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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11 o'clock, arrested again. the so-called mayfair tire slasher is once again behind bars. police say he was trying to commit a similar crime. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. this is a story that you saw first on three. david toledo made headlines two years ago when he was arrested for multiple tire
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slashings in mayfair and this time police say he was caught trying to vandalize a septa vehicle. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers was the first to break this story for us. he's live at northeast detectives. he's got the latest details. matt. >> reporter: natasha, david toledo never admited to being the mayfair tire slasher but now he has a whole new set of charges he's facing after police say he allegedly committed a crime in front of a septa employee while that employee was sitting in his car. the alleged crime happened right near toledo's oxford circle home. this time the tool of choice, a glue mouse trap with nails stuck on top. >> we think he's nuts. that's not normal. the guy needs help. why would you want to destroy people's property? i mean, it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: on wednesday police say toledo walked up behind a septa vehicle parked near this intersection and placed the trap behind the tire. they say a septa employee was in the front seat and watched toledo walk back inside his home just a block.
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>> anything at all you would like to say? a woman inside the house shut the door on us when we asked for comment. neighbors say the block surrounding its home has been targeted by vandalism for months with screws, nails and even glass left in streets and driveways. >> when i heard about it i checked it out and i found a few behind my house. >> reporter: in may he was sentenced to two years probation for slashing tires in play fair in 2012 after prosecutors pushed for five to 10 years in prison. >> just very happy with the outcome. >> reporter: neighbors were not as please. >> when you heard that he only got probation back in may were you fearful this would happen. >> reporter: i knew it would happen absolutely. >> there's always that fear that it's going to pick up again and apparently it has. >> reporter: and it was just a little bit earlier this evening that he was formally arraigned on one counter of criminal mischief as well as several other related offenses. we're live outside of northeast detectives, matt
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rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> matt, thank you very much. also authorities say a gunman on the run struck a philadelphia police officer with his getaway car in west kensington. this all happened on the 2300 block of north fairhill street. that's where the officer was responding to a call of a person with a gun. officials say the officer suffered scrapes and abrasions and is in fair condition right now. the suspect was arrested. and the search is on for the cause of a townhouse fire that killed a young man in horsham montgomery county. flames broke out on the 300 block of green meadow lane just before 4:30 this morning. one unit was heavily damaged. seven other units have water and smoke damage. it took firefighters about an hour just to contain the flames. and another chilly night all across the region but not as cold as it has been. thank goodness. "eyewitness news" along 15th street in center city. that's where it was a pretty scene at the new dillworth park.
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meteorologist justin drabick joining us now to talk about this big warmup. can can't believe how warm it's supposed to get, right, justin. >> talk about record-high temperatures for the start of the work week. it's been awhile since we had numbers at or above average so that's let's welcome the warmth across the delaware valley. we had sprinkles earlier and especially in south jersey this evening. they're gone. just clouds linger over the region. that's actually a sign of the warmer air starting to move in from the south and west. so here we go with the temperatures because of the clouds temperatures kind of holding steady, upper 30's to lower 40's this hour, really not that bad compared to the past few nights. 42 at the airport, 30's in south jersey and delaware. compare this, these temperatures right now to this time yesterday. look at that. we're anywhere from 11 to 26 degrees warmer so that's a sign of the milder air starting to push in. here are your morning temperatures sunday not too bad generally in the 30's, lower 30's in the coldest suburbs near freezing for reading and allentown but much better than the teens and 20's we saw in some of the suburbs this morning. so tomorrow enjoy it.
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temperatures right where they should be, mid-50's for highs for philadelphia and the shore, even not a bad day in the poconos. talking about temperatures right around 50 degrees. now, coming up in the seven-day forecast we'll talk about some rain and record highs and the threat for some holiday snow. that's coming up in a few minutes. natasha. >> thank you justin. stay on top of the ever changing forecast by downloading the cbsphilly weather app. check live radar, get weather alerts and a lot more. it's all available now in itunes and google play. >> ♪ and developing right now, sources tell cbs news a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri is not expected before monday. the panel is deciding whether to indict a police officer for the shooting death of an unarmed teenager but as cbs correspondent omar villafranca reports, an anxious community waits and prepares for the decision to be announced. >> reporter: barricades are going up around the courthouse in clayton, missouri. it's inside this building that a grand jury has met for more
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than three months charged with deciding whether to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson for shooting to death 18-year-old michael brown last august. protests are expected regardless of the grand jury's decision. and police say they have concerns but are ready. >> biggest concern would just be that, you know, regardless of the decision that we see the violence that we saw in august, somebody, whether that's a policeman, whether that's somebody protesting and exercising their rights that is seriously injured or killed. >> reporter: there have been fewer than a dozen arrests after three straight nights of protests outside the ferguson police department as a tense community waits for the grand jury's decision. most of the arrests came after protesters blocked traffic. authorities activists and even the family of michael brown are calling for calm as the grand jury's decision draws closer. >> hurting others or destroying property is not the answer. >> reporter: 1,000 local police officers have received extra training in how to
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handle protesters. another 400 members of the national guard and 100 fbi agents are also on the ground here. in ferguson, missouri, omar villafranca for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, the philadelphia police department says it is ready to handle any protest that is may happen when the grand jury decision is announced. they do not expect any violence. and owners of the trump taj mahal, they are making a last ditch effort to keep the struggling atlantic city opened. trump entertainment is offering to keep the casino opened and restore health insurance to also workers for two years at least. in return the company wants the workers union to drop its appeal of a court order that canceled health and pension benefits. the taj mahal plans to close december 12th. and a strong show of support here at home for president barack obama's plan to fix the immigration system. today in center city philadelphia community leaders praised the president's decision to use an executive order to implement his plan.
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it will allow up to 5 million undocumented parents of u.s. citizens or legal permanent residents to stay in the country and work. republican leaders say the president is overstepping his authority by bypassing congress. and ready, set, go. philadelphia marathon activities are under way this weekend. hundreds of runners took part in this year's 8k event. it's the first of four races leading up to the philadelphia marathon tomorrow. independence mall, the liberty bell, kelly drive and the start and finish lines at the art museum are just a few of the landmarks along this 26.2-mile course. but today runners say the 8k, that was a lot of fun, too. >> big fun having all the spectators and like i said everyone running around you that's what matters. it was so much fun. everyone should run. >> we ran about 10 be minute miles which was really good for us. >> reporter: 10 minute miles, that's great. >> we're moms not used to
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running. >> reporter: space sac of pittsburgh won the men's race. alice kamunya of new york won the women's race with time of 26 minutes and 21 seconds. congratulations can. for complete race coverage including a list of events and road closures around the area head to our web site it's all there for you. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, the true meaning of thanksgiving was on display in south jersey. plus, you might want to pack lightly. one of the most popular european cities has banned wheeled luggage. also, the snow it finally stopped falling in buffalo but that's leading to new concerns. why it's a race to get roadways and rooftops cleared as quickly as possible. justin. >> we have some warmer temperatures headed our way. we could be break some record highs and also the chance for that rain coming up. i'll have the details. >> straight ahead in sports the eagles looking to extend their home winning streak to 10 games tomorrow against the
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>> welcome back. at least some progress to report in buffalo, new york. finally drivers now free to exit the new york state thruway in the areas pummeled by as much as 7 feet of snow but as cbs news correspondent jericka duncan explains, there's now a new round of concerns. >> reporter: snow is still stopping people from getting around western new york. days after two storms dumped more than 7 feet of snow in some places. plows are out clearing streets. cars and even trucks remain buried under several feet of snow. officials say they've recovered more than 500 abandoned vehicles. >> our motto is prepare for the worst and hope for the best and we are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: this weekend's springlike temperatures mixed with rain will melt the heavy snow and cause potential flooding especially in low lying neighborhoods like west
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seneca that are surrounded by creeks. michelle has been a resident for more than 20 years. so s-the last time there was a major flooding event here what did this street look like. >> it looked like the niagara river. it was just flooded. icebergs were floating down the street. >> reporter: she and her son are removing items from the basement even though the town has provided sand bags. why not use sand bags? >> well, i feel the sand bags for us in this area will not help. >> reporter: flooding is also a concern for restaurant owner ron spinelli. i see you spray painted the word opened on the mound of snow out in front. >> yes, we did. just try and let people know that we're opened. >> reporter: he was closed nearly a week and says he lost thousands of dollars and isn't looking forward to losing more because of flooding. >> but again, you know, there's nothing we can do about it. we're just going to have to go with the flow and see what happens. >> reporter: jericka duncan for cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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>> well, if you travel to venice, italy, leave your wheeled suitcases at home. that's because they're banned. city leaders say suitcases being dragged around city sidewalks makes so much noise that many residents just can't sleep. and there's also concern about the hard wheels damaging ancient maribel and stone stairways and walkways. anyone caught using a wheeled bag faces a hefty fine. and now thanksgiving, it came early today for a group of south jersey res. it was a very special event that provided not only a delicious meal but also highlighted the true meaning of the holiday. >> ♪ at least a hundred volunteers and a five star chef helps to make this the perfect thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of south jersey residents. the perfecting church in winslow township new jersey is providing a thanksgiving meal filled with turkey and all the fixings for those who may otherwise be dining alone or not at all this thanksgiving day.
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>> really what we want is not only to give people food but we want to restore human dignity so we want to make sure it was done in an environment that is not focusing on your needs or an environment that's... we're focusing on an environment that's loving you. >> greatest macaroni and cheese. turkey was stuffed really good. string beans, mashed sweet potatoes, carrots. >> reporter: more than 200 folks enjoyed inspirational music along with their dinner. this dinner won't end here. all the guests also enjoyed a to go back full of recipes and groceries to make their own thanksgiving day meal with their loved ones. >> after this is over they're going to give you a thanksgiving dinner to take home with you so that you'll be able to feed your family also. that's a gift from god. >> well, this is actually the fourth year for the perfect thanksgiving. the perfecting church meets at washington township high school every sunday morning. >> oh, with a flip of the
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switch, the holiday season officially began in chestnut hill. "eyewitness news" at the wyndmere art museum tonight for the holidays on the hill festival. hundreds of people joined santa claus for the celebration. and everyone was bundled up against the chill. i'll tell was, temperatures really not as bad as it's been the past few nights. we're on a warming trend and talking about near record temperatures to kick off next week on monday but here we are from our weather watchers some clouds, temperatures in the 30's to low 40's so let's break it down for you, a list of everybody's temperature right now. greg wood has 40 degrees, john in newark delaware, 38. allen matthews in bernville checking in at 35 degrees, one of the colder spots. jim in media has 41 trees so still overall not a bad night across much of the delaware valley. somerdale, new jersey, fire marshal joe checks in at 42 dreams eileen gilbertsville has a chilly 35 and douglas in vincent town he's coming in at 41 degrees and millville, new
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jersey, we have michael at 39 degrees. fran in oxford also coming in at 39. if you love the weather and want to be a part of the "eyewitness news" newscast join the eyewitness weather watchers. sign up now. check it out we'll take you to south jersey where it's not a bad evening at the shore. live look at atlantic city. again, partly cloudy skies for the rest of the night. looks like most of the sprinkles have exited the region, so here we go. focus will be the temperatures over the next 24 hours. also the threat for some rain. 42 degrees currently at the airport, 42 in millville. the numbers up a little bit. had some clouds rolling back in. 371 of the cooler spots in wilmington, delaware this hour but mount pocono really not that bad at 38. look what's to the west. milder air. pith burg 50 degrees this hour. that milder air will continue to push off to the north and east ahead of the next storm system. we had some sprinkles or showers earlier this evening. they have exited the region. still some rain up across the northern tier of pennsylvania, southern new york state. there's our next large storm
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that's developing over texas. it's going to track to our west. it will spread rain in the delaware valley it looks like late tomorrow night so most of sunday stays dry. enjoy it. temperatures back to near average, mid-50's sunday afternoon, partly sunny skies. the rain will move in late sunday night. it will come to an end early monday morning. this rain is going to be a fast moving system but it will be coming down heavy at times overnight t look what happens. some sunshine monday afternoon, temperatures in the low 70's. record high 71. we could easily break that for philadelphia. cold front will then come through monday night. we're back to near average in the 50's on tuesday. and as we head towards wednesday and thanksgiving colder temperatures return. all right. timing things out for you overnight just some clouds around, looks pretty good. sunday afternoon eagles game no problems there, comfortable conditions. 10 o'clock tomorrow night we start to see steady rain moving in from the south and west and there will be pockets of heavy rain indicated by the brighter yellows and oranges here through the overnight hours but by 7:00 a.m., most of the steady rain has ended so the commute will be looking
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a whole lot better by monday morning and then to the afternoon we'll get the sunshine out here and help temperatures back warm up to at least to the low 70's in many spots. there may be some clouds that start to return on tuesday ahead of the next storm. how much rain are we talking about? quick moving system but it comes down heavy. see some areas in blue indicating about 1 inch of rainfall in some spots so that's not out of the question. sunday's temperatures 50 for many spots, 40's to the far north. look at that, monday afternoon some 70's showing up across the delaware valley. then we have to talk about this system. on wednesday, biggest travel day of the year, trough develops in the jet stream. rain and snow into the delaware valley. still some guidance keeps the storm off shore bringing little to nothing. again it's a coastal storm. it will develop last minute so we have to watch this. you know the deal. the exact track will determine what and how much we see of precipitation so we'll keep an eye on that. chilly overnight, partly
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cloudy, 37 for the low. milder on sunday, 54 degrees, partly sunny skies. and the eagles game again kickoff 1 o'clock, pretty good, 52 degrees, sunshine, light winds out of the southwest five to 10. here we go, extended forecast mid-50's sunday, low 70's monday. rain comes to an end very early, look good tuesday, sunshine, 55. we'll watch that storm on wednesday. chance for some rain and snow could cause some travel problems. thanksgiving looks dry.
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>> the flyers at the center hosting columbus. the orange and black looking to end a four game skid. first period of the game all tied at one. first shot stopped and he banks in the rebound. that gives the flyers a two to one lead. in the seconds flyers with a man advantage. voracek with the puck he shoots simmonds with the rebound he scores and flyers with a two goal lead. in the third columbus cut the lead three-two but the flyers make 82 goal lead. brayden coburn scoring his first goal of the year and the flyers win four to two. sixers tonight in madison scare garden taking on the knicks. brett brown's squad still in search of the first win of the season. wroten is misses the jumper. nerlens noel comes up with the rebound and scores. he led the sixers with 17 points and 12 boards but they just could not contain carmello anthony down the stretch. mellow knocking in the baseline jumper to score 25 points.
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sixers lose their 13th straight game 91-83 the final. eagles can not afford to look past the titans tomorrow. the birds looking to rebound from last sunday's beat down at lambeau. shady mccoy needs a breakout game to take some of that pressure off of mark sanchez. last season's rushing champ is averaging a career low 3-pointer 7 yards per carry this year. he has just two 100 plus yards. tennessee has one of the worst rushing did he firsts in the league. >> always this -- always been something small here, something small there. almost it's coming together. i feel the only time we get stopped is when we make mistakes. >> you can see the game tomorrow right here on cbs3. kickoff at 1 o'clock. to college football penn state back in action after beating temple last week on the road taking on illinois. fourth quarter trailing by three hand off to lynch up the middle and he's gone. there is a 47-yard score.
11:27 pm
and penn state will regain the lead. that's until the if i'm seconds of the game. illinois' david reisner taking a 36-yard field goal with eight seconds left. penn state loses 14-16. wildcats beat the blue hens 35-28 and will most likely earn a first rounds bye in the playoffs. lafayette taking on lehigh the 150th meeting between the schools the most played rivalry in college football. all lafayette.
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>> welcome back. two adventurers will be spending their thanksgiving holiday paddling to the nation's capital. they made a stop along the banks of the schuylkill river in philadelphia. it's all part of their 2,000-mile voyage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the wilderness act and to promote protection of the boundary waters in northern minnesota. >> gathering signatures all along the way to support the boundary waters and we're telling everybody about what a special place it is. and end can couraging people to come to northern minnesota and visit it for themselves. >> they have been on their journey now for 90 days.
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they have 10 more days until their arrival in washington, d.c. good luck. we'r
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>> well, that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown. for lesley, justin, all of us here, thanks for joining us. if you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00 a.m. we're also on line all the time. blue bloods is next. have a great night. >> ♪
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