekend, and when there is a notice we will board up. >> former ferguson mayor runs charity for business owners who have take answer big hit since the brown shooting. fletcher says he has received threats, and he's not sure what will happen when the grand jury decision is announced. >> i know our state and our county and our local police are doing the best they can to prepare for it. but no one really quite knows. >> ferguson officials and business owners are asking for 48-hour notice before prosecutors go public with the grand jury decision. but some fear that could be enough time for people from out of state to come here and cause trouble, which happened in august. >> if they don't do anything
5:39 am
to darren wilson, it will be a big problem. >> reporter: regardless of the grand jury decision, beauty salon owner is hoping for peaceful demonstrations. she says her business is suffering, and all local merchants can do is protect themselves. >> you expect for police to do their part, but we don't know. they haven't in the peoples, so i'm not sure. >> the grand jury decision could come very soon. omar villafranca, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, it is 5:39 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", a road wrecked. we'll tell you what caused all of this damage to neighborhood street. plus, is this the next polar vortex? well, the storm that could bring colder temperatures apparently is upon us. and hey, speaking of the cold, carol back to tell us about some philly weather, right here in our area. we'll be back. stay with us.
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and back now, with some breaking news, we're following out of burlington county. take a look at your screen here, you can see, firefighters battling this blaze at south jersey mowers. now, this is live look at the scene. it is happening on the 600 block of styles avenue in maple shade. the initial call came in just before 4:00 this morning. police tell cbs-3 that one woman has in fact been returned to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. but again, take a look, you
5:43 am
can see, a lot of smoke, even some flames, still, still erupt interesting from that building. again, happening in maple shade, burlington county. but we will be following this story, and bring you more updates ahead in our next hour, right here, on cbs-3. and, already scary situation, now, got worse for a teenage victim in arizona rescuers were working to air lift a teenage girl, from the side after mountain in phoenix. then, suddenly, as you can see here, the rescue basket begins to spin violently. now, eventually the spinning stopped, and that girl along with another hiker were taken to nearby hospital. authorities say a twisted cable or rotor wash could be to blame. >> wow. well, this is the aftermath of a huge water main break in manchester, new hampshire. at least 20 people had to be evacuate from the their homes, because of the huge flood of water rushing down the street. as you can imagine, it buckled pavement, and left massive sinkholes behind. power in the area was shut off temporarily while crews worked
5:44 am
to repair the damage. a storm stronger than hurricane sandy; sending the dreaded polar vortex back to the u.s. take a look at typhoon murphy space. already threatening to whip up 50-foot waves in alaska illusion islands, also threatens to send a chill through millions of americans mostly in the central us. now, in some areas, across the country, temperatures will drop to the 20's, 30's, cold could even reach florida. >> talking about massive disruption, which will peak around november 13th to november 15th, but ripple through the rest of november. >> now, the sudden change in temperature is called bombo genesis. new term for us. i don't like the way it sounds, and i don't think i would like the way it feels, carol? >> seeing those people with scarfs over their mouths. >> i know. >> and taking snow off the windshield? >> it is offensive. >> just seeing that makes me want to wrap up like a mummiment look at this,
5:45 am
nicole. we've got nice start to the day today. it will be bright. not looking at any precipitation. so, i think we're ahead of game, specially after seeing that last story. today, chilly, but we can handle t we are looking at center city philadelphia, and now we head out to reading, 33 degrees, this is a cold morning out there. and i'm sure you know that already, probably in your own house, you can tell, it is cold out there. and you had to turn the heat on. that's the season we're starting to head into, i'm afraid. we're looking at storm scan3, nothing much to bother us, clear skies, moon looks wonderful, few clouds off to the north and west. they will start to filter in later on today. and later on this afternoon, and specially this evening, we start to get mostly cloudy skies. which will keep the temperatures higher than they are right now, by tomorrow morning, which is not a bad thing. we have temperatures right now, 27 in the poconos, with winds of about 8 miles an hour, philadelphia, at 34 degrees, winds of 8 miles an hour, as you head to the shore, 29 degrees, and wind of
5:46 am
the cbsi. little hard to see in the back. 34 degrees our temperature out at the airport. this is the colds he is we've seen since april, 31 in allentown, 27 degrees in the poconos, 39 degrees down in wildwood, 29 degrees just up the coast, and slightly inland, atlantic city international airport. you factor in the wind. it is not a lot. as we saw about 8 miles an hour, most locations, but it is enough to drop the temperatures, how they feel to the middle 20's, and just chilly, chilly start to the day and in just about every single location. now, going through the day today, temperatures will be getting to around 50 degrees. that should be it temperatures hire, ends up with very weak front doesn't do anything except bring few clouds, which will keep us warmer overnight, then tomorrow we are into the 50's again, but farther into the 50's, which i think we'll all like, by monday, we're way up into the 50's, so,
5:47 am
improving trends is here. and then we saw the story about the cold air, and mostly for the center of the united states, but it does creep in our direction, as well. and that's going to be late in the week that we start to see. that will and i would say probably that thursday, you'll notice it by thursday, certainly, wednesday we cool down again, but not as cool as thursday, and friday, will be. the cold air comes in here, and i guess it sticks around for little while. might find couple every clouds later this afternoon, this evening, otherwise, tomorrow looks nice, monday looks nice, temperatures do warm up. and how nice is that? we have temperatures today, 50 in philadelphia, 52 at the shore, poconos, 45. it will be very breezy at the shore tonight. so, just factor that into your outside plans. fifty in philadelphia, winds out of the southwest, five to 10 miles an hour, tonight, we drop down to 41 degrees, so not as cool tomorrow morning, fortunately, but we are looking at nicer day following
5:48 am
that, 56 degrees, on sunday, monday, close to 60 degrees, tuesday, we're into the middle 60s, that looks nice, wednesday, though, we start the cool down, 57, by thursday, and friday, could there be a snow shower? rain shower mixed in there? maybe. but cold air definitely coming in by the end of the week. you know, we got something fun coming up, and it is next saturday. we have kidcasters, and you will love to be out there, because we, here in the weather team here at cbs-3, we will all be there. so it is a lot of fun. it will be at the plymouth meeting mall next saturday, between 12:00 and 3:00. we would love to see you and your kids out there, and let them test their weather skills. so, we'll see you next weekend there. nicole? >> all right, thanks, carol. well the chicago bulls are in town to take on the sixers. philly looking for the first victory of the season. hope they get it. and friday football frenzy is in the oven. your town, your team, your kids, on tv, as beasley likes to say. that's coming up next in
5:49 am
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>> sixers hosting the bulls looking for first win of the season, short landed friday night, adding just nine players. bulls in control. mike donleavy junior knocks down two of his 27 points on the night, chicago with 11-point lead, almost three minutes left to go. sixers fight back. nine seconds left, chris johnson knocks down a triple. breath brown team, talking points in the final seconds of the contest, out of the bullpen, couple free flows, go up by three, johnson tries with his best shot, it would not go. sixers lose another close game 118-115, the final. well, the bus drivers will not need navigation to get the panthers around town monday
5:52 am
night. several coaches and players returning to philadelphia after a long carreers, with the eagles. we know the head coach ron, we know defensive considered nature or sean motorcycle mcderd fan favorite jason avant returns with carolina first game against his old team. eight seasons in philadelphia for the receiver. >> watching them on tv, so it will be -- it will be fun exciting, going in, seeing some old faces. >> for college football, temple at the linc, and hosting, and this is hand off. he's gone. 75 yards. he's gone. temple with the early ten-point lead t did not last. jake elliot kicked 31-yard field goal. his time expired. tigers take down temple 16 to 13.
5:53 am
>> (cheering) >> thanks tort cheerleadersment time for the original friday football frenziment start in the city, simon grants versus martin luther king. if you're going to make a pick, sometimes do you have hang on to the pick. and catch and boom, great job. that's a big time interception, gratz won the game 22-14. master i charter at west philadelphia, and, you know, when you put the ball on the gown, fumble. it is hard to win the game. mcleod with the recovery. sets up 1 yard plunge. the speed boys win it again, 21 to 14.
5:54 am
pens berry playing physical. keep him out of the end zone. powpow. nice hitting. pennsbury was a winner 63 to 55. can you believe those numbers? over to new jersey, we go, for hammonton at timber creek. i've been eager to see this timber creek team. who are he? quarterback gone. jonathan, tripleti. they can't get him. timber creek wins again 44 to 17. haddonfield visiting haddon township. coming right into your living room, meet joe murray, haddonfield won the game, 56 to zero. how about academy park visiting pottsgrove, you may think you can give michael fowler if you got him pinned against the side line. all you need to do is pin him. we got him now. wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. he's gone. pottsgrove a winner in the game, 13 to 12. >> all right, everyone, time for the game of the week, voted on you the fans by rodeo show app. the winner sun valley visiting
5:55 am
hair ton. let's head to the lockerroom. >> great attitude, great effort. >> this game no different. right? so it is a little special, senior night. so we ask for great attitude, great effort. man, they gave it us to. so let's give it up to the seniors real quick. (cheers). >> let's give it up for the seniors, senior night at harrington, proud moment for mom, dad, student athletes, bands member, cheerleader. harrington jumping out to the lead in this one, then this happened. somebody better get him. this might be the longest get him in get him history. that is 96 yards to the house, would somebody plows get him. patrick stewart to edward berk for the score. >> this one was a barnburner, folks, we're down to the final seconds, sun valley coming
5:56 am
back, scoring again. touchdown, this time, much shorter, but this game came right to the end. sun valley needs this, all right, dig in deep. sun valley won, 34 to 28. that's it for sports, i'm beasley reese, have a great weekend. >> and this morning, we are following some breaking news. a fire at a business in maple shade, new jersey, take a look here, flames and smoke, portions of the building are actually collapsing. we'll have another update for you coming up. actual ahead, no more laudromat, hair salons, why one neighborhood want to prevent certain businesses from opening. >> certainly chilly out there. you got to bundle up. carol tells us more about this cold weather, coming up
5:57 am
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with five vital nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. where do i wear aveeno®? everywhere. aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion.. and try the body wash too. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. >> breaking news in maple shade, new jersey. >> temple student shot on north philadelphia street, and we are live, as police investigate if this is a result after robbery gone wrong. today is saturday, november 8th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. it is just about 6:00. let's get a check on the forecast, going to be another chilly day right, carol? >> it is, it won't be as windy
6:00 am
as yesterday. we saw winds in excess of 40 miles an hour yesterday. and there was even hail in south philly yesterday. so, it was a cold, blustery day, and today, another one, but maybe not as bad, because we're not looking at any precipitation. it is starting look gorgeous out there, though, look at this, jack frost, big boulder, as the sun starts to come up. it is just has erie, creepy but casino of nice look. and then we head down, and we take a look right now at kutztown, 28 degrees, see the farm field, sallyann low in the distance. so pretty start to the day. the moon was out. it was really lovely overnight. as long as you didn't have to be out in it. the temperatures, as you can see, very, very chilly in the 20's in some locations. storm scan3, any clouds are off to the north and the west. we are dealing basically with clear skies around here. 36 degrees right now out at the airport in philadelphia, so our temperature has come up 2 degrees in trenton, 32,


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