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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 10, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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the week with a arctic plunge of air. we'll have all of the details for you coming up. jess? >> the ben franklin bridge looking great so far this morning. relatively early, only about 5:00 a.m. so headed westbound into the sit where the heads lights are coming on in from new jersey. everything is moving along great. we'll check out the rest of the majors in just a couple every minutes. ukee, erika, good morning. >> thank you, jess, weaver the breaking news from camden county, three people are in the hospital, after they've apparently become sick from carbon monoxide poisoning. this is live picture from the scene in sicklerville. emergency crews rushed to the home on hidden hollow lane early this morning, "eyewitness news" has learned that a little girl collapsed after a firefighter arrived. all three patients are in stable condition. we'll stay on top of this, bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> now, new this morning, firefighters pull a woman from a burning home in germantown overnightment happened just after 1:00 along the 6400 block of belfield avenue. firefighters rescued the woman
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from a second story rear bedroom. now, she was rushed to the hospital in stable condition, with smoke inhalation, and at the moment there is no word on what sparked that fire. >> also, fire fighters delaware country also trying to figure out what sparked a fire in this chester home. that fire broke out just before midnight in the house at seventh and caldwell streets, good news, no one was hurt. happening today, jurors will receive instructions to begin deliberations in the trial of former philadelphia police officer, richard decoatsworth. he is accused of assaulting his girlfriends, after an argument turned violent outside of their port richmond home in 2013. de coat worth testified that he never intended to hurt her. he retired on disability from the police department in 2011. and now new this morning, president obama is pushing for strengthening economic ties. he's in beijing kicking off three-country tour of the asia pacific region. during speech before asian business leaders the president said one country's prosperity does not have to come at the
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expense of another. he is with other heads of state pursuing trans-pacific trade deal. >> all right, coming up on 5:03, our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, happy monday shall everybody, pretty happy start to the forecast, if you're a fan of sunshine, and mild air, for mid-november standards. what we've got coming up for the next two days, pretty fantastic. the problem is you got to enjoy it now, because we may not see many more days like this, if any, before the year's all said and done. we're really dealing with a significant plunge on the thermometer in the days ahead, so again, enjoy this. not too bad outside. it is a little colder than it was yesterday, simply because we have nice clear sky, and i can tell you this much, the winds is virtually non-existent. that will allow the temperatures to drop very very efficiently. now, despite what we've got out there on storm scan3, other than those clouds out, there you know, you're not going to see necessarily a blanket of cloud cover limit the cooling this morning. everybody is into the 30's, some spots little colder than others, for example, in
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allentown, where you are just below the freezing mark, even in atlantic city right after freezing at 32, 38 currently in millville. the list goes on, even at philadelphia international where you are at 39. this is the kind of forecast or the kind of current conditions really that when you walk out the door you have to do so with a heavier coat on for sure. but expect a nice day. it will be a day that very likely dresses in layers, 61 degrees the expected high later this afternoon, which we should hit at about 3:00 p.m. or so. but we've been talking about this now since about a week ago, even despite the comfortable conditions early this week. the breeze will be kicking in by the mid week, and that signifies the big change that's women n -- on the way. it will be chilly change with much colder air that waits in the wings for later in the week. we will be talking little later in the show just how cold are we talking here? jess, we send it into you. >> just how cold are we talking? i don't like to hear, that katie. good morning, little after 5:00 a.m. relatively early start, relatively easy start this monday morning. we go outside, check out how things are doing on the ben franklin bridge, which you can
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see, they're doing wonderful. so, actually, the headlights are moving on in, that's actually from jersey, so still headed westbound into the city currently you should have no problems, no problems either getting from the city, today, with all lanes open, headed on into new jersey, as well. now, over on 309, everything moving along great here at the pa turnpike, southbound lanes where the heads lights are moving on through, and northbound lanes moving great, there as well. check out the rest of the majors, 95 great southbound wood half mean the vine st. expressway, 14 minute trip. schuylkill expressway headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway, 14 minute trip, there as well. now, some good news, burlington bristol bridge has since reopened, since it is after 5:00 a.m. don't take the talcony palmyra any more so far this morning for that construction, everything out in jersey looking great, as well. forty-two, 55, currently no problems out on 295, and mass transit, a great alternate so far this morning. ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thanks so much. a car plows through the second story every delaware home leaving gaping hole. this morning investigators are in search of cause for this
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accident. they say the driver hit a park car in hokessing, new castle county. impact cautioned the vehicle to fly into the air. the homeowner was home at the time of the crash. and "eyewitness news" reporter, matt rivers, has that story. >> reporter: the car went fast enough, that when it hit this parked truck, it went airborne, flying into the second story of this hokessing delaware home. >> total shock. i mean, this is not something you see every day. but we at first thought perhaps the tree had fallen. >> that home belongs to linda, she was inside with one of her children when it happened, but both are okay. they were safely on the other side of the house when the mitsubishi sedan burst through her wall. apparently not easy thing to do. >> nice strong structure, this is not a modern construction. >> just up the street from linda's house see where it first winds wrong. car laid down tracks as it went off the road headed straight toward the home. the resulting crash echoed across the quiet neighborhood. john anderson's wife heard it.
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>> she thought we had a thunderstorm, when she heard the crash. >> the 27 year old driver was taken to the hospital and will likely be okay. police haven't said what caused the crash yet, but neighbors say people regularly ignore the speed limit. >> it is 35 miles an hour, and they're running through around 50, 55. >> whether speed played a role will be decided later. sunday night linda's house had to be cut open, the hole made wider to drag out the car inside. but as bad as it looks, linda says it could have been far worse. >> lucky, lucky us, overwelmed, this is not how i planned to start my week. >> and once again, no word on the cause of this crash as of yet. meanwhile, a structural engineer was called out to the scene here to determine when the family can safely go back inside their home. >> we're in hokessing delaware, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> your time coming up on 5:07. eagles getting ready for prime time showdown with the
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carolina panthers later tonight. the player to watch is quarterback mark sanchez, calling the shots in his first start in almost two years. now that nick foles is side lined with the broken collarbone. you'll hear waist going through mark's mind coming up in just a bit in sports. and, by the way, if you are headed to the game, septa will have extra service on the broad street and market frankford line. get down there safely, is have some fun, let's go birds. >> 5:07 right now, and do you need little extra spending money, the holidays coming up? >> sure. >> how does a hundred dollars found. >> great. >> pretty me to -- pretty good to me, too. >> listen up. >> fire in the streets of mexico. find out what sparked this dangerous demonstration. >> also, a taste of home. see what that american missionary ate for his first meal, after getting release from the a north korean prison. >> and might want to grab the heavy jacket before you walk out the door. it is frig it start to the work week, and we're not the only ones dealing with plunging temperatures. we'll check traffic and weather together threes when
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we come
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>> weaver breaking news coming out of nigeria. almost 50 student event been killed in a suicide bombing at a high school. dozens more were hurt in that blast. bomber disguise in the school uniform. another suicide bomber killed 30 people in the same city last week. ukee? >> protests turned violent in mexico following apparent murder of 43 college student. demonstrators through rocks outside a government building, while others tore several trucks and police vehicles. authorities said gang members had confessed to killing the student, and burning their bodies. protesters maintain the mexican government is involved in the student deaths. >> new this morning, three astronaunts back on earth
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after returning from the international space station. this is new video of them landing in i can stand. astronaunts spent more than five months on the space station, traveling more than 70 million miles in orbit, erika? >> ukee, drastic drop is on the way, katie's been telling bus this, a major snowstorm is sweeping across the midwest this morning, bringing with it some very cold air. that will blow through our area later on this week. brian web has more on the system that could give us a tails every winter. roads in north dakota covered in snow, field what's left of typhoon, the storm that wrong strong winds, heavy rain to the islands this weekend. the system is now pulling frigid air along with it plunging much. midwest into deep freeze. in minneapolis, transportation crews are preparing for heavy snow during monday morning's commute. expected to blanket the area, with up to a foot before it is
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finished. >> be all maintaining for the roads for the traffic, and we'll keep at it. >> meteorologists say heavy snow will hit state from montana to michigan, freeze warnings are even expected to dip south all the way to states like oklahoma and texas. later this week, the system moves here to new york and other parts of the northeast. temperatures will drop 20 degrees in two days. in all, the system will affect nearly 5 million people in its path. >> this will have big impact, air travel and road travel. winter coming very early in the pattern, go no where. >> first true test of winter has arrived, with the official start of the season still more than a month away. brian web, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". oh, coming up on 5:13. i just -- >> i don't know anyone who is ready for there is kate. >> i so tough. yes, you know, this is what we tend to find, this time of year. a loft times get the one system that just knocks the temperatures back, or bridges
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in some abnormally early snow or something like that, for us, it is all about the cold. i mean, we're not looking at any kind of snow, up where we are, yes, we'll take. that will high five on that one, at least, right? but here comes cold. timing this out, actually going to see the frontal boundery associated with this come through wednesday, leading into thursday. so, thursday is the day that the temperatures really take their biggest nose dive. but again, it is just a very potent cold front. not from -- we don't even want to call it cold front, more like polar or arctic front, but really got some very high depth in the northern latitudes, and that's where that cold air mass is coming f meanwhile it, continues to bring snow this hour, across good chunk of the northern high planes, eventually there is storm will sort of get its act together, become more of the comma shape to it, then its colds front will sweep through. so while i don't think we have to necessarily worry about too much in the way of precipitation with the storm, we are going to see of course the thermometer drop. so, today, enjoy it, pleasant, sunny, nice, light winds, it is beautiful, if you have got
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those tickets to the eagles game tonight, good stuff. for mid-november, not bad. but, the temperatures looking down the road here, going to be more reminiscent of say the week before christmas or so. so, this is really going to be a shock to our system, in about a month early, on the thermometer. meanwhile, 66 tomorrow. that's going to be beautiful day for any veterans day parades, anything like that going on. great excuse to be outside. wednesday, does turn little breezy, despite the thermometer still in the 60s, but then again, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, we won't break the 40's, and it looks like the pattern might last us into next week, too. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. i like these temperatures coming up this week. i'm fall girl. good morning, everybody, just 5:14, we go outside see how things are looking out in new jersey. which on the 42 freeway, the headlights, what's at the top of the screen right there, actually the northbound lanes, so that's headed on into philadelphia, possibly, 295 interchange, and the surrounding area bridges right in, there everything moving along great so far.
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pretty much the same story on the southbound lanes, you can see, everyone moving along great headed towards the a.c. expressway. over on the schuylkill expressway, everything still moving along great there. so just around 202, so eastbound toward center city you should have no problem doing so, the westbound lables, also, toward the king every prussia area. over on the rest of our majors, 422 eastbound, from oaks into 202, about seven minute trip there. and 202 still real clear headed northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway, about 13 minute trip there. now, route 320, out in delaware county, closed at west chester pike, that's midday work, that's something to look forward to, from 9:00 a.m. until about 3:00 this afternoon. everything looking great out in delaware on 95. 495 and currently no problems on the delaware memorial bridge. erika, over to you. >> thank you, jess k breaking news this morning, family of three, including a child, they're all returned to south jersey hospital, with carbon monoxide poisoning. looking live right now, from mobile three, of the home that's in hidden hollow lane in the sicklerville section of winslow township. all three members of the
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family we're told are in stable condition. fire investigators searching for the cause of early morning fire sent one woman to the hospital. zero six year old woman was rescued from the second floor after home in germantown, she is being treated for smoke inhalation. >> and a driver is in the hospital after crashing his car into a home in hokessing, new castle county. no words on what cause that driver to lose control. but, no one inside the home was injured. but wow what a surprise. >> i'm telling you. talk about unlikely pair, you may say eww, when you hear about the latest flavor of soda that could ends up on store shelves. >> so tragic. survived in afghanistan only to be killed back home. the tragic ending to that soldier's homecoming party. we'll be right back.
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the airport in freeport, this plane crashed. pastor and his wife both killed in the crash. they were head today conference organized by monroe. and, army veteran, who survived afghanistan; shot to death at welcome home party in southern california. someone shot francisco garcia, his family and friends attempt topped move the celebration from one location to another. police say a man got out after suv, yelled at garcia, then grabbed a handgun, from another person, and opened fire. it is a sad, sad fact, yes. because afghanistan, combat, and comes home and has this happen to him. i think it is terrible. i really honestly do. police believe the attack stemmed from a previous dispute. they're asking for the public's help to find that gunman. time 5:19 watch does an american want for his first meal after two years in a north korean prison? kenneth bay wanted pizza and he got t the free kenneth
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gospel group shared this photo of bae and a friend, shortly after he returned to the u.s. he was held captive in north korea because he left a bible in the country. >> welcome home. >> well, the eagles getting ready to fly in prime time tonight. hear how mark sanchez getting ready for his first start in almost two years. >> also ahead, hiking the grand canyon, tough enough. you'll be amazed when you hear the obstacle one of those hikers had to overcome to make it to the national monument. we'll be right back.
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins! >> happy monday everybody, we kick things offer with pretty
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pleasant weather for the early part of the week. does not necessarily stay that way, because, we are going to eventually have to deal with some very, very cold air. that set unless here in the delaware valley. storm scan3, for the moment, quiet, nice and clear, very light wind, you'll see sort of moonlit starlit sky. if you are about ready to walk out the door here before the sunrises, 39 degrees the current temperature, though, at philadelphia international. so it is cold. it is actually colder than it was this same time yesterday. simply because yesterday we had few more clouds to limit the chill. but that said, around the region today, we see sunshine in full effect, low 60s both down the shore and in the city. little cooler but still milder than average up in the poconos, that's typical. meanwhile as we jump into tuesday, we said this earlier in the show, 66 degrees with sunshine for your veterans day. i mean really doesn't get better than this for mid-november standards. certainly very pleasant weather, as we look ahead for today, for tomorrow, but then eventually as we mention much cooler air is set to take grip. and it will be a chilly grip. jess, over to you.
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>> chilly, chilly grip, thank you, katie. good morning, just coming up on 5:30, we go outside right now and check out the roosevelt boulevard, see how that's looking, and looks pretty good so far. so the bottom lanes where the headlights are moving on through, actually headed towards the schuylkill expressway, where you can typically see some volume in the morning hours, but it is still early, still early yet, over on 95, at the commodore barry bridge, everything moving great there, as well. southbound lanes moving along great, and the same story pretty much for the northbound lanes of the later on today, expect a lot of volume around the stadium area. we know eagles are playing the panthers later at 8: three soar we can expect a loft volume there. luckily broad street line helping us out with trains every ten minutes, starting at 6:45, to get you to the game on time. we know a loft people want to get there early. everything moving great in delaware, 95, 495, currently no problems on the delaware memorial bridge. everything looking great so far for mass transit so far. no delays. ukee, back over to you. >> prime time football for the eagles tonight. cam newtonian the carolina panthers come to lincoln
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financial field, game time 8:30. now the birds will be without linebacker demeco ryans, out for the season with the torn a kill eels. emanuel, and rookie, will see time in his place. birds every course will also start mark sanchez at quarterback, his first regular season start, since 2012. you know, just familiar feeling, thankful for that, that i've had experience before, you know, nothing really changes to be honest with my preparation, i'm going get couple of more reps. >> do your thing, young fellowment tonight's game with the panthers with the voice of the eagles merrill reese live in our next hour. boy, what a night the greenbay packers erin rogers, connected for six touchdown passes in the first half, last night's prime time game at lambeau fieldsment packers beat the chicago bears convincingly, 55 to 14. two of the touchdown passes were long ones to wide out injured i nelson. packers still a game behind detroit in the nfc north.
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to the hard wood, the sixers out on road trip, looking still for their first win of the season. last night the squad was in toronto. struggling, ya, brett brown onto it, struggling to contain the raptors demar de rosen. he led toronto with 24 points, sixers fall to zero and seven with the 120 to 88 lost. sixers and match rick from dallas, thursday night. erika? >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow breaking news, family overcome by fuels in their camden county home this morning. we'll get up a date from the scene coming up next. also, an outpouring of support. why strangers came together to donate gifts to a boy that many have never met. >> and jessica and katie return. they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. got big changes weather wise, katie with the details, we'll be right
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>> fumes send three to the hospital. firefighters, ems crews, rush to home on hidden hollow lane in sicklerville earlier this morning. fire investigators believe that it was carbon monoxide related. they also tell "eyewitness news", a little girl collapsed shortly after they got to the scene. all three people are in stable condition. more updates as we learn more information. also, new this morning, firefighters pull woman from burning home in germantown overnight. it happened just after 1:00, along the 6400 block of belfield avenue. firefighters rescued the woman from a second story rear bedroom. she was returned to the hospital in stable condition with smoke inhalation. at the moment, still, no word on what start that fire. authorities in chester county, say, a family dispute ends in the gunfire, sending two men to the hospital. police arrived at a home on summit avenue in paoli. that is where they found the victim who said he was shot by a family member, john richard berry. the officers eventually
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tracked down berry to a house down the street. we spoke to a neighbor who was one of the first to call 911. that was the first time i heard the pow, pow, pow. i saw a jaw walking up the street in the process of this shooting incident. and i thought that was kinds of weird. so i got back on the phone, and i called 911, again, because i saw the gentleman standing on the porch. and that freaked me out. >> we're told officers approached berry, he turned the gun on himself. he and the victim were returned to paoli hospital in critical condition. >> president obama arrived in china welcomed by a full ceremonial guards. talking to businesses -- >> susan motorcycle begin cyst reporting now about the first stop in this three-country tour across asia for the president. president trying to promote trade and economic cooperation. let's see if we can get susan again. >> reporter: president obama arrived in china welcomed by a


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