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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  November 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> we begin with breaking news, i95 northbound completely shutdown through chester as police investigate a fatal accident we're told. this is expected to caution major problems during the this is expected to caution >> the forecast just about information it right now. storm scan3, shows, rain, but there is also a warming trend. and then a dramatic change, the possibility of snow, just as you head out, ready for your thanksgiving dinner. >> also, disturbing discovery in south philadelphia. now the man who found a woman's body is talking to "eyewitness news". >> and back on the road to victory, the eagles score early and often to beat the titans and stay on ton of the nfc east. >> dallas officially underway,
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warm now, then you said something about snow later? >> and high temperatures, katie, all over the place? >> man, we have got everything in this forecast for this week. temperatures that flirt with record high's and probably break few here today, obviously a lot of rain, certainly woke me up in the middle of the night, i don't know about you, then mid week watching these models gradually shift further and further west, and further inland, so there is a new storm system that we have to track. out the door, very discontinuing back edge to there is still additional showers out here across southeastern pa, especially up and down the shore points. but you are eventually going to see this wind down, i think the better part of the morning commute today is definitely going to be more left over damp roads, than really anything else. but you will be flicking the windshield wipers for sure here. meanwhile, check it out, for today, wednesday morning, to thursday morning, already, the weather service is set to issue a winter storm watch for the poconos, and point northeast. that's for this next storm system that we are potentially
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going to be dealing with in terms of some significant snowfall. and right now, it is starting to trend more and more that way. the most, i would say, likely spots where you could ends up with some significant snow would be from i95 on north and west. when i say significant, this could be a couple of inches. maybe 4 inches or more, depending on your location, yep, so here we go, just in time for holiday travel, too, right? current winds speeds pretty noticeablement walk out the door, notice it is very blustery outside. we have straight up southeasterly component to the wind and it is cranking, current sustained winds, 25 to almost 30 miles per hour, and that's going to slow you down, too, i think just because the rain coming in from the other vehicles, off of the area highways, then also, you will dealing with the sort every winds swept component, winds, leaves, little slick out there. meantime shooting for 72 degrees today, than would officially break the record in philly anyway. sixty-four the current temperature, 64 degrees right now, in philly, not bad.
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but, you know, that warmth definitely come with a price, soggy start to the day obviously, but later on it is looking pretty good here. the records will be in jeopardy not just in philly but around much of the region today from that very strong warmfront that's currently still bringing us the left over showers. jessica, good morning. >> hey, good morning, kate, everyone, a lot of problems already so far right off the gate. 433, we're going outside, checking out 95, where we have pretty serious road closure, just near the blue route. northbound lanes completely shutdown for the time being due to pretty serious accident. you can see here taking out all lanes, police activity on the scene setting you back quite a bit. so we show you what you are dealing with now. ninety-five northbound, completely closed near the blue route. alternate to get around that, take route 291. now, another closure today, torresdale avenue closed due to police activity on the scene. not sure why yet, but completely closed for the time being, so alternates, there as well. at magee street, your alternate to get around that,
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take frankford avenue. rest of the majors, 59 southbound, pretty clear, woodhaven into the vine st. expressway, the schuylkill expressway eastbound into the vine street expressway about 16 minute trip there. currently no problems for mans transit, septa, new jersey transit and del dot moving just fine. >> chester county, fatal accident shuts down portion of i95 northbound near exit four. >> saw little bit with investigate jessica. appears man hit by truck while walking along the highway. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" david spun on the spot with details. >> good morning, we know right now one person has died from this accident. we're going to show you exactly right now what's going on the scene. actually up on side street overlooking the accident, through fence right now, bread delivery truck apparently hit this person, we're not sure though if it is a manor woman, exactly what were they doing on 95, that's the big question. all lanes closed right now,
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state police investigating this scene. ninety-five closed at kerr land streetment looks like it will be some time before they open it right now. we did talk and confirmed all of the lanes closed, we have visually confirmed there is a fatality, still trying to work out the details, trying to figure out when the road will be back open, ukee, erika. >> david, thanks so much. we'll get back to you. >> more breaking news right now out of new york state. there is amber alert for this missing three month old boy who may beheading to new jersey. police say jonathan laurence took steven listparticular small town on long island. police think they may beheading to jersey sit r i or union city in a blue dodge mini-van. has license plate 79529. we will bring you any updates as soon as we get them. meanwhile, police investigating discovery of woman's body outside a south philadelphia warehouse. >> homeless man led
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investigators to the woman in this lot off columbus boulevard near dilworth street yesterday afternoon. now, police say the woman was make and had a laceration on her rib cage. it is unclear how long she may have been there. police are reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses. philly police also hope surveillance video can read them to the gunman who shot two teen boys in north philadelphia. gunfire happened just before 6:00 last night, on the 2300 block of north fawn street. a 17 year old was shot in the arm and leg, 16 year old hit twice in the knee. both in stable condition. >> a community comes together to remember the young victims killed in a tragic shooting in tabernacle, new jersey. dozens gathered for a candlelight vigil at the tabernacle town hall last night to reflect and mourn. jennine la page died sunday morning, police say she shot three of her children thursday before turning the gun on herself. two of those children died. community members want to remember the victims as they try to move forward.
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>> the families keeping our entire community in their prayers, as well. as they know this tragedy is felt by all of us. >> we're trying to get our kids to understanded something we can't, even begin to comprehend. >> eleven year old victim remains hospital in the critical condition fighting for his life. developing now, ferguson, missouri awaits a grand jury decision on whether to indict a police officer in the fatal shooting of michael brown. a grand jurily reconvene this morning, meanwhile, tensions continue to mount, the longer it takes. authorities fear there could be more violence in the fall out. >> and we consumed about a grieving family in a outrage community, we want justice first and for most, but we want to prevent more mike brown's, that's the issue here. >> barricades are set up around the buzz west fall justice center where the grand jury is meeting. several businesses have also boarded up their windows in
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anticipation of the decision. >> the eagles are still a tonight nfc east after victory over the tennessee titans, the birds got on the scoreboard early on. yes, from the jump street, josh takes the kick off deep in the end zone, he is going all the way. gets blocking and not going to get him. stiff arm and kick err's, longest kick off return for touchdown in team history, and birds were off and running. then shady mccoy slice up the titans defense, running for 130 yards on 21 carries and a touchdown. the defensive sack machine was working for the birds, as well, eagles crush the titans 33-24. they are now eight and three on the season, it is also the birds tent straight regular season home victory. >> these guys have done a great job of staying in the moment, playing game, did a great job, when you make a mistake, fix it, don't repeat t they understand what we have to do. it is a long season, even a
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lost will hurt you, but you can't let that lost, can't be twice, can't let the greenbay packers beat you twice. >> you know what's next, cowboys on thanksgiving. what major problem will the birds face in dallas? we'll talk about it later in eyewitness sports. should be fun week. let's get it on. >> back here at home, thousands of people hit the streets for the 21st annual philadelphia marathon. dan from massachusetts crossed the finish line first with a unofficial time, get this, two hours and 17 minutes. oh, so fast. lenor from new york had the fastest women's time also real impressive, two hours 40 minutes. >> if you like to see how everyone else it, we posted more results on they were running right by my home yesterday. and watched sophie, her little tail was up with everyone cheering. >> glad to have you, great race. much more here to cover on "eyewitness news", when does the snow start, how muchh will we get. katie updates the forecast. >> also, tragedy on california
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highway, tour bus drifts off an interstate and crashes onto it roof. we're back in two min
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a tour bus overturns and runs off freeway in northern california, killing one person, and seriously injuring a half dozen others. investigators say, the bus was traveling from los angeles to washington when it overturned sunday morning on interstate five. that's about 100 miles from the oregon border. it hit a restaurant earlier in the morning, but no one was hurt. >> and, a spacecraft caring three astronaunts from the us russia italy now docked at the international space station. docked from the russian man space facility, arrived about six hours later. three astronaunts, one woman, two men, joined other astronaunts already at the station. coming up on 4:43, i was pleasantly surprised by the temperature this morning, not surprised but you just walk out and wow.
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>> boom. >> twenty-four hour temperature difference, it is like what? >> snow maybe? >> look that way. this sort of came out of left field to a degree. every modern run has gotten progressively further west, further west, and further west. that means, now it will be over us. >> here comes. >> yes, so a lot really does, of course, as we all well know, depends on the final track of things, how much cold air gets wrapped in, but right now being look as though mix of rain and snow out of this wednesday storm. we actually already have obviously some issues to deal with this morning. so let's break everything down for you here in a minute and 30 seconds if we k storm scan3, first and for most, your storm system, i mean there is warmfront lifting through right now, brought in heavy rain through the overnight, if you got woke up by that, that's why. and there will still be cold front that has to cross through there is warmfront has been incredibly strong, so the heavy rain came with it, and also going to really fuel that wind for us here, throughout the day. and nice well defined back edge to this, though, so we're eventually going to end up
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with sunshine, by wednesday, however, this storm system looks like it will be a coastal storm system. so let me show you how the future snow amounts telling it, this is model, i want to make that perfectly clear, right out of the gate. but, it is looking as though if we see impressive snowfall, we would be talking about 4 inches or more, it would be from the i95 corridor on north and west with the heaviest amounts expected through, say, your allentown area, lehigh valley, pocono region. so that's generally where we would end up finding i think potential for something that would need to be shoveled away by thursday morning. but that said, it does appear that the holiday and "black friday" themselves are very, very quiet. in the meantime, back to the here and now, i told but 24 hour temperature difference, look how much warmer it is. it is 24, 25 degrees warmer than this same time yesterday. so really mild start. nice dose of spring for you with the spring showers basically, eventually some sun, it will be breezy, you will notice that, but the high hit 72, my goodness, would
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officially break the record, guysment tonight clearing things out completely, drop down to 50 degrees, looking forward in the forecast for you here, very big swing on the thermometer by wednesday, the coastal storm is here, and as i mention, it is primarily looking like a mix of rain and some snow, ukee, back over to you. >> in sport, the eagles have very little time to reflect on their victory over the titans, not the cowboys on the horizon, birds have date in dallas this thanksgiving day. the titans delaney walk her 155 yards receiving yesterday, and the cowboys could see tightened coverage as a weakness in the eagles defense, probably looking at, that cowboys have tight ends, you may have heard of, all-pro jason whitton, can take over a game but can't do it, should be fun, this thursday, thanksgiving, 2014. >> now the boys have even shorter week than eagles, play the giants in north jersey last night, dallas down by four, with a minute-ten on the clock, and tony romo has all day to fundies brian in the end zone.
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dallas beat the giant 31 to 28. go to eight and three, same as the eagle, here we go, get your popcorn ready. flyers on the road tonight playing the islanders, sixers in south philly play the portland trailblazer. to keep up with all of the sport team sign up for our text alerts, to 84816. have news sent straight to your cell phone. message, date a rates apply. >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, filling the tank for your thanksgiving trip will cost you less this year. >> we like this kind of news. >> bring it. >> fantastic first t though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> don'tly accident, all northbound lanes remain closed at kurland street, also exit four. it is just couple of minutes,
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we'll have a check on traffic for you with jessica. >> woman found dead and make inside a south philly warehouse. police continue their investigation into the woman's death. a homeless man called police, and told "eyewitness news" the victim had a large wound near her ribs. when he fawn her. >> and it is another win for the eagles. the birds stay perched on top the nfc east after sunday 43-24 victory over the titans, exciting touchdown on the opening kick off. how about that? right from the beginning there. that kept the momentum going for the eagles, and up next, as ukee mentioned, turkey day date with the cowboys. >> bring on them cowboys. let's do. >> this time 4:49. let's get a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange, great news for folks who have to travel for thanksgiving, at least if they're driving, gas costing less, but now you think that that could change? what's happening here? >> reporter: yes, that's right, good morning, ukee, erika. one reason for the drop in gas prices is that oil prices are plummeting.
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that could potentially change this thursday, while americans are celebrating thanksgiving, opek leaders will be meeting in vienna, and they're considering cutting oil production. that would essentially boost prices, in recent months, the us is actually to produce a lot more oil domestically. we'll take it for now. helped bring the nationwide average way below the $3 mark, which means, holiday travel will be a lot less expense they have year. ukee, erika? >> jill, of course, we're just few days from thanksgiving. now for people who can't get enough of the turkey and stuffing, now they can also have it for dessert? as the little guy used to say, what you talking about, jill? >> love it. all right, an ice cream shop in portland has whipped up six new thanksgiving theme flavors. they include cranberry walnut stuffing and salted carmel thanksgiving turkey. that last flavor made with real turkey fat and fried
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turkey, that shop will ship the ice cream for six a bucks. ukee, erika? >> i wonder how that works? that's pretty good. i'd girl it a whirl. >> stuffing and turkey, common. >> okay, order up some for all of us. >> all right. >> talk to you little later. coming up after a s short break, traffic and weather together. we do it on the 3's, we'll
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>> at 4:53, a lot every incidents going on. ninety-five between the blue route and 320, completely closed on the northbound lables, i'll show you what we're dealing with, head over to the maps, northbound again i95 closed at 320. alternate to get around therefore the time being take
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291. you can access 95, just up ahead of ridley pack, that's going to be out it for quite some time, pretty early as of yet, luckily don't have a lot to talk about in ways of volume, but, over on the schuylkill expressway, ongoing construction here around conshohocken, westbound lanes, where headlights are, squeezing on by that to the left. you can even see some mist and everything from the roadways, as well. accident out northeast extension northbound at quakertown, a lot of incident to talk about, possibly weather-related, little slippery roadways, roosevelt boulevard at grant avenue accident pushed over to the right-hand side over there. we send it over to katie over in the weather, nice and warm today, katy? >> very, very warm day. there is a trade off. you will notice the win out there when you walk outside. you're also going to notice still very damp outside. little clammy i guess to start the day off would be a good descriptive word for t thankfully at least a back edge to this. meanwhile, we are flirting with record territory here today. these are the numbers to beat for your monday hi, if we're
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going it actually break a record, we have to he can seed these values. but i think we have got real good shot to do did in a lot of spot here, a lot of the records in jeopardy. meanwhile storm scan3, see the bulk of the rain at this point actually moving out to see, while left with a lot of damp roads, leaves on the gown, do you have watch out for the slick spots, the bulk of the heavy rain has pretty much already messed with us. i think it bodes well for the timing in terms of this morning's rush. now look ahead to wednesday, that will be the next system on the map t does appear as though we're basically looking at mick of rain and snow, best shot for any kind of accumulating snow, from i95 on northwest. so, as temperatures drop off, we have got two systems to deal with here today, and then the one on wednesday, and by turkey day, and "black friday" it, does look like it is all out of here. just get to go your holiday destination might be little dicey. we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you, here is a look at stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you. members of task force to study mandatory paid sick leave in
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philadelphia get earful at a public hearing. charter school operators and supporters pressure the philadelphia school district to open up more seat, and they're recruiting parent to help out. and thanksgiving is in three days, but the time to start preparing your turkey is right now. check in two, three, times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> how much is a turkey worth? >> right now. >> coming up p in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow some breaking news there is could affect your commute. deadly accident that is tying up traffic on i95 in delaware county. we are live on the scene with the back up and detours for you. >> also, outrage in cleveland, after a 12 year old boy is killed by police. find out what officers say he was doing just moments before he was shot. we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> offer to wet start and we could see snow by thanksgiving. katie is tracking a big swing in temperatures in just a bit. >> also, we have some breaking news right nowment traffic is at stand till on i59 in delaware county after deadly crash. looking live right now, you can see, no one making it past that certain point on the freeway, just empty there. we will have the latest on the accident and detour for you, coming upment. >> and the waiting game continues in ferguson, missouri. is today the day we'll learn if a police officer will be indicted for killing an unarmed teenager? the rising tension as the anticipation for decision continues to grow. >> it is monday, november 24th, good morning, i'm ukee washington.
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>> i'm erika von tiehl. downpours, record highs, and even snow. >> look out. >> talk about mixed bag. we'll see wild week of wetter. >> katie is outside on the skydeck to tell you more. good morning. >> very, very much, just variety with this week's forecast. we have two storms we're tracking, both of which bring rain, but doesn't look as though one of them also bridges potential for significant snow, temperatures are all over the place, it is windy now, obviously, it is very warm outside. but, that, too, is going to change. so, we've got a lot of different things going on this week. let's break down the here and now, what's happening outside, as we look at storm scan3 once more for you here. we've had some pretty steady, heavy rain pushing through the area for the last three hours or so, discontinuing back edge to this. this is actually our warmfront, so warmfront, warm air, and persistent southwesterly component to the wind flow, means we're warming up very, very nicely, in fact, temperatures generally climbing through the overnight for us. and we are on par, it looks like, or on a run to get you


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