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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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tracked down berry to a house down the street. we spoke to a neighbor who was one of the first to call 911. that was the first time i heard the pow, pow, pow. i saw a jaw walking up the street in the process of this shooting incident. and i thought that was kinds of weird. so i got back on the phone, and i called 911, again, because i saw the gentleman standing on the porch. and that freaked me out. >> we're told officers approached berry, he turned the gun on himself. he and the victim were returned to paoli hospital in critical condition. >> president obama arrived in china welcomed by a full ceremonial guards. talking to businesses -- >> susan motorcycle begin cyst reporting now about the first stop in this three-country tour across asia for the president. president trying to promote trade and economic cooperation. let's see if we can get susan again. >> reporter: president obama arrived in china welcomed by a full ceremonial guard.
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talking to business leaders, ahead of the asia pacific economic summit, he said the us and asia are linked and portray the us and china as nations forging new ties. >> over the next five years nearly half of all economic growth outside the united states is projected to come from right here in asia. that makes this region an incredible opportunity. >> the white house is hoping to reinvigorate the administration's pivot toward asia strategy, and promote us interests in the asia pacific. something that may not bode well for the president's upcoming meeting with chinese president, she gin ping. expected to talk climate change, trade, and more. >> we can do more to reduce trade and economic growth. >> with the trip following the release of two americans held prisoner in north korea, the president is expected to call on beijing to use its influence with north korean president, kim june aoun, in washington, susan macinnis,
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cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, let's get that forecast right now with katie. we're enjoying the next couple of days, right? >> definitely our suggestion. if you like the warmth, if you like the sunshine, the next two days are perfect for you. we are not necessarily going to be seeing shorts and t-shirt weather becomes it is a little bit above average here in the days ahead in terms of what the thermometer will read, by the end of the day, and you can expect the sunshine courtesy of high pressure the let's get you out there. show you what's going on, starting it off with storm scan3, we have no storms to actually track at this hour. but, it is rather a clear sky, and you have got couple every clouds granted, but not enough to really limit the cooling, much like what we saw yesterday, when we had a weak little cold front crossing through. meanwhile, the story at least across the us right now i would say is the snow that's falling in very heavy bands right now across south dakota into minnesota, that's the combination of the storm system, which will eventually drag a cold front through our area and set us up for some very cold air, cold that's we've seen so far this season. now, with that snow, you have
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got numerous winter storm warnings, look at all of the purple, it stretches anywhere from upper michigan, all the way back, to the northern range of the rockies, here, in montana. but back here, we don't have to worry about winter storms, but we will certainly have to worry about some wintery temperatures here down the road. thirty-nine is our current temperature at the airport, look at what those temperatures are starting to do as they start to respond to the cooling, only into the 20's right now in the twin cities, 28 in alpena, so sort of sign of things to come for our area, as we look at some other locations, out at bellmawr, hokessing, nazareth, unless the further north you go, toward say nazareth, colder it will get. but yes, some of the more remote suburbs like the pine land areas, for example, are also going to bottom out easily this morning. nice clear sky, very light winds, to go along with that, so, down the shore, and certainly in the city here today, low 60s, as we look ahead to the afternoon, coming off of a pretty chilly morning, that will be a nice spike on the thermometer, despite the chilly start, but
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full sunshine will help that along. we can expect to keep it for at least two days before the chill begins to settle in. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, just going to come up on 5:34 right now. we go outside, check out the ben franklin bridge, see how everything is going, out there. which is pretty nice so far. so this is actually from the philly side. so the headlights are coming in, westbound, from new jersey, and into the city. so all lanes open. and everything moving along great so far. otherwise, out on the blue route, mid-county, see things starting to pick up just little bit. in the southbound lanes here, headed toward the schuylkill expressway, but still moving along great so far. now the rest of the majors, still no problems, 422, headed eastbound, from oaks into 202. about seven minute trip there. and 13 minutes on 202, if you are headed northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway. now, the eagles versus panthers later on tonight, at 8:30, so subject a lot of volume around the stadium area, possibly little earlier than, that a the love people like to get there little bit early. thankfully septa ' helping us out here with the broad street line adding train every ten
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minutes, starting at 6:45, to get you to the game on time. erika, over to you. >> thank you, jess a right now 5:35. in business news this morning, the newest dorito that you can drink. >> what? >> yep. >> and good news for drivers, money watch's jill wagner joins us from new york and the stock exchange, hey, jill. >> good morning, ukee, erika. prices at the pump keeling falling, according to new survey, prices dropped 13 cents in the past two weeks, so that bridges the nationwide average for regular to 2.94 a gallon. in philadelphia, it is a bit higher than that. but we can bank oil production here in the ss for keeping prices low, experts say that extra money and consumer pockets could lead to more spending, this holiday shopping season. >> well, general motors botched recall is back in the spotlight. new emails used by the wall street journal show that the auto maker placed urgent order for half a million replacement
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ignition switches, almost two months before alerting federal safety regulators to a problem. the faulty switches are now linked to 30 deaths, and the recalls 2.5 million vehicles. here on wall street, stocks will open as fresh highs today, dow gained 19 points friday closing at new record. the nasdaq lost about six points. and you may like to drink soda, while you eat potato chips. but, how about a soda that actually tastes like chips? mountain dew is working on a dorito-inspired flavor. it is is being tested on college campuses, and that new drink is called what else dewitos. ukee, erika? >> that's fun, that's fun to say, dewitos. i don't know about fun to drink. >> famous on college campuses, if anyone will drink it, college campus. >> yes, i think i'm preferring mountain eww as a preferred name. >> well done there.
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>> indeed. jill, thanks so much. dewotis. >> new york city largest subway station just opened to commuters. the fulton center connects the worlds trade center to the rest of the city. the station features a huge dome that lets sunlight shine inside. as many as 300,000 passengers are expected to use the station every single day. >> the 21 day monitoring period for maine nurse who fought ebola quarantine orders ended at midnight. casey hickox's boyfriends told the portland press herald they are moving by the end of the week. their first stop, a visit to family in southern maine. hickox returned to the u.s. last month, from treating ebola patients in sierra leone. she has not shown any symptoms, and tested negative for ebola twice. so are you signing up for the affordable healthcare plan? you can now shop around the website. the newly revamped allows to you start brousing for plans in advance. administrators say users will finds other new features
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designed to make it easier to use. enrollment starts saturday and runs through february 15th. well, it is a football fans get unexpected surprise. you have to see what happens when the mascot gets little confused. this is good. >> also, talk about one tough hike. the obsbstacle that made hiking through the grand canyon even tougher for this particular group. >> and hundreds of people see this bright fireball shooting across the sky, and now we're learning exactly what that thing was. details coming up. when mom and dad said family vacation, i never thought it would be lik. where every turn leads to a new adventure, and surprise leads to discovery. this place is like nothing i've ever seen.
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i'll never forget it. chiapas. live it to believe it.
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j family of three including a child are hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning. belfield avenue in germantown, woman rescued from bedroom on second floor of a home. that victim in stable condition. >> prime time football for the eagles later tonight. carolina panthers will be at lincoln financial field for 8:30 start. speaking of starts, eagles quarterback mark sanchez makes his first regular season start since late 2012 when he was with those jets. we'll talk live with merrill reese the voice of the eagles coming up in our next half hour. erika? >> ukee, crime that shocked chester county, two boys, fall victim to abuse. one of those boys, scotty mcmillan, did not survive. but, there is an outpouring
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now of support from strangers, who just wanted to do something to help the surviving child. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson picks up the story. >> looking for a way to heal. >> really has torn the community up. >> if you live in chester county, at the very least, you have probably heard the story of scotty and ryan mcmillan. for some here, it is paralyzing. >> the whole story has been like heart wrenching the last couple of daisy think for the whole community. >> prosecutors say the boys were victims in a series of horrifying beatings, torture sessions, at the hands of their own mother, and her boyfriend. three year old scotty died. six year old ryan is now staying with a aunt. >> my husband and i have just been thinking about, you know, we wish we could do something. so when we heard about this, we jump on up. >> it came in the form after flatbed truck. >> i immediately just start to tear up. like we need to do something. >> organizer janice baker, self described motorcycle mom,
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with the infamous riders of chester county, got her boys off the road, and in a police station parking lot, collecting donations for ryan. >> they got together with me, helped post everything on line, and really just brought a lot of people here today. >> baker estimates they've collected close to $2,000 in cash, as for the flatbed, it is filled, necessities will go to the family immediately, toys will be held so ryan can have christmas. >> as a community, we love him, and we're so sorry whatever he witnessed, and what he had to go through. >> it may be small, against the grief ryan and his family now face, but donors say janice is giving a chance at hope and for this community, a way to heal. >> it is amazing, the best feeling ever. i mean, the best way could you spend sunday. it is perfect. >> the mother, jillian tate, and her boyfriend, gary, both face charges of first degree murder, there is a preliminary hearing scheduled for friday. reporting in chester county, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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coming up on a 43:00, we want traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i good morning, erika, we start things off with a really wide zoom here on storm scan3, and obviously not a heck of a lot going on across our area portion of the united state, we actually still have high pressure keeping control for one final day here before it will start to lift off to the northeast, but it still mean pretty pleasant weather. meanwhile off to the west here, see the dakota, wisconsin, where you have more signs of life in the way of yep some snow. it looks as though that part of the us up toward the great lakes could even be picking up as much as a foot or more worth of accumulating snow. out of this developing storm. so this is really just the beginning, what's going to happen here there is sort of addition in little bit more, eventually, we start to see area, you know, more well defined, center of circulation with this, and then the cold air just starts to nudge on the way or on the back side of this, down through the eastern two thirds basically of the united state. so we're not the only ones looking ahead to much, much colder air. now, what is the deal with
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this polar jet, this polar vortex that we always hear so much about? well, basically, all you're dealing with here is the coldest pocket of air that you typically finds in the northern hemisphere, of course centered around the polls, and the coldest location on earth, or one of them, the other would be down across the south pole. but, sometimes given the way the atmosphere moves, that polar jet can send these pockets of really cold air south. and we saw that all the time last winter, it seemed like it was happening on weekly basis. already we're starting to see some of the effect whatever that has meant for temperatures across the canadian prairie. look at the single digit values here. trying -- regina checks in at seven. that's not feels like value in moosene: starting to see response as well through the twin sit east, the list will go on as the week progresses, for us, start to notice the chill by thursday. so we've actually got still pretty pleasant weather here. later tonight talking low 50's generally at kick off for the eagles, nice clear sky means
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temperatures drop easily. so probably talking more like mid 40's, as you progress through those four quarters. so you want to bundle up if you are lucky you have no have scored some tickets. veterans day looks beautiful, enjoy it, then start to see the breeze kick n even still at 63 wednesday, but start to notice it is feeling cooler and cooler, and really will be most noticeable on the thermometer than from thursday and beyond. jess, we send it over to you. >> thank, who needs tickets when you can hang out in the parking lot. i think that's the best time. 5:45, good morning, everybody, we head on out to the schuylkill expressway, show you what's going on out there, which is moving along great. at 202, so eastbound, normally we can see most of the volume, still still early center city moving along great there. over on 95 things starting to pack in just a little bit at girard. southbound toward center city where you can see most of the volume now taillights headed northbound, still moving along great so far. out in delaware county, midday work, closing route 320, at west chester pike, that's going throb from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.ment something to look for the to there.
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more midday work in valley forge road at white horse road from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. there as well out in chester county. otherwise, all of the delaware majors looking great. so 95, 495, currently no problems on the delaware memorial bridge. mass transit, great alternate so far, this morning. now, don't forget, when you are on the road, you can get updated information about traffic backups, with the new your drive app. download the app for iphone and android devices by going to drive. ukee? >> jess, thank you. hiking across the grand canyon is a daunting task for anyone, but imagine making the trek while blind? dan berlin did just that. with the help of his daughter and some friends, he hiked a grueling 46 miles across the canyon. dan began losing his site as child, and by his mid 30's, could only see dim shapes. he says there were many times he felt discouraged during the trip. >> the response from everybody, immediately, was no, we're going to do this, you know? you're not going to die. if i didn't have those guides,
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i could not have made it out of the canyon. >> dan also said making the trek while blind had it advantage, like calmly walking on a trail with a thousand foot drop at night. >> good more him. site to see, possible meteor lights up the sky in texas, it was caught on tape, too, by police officer's dashboard camera over the weekend. several witnesses say it was a blue-green color, and had an orange tail. just last week a meteor was spotted over parts of the east coast, here including pennsylvania. >> wow, big news for movie thanks, matt damian getting ready to bring back one of his most popular characters. we have the words on his big announcement when we come back. >> also, don't forget today is your chance to win 100 bucks right here on "eyewitness news", just keep on watching for the secret word of the day. we have it for you coming up next. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. ♪
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> ♪ >> we all could use some extra cash headed to the holidays. >> today is your lucky day, we are giving away $100 twice, every morning, this month, starting, right now! no time like the present. here's your chance to win the first hundred dollar gift card. just text today's secret word, it is sunrise. you text that word to 84816. or you can hop on line and enterate
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two win. giving away a hundred dollars every day through november 26 right here on "eyewitness news". and your next chance to win, coming up in about an hour, but remember, message and data rights apply, the word right now is sunrise. ♪ >> now the other word this morning? >> another word for you right nowing. >> all kind of words, that one born. >> matt damian will reprice his role as jason born. agreed play the assassin after paul green grass signed on, directed the second and third films in the born series. still unclear, though, what new adventures born has ahead of himment fans can expect continuation every his story, the film set to hit theatres in 2016. hello, i'm bay max, your personal healthcare companion. >> two move advice stellar opening weekends, both earning more than $50 million. >> this one, big hero six, that came out on top. disney new animated adventure
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film, about a fun inflatable robot. big hero six hauled in more than $56 million. inter stellar took off in second place with 50 million. gone girl, that's hanging on. >> big time. >> that was in thirds followed by ouij a and st. vincent. >> i'll try to go see under tercell area later this week. >> i manning? >> i heard good things about it, we'll see. >> got to big awe big coffee, almost three hours long? >> katie, good morning. >> good morning, everybody, yes, we can expect to see i think overall some pretty pleasant weather here today and tomorrow. not necessarily shorts and t-shirt weather but certainly milder than average. for mid-november, really not looking all that shabby thin vale of clouds across eastern pennsylvania, but most of you under crystal clear skies right now. what that will do, allow for beautiful sunrise to get underway. one more check on some of the chill that's starting to settle in for us here, take a look, across the canadian prairie, you have single digits of 20's, some teens,
5:53 am
here in philly, we're still sitting in at 39 degrees, it might get cut off on the lower right-hand corner of your screen, but where we currently stand at the airport. even despite that, still going to sky rocket into the low 60s today, and smidge above average with the high no less. so, this really looks like very pleasant couple every days coming up here. enjoy it while you got it. it doesn't last forever. even despite the low 60s, on wednesday, we are starting to sea breeze kick in, that will be our transition day, by thursday, we will not break out of the 40's. jess, over to you. >> i like the first half of the week, though, thank you, katie. good morning everybody, just coming up on 6:00 a.m. we go outside right now check out the ben franklin bridge, see how that's doing from the jersey side, actually, doing real well. this is actually from the toll plaza, the westbound tail light-headed westbound up over the bridge and into the sit. headed on into jersey, moving along nicely there, as well. now, over on 95, at cottman, that's where you can see little bit of volume, losing out a lane there, part of the shoulder, due to ongoing
5:54 am
construction, but headed southbound toward center city where you will see most of the volume really start to pack in so far for this morning. now, chester county, some midday construction at marshall street and high street from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so something to look forward to this afternoon so you can plan your trip accordingly. stay there, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> the see otter took a little tour around the stadium. this looks like good spot, i'm play there. >> came eventually, flew away, back to its handlers, after getting perched thereon his head. according to the seahawks website it, means thunder. >> how about that? they made friends, too. >> there go. those must have been sharp. can you imagine that on your head or your neck? >> be calm under pressure, be
5:57 am
calm un pressure. >> dealing with live animals, poor guy. >> and the giant got beat up. >> ya. >> all worked out. >> oh, coming up in the next hour, live with breaking news, we've been following this morning, fumes sends three people to the hospital, including a little girl, they collapsed at the scene. >> and, they look like can i. so it is no wonder children want to try to eat those popular laundry detergent pods, but this morning, brand newspaper study shedding light on how dangerous they really are. that's new t this morning, in the health watch. good morning, we'll be right back.
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>> fumes sends a family of three to the hospital. >> investigators believe it was carbon monoxide poisoning. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the scene in
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sicklerville to bring us to up date. january, january, what have you learned? >> erika, ukee, i've learned yes, three people have been taken to the hospital including a little girl, police say, overcome by fumes in their home this morning, by carbon monoxide fumes. we're toll they have carbon monday positive. monoxide poisoning. coming here at ten, hidden hollow lane, sicklerville, fire crews had been on scene investigating, and venting the home. they've since left the scene. initial call 4:00 this morning when police got here to the home. a child answered the door, and immediately collapsed. now, three people in all were inside of this home, and were taken to the hospital. i was able to speak to the neighbor here who says they were all taken out of the house unconscious. but, police tell us all three people are now in stable condition. >> now, once they were removed, the house was metered, and very high levels of co were detected. neighbors just thankful this morning that this family is safe, include that five year old little girl.


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