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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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there are still hot spots there we're toll. take a look at this video from chopper three we shot earlier and you can see how hot those flames were, shortly after the fire broke out at around 2:00. mayor of springfield township just spoke with us and says incredible all of this wind that fire fighters were able to contain to it one building. thanks in part to firewalls inside which stopped the flames from spreading. we are told damage toys building number four where there are many retail shops and a few food shops, fortunately market is closed and mayor says nobody was inside or hurt. but this is a major blow to business, to business owners rather who lost everything. >> i found out who my friends are, i got a lot of texts and calls trying to get up here, which walked up from the wawa. we are just waiting to see what is going on here. >> reporter: mayor says this is one of the most popular times of the year, for this
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farmers market and especially on thanksgiving day, so once all of the fire is put out and all of the smoke has settled here, the next step is to get this thing opened, in time for thanksgiving. we'll bring you more coming up at 6:00 with you now we are live from springfield township noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rain is gone, now we will deal with very cold temperatures, prompting the city to issue a code blue. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia's spring garden neighborhood today where the winter gear was a must for this bitter blast. and meteorologist kathy orr is out there in the chill on the cbs-3 sky deck tonight, kathy? >> windy as well, jessica. we have wind of 30 miles an her right now but gusting to 40 miles an hour earlier in the day and biting chill will continue into the late night hours. right new we have clear skies but very windy conditions, and cold temperatures, arctic air settling in over the delaware valley. on storm scan three we are not seeing a cloud in the sky and it will stay that way. right now we have sustain wind
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between really 15 and 20 miles an hour from the west and that will continue but it is driving our wind chill numbers into the teens. it feels like 19 in philadelphia, 11 in allentown and four, in the poconos. now, coming up here's what we expect this evening, blustery conditions with temperatures falling through the 20's, west wind, 15 to 25 miles an hour, but putting those wind chills temperatures into the teens. coming up we will talk about the the record cold that is coming, the record for tomorrow morning, 20 degrees, setback in 1936. in addition to that we have one more bitter day, another late week blast, and it will be wet, but warmer in the seven day. still, something to look forward to i'll see you later in the broadcast with that. >> all right kathy, 20 degrees, my goodness. make "eyewitness news" your winter weather station. we have compiled a winter weather survival guide on cbs survival guide and full of useful advice and links to resources to he help you deal
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with the cold. woman is killed when the station wagon that she's driving plunges in the schuylkill river. volvo wagon came down hunting park avenue, crossed kelly drive, mashed through the wall and then wound up in the water. about an hour later authorities pulled that wagon from the schuylkill but 41 year-old, was still inside and pronounced dead at the scene. the damage to the car hindered diver's efforts at that scene. >> they did their very best to get in the car but you could see how badly damaged that car was and that went in nose first and it compressed the entire chas is of the car so they tried very hard to get the door open but it wasn't possible. >> eyewitnesses said the car was traveling at a high rate of speed. tensions are high in the middle east after terrorist attack a synagogue just as worshipers were gathering for morning prayers. among those killed, three rabbi was dual citizenship here in america. cbs news correspondent alfonso
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van marsh has more. >> reporter: israelis held funerals for three american rabbis killed in early morning attack on a jerusalem synagogue. police say that the dual american israeli citizens died when two palestinian armed with a pistol and a meat cleaver burst in the building. >> we heard gunshots from downstairs. we heard one shot two shots and then flurry of shots. >> reporter: israeli authorities say these two palestinian, hasan and abu-jamal killed them in a shoot-out. palestinians protested outside homes of the suspects, in east jerusalem after israeli security forces stormed the area to investigate. a spokesmen for the palestinian militant group hamas is praising the the a assault but did not claim responsibility. palestinian president mahmoud abbass has denounced the killings but palestinian and israeli contentions over a contested holy at in the area.
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president obama a condemned at attack, one of the deadliest in jerusalem in years. >> this is bad for both nations, israel as well as the united states and our hearts go out to the families. >> reporter: israel's prime minister is vowing to respond harshly to what he calls quote a cruel murder of jews. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one of the victims of today's attack also has ties to our area. rabbi lived in the united states briefly years ago. he in moved to israel to be a teacher. his son, still lives in lakewood township, new jersey and we spoke with township leaders who were with family members as they got the news. >> he was a teacher to thousands of students. he was extraordinarily kind and gentle, and could not hurt another human being. >> tonight at 6:00 o'clock we will hear more from lakewood township where residents are reacting to the news of today's horrific attack.
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it is now official, pennsylvania pennsylvania gaming regulators have awarded philadelphia's second casino license and it is going to a group that proposed a casino hotel near the stadium complex at packer and darren in south philadelphia. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt joins us live with the details now, david? >> reporter: well, chris a quick 152nd vote change philadelphia history. this is the site of the new you casino. while some neighbors in south philadelphia are upset, the developers say it is a casino that is long overdue. >> the motion passes. >> reporter: game is on in south philadelphia and soon this holiday inn on packer avenue will look something like this. >> it is worked every where else and it will work here record record david cordish is one of two men behind the live hotel and casino. he and bob green, chairman of greenwood gaming and entertainment were on hand for the announcement.
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>> glean and cordish say that the hotel and casino will create about 2,000 new jobs, for area residents but south philadelphia resident donna barclay lives near the casino site and upset by the the vote. >> they are pushers. what they are doggies pushing an addiction on the community. >> reporter: barclay says live hotel casino will be an eye sore but developers david cordish says to way. >> we have had a lot of community support, so there is other ones we have to win over and we will win them over. >> reporter: three losing bidders have 30 days to appeal. "eyewitness news" caught up with mayor michael nutter says thinks a good project for economic development. coming up tonight at 6:00 other local leaders are upset and say it may raise taxes for people in surrounding counties. we will have that angle at 6:00. live from south philadelphia, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. this casino license vote certainly has a lot of people talking out there let us know what you think, visit
5:08 pm philly or shoot us a tweet using the hash tag cbs-3. police charged a woman in the brutal stabbing of a social worker inside of her camden office building. friend say lee a coleman seen here was rick tim in monday's attack. she is hospitalized after a client allegedly stabbed her 21 times. police say that tisha edward of camden has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and related offenses. central bucks west high school is replace bribing henceel as head football coach. it follows an investigation into hazing allegations brought to light last month, he will continue his teaching duties at the high school. meanwhile suspension of the assistant coaches has been lifted, their future involvement with the football program will be determined after the the selection of the new head coach. well, still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 caught on camera a man holding a child steals a box filled with toys. they have just been delivered to a home in our area. new way to fight cold and flu what this scarves claims
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to do to keep you healthy. and region's biggest retail complex business to get a whole lot bigger, we are live with the changes you can expect to see at the king of prussia mall, plus... i think you can be a running back. i will give you the ball. ball was bigger than your head. just hold on, don't let go, okay. >> eagles running back chris polk says his mother is the reason he made it to the nfl. his mom says it all started with a flip through the phone book, leslie van arsdal shares their very special relationship in today
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a camera captures a grinch striking on a front porch in upper darby. a ups man dropped off a book of toys in the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue. he rang the door bell, saw a note to leave the package so that is what he did. just moments later a man in the red shirt carrying a child appeared to the same porch and then walk off with that delivery. >> and then these bums are going through the neighborhood and when they see it, they follow the trucks. when trucks drop it off nine times out of ten nobody is not home because most of the people are working and then they walk away with the packages. >> police expect to see more of this type of theft as the holidays approach, they advise you to make other plans for your deliveries if you are not home. well, a as congress and white house blank will over immigration reform churches across the country are sheltering undocumented immigrants facing deportation. here in philadelphia a, a the mother is seeking refuge in a
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west kensington church. reporter john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio has her story. >> reporter: west kensington ministry presbyterian church about 100 gathered to show their support and pray for 27 year-old angel no var owe. she was born in honduras. she was arrested ten years ago and given a deportation order then and then recently issued a final order. she has moved into sanctuary a as workers and church members help make her feel as close to home as they can. through an interpreter angela hopes immigration officials will stay away. >> immigration has given their word they wouldn't enter a church to deport someone so i don't think this will happen. >> reporter: angela's two children nine and 11 are u.s. citizens and they don't want to see their mother taken away. >> unaudible. >> go to her country so she can live with us. >> let her stay here. >> reporter: family is thankful to all who are showing their support and calling for an end to
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deportation. those in attendance were asked to take a pebble symbolizing that we're all on the same path. we're all the same. also a petition has been passed around asking president obama to stop the deportations. angela's ninth person in the country with the final order of deportation to enter into sanctuary, the first on the east coast. john mcdevitt, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the health alert, a fashionable way to help prevent the flu, take a look at the scoff, a scarves that protect your mouth and nest principal hailing someone else's cough, sneeze and germs. it keeps from spreading your germs. pair of new york business partners created the scoff by putting a carbon filter mask inside scarves. >> it is a filter for your face this product can offer some protection begins an aerosol, but certainly not hundred percent. >> reporter: it cost between 49 and $69 the mask inside is
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good for three months. we have more information for you on cbs interesting idea. >> yes. >> still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 saving the most monday think holiday season. three on your side's jim donovan is here to help. he will tell us items we shaw avoid buying on black friday and big deals that we can find right now. leslie? well, one eagle says he would not be in the nfl if it wasn't for his mom, a very special bond between a mother and son as we sit down with lunch with running back chris polk and mom
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all right. well, the burr a has arrived with authority. >> yes, it has. >> leslie van arsdal and i walk into work and by the time we got into work, we had tears. >> yes. >> the problem is we're not used to this. maybe in mid-january we're used to this but definitely not now. the cold is here. it will be sticking around another 24 hours at least, and then we will really break out of this by the weekend. it will take sometime though. take a look outside where we're going to show you pretty pictures from the poconos. this is a little bit earlier this afternoon jack frost big boulder, cold enough to make lots of pack powder. they are providing moisture and we have the cold, so, hopefully going to be making that snow fast and furious, during the late night hours. lets go to storm scan three and show you what is going on
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here, nothing in our neck of the woods, just cold west northwesterly winds and that is creating a very big problem to places like buffalo, new york. just to the south of buffalo where we see this deep purple that is about a 10-mile wide of band of intense lake effect snow and places like towanda, lackawana and hamburg seeing very heavy snow. a associated with this, some whipping wind near blizzard conditions. here is a picture from joseph, from buffalo. this is city of buffalo erie canal, lake era, first niagara center looking south. this is a wall of lake effect snow. it is not a cloud. it is touching lake erie. this is what it looks like looking south from the city of buffalo. buffalo doesn't have much snow but in hamburg, 3 feet of snow and southern areas about 51 inches of snow already. look at this picture from sean. you can see everything covered. 3 feet of snow at 4 inches an hour. and an additional 20 inches of
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snow are possible before that lake effect snow band moves north. we need wind to shift or that is just going to keep on going. that lake effect snow machinist amazing. for us, we are talking about the snow. in philadelphia 30. twenty-five in allentown. seventeen in the poconos. seventeen chicago, cleveland 16. we are not alone with this persistent westerly wind will keep the cold overnight tonight. during the day tomorrow, still cold as we talk about wind chills in the 20's and then by thursday that cold slowly eases up. so is there some hope in the forecast. as we look to the weekend you will see orange, philadelphia area will actually go above normal. sunday, monday into tuesday. overnight we're challenging record cold during the day tomorrow, temperatures some 20 degrees below normal. here's the records to beat come tomorrow morning. in philadelphia that record of 20 was setback in 1936. here's what we expect during the the day tomorrow, strong winds, gusting to 25 miles an hour, wind chills for your wednesday will be in the 20's.
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on the eyewitness weather three day forecast, some improvement thursday. friday an arctic blast, high of 38. after that things get better, kate will be back next half an hour with the good news in the seven day forecast. we will get to break and be
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this week i sat down with eagles running back chris polk and then his mom. they have talk about their special relationship and how she not only toll her son how to play the game, but she actually showed him. eagles running back chris polk said he made it to the nfl because of his mom. >> you know, i didn't really get physical because i was just trying to run around and
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run faster than everybody then. she schooled me and said you have to hit people. i said mom you don't know what you are talking about. she said okay, you don't think i don't know. put your pads on. >> that particular day we were in the backyard. i had his pads on, helmet on. and i said bam, hike. i didn't go back far. i said go back i'll get you, it ain't good enough. you ain't getting past me. do it again. >> reporter: she knew from a young age chris was different. >> would i take him to the doctors, and he won't move and my kid would sit in the middle of the floor and just look at me and just running. i'm a single parent. i have raised all three by myself. i need help with this one. >> reporter: she took a phone book out hoping for a little direction. >> first page, i opened it up, and flag football, pop warner football. i was just reading. i looked at him i said okay let me go by him a ball. >> i fell in love with the game of football and wanted to make something out of this for
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my first carry. my first carry was a touchdown. i said i swear i promise my first carry was a touchdown. i a said this is a sport for me. >> i said i think you can be a running back. so this is what i'm going to do. i will give you the ball. ball was bigger than his head. i sanity just hold on to it, don't let it go. don't let nobody take it from you. i said they will give you the ball. you run that way. i said run. he was just running. don't look at me. stay focused. run that way. kid would come and turn around, and do exactly what i told him to do. as a he was doing it and game he he was playing, there were two or three people on him and pulling his pant down, took his shoes off. i said don't stop, i'll give so more later, just get there. >> buy so new pants. >> i can listen to her all day. >> what a story. >> mom always knows best. >> absolutely. >> always trust mom.
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>> good stuff, thanks. still to come in our next half an hour bracing for the worst. there is a state of emergency in ferguson missouri right now. a a grand jury decision on the shooting death of michael brown could come at anytime. we will also tell you what is planned in our area when that happens. sister of actress sharon tait speaks up about the upcoming marriage of charles manson and his 26 year-old bride, plus. king of prussia mall is expanding, they plan to add more than 50 stores, i'm syma chowdhry coming up what retail experts to have say about the expansion. and new at 6:00 o'clock tonight new jersey's john bon jovi is honored in philadelphia but not for his music. we will tell you why the grammy winner is receiving a prestigious award.
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i'm jessica dean, we continue to follow breaking news 59:30, a four alarm fire tears through columbus farmers market in burlington county. high winds and cold temperatures make it difficult for fire fighters but that fire is under control right now. philadelphia's second casino will be located near the sports complex, at packer and darien in south philadelphia. pennsylvania gaming regulators
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awarded the license that plans to build the the live hotel and casino, kate. it has been a very cold day, afternoon temperatures did not make ate above freezing mark. now it is 30 at the airport. twenty's across the area. when you factor in the wind it doesn't feel any better than the teens out there. right now feeling will like four, in mount pocono where challenging records tonight, and then the cold, sticks around, and i'll let you know when it eases coming up with the seven day forecast, chris? >> thank you very much. new tonight the sister of one of charles manson's victims shares his feelings about his planned marriage to a woman who has tried to exonerate him. our correspondent danielle nottingham has more on the 26 year-old's marriage to a mass murderer. >> reporter: it is a match made in prison. california department of corrections officials confirmed 80 year-old mass murder, charles manson and his 26 year-old bride to be, have obtain a marriage license. aston elaine burton who calls herself star ran away from her mid western home nine years ago and has been trying to get
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manson released from prison. burton says she want to marry manson so she can access case information only available to relatives. manson is not allowed visits and has no possibility for parole until 2027. when he would be 92 years old. former colt leader is doing time in cork ran, california for his role in the 1969 slayings of ago rest sharon tait and six others. several of his followers are also behind bars. in a phone interview with kcbs tait's sister says she cannot understand why anyone would want a relationship with manson. >> she's not in her right mind, she cannot be. very disturbing that he still has this kind of a following. >> reporter: no date has been set but a wedding coordinator has been assigned to handle the prison ceremony. danielle nottingham for cbs news, los angeles. elderly couple in chicago is lucky to be alive tonight after a cargo plane crashes into their living room.
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it came to rest just 8-inches from where they have been sleeping. you can see in the video the tail of the aircraft was still sticking out of the front porch when investigators arrived. air traffic controllers say the pilot reported having engine trouble minutes after taking off from midwest international airport. >> i heard the the planes going by and then all of a sudden a loud bang. >> we see people kind have of walk into our side of the street and we turn and we just see this plane and inside somebody's house. >> the pilot was pronounced dead at the scene in, one else was on board at the time. minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson is being sidelined for the rest of the season. earlier today he was suspended, without pay, until at least april 15th for violating the nfl personal conduct policy. he plead pud no contest to abuse charges after allegedly beating his four year-old son with the switch last may. the league's players association also planned to appeal today's ruling. protests are being planned in cities all across the the
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country in anticipation of the grand jury's decision on whether to duty ferguson police officer in the killing of michael brown. reporter cherry greg of our sister radio station kyw news radio tells thaws several rallies are scheduled here in philadelphia. >> reporter: protests are being advertised on tumbler and facebook, sparking fear that tensions will rise making fill another ferguson. >> we want people to exercise their right without burning anything down but we also want to make sure that same emphasis is placed on the justice system. >> reporter: reverend mark tyler protested during the the height of the demonstrationness ferguson and clergy presence helped ease tensions, and they will be here on the ground in philadelphia. >> just walking out with our clergy collars on made a difference. made police calm down and step back. made the young people take a step back. >> reporter: protesters are expect to gather here outside city hall immediately after the ferguson grand jury issues
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its report. it can either be a celebration of a battle in a long war, or a call for justice. >> my hope is that he is going to be, darren wilson, officer darren wilson will be indicted. i am hopeful but i'm not expecting that. >> reporter: this is bishop dwayne who protested in ferguson and will head back in coming days. he says missouri's state of emergency is a look at what is to come. >> i think they are preparing for a war in a very, very sad way. >> reporter: hopefully a non-violent one. cherry greg, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the white house press secretary josh ernest said today that president obama does not support a push in the senate to a have prove the keystone xl pipeline. supporters of the bill seem to have 59 votes at this point but that is one short of a 60 vote filibuster proof majority. the house signed off on the pipeline on present i. this vote is championed by
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louisiana senator mary landrue in danger of losing her seat f60 roads cannot be found or president vetoed the measure republicans say they will introduce the bill next year when they have the senate majority. a man wanted in connection to several local bank robberies is off the streets tonight. montgomery county authorities charged clark leery for robbing the same bank in hatboro three separate times, the most recent just last month. during the robberies we're told he used a firearm which turnout to be a pellet gun and one instance the authorities say he did show some remorse. >> he departed with over $6,000, and he said at the time and i quote i'm sorry, it is no way to make a living but jobs are hard to find. >> police say leery was able to getaway with thousands of dollars. he was arraigned earlier today on multiple charges. well, the king of prussia mall is getting bigger, at least 50 new stores and restaurants are on the way,
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much to the delight of shop a who will innings. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry who just might be one of those, is live at the mall with more on the big time expansion, syma. >> reporter: that is right chris, you know me well. we are standing here with the construction, that will take place, we're talking about more than 50 retail spots right here but more importantly on a cold day like today this area will connect both the place and court, making it one big mall. the second largest mall in the country business to get bigger. king of prussia mall plans to add more than 50 stores and restaurants. >> this is a really exciting project. i think it links the two retail projects. >> reporter: chopper three was over the mall to show how it is split between court and plaza this expansion will mean connecting both, something that shoppers have been wait wanting. >> that has been a must have for quite sometime. anybody that shops at king of prussia you pull in, you cannot remember at the court or plaza, or just making it one big space is certainly in the card in the great thing. >> reporter: linda shinies a
5:37 pm
retail expert from wharton business school. she says regional malls like king of prussia continues to be successful and look to expand while neighborhood malls have trouble maintaining foot traffic. that is because of competition from on line mobile shopping. >> some companies are having more or less challenging times with the particularly competition from e commerce. >> reporter: shine says malls need to embrace technology to attract shoppers. >> such mirrors, you know, ways to be fitted, with technology when you walk into a store. >> reporter: king of prussia mall has started construction and many luxury retailers are expect to be added. the mall already brings in $1 billion in sales a year and new expansion will add 100 million-dollar more. something that local officials want to hear. >> it is hundreds of new jobs, millions of new ref knew. >> and shoppers, right now to have use a crosswalk to get from the plaza and court.
5:38 pm
that will still remain there. construction is actually happening around there. after the the construction is complete the mall will have more than 450 stores but it will still be the second largest mall behind mall of america in minnesota, and the expansion is expected to be completed, by fall of 2016. we are live at king of prussia mall, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pretty impressive, same, thanks very much. let us know what you think about the expansion of king of prussia visit us at philly or tweet us using the hash tag cbs-3. >> well, we already know what i any that. slow cap, anyone. good evening, traveling throughout this rush hour it is a rush hour, is there nothing too special bit. incident levels are down, which is all good, as we take a lot at vine street expressway. still looking great out there. heading west wound that is where you do get caught up with the eastbound side and definitely loosening its
5:39 pm
volume. would i say heavier traffic you'll fine on the vine street expressway would be that westbound pocket approaching 76. now if you are traveling on 202, southbound, definitely delayed approaching area of 29 making your way out to 40 16789 northbound not awful around the malvern area but approaching king of prussia mall is a totally different story. we are seeing delays there trying to get to the schuylkill expressway. we have a net for west trenton regional rail line computers that have been suspended due to power problems. owe note that if that is what you would yourly take at this time and traveling our majors well, you will find slow downs for sure, 37 is your average on the schuylkill. that volume ace affecting southbound side of the boulevard so watch out for that as well as north bound. sixteen on i-95. nineteen on 476 but nothing major the at the airport. now back to the desk. >> thanks, victoria, thanks very much. slow clap. still to come we will tell you why lights in times square where to get a whole lot brighter. forget black friday what about gray thursday, three on your side jim donovan tells us what a lot of consumers changing their holiday
5:40 pm
shopping strategy. plus, we are in the middle of an arctic blast and we are not alone. i'm meteorologist justin drabick. i'll track temperatures here at home and across the country. it has been a very cold day to day and more to come but in the -- it could always be worse fire we will check with a snowstorm south of buffalo today and i'll tell you when cold may e
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times square in new york is now home to the largest, digital billboard in the world. take a look, it is set to be lit up for the first time, tonight. it runs from forty-fifth street to forty-sixth street right there along broadway. the rate for an ad on that billboard more than 2.5 million-dollar, for just four weeks. so says the new york times. well, now is the time for your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs report steven greenburg has more. >> reporter: unemployment rate is measure of last month's labor picture. pennsylvania state employment agency conduct a study which
5:44 pm
sheds light on where workers may find job opportunities over the next eight years. some of the biggest areas of growth will be in accounting and ought iting. they project 2300 new job openings annually. personal home care aids will see a 32.5 percent increase or about 2100 new you jobs created every year in pennsylvania. and, there are currently 125,000 registered nurses in the state, demand has been predict to rise by 18 percent which equals 4800 additional registered nurses hired each year. pennsylvania also ranked knowledge or skills most in demand. number one is the ability to speak english. tied for second is strong mathematical skills and good customer service. computer, mechanical and communication skills all ranked highly as well. if the projections are right, future of pennsylvania's job market is looking brighter. i'm steve greenburg for
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thanksgiving is next week and we want to know what you are thankful for. evelyn wrote into say i'm thankful for my friend's house and her smile, day one after a double mastectomy. her motto is hash tag hey, what can you do. again, we want to know what you are thankful for this year. send us your photos be a facebook or twitter and use
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hash tag cbs-3. we just might use your picture right here on "eyewitness news". okay. hats, gloves, scarves, you need all of the winter weather gear today. >> bitter cold air is blanketing most of the country. live team three weather coverage begins with meteorologist justin drabick live with the mobil weather lab in university city tonight, justin? >> reporter: good evening, jessica. that is right, i'm joined by some drexel students. it is not stopping them because they are students. they have to get done stuff today. these guys have been out all day long. this is anthony mcdonald. why are you out here. >> i'm a brother of a fraternity here in drexel. i'm here with my brothers. we are raise ago wearness and donations for judy fund which benefits alzheimer's association. if anybody that stops by, donates any amount, we will give them nice refreshing hot chocolate to warm them up on this cold day. >> great stuff. keeping people warm and doing a good deed good community service. thanks, guys. keep up got work.
5:49 pm
stay warm. lets talk about this arctic blast that we're in right now. it is not just here in the delaware valley. check out this graphic as we go to the computer and look at the entire u.s. area color blues and pinks those are temperatures this morning that were below freezing. that extend all the way down to texas, and every state got to 32 degrees or colder. check out these impressive stats. when we average those temperatures together for the u.s. this is the coldest november day, in the united states, since 1976. every state hit 32 degrees or below and 85 percent of the country was below 32 degrees and right now currently almost half of the country has snow cover. but back here live here look at that 29.8 degrees and it is getting cold tonight. we will challenge some record lows. for that forecast we will go back into the studio with kate. >> thanks, justin. >> serious cold outside today, our normal high is 54, our normal low is 39 degrees. we didn't even get close we're not in the ballpark. lets lot at weather watchers.
5:50 pm
temperature lift here current conditions, steps from our weather watchers mount laurel robin reports 28 degrees right now. warmer in villas, new jersey. paul walker reporting 33 degrees. blue bell, 27 and coopersberg, dan reports 25 degrees. lets take a look the at one shot here, this is from tim mitchell in tuckerton, new jersey and he sent us a photo which captures the the day nicely down the shore. the wind is whipping the waves there in atlantic city. it was a very windy day. if you are interested in being one of our weather watchers sign upright now and go to cbs we'd love to see your observations especially on a unseasonable day like this one. lets take a peak at storm scan three which is dry for us but as i mentioned before it could always be worse file we have he got portions of western new york state. this lake effect snow machine has been going on all day long and note thinks band has not moved. here's buffalo not getting impacted but south of the city, heavy snow all day long, and still going at this hour, snowfall rates of three to 4 inches per hour, in some
5:51 pm
spots, and this is from rick, who is in south towanda new york but that is 52 inches of snow, almost 5 feet of snow. he reported on twitter that he is approaching, 60 inches at the the moment in this area look at the difference in northern new york, we have blue skies, sunshine. complete difference just a couple miles norths but many spots, over 4 feet have have snow right now and the snow is still falling. so it is cold here but at least we're not dealing with snow like that tonight. 30 degrees right now at the airport. twenty-four in allentown. twenty-five in reading. it is a cold 24 in lancaster. we've got west wind, wind at 15 miles an hour with gusts in some spots over 20 miles per hour and even upward of 30 still tonight although, winds are slowly dying off, peak win gusts from today 39 miles an hour at the airport. wilmington 37 miles an hour, atlantic city at 36 miles an hour and 33-mile an hour gustness trenton and allentown. tonight, record challenging cold. the record is 20, that was
5:52 pm
setback in 1936 and it looks like we will try to tie that record at the very least and the wind do start to die down overnight, clear, calm, conditions, that is what you want for serious cold. more wind die down better chance we have of seeing some of those records, fall. by the way atlantic city the record is 18. we will get close to. that mount pocono record is ten and we will get close to that as well tonight. just some very serious cold out there. normal is five four. tomorrow, sunny, breezy. a sneak attack of cold air another front comes through thursday night. friday's high 38. we will get back to the 50's sunday but comes with rain by sunday evening. rainy again monday with highs in the 60's and then 61 tuesday but it is not long lived, we will drop back again by thanksgiving day, chris and jessica back to you. the mockingjay has landed, fans lined up to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars at premiere of the latest hunger games move any los angeles. jennifer lawrence, liam hems worth and josh hutchinson walk
5:53 pm
outside nokia theater last night. third installment of the hunger game series will hit the big screen this friday and final parties due out next year. you can see much more on the mockingjay premiere tonight on the insider at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" forget black friday, cyber monday, even thanksgiving. three on your side jim donovan has big bargains you can find not and items you should wait to buy. he is here and will join us next.
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5:57 pm
monday, continues to grow, strategy for best deals can be confusing. personal finance expert vera givens say is there one area where shoppers may want to be shopping right now. >> if you are in the market for really hot super hot toys, the toys that are out, on the best toy list, that have been released by amazon and the like, i wouldn't necessarily wait to get these hot toys. >> reporter: while kiplinger's personal finance say black friday is day to hunt for cookware and small alliances, h.d.t.v's, tablets, lap tops and video games and consoles, givens say cyber monies day to snag apparel. >> we see 45 percent more clothing deals on cyber monday, itself. cyber monies generally when we will see store wide discounts, takes 30 percent off everything, take 40 percent off everything, so if you have a favorite retailer or favorite brand, cyber monday would be an excellent time to shop for apparel. >> reporter: by the way survey by a doby predicts overall on
5:58 pm
line prices will be on their lowest on thanksgiving kay. my producers first coin that phrase gray thursday. >> years ago. >> reporter: three years ago in a blog that she wrote. >> do you guys shop on thanksgiving. >> i can't imagine. >> like going out. >> i have been working and we have done stories but never actually shopped. >> what are we all doing wednesday. >> wednesday night. >> and grocery shopping. >> thanks. >> thanks, a lot. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. breaking now at 6:00 inferno a four alarm fire destroys a land mark farmer market and we are live, kathy? in weather biting cold continues, this is bone chilling cold, more like a cold january day, we will go for record lows, come tomorrow morning, i'll have numbers coming up. jewish community in new jersey is in mourning after a fatal attack at a synagogue in israel, i'm cleve bryan in lakewood township and coming up a message for one of the slain rabbi's families. caught on tape a man
5:59 pm
steals a box of toys from the front porch with a little girl in his arms. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. destroyed, the whipping wind and bitter temperatures, making this fire even harder to fight. that fire ultimately reached four alarms. good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim chris may. fire is now under control but damage is extensive, and it could in the come at a worst time with the busy shopping season just a few days away. columbus farmers market is a well known institution on route 206. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren is live for us there now, noel. >> reporter: most of the fire is contained at this point but as you can see crews are still here working very diligently behind me to put out hot spots and now also trying to get to the bottom of what caused this fire. their livelihood up in flames, business owners who have
6:00 pm
shopped still smoldering in building four of the columbus market are waiting to get back inside to see if anything at all is salvageable. most of that section in the market has lost everything. >> we're just waiting to see is what going on. we don't know what will happen. >> reporter: silver lining the market was closed for business and fire chief said they don't believe that anyone was inside. >> had it been a busy thursday or a thursday of thanksgiving it would have been a tremendous amount of people here and sheer chaos. >> reporter: despite challenge of strong wind, fire fighters say they were able to contain the fire mostly one building in the market's cluster. building four is made up of shops and restaurants. chief says renovations to the market in the 70's helped protect it. >> fortunately the building was built with firewalls in place which helped us tree mend usually to confine the fire to one section of the market rather than losing the whole thing. >> reporter: we're told both


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