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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 17, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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time today and the heaviest still straight ahead. >> incident on the market street onramp to 95 southbound, so far closing that, overturned truck there >> breaking news from the vatican, cbs-3 first to report pope francis confirms he is come to go philadelphia. >> we learned the leader of the roman catholic church will be here next fall for the worlds meeting of familiesment jan carabeo joins us at the archdioces building with the latest information on that, jan, good morning. >> good morning, yes there is has long been rumored, papal visit here in philadelphia, but finally confirmation from the man himself pope francis make that announcement in rome earlier today, yes, he will be visiting philadelphia in september of 2015 for the world meeting of families.
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now the plans aren't finalized just yet, but he is expected to participate in closing events, from september 25th, through the 27th, including two huge events, on the ben franklin parkway. again, as i mentioned, this announcement has been long time coming and the pope made it this morning in rome, archbishops charles chaput with the world meeting of families, you see, some of them here in rome earlier this year when delegation from pennsylvania visited the pope to firmly request his presence at this event. now, details again for the papal visit will be released in the spring or the summer of next year. but the archdioces announced today it is likely the pope will participate in a event called the festival of families on saturday, september 26th, and a papal mass on sunday, the 27th, now, both events are open to the public, and both held on the ben franklin parkway right in the heart of philadelphia. this will be a huge event, you may remember, a visit by pope john paul ii in 1979, through more than 1 million people to the parkway, and now this morning, the archbishop made
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this statement reading in part i am overjoyed by pope francis' announcement that he will be join with us for the world meeting of families in philadelphia next year, a hallmark of his papacy has been a keen focus on the many challenges that families face today globally, his charisma, presence, and voice, will electrify the gathering. again, he's expected to participate in those closing events, including two big, big events, on ben franklin parkway, this will be his first visit to the united state. reporting live in center city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much, jan. pope will visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families target date friday, september 25th. on saturday the 26th, holding celebration of family life, then sunday the 27th, 2015, papal mace, both on the ben franklin parkway and the public is welcome. >> 53:03, just wet soggy start to your monday? >> and chilly too. you step out the door you can still see your breath in front
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of your face. not cold enough to warrant any kind of frozen precipitation in philadelphia. in fact, the entire delaware valley is strictly a rain event for us. but, you know, we could actually see little mixing going on in certain locations, and you got to head north for. that will quite a bit to cover here. we start it off with a map, another look for you here at storm scan3, where at the moment the bulk of the precipitation actually falling anywhere from philly on east. and there is that little break in the action, but you cannot necessarily rest easy here for the rest of the morning, guys, maybe get little lucky and not have the rain falling when you walk out the door. more on the way, i mention the mixing up through the poconos, carbon, monroe, points north specifically, so traveling to i80 specifically you might see some sleet or even rain freezing on contact, when you are dealing with the temperature that's so marginal, right at the freezing mark right now in mount pocono after all. but little too warm, in other locations here for that. now, when i say warm, again, that's is sort of relative term. chilly out, i give that you,
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but at least looking at jesus on recall day for a change. look at that. 06 degrees even the expected high down the shore, but it is a very soggy trade-off that comes with it, the whole day basically will feature periods of rain kind of off and on any time, but the heaviest is this afternoon, we send it into you. >> thank you, katie. slippery shot outside, as we go out right now, 5:04, and check out how 95 is doing. where we do have an overturned truck, you can see the taillights there actually 59 southbound, so over to the right-hand side, actually the onramp from market street, so it is close that right now, see some flashing lights, we know there is police activity on the scene trying to get that moved out of the way or at least pushed over into the shoulder. but your alternate just take front or girard to access 95 southbound, over to the schuylkill, westbound, toward the king every prussia area, see everything moving nicely there so far. see shiny roadways there, so we know what to expect. eastbound into 202, seven minute trip, 202, starting to slow up just little bit.
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early for that this morning, 30 to the schuylkill expressway. >> thank you, more breaking news right now, for philadelphia police officers, hurt while trying to fight a deadly house fire in germantown overnight. justin finch joins us now at the scene with more on how those officers are doing. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. we're right at boyde street and chelten avenue. behind us the building in question you will see residence of some kind upstairs, that's where four officers tried to extinguish a fire this morning, and also where a firefighters found a man dead. the fire broke out at about 11:12 sunday night, where reports after fire here at 835 chelten avenue, the fire commissioner telling us the fire was concentrated on the second floor. and that three people were able to escape, we know, they were working fire alarms, and once firefighters got inside to a middle room, they did find a man dead inside.
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now, before the fire department arrived, four philadelphia police officers tried to go in there, with fire extinguishers, and we are told they took a bigotries being. >> we transported, they were trying to extinguish a fire. >> and those officers suffering smoke inhalation, again, trying to extinguish that fire themselves, were taken to einstein, and expected to be okay. l & i had also been here on the scene trying to figure out if this was a licensed boarding house, and as for the cause of the fire, that remains under investigation this morning, live in germantown, justin finch, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you. breaking this morning, fire fighters north philadelphia just pulled four people off the roofer of this burning row home. "eyewitness news" on the 3,000 block of north 17th street. that fire is out now, and three people were taken to the
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hospital to be checked out. >> well, local police officer credited with saving little boy's life over the week sends speaking out. investigators say, the child accidentally shot himself in the face outside of an auto repair shop, in sharon hill saturday night. officer stephen of sharon hill police and another officer from folcroft were first on the scene. they rushed the little boy to nearby hospital where officer mummo performed cpr in the back seat. >> we deal with tragedy every day, but when there is a child involved, it is hard, it is extra hard, but, fortunately, your training kicks in, and you don't think about that, and you just do what you're supposed to do. >> the boy is in guarded condition at chop, but doctors are optimistic, he will pull through. the boy's father could face charges in the incident. and after another execution at the hands of isis, president obama says the terror group, quote, revels in the slaughter of innocence. the white house confirmed the execution of us aid worker and former soldier peter. he was kidnapped in october of
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last year. a mask man with british accent also warnings, isis will attack americans on us streets. >> well, he does have british accent, seems to be the same person, obviously, inside the government working very hard to exactly identify him and anything we can learn about him. >> in a statement, his parents say we are heart broke tone learn our son peter has lost his life as a result every his love for the syrian people and his desire to ease their suffering. meanwhile, president obama is back at the white house this morning, after a trip to the asia pacific region. now that he has returned to washington he faces a host of challenges. the president is on a collision course with republicans on immigration, and an oil pipeline project. he of course is returning just after some breakthroughs with china and some warm welcomes in myamar. >> eagles are licking their wounds after getting drugged by the park packers, fall to
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first place toy with the cowboys in the nfc east. beasley reese takes a look. >> reporter: packers are the better football team. difficult to hear but proved it on the feel. eagles were dominated from the opening kick to the final gun. aaron rogers put on a clinic. he was 22 for 36, three touchdowns. eagles defense tried to pressure him in the second half, but he showcase total game by running away from trouble. the packers like the eagles last week against carolina scored touchdowns on offense, defense, and special teams. packers crushed the eagles 53 to 20. now we're going to find out who we are, what kind of team we have. easy win, here on the other end of this thing, like we were last week. and, you know, you're on national tv, everything going great, and you can't miss, and we score a lot of points, and defense, you know, special teams scored, that's fun, and it is easy. but now it is tough. and this is going to be a really good test to this team.
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>> all right, seven and three, the bad lost in greenbay is still a good start, keeping the eagles on track for a playoff run. the game tells me the packers are trending toward elite status, while the birds have a good team, but with plenty of time to improve. i'm beasley reese, let's go back to the studio. >> and, next up for the bir, they host tennessee tightens sunday. watch the game right here on cbs-3. once again good teams bounce back. short-term memory. let's move on, let's go. >> still ahead this morning, updating several breaking stories including plans for the pope's visit to philadelphia, and our other big story, four police officers hurt battling a fire. >> also bracing for the worse, stems being taken to prevent more violence in ferguson, missouri as we wait to learn if a police officer will be charged with shooting an unarmed teenager. also this: >> it is not safe no more. not safe. >> terror on the tracks. a man is pushed in front after moving train. the growing manhunt for the person accused of killing him.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> there fender bender just few feel from another in oklahoma city. it all took place, just few inches of snow yesterday to make a mess on the roads out there. wow. >> here's kate. >> i yes, ukee, we remember so much, i think, from last year, too. we had all of these tiny little events, that brought a little bit of snow, and a lot of times that was all it took for there to be havoc on the roadways. so thankfully no snow for us out of. >> this but i also don't want to minimize the message here. this is a storm that will have some significance on what it means for your plans here today. let's get you out there. want to show you the storm in
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its entirety. that is pretty big guy. it has a lot of moisture work with, definitely got a lot of energy to work with. potential for some severe weather down across southeastern us, certainly some snow very evident on the northwest branch of this, for us, sort of stuck between those two, where we ends up with just rain around our area, but you may still see some mixing go on here, before the temperatures climb with a little sleet perhaps rain freezing on contact, specific to carbon-monroe counties, rest of us just cold rain, but that said, notice, there is a little lull that sets up here, some of you may actually evening out a dry commute, depending on where your travels take you, but not out of the woods just yet. notice what happens. then there is pretty solid slug of moisture that's going to come in here, by the lunch hour getting clocked yet again here, with very heavy rain. which looks to continue, especially through new jersey, by the early evening rush. now, this is all out of here by the time we hit prime time tv on cbs-3. but, it is going to be one of
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the situations where temperatures just plummet behind t now, here's where we stands at the moment. mid upper 30s, around many of our live neighborhood network communities, lehighton, for example, in at 35 degrees, as we take you forward in the forecast, this is actually seasonable day for a change, but very soggy trade off. by tomorrow, look at that drop. more than 20 degrees shaved off the high, and it won't feel any better than the teens, rough stuff, you will have to bundle up. jess, over to you. >> that's rough. thank you. 5:15. we go outside. slippery conditions on 95, so if you are trying to access 95 from the market street onramp, this is what you will see, actually not really open right now. see completely blocking off that, side right here, so overturned truck, see flashing lights, we know police activity on the scene trying to get it cleaned up and out of the way to access 95 southbound, for the meantime take the front street onramp or the girard onramp. over on the blue route, you can see, everything at mid-county tolls here, moving along great in both
5:16 am
directions, little volume starting to accumulate on the southbound lanes, northbound lanes where headlights are coming through, moving along great there. 422 observation into 202, seven minute trip, 13 minutes on 202 northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, some breaking news right now, it is official. pope francis will make his first trip to the u.s. next september. and philadelphia is one of his destinations. the pope will attends philadelphia's world meeting of families and celebrate mass on the parkway. >> other news this morning, one man is dead, and four police officers injured, during a overnight fire on chelten avenue in germantown. investigators want to know if the structure was an illegal boarding house, and if it had proper fire alarms. >> and four people were pulled to the safety from the roof of a porch here it seems during fire on north 17th street in north philadelphia. no word on the cause of that fire. a grand jury in ferguson, missouri expected to decide soon on whether or not to
5:17 am
indict a white police officer for shooting a un arm black teenager. activists took to the streets in the st. louis area. demonstrators braved freezing temperatures, to march in protest against police violence. in the nearby town of berkley, businesses are boarding up windows, bracing for the grand jury's decision. one protesters worries about police reaction to the protest. >> want the police to leave us alone, let us protest peacefully, stop engage upon us to make us react to the action. >> the american civil liberties union in missouri calling for restraint against law enforcement. your time 5:17. learning new details about the latest ebola victim brought back to the united state including how he is doing this morning. >> also, new allegations of abuse against philadelphia native bill cosby, he's not talking, but his lawyer is. hear what he says about the latest accuser and the fall out for the comedian. we'll be right back.
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>> the march police are looking for this morning, they say he special pushed a man off the takes as a train pulled into the bronx. track happened in front of the victim's horrified wife. detective are still working on a motive. >> the latest ebola patient in the u.s. is in the fight of his live. doctors at nebraska hospital say martin is in extremely critical condition. they call it an hour by hour situation. share arrived after infected working as a surgeon in sierra leone. this crust ship in california is back at see after 200 passengers got sick on vacation. neuro virus outbreak sickens 158 passengers and 14 crew members on the crown princess. crews cleaned the ship when it returned to port, it already
5:21 am
left for its next trip last night. this is the second neuro virus outbreak on the ship just this year. well there is isn't what you wanted to hear, little more than a week before thanksgiving, the holiday getting a little more expensive. find out why you'll have to pay more for your turkey. >> also, this could ease the burdens end we're giving away $100 this morning. how about that? just keep watching for your chance to win. we'll be right back.
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>> soggy start to your monday. off in the distance, you would normally see a couple of casinos, but here in atlantic city it is a very dark view. see the outline on the board
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walk there, that's about it, the reason you see the boardwalk, not the casinos, the low clouds are just shielding us from any casino of a view out there this morning. so, let's go next to storm scan3, there is some rain, coming through in pockets, at this point, down through atlantic city, definitely in it, most of the garden state is in it. and we do still have, you know, at least some spray coming off the vehicles, everywhere else, so, this is going to be a soil start to the week. yes it, looks as though when you put things into motion, little bit of back edge to this, but it is just a brief lull. we are not necessarily going to see the end of this, until tonight. so, we will see another rounds come through here, our current estimates, according to at least four choice computer models that we tends to trust little more than the rest are picking up anything from over half inch to over an inch. depending on your location, we could be looking at an inch plus. keeping that in mind, it is not, you know, flooding necessarily, isn't necessarily concerned when dealing with those kinds of values, but keeping in minds, that there
5:25 am
is a ton of leaves on the grounds, possibly clogging up the drains, certainly slowing you down, out there. we might have some minor flood to go dodge, but it is a seasonable day. 57 degrees our high, by tomorrow, the temperatures just plummet once again. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. so as she just said, slippery conditions out there, we have a bunch of incidents to prove t outside on the schuylkill expressway, montgomery, where over on the right hand lanes right there, you can see police activity on the scene, headed westbound, that's where you can see a small accident taking out the shoulder partially, taking outright hands lane, heavy westbound toward the king of prussia arm over on 95, southbound, you can see some flashing lights over into the right hand side of your screen, there the onramp to market street, your alternate to get around that so far just if you want to access 95 southbound, take girard or front. over in new jersey, crash on 295 southbound, at rancocas woods. actually partially blocking off ramp right there. but not closing it so far with the crews trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. over montgomery county crash on main street, at six street, partially blocking out the
5:26 am
right-hand lane. house fire clothing -- closing 17th street. alternate to get around there just take 15th street. ukee? >> in sport, eagles have tore note -- forget about yesterday's beat down and look forward to the tennessee titans. packers scored on offense, defense, and special teams, against the birds yesterday at lambeau field. the pack scored in every quarter of the game of the birds just couldn't get on track. greenbay wins this one big 53 to 20. coach kelly says packers quarterback aaron rogers was who they thought he was. >> he was as advertised, right now playing as good as anybody in the league, you look at some of the balls he threw extremely accurate, on target. >> once again the birds take on the tennessee titans next week at lincoln financial field. that will game rid here on cbs36789 the titans play the steelers this prime time later tonight. we'll talk more about this week's eagles game with paul jolovitz from sports radio 94wip coming up in our next hour. >> well the sixers wrap up
5:27 am
their road trip tonight against the defending champions, san antonio spurs. the team is still looking for its first win of the season after dropping their first nine games. let's go sixers. come on, erika. >> all right, let's go sixers, right now 5:27. we are continuing to follow several breaking stories, including new details about pope francis' big visit to philadelphia next year. justin? >> a late fire sunday night leaves an officer injured and four -- i'm justin fin watch live details coming up. >> justin, thank you. also, jessica and katie return. they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. just look at those roads, it is wet out there. don't forget your umbrella when you head out the door. going to be a slick commute this morning, and this afternoon, and katie is tracking the weather for
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>> four philadelphia police officers risk their lives to put out a fire at this germantown home but couldn't a man. >> live, and how the offers remembers doing this morning. >> also, more breaking news, confirms he is coming to philadelphia. >> the leered of the catholic church made the announcement overnight, will be in town next fall for the world meeting of families. jan carabeo is at the archdioces offices in center city, to tell you more about it. jan, good morning. >> ukee, erika, good morning, reaction pouring into "eyewitness news", about this painful visit, some -- papal visit, some saying he's looking to him as a rock star, looking forward to the world meeting of families september of 2015. plans aren't finalized just yet but his advice lit likely include two events, huge events, on the ben franklin parkway now, this has long


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