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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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35 degrees in reading. 33 degrees in the poconos. cold enough for snow. much colder now then it was yesterday at this time in reading. 18 degrees colder right now and trenton, 16 degrees colder then yesterday at storm can three. and, snow milk with the rain toward scranton, and, even the patches in the northern and western suburbs where we're seeing the rain already mixing with sleet. it will change over to snow later on tonight. this evening, rain showers in philadelphia, overnight, mixing with rain snow and wet snow flakes. and rain, sleet, mixing with snow and a grassy coating is expect to the north and west. a along the higher terrain as well. left over icy patches anywhere that we see precipitation just because of the cold temperatures. now, best chance of seeing grassy coating of snow would be in the north and west of philadelphia, heading towards poconos, of course, higher elevations half inch to an inch of snow is expect. my collogue kate bilo live
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from the mobile weather lab in lehighton carbon county in search of snow. kate, what have you seen so far? >> well, kathy, we have seen a lot of rain coming up 476 on the northeast extension on the turnpike, and then we will drive through a period of pretty heavy snow just after allentown between allentown and lehighton exit and then tapered off. i will take you outside mobile weather lab in lehighton at the moment have we are in a lull, i'm tracking you the here in the mobil weather lab on the radar picture. it looks like another band will come through but as of right new we are seeing a few rain drops. streets are still relatively try here in lehighton carbon county. as i said it comes and goes. we are seeing again a few bursts of snow, on 476, north on the turnpike and of course visibility is definitely lower if you find your early driving through one of those burst of snow. lets look at what we are expecting timing wise through remainder of tonight, far north and west where we are,
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we are seeing a few areas getting a little bit of snow, that will continue until midnight, best chance for philadelphia and suburbs to see any snow, midnight and 3:00 a.m., delaware and southern new jersey in the middle of the night ape unless you are a snow lover you'll miss it. if you want to see flakes that is best time. back here live cbs-3 mobil weather lab we are in lehighton on 209 and we are looking for snow flakes. we will continue to bring you updated information from the cbs-3 mobil weather lab as we hunt for snow across the region. for now back inside to you in the studio. >> kate, thanks to you and kathy as well. we have a feeling we will be hearing from both of you tonight. you can get the updated forecast anytime if you have cbs-3 weather app, check live radar, get severe wet's alerts and share your severe weather pictures with us. down load app now on android, and itunes. a close call for some trenton police officers. police a those officers were in their car when bullets came through windshield. officers fired back fatally
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shooting the suspect. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in trenton with more on what happened, david. >> reporter: i have learned there will be a news conference in 30 minutes and we will find out more information there. right now i can tell you that the suspect is dead and two officers are going to be okay. >> i can see a lot of cops, just a lot of cops. >> reporter: but maureen turn are a says gunshots woke her up about 7:00 this morning. >> they were like heavy gunshots and they weren't like 22's or anything like that. unfortunately i know gunfire because i have heard it so many times. >> reporter: turner moved into this neighborhood 40 years ago and said crime here is an unwelcomed routine. trenton officers were on the scene within minutes after a report of the man with the gun near wilson street. >> you never come to work, hoping to be involved in this type of an incident but it is, a threat that is always there. >> reporter: trenton police director ernest perry says that the two officers were inn identify their unit when
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suspect fired several shots, striking the the windshield, bullets just missed the two officers, they fired back and the suspect left in an ambulance but later died at a trenton hospital. >> they put their lives on the line day in and day out. >> reporter: police spent hours on the scene collecting evidence, the images brought back painful memories for maureen turn shore says someone shot and killed her 18 year-old grandson james, just two years ago. >> he was standing outside talking to two neighbors, a guy walks by him and turns around and shoots him in the head. >> how far from here. >> four houses. >> despite her loss and today's violence, maureen's turner says she doesn't want to move. >> i want the world to stop with the guns. >> reporter: she wants to see more police more often. police director perry will be at that news conference we will be asking him questions about the officer's names and suspect names at 5:30. i will have have update had information live at 6:00. right new we are live in
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trenton david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is a lot of new information in the carlesha gaither kidnapping case today. carlesha's family members honored a citizen and philadelphia detectives who rescued her and captured her abductor. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter tells us that the family is revealing for the first time how carlesha's physical and mental strength helped her survive her ordeal. >> my name is dwayne fletcher. >> dwayne fletcher got a hero's welcome in city council accommodation and handshakes. his call to police as 22-year old carlesha gaither was dragged by an accused kidnapper credited with helping save the rick tim's life. >> my daughter's hero my hero fit wasn't for him my daughter wouldn't be here right now. >> reporter: fletcher explained it mark a triumphant turnaround from the troubled past life. >> when you show people that we can just do better, we can. we can. just got to give us a a
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chance. that is all. >> raise the roof for the philadelphia police department and their hard work. >> reporter: still more place and honors for detective james sloan and his squad whose pursuit led to barn's rest. >> thank god, thank the citizens, thank everybody that everything just clicked. >> reporter: finally posing with the citizen and detective who helped save carlesha her father and grandfather praised the victim who they revealed for the first time used her physical and mental strength to shield herself from her alleged abductor for three agonizing days. >> she's that kind of a person. she hit him in the head with the hammer and still more or less, convinced him to be her friend. >> i'm glad my daughter was a friendly person and got him to be a friendly guy so he wouldn't harm her. so again i give all praise to my daughter, she's a hero. >> reporter: barnes this afternoon was indicted by a federal grand jury a few hours ago on kidnapping charges. a hearing tomorrow will
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determine if he will be held in prison to await trial. coming up at 6:00 new you details we have learn on how fbi is trying to determine if barnes may have attacked other women. we will have it for you you at 6:00. live from the sat center i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". close call for a septa police officer, his bike was hit by a car and dragged at olney transportation center this afternoon. investigators say the the officer had stopped the car in the bus lane. when he got off the bike to ask the driver for id the driver took off and ran over the bike. the officer was not injured, police are searching for that driver tonight and three passengers, they did ditch that car near conlin street. developing right now a reality tv star is under arrest, police say cake boss buddy valestro was seen wifing his corvette through streets have lower manhattan around 1:00 this morning. when the ny pd stopped him he had a flushed look, and
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failed breathalyzer test. he recently opened a tore in marlton, new jersey. we have learned that pennsylvania attorney yen kathleen kane was in the wearing a seat belt in the october 21st crash in lackawana county. see hit her need window and suffered a concussion. she was in the back seat and not driving when that crash happened. her neurologist says she can go back to work november 24th. five people have been displaced after a has moving fire hit several row homes in king sessing today. investigators say they are now working to find out what shark the blaze. fire broke out just around 2:00 this morning at an unoccupied row home in the 5500 block of florence avenue and then spread to other homes. we're told two homes were destroyed. >> l and i should have tore that house down a long time ago. somebody got shot and killed in that house. now i lost my house because that house burned. >> l and i says it has received three complaints
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about the vacant properties this year alone and they say their goal, it is to secure vacant properties within ten days of a complaint and they of had to do it several times a year due to break ins. the red cross is assisting the families that have been displaced and our justin finch will have more in a live update in the next hour. woman is found dead and covered in bruises inside her west philadelphia a row home. investigators say victim is six two-year old sandra barley and her roommate was found inside suffering from bruises. officials a that roommate claims it was a home invasion but victim's familiar willly thinks differently. >> she's really not. she needs to go to jail. she need to go to jail. investigators are interviewing family members and neighbors and they are interviewing surveillance video to determine if there was a break in. philadelphia city council honors a teen who pulled a police officer from his burning cruiser. seventeen year-old joe chambers received well
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deserved recognition in council chambers today. ridley high school are jumped in to action to help officer mark kimsee after his cruiser was broadsided a at 28th and tasker in grays ferry on at day. kimsee is getting around on crutches and says he is lucky to be alive. >> i keep telling people he is my hero. i wouldn't be here without him. i have a lot of thank you as but i did what i had to do and i hope everybody else would have done if i was front. >> city council recognized daunte johnson, christopher gallagher and joseph myers who also assisted at the scene. much more ahead here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 including a tying other the loose in paris. a popular retailer under fire for their policy on plus sized clothing, we will tell what you has some customers outraged. round two of the affordable care act starts this weekend, there are a few change these time around, three on your side jim donovan has what consumers need to know. it was a scare in the air
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for u2 front man bono when door falls off mid flight, we have more news after this.
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two workers dangling over a busy manhattan street and investigators still do not necessity why. repair crews work to replace a broken window 68 stories up on one world trade center. on wednesday, fire fighters had to use a diamond cut tore break glass and rescued two
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trapped window washers. men became stranded after a cable attached to their scaffold, developed slack. a rear door on a music superstar's private jet flies off as the plane approached the airport. it happened on wednesday, as, bono and four friend traveled from dublin to berlin. a airport spokesmen says door near luggage hold detached but there was no danger of a crash. that plane landed safely with no injuries. well, at day begins round two of health insurance enrollment under the affordable care act. the government hoping that the sign up for plans go a little bit smoother then first time around. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim ton van looks at expectations and what consumers need to know. >> reporter: after much anticipation last fall's kick off to enrollment in health care plans under the affordable care act didn't go as planned. >> look, there is no denying it right now web site is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck, and i'm not
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happy about it. >> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of >> reporter: ahead of the second round of sign ups web site was tested over a period of five weeks in the hopes of avoiding another dismal performance. thirty-seven states will use the federal exchange for 2015. the enrollment period officially begins on at day, november 15th. but in a new feature consumers can take a sneak preview of plans in their area now and compare estimated premiums, deductibles and max out of pocket payments. the obama administration says this years sign up will be easier in other ways too. the application process has been reduced, from 76 screens to 16, consumers reenrolling in the plan will find that much of their information carries over instead of entering it all over again. >> despite promise of easier enrollment they said they expect 2015 enrollment numbers to be lower than their original projection of 13 million, they are looking
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at a number below 10 million. we will continue to follow this over next few days as this rolls its way out and won't be as bumpy as last year. >> then there is the beginning. >> no flashbacks. >> a a lot of consumers were, thanks jim. still to come on "eyewitness news" a wheelchair bound veteran pulls off a wedding surprise of the life time. we will hear from the newlyweds from wedding video that has gone viral. another bomb shell from honey boo-boo's momma june about paternity of one of her children and her ties to another sex offender, entertainment tonight's brook anderson has a exclusive story in a a
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all right. all eyes to the skies tonight toe exactly what will be falling out of them. >> i think it is exciting because people are thinking about the first time they see a snow flake. >> right, sure. >> don't worry, about it you will see more this winter. >> just hang on. >> in a few minutes i'll show you my exclusive winter forecast show cast of what we expect this winter coming up. we have on rain falling, we have some sleet falling, weather watchers will be saying yes, and we have some snow flakes falling in places like pottstown. take a look outside, we will show what you is going on in center city. some mist, light rain and that is just about it right now as we sit on campbell's field, and looking across the
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delaware river towards the city. live neighborhood network takes to us kutztown where we have seen a lot have of clouds, some precipitation and last few frames of this looks like we have a little bit of the mix falling as temperatures fall you will to 32 degrees, perhaps a few snow flakes but you no wind, that is the the good news. big change from yesterday, we made it to 70 degrees. high of 47. some 23 degrees colder today and i know you felt every degree. we have seen the rain moving to the north and east but see patches of white and pink showing up. we are going from rain to sleet. remember that as you put your arm out it will get off your jacket and changes over to snow as we get more cold air in the mid levels and lower levels of the at months fear. right through lancaster parts of the northwestern, chester county and berks county we are seeing a little bit of the mix, highlighted in the pink and on wet snow flakes through reading, heading towards honey brook along 76, and edging
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toward pottstown. you you will be seeing snow and possible grass accumulation during the late night hours. once it begins to sinkn in the quite cold enough yet. and, 40's to the north and west, and to the north, i should say to the south and east, and 40's to the north and west. temperatures in the 30's. thirty-five in reading. thirty-seven in allentown. only 32 degrees in lancaster. that is why we're seeing change over to wet snow. to the west we will go, 20's through midwest, nashville 34. birmingham 38. and when you consider it is warmer in philadelphia then atlanta and birmingham you know something strange is going on. this is what we expect as far as any type of snow. poconos sees a half inch to an inch in the higher for rain which is normal will this time of the year. best chance of seeing coating on grass surfaces would be north and west of philadelphia, even in the city and suburbs, even on the new jersey side late tonight during overnight possibility of seeing rain, briefly changing over to snow but i don't expect anything in the way of accumulation.
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the for tonight far north and west rain, sleet to snow, city rain mixing late overnight and then, of course, icy patches anywhere we have seen, any type of precipitation n delaware and extreme south jersey we are talking about a cold rain. in the wake of this it stays cold until further notice right through the weekend and next week a reenforcing hot of colder air. overnight tonight low temperature of 34 degrees, during day tomorrow a cold high of 45 degrees and on the three day forecast temperatures just stay pretty much where they are but we will have some sunshine over the weekend. i quickly want to show you snowcast for this winter season we are expecting higher than average snowfall in philadelphia 34 to 40 inches of snow, forecast and forecasting 38 to 44 in the lehigh valley and down the shore above average as well, 30 to 36 inches of snow. for my complete winter forecast you can get to cbs and check it out. we will be back
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a bomb shell from momma june of here comes honey boo-boo, she's revealing ties to the second sex offender and that is not all. >> brook anderson joins us live from hollywood with more on a et exclusive tonight, hi brook. >> hi chris and jessica. momma june told me she reconnected with convicted molester mark mcdaniel for two reasons, first because of her daughter pumpkin who once believed mark was her father. pumpkin wanted closure and second, because she felt sorry for him. >> yes, i did twice. i didn't know how he was. he just got leukemia. he has all this stuff wrong
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with him good mark does. >> he has a rare blood disorder. he has all this. >> how do you talk. >> we don't. we don't. >> but we have pictures of you two together? i have pictures of you guys, looking at a house. >> yes. >> it looks like you are holding hand with him in a house. >> no i'm not holding hands. >> and momma june is dropping a baby dad a bomb shell, growing up her daughter pumpkin thought mcdaniel was her father but month june is saying who is the real father and he is another sex offender. >> i will be honest and tell you world will know my mom will know pumpkin's real father is jessica's father. jessica and pumpkin have the same dad, but jessica's dad has had nothing to to with her over the years so why the the the hell would i open up that can have of worms until today. i have in the had contact with him since 99.
5:27 pm
since then, he has committed, he was a predator, in 2005 i want to say it was. he is doing crime for sexual exploitation of minors and until 2026. >> and there were so many more revelations we will have much more with my interview you tonight on et. >> chris and jessica. >> okay. >> brook, thank you. >> head are spinning, thanks brook. you can see more and rest of the day news at 7:00 o'clock right here, on cbs-3. by the way doctor phil, is going to sit down with momma june to talk about all this, you can see that interest right which is quite dramatic monday at 4:00 o'clock only here on cbs-3. >> still to come in the neck half an hour, technical troubles, more than 300 million miles from earth, scientists land a spacecraft that not without a few problems. plus, see the first image ever taken on a comet surface. also ahead a national clothing store with a plus
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sided controversy author accused of charging women for larger items and that is not all. what does the future hold for the service known as uber, a big decision made today in harrisburg, we will tell you what it means for riders in
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i'm jessica dean. here are the top stories, a close call for two police officers when the suspect allegedly opens fire, on their suv, and it happens on wilson street, in trenton. police return fire, killing the suspect. a federal grand jury indicted delvin barnes on kidnapping charge these afternoon, accused of kidnapping carlesha gaither and a hearing tomorrow will determine if he will be held in prison to await trial, chris? well, we told you earlier that new york city police arrested the cake boss on a drunk driving charge buddy, and he now has a bakery in marlton, was stopped in lower manhattan after allegedly seen swerving his corvette. reporter dave carolyn of our sister station, cb. two in new york has more. >> slice of layered legal trouble for cake boss buddy valestro who was seen weaving and swerving early in the morning in the stretch of tenth avenue in a 2014 yellow
5:32 pm
corvette similar to this one. the office hours pulled him over reported his breath seemed to smell of alcohol. police sources say he took a breathalizer test which he flung. >> he is a good dad and runs a goodbyes and he made a mistake. >> reporter: no comments from his attorneys, or the the managers of his bake shops in hoboken and times square. it is unclear what he was doing earlier in manhattan and where he was heading when police stopped him. >> this kind of makes you wonder like why don't they stop and think, they are in the lime light right now, they are really important people and then you will come out and do something like that. >> reporter: can his fans this is a man in the phone his subtlety from his his she to the advertising, and that bright yellow corvette. >> driving bright yellow you will stand out. if you do something not real smart, don't make it where it is real obvious. >> reporter: on people say with all that fame and fortune to lose better to have a driver or hail a cab. >> a car that has a different
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driver, not him. >> reporter: dave carlen for cbs two in new york. new jersey legislature is considering a bill that would give terminally ill patients of taking their own lives. those who oppose the legislation say it is dangerous. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, is live from trenton with the details, cleve. >> jessica, talking about politics and medicine it goes toward heated debate and we saw that today just before a very close vote on the physician assisted suicide bill. add row dates and opponents of physician assisted you side made their a appeals in the state capitol on thursday, supporter tom martin from summer's point is in the third recurrence of prostate cancer. >> it gives people the right to die the way they want and i will take advantage of that if and when time is right at end stage. >> reporter: those who came in opposition came several doctors. >> we're suppose ed to be one hand to hold, one hand to heel and not one hand to hold and
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kill. >> reporter: assisted suicide took national spotlight recently with 29 year-old brittany maynard decided to move to oregon where she ended her life with legally prescribe medication rather than continue a battle with brain cancer. new jersey measure sponsored by jobs burzichelli will allow a patient to do essentially the a same. if they have a terminal illness with a prognosis of less than six months to live and they get two doctors to sign off. many opponents say there is potential for elder i abuse. >> would i submit it makes it neither more compassionate or more free. >> reporter: bill passed 41-31 and head to the state senate but real hurdle is governor christie who opposes the measure. >> i don't know what he will do. i know what he said. i don't judge him as to what he said today as to what he will do tomorrow. >> reporter: american medical association says their position is that they are against doctors assisting in suicide, but it will be doing more harm than good. live at trenton i'm cleve
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bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right cleve, thanks much. european scientists who safely landed a craft on the surface of the comet has now produced a first image ever to be taken off a comet surface. after the historic but awkward landing the reabout on the pope philae is stable now and end ising back pictures, but it appears to be standing on just two of its 3 feet. there are also concerns about its battery life. >> once better chunk and smaller one about six minutes and now we are on the surface. >> scientists have determined the probe is sitting on a rocky surface, and they are hoping it will take pictures of the comet which could reveal secrets about the origins of life on earth. forget about mickey and mini, suburban paris has a new attraction tonight. a tiger this animal was spotted in the woods near disney land paris about 25 miles outside of the it i center. no one knows where the tiger came from but french officials
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say it may be, domestic. old navy is drawing criticism for its plus side pricing. retailer is charging more for plus sized women's clothing but not plus sized mens clothing. petition to change that gathered more than 30,000 signatures and some people say that policy is unfair. >> obviously items sexist and different views of men and women. it is okay for mentor older and father, but in the so much for women. >> i think that is in the fair. they should be same size. >> it surprised that men and women have different policies good old navy's parent company gap attributes the cost to a separate design team dedicated to the women's plus size line. we want to know what you think, always connect with us on facebook, twit error cbs a messy start this afternoon at 5:36. we will go outside and start
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on the schuylkill expressway to see it almost completely at a stand still only a few people moving around, this is at city avenue heading westbound toward king of prussia area. jammed from the boulevard up to belmont which is a typical afternoon delay so far. out in new jersey, on 42 at creek road everything is moving nicely, a little bit slow from the walt whitman bridge southbound towards ac expressway. you can see stop and go in the north bound lanes to 295 or philadelphia and surrounding area bridges. a few problems out on the pennsylvania turnpike, an accident heading eastbound at morgan town blocking out left lane there. you can see to the right-hand side n new jersey evesham township route 70 closed in both directions between elmwood road and green brook drive. your alternate take eaves bureau medford road. as i advance my maps here new jersey transit, river line is currently running on a at day schedule due to communication problems. see if you are affect by. that rest of the mass transit doing okay. currently no problems for
5:38 pm
septa or dart. chris and yes, sir contact, back to you. there is more ahead here on "eyewitness news" including a new warning for those who wear contact lenses. plus a alarming numbers about how many teens are smoking, but philadelphia beats the national trend. health reporter stephanie stahl takes a closer look next, beasley. big game for sixers tonight and their fans, for more than a year we have been waiting toe mc will and nerlens noel together, they will do it tonight. head coach chip kelly fields questions about the struggling running game as eagles prep for packers and lambeau field this sunday. kate? unaudible. >> it is looking like winter we are with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab in the snow and lit tool early for this but we will have have all details on tonight a's snow where you can
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it is now time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg has more. >> reporter: technology is changing how we work, quarter of all americans now work in jobs that were not listed by census boro several decades ago. pennsylvania's unemployment rate of 5.7 percent tells a small part of the labor market
5:42 pm
story. it does not measure types of jobs being created. it is hard to estimate full impact technology is having on the 6.3 million people who make up pennsylvania's work force. we do know more education and training is essential to succeed. employers report shortage of qualified applicants for many high skill high paying jobs. there is a heightened demand for workers in skill trades like it related positions and entire green even why i industry is responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs in pennsylvania. for all jobs extra education, tends to pay. economist find people earn 10 percent more for each additional year of schooling they complete and resources like philadelphia higher education a assistance agency list some helpful programs that can give you training you need for a wide range of good paying jobs. i'm steve greenburg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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we have two weeks until thanks giving, and we want to know what we're thankful for pat ciarrocchi says for me gratitude for my mom that taught me that beauty comes from within. if you would like to share what you are thankful for we want to see it, send us your foes owes, using hash tag cbs-3 and we might see them right here on cbs-3.
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the eagles getting a a few more reps in today at the novacare complex before heading to green bay. a lot of talk about quarterback spot but more questions about the running game, and especially and lesean, mccoy who put up 19 yards on 12 attempts on monday, head coach chip kelly is not concern. >> your record is seven and two so that is the thing that all of us are most proud of right now whether we have individual accolades at different positions but you sometimes that just happens. you can object a team you need to rush in but finish one and five i don't think anybody is happen bye that. >> it has been a long wait for sixers fans but tonight is the night michael carter williams, and inner len noels on the court together for first time. as team takes on mavericks and dallas mcw making his season debut after shoulder surgery. nerlens noel is expect to play for first time in a few days because of an ankle
5:47 pm
injury, tip off at 8:30. >> all right. bring it on. >> looking forward to seeing them together. >> yes, long time in the making. >> yes, we have, thanks. >> and weather is a a cold, snowy evening, across some areas, elsewhere we're seeing rain, in philadelphia, it is light sprinkles but moving further north and west we will get into a little sleet and snow especially in the reading area through lancaster where temperatures have fallen very close if not through freezing. further to the north and west we can see up 476, northeast extension to the north of lehighton where our kate bilo is right now we are seeing light snow showers and in the poconos we expect to see at least half an inch to an inch of snow because of the cold and hilly higher elevations. poconos is 32. thirty-five in reading. thirty-two in lancaster. we are seeing snow there, milder in philadelphia, 44 degrees in millville as well. but getting colder, our future weather is showing rain that
5:48 pm
exists right now, to the north and west, you can see our colder air filtering in and by 8:00 o'clock changing all this to the light snow a accumulating on the grass surfaces first and we will be seeing, possibility of a little bit on our area roads but they are still relatively warm. then after 8:00 this spreads closer towards philadelphia, philadelphia best chance of seeing wet snow mixing with the rain, around ten to around midnight and see that dry line quickly moving east ward everything sweeps east and by early morning hours the the skies will clear and it will be a a chilly start to the day on friday. here's what we expect as far as snow, poconos half inch. higher end to an inch. coating on the grass surfaces you can see through allentown point to of an inch, trenton, wilmington checking in with a possibility of the dusting on those grass surfaces. you can see this evening, light rain, sleet, snow, especially to the north and west, roads mainly wet but anywhere we will see any type of precipitation overnight tonight will be freezing, and i am concerned that when we will be seeing some icy
5:49 pm
patches, especially come tomorrow morning. now during tomorrow morning early hours we will be seeing those showers, mixing with sleet and changing over to snow, north and west, in philadelphia, staying rain until late tonight, and low temperature of 34 degrees in the city but we have seen temperatures at freezing, elsewhere north and west they will go down in the 20's. for your friday, becoming mostly sunny, bright, colder, northwesterly win, putting wind chill temperatures in the 30's, even though high temperatures will be in the 40's but we are already talking about a wind chill. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast take a look at this, saturday 44. sunday 48. monday, 48 with rain, another arctic front will be moving through reenforcing that cold and that means, chilly temperatures for tuesday and wednesday, struggling in the 30's, thursday, 45. we want to remind thaw we have something special going on this weekend, calling on kids to audition to be a cbs-3 kid caster.
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audition this is saturday between 12 and three at plymouth meeting mall we hope to see you there. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight, two new reports with federal health officials, one on a growing number of eye infections, and an alarming number of teenage smokers. our health reporter stephanie stahl has details. >> 23 percent of high school student used tobacco products, dramatically increasing their risk of premature death according to a new report from the cdc and their use of electronic cigarettes have tripled over last three years. >> cigarettes, despite all of the rules and laws passed in the past few decades are still heavily marketed, particularly to youth in communities, in cities like philadelphia. >> reporter: doctor malla with the philadelphia health department says while national trendies troubling rates of teenage smoking in philadelphia are down to 8 percent a significant drop, much of the credit goes to the smoke free philly campaign, enforcing laws to prohibit
5:51 pm
sale of tobacco to minors plus. >> here in philadelphia a we have made a lot of spaces and places smoke free. >> and another report from the cdc today says sloppy care of contact lenses causes nearly a million eye infections, a year, the first of its kind study says contacts are the leading cause of infections of the cornea, and that causes pain and in severe cases can lead to blindness. doctors say eye infections can happen when contact lenses are worn too long or not properly clean. finally tonight on the healthwatch lots have people wearing purple you may have notice todd raise awareness for first world pancreatic cancer day, campaign is called purple for a purpose, pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly because it is often found late and treatments are limited but there is on good news here, doctors say new therapies are extending survival rates. >> i like that. >> got a little bit here. >> yes, and a great cause.
5:52 pm
>> stephanie, thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a bride blown away by her groom's wedding surprise. >> video of it goes viral we will hear from the happy couple when "eyewitness news" continues.
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a groom hold off the wedding surprise of a life time and i know this is in the one of those rehearse dance numbers. >> as correspondent iish a shows us this wheelchair bound veteran stood with his wife face-to-face for the first time, and now their wedding video has gone viral. >> a first dance is a special moment for any couple, but this was so much more for joey and michelle johnson. >> you're crying. >> yes. >> you see sergeant joey johnson is an army vet, after serving in afghanistan he started riding a motorcycle to help him deal with his ptsd. it was during one of those rides two years ago that his whole life changed. >> i was going too fast on a curvey road, sunglasses blew off i was wearing in helmet.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: joey lost all feeling from his waist down. he was confined to a wheelchair. >> she was there from day one today 100 never left my side and i could not think of anybody elsie would want to be with. >> reporter: soon after the couple got engaged and being a part-time wedding planner, michelle knew every single detail about her big day, except one. joey and three military buddies used a special military hardness to suspend him in the air so he could, stand up for their first dance. >> my stomach just dropped and i still get goose bumps thinking about it. it was so amazing just to see him and look at each other in the eyes. >> it was an overwhelming feeling i could do something for her more romantic. >> reporter: now their special moment is being shared all around the world. >> she was just standing there and i just had to sway back
5:58 pm
and forth. >> i just wanted to hold him. >> reporter: a glimpse of an incredible love story. >> you know what is so neat in addition to just the story do you see people surrounding them that are watching it, you can tell, it is clearly family members and friend and they are just bold over by the whole thing. >> incredibly touching moment, very special. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 adriatic drop in temperatures, plus we are seeing the the first snow flakes of the season. >> for many of us, it is exciting, it is not a big snow by any means just a coating here or there i will show you the best chance of seeing that snow, come tomorrow morning. plus a close call for two police officers in trenton, they narrowly miss serious injuries or perhaps worse during a shoot-out with the suspect. we are live tonight with new information. and brand new details in the abduction of carlesha gaither, what her family says that she did to ultimately
5:59 pm
save her own life, plus new information about the suspect who is now charge with the crimes. also the future of uber, a decision handed down in harrisburg over the controversial ride sharing services. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right all right. brace yourself and take a look at this, the first flakes of the season, this is a live picture right now, from carbon county, pennsylvania, you see the snow is falling, temperatures are plunging and it looks like winter may be coming early. our warm weather from earlier this week is gone forever it seems like. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> hopefully not forever. i'm chris may. we have live team three weather coverage for you and we will begin with meteorologist kathy orr and kate bilo, kate is attracting the cold and rain and first flakes. kathy is here in the weather
6:00 pm
center, kathy. >> we're talking about the cold and rain, pretty raw out there in philadelphia. but moving to the north and west where we have cold are air in place we have change over to sleet and now snow in many locations. right now in philadelphia a 41 degrees. thirty-eight in trenton. thirty-six in allentown. as we go farther north and west we will get into close to freezing temperatures and that is where we are seeing the snow. here's what to expect this evening. mainly rain showers in philadelphia, possibly briefly ending as some wet snow during the early morning hours, sleet and snow in the north and west we're talking about a grass coating to the north and west and left over icy patches, anywhere we are seeing precipitation. best chance of eag that grass coating is north and west of the city and heading toward allentown, reading, berks county, poconos seeing a half inch to an inch of snow and then that means we are starting winter just a little bit early. so that is a look at the forecast from here. our kate bilo is


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