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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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to cooper university hospital. >> all i can say to the adult women's wound at this point is that she sustained a gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: investigators are treating the situation as a whom identify but they are not searching for any suspects and they have not ruled out a murder suicide. >> we believe all four shooting victims, including at dult female and the children were shot with the same weapon, which is a hand gun which has been recovered from the scene. >> reporter: police say there are nine people living in the house that are all related but none of the survivors reported hearing gunshots. it is unknown when shootings actually happen. there were other children in the house but an adult called 911 to report finding the bodies. the community is stun. >> it is a tragedy unfortunately. >> reporter: we understand that the scene was so gruesome, that state police had to have responding officers go to crisis counseling, all ready, we hope to have more information on "eyewitness news" at 6:00,
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including some off the recordings, from the radio transmissions between the first responders, and dispatch when they first, arrived here. cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are also learning more about the victims, in this shooting, neighbors are stunned, "eyewitness news" reporter david spun t continues our team three coverage from tabernacle. >> reporter: still very active scene, neighbors been peeking outside their windows and doors all day long asking questions, main question, why did this happen. >> very upsetting, very upsetting. this is a very quiet street. we have lived here for 30 some years. >> reporter: janet salvatore says news hit her like i brick. she tells "eyewitness news" that she knows kids who live inside this home. she's anxious to find out shore about what happened behind these doors. >> very friendly, yes, loved to come over and play with my grandchildren who live here in this house. >> reporter: according to the school principal some of the kids who live in the house go
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to tabernacle elementary school, although, it is not clear which kids. the principal asked not to be on camera but said prayers are appreciated and his students are upset. >> it is very sad. they just moved in if i have a correct house a couple months ago. >> reporter: kim's son goes to nearby seneca high school and said district sent out this e-mail telling parents that no students were ever in any danger, he said that the police contacted the school and everything is okay there. they are not in lock down. >> reporter: police say a suspect was never on the run but for neighbors like donna bodine it doesn't matter, seeing this a few houses downturns her stomach. >> someone called us a and told us there was a shooting on our street. when we came home they were all down there already. >> reporter: names not being released but school principal told me there will be grief counselors on hand this week. reporting from tabernacle township david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news tonight two students from florida state
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university remain in the hospital after a early morning shooting inside of the campus library and as police investigate we are learning more about the accused gunman. all this happened in tallahassee, cbs news correspondent chris van cleve has more. >> reporter: students gathered outside florida state university library where gunman opened fire just after midnight. police say fsu alumni myron may wounded three people before police killed him in the shoot-out. >> he was searching for something. >> reporter: investigators say the the 31 year-old lawyer had a journal videos that revealed he what's motionly unstable. they have no other motive. >> we have not found any information at this time to indicate why he chose this morning to actor why he chose the children's library. >> reporter: several students rorrered chaos one showing a victim down on the ground waiting for help to a arrive. in another, police with guns drawn and bullets flying. andy martinez was in the library when shots rang out.
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>> everybody here thought it was a textbook getting thrown to the ground. >> reporter: but students soon realized it was gunfire. >> i looked behind him and there is blood on his pants. you can already tell that was definitely a gunshot. it was pretty scary. >> reporter: authorities said he used a emmy automatic hand gun and reloaded at least once. chris van cleve for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there were more than 300 students in the library when shots were fired. it took about two minutes in all from the time police got the call until the shooting had ended. from the airport check in counter to baggage claim, baggage hand letters dropped bags and unpacked picket signs at philadelphia international airport. we have the latest from the airport, justin. >> reporter: jessica, luckily no major shut downs at the airport this afternoon. baggage handlers and their supporters began their rally well before sunrise and continues until just a short time ago. again, their demonstration did not shut down operations,
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however they are hoping their demand for higher wages and health benefits are being heard. >> unaudible. >> reporter: off the clock and on the picket lines, dozens of baggage hand letters who say that they would rather be working not fighting. >> we don't mind taking care of peoples bags. we don't mind. >> reporter: mike bell says he easily handles close to a thousand bags a day and making only $7.25 an hour. he works for a subcontractor called prime flight. officials at philadelphia international tell cbs-3 that prime flight service between nine and ten of its airlines, providing curb side baggage check in, baggage claim assistance and wheelchair services for passengers. those carriers include dealt, southwest, united and u.s. airways and none of this is expected to slow them down. >> pay you for your work. >> reporter: workers organize by sciu32bij are pushing for a wage of 10.88 an hour a wage
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mayor nutter signed off back in may. they also want benefitses specially health care. >> we deserve sick days and medical, you know, things like that. >> reporter: picketers say they have been resistant and co work hours that pushing to unionized or raise demand have been met with hostility. >> we have gotten retaliated against, people have been fired, jobs have been threatened. >> reporter: we made several attempts to reach out to prime flight for comment and we have not heard back yet. again, demonstration today had no major impact on airport operations and no word if another strike is planned. coming up later, we will tell you how the strikers are getting support down at city hall. for now we are live at philadelphia international i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. eight people are now confirmed dead in this enormous snowstorm in buffalo. roofs on some homes are collapsing, and today brings thunder, lightening and perhaps as much as three
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additional feet of snow. now on some roads the snow is too deepen for plows. the national guard there in new york is being called into help resident dig out and adding to the problem there are thousands without power. both buffalo bills and sabres have postponed their next games. for more on this situation in buffalo and latest on our weather, we will go outside to meteorologist kathy orr on the sky deck right now, kathy. >> here in philadelphia eighties a beautiful night after a high of 50 degrees, and we are looking at dry conditions through actually the near future. no issues there out through western new york still getting hit with that lake effect snow and that lake effect snow squall that is creating three to 5 inches an hour continues over the same region. now we are looking at places like lack want, orchard park where bills play and also through aurora where you see dark purple that is heaviest band of lake effect snow that is expected to shift northward overnight.
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as far as expect additional snow fall through friday morning, we're talking about one and a half to possibly 2 feet of snow in the area shaded in purple that is the orchard park area, also near hamburg that got hit hard early in the week. we're talking about six to 7 feet of snow over a good part to the south of buffalo. that will be ending, within the next 24 hours. that is good news. temperatures around the region locally on the cool side, philadelphia comfortable at 46. allentown 38. same in reading. poconos 28 degrees but the cold is coming back, a piece of the arctic air will return but for one day only. state college 27. buffalo it the is a cold 25. it ace light fluffy snow there first forecast calls for temperatures falling through 30's but with the wind it will feel like the the 20's overnight tonight. coming up we will talk about a blustery day that returns, it will be warming but wet but here's good news we will chase 70 in the good day. more on that coming up when i join you inside.
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>> kathy, thank you. search is on for two inmates who escaped from the berks county jail that happened at warnersville community corrections center. investigators tell us sean lawless and justin andrews pulled a fire alarm and ran in an unknown direction. anyone with information on their whereabouts is also urged to call the pennsylvania state police. a salt truck overturned the on the new jersey turnpike leaving behind a big mess this morning. chopper three over the scene of the north bound lanes just north of interstate i-95 or 195, no one was injured, traffic slowly got bias crews work to clean up that salt. the fbi is warning the ferguson grand jury decision in the michael brown shooting could lead to violence there. jurors are deciding whether to indict the police officer darren wilson in the shooting and killing of the unarmed teenager back in august. in a bulletin sent to state and local agencies the the fbi says deet situation quote will likely lead to attacks on police officers, and key
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infrastructure. philadelphia police say they are prepared to handle any protest that occur in the city. philadelphia police tonight are searching for a suspect who tried to hold up a metro pcs store in fernrock. look at the surveillance video back from november 12th, the suspect in this case pulled a gun on the worker at that store on north broad street. she locked the register and then went to the back of the store. the suspect then ran out, fortunately, no cash or merchandise was taken. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", hits keep coming for comedian bill cosby, find out what happened when a reporter asked him about the the sex assault allegations, we will have that awkward interview next. millions of parents across the country choose minivans as a safe efficient way to transport the family but they may not be as safe as you once thought. we will tell you what the latest crash test revealed. million-dollar baby, coming up the story of a couple stuck with a huge bill after a giving birth on a
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vacation. will we will have more news
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tv land stopped the cosby show and now associated press released a interview with cosby where he refused to respond to rape allegations. >> there is no comment about that.
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>> okay. >> and, i will tell you why, i think you were told i don't want to compromise your integrity, but we don't, i don't talk about it. now, can i get something from you. >> what is that. >> that none of that will be shown. >> i can't prom that is myself. >> that interview took place on november 6th and was speaksed to be about cosby's art donation to the smithsonian national museum of african art. cosby's lawyer has repeatedly denied all allegations. millions have of parents choose to drive minivans because they are a safe efficient way for family to drive together. >> but as three on your side's jim donovan shows us new safety ratings reveal a hidden danger in certain types of crash west potentially devastating results.
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>> reporter: judy is running her usher land load herring nine in in old niece in her dodge grand caravan. >> when we looked everything up, it had a safe rating. >> reporter: insurance institute for highway safety tested several types of minivans including the grand caravan and its twin, the chrysler town and country. both performed poorly, in small overlapped front crashes. that is when the front corner of the vehicle collide with another vehicle, or an object like a tree. the front end of the chrysler, caved in, pins the test dummy. the nissan quest was rated worst performer. >> we didn't expect to find vehicles that collapsed quite so completely as the quest. >> reporter: quest seen here on the bottom sustain much more damage then the overall topic for safety the honda odyssey. the 2015 toyota see's got high marks as well. the insurance institute said minivans often perform poorly in this particular type of crash because they are wide
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vehicles built on a narrow platform. they say in general minivans offer good protection in other types of crashes because of their size and weight. speaking of the vehicle safety coming up on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 last time we had a flat tire fix was it repaired with the plug or patch? what if that wasn't enough. three on your side find faulty tire repairs may put you at risk. we will show you what you can do to protect yourself tonight at 11:00. >> you don't want your tires failing on you. >> i know more about tires then i ever thought i need to know and it was are interesting. tonight at 11:00 we will lay it all out for you. >> thanks very much. is what being call the new you normal barbie complete with acne and cellulite accessories. despite popular beliefs, drink too much are in the necessarily alcoholics. our health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side with the results of the brand new study, beasley. >> big night in south philadelphia for two flyers
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ledgend heading in the teams hall of fame. and back to work forbidder, quarterback mark sanchez on shaking off the green bay loss and focusing on sunday. that is coming up.
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i feel like we're moving towards the nicer part. >> but get ready to grab it back. >> okay, close.
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>> i forgot my gloves and i'm so mad, it will turn blur territory for one more day, back to blustery and then we will start a really nice warm up, but with these sunny and cool days we will have spectacular sun et cetera is. lot at sunset we have cam toured in atlantic city. the sky was brilliant with yellow, pink, orange and red, a beautiful end to a spectacular day. high of 50. right now we have clear skies. no weather issues. just getting colder. wind gusting to 50 miles an hour, or 50 miles an hour, 25 miles an hour, during the day tomorrow. we made to it 50 today. tomorrow we will drop down back in the 40's for friday. that will not be pleasant and then saturday, 40's. sunday, 50's. and then monday we will sky rocket and we could be near record warmth, pretty ironic
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instant we were near record cold, yesterday morning. take a look at these temperatures, right now in philadelphia, still 46. allentown 48. same in reading. thirty-six in lancaster. poconos, 28 degrees. to go to the north and west through great lakes you can see the cold upstream, minneapolis, at 16, bismarck at 21. win peg at nine. so another batch of cold air will be moving on in but it will not stick around that long. so friday we will dip to the 30's, wind chills in the 20's, so it will be another cold, windy day and then by saturday, high pressure to the south that low retreats northward and we're talking about temperatures bouncing back in the 40's. as a matter of fact even tomorrow night in the early morning hours, of saturday, we could be seeing those temperatures, begin to rise again. and then we do better by sunday with high temperatures in the 50's. birds getting the game in before the rain. that is got news. and then we will watch this warm front moving up from the south and west and even give us warmer air bite the time monday rolls around. this is global view of the
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warmth, you can see polar air to the north, we do still have cold air over buffalo, new york, philadelphia, little bit of the moderation here in the 50's. we will watch as this lifts well to the north on sunday and even for monday, and then we will see some cooler air begin to move back in by thanksgiving but not arctic or pol will air air at that point. that is good news. overnight clear skies, temperatures in the 20's, wind ten to 15 miles an hour feeling like the the teens will. that goes for tomorrow morning. for your friday mostly sunny, windy, frigid, we will see wind chills in the 20's again. the as you look ahead on the exclusive three day forecast friday we will dip down to the 30's, saturday back in the 40's. and for birds on sunday milder with a temperature of 56 degrees and rain moving in late, that is a look at your three day forecast we will see you back with more after
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the birds back at the practice field gearing up for sunday's showdown with the tennessee titans. eagles are coming off that thrashing in lambeau field at the land of aaron rodgers and green bay packers. quarterback mark sanchez says it is time to shake it off, focus on the titans. >> i thought i was going to work out on sunday but it didn't last week. we are well past that. we learn a lot from it. we will move on this week. get a win and keep rolling. >> cbs-3 is place to be for eagles football this sunday. you can see the games right here at cbs-3 kick off at 1:00. flyers back in action tonight hosting minnesota wild in south philadelphia, but before the puck drops all eyes will be on eric lindros and beyond leclair, they will be inducted in the teams hall of
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fame, two-thirds of the legion of doom. lindros and leclair were cornerstones in the early 202nd thousand's we will hear from them on the big night in eyewitness sports at 6:00. couple talented guys. >> those were glory days. >> yes. >> big night. >> well deserved a lot of fun to see. >> thanks very much. >> coming up in the next half an hour millions of strollers, recalled, what parents need to know. >> also ahead tonight, phony fun raising phone calls, a warning tonight about scammers using a local fire company, to swindle residents. plus you might sees them in the sky and you might see one closer then that, turkey vultures, we will talk about that story coming up. and then new at 6:00 o'clock, just months ago the very first chain supermarket opened in the city of chester after years of being in the food desert but now bottom dollar is planning to close all of its stores. we will tell you how city's marries trying to
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i'm jessica dean with the day's top stories, tragedy inside a tabernacle new jersey home, two children are dead, victims of the shooting that also wounded another child, and a woman believed to be their mother. we have the latest, coming up.
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two people remain in the hospital after an overnight shooting at florida state university, and investigators say myron may an attorney and graduate opened fire inside the library, wounding three people. officers the shot and killed may. baggage handlers walk out at philadelphia international airport, and workers were protesting low wages and poor health benefits, and operations at the airport were not impacted, kate. thanks, guess contact good evening: things got better as temperatures rose to near 50 mark but cold air isn't done with us just yet for our friday. we are starting start talking aa parting shot but then we will warm up. by next week we have near record highs instead of lows this time. i will have the seven day forecast in a few minutes. new back to you. >> kate, thank you. more now on a developing story at 5:00 as police continue to investigate that deadly shooting that left two children, dead, a family member discovered the horrific scene on holy park drive-in tabernacle, new jersey around
5:31 pm
9:30 this morning. a woman and a another child were also found in that home, they are in extremely critical condition, and at cooper hospital, police believe that woman is the mother of these children. we are told she suffered a gunshot wound to the head. >> we are far from making a determination if this is a murder/suicide, that is a long way away and that is not going to be done until we complete our investigation, what i can certainly tell you is we are handling this as a homicide investigation. >> police insist there is no danger to the community. we know nine members lived in this home, the other residents did not hear the gun shots. we will have much more on this story coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. the the ease on of giving is here and scammers are determined to take advantage of your generosity. police are already alerting bucks county residents about a scam targeting fire departments. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren has details. >> we apologize for any
5:32 pm
inconvenience that our call may have caused you. >> reporter: cell phone scam that tugs at heart strings of bucks county neighbors. >> hello. >> reporter: kristin little say scammer knew her husband's name and asked for money supporting local fire fighter death benefits. >> he kept trying to get me to promise a donation, an amount. >> reporter: being a fire fighter's sister kristin was in the fooled. she immediately contacted langhorne middletown fire chief frank sarah who confirmed no local fire departments are soliciting donations via phone. >> we are in the process of our fun raising solicitation drive which is all done via mail. >> reporter: the chief reportedded the call to police who are investigating source and the size of the scam. we have dialed the number ourselves and reached an automatic message boldly still asking for funding. >> kindly provide your pledge or sponsor confirmation number as well. >> reporter: for dedicated volunteers at langhorne middletown the scam is a slap in the face. >> these are all volunteers.
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they are putting their lives on the line to keep the community safe. when somebody is running a scam on the back of their good name and their efforts, essentially stealing money from a benevolent public, that is pretty low. >> reporter: perhaps the irony of the entire scam is in the department's 18 five-year history, not a single fire fighter has lost their life in the line of tooth i. police ask if you get similar calls with the 267 area code to rorrer it immediately n lanning horde, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there are new developments in the shooting of master corporal richard deskus. a $10,000 reward is now being offered for information, one year ago today, master corporeal deskus was shot during a, traffic stop related to a theft investigation. well, president obama will announce his plans on immigration tonight, in a prime time speech, from the white house. the the president is expected to use his executive authority
5:34 pm
to shield as many as 5 million people, living in the u.s. illegally from deportation. he will grant them work permits. these new protections will include the parents of u.s. born citizens and legal permanent residents. republicans say he is abusing his authority as commander in chief, democrats insist that the time has come. >> it is about families all across america, who are every day we read about being torn apart. >> if president obama inact and imposes his well on the country, congress will act. >> democrats argue every president since eisenhower has and you cane the president's remarks tonight at 8:00 o'clock live on the cbs news on line channel cbsn to find that just head on out, on cbs president using executive action on immigration. visit us at
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philly or let us know your opinion on twitter with the hash tag cbs-3. federally protect bird. >> but could a bird ambassador change all of that. our carol erickson has the story from mount holly. >> turkey vultures over mount holly, big guy seemed to love the neighborhood but not all of the ground bound residents love them back. >> we asked them to leave. >> reporter: joe and some of the others made that request in the way that the birds could not refuse. notice in the trees second year that the department of agriculture has hung a dead turning i vulture upside down to deter others from losing in the branch street neighborhood. marry rayburn can think like a turkey vulture a species she and her cat inside the house appreciate on site. >> cosmo, the big birdies are here. that is all we needed to hear. >> reporter: that is all joe needs to hear to get him doing biological math, big birds, equal big messes.
5:36 pm
>> these guys, they drop bombs. >> reporter: here's a bigger bomb shell apollo has landed. apollo a turkey vulture from cedar run wild life rescue about to change neighborhood mind. >> not mean at all, they are very curious, very smart, and just very playful. >> reporter: despite their in messes they pick up even more than they leave. >> nature's garbage men. >> reporter: while apollo is hardly a pet parrot he and denise get through the same neighborhood where welcome mat mathis hung upside down. nearly 90 year-old mary has no fear. >> hi, guys, his name ace polo. >> reporter: his name is mud a street away with joe. >> i'm not really interested in meeting a bird to tell you the truth. >> right there. >> i see it. >> this is a joke, right. >> reporter: not really joe never got closer to apollo finally left in the car with his friend over his car. in mount holly, carol erickson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and good afternoon, we will start things off, right now on 202 at 29, completely
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slammed on the southbound lanes there. jammed from this point heading up towards 401, over on the vine street expressway, we can see almost identical roadways here, eastbound towards i-95 moving slow, headlights are coming in, headed westbound towards the schuylkill expressway. particularly the eastbound schuylkill right there you can see a big jam up, everyone squeezing in the single file lane there. over in new jersey on 295 southbound at route 73, an accident pushed over in the shoulder there. that is a pretty troublesome spot for afternoon commute home. over on davis road we're close due to a water main break in bucks county. your alternate to get around that pot so far for clean up is to take main street. over on i-95 northbound heavy from the vine street expressway to woodhaven road. it is a 29 minute shop there. forty-two minutes on the blue route southbound from the schuylkill expressway into 95. currently no problems for mass transit, for september, new jersey transit, or dart and currently no problems at philadelphia international
5:38 pm
airport. jessica, back over to you. >> thank you. u2's front man bono under goes multiple surgeries and will need intensive therapy after a bike accident in new york. 594 year-old irish singer, fell while riding his bike in central park sunday. doctors say bono had two surgeries one for a broken arm, another for his hand. he also suffered a facial fracture and his left eye socket. and a broken shoulder blade. a hollywood ledgend has died, acclaimed director mike nichols died of cardiac arrest last night at the age of 83. nichols won an academy award for the graduate and one of just a few to win a emmy, game, oscar and a tony. nichols was married to abc news anchor dianne sawyer. >> tremendous talent. a warning to parents tonight three on your side has a major recall that involves millions of strollers. >> a dream vacation turns into a financial nightmare when a mother gives birth prematurely, more on her in
5:39 pm
million-dollar baby coming up. this is a barbie like you have never seen brick we will have have more on the new, normal barbie that is supposed to be a truer representation of the average women. kate? and then, today felt a little better, finally getting a break from the cold, think again another cold night on the way as temperatures dive in the mid 20's, and tomorrow almost as brutal as the past two days but we have change, ahead, i'll have more on that coming up with the seven day
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three on your side has a major recall today, a major u.s. stroller brandies issuing a warning after more than a dozen finger-related injuries. it comes from graco, they have recalled nearly 5 million strollers tonight under 11 graco and century branded units. here are models they are aspen, breeze, capri, sirus, glider, and kite. the company ace that the strollers sides can pinch, injure or amputate a child's finger. time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg is here with more, steven.
5:43 pm
>> everyone has a right to be treated free of discrimination in their careers. equal employment commission is a federal agency that enforcees work place discrimination laws. more than 1,200 racial discrimination cases were filed with the eeoc in pennsylvania, last year. and estimated 1350 cases were based on disability. others are based honorary lincoln, ethnicity and genetic information. age discrimination laws protect people 40 and older. estimated 64 percent of people say that they have seen or experienced age discrimination in the work place. if the number of age discrimination claims filed is relatively small. because the cases are so hard to prove. they do suspect discrimination in your job or your job search, keep a detailed log of events, that can help you document the actions giving rise to discrimination claims. consider talking to your supervisor, a lawyer or the eeoc. the work place is challenging enough, everyone should at
5:44 pm
least be playing on level field. i'm steve greenburg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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we have been asking to you let us know what you are thankful for using hash tag cb. 36789 lets look at responses, carol brant said i'm so thankful for my wonderful husband children and special mom and he says she's thankful for her cbs-3 family as well, love you all, carol, thank you very much. lucy wrote into say she's thankful for this little cutie right here. erin said these are three of the four guys, that she's thankful for on this thanksgiving holiday. finally at love my baby boy 0120, i'm thankful for this little man, jayden who turns
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ten month-old tomorrow, so jayden, happy birthday. well, if you'd like to share what you are thankful for send your photos to facebook or twitter, just use that hash tag cbs-3, and might just show your photos right here on "eyewitness news". love seeing all those? i'm thankful for these guys our eyewitness weather watchers because they are send nothing reports. lets look the at these reports today, much better then this time yesterday when these numbers were in the 20's. now we are seeing 40's. 46 degrees, says tanya in philadelphia she's saying perfect weather for final fun run before philly marathon weekend. go, tania. nicer out there today then running in the cold past couple days. john sandman reports 39 degrees in vincentown new jersey. delaware in newark we are looking at 42 degrees says john dell, that is not bad at all, especially this time of the year. change is coming. 39 degrees, as you head down towards avondale. gary says the front is
5:49 pm
through, front has cleared here we go again. he is right. here we go again, more cold air moves back in the area tonight. if you are interested in being one of our weather watchers, it is so easy, sign up now go to cbs and you too could be on our touch screen. lets look at storm scan three we are in the seeing much of anything right the now. we will zoom out across the north east big weather story is still lake effect snow machine just won't shut off south of of buffalo, further south then last one but as we zoom in you can see many area that got hit last time still seeing that heavy snow. the here's lackawana area harder it for last ban, further south, but many spots giving more feet of snow today and that will eventually taper off tonight, as cold air begins to move a little will bit further south and east. you're getting that more northwest wind through tonight. temperatures across the region you can see cooling as that weak cool front moves through coming through dry, don't expect any rain or snow outside but you can see
5:50 pm
difference, 38 in allentown. twenty-eight in mount pocono. thirty-eight in reading. forty-six at the airport. we are at 46 in wildwood as well. you can see where cold air is, another batch of it, it is like arctic air wanted to give us one little last parting shot before departing for a little while here. twenty-onealpena, 25 in chicago and 25 in cleveland. buffalo, just 16 in minneapolis. we have milder days ahead as we head into tomorrow that is worst of it a lot like past few days with highs in the 30's and strong gusty wind making it feel like the 20's. for saturday things get better, more return flow, we will child back in the 40's. maybe shower sunday morning as warm front lifts through and sunday mild high back in the 50's until this rain gets in and it will win sunday night into monday morning. we will warm up sunday so it will be rain but in the snow that impact us sunday night into machine. you can see future wind speeds coming in out of the north and west and same story for tomorrow, wind gusty tomorrow
5:51 pm
afternoon, then saturday we will see more southwest flow pick up and that is going to help us warm things up nicely as we get through the weekend. clear skies, wind chills in the teen, 26 the overnight low and tomorrow mostly sunny, windy and frigid, 36, those wind out of the west ten to 20 will make it feel worse. we are zooming to thanksgiving, right now a week away but mostly sunny chilly thanksgiving day 45 degrees, good day to stay inside with your family and eat that turkey and stuffing to warm you up. saturday warmer than sunday 56, rain at night, machine near railroaded highs with a couple of showers, and we will cool it down toward turkey day. chris, we will send it back to you. before we start your holiday shopping listen to this watch dog group, called world against toys causing harm has just released its list the of the ten most dangerous toys, among them is this pencil with the sling shot attached to the eraser called the catapencil. they site a bow that shoots
5:52 pm
arrows up to 145 feet, although toy does warn that you should pull arrows back at half strength. very interesting. you can see full list of the group's ten worst toys, on cbs barbie has been popular for decades, but critics say barbie doll does not reflect a real with men so toy makers at a company called lambly has proportioned a doll with the proportions of an average 19 year-old. they are different than the common barbie doll. creators say they have included rehave movable tattoos, scars, stretch marks and cellulite to make your doll reflect experiences of what they call a real women. a baby born nine weeks earl any hawaii, turns into a million-dollar baby for canadian mother. >> after six weeks of bed rest and lengthy icu stay for her new baby yet another setback now. jennifer kimmel's insurance company said she had a preexisting condition, which was a bladder infection. that meant that the 950 you this you dollars hospital bill
5:53 pm
wasn't covered by her travel insurance and instead is hers to pay. >> it is terrifying. you're on a island, you are stuck in the hospital, i was than the even allowed to walk out of the hospital. >> the family is unsure what it is going to do next, blue cross, carrier has not commented on this case but the local government has agreed to pick up about $20,000 of that bill. >> wow. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" excessive drinker or alcoholic. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side she has a new study on drinking, in america. ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind.
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on the healthwatch tonight, people who drink a a lot, are they alcoholic? well, federal health officials say no. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has details on the new report. >> reporter: bartender kerry janssen does in the think having a few drinks after his shift is a big deal. >> i probably drink at least, five to six nights out of the week. >> reporter: study from the centers for disease control find nine out of ten people who drink excessively are not alcoholics. the the conventional wisdom has been most people who drink too much have the disease of alcohol dependence or alcoholism. >> reporter: excessive drinking is define as consuming eight or more drinks a week for women or 15 or more for men. it can lead to health issues including cancer, liver and heart disease, and is responsible for 88,000 deaths in the u.s. each year. >> excessive alcohol use is a huge public health problem in the united states. it kills a large portion of the people and in the prime of their lives. >> reporter: kerry drinks
5:58 pm
socially but makes sure he doesn't make it a happen i that could put his health in danger. credits say an alcoholic is someone who crazy drink, can't control how much they consume, and is unable to stop. numbers show about one in 30 adults are considered alcoholic or alcohol dependent. you know in, moderation they doctors say alcohol is known to have several health benefits. >> right, we will talk about the wine all the time. >> in maryland racial. >> moderation. >> your two favorite word: in maryland racial. >> thanks, stephanie. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 o'clock, the latest on a family tragedy, two children are dead, a mother and a young boy are fighting for their lives after a shooting inside a burlington county home, we are live with the latest on the investigation. plus, prosecutors dropped charges against young man accused in the home invasion of his neighbor. what led to this major development in the case. kathy? >> it is back to blustery for one day for your friday and
5:59 pm
then we will enjoy a warm up as temperatures chase 70 degrees. it is crazy. we will take a look at that with the seven day. shoppers in chester are disappoint todd learn bottom dollar food is close willing, it is only one of two grocery stores in the city, coming up hear what the mayor says he will do to make sure this building doesn't stay empty. our troopers are trained to expect the unexpected but however, a crime scene lick this is impossible to prepare for. >> reporter: developing now at 6:00 authorities arrived to find a terrible scene at this burlington county home, a shooting, leaves two children dead and tonight, another child, and a woman are drink to go life. new jersey law enforcement officials say all of the victims are related. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. certainly investigators believe there are many questions that still need to
6:00 pm
be answered tonight, we know victims were found this morning inside of the home on holy park drive-in tabernacle, "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan has been following this story throughout the day and he joins us live with the latest, cleve? >> reporter: chris, numerous investigators still on the scene here but state police are not yet ready to release victim's names. they have not been able to net file all of the family. one of the victims the mother in this case they say her injuries do pose a critical clue into what happened but they a they are far from being able to classify this as a murder/suicide. >> when they got there they found a horrific scene. >> shortly after 9:00 a.m. state police responded to holy park drive for a call of four gunshot victims. inside a single room they found two children dead, their brother and mother barely a hanging on to life. these are the radio transmissions from first responders.


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