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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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think it is really happening like what world is this, where this can occur. >> reporter: delaware county district attorney jack whalen describing actions of five suspects 31 year old hekia jack on, darryl carter, 22 year old daniel ham on, not seen here, 22-year old mark, and 23 year old william wade, this is video of wade ago rested earlier this week. all five are accused of sexually and physically abusing the five children inside of the home, whose ages range from one to ten years old. >> what their acts has caused these children, to adore is shocking the conscious. >> four of the children are siblings, sheki a a jackson is mother, daniel ham on mothers of the one year old. along with the sexual boost children were punched, kicked and body slam 56789 suspects even shot the children with bee bee guns repeatedly as a cruel form of discipline. >> bee bee guns are hitting
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the children, they are causing welts and breaking the skin. >> reporter: among more serious charges facing five suspects endangering the welfare of children, intercourse with a child, criminal conspiracy and unlawful restraint. all five remain in custody. and as for the children we're told they are staying with relatives, for the time being, officials also tell us that despite what happened to them, the children are doing relatively okay. we are live from darby boro tonight, matt rivers, for "eyewitness news". >> taking a look at weather now, snow ushers in cold weather, all across the region. take a look at north coventry chester county big wet flakes that came with this system. some areas got as much as 2 inches by the time this was all said and done. our team of meteorologists turn their attention to the weekend, kate bilo is in dilworth park where we will begin with kathy orr on a chilly cbs-3 sky deck. >> at times and it is driving
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wind chills the high temperature in philadelphia did make to it 42 degrees, not officially but those numbers will come within the next 15 minutes. average high is 57 degrees. we're talking about 15 degrees below normal and we will feel every degree. forty in the city, allentown, 37. poconos 37. 36 degrees in lancaster. our wind out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour in most locations, add two you come up with very cold wind chills. it feels like 34 in philadelphia and trenton. feels like 30 in the airport in atlantic city. only feels like 29 in wilmington. that cold air is going across relatively mild waters have the great lakes creating lake enhanced snow and even clouds, far reaching, even here in philadelphia, come tomorrow morning, we are going to see a low of 29 degrees, and that is the first morning, in the 20's, come tomorrow, since march 27th. we've got to go back quite on time and that is not going to
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be the coldest air, we have another arctic blast coming in early next week. we will talk more about that later in the broadcast. in the meantime it will be a cold night, on the ice, my collogue kate bilo is live at dilworth park in center city philadelphia a, enjoying the the beautiful view, hi kate. >> hi, kathy, you know, what perfect timing for this wintry chill to come in just in time for opening of this brand new ice skating rink the rothman rink at brand new dilworth park and people are outside enjoying it tonight. take a look over on the ice skaters are outside they are enjoying this evening, everybody is bundled up because who wants to ice skate when it is 70 degrees. we need weather like this to get out on the skates and it is a perfect night for it. lets look at our evening planner if you are out in the city tonight you will want to bundle up, you want gloves, hat and coat. temperatures will rapidly drop in the middle 30's with wind chills in the 20's, by 9:00 and 11:00 o'clock tonight. in the city for dinner or
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maybe have dinner and come down to the brandywine ice behindk you will want the hat gloves and the coat as well. everybody is kind of doing that out here tonight. it is chilly, temperatures only in the low 40's feeling like the 30's right now ape as kathy mentioned by middle of next week today is almost going to feel like one of the warmest day of the week. we will have have that in the seven day forecast but for now back to chris and jessica in the studio. >> kate, thank you. check latest forecast anytime on the new cbs philly weather app available on itune and google play. well, there is growing, and vocal opposition to plans to award a second contact even owe license in philadelphia, and politicians are the late toes sound off. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt had has more now from south philadelphia. >> in just a few days, we will find out the fate of the new casino proposallal in philadelphia a. >> we think that the gaming control board ought to take a strong look what has occurred in atlantic city and realize that the aim thing very well may occur in pennsylvania.
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>> reporter: delaware county councilman john mcblaine says any talk of the new philadelphia casino will directly hurt his county. why in he says if there is a new casino not as many people will go to harrah's in delaware county. harrah's gives millions to the county each year and mcblaine says slow business at harrah's means smaller checks to the county. >> use their common sense, and see that the world has changed in gaming, since last december and the they should not award a license at this time. >> reporter: not everyone agrees with mcblaine and rest of the county council. we spoke with delaware county residents who tell us a new casino is a welcome site. >> i think it is almost like having two wawa's on the same street people will go where it is most convenient and they could go to harrah's one day and next day they could be at the next casino. >> reporter: michelle caln says board should look at atlantic city but in a positive way to encourage those workers to cross the state line. >> es specially with the
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economy the way it is with the job force it would be a great thing to increase job, job for us. >> reporter: delaware county council to day say they may have to raise taxes if harrah's loses business. at this point they say it is an idea we are throwing out there reporting are from south philadelphia, david spunt "eyewitness news". new tonight delvin barnes stays behind bars. carlesha gaither's kidnapper waved his right to seek bill. and, stuffed her into the trunk of his car. investigative reporter walt hunter, and, in the courtroom. >> delvin barnes accused kidnap are of 22 year old carlesha gaither showed no emotion inside of a 15th floor courtroom during a two minute hearing as he pled not guilty, to charges that he had dragged gaither off a germantown street throwing her into a car and holding her captive there for three days. >> charge in the indictment
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guilty or not guilty. >> not guilty. >> thank you. >> council he stipulated his intention and he will be hell without bond and will be held until his trial date. >> reporter: public len hand in the motion to have barnes held in prison awaiting trial revealed new information, about the ordeal, which ended, when federal agents, surrounded the suspect's car in jessup, maryland, arresting barnes, and rescuing gaither. >> there was a period of time during her abduction where she was forced to remain in a trunk and she was also restrained. >> reporter: if convicted, barnes faces a possible, life sentence, and strong, motivation for him to flee the prosecutor argued in her motion, if he were permitted to go free, on bail. >> he is clearly by the facts of the case a danger to the community. >> reporter: as we reported yesterday a special unit of fbi criminal profilers are also looking into barnes, to
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see if he may be linked to other crimes, or disappearances. meanwhile, neither the alleged victim, her family or the the suspect's family attended the hearing and there was no comment, so far from the suspect's attorney. live from the u.s. courthouse i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. less than an hour before it is opening, for the day, a local mcdonald's is robbed at gunpoint. "eyewitness news" on the scene just moments after this happened at 21st street and lehigh a avenue in north philadelphia. investigators say three men armed with handguns, rushed inside and demanded money from the clerk, and once they have the cash they fled the scene before police could respond. authorities hope that you can help them, track down the suspect jewelry thief. the two men and women are a accused of break nothing to barsky jewelers on jewelers row early saturday morning. they got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise. the owner of the store believes that this is not the first time these suspects have
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struck the neighborhood. here's something to keep in mind next time you visit an atm, a couple robberies are caught on tape and suspects are still on the loose tonight. both robberies happened within about 24 hours, near 56th and vine, in philadelphia, last month. the victims were approached from behind by two men in both cases who took hundreds of dollars in cash and a cell phone, and police say that one had a pink cartoon owl on the front of his sweat shirt. philadelphia police are on the hunt for two suspects accused of stealing several computers from a local wal-mart. this surveillance video shows one of them placing the boxes in a cart, and from there, they load everything into a car, parked just outside the store's fire exit. couple days later these same people are believed to have turned up in another wal-mart in vineland, new jersey but there is in word on if anything is missing from that store. the the pennsylvania pennsylvania public utility commission held a hearing on the future of the philadelphia gas works today.
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mayor michael nutter was among those testifying at drexel university. city council block his plan to sell the utility to a private firm for nearly $2 billion, the mayor says the sale of pgw is a once in a generation opportunity and the council should reconsider. >> can we in good conscious on behalf of the people that we serve try to figure out how to make things better going forward? to reach a conclusion that is, in fact in the best interest, and a all in the interest of philadelphia mayor nutter says one quarter of the proceeds, from a pgw a sale would go to sure up the city's worker pension fun. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5c they held on for tear life from the side of new york's one world trade center. now two window washers whose platform got stuck 68 floors up, are sharing their own story. working out but gaining weight at the the same time, some woman are packing on the
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pound despite exercising. find out why. and the black friday shopping frenzy is already underway, so how early is too early, when it comes to camping out.
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on the healthwatch, more proof that losing weight is a challenge that exercise has its limits. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has a result of the surprising new study.
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>> exercise burns calories and is supposed to help you lose weight but not always. the new study of sedentary overweight women found after 12 weeks walking on the treadmill three times a week 70 per event gain weight and the extra weight was fat, not muscle. >> these women have been doing two things eating more and moving less outside setting of exercise. >> reporter: researchers a sometimes exercise can stimulate appetite hormones so people eat more when they work out more and they don't accurately calculate calories. for example a bowl of cereals with skim milk can be 300 calories. it takes an hurry to burn those calories. exercise loan really doesn't give you that much weight loss. >> reporter: research found that people respond differently to the same amount of exercise, the women who were studied who gained weight wait were more aerobically fit but that doesn't always correspond to weight loss. >> i think take home message is there are benefits to exercise regardless of whether you lose weight. >> reporter: of course,
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exercise is known to not only help your heart and brain, it can also boost your immune system, make you sleep and put you in a better mood just to name a few. remember, 1 pound equals, 3500 calories. so that means you have to burn, 500 calories more than you eat a day to lose 1 pound a week. not to be too discouraging here or anything. >> we're all depressed. >> reporter: it can be done but it is hard work. >> it is hard work. it can get frustrating but you have to keep going. >> yes. >> benefits, that it can be done. >> thanks, stephanie. still ahead here on "eyewitness news", the royals are coming, we have a great new details today on william and kate's upcoming trip to the u.s. plus... the ocean, it apparently didn't get memo, you have to be quiet this weekend in ocean city. that s
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look at that, the national dog show is coming to montgomery county. two day event kicks off tomorrow at the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks. >> look at nicole. >> 1500 dogs from over 175 breeds are expected to compete, and we're also told some will be performing high flying tricks like that, and if you are interested in going we have all of the information you need on cbs
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okay. now we have to discuss this because chris may is in the market for a dog. >> no, no, no. >> i think that could be honey meg. >> my children are in the market for a dog that doesn't mean i'm in the market for a dog. we're working out the details what a beautiful selection of the dogs. >> dog just like that to yum seven right over you. >> trained right out of the box. >> we are looking at some cold weather, not good weather to be training a dog outside, that is for sure. temperatures are going to be plunging, take a look outside where we have temperatures falling through the 30's as we speak. we're looking from the home of the river sharks campbell's field across the river at philadelphia a. it is a pretty night and as winds diminishing it will get colder. live neighborhood network takes to us berks county and kutztown where, it was a gorgeous, gorgeous, day. when the sun came up there was snow on the plane there, and then the sun warmed the earth and mess of that snow just melted. the temperature right now at
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the middle school 35 degrees, wind northwest at 7 miles an hour but still a little bit of snow left on the field. wow. here's a look at the snow amounts west caln township in western parts of the chester county over 2 inches of snow. allentown half inch. furlong a less than half an inch. in mount laurel, new jersey picking up .2 of an inch of snow. philadelphia yesterday national weather service is reporting a trace, that is not measurable, now we need a tenth of an inch. we haved in had our official first snow yet. earlier first snow october 10th, 1979. average first snow is today, around november 14th. it isn't too early to have that first snow in philadelphia we will still continue to wait. take a look we are seeing lake enhanced snow showers that cold win, brushing up a across the great lakes creating some snow showers, for us, just a few extra clouds and as wind subsides tonight we will lose impact of those clouds and skies will be clear. philadelphia holding on to 40 in the city, and taking a look
5:21 pm
at temperatures to the north and west in the 30's, even to the south and east in the 30's as well. quakertown, doylestown 36. thirty-seven in willow grove. 35 degrees right now in pottstown. high pressure will begin to build in and wind will relax for saturday. highs will be in the 40's. same goes for sunday, few clouds will be rolling in a ahead of the next warm front and temperatures will ease up a little bit, into the upper 40's. a as this precipitation moves in late sunday night into monday morning, north and west of the city it could start off as a wintry mix. we will keep an eye on that unday night but warm air takes over and mixed precipitation will change over to rain and temperatures in the 40's for your monday and it will be a bit of the rainy day. behind that, another arctic blast moves in. so that arctic air will be pulling its way southward, during the next couple of days, first in the midwest in the plains and then pushing east ward over the northeast and even our region for tuesday, and into wednesday.
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after that, i think there is light at the end of the forecast and temperatures will be warming. overnight mainly clear and cold low of 29. tomorrow the high only 44, the normal high is 57, for this time of the year and on the three day forecast, sunday look for some clouds, monday some rain, and as we break down monday, this is what we expect, up to three-quarters of an inch, wet commutes and gusty winds. i want to remind thaw tomorrow is a big day here for us a at cbs-3, kid caster audition is a the plymouth meeting mall between 12:00 and 3:00 hope to see you there and kids can show off their stuff.
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this is a a weekend to enjoy peace and solitude in ocean city. >> quiet festival is underway there. >> our carol erickson isn't exactly known for being the most quiet person so she had to work extra hard down the shore today. >> noisy hot rod heads into ocean city. okay, a bus.
5:25 pm
first thing to come down it remind us that time has come to be as quiet a as a footprint in the sand. a as quiet a as boardwalk is now, it is quiet festival weekend, meaning in the shore resort, sun, surf, sand and shh, but some people are so loud, even at the press conference to announce the quiet weekend. >> hello. >> hi. >> reporter: are keep your voice down. >> okay. >> reporter: is what your name. >> noel butler. >> reporter: stop yelling. >> okay. >> reporter: see what i mean, pink bubble making that is ocean city's certified quiet, until you really get into quiet. did you hear how loud that bubble was when it burst. >> no. >> reporter: really loud. >> it was, i figured you would hear it. >> reporter: popping bubbles and crashing paper airplanes just deafening just like the winds screaming through leaves outside capitol? the public library any ocean city where harry has to be doublely quiet this weekend when he asks. >> may i check out a book. >> reporter: awfully loud. >> may i check out a book.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: anyone has ear plugs. in ocean city think weekend knock down the volume through sunday, perfect time to use the language of sun or the silence of long time companionship to really hear. >> you cannot hear it. you have to listen with your heart. >> reporter: sweet or put another way, shut up. oh, by the way, laughter is always welcome even on quiet weekend. in ocean city, carol erickson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> are well done, carol good that is my kind of festival. >> the quieter the better, in doubt. a race against time is underway for comet lander, we will tell you what a dying battery might mean for the future. what does it feel like today will 68 floors above the ground two of the new york city window washers trapped inside a scaffold outside world trade center speaks out. these 45 acres in montgomery county of sat empty for decades, but that is expected to change soon, we will tell you why residents who live nearby aren't sold on
5:27 pm
the new plan for this property.
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i'm chris may, here's the latest on breaking news 59:30 tonight a new jersey transit bus ran off the road and crashed on 295 south in florence township burlington
5:30 pm
county. chopper three over that scene a short time ago there were three people on board this bus, and we have, just learned that all, are new jersey transit employees, and, they all suffered minor injuries in the crash and a driver in another car though is hospitalized, at this hour. five adults are facing charges, they are accused of abusing children five children in all in a darby home. in addition to sexual abuse, police say those kids even cured being shot with bee bee guns, and being thrown over banisters. and, today delaware county council urged the pennsylvania gaming control board to withhold the second license for a casino in philadelphia, lawmakers say that harrah's in chester would be negatively impact with the second site, in the city. kate it. chris, a chilly but dry friday night here in philly, and, and >> and, the the temperatures,
5:31 pm
right now, it is cold, 41.4 degrees and it feels even colder, it has been down in the 30's on that wind chill monitor with the wind still blowing. we will have the full weekend forecast and information about another colder blast, of air, that arrives next week. for now back inside to you. >> kate, thank you very much. we are hearing from the two window washers who are trapped at 68 stories up, in the world one trade center center, back on wednesday, a cable suddenly lost and leaving juan and juan lopez, dangling outside 68th floor. they spoke to reporters today saying that their training, saved their lives. >> like i said, i guess that is enough, everything just goes back, to safety, and make sure that everything was in place and intact, and that is it, and we were all fine and everything else, avenue. >> reporter: it is still unclear exactly what went wrong with this scaffold, for now, all window cleaning has been suspended at one world
5:32 pm
trade center as the investigation, continues. president obama says he will take action before the end of the year to dress the broken immigration system. administration officials say that could include a plan to stop deportation of up to 5 million people in the u.s., illegally. cbs news correspondent craig boswell is at the white house with more details. >> reporter: lincoln man dose a is fasting outside the white house, the undocumentedded mother of three is praying president obama sticks to his prom toys stop deportation of millions like her. she says that it is important for president obama to act so she can stay with her family. halfway around the world, the president, once again, says he is no longer willing to wait for congress to pass immigration reform. >> it is way overdue. we have been talking about it for ten years now. it has been consistently stalled. >> reporter: republicans say the president going it alone will kill any chance for congressional action. >> it is just unfortunate we
5:33 pm
didn't have to start this way and that is the president's decision. >> reporter: president could use his executive authority to shield as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation including parents and spouses of citizens and permanent residents. republicans say all options are on the table to try to stop the president, even measures that could lead to another governmental shut down. >> every administration needs this, needs that, needs all kind of things. if he wanting to off on his own there are things he will just not get. >> allies in congress are urging the president to wait until they pass a bill to keep the government running but he will act before the even of the the year. craig boswell for cbs news, the white house. big changes coming to the seek red are service after a major lapse in security. it was two months ago when authorities say omar gonzales jumped white house fence and made it deep in the executive mansion. a review by the department of home land security found failures at many levels including one officer who was talking on his personal cell
5:34 pm
phone at the time. the secret service promised better training, staffing and communication. breaking news right now a new jersey transit bus has crashed on i295 in new jersey. >> our cleve bryan is live in florence township with the very latest, cleve. >> reporter: chris and jessica, we saw the fire department and a ambulance leave just a little while ago so this is now transitioned to a logistical problem of getting this bus out of, a low lying area so that they can free up traffic. this have afternoon we understand that the new jersey transit bus had a collision with the car, the bus went through a guardrail and then down an embankment. it is hard to tell exactly how far down it is but by height of the road and height of the us about it has got to be at least 10 feet. our understanding there were two people on game with the driver and all of them employees for new jersey transit according to state police. we understand that none of them, had serious yours that require them to go to the
5:35 pm
hospital but the driver of the vehicle, the the car that is, did have to go to the hospital with minor injuries. this is a very busy time of the day, a very busy road, traffic is backup for several miles, although, they have been able to open up, two lanes and right lane and shoulder remains closed. if you are driving southbound on 295, this suggestion is that if you are in new jersey, try to get off and take new jersey turnpike. if you are on the pennsylvania side get on to i-95 south. they don't anticipate having anymore information for thus evening coming from state police but if we do receive any we will pass ate long as an as we get it. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for the the update. mailman for pope frances is about to be busy, 10,000 letters from students in the archdiocese of philadelphia are being sent to the pope, filled with heartfelt appeals to visit the city next september our pat ciarrocchi has more. >> reporter: on construction
5:36 pm
paper, in fence i white the ribbon envelopes, even with images of pope frances signaling it is a go. children are diagnosis for a papal visit. >> pope frances, come to philadelphia would be an amazing honor so please think bit and come to the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: sees annie cologne ace among some thousand students making personal appeals to the holy father to come to philadelphia for the world meeting of families next president is. siani writes it is inspiring that in my life time, i got to witness the first latino pope. >> the fact that he is first latino pope is really important to me and i can relate to him because of my heritage. a lot of people love him. even people who may not have have been strong in their faith or even atheist are like wow i like this pope. >> reporter: it wases in may when the president of the pope's council for the family came to philadelphia for a site visit. he promised to deliver student letters to the pope. >> this pile of letters,
5:37 pm
10,000 mighty and strong represents the largest batch that we have sent so far to rome. >> text from the vatican shows the first three letters from siani and students emma cliff and miles lee are in the hands of the self proclaimed archbishop mailman. chances for papal visit are very high but not yet official. >> i know he is another justly considering it. i hope the letters will put him over the edge. >> catholic school children learn they will have an extra bonus next september, he is closing schools for three days beginning september the the 23rd to allow the catholic school community to participate in the world meeting. again, official word of the itinerary for pope's expected u.s. visit should be public this spring. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, good afternoon. we will go outside, right now at 5:37. check out an accident on i-95, just near chichester avenue.
5:38 pm
you can see flashing lights here, police activity trying to get that accident cleaned up and out of the way. pushed over in the left hand shoulder, partially block ago this left-hand lane. you can see all that backup, behind this, thinks north bound lanes here and even possibly some gaper delay here heading southbound as you you can see with brake lights as well. road closure on 422 westbound closing it between sanatoga and arm and hammer boulevard. your alternate just take high street n new jersey 295 southbound approaching route 541 the right lane is block there due to an accident. another accident in lancaster avenue and ardmore avenue you in lower merion. rest of the majors really slammed up, over i-95 south and schuylkill westbound pretty slow. blue route looking bad heading southbound, chris and yes, sir contact back to you. it is official, william and kate will be visiting the u.s., we will tell you where and when. then one of the years most anticipated films is a true story that took place right here in our area foxcatcher is already getting oscar buzz, we
5:39 pm
will preview it for you you coming up. kate? and what a cool night it is, but it is beautiful here at brand new dilworth park, there is skaters out on the new rothman rink we are here with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. we will have your full forecast on this chilly friday night coming up when
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sub light is posing a major challenge for european space researchers, this is the scene, from the philae lander which is sitting on the comet speeding through space. today scientists activated a drill that they will use to collect core samples but solar panels on the lander aren't receiving enough sunlight to charge the batteries. right now the the team cannot locate the lander, the on board batteries continue to drain. we will keep you posted on what happens. the royals are coming, prince williams and duchess of cambridge prepare for a trip to the u.s. wild life charity will bring the royalty to the new york city next month. palace confirms that the two will a attend a variety of events while here. the duchess of cambridge is pregnant with the couple's second child ape recently
5:43 pm
suffered from debilitating morning sickness. to answer your question the couple's first child prince george is not making the trip. thanksgiving is still almost two full weeks away but some people are already trying to get a jump on those black friday deals. take a look at this best buy in fort myers, florida. these people are camping out, some of them, say it is not even about the deals but it is just a fun time for them. there you go. these shoppers say they brought food, local restaurant are also bringing them free meals. >> free meals. >> free meals. >> sit too early to be camping out for black friday? i want to know do you think that is fun because aid a he loofs to a hear about. that connect with us on cbs and face back and
5:44 pm
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some breaking news now, chopper three live over the scene of a police involved shooting in claymont, delaware. we're told delaware state police opened fire on a suspect on harvey road and gar field avenue, that suspect was rush to the hospital in critical condition, no troopers were hurt in this incident. right now we don't know what sparked the shooting but we have a crew on the way and we will have the latest for you you coming up at 6:00 o'clock.
5:47 pm
well, we know it is only november but certainly feels more like mid winter across much of the area and it is a great day for ice skating. >> good timing there. >> meteorologist kate bilo is live at dilworth park with the mobile weather lab and some ice skating, kate? >> that is right, guys, skaters are out identify on the ice at brand new rothman rink just up on the park on the plaza there. we are here with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. we will take you there at 6:00 and show you what is going on. we have music going. skaters are enjoying a nice wintry night on the ice. we are here because i want to check on the weather watcher network here. eyewitness weather watchers. you can see numbers here cold all across the region. we have 40 in the city but we are looking at 33 degrees checking in off to the north, jeff moore in hatfield reporting 33 degrees. 49 percent humidity and mainly clear skies. 35 degrees, says ben smith in gilbertsville, a clear sky there, again, very, very cold.
5:48 pm
check in down the shore tim mitchell reporting 38 degrees in atlantic city and he sent us a couple pictures here. sun through the clouds just before sunset but it looks beautiful but feels coal. if you'd like to be a weather watcher iron up now, so easy and we'd love to have you as part of the team at cbs to sign up and join. lets look the at what is happening on storm scan three. it is a quiet day but we have lake effect snow off to the north and west. that should stay to the north and west at least for now but you can see those band over portions of upstate pennsylvania and new york. a as we head across the region temperature wise we are looking at only 30's as we said. weather watchers told us and we see 40 at the airport. thirty-eight in wilmington. thirty-seven in reading. can't rule out a stray flurry or sprinkle as that lake effect stuff moves down but through the overnight hours it is generally dry, dry through your saturday afternoon as well. then as we head into at day and sunday clouds begin to
5:49 pm
thicken anw increase and unday will be a partly sunny to mostly cloudy day, we will see sun peeking through but you can see rain pushing in. good news, it is rain monday morning, rain coming down steadily and that could last for much of the day. there could be a wave in the morning another wave in the afternoon but it looks like rain. problem is what comes in behind that rain storm as we head into next week another push of arctic air. if you think today felt cold it is nothing to what we will feel by middle of the next week. tuesday and wednesday's highs will be almost 20 degrees below average as that big batch of arctic air drops in behind our rain storm. one thing i'm concern business after the rainfalls all day on monday it will freeze up quickly monday night into tuesday morning and there may be icy spots. we will talk about that next week but certainly that is a concern. overnight 29 degrees, very cold, mainly clear conditions, and for your saturday, sunny but cold, temperatures well below average. we should be in the mid to upper 50's, we will only get
5:50 pm
to 44 degrees for the the high. eyewitness weather forecast rolls in on sunday, high of 48, monday not only cold but it is rainy and miserable, all day definitely need umbrella and heavy coat and as we get into tuesday and wednesday, that is when real core of arctic air is overhead and temperatures in the mid 30's, tuesday and wednesday, tuesday is windy, and it may feel like 20's all day long and things get better as ne head in the middle of next week with temperatures in the 40's. never thought i would say that in mid-november as nicer weather but there we have it. back here live we are at dilworth park at 40.8 degrees right the now, feels like 38.4 degrees on the cbs-3 mobile weather lab with the wind blowing but coming up at 6:00 we will go backup on the park and show you first glimpse of a brand new or second glimpse, of the skaters on the rothman rink at bill worth park a nice chilly wintry night for ice skating. for now back inside to you you. >> it is cold no matter what measures you you use it looks
5:51 pm
like. >> thanks, kate. it is now less than two weeks until thanksgiving and we want to know what you are thankful for. kelly bean tweets us i'm thankful my children live in the country where they can celebrate getting an education, very cute kids there. if you'd like to share it, send us your photos via facebook and twitter, use hash tag cbs-3 and you might see them right here on the air. one more day of preparations for eagles heading to green bay for sunday showdown with the packers and weather will be a factor at lambeau field. sunday high is 28 degrees and there is a a chance of snow in the forecast. not exactly frozen tundra but certainly it is the the coldest eagles have been this season. so will defense go out with or without those long sleeves. >> for right now i'm staying with no sleeves, staying no sleeves until we go out there and put our toes in the water
5:52 pm
and test it a little bit and make a decision after we come back in after warm ups. >> those guys are on another level when it comes to toughness but at 28 degrees outside, i'm bundling up. >> would i want layers but working out, getting sweaty, getting hot, i say eagles go with what feels right. we want the win. >> as long as it doesn't slow them down. >> still ahead something for everybody this week. >> coming up jim carry and jeff daniels play channing tait m hits the matt for fox catcher and can true loves go beyond the lights. ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event,
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5:55 pm
biggest movie stars are out in hollywood as awards season kicks off. >> for the first time ever, the hollywood philadelphia ward will be broadcast live here on cbs-3. a listers angelina jolie and johnny dep are among those in the audience tonight. host queen latifah talk about what she wants to see. >> i always live for a good crying speech, this is a cool hollywood insider sort of award that we get to introduce
5:56 pm
to the entire world. this is something we have been having fun with for years that now we get to let the world into share this night with us. >> you get to be part of it. fun starts at 7:30 on cbs-3 and that is followed by a star studded post show at 10:00 and then "eyewitness news" at 11:00. mean two drama hit the theaters, one telling the true story of a chilling high profile local murder. >> and dumb and dumber buddies are back as well. kevin frazier of entertainment tonight takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: this week steve carol and channing taitm get real serious in the fox catcher, jim carry and yes daniels get sill any dumb and dumber two and singer faces pressure of fame in beyond the lights. >> everybody says i'm special, but i'm just saying what everybody wants me to say. >> reporter: google, plays nani a singer losing control of her career and personal life. >> after being talented but what do you give away in the process and it is kind of her soul really. >> when did you ever tell me
5:57 pm
you didn't want this. >> when i was on that balcony. >> reporter: in dumb and dumber two, jim carry a and jeff daniels recommit to their beloved characters from the original. >> you mean, you have been faking for 20 years. and it was all for a do, that is awesome. >> reporter: comedy that i stood the test of time, and has fans begging for more. >> everybody grew up with this, even people that work with on set are pulling us aside and said i can't believe i'm in this. >> i like her a lot. >> there is no joking from steve carol in the drama fox catcher based on the real life events involving carol's character john du pont and mark schultz, played by channing taitm. >> this is a real story. baggage does come with it. >> what do you hope to achieve, mark. >> i want to be the best in the world. >> he had a real specific look to him, his disposition, his
5:58 pm
courage, the specific speech patterns, and they all added up to kind of an off putting guy. >> you will do great things, mark. >> i will give you everything that i have. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier new back to you in the studio. >> store which local ties. stay up to dayton everything happening in hollywood with entertainment tonight on tonight and every week night at 7:00 o'clock right here at cbs-3. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 we are following breaking news, there has been a shooting involving police, suspect is in critical condition, we're gathering new details about exactly what led to the incident. >> plus accusations of a heinous crime, several adult, accuse of abusing five children inside a delaware county home, kathy. >> cold and getting even colder, another arctic blast, moves our way, temperatures will plunge, to levels we have not seen since last winter. i'll have those numbers coming up. and many acres that sat
5:59 pm
empty for decades for decades will be redeveloped in montgomery county but residents are concerned, we will tell you why they're in the sold on the new plan. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we have breaking news chopper three live over claymont new castle county. suspect in critical condition thereafter a shooting involving a state trooper. it happened at harvey road and garfield avenue. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has just a arrived on the scene and brings us late breaking details now, david? chris, this is a very active scene right now, i will back out of the way. we are at corner of jackson and harvey right now but this happened a at garfield and harvey at 4:15 this afternoon. initial reports that there was a pursuit in the area, some kind of chase involving a state police cheaper. we are told car crash, suspect got out, and the at some point the state police officer, fired his weapon.
6:00 pm
we are told that no state police officer was shot at this point, no troopers shot, we are told that suspect was taken to a local hospital, and as far as names are concerned, with troopers or suspects, state police they are not giving it right now but we know this neighborhood has closed down, other roads closed down in this area. we can tell you right now you chris, a state police trooper in delaware, shot a suspect. that suspect is listed in critical condition. we will stay out here and work to find out more details, as to how this happen. live from claymont, david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also breaking news tonight a new jersey transit busings off the highway, chopper three over the scene there, we're told there were three people on the bus and that accident created a big traffic backup. the bus went off the side of 295 southbound in florence township, burlington county near mile marker 48.1. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is


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