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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 14, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> lick it didn't drop on the streets. now feels more like december this morning. let's get out to the skydeck and check in with kate. >> i the chill in my bones definitely confirming that, ukee, i'm freezing out here. but we did actually end up as you have been mentioning with some substantial snow amounts for what this system was expected to bring, in a couple of choice spots, where we saw just sort of sweet spot develop. couple snow amounts we did come in here. huffs church, two-point an inches, just cold enough, you had just enough moisture to work w but that was a very significant exception to the rule. most of you saw if you had any snowflakes at all, it melt on contact. in graterford, you ended up with half inch, just shy of it in exton, and in new triply, just shy of inch and a half there. what's left at this point of the system, you can see,ing it pulling away thank goodness, we ends up with sunshine, but the problem is it is starting to get awfully cold outside. you know it has been cold the last few mornings, we know that much. 37 degrees is the current temperature, but now, you have
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to factor in a breeze, and it is one of those colder, northwest breezes, that is kicking in, too, so with that, in the forecast, i highly suggest a heavier winter coat today. you might even want to break out the scarf and gloves on morning like this, but keep in mind, that later on this afternoon, even though we are still going to be well below average here into the mid 40's, despite sunshine, it will not feel any better than the 30's because you have got that breeze to contends with. so, a wintery, blustery feel to the atmosphere here, and that will be a running theme for us as we jump it into the upcoming weekend. real quick check on your area headlines then. again, we are seeing this case every winter. we know that much. but it is a quiet yet cold weekends coming up. and then our next storm system, waits in the wings for monday, at this point, it is looking like it is primarily a rainmaker, but, there may be some wintery mixing that takes place too. we'll talk bore that a little later in the show. vittoria, now, we send it into you. >> you know, that wintery mix causes a bit of a problem for
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people this morning, and i'm talking in a english accent. so, let's just go right zero outside. what i wanted to say was that, yes, we have slick spots out there, it definitely causes delays, but we have video right now, of the platt bridge, which may cause a delay for you this afternoon. the eastbound side of the platt, will be closed, this afternoon, between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., excuse me, and 3:00 this afternoon, they're doing some bridge work, so if you are traveling the platt bridge, plan to travel the eastbound side of the platt, again, it is closed, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today due to overhead repairs. good idea would just stay on 95, use the girard point bridge to make your way in toward the city. we take a look now at the 42 freeway in new jersey, no major problems out there. you might finds those slick spots, that sheen on the roadway, just take it easy. northbound, as well, souths bounded commuting on all of the new jersey majors still looks great. really that's the case for pennsylvania, as well. pa, speed censors are high up to the 50's with no delays on the extension, pa turnpike, lots of good news, however, we
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do have vehicle fire in upper gwenned at upper valley road at lower valley road. and also, regional rail lines are experiencing system-wide delays due to slippery rales. so plan accordingly for. that will err dismay. >> vittoria, thank you. winter weather fans got big treat last night, first snow of the season, look at that, is that what you saw last night? fell fast all across the area, leaving icy coating on cars and grassy surfaces. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, in center city with another first, the ice ring there, at dilworth park, it opens up later on today for the first time, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, what a better way to celebrate the cold, the early snowfall, than a lap around an ice ring? what better place to start than the brand new one in city -- center city, the rothman ice ring in dilworth park. isn't it a butty? check out the light, nice ring, right in the shadow of city hall, skating here start at noon with three hours of free skating.
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meantime, others across the delaware valley finds themselves preparing for snow. yesterday's flurries are reminding everyone that heavier snowfall just around the corner. now, "eyewitness news" spotted snow in montgomery, chester counties, and beyond last night. those snowflakes covered the last blooming flowers of the season. penndot meantime says it is prepared, having more than 110,000 tons of salt on hand to treat the roads, and we also spotted folks beefing up their own supplies, buying shovels, scrapers, many people say they're trying to be more prepared, much earlier this season, specially with last year's harsh winter still fresh in mind. >> this year we ordered a lot more salt, shovels, calcium, you know, and we try to gauge what we think the winter will be. >> awesome, i'm excited for the season, good to see it a little earlier, but definitely looking forward to the snow coming out. >> not everyone hates cold and snow. those snow sports lovers are just itching to get out here,
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anti ice ring, again it, opens at noon today. first three hours are free, after that, it runs seven days a week, through the end of february. kids ten and un are $3, adults, $4, skate rental will cost you a additional eight bucks. for now, live in certain city, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> put aside a size 12 for me, thanks so much. >> delvin barnes returns to a philadelphia courtroom this time for bail hearing. federal scrapped jury indicted barnes on kidnapping carlesha in germantown. authority found them in maryland a few days later. >> also today philadelphia city council and the pennsylvania ooh at this at this -- utility commission, on the future of philadelphia gas works. counsel has already blocked plans for almost $2 billion deal to sell the city-owned utility. mayor michael nutter is still pushing for a sale. he'll appear before the puc hearing, it starts at 10:00 this morning at drexel university. >> philadelphia police are looking for several suspect in a brazen jewelry store heist,
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thanks to surveillance video, we are getting a good look at the thieves. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco spoke exclusively to the jewelry store owner. >> a high priced jewel heist in the city's diamond district, four thieves are caught on camera first casing the store walking up and down the sidewalk, then making a go for it. >> they cut my gate, spread it apart, smashed the front window, went in and smashed one case and opened another case, and took off with about three, $400,000 worth of jewelry. >> owner nathan barsky said they triggered the alarm when they broke his door about 4:30 saturday morning, but gone by the time his manager arrived, seven minute later. >> they were fast, boy, i found rings and jewelry all over the streets that they dropped running away. >> video shows the suspect running to their get-away car late model white infinity, police are now looking for two men and two women, barsky thinks they've done this before. >> they wore gloves, and they definately were here before
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because they hit my one big case. >> reporter: barsky and other jewelers on the block started putting gems in a safe overnight, install bulletproof glass and iron gates. >> right before christmas time, it is just a big hit to take. >> reporter: the owner tells me the cameras in his store were not working at the time of the heist. he would like to see police patrol extended through the overnight hours. anyone with information is asked to call philadelphia police. at eighth and sansom in center city, diana rocco, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> a letter from suspected killer, eric frein, sheds new light on the manna cured of gunning down a pennsylvania state trooper. police found that letter addressed to frein's parents, it complains about the state of the country, and says that another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had. frein accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper in the poconos, and injuring another one. prosecutors just added terrorism charges against frein, after he said he carried out that attack to quote wake people up.
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>> new this morning, president obama, and leader calling for more progress toward reform in the asian nation. in a joint news conference, the president note some changes, but press for greater freedoms. suukyi says the progress in myanmar are going through bumpy patch. >> shedding light on why white house fence jump err made it deep inside the executive mansion back in september t blames failures in communication systems, staffing, and the training of secret service agents. the report says one of the agent didn't even hear the alert because he was on his personal cell phone. just days after declaring the country free of ebola, a nebraska hospital prepares to treat a new doctor sick with that virus. what we now know about the latest patient coming back to american s soil this weekend. >> lots, talk about a rough day on the job, now we're hearing what was going through the mind of one of those window washers, dangling off the side of the world trade
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center. >> and our first snowfall of the season was nothing compared to what they're dealing with in other part of the country. we'll show you some of the areas getting hardest hit with this wintery weather. >> katie is updating our frigid forecast. we'll check traffic and weather together on the 3's on the other side. good morning, family, see you in a bit. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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>> a surgeon diagnosed with ebola in sierra leone is coming to the u.s. for treatment. that's what a source revealed to the associated press. doctor could arrive at the nebraska medical center in omaha as soon as tomorrow. hospital recently tweeted two other american ebola patient. doctor is a sierra leone citizen, also with permanent us residency. >> $45 million. that's how much one of the victims of the talcony basement of horrors will receive for surviving an unimaginable conditions. a jury award that huge pay-out to tamarrah briden yesterday. she is one of the four mentally challenged victims who allegedly was held against her will, abused and defrauded
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of her social security checks for years. her lawyer says this jury sent a very clear message. >> this was an opportunity for these philadelphians to express themselves and make a statement and hopefully a stern warning to anyone who would abuse those in our society who are more vulnerable. >> linda weston and the other defendants did not respond to that lawsuit. we'll know later today if delvin barnes will wait for his trial in jail. barnes attends bail hearing today. accused in the abduction of carlesha gator freeman from germantown street earlier this month. also faces attempted murder charges in virginia in a unrelated case. >> philadelphia police say four thieves got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise from bars ski jeweler on jeweler's row. four caught on camera possibly casing the store. authorities say they got away in a white late model infinity. >> and president obama's three day visit to the country of
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myanmar ends today. president has pressed for human rights and freedom of the press during his talks with leaders. after myanmar the president heads to australia. >> time is 5:13. traffic and weather together on the 3's in just a moment. first we aren't the only ones dealing with the mid november snow. check out the scene in southwest michigan. they got hit a lot harder than we did with mere white-out conditions leading to several accident down a highway. some areas could get as much as a foot of snow, we understand, yes, that time of year. here we go. katie what about us? are we done with it? >> wellie sinkly done with this system thankfully, ukee. a lot of times you have aftermath concerns that are still along with. >> this so you can't wipe the slate clean necessarily in the wake of these systems, and say okay, that is new day, and we're completely over it. today you still have left over problems, i know vittoria will be talking about here too when it comes to traffic. but in term of the impact on how it feels outside, that's also a concern here. we have the chilly northwest breeze starting to kick in, temperatures are also just as cold as they were yesterday. so, it will be even colder
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because you have to factor a wind in. but the back edge of this, is very evident, you have actually got some clearing going on say harrisburg, for example. just showed you michigan a second ago, we can zoom it way out. they've been dealing with lake effect snow showers now for the last two days. that's really where lower michigan was getting snow f that was part of the energy that we needed, to get in on this snow ourselves. now, again, all done with the storm, as far as precipitation goes, but you still have some damp leaves on road, still have maybe left over moisture on the roads, that could even ice over, if it is cold enough. thirty-five right now, left over clouds outside palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, as we overlook the river. but, as we go through future feels like, do you have factor in the breeze, and how it makes the thermometer feel. so by 7:00 a.m. it, may not feel better than the 20's, that will be about the time the sun's just popping over the horizon, but even by 1:00 o'clock, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 it, won't feel better than the three's, even though technically actually going to get you to the 40's,
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that's cold enough. we get it. you're about ten below the average there. but again, it feels colder. that's what you want to be thinking about when you walk out the door. bright, sunny tomorrow, just still coal. 44 degrees, and then more clouds coming up on sunday, but it is a quiet weekend. so if you are looking for something to do, maybe you noah kid who loves weather. we want to see them tomorrow at the cbs-3 kid caster auditions, they can show off their forecasting skills, at the plymouth meeting mall, you can just head to our website, head to center court between noon and 3:00 and they might even see themselves here on "eyewitness news". again, everything you need to know on caster. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, you know your commute right now not awful. but regional rail lines have been affected because of the weather, we will talk about that in a second. but getting outside, see how you're doing on the road. take a look at 95. this shot here, 95, right at girard avenue. you can notice the skyline in the back there. i think we have the best skyline ever. but that's just me. anyway, 59 looks great in either direction. northbound, southbound commuting both moving well
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even throughout the construction zones. now that will change as we get closer to rush hour. but as of right now, great, take a look at the schuylkill expressway, no delays on 76, eastbound, westbound, around this point here, headed into downtown philadelphia and the eastbound direction or maybe you're making ooh your way in toward your western suburbs, king every prussia, beautiful, speed censors again high up into the 50's, no delays, no problems. but that doesn't mean that the weather hasn't already affected the roads. they're still pretty slick in areas, so just take it easy out, there make sure you have all of those fluid in your car, windshield wipers work, headlights on, also, again, mention regional rail lines, so they are experiencing system-wide delays due to rales, 30th street station, plan accordingly, things at the airport look pretty good this morning. ukee? >> thank up, we opportunity start your weaken off right. giving away free monday think morning. >> just keep watching for the word of the day for your chance to win. >> and, it is the trending new mode of transportation. but it is still banned in philadelphia. we'll tell you about the growing fight over uber.
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>> a loft pictures of the first snowfall thanks to everyone who sent them, in and all winter long, keep on sending them in. we want to see your best snow shot, just make sure to use the hashtag cbs-3 snow. we'll be right back.
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♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. if you want to be safe, get them a medalian cab. >> a fight you anticipate in the did you know this was coming? >> we were really hopeful they would be too long sit down, work out sensible regulations. >> well, the battle over uber
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x continues. the more expensive version just known as uber, that's been operating legally, in philadelphia, for two years. it uses suv's, and sedans, and is licensed as a limousine service. let's check your philadelphia job market report. here's "eyewitness news" jobs expert, steven greenberg. technology changing how we work. quarter of all americans now work in jobs that were not even listed by the census bureau several decades ago. pennsylvania's unemployment rate of 5.7% tells small part of the labor market story. it does not measure the types of jobs being created. it is hard to estimate the full impact technology is having on the 6.3 million people who make up pennsylvania's work force. we do know that more education and training is essential to succeed. employers report short ankle every qualified applicant, for many, high skill, high paying jobs. there is a heightened demand for workers in skilled trades, like it-row late dollars positions, and the tire green energy industry is responsible
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for hundreds every thousands of jobs in pennsylvania. for all jobs, extra education tends to pay. economists finds people earn about 10 percent more for each additional year of schooling they complete. resources like the philadelphia higher education assistance agency, lists some helpful programs tax can give you the training you need for a wide range of good paying jobs. i'm steve greenberg, for cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> 5:23. >> good morning, storm system thankfully making its retreat. we are basically just left at this point with some damp roads. because the temperatures are starting to drop off, they
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typically are at their lowest just as the sun is coming up, if you have got cold enough air, you might see some of those damp leaves out there or any left over puddles, start to ice up a little bit. so, just be careful of. that will i don't think it is a widespread huge problem, but it is enough that i want you to just have it in the back of your head. 26 degrees out there, at the moment, at mount pocono, 37, in the city, how does that translate when you factor in the chilly northwest wind? it doesn't feel any better than even just below the freezing mark in most locations, so, do you have bundle up walking out the door here today, and expect that even though, already, it is below average here into the 40's, not going to feel like that at any point today despite sunshine because of the breeze. quiet weekend, and then come monday, we will be dealing with some steady rain looks like for the better part of the day. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, you know, traveling out and about right now, not too much of a problem. but, if you are getting into your vehicle right now, make sure that your heating it up first, checking your fluids, windshield wipers, headlights, so on, so for the.
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then once you get there, take it easy, because still dealing with that sheen on some parts of the roadway, taking a lock now at the ben franklin bridge, which again is not a problem. not dealing with volume just yet this morning. but, i just want to direct your attention here. you can still see some theft light here picking up the sheen on the roadways, so, that means, drop your speed a little bit, and just practice some extra caution. the ben franklin bridge looks great this morning, however, we do have note for you, if you plan to travel the platt bridge this morning. starting at 9:00 a.m., ongoing until 3:00 p.m., they're doing construction on the platt. so, it will be closed in the eastbound direction. so that's heading into philadelphia, stay on 95, use the girard point bridge, and we continue to keep you updated on, that ukee? >> in sport, flyers host the blue jackets tonight at the well in south philly, scotty hartnel returns for the first time since traded during the off season. welcome back scotty. it the hard wood, sixers on the road in dallas, playing together for first time, mcw scored 19 in the first game of
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the season for that guy, but, the mavericks turn it into a laughter. they led by 44 at half time, wound upsetting team record for their margin of victory. dallas, 123, sixers 70. that's a 53-point lost for the sixers. wow. tonight sixers and rock nets dallas. >> in houston, rather. what a finish in last night's game between memphis and sacramento. courtney buzzer beating lay up, felt the difference d it really count? if the defender tipped the inbound pass the clock should have started. and would have run out before lee's shot went in. refs called it good. grissly come back to win it 111 to 110. how about that? football now, eagles have perhaps their toughest test of the sees thon weekends, perhaps taking their seven and two record, on the road to greenbay as lambeau field. this will be mark sanchez's second start at quarterback for the birds. the pack versa lot of weapons and keeping them in check will be a tall task for the birds
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defense. the eagles are just a game ahead of the second place cowboys in the nfc east. let's go birds. thursday night football, play you don't see very often or every day, intentional grounding from the end zone. bills are called for t that's a receive at this, and two points for the miami dolphins. miami's ryan had two touchdowns passes, dolphins move to six and four with a 22 to nine win. this is the dolphins best start, and i guess about six years now. major league baseball awards, yes, and this year's american league most valuable player is mike trout of millville cumberland county and center feel err for the los angeles angels. finished second the last two yearsment mike says he remembers his delaware valley roots. my man. >> a lot of people pulling for me, you know, growing up in a small town, just, you know, going out, you know, going out to dish, out on the town, getting recognized and everything. and just being a part of it, something special for sure.
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>> certainly is. great job. national league mvp dodgers pitcher clay shaw, won second straight cy young award just the other day. erika, you over to you. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", how soon is too soon? wait until you hear why some people are already camped out for "black friday". and it is not for the bargains. jan? >> reporter: well, it sure feels like went they are morning, but why not embrace the season, what a better way to do that than with a laugh around an ice ring? i'm jan carabeo, showing you the newest one in town straight ahead. >> plus, rescued at the world trade center. we're hearing from one of the window washers, plucked off the side of the skyscraper there. plus, vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together these. are we finish with the snow for the weekends, katie has the answer, we'll be right back. it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative.
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