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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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a suspect is dead after being shot by a delaware tait police trooper, coming up, latest on what sparked that gunfire. also a ahead family and friend come together to remember a woman and her young son murdered. this morning a man is under arrest and police say he set a fire to try to cover up that crime. today is at day november 15th good morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 o'clock. lets check that forecast with carol. man, it is a day you have to bundle up, the hats, scarves, whatever you've got. >> we've got days of this and this will look warm to us by the time we get next blast of cold air and that is coming in
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on tuesday so lots of changes. i'm not sure you will will's love any of them. lets see what we have at the present time. we will find that we have cold temperatures out in reading right now. 33 degrees our wind west southwest at 5 miles an hour. at least not a lot in the way of wind but enough to chill us down more than those temperatures. storm scan three in our area we are not looking at any problems in our area. it will be a nice bright day but temperatures will not be reflect by the brightness. we have 33 in philadelphia right now. thirty-one in trenton, allentown. thirty in reading and wilmington. twenty-nine in millville. twenty-six at the atlantic city airport 10 miles inland. twenty-four in the poconos. head out to pottstown and 28 degrees. same deal in willow grove. mount holly below freezing. doylestown too. both at 31 degrees. with that slight breeze we have it feels colder. it feels like the 20's in every location except it feels like 14 in the poconos with
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the wind there. our temperatures today will be warming up, so slightly, by noon time about 40 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. maybe we will get temperatures at 45 degrees. we could stop a degree or two short of have that as well. our future weather we are not looking at anything in the way of weather problems today just expect a few clouds to move in overnight and we will find a day with clouds tomorrow. we will talk about monday. that will bring another change to our weather and that is just ahead, nicole. all right, carol, thank you. well, delaware state trooper opens fire on a suspect after a car chase leaving that man dead. the shooting happened at harvey road and garfield avenue in claymont. "eyewitness news" reporter, steve paterson is live where we are hearing from the suspect's uncle, is that right steve. >> reporter: last night police identified the suspect who committed two armed robberies within a span of 15 minutes. his uncle tells cb. this this is a a man battle drug use and had prior run ins with the law.
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police say 41 year old william mcnulty was shot and killed by a delaware state trooper shortly after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. police were pursuing mcnulty after they connected him to an armed robbery in the atm and one at a 7-eleven early yesterday morning. he was spotted and chased at several point throughout the take, fleeing at a high rate of speed in the toyota corolla. finally after being cornered and given several commands to stop police say mcnulty hopped a curve and drove in the patch of trees. that suspect then put the car in reverse and accelerated towards the troopers and that is when police say they opened fire. we spoke with mcnulty's uncle by phone and says family is surprised by the violent crime spree. >> never owned a weapon before, not that i necessity of or anyone in the family would know of: it is just so unlike him for this to happen like this. it is hard for us to grasp it
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and we take it and tiehl witt the best we can right now good police say troopers are six ape eight year veterans of the dell will wear state police assigned to troop one but as policy dictates they are on administrative leave until homicide detective wrap up their investigation. live from the cbs-3 news center, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you, nicole. pennsylvania state police say manhunt for suspect trooper killer eric frein cost 11 million-dollar. thousands of officers and agents from several agencies took part in the 48 day search. frein was captured on october 30th near an abandoned airplane hanger. prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty. and developing right now this morning an earthquake off the coast of indonesia triggering a small sun sin. it happened late friday night, several cities report feeling the magnitude 7.1 quake,
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centered four hours from the capitol. there are in reports of juror damage but threat of tsunami caused a pan trick. only on 3a egg harbor city man is facing murder and arson charges following a house fire that rattled a a quiet community. "eyewitness news" reporter, diana rocco was the only reporter there as a grieving community came together. >> reporter: joseph palmer is now being held at the atlantic county justice facility charged with murdering a mom and young son. on the same night a community is remembering their gavin pap's father struggles for word as he talks about his little boy w hugs and tears a community mourns the deaths of seven year-old gavin and his mom, michelle. police say they were murdered at the had hand of michelle's boyfriend. >> we wanted everybody to come out today to celebrate life
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because everybody should love life. >> reporter: hundreds lit candles to remember the young mother and her son, found burned inside their washington street home wednesday after fire fighters put out the flames. thirty-eight year-old joseph palmer, lived with them and was found injured outside. originally telling investigators there was an intruder but police now say palmer stabbed michelle and gaff continue on death and then set the fire. >> i can't believe that this could happen in our little town and the people who are so kind and loving. >> reporter: many at the vigil left notes to michelle a gavin a second grader at sprague elementary. family members wearing red because it was gavin's favorite color. >> i can remember gavin 259 years old wow sit in the church pew and when choir would start to sing wow take out a book and try singing with us. >> so precious. >> he was a precious little will boy. >> reporter: palmer was arrested upon leaving the hospital, friday afternoon. he is now being held on two
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million-dollar bail. in atlantic county, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> more sad news to report, child abuse so extreme, that delaware county district attorney says he has never seen anything like it. here are four of the five adults, facing charges. police sashay shekia jackson is the mother of four of these children. this is video of one of the suspects william wade ago rested earlier this week. police say suspect's physically and sexually a abuse $5 children at this home in darby. police alleged they were kicked, punched and body slammed. they say the adult shot bee bee guns at the children as a cruel form of children. >> it seems so surreal you do not think it is really happening like what world is this where this cab occur. >> the the children are now staying with relatives and officials say they are doing okay. accused kidnapper delvin barnes remains in jail.
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barnes pleaded not guilty to federal kidnapping charges on friday. during that pretrial hearing prosecutors revealed he bound and stuffed 22-year old carlesha gate inner to the trunk of the car following her germantown abduction earlier this month. 5:08. the debate over a second casino license in philadelphia is heating up as suburban politicians weigh n gaming control board is expected to make a decision during its next meeting on tuesday. on friday delaware county leaders spoke out against the plan saying it could hurt business at harrah's leading to problems like we're seeing now at the jersey shore. >> you think that the gaming control board take a strong look at what has occurred in atlantic city and realize the the same thing may very well occur in pennsylvania. >> it is almost like having two wawas on the same street. people will go where ever it is most convenient. >> reporter: harrah's generate millions in revenues for delaware county. if a new casino is built, councilman white says a tax increase may be the only way
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to keep that money coming in. tragedy on a college campus a freshman dies after he is found unconscious and at a fraternity house. coming up how university officials are responding to the death that has stunned a college community. also ahead hollywood's biggest movie stars kick off the awards season, we will tell but some of the bizarre behavior by one star getting a lot of buzz this morning. we will talk bit coming up.
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and an investigation is underway at a major university after a freshman from new york is found dead. as bob allen reports fraternity and sorority activity are now suspended at west virginia university. >> reporter: eighteen year-old noland birch died friday he had been hospitalized following a visit to west virginia's university cap a sigma fraternity house on wednesday. officers were called to the house to find someone performing cpr on birch who wasn't breathing. police have not released details but university officials say birch was a pledge at the the fraternity. >> we have been cooperating with the morgan town police. when they first started their investigation within of the things we provide to them is a list of the members as we knew it from those student organizations. >> reporter: police are investigating whether birch's death was a result of the hazing. the university has indefinitely suspended social
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activities for all of its fraternities and sororities. >> i think if one person made a mistake i don't think everybody should be punish for it. i do agree they need to have a precaution to prevent this somehow. >> reporter: the charter was suspended in mid-october and revoke on monday, two days before this latest incident, because of other violations of the fraternity's code of conduct. just last week the university suspended a different fraternity because of alcohol-related problems. nineteen of that fraternity's members were either arrested or given citations. another incident in october, resulted in rioting after a football game. the university is offering counseling for students: bob allen for cbs news, morgan town, west virginia. well, deep freeze that has settled over the country causes a rare event in ohio. check this out. that is what you call thunder snow, apparently it only happens in extreme storms.
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now, further east snow blanketed the buffalo area where up to 6 inches fell. so looking very much like winter in those parts. we've got the cold, carol but thankfully in thunder snow. not the yet. >> that combines the two element of weather i like the least, snow and thunder, all in one. >> i'm right there with you. >> look at this up in the poconos and it is cold enough up there that they can make snow. they are busy doing that. it looks like a nice early start to a ski season, look at this, jack frost, big boulder this morning and frost is kind of the word. it is cold out there dew points are down. you may not encounter any frost. it was not a problem on my windshield driving in here this morning and dew points are in the teens. that is just bone dry air. our temperatures are cold and we will get to the shore and you have a nice bright enough looking day here today in atlantic city, in ocean city, remember it is the quiet festival all weekend long.
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celebrate quiet things. we have temperatures that are pretty quiet too they have not moved really. we have readings in the 30's and in the 20's. thirty-three in philadelphia. thirty-one in trenton. it is 26 in atlantic city. thirty-six in wildwood. twenty-three in the poconos. no wonder they are taking advantage of it and making that snow up there. thirty-one in allentown. all of these locations we have got temperatures that feel like the 20's except for poconos where it feels like 14. because of the slight breeze we have out there. we have moved to the south. look at how cold. we were talking about how deep that cold air is? it goes to the south. birmingham alabama 26 degrees. little rock arkansas 27. nashville 23 degrees. charleston, south carolina 34 degrees. everyone who moves south to escape cold weather look at what they got instead. we are looking at very cold, but it is warmer, it is a lot warmer then bismarck, it is zero right now in the middle of november.
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five in billings. nine rapid city. fifteen in wyoming. twenty-six in omaha. six in minneapolis. that makes what our 30 something degrees here seem like no big deal. we have another arctic invasion coming and moving down. the core of the cold air is to the north, santa claus land and you you move down and you can see that it starts to move in and stays here for a couple of days. the temperatures will be some 15 to 20 degrees we low average. we will start to see that. not so much on monday because it is still back to the west but by the time we get to tuesday this jet stream continuing to drop down, dragging down that cold air from the north and that is what is keeping these temperatures cold on tuesday, wednesday, and probably even on thursday as well. so we've got some chilly era head of us. it is pretty quiet. that is one good thing bit. we will pick up a few clouds by the the time we get to sunday. monday, another kind of weather system comes in here.
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temperatures get as height as they will get in the upper 40's but we will start to feature some wind and rain and we could find heavy rain from the system from the gulf right now. it moves up along the east coast and we will get this rain on monday. so expect to find that. then we will get a windy cold day. speaking of windy and cold it will feel like 31 degrees today at 11:00 this morning. feeling like. by 1:00 in the afternoon it still only feels like the 30's even though actual air temperatures will be getting into the middle 40's. 34 degrees is how it feels by the time it feels today and later afternoon and then just gets colder from there. so 44 in philadelphia. shore 45 degrees. poconos 37. those are the the high temperatures today, we have some cold air out there, take the the winter quiet but cold weekend and soggy monday and that is your recap for next couple of days. so expect to find these wind coming up at five to 10 miles an hour at that 44-degree
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temperature. tonight a cold one again, 32 degrees but 20's in the outlining area i know you will be bundled up. you better be doing the same thing for your pets. they have to stay warm too. looking at the next couple of days we've got temperatures mild as they will get through sunday and machine and then bottom falls out especially on this tuesday, wednesday time period. look at those nighttime lows. tuesday night, 22 degrees. wednesday, as we go in the evening and early on thursday 28 degrees. thursday's high we could get back in the 40's but boy this is a cold week ahead, nicole. >> certainly is, thank you. here's something we love to talk about. britain's prince william and duchess of cambridge getting ready for a trip to the united states. royal couple will visit new york city next month. prince william will visit washington d.c. as well we're toll. they have confirmed they have a variety of events, including a nba game and visit to the national september 11th memorial. duchess is pregnant with the couple's second child and
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recently suffered from debilitating morning sickness. the couple's first child prince george we're told will not make the trip. well, as seen on cbs-3 last night hollywood's awards season officially underway. hollywood philadelphia wards were handed out highlighting the years biggest accomplishments in the industry. cbs news susan marquez was there. >> reporter: gone girl was big winner at hollywood philadelphia wards. in mystery thriller won the movie award during friday night's show at hollywood stadium. >> they told me there were no other nominees so i was cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: hollywood philadelphia wards are in the like other awards show. there are no nominees. winners are introduced by fellow tars and film clips and handedded a trophy but what the awards may lack in surprise they make up for in intimacy. he was honor for his break through performance important portraying steven hawking in the theory of everything.
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>> i'm here because i was given the privilege of playing this extraordinary man. >> reporter: thinks first time will hollywood philadelphia wards had been broadcast in the show a's 18 year history and first awards of the season so stars are about as excited as the fans. julianne moore was honored with the hollywood actress award for still alice and benedict was named hollywood actor for his role in the imitation games. >> and this award is to him, thank you very much. >> reporter: winners of the hollywood philadelphia wards are considered front runners for upcoming award, including the the oscars. in hollywood, susan marquez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, the night's show wasn't without controversy, johnny dep appeared disheveled, rambling and at times cursing as he presented an award to talent manager chef gordon. >> he is someone i consider a great, yeah, an incredibly
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loyal, loyal friend. >> all right. >> well, show cutaway from dep, mike myers who work on the chef gordon documentary called it are rock and roll no word from dep or the show's producers. 5:21. still ahead, something for everybody at the movies this weekend. >> coming up, jim carry and can true love go beyond the
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well, two dramas hit theaters one telling chilling true store of the high profile local murder. the dumb and dumber buddies are also back. kevin frazier has a sneak peak at the movies this weekend. >> this week steve carol and channing tait m get serious in the real life drama fox catcher, jim carry and jeff daniels get silly in dumb and dumber two and singer faces pressures of the fame in beyond the light. >> everybody says i'm special because i have this voice. i'm saying what everybody wants me to say. >> reporter: she plays nani a rean alike singer losing control of her career and personal life. >> everybody is talented but what do you give away in the process. it is kind of her soul really. >> when did you ever tell me that you didn't want this. >> when i was on that balcony. >> reporter: in dumb and dumber two, they recommit to their beloved characters from the original. >> so you mean you have been faking, for 20 years and it
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was all for a gag. >> yep. >> that is awesome. >> i know. >> comedy that stood the test of time, and has fans begging for more. >> everybody glue up with this even people working on set were pulling us aside and saying i can't believe i am if this because this is an important movie to me. >> i like her a lot. >> reporter: there is no joking from steve carol in the fox catcher based on the life events involving john du pont and wrestler mark schultz played by channing. >> this is a real story. baggage does come with it. >> what do you hope to achieve, mark. >> i want to be the best in the world. >> he a had a real specific look to him, his disposition, his carriage, the the way he spoke, he had very specific speech patterns, and they all added up to kind of an off putting guy. >> you will do great things. >> i will give you you everything i have.
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>> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier new back to you in the studio. stay up to dayton everything that is happening in hollywood with entertainment tonight, on every week night at 7:00 on cbs-3. doug lovers have a good reason to wag their tails this weekend. the national dog show is in montgomery county. two day event kicks off at the expo center in oaks. 1500 dogs from over 175 breeds are expect to compete, and we're also told some will be performing high flying tricks like i saw yesterday morning. now if you are interested in going, we have all of the information you need posted on our web site at cbs is there lor red owe, talented little pup. we just love him. worries over development in montgomery county, the 45 acres sat empty for decades but that is soon expected to change. why residents who live nearby are not sold on the new plan for the property. it looks like a movie stunt but this one is for
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soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. um... where's my room? right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. today, it is saturday november 15th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:30. lets get a check of the
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forecast and it will be sunny but nice and cold, hi, carol. >> the sunnies not doing anything, it has low impact so it might be nice to see the sun standing inside you'll think, oh, it is a nice warm day but step outside and find it isn't. just like it isn't very warm this morning. it looks okay as we can take a lot at ben franklin bridge ever under construction ben franklin bridge, you can tell people who travel it every day but i think it is, improving and things are getting better on that bridge and skies will be nice over the bridge and every place else. it is cold though. we have a temperature of 33 in center city. thirty-two in reading. not much in the way of wind but wind kicking around 3 miles an hour will make it feel chillier out there. storm scan three, nothing going on in our area a couple clouds moving through philadelphia, trenton but otherwise you'll find mostly sunshine today. 33 degrees at the airport. we have 31 in trenton and allentown.
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thirty in reading. twenty-four in the poconos. 29 degrees in millville, dover. then we will head to the north of the city, 30 degrees in quakertown. twenty-eight in pottstown and over in mount holly, you can see lovely burlington county, 31 degrees. it is cold. we will bring in the wind, not a lot of wind but enough to drop these temperatures, the feeling of these temperatures in the 20's, feels like 26 degrees in philadelphia, feels like 22 in wilmington. our temperatures today, well, we don't get all that high. would i not say blustery, i know that says blustery but i don't think five to 10 miles an hour of wind will count for blustery so lets just say slight breeze, 45 degrees, it will feel cold all day long. future weather not much going on. we will keep it nice and sunny around here but a few clouds come in and we will see them coming later on tonight. we will talk more about that and what it means, and how cold this next week will be unfortunately. that is coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. delaware state troopers opened fire on a armed robbery
5:32 am
suspect after he leads them on a wild chase. it happened at harvey road and garfield avenue in claymont. "eyewitness news" rrporter steve paterson is live where we're hearing from that suspect's uncle, steve. >> reporter: we have interviewed the man's you can will by phone last night and he tells us that his nephew is a man who battled drug use and has had prior run ins with the law but that the family is surprised by crimes so violent. here's what police say. police say 41 year-old william mcnulty was shot and killed by a delaware state trooper shortly after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. police were pursuing mcnulty after they connect into an armed robbery at a atm and then won at a 7-eleven early yesterday morning. he was spotted, chased at several points throughout the day fleeing at a high rate of speed in the toy yoel a correspondence role a. timely after being cornered and given several commands to stop, mcnulty hopped a curve and drove in the patch of trees. that same suspect then put the car in reverse and accelerated
5:33 am
towards the troopers and that is when police say they opened fire. we spoke to mcnulty's uncle by phone and says that the family surprise body that crime spree. >> he has never owned a weapon before. not that i know of or anyone in the family would know of. it is just so unlike him, for this to happen like this. and, it is hard for to us grasp, you know, and, we will deal with it the best we can right now. >> reporter: police say it is too early to reveal identity but they tell us troopers are six and eight year veterans of the delaware state police assigned to troop one. as policy kick states they are currently on administrative leave until detectives wrap up their investigation. for now we're live from the cbs-3 news center, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> back to you. >> steve, thank you. a new jersey transit bus runs off the side of interstate 295 in burlington county. that bus actually collided with a car and then crashed through a guardrail, and then
5:34 am
went down an embankment in florence. three new jersey transit employees were a aboard that bus, no one was seriously injured. there is a sign on the bus that says student driver, but it is unclear if the student drive was actually behind the the wheel at the time of that accident. the driver of the car that hit the bus was taken to the hospital, with minor injuries. well, man who drove his car into a school bus earlier this week now faces charges. police say 26 year-old justin thomas of morris plains, new jersey has been charged with careless driving and another charge related to tuesday's crash in princeton. three people were injured when thompson's bmw hit the bus on 206 north of hutchinson drive. search continues for these suspected jewelry thieves in philadelphia. the two men and two women are accused of break nothing to barsky jewelers on jeweler's row last saturday morning. they got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise. the owner of the store believes this isn't the first time the suspects have struck in the neighborhood. well, path public utility
5:35 am
commission discusses the future of philadelphia last works, that special hearing in the city. mayor michael nutter was among those testifying at drexel university. city council has blocked his plan to sell the utility to a private firm for nearly $2 billion. the mayor says that the sale of pgw is a once in a generation opportunity and council should reconsider. >> can we in good conscious on behalf of the people that we serve try to figure out how to make things better going forward, to reach a conclusion that is, in fact in the best interest of all of the citizens of the city of philadelphia. >> mayor nutter says a portion of the proceeds from a pgw sale would also go to sure up the city workers pension fund. a debate is brewing over proposed housing development in montgomery county. is it a sign or progress or unwelcomed addition to the community. it all centers around a 45-acre property that was once home to the st. mary's villa
5:36 am
in upper dublin township. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch finds out what they have to say. >> reporter: st. mary's villa stand like a kingdom in upper dublin, behind stone walls and gates, 45 acres the castle home built for businessman robert madison at turn of the 20th century. it could be soon home for 350 other homes, dense development of row houses, apartments and condos. >> the developer's got every single will thing that they asked for a year ago. >> reporter: jenny vitala faces st. mary's, she was there tuesday night when all seven upper dublin commissioners voted to approve the milk use rezoning of the area. >> there wasn't even much dialogue it didn't seem between the commissioners and the developers, and asking questions, saying well, what if we did this or can't we do this. >> reporter: rezoning green light developers called the madison estate to move ahead to buy and build. cbs-3 reached out to them for
5:37 am
comment but we have not heard back. upper dublin township manager paul leonard. >> what has happened is only one thing, the the property, this past tuesday night, by vote of the board of commissioners in upper dublin was rezoned. >> reporter: the sisters of the holy family of nazareth still own st. mary's and leasing space too an at risk youth group. if developers choose not to preserve the land's history the multi million-dollar deal could fold. >> they came forward with a covenant signed by the sisters of holy family who still own it that will run against the land that they will meet certain standards. >> reporter: township manager says st. mary's is still very far from the development stage and they must submit a full historical plan for the property as well as a land use plan. in upper dublin, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a seattle bound air liner is forced to turnaround shortly after take off after it hits a bird a last contact airlines flight 349 had taken off from oakland international airport when the pilots
5:38 am
reported that strike. they believe it damaged the plane's air speed sensor. 144 passengers and six crew mens were on board. one of the travelers described what happened next. >> he got on the inter come and said he lost control of his side. they still have full control but they didn't feel comfortable enough to fly all the way to seattle so they have turned around. >> alaska airlines spokesperson says the plane returned out of an abundance of caution. the plane is being inspect in oakland. workers had to use a crane to lift a car out of the giant sink hole in holiday florida. check this out. earlier in the week the vehicle's owner noticed the tires sinking in the driveway before the ground gave way. this is a third sink hole by the way that has formed in that area so several homes have been evacuated as a precaution. the scary site there. two window washers trapped in the dangling scaffold outside world trade center are speaking out about that are
5:39 am
ordeal. chris van cleve is in new york with their story. >> reporter: juan lopez are relieved to have their feet on the ground. >> i'm just happy to be alive. >> reporter: window washers were trapped in their scaffold outside one world trade center wednesday after a cable malfunction, slack developed on one side pitching the rig to a near vertical position 68 store ace above the ground. >> i just grabbed on, held on and hope we weren't going to fall over. >> reporter: men were harnessed, stuck for 90 minutes before rescue crews got to them. fire fighters saw through three layers of glass and then pulled them to safety. >> i know, safety number one. >> reporter: they say they will be back on the job but perhaps at a lower altitude. >> there is a lot of ground floors, we might want to take a moment. >> reporter: scaffold company is investigate to go determine exactly what went wrong.
5:40 am
chris van cleve, cbs news, new york. >> you cannot blame them for that ground level jobs only moving forward. >> by the way two men suffered mild hypotheria from that ordeal. rescue team a little more than a week after 4 billion-dollar building officially opened for business. we have some good news and some bad news from the surface of the comet speeding through space, that is craft has begun digging and sent back new date a bad news the robot is in the shadow of the cliff and cannot get enough sunlight to charge its panels so basically the battery is dead. researchers don't know when there will be a enough light to charge it. 5:40. heart warming story as holidays get closer. coming up next a three-year old girl does something unexpect when she sees a stranger eating alone, we will explain. also ahead cold temperatures this weekend and car will ol is tracking rain for next week, we will have her forecas
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santa is used to surprising youngsters but it was a little girl in indiana who surprised saint nick. he did something unexpect and absolutely adorable. reporter jessica wright has the heart warming story. >> wrinkle bells, jingle bells,. >> gracy lynn wilson is an energized, little three years old. >> christmas. >> one of gracy a's favorite
5:44 am
holidays is christmas. the the inside of the wilson's home is all deck out, already. when gracy and her family went to breakfast this week they saw someone that she immediately recognized. >> a gentlemen just walked in, looked identical to santa a, had the glasses. >> everybody just kept saying. >> outfit hair, perfect. >> santa claus. >> reporter: gracy loved this. so when we get seated we come to find out his table is right next to ours and he is sitting by himself. mommy, that is santa, daddy, that is santa. >> reporter: not wanting santa to eat all alone. >> i eat with santa claus. >> reporter: gracy marched over and joined santa for breakfast. >> i was eating. >> reporter: she pulled up a chair and they started having a conversation like they knew each other for years. gracy's family captured the moment and sent us this photo. we posted it on facebook and it had has been shared across
5:45 am
the country. >> when he asked her what she wanted for christmas all he said was her baby brother james which is due in three weeks. >> what did you talk about. >> baby james. >> reporter: yes. >> cool to see a three-year old say they don't want anything for christmas, they just want their baby brother here. >> reporter: we sat out on a mission to track him down and we found him doing what he does best. >> you know what, i thought that was pretty special. she, i think, under stance having friends and he was quite a special young lady. >> reporter: santa was awfully busy and we could not hold up the line much longer but he did make a prom toys gracy. >> i am going to have a few surprises for her this year. >> reporter: we think those surprises might involve two little feet and a new baby brother. >> you guys remember that i love you and merry christmas to all and to all a good night.
5:46 am
>> ahh, gracy just security a spot on the nice list for a lot of years. so adorable. by the way if that doesn't get you in the spirit for the holiday season, maybe this will. take a look at this site outside city hall, ice rink at dilworth park is now opened to the public. cameras captured skilled skaters and also some wall huggers, you know, just how some of us are. either way it was a chance to enjoy the chilly temperatures and the rink will be opened seven days a week through february. it is certainly that time of the year and we have weather to prove it. >> my ankles just hurt from watching them. >> are you a wall hugger. >> ice hugger. i would be flat down on it. >> but look at this, nicole. we have every story of the building you can see. so obviously we have no fog. we have clear skies. one of the reasons we are as cold as we are this morning. it looks nice here. lets move to the poconos. thinks where they will
5:47 am
continue to make snow, when they start to get it for real that we all have to have start doing on effort but we have cold air and there is snow making machine and they are able to lay down snow, jack frost big boulder, 23 degrees in the poconos. obviously they are taking full advantage of their weather conditions. thirty-one in allentown. thirty in reading. thirty-three at the airport in philadelphia. these temperatures still could be dropping, even as we go for next couple hours until the undecides to finally wake up. twenty-six in atlantic city, 26 in millville and it is cold in the south. we keep talking about that cold air to the north and how far south it is spilling, look at these temperatures, birmingham alabama at 26. twenty-three in st. louis. charleston is just above freezing mark so cold air plunges deep to the south and i get further north and it is even colder. we have 6 degrees in minneapolis, 26 omaha but it
5:48 am
is zero in bismarck. this is the middle of november. storm scan three here notice these clouds here. they don't do anything. they are just out there. just trying to energy themselves and cold overnight and then we are looking at clear skies, areas to the south. we have cold air there. we have even more cold air and then that pool of cold air to the north, core of it, of course, to the north and it just doesn't stay there though. we will see it dropping down. we will especially be finding this by the the time we get to this tuesday, wednesday time period. temperatures will be averaging 15 to 20 degrees below average. days will be cold, the nights of course will be colder. that jet stream took a real dip in the jet stream just opens up the door like opening your door to cold air and that is happening when this starts to go this low. tuesday we will start to feel really cold around here and tuesday night and wednesday is as well, by thursday, we should be starting to moderate a little will bit. future weather no big deal
5:49 am
today, although tonight we will see a few more clouds and as a result of the clouds temperatures overnight should be slightly warmer tomorrow morning. it is not warm but slightly warmer then what we're finding this morning. then on sunday temperatures in the 40's. but we have watched for precipitation as the system right now down across the gulf starts to move in here and brings some of the rain. in some cases you could be finding that heavier rain. but that is monday. but until then we have just got cold. feels like 32 at 11:00. feels like 36 at 2:00. feels like 35 degrees at 6:00 o'clock tonight. cold air is out there in every location. thirty-seven for the high in the poconos today. shore 45. philadelphia 44 degrees. can't seem to do too much with this because we have got taste of winter coming quiet, but cold weekend and that soggy monday is your recap today. forty-four today. thirty-two in center city tonight, in the 20's in the
5:50 am
outlying area. you'll be warm. and then tomorrow we are looking at 48 degrees with some clouds, monday, rain, 47. tuesday, windy. 36 degrees for the high. twenty-two at night. thursday's high only 37. cold day 28 at night, thursday, 44 degrees. we will come out as we are's still well below freezing. hey, do you know a child who loves the weather? we want to see them. today kid caster auditions and they can show off their forecasting skills. come to the plymouth meeting mall and go between noon and three to the center court where you'll fine us and these little kids, and you may see yourselves on "eyewitness news". we have put everything you need to know on cbs caster, nicole. lots of talentedded kids, thank you. 5:50. never too cold for high school football. we have friday football frenzy and your team covered next in
5:51 am
5:52 am
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hockey at the the well, flyers winners of three straight games taking on struggling columbus team that had lost nine straight. here we go fan favorite scottie hartnell making his first a appearance back in philadelphia after the trade for rj um burger. he played seven seasons here. flyers down by a goal, jake voracek find a lose puck and does what he does. haven't gel of the season. that ties the game. columbus responds, mason falls down, blue jackets regain the lead and they beat the the flyers four-three. road trip continues for the sixers from dallas to houston still looking for that first win of the season.
5:54 am
final 16 seconds of the game sixers with a one point lead and james harden does what james harden does, he goes right through for lay up to take the lead. sixers with the ball and final opportunity, michael carter williams goes for game winner and it did not happen. they lost 88-87 was your final. played several games in green bay and within time is enough just to say you did it. i'm hearing about the shrine. it is a town of a hundred thousand people, average hotels, we played dominoes n chicago we went to museums. stadium in the middle of no where. that is dismal truth. i'm trying to tell you what is happening. twenty's, chance of snow, coldest game of the season. we used to put grease on our arms and go out sleeveless. what will eagles do. >> right now i'm saying, i will say no sleeves until we go out there and put our toes in the water and test it a little bit and make a decision
5:55 am
after we come back in for warm ups. here we go, here we go, cb is s. this is the friday football frenzy, take it away, beasley. >> all right. they helped us out last year they knew what to do. thanks much to the pennsbury cheerleaders. did we get to your town, your team, your kids on tv. lets get it going, friday football frenzy. we will start in delaware county pottsgrove visiting springfield. brian allen trying to keep a play alive. there he is emerging. nice run. that would set up a field goal. we have not given enough love to field goal kickers in the frenzy that year. so lets go with jack curry
5:56 am
nailing a field gel for springfield. on the other side of the ball garrett bleakly are important to the team, we have done our due diligence. st. joes prep and lasalle, this is a big one, rival game for playoffs. nice defense by prep. pass is completed but bennie walls knock it looks. he gets the interception. that is warning together as a team. this is what we learn from football. four plays later deandre swift, with the score. prep won big 46-13. upper dublin at west chester, dwayne loper emerges. get him. nobody is even in the picture with the guy. 80 yards to the house. back comes upper dublin, john barrett gets the score. dublin was the winner 41-23. west chester henderson at coatsville. jaylen hudson with the strong run here. coatsville won big 56-28. downingtown east, still alive
5:57 am
visiting quakertown. andre hudson finds kerry and lean as a great run and great block by jake hanson. watch them work. working. teamwork is what we're talking about. theme of the day. east won 21 to nothing. time for the game of the week you votedded for it using audio road show app garnett valley taking on pennsbury in the pennsylvania playoffs. let's start with the pennsbury band. >> ♪ >> old school big tradition, marching band, great job and big match up, pennsbury came out hot, charles snoreway, you cannot sleep on this kid. snoreway puts to you sleep, he ran for over 400 yards, that
5:58 am
is right, last week. 56-yard run there. garnett veil comes back to find bobby clayton. garnett will valley would later tie in the later drive. here's pennsbury, here's a little snore way. 60 yards for the score. not to be out done watch quarterback mike alley, he runs. lets see if he emerges. yes, he emerged. pennsbury a winner big 45-15. congratulations to garnett valley on a fantastic season. pennsbury advance toes face upper dublin. that is it for sports, i'm beasley reese, have a great
5:59 am
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