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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now, exclusive new video as investigators gather evidence at the scene of a family tragedy trying to figure out what went so wrong. two children are dead, a mother and son are clinging to life. >> this as a stunned community comes together to mourn the lives lost and the lives forever altered by what happened. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm chris may. we're following a number of new developments in this story tonight. it all began this morning. those victims discovered inside a home on holly park drive in tabernacle. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is lie at the scene with new details that we've learned in this developing story. matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, holly park drive remains closed off this evening as only iwitness cameras were rolling earlier this evening as investigators continued their investigation and bringing evidence bags out
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of the home where all of this happened. it was also a little bit earlier this evening that for the first time police identified 34-year-old jeanine lepage as the woman found shot inside her home. she remains in critical condition. lepage was found shot alongside three of her children, two pronounced dead at the scene. a third remains in critical condition tonight at the hospital. the shock of what happened on the street behind me quickly reverberating through this small town as they begin to grieve. a few dozen gathered in the cold. >> there are people that are here. >> reporter: as emotions poured through at a vigil for those who died. >> her kids called me their second mother and i'm just -- i'm devastated and shocked. >> reporter: she spoke about her best friend jeanine lepage found shot along with her three children inside their tabernacle home. police respond to do a 911 call shortly after 9:00 a.m. arriving to find two of the children, a boy and girl dead
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a third child a boy, was taken to the hospital along with the children's mother. police say they are not looking for any suspects at this time but haven't yet determined exactly what happened. >> at this point i can tell you we are far from making a determination if this is a murder-suicide, who the suspect is. that's going to be something we're going to wait to see where the evidence takes us. >> reporter: no matter how it happened, though, those left behind are stunned. lease did not identify the children but word spread fast in this small community. patrick hines knows one of the victims. >> he was one of my best friends. i don't know what to think. >> reporter: even the youngest weren't spared the pain. this little girl is friends with one of the children. >> she was a very, very good friends. >> reporter: it could be awhile before we figure out when i this all happened but within the lack of understanding a community rallied around a message of hope. >> there's light in the midst of darkness and light does win and it always wins. >> reporter: and we know
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that there were five other people living inside the home when this all happened, all of whom are apparently related in that way to the victims in this case. those people did not hear the gun shots. however, police tell us it was one of those relatives that first discovered the mother and her children. we're live in tabernacle, burlington county, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> there's breaking news at 11 o'clock tonight. chopper three is live over mount airy where a rite-aid security guard opened fire during what we're told was a robbery attempt tonight. let's go to a look at the scene from the ground now. this happened just a couple hours ago at the rite-aid on stenton avenue much police say that a 33-year-old man who had a knife was shot multiple times trying to rob this storm. he's now at einstein medical center in critical condition. there was no word on the identity of that suspect. >> it's a crime of opportunity. new tonight, thieves snatch
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purses in parking lots from unassuming women. our diana rocco shows you the video of the suspects in action and shares how you can protects yourself. >> reporter: the video shows a man stalking women in a grocery store parking lot. he follows one then shifts direction when he finds an easier target, a woman loading groceries into her trunk seemingly unaware. the man inasmuch as her coach bag and runs to awaiting car. >> the next thing i knew is i didn't feel my strap and i see the gentleman going across the parking lot booking it. >> reporter: it happened in this bensalem giant park pentagon lot sunday. susan didn't want to show her face. she was one of three victims over the weekend. >> you don't think these things happen but they document the bag was eventually find minus $120 in cash an debit card. >> that's our money for the week or two weeks depending how it goes, you know. >> reporter: police arrested robert and connor riley brothers and heroin addicts on
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a purse snatching spree and looking for quick cash. >> these two brothers saw an opportunity a pocketbook on a women's shoulder a-pocketbook in a shopping cart. as the holiday season comes upon us we'll probably see more of these. >> reporter: when it comes to crimes of opportunity police say the most common targets are people who aren't paying attention to their surroundings or those distracted by other things they say women when walking through parking lots should always carry their bags in front of them or under their arm like a football. >> if they say a woman or an individual aware of their surroundings looking around, an individual that is holding their pocketbook tightly to their body they're less likely to go after that individual. >> i'm not ever going to take a purse to a grocery store again. >> reporter: susan is already doing things differently and hoping other women can learn from her story. in bensalem, i'm diana rocco, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> tonight we are preparing for another bitter blast. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on the cbs3 sky
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deck with a look at the cold temperatures that await in the morning. >> jessica, i didn't bring the gloves. boy do i miss them. make sure you pack all the winter gear tomorrow morning because it is clear and it will be very cold with another shot of arctic air moving through. we have a clear sky, the skies are starlit and we have breezy conditions. right now 33 in philadelphia, 28 allentown, twenty in the poconos, 77 in reading. 20's in buffalo where it is still snowing to the south, cold conditions in state college puts ago 22 degrees. come tomorrow morning, we will feel the chill. wind chills in the single numbers in the poconos. in the teens to the lehigh valley and even our philadelphia suburbs and between 20 and 25 as far south as the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. coming up we'll talk about one more day of blustery weather. it will be warming over the weekend but wet and then
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chasing record warmth. that's something we haven't talked about recently. i'll be back with that with the seven-day forecast when i join you inside. >> all right, kathy thanks. this is telling video of the severe winter weather scene in western new york. towns south and east of buffalo already buried by as much as 6 feet of snow are preparing for even more tonight. it's been a nonstop emergency and cleanup effort in many towns because ralph wilson stadium is filled with snow, the nfl has had to relocate sunday buffalo bills game to detroit and move it to monday night. >> tonight president obama is changing how the nation will enforce its immigration laws. this will test the limits of his presidential pow westerns invites a show down with newly elected and newly emboldened republicans who challenge the move. >> if you've been in america
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for more than five years, if you have children who are american citizens or legal residents, if you've registered, pass a criminal background check and you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes, you'll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation. >> pennsylvania's republican senator pat toomey weighed in tonight. he issued a statement after the president's speech that read america's immigration system is badly broken and cries out for reform. regrettablely president obama's unilateral and legally unauthorized actions will do nothing to fix our broken immigration system. its changes are leading to strong reactions both from those who support them and those who do not. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has both sides. >> i love this country, i really do. i feel like this is my country. >> reporter: katarina is in this country illegally, the mother of two 10-year-old
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twins and other undocumented immigrants like her soaked up what president barack obama had to say inside a west kensington church thursday night. like other parents here her children are citizens but she is not. the president's executive actions could protect her temporarily from being dee portered lifting the fear she's been living under. >> just a afraid of being dee porter, getting stopped by police not having a driver's license my kids in the car and they just see me taken away. >> reporter: that's been your nightmare scenario. >> every day when i get in the car. >> reporter: but the president will likely have a hard time selling his plan to conservative voters. >> i don't know why we should trust him on this issue. >> reporter: kerry adams cofounder of independence hall foundation says the president's speech lacked detail. >> i find it difficult to distinguish it from amnesty. i view it as amnesty and i'm sure a lot of my fellow can conservatives and republicans view it the same way.
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>> reporter: amanda has been on the front lines of immigration for more than eight years. she's vice president of a philadelphia nonprofit that connects immigrants to jobs. >> we'll see a raising of the floor for wages for all workers because there won't be a group of undocumented workers who might be able to be exploited by employers who will under pay them. >> reporter: todd quinones for the cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> new at 11 o'clock tonight, the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager setting off unrest in ferguson, missouri, reportedly says he does not expect to be indicted. that word came from a police union official who met with officer darren wilson today. a grand jury is deciding wilson's fate and an announcement could come at any time. in a bulletin state and local agencies. philadelphia police say they're ready to handle any protest that is occur in the city.
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>> there has been a shooting in the library. >> chaos caught on camera in the aftermath of a shooting at florida state university. police with guns drawn entered a room full of students at the library telling them to keep their hands up. another video showed a victim on the ground waiting for help. students recorded the videos immediately after myron may opened fire early this morning. he wounded three people before police killed him. investigators say may, a 31-year-old lawyer, had a journal and video that revealed he was emotionally unstable but they had no other motive. also new tonight a unanimous pennsylvania supreme court decision when it comes to a bucks county woman who lost her leg to a school bus. the high court reduced the jury award for ashley zauflik from $14 million to just over $500,000. the court rules that a $500,000 cap on damages awarded by school districts
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applies to the zauflik case. she lost her leg in 2007 when she was hit by an out of control school bus outside pennsbury each high school and her attorney talked about the court's decision. >> he said that the person who was injured by a school bus should be able to be compensated the same if that person was hit by a commercial vehicle or a commercial bus. the supreme court disagreed but the supreme court in disagreeing said we believe in essence that this is a harsh result and that the result could be changed and can be changed and it should be changed by the legislature. >> an attorney for the pennsbury school district tonight said they are pleased with the high court's ruling. >> a shocking case of cyber spying and you could be the one on camera. see who is doing this spying and how easily you or your child could be a victim. also tonight,. >> got a flat tire? better fix it right. coming up three on your side shows you why drivers are at
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risk if they fix it wrong. >> it would be a blustery end to the work week but it's not going to stay that way. we will be chasing record warmth in the seven day. i'll have those numbers coming up. >> it was a throw back thursday for flyers fans and two of their legendary players. john leclaire and eric lindros take their place in a hall of fame. >> why do these people have paper bags on that heads? it's a bizarre dating trend. it's all ahead when "eyewitness news" returns
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>> well, new at 11:00 an eye opening security breach. a russian web site is streaming live content from hacked private web cams all around the world. including thousands right here in the u.s. right now strangers are watching people through their web cams through security cameras and even through baby
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monitors. that web site claims it's all legal because they've simply hacked into cameras where the owners did not change the default password. the former official with the fbi says there's not much the u.s. government can do. >> you know, if somebody was pieing in your windows you can't expect police officers to be walking up and down the street. you got to draw your curtains. this is a case where citizens have to be aware what the threat is what the risks are and they have to take measures to protects themselves. >> the only thing u.s. officials can do is hope for cooperation from russian authorities to try and shut that site down. >> a guy walks into a speed dating session egg sees the girl but her head is covered with a brown bag. sounds strange, it looks a little strange but it's the newest way to meet a potential love 90 new york. people walk in wearing paper bags and go on two minute speed dates. if there's a connection it's based on more than looks. organizers and daters say the covered faces help put the
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focus on the person. >> hard to find and meet people organically anymore. >> we usually go looks first and then personality. this is kind of cool, mix it up. >> there's so much more to people than just what you see but oftentimes we don't allow ourselves to see the other side. >> now, after all of the meeting and greeting, there is a big reveal but that only happens after the singles get to know the real person under the paper bag. >> well, in less than a week from now, millions of people will be hitting the road to celebrate thanksgiving. but could the tires that you're driving on put you at risk? as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan found out a faulty repair could change your life forever. >> i used to take care of him and now he takes care of me and the children. >> gwen says a shoddy tire repair robbed her of being wife an mother. >> she's a quadriplegic. >> her neck was broken when one of the tires on her suv
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suddenly blew on the highway flipping the vehicle five times. >> the right rear tire is the one i had just repaired. >> an investigation concluded the accident was the result of a faulty flat tire repair months earlier. >> i trusted it to people i took it to. >> many people opt for a quick repair so we can get back on the road but bad tire repairs are common putting drivers at risk. >> this is sort of a dirty little secret. >> aaa's robert sinclair says anything goes because there's no law requiring a specific standard in tire repair. >> heard about tires that are being repaired with sort of spit and tape. some unscrupulous shops are using krazy glue and sawdust plugging tires up with whatever might be laying around. >> i can usually tell just by looking at the tire when they come in the side of the tire if there's been a problem for awhile. >> tony has been repairing cars and fixing flats for 30 years. and says if a a flat isn't fixed properly --
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>> the tire can blow out. it can just explode. >> reporter: but there's more than one way to fix a flat and that's part of the problem. the cheapest way is to use a plug like this one sealing the puncture from the outside in. the tire may not even have to come off the car. but it's a quick fix that tony warns against. >> the tire has got to come off the rim. you got to look inside. >> reporter: because if the plug doesn't maintain a strong enough seal air can escape. driving on low pressure sure can cause a tire to heat up disintegrating the rubber inside like this tire. installing patches like these can fix a flat too covering over the puncture from the inside but it's still not ideal the national highway traffic safety administration, the rubber manufacturers association and major tire makers say there's only one way to safely repair a tire. remove it from the rim, inspect it for damage and fix its puncture using a combination repair with both a plug and a patch.
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as tony demonstrated for us. it's more time consuming and more expensive but. >> it's the best thing to use. it's the proper way to do it. >> reporter: but tony says most drivers don't ask how a flat is being repaired. >> most of the time they don't even know when, how or what you did, just get me back on the road. >> reporter: and to properly repair a flat tire using the combinations of the plug and the patch takes about 45 minutes. depending on the tire can it cost between 30 or $40. if a puncture is in a side wall you shouldn't repair it. get a new tire. >> the family's accident was the result of a faulty repair. how do you know if the person doing it is capable. >> reporter: people use the plugs, they use the patches and they have been all right but right now as a result of this i'm going to stick with that combo plug-patch combination because that's the way all the manufacturers are saying to go. >> and now you know all about
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tires. >> reporter: i know more about tires than i thought i would ever know. >> now so do we. >> reporter: hopefully people will be safer on the roads. >> thanks, jim. >> another arctic blast is moving across the delaware valley. cold for tomorrow morning, even into the afternoon and we're already seeing signs of tumbling temperatures. right now along the i-95 corridor temperatures are around freezing or below. tanya says in philadelphia the temperature 31 degrees. i'm grateful for a touch of frost over several feet of snow and she's referring to buffalo new york and suburbs where they picked up in some spots over 6 feet of snow. the good news is that lake effect snow machine will be shutting off soon. to the north of philadelphia, jeff moore is reporting 28 degrees in hatfield. farther to the north and west, to the north and west of reading in burnville fire lieutenant allen matthews is saying 26 degrees, the winds at 13 miles an hour. wish someone would turn off the air conditioning. i agree. if you love the weather and
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want to be featured in one of our newscast become an eyewitness weather watcher. it is easy to sign up. go to outside it's a pretty night down the shore. skycam3 capturing atlantic city with a clear sky and some light winds earlier but now you can see our camera shaking a little bit. those winds are picking up. on storm scan3 you can see the only place that we have weather is east of the great lakes with that cold air coming across the relatively warmer waters of the lake picking up moisture and dumping snow. the lake effect snow band shifting toward the south in south western new york a place that hasn't been hit yet the fear now is temperatures will warm over the next couple days and this area will be seeing freezing rain and rain over the weekend adding more weight to that heavy snow. relief in our neck of the woods is on the way. a cold day for friday with temperatures well below the average. look at saturday, sunday and monday as temperatures skyrocket close to 70 degrees. right now philadelphia, 33, to the north and west colder and
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as we move through the midwest and the northern plains, temperatures in the teens and the single numbers. we won't get that cold but wind chills will be low come tomorrow morning. for your friday, highs in the 30's. that west-northwesterly winds making it feels like it's in the 20's. then that arctic airy treats for awhile. saturday we bump up into the 40's. bump up another 10 degrees on sunday with some rain approaching by the late afternoon or early evening and from a global perspective by the time we make it into the weekend sunday and monday we'll see a huge surge in temperature. look at that a huge ridge with temperatures soferg into the 50's and then 60's into the 70's by monday. overnight wind chills in the teens. during the day tomorrow the high 36. for thanksgiving, it will be pleasant but cold and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, here we go, temperatures will be warming up and then cooling back down toward thanks give. that's your eyewitness weather forecast. we
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>> flyers hosting the wild in south philadelphia tonight before the game the organization honored two all-time greats. eric lindh degrees and john leclair were inducted into the flyers hall of fame. their former line mate my calendar berg presented them with their busts then the banner unveiled and the raptors at the wells fargo center. >> all right. at the game we go. special night. second period vinnie la cavalier tied it up. third period we go minnesota mark rips one over ray emery's shoulder and that made it two two-one. later in the period, flyers on a power play and claude giroux found 29 to tie it up at two.
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less than a minute left, costly turnover by the flyers led to a jason goal. fliers lose three-two. >> to the birds another practice day for the eagles as they prepare for the if i tans right here on cbs-3. the team looking to rebound from a tough loss to green bay. meanwhile, cbs-3 contributor lesean mccoy opened up to me today about yesterday's outburst after a question he did not li like. >> it's hard to kind of talk about -- and take when you know the type of person you are and the type of questions. you asking me this? >> right. >> so it kind of throws off little with. hey, that's life. at the end of the day, play this game. i play it very well. i love it. you know, it takes care of me and my family. you know, so i can't argue. >> more of my exclusive interview and it got interesting on sunday kickoff 11:30 before the eagles take on the titans right here cbs-3 kickoff time is at 1:00 o'clock. we have a winner for the
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friday football frenzy game of the week. tomorrow night i'll be live springfield high school as they host great valley much it's your town, your team, your kids on tv.
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>> baby born nine weeks early in hawaii turns into a million dollar baby for a canadian mother. >> after six weeks of bedrest and a lengthy icu stay for her new baby another set back. jennifer's insurance company said she had a pre-existing condition a bladder infection that meant the $950,000 hospital bill was not covered by her travel insurance and was hers to pay. >> it's terrifying. you're on an island. you're stuck in the hospital. i wasn't even allowed to walk out of the hospital. >> blue cross the insurance provider here has not commented on this issue. the family says the unexpected costs have them wondering what's next. the local government has agreed to contribute $20,000 to help out.
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>> "eyewitness news" continues in the morning at 4:30 with ukee and erika. for beasley, kathy and everyone
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