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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 24, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> i'm erika von tiehl. downpours, record highs, and even snow. >> look out. >> talk about mixed bag. we'll see wild week of wetter. >> katie is outside on the skydeck to tell you more. good morning. >> very, very much, just variety with this week's forecast. we have two storms we're tracking, both of which bring rain, but doesn't look as though one of them also bridges potential for significant snow, temperatures are all over the place, it is windy now, obviously, it is very warm outside. but, that, too, is going to change. so, we've got a lot of different things going on this week. let's break down the here and now, what's happening outside, as we look at storm scan3 once more for you here. we've had some pretty steady, heavy rain pushing through the area for the last three hours or so, discontinuing back edge to this. this is actually our warmfront, so warmfront, warm air, and persistent southwesterly component to the wind flow, means we're warming up very, very nicely, in fact, temperatures generally climbing through the overnight for us. and we are on par, it looks like, or on a run to get you into record territory today.
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so, yes. slow morning drive granted. and the worse of the rain, thankfully, start today retreat little bit here. you will be left with damn roads for sure. definitely left with slick spots, because do you have a loft leaves that came down just because of this wind that's kicking in. and i can tell you this much it, feels awfully humid outside with high dew points, that are very close to these air temperatures right now. sixty-four is your current temperature right now in cinnaminson, out in the live neighborhood network, couple of other choice locations, just really, really warm. we wouldn't even normally be hitting 60 on day like this, late november, you're used to the mid 50's at best, so we're well above average already, and we keep that theme going right through the course of the day. up in the pocono region, other than the morning showers, you will start to see things clear out, everybody gets some sun before it is said and done. only sort of xfactor that continues for us as the day progresses is that winds, which is still out here, right now, meanwhile, in philadelphia, we're expect to go hit about 72 degrees for a
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daytime high, as hair gets in my mouth from the winds. yikes. well this about says it all, doesn't it, jess? i have to sends it into you. >> comes back right at the perfect time. >> let me go grab my teething comb. >> i have one for you if you need it. >> good morning shall everybody, 5:02, a lot of stuff to talk becomes so we go outside, check out the cameras here on 95 where you can see nothing is going on. and that is because there was pretty serious accident on 95. so it is completely closed headed northbound between the blue route and 320. this is actually from 320 right over here, so you can see police activity over there trying to make it, so no one can access nine at from that point on. we show you your alternate and what you will do. fifty-nine northbound, at 320, closed. so we know we will take the alternate route 291. and that actually runs parallel to 95, so you can access that from ridley park that the point. that will be therefore quite some time. we know that will be backing up on the commute. schuylkill expressway at 202, eastbound, where the headlights are coming on
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through, zoomed in quite a bit. see no real volume on either direction, westbound lanes moving great, there as well. now northeast extension for the bound at quakertown an accident pushed over to the right-hand side causing some problems, ukee, over to you. >> thank you, jess, update that breaking news, fatal accident shutting down portion of i95 northbound in chester delaware county. it happened near exit four, shortly after 3:00 this morning. david on the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, we are actually up on separate road kind of on a hill overlooking this accident through the fence. it deals with a bread truck, apparently, going to make a delivery. there is also an s.u.v. little further back. we have some video to show you. you mention it happened little after 3:00 today. we know one person is dead. we don't know it is a men or a woman. things are not moving at all. within the last half hour or so, we saw couple of big firetrucks lever the area, appears they're getting ready
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to clear the scene, getting -- getting ready to move things. the traffic back up for another few exits behind us. we are at exit six, closed off at exit four. that's the latest here, ukee, erika. >> thank you for. that will woman found dead outside south philadelphia warehouse. now, police are investigating whether any foul play was involved. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at the scene with more on this death investigation. jan, good morning. >> good morning, police aren't yet identifying officially the woman who was found dead here sunday afternoon, right behind this old warehouse here, in south philadelphia, but it was definitely a gruesome discovery, a woman, naked, and wounded. >> in plane site, every a busy shopping center, sunday afternoon, a shocking discovery in south philadelphia. a woman, dead, behind this warehouse, on south christopher columbus boulevard near dilworth street. police say her body was found just after 1:30, "eyewitness news", spoke to the man who first spotted the woman and called police. he asked not to be identified.
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>> you know, she don't got no clothes, no nothing. >> police say she was naked, and had a large cut near her rib cage. they aren't identifying her just yet as the investigation continues, but said she is between 35 and 40 years old. that eyewitness, who spotted her, spoke to the police twice yesterday, about what he saw and what he no, sir. he said homeless people often sleep in the area and he actually thought she was sleeping at first. he tells us, however, he did not know the victim. >> had you seen her before? >> no, i never seen her before. i don't know. >> now, we're told, police have obtained surveillance video in the area, and they're reviewing that, in hopes of piecing this together, to figure out how she died, and who may be involved. reporting live in south philadelphia, this morning, jan carabeo, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, jan, we'll get back to you. community members in tabernacle, new jersey gather to remember the victims killed in a tragic shooting. dozens came together for candlelight vigil to remember the two young victims killed
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thursday morning. that's when police say janine la page shot her three children before turning the gun on her sever. she died sunday morning. now, the community is trying to cope with the loss. >> this isn't just a town. this is a family to all of us. and we are going to be here to support and love on everybody including the kids, you know, there is no words to explain how heart broken all of us are. >> eleven year old amex re max hospital in the critical condition. meanwhile, student in tar he can knack he will will return to school today wearing white ribbons in remembrance of the victims. we're following some breaking news, in new york, there is an amber alert for this missing three month old boy who may be head today new jersey. police say that jonathan laurence took steven listtick late last night. police think they may be head today jersey city or union sit, new jersey, in a block
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blue mini-van, has temporary connecticut license plate: 795t9. we will stay on top of the story for you, and bring you update as soon as we get them. >> developing right now, there is still no decision by grand jury long to indict ferguson, missouri police officers in the g death of unarmed teenager. grand jury reconvenes today. officer darren wilson shot and killed michael brown in august. local authorities are bracing for possible violence. once a decision is announced, president obama has a message for the people of ferguson and others who are looking to protest. >> this is a country that allows everybody to express their views, but using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are. >> governor jay nixon has declared state of emergency, and summoned the national guard to send troops to the area. happening today, lawyers
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for the old revel casino in atlantic sitly try to save the deal to sell the shuttered casino. we told you last week that management backed out to plans to buy revel for $110 million. sources say the deal fell apart because of electricity costs. revel's bankruptcy lawyers will hold a meeting today in new york city, but it is not clear if brookfield will be there. >> your time 5:08. there is a lot more than bragging rights on the line when the eagles head to dallas thanksgiving. the birds and the cowboys are battling for first place in the nfc east. sports director beasley reese shows you how the eagles offense got back on track against the titans. >> lincoln financial field moving out of the shadow of the vet when it comes to home field advantage. ten straight home victories for the birds, setting up thanksgiving day in dallas. all right, the birds wasted no time getting on the scoreboard. josh huff takes the opening kick off, 7 yards deep in the end zone. came out, got some blocks, and he's gone.
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the longest kick off return for a touchdown in team history, and the birds were off and running. shady mccoy sliced up the titans 31 ranked rushing defense, running for 130 yards on 21 carries and a touchdown. eagles crush the titans, 43-24. now get ready for dallas on thanksgiving. huge game for both teams. division game. all on the line if you want to win the division and repeat what we did last season, have to go through dallas. >> you know the rivalry is real. and it is fun for us. so, we're all excited about this thursday. >> cowboys with the come back win sunday night against the giants, which means, they're tied with the eagles, a top of the nfc east, at eight and three. thursday's winner, will be alone in first place. i'm beasley reese, cbs-3, eyewitness sports. that rivalry is real. now, cowboys game featured one of the most incredible catches you will ever see. if you saw it, you know what i
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mean, if you didn't, stick with us, we'll show it to you in sports coming up. >> following breaking news this morning, deadly crash on i95 in delaware county. we have the latest on that accident, that could slow down your commute. >> also, a 12 year old boy killed by police. after they think he is holding a gun. what he real had i in his hand. why some people say the shooting could have been prevented. >> also, people in buffalo still digging out from record snowfall. but now there is a new threat, that they're calling worse than snow. >> erika, speaking of snow, will we see see a white thanksgiving? katie updating not cast whether we do traffic and weather together. we will de it on the 3's when we come ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event,
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>> all northbound lanes of i95 are closed at kurland street
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in chester after deadly accident. we're told one person was hit by a truck on the highway, detours around the area, traffic and weather together coming up in just a little bitment hang with us, erika? >> over in buffalo, new york, people preparing for more bad weather. temperatures expected to reach the 60s today. about 7 feet of snow fell on the area last week rising temperatures will cause the snow to melt, possibly, lead to go flooding. new york governor andrew cuomo has warned residents be prepared to evacuate. right there, looking at it, melting snow could cause more roofs to collapse. they are just not catching a break up in buffalo. >> 5:13, seeing the 60s right now, katy? >> we absolutely are. temperatures have been climbing since we went on the air at 4:30, will continue to do so throughout the course of the afternoon, especially as we clear out, get some sunshine real nice afternoon, notice the wind, i give that you, but it is a nice trade off overall timing of the
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rain, not too bad. obviously still damp roads out, there to track, we continue to still even see some rain actually falling from the sky here. ride around basically the northeast extension to the blue route. all going to eventually pull out of here, we tart to see skies clear out for the rest of the day, before the colds front with this largest system starts to move through. a loft times it is the coal front that's the strong front, this time it is the warmfront that's really bringing in that pushing every southerly component. so windy, warm air in place and you'll absolutely notice the different walking out the door. that said, it is one day, tan will go away. don't get too used to it. >> look what goes into effect. a winter storm watch. so, one storm today, break tomorrow. another storm wednesday, and it does appear as though we end up with some substantial snow out of this as long as things pan out with the track of the storm but the timing, as well. but winter storm watch will take effect in the carbon monroe county area, traveling
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up toward i80 on wednesday a pi tension to this, morning rain still out there high hitting 72, would breakable daily record by one solid agree. top drown to 60 degrees, temperatures sort of just take modest hit hereby tomorrow. only back to the mid 50's, wednesday is the day to watch for the potential of some snow but likely mix of snow and rain and clear out with very quiet weather. the actual holiday. jess? >> a lot to talk about so far this morning at a 15:00, we go out, check out how things are looking on 95. and you can see, 95 having a lot of police activity due to serious accident on the scene between the blue route and 320. closing down 95 northbound, completely, so this is what we'll face for the rest of the morning here. ninety-five northbound, at 320, alternate to get around, there take 295 which runs parallel to 295.
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access 95, from ridley park. so that will be your alternate so far for the rest of this morning. >> blue route at mid-county everything moving along great here. southbound where the taillights are moving on through, headlight headed there, as well. northeast extension northbound at quakertown still accident clocking up the right-hand lane there. >> back to you. >> thank you, police are investigating a grim discovery in south philadelphia. a man found a woman's body near columbus boulevard and dilworth street sunday afternoon. investigators are reviewing security video from nearby businesses in their search for clues. >> amber alert in effect right now for three month old steven ristick, allegedly take friend his home in green port new york by his father, 21 year old jonathan laurence. they were last seen in a dodge or chrysler mini-van, with temporary connecticut tags. >> expected to reconvene today, to indict ferguson
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police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael bourn. police have been gearing up in case tensions boil over. >> subway scare to tell but, see what sparked huge fire underground. >> plus, a bus ends up on it roof after deadly crash. >> get this, wasn't even the first accident that driver got into yesterday. details coming up.
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my one word to describe ac would relaxing getaway fun unique beautiful serenity shenanigans refreshing shopping surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close. it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
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>> turn bus crashes twice in the same day. now police in california say driver fatigue may have been a factor. this was the scene after the bus overturned, killing one man, and seriously injuring six others. it happened about 100 miles from the oregon border, sunday morning. the bus was headed to washington, from los angeles. earlier in the day, the driver hit a restaurant, riders say the driver looked tired. >> he had it like he wasn't
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paying a at the sean, went straight, i think might have fallen asleep a little bit. it is crazy. i felt like i was in a roller coaster, a loft us crushed between the seats. >> you might be wondering but there is in word on why the bus continued on it trip after the first crash. >> police in cleveland shoot and kill a 12 year old boy after he was reaches for a toy gun. witnesses say, tamire rice was flashing his bb gun at people in a park sunday. police approached rice, and order him to raise his hands. that's when he allegedly reached for the bb gun in his waistband. officers reacted firing two shot, killing rice. the orange tip identified it as a toy gun had been removed. >> anarchs apartment building collapses in chicago, trapping two women inside. firefighters world fats to rescue the woman sunday night. witnesses describe hearing loud boom, then seeing the building fall in just seconds. investigators say, they're not sure if it was an explosion or
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if the building fell on it own. both women were taken to the hospital for treatment. >> right now 5:21, and hey, can you use a little extra money for the holidays? if so, we're giving away $100 this morning, no catch. if watching a catch, then there you go. keep watching. >> this could be the greatest catch you m might ever see. but even this remarkable grab could help the giant beat the cowboys. wow. the eagles talk about their huge thanksgiving showdown with dallas. coming up. >> looks like from a movie. >> oh, my goodness. that's just a great catch.
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>> 23:00, this morning, and a serious warm up. still seeing sole rain falling from the sky most specific to straight line north of philadelphia here. so, the northeast extension for example, getting hit with some rain right now. but the bulk of this moisture has actually moved out to sea. so, this is sort of the back edge of it, the lingering showers, residual moisture we're left with with the warmfront. once this gets out of here i think you'll ends up with some sunshine, once the sun comes up, probably not too much of it, generally the afternoon we start to clear out. but very, very warm, with the southerly push of air. let's jump you all the way to the holidays, some sunshine, chilly granted for your that giving turkey day. two storms meantime, latest of which is brink the rain now, and then, by wednesday, it will be cold enough, that we see very likely a mix of rain and, yes, some accumulating snow. jess? >> and thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, 5:24, we're going to check out how
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95 is doing. and i'll show you, it is not doing too hot. so these are the northbound lanes, just between 320, and the blue route, so, police activity on the scene, trying to get that serious accident cleaned up, so the northbound lanes completely closed between the blue route and 320. i go over to my maps, i'll show you what we're doing for alternates here. ninety-five northbound, again, closed at 320, your alternate, take 291, runs parallel along to 956789 then you can access 95 from the ridley park area. now, westbound, this is actually the west, little confusing when you say it out loud. westbound vine st. expressway approaching the schuylkill expressway, this is the ramp headed to the eastbound schuylkill expressway where we have an accident with a tractor-trailer. police on the scene trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way, as well. ukee, back to you. >> thank you, jess, how about them birds? eagles erase the memory of last week's big lost by getting off to great start against the titans. eagles josh handcuff took opening kick off, yes, record
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franchise record, 107 yards, to score the game's first touchdown. he was gone. they're not going to get him. get out of my way. stiff arm, beautifully done. shady mccoy ran for 100 yards for the thirds time in the past six games, mark sanchez ran for 300 yards for the third game in a row, the defense played well, did what they had do do. sanchez by the way looking forward to eagles cowboys and coach kelly is getting ready. >> offensively running the ball, at a very, very high rate. and putting up a lot of really good yards in terms of what demarco murray is doing, great quarterback in tommy romo, out standing receivers, so it will be a heck of a game thursday. >> i know big time rivalry. you know, we're in the third quarter and people are screaming about dallas game, and, you know, this thing is still going on. like what are they talking about, you know? >> oh, to last knit's prime timings, and the giants rookie wide receiver beckham makes the catch of the season. who but that? one handed in mid-air. they'll be showing this all
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over the country, over and over and over again today. he practices that catch, too, before games, he is a one handed catch kind of guy. but in the end, the cowboys come back to win, tony romo to dzhokhar bryant in the final minute. final 27-24, the birds and the boys, have the same eight and three record ahead of the thanksgiving day extravaganza. get your stuffing ready. it is on. flyers and sixers get back in action tonight. the sixers host the portland trailblazers at the well, flyers on the road, to play the islanders. erika, back over to you. >> thanks, ukee. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", continuing to follow breaking news onn the deadly crash on i-95. david? >> reporter: state troopers still on the scene, work to go figure out exactly what's going on, when they can open it, we'll have live coverage coming up. >> all right, thank you, also, raging fire, lighting up the sky, why it could take several days for that fire to finally stop burning. and, jessica, katie, return, they've got traffic and weather together on the 3's.
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back in two minutes.
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>> good news, it won't rain all day long, talking about maybe hitting the links later? >> we'll see. >> there is a chance. now talking snow later in the week. >> this thing is all over the place, here's kate. >> i we are all over the place with this forecast. >> the rain is still out, there the wind, then the temperatures get knock back, and then another storm system, that we're watching for wednesday, and looks like one of the classic coastal storms. >> yes. >> that can really make for ve


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