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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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kathy. >> another beautiful afternoon, chris. hard to believe that we're talking about a early winter storm moving up eastern seaboard but we'll clouds thicken and of course precipitation moving in early tomorrow morning, and some spots, before dawn. take a look at storm can three the storm is developing right now as we speak, over the gulf, it will move northeast, and continue a trek, towards the philadelphia area remaining off shore, of course. we're talking about a coastal storm that will bring accumulating snow to a good part of the region. winter storm warning in effect for that area highlighted in the pink for hazardous travel tomorrow and winter weather advisory for philadelphia and points north and west. also including mercer county, in new jersey. here's what we expect mainly snow through lehigh valley and poconos, rain changing to snow for philadelphia and suburbs and mainly rain through south jersey, down the shore. rain moves in between four and 7:00 a.m. from south to north, starting as snow in the poconos mixed as snow from philadelphia and suburbs
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between 10:00 and noon. just a little bit faster than average highs earlier in the week. heavier snow between about 12:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon and maryland rate snow, during late afternoon snow will be out of here between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. and, and, and, poconos, and, and, west, four to six rain, and, adjacent, suburbs pennsylvania two to four this includes mercer county new jersey as well and northern new castle. then on the jersey side we are caughting a tote to go 2 inches down toward the shore we will see snow flakes at the end of the event towards evening but not accumulating. temperatures will be right around freezing at the coldest part of the day, and that means this will be sloppy, wet, heavy snow and it will accumulate mainly on those grass surfaces, even in philadelphia. so be a bit of the mess through the the city, north and west, some big concerns for travelers, we will talk more about that in the broadcast, a little bit later on. >> kathy, thanks. when winter weather hits
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road crews around the region get to work. our team three coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones who is live in norristown, that is where penndot officials are laying out their plan to keep the roads cleared, to. >> reporter: as cassy was just mentioning the timing will be the most crucial element here. of course, tomorrow being one of the busiest travel days of the year but as you look behind me here you can see as you would expect, penndot is fully stockpiled here. their salt supply, and as soon as this snow begins to stick tomorrow crews will be out on area highways spreading salt. in the meantime maintenance crews have been busy over past 24 to 48 hours making final repairs or plow trucks to get them in good running conditions, in anticipation of tomorrow's storm, and on top of that penndot's traffic management center as always in king of prussia will be keeping a close eye on area highways with all of their cameras penndot will be helping a assist emergency crews, plow trucks and tow trucks, problem spots to keep traffic moving at best as
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possible tomorrow, during the rush hour. now during the storm penndot is asking drivers to please remain patient, citing that last year there were more than 780 in the state and three fatalities, that are all been attributed to snowy or ice covered roads. that is story reporting live tonight from norristown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, todd quinones, thanks very much. stay on top of the storm with the cbs-3 weather app, check live radar, get severe weather alerts and share your storm photos with us. down load app on android and itunes. we will go on the air 30 minutes early tomorrow morning. join the "eyewitness news" team at 4:00 for latest weather and traffic updates. as we mentioned we want to see those storm pictures. send them using hash tag cbs-3 storm on facebook and twitter and you might just see them on tv. breaking news now protesters are back in the streets in philadelphia, following a violent night in ferguson, missouri.
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>> they are upset with the grand jury for not dieting darren wilson in the shooting of unarm teen michael brown. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at north broad and cecil b moore. >> the action just behind us here outside temple a's morgan hall where bulk of the action has been happening, for about 25 or 30 or so minutes. there protesters are making demonstrations with ferguson to not indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown back in august of this year. what has really kept this rally here peaceful and orderly has been the organization. there are several cops here but you would not know by looking. maintaining a distance of between 50 and hundred feet from the action going on here. demonstrators hearsay that makes them feel safe and police are not inn truthing or in anyway being aggressive. most importantly right now they are telling us that they are using this moment to be
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active. hoping that in the future they won't see another michael brown incident by being very involved in their local politics here. you can hear chanting. they say they will be here for most of the night, they are saying now, and they are prepared to be here for as long as they need to be. we, of course, will be a alongside them. we are live nor now at cecil b. moore and broad i'm just continue fin much cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. all of this started earlier today with the protest outside philadelphia city hall. we continue our team coverage with "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter who is live in center city now, walt. >> reporter: well, chris before those protesters headed north up to north broad street they were right here behind me on the plaza west of city hall for several hours. they were chanting, they were expressing their protest but they entirely peaceful and there were no arrests. the crowd of protesters, which grew through the afternoon to
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allow about 500 left west plaza a of city hall heading north on broad street to cb moore avenue in north philadelphia. earlier the demonstrators had made it clear that they believed events in ferguson are signs of much larger issues, among police department and members of african-american communities. >> this is not just the only case, there has been a lot of police killings, this is just one of of many. >> reporter: around noon time, a smaller group of demonstrators had gathered outside u.s. courthouse under the watchful eye of officers, to urge federal prosecutors to move forward with an investigation, into alleged civil rights violations in ferguson. >> we are here today to call for the attorney general to intervene and to get the the justice department to really get in and dig down and find out what really happened. >> reporter: for now the exact path of the protest remains
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uncertain at this time, demonstration continuing on north broad street, possibility it could return here to city hall, go elsewhere or disband. we will have the latest for you throughout the evening. for now live from it i hall, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in ferguson tonight, calm, following last night's chaos, there were fires, gunshots, tear gas even looting. now questions about why and how things got so out offhanded. cbs news reporter danielle nottingham tells us the night did not unfold as law enforcement hoped. >> reporter: more than a dozen businesses are in ruined and burnout car lined a parking lot following night of violent demonstration is a begins grand jury decision not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson for deadly shooting of michael brown. >> what is strange here most of the businesses damage were minority owned. it is really ironic that this would happen. >> reporter: brown's father wearing a no justice no peace t-shirt appeared at a press conference with reverend al
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sharpton. brown had no comment as his attorneys criticized the grand jury process that cleared wilson. nine whites and three frican americans were on the panel. >> we object publicly and loudly as we cannon behalf of michael brown, junior family that this process is broken. >> reporter: law enforcement officials want to head off another night of violence here in ferguson. police say they will closely watch the clouds expected to gather again. >> while we support everybody's right to come out and have have their voices heard you will see a large police presence a and when crime starts you will see news intervention much more quickly then we did last night. >> reporter: in a statement from his lawyers, officer wilson thank his supporters. wilson toll the jury he opened fire on brown moments after the unarmed tina tacked him in his patrol car. the makeshift memorial, where brown was killed, was untouched during last night's chaos. in ferguson, missouri,
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danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the ferguson grand jury decision. we have much more on our web site at cbs still to come here on the broadcast center city lawyer is facing sex assault charges tonight and authorities allege the victim is a 14 year-old girl. a lot of people trying to beat the storm and get out of town early, but what can you expect as you hit the roads, rails and the runways? we are live at the holiday travel season gets underway. counting calories is about to get easier, we will tell you how new rules from the f.d.a. will impact menus at restaurant, movie theaters and even in vending machines. "eyewitness news" continues after this. ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind.
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well, you can't have holiday season without holiday travel, of course, and this year with winter wet's approaching things could get very messy out there. >> yes, our pat ciarrocchi is a at philadelphia international airport where people are trying to get out before this storm hits, pat? >> reporter: well, actually traveling tonight it is a very pleasant night here at philadelphia international airport but as we would say literally this is the calm before the storm. the airport crews are all ready to go into snow mode tomorrow and the traveling public, welshing they just want to get out of dodge. the planes aren't stacked and waiting yet but this family looks like it is and ready to take off for the holiday.
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penn state stite cast sandra envy thought he was but. >> too much traffic so i missed my flight. >> it is driving me crazy. ticketing is crazy. it is real difficult to go spend time with your family. >> reporter: with the double wham i of thanksgiving and an approaching storm, mary flannery says airlines are taking action now. >> the airlines have listed their fees for changing and they are encouraging people to change their fight either to today or thursday to avoid wednesday an anticipated bad weather. >> reporter: at 30th street station, nationwide, amtrak is anticipating 760,000 passengers. 80,000 will come through philadelphia. >> this is the super bowl of travel here. this is our busiest time of the year at amtrak. >> reporter: amtrak is adding 72 trains but already most prime time train rides in the northeast corridor are sold out. >> looking to change your plans act fast get to, check back frequently in case other
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people cancel. there might be some a rail built there. >> there is always right home sunday busiest travel day of the year. >> i have made a play list on my ipod. i know i will be sitting in the airport a long time. >> reporter: if you are traveling with children you know that can be extremely challenging. give yourself extra time. check on your flight status, you can do that easily 800p hl gate. now, remember, this is not a race. it is thanksgiving. reporting live from philadelphia international airport, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". maybe it is a lit built of the race, just want to get where you are going. still to come on "eyewitness news" kathy will be on with more on the coming storm. and then calorie counts they are coming to a restaurant, movie theater and even a vending machine near you, three on your side has sweeping new rules for posting will calories on menus. before you hit the stores consumer reporter jim donovan has three important things shoppers can use to get
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seventy's yesterday, snow tomorrow, everything there our weather team is tracking a storm that will dump snow all across the region on the busiest travel day of the year. >> up is is life in the delaware valley. we have live team three coverage tonight with meteorologist, kathy orr and
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justin drabick, we will begin here in the weather center, with you, kathy, what is going on. >> right now it is a beautiful evening a across the delaware valley, looking behind me with our campbell's cam looking across the delaware at center city philadelphia a temperatures still sitting in the 50's and our storm system is just developing, well to the south, of our region. but it is going to be here very quickly towards dawn. lets take a look at the factors involved in this. first outside we have some warm air in place and that will play a roll in what type of snow we will get and how much snow we will get. it will be cold enough from the poconos at jack frost big boulder to see all snow, no issues here and we will the most snow in the poconos and that is where we like to keep it. right now in philadelphia the temperature is 52. poconos 43. forty-five in allentown. fifty-two in millville. fifty in reading and in trenton. a as we look ahead we have a winter storm warning in effect. this is where we expect the heavier snow to fall ape our extreme north and western
5:19 pm
suburbs, lehigh valley, reading, berks county and heading towards poconos. this is where we expect hazardous travel, dangerous travel, especially late tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. for safe travel we suggested traveling before 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. it will be mainly rain, even through the northeast extension, possibly some snow in the poconos and light breeze. or if you want to wait go after 8:00 o'clock, snow will be over ape roads should be improving even on 295 as you head north or even if you are going to be heading to the west/northwest. here is our storm system as it develops and moves towards the the northeast. we are talking about our first winter storm. i have added the roads here because this is what the weather map will look like tomorrow morning before 7:00 a.m. you can see mainly rain. then by 7:00 snow moves in, between 10:00 and noon it changes over to snow in philadelphia. the heavier rain by 2:00. we will have a dry slot in there and snow through the afternoon but 8:00 o'clock you can see most of the area are
5:20 pm
dry unless you are going to be heading up into new england where they will be seeing snow during the late night hours. now as far as the temperatures are concerned, this is a floppy, wet snow with temperatures above freezing. a bit of the nuisance with a slushy coating on on the a area road as well. it will chin to trees and branches. that warning area where we see, four to 6 inches of snow, potential for taking tree limbs down and even some power outages. so please be prepared for that. as far as the accumulations are concerned i mentioned poconos seeing most snow. the least towards the shore you will see snow but not accumulating at tail even of events. coat to go 2 inches in hammington, and alloway, smyrna, two to four in philadelphia, warminster, a aston, and men wilmington. through four to six in allentown, perkasie, and six to eight in the poconos. so overnight tonight, the low
5:21 pm
of 40 degrees. rain begins between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. from the south to the north. by the afternoon we have changing of snow and snowing pretty well, high temperature 40 but falling in the afternoon into the 30's. around freezing. thanksgiving will be chilly, and it will be breezy, temperature 41. black friday is always a usually sunny and cold and this year will be no different that some areas will be seeing some snow. our first snowstorm of the season, coiled have turned out to be worse but the warmer temperatures will help us. our coverage continues with meteorologist justin drabick here to explain why that is at the art museum, hi justin. >> hi kathy, that is right. typically with these coastal storms thinks a good set up, off shore, we will get cold air, see a decent amount of snow. if this was a couple weeks later in the cold season this could be a different outcome here in philadelphia but it is hard to believe we're talking about snow tomorrow. such a nice night. we are live at the a art museum checking out they are setting up for the parade
5:22 pm
thanksgiving day a lot of people enjoying the nice evening. if you need to get errand done do it tonight. pretty nice night here, even some clearing skies over the region but different story tomorrow. it will be all about temperatures and elevations so lets go to the graphic and try to break this down. recent warm temperatures will help inhibit snow accumulations in the city. we had highs yesterday in the 70's, today in the 50's and still in 50's outside right now. temperatures tomorrow around the city should stay above freezing for much of the day. so that is why we will see this precipitation start as rain. eventually yes we will see that change over but still ground temperatures, road temperatures pretty much warm enough but if it does come down hard enough we have to watch those untreated surface that he is could get slick but best shot to sees any a accumulations will be on the non-paved surfaces. snow will be falling during the daylight. we have sunlight breaking through and this could be a wet snow. we will see snow ratio to liquid ten to one. 10-inch toss every inch of liquid.
5:23 pm
tomorrow six to one. it will be that heavy wet snow that could melt good. so again it is all about elevation. back here live if you go up to a thousand feet, temperatures will be below freezing, but here in the city right on the ground we are just above freezing so we may have luck out with this storm. we will see the outcome. we are live from the art museum, nice night, different story tomorrow morning, more on the forecast coming up wh
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on the healthwatch today, the f.d.a. issued new rules mandating calories, be posted on menuness big chain restaurants and stores. >> health reporter stephanie he stall explains the new mandate. >> reporter: it is already law in philadelphia a, large chains have to post calories on menus, and now it will be
5:26 pm
nationwide. do you really want that double quarter pounder with cheese that has 750 calories? >> it just makes you go never mind. >> reporter: fta regulations will require chain restaurants movie theaters and pizza joints to post calorie counts on menu and that includes alcoholic drinks. instead of different law his in different cities uniform federal regulation will be more cost effective for large chains and restaurant which initially opposed the mandate. >> we have been advocating there would be a federal law put in place so that from coast to coast, it would be uniform across the nation. >> reporter: f.d.a. hopes posting calories will help americans make better food choices. >> people are concerned about their health, and they want to engage in behaviors to improve their health, and prevent disease. >> reporter: new rules also apply to vending machines, amusement parks and prepared foods in grocery and convenient stores. the new rules apply to restaurants and food
5:27 pm
establishments, including bakeries and coffee shops, that are part of the chain of 20 or more locations. they have a year to comply, and vending machine operators have two years. the it is quite ab eye opener, even like a coffee, the calories, it is like wow, wait a minute. >> i have to walk that off, it will take me how long. >> it does make you think, for sure. >> stephanie, thanks. >> still to come, ferguson smolders the day after a grand jury declines to indict the police officer darren wilson. now calls for justice continue to grow louder. we will have a live report from missouri coming up. a center city attorney charged with sexually assaulting a 14 year-old girl, i'm syma chowdhry why police believe she may not be the only victim. and new at 6:00 a look at how parts of new jersey are preparing for tomorrow's storm.
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penndot crews gearing up for winter weather, the salties stockpiled and the trucks have been inspect, officials say they will be ready to go. we will be out, with the heavier snowfall. after snow fall is over we will see to the widening operations at end of the day, or early morning, thanksgiving morning.
5:31 pm
winter storm has plenty of people changing their holiday travel plans, at philadelphia international airport people trying to head out before the storm hits and amtrak is an adding trains. kate? and jessica if you are traveling tonight, it is when we will go and postpone things until thanksgiving morning because we are in for quite a mess from day break, to sundown, tomorrow. you can see skies are starting to clear and that means colder air getting in, temperatures already dropping in the far north and western suburbs, setting stage for heavy at accumulating snow and seeds are zone. here's our coastal low that will link up with the upper low moving from the great lakes and we will see this, these impacts all day tomorrow, coming up, we will have more on the timing and break it down road by road as far as what you can expect on the busiest travel day of the year, chris. >> kate, thanks very much. st. louis areas bracing for another violent night after bedlam in ferguson, missouri last night. more than a dozen businesses are in ruins right now, burned out cars, lined a parking lot there.
5:32 pm
demonstrations turn violent after a grand jury decided not indict the police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of the unarmed teenager michael brown. brown's father, wearing a shirt that read no justice no pizza period at a news conference to take with his attorney. >> we object publicly and loudly, and as we can, on behalf of michael brown junior's family, that this process is broken. well, statement from his lawyers officer wilson thanks his own supporters. testimony shows he told the grand jury that he opened fire on michael brown moments after the the tina tack him, inside of his patrol car. law enforcement in ferguson says it will be keeping a close eye on protesters tonight. reporter brad edwards of our sister station in chicago wbbm is live in ferguson where they are hoping for a much calmer evening, brad. >> reporter: they are hoping, under score hope, good evening
5:33 pm
to you, chris. there were 61 arrests, 16 injuries, in an ever growing damage tally. late this afternoon one inclination of what is to come. outside ferguson pd in an earth mover reenforcees a makeshift metal fence with large cement barricades and sign that shows more. >> we are asking governor deploy all necessary resource toes prevent further destruction of property, and the preservation of life, in the sit of ferguson. >> reporter: that is moth are of michael brown unarmed 18 year-old shot and killed in august, today his father, at a press conference, a call for nationally mandated law enforcement body cameras. >> so it would be transparent, and we won't have to play this game witnesses, memories and
5:34 pm
secret grand jury proceedings. it will be just be transparent. >> reporter: grand jury decision to not indict. >> you need to stop. >> reporter: sent a festering ferguson into chaos, fire bugs were a flutter taking out more than a dozen businesses. >> where is the national guard? where is the protection in where is the plan. >> reporter: two of his businesses vandalized and he is in direct proximity to the police department. >> i am a black owned business owner right next door to the police department. the spectation that nothing would happen to me was naive. >> what you are watching is a every small town with a mixed culture. this is how it exist. we have to change. >> reporter: late this afternoon, missouri governor
5:35 pm
jay nixon vowed more support. he plans to triple the number of national guards men here from 700 last night to 2200 tonight. you see a large gathering in there right behind us. this is just flanging the police station right here hoping to avoid another scenario of too little, too late. we are live, tonight in ferguson, missouri, brad edwards, we will send it back to you guys. >> brad, thank you. right now protesters on the streets of fail to express their dismay with the grand jury decision. chopper three over broad street as hundreds of protesters headed north on broad street blocking traffic. those protesters ended up at broad and cecil b more in north philadelphia, the protest, has been peaceful. this is video from atlanta where demonstrators marched through the streets of downtown. when chanted no justice no piece. there will be much more about the unrest in ferguson and it's affects around the country, on the "cbs evening
5:36 pm
news" with ask the pelley. that is at 6:30 right here on cbs-3. well, a philadelphia lawyer is in the center of the sexual assault investigation tonight. he is accused of abusing a teenage girl. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has more on disturbing allegations. >> i believe there is a very special place in hell for men like brian meehan. >> reporter: district attorney seth williams used harsh words to describe the allegations against the center city attorney. fifty-six year-old brian meehan is facing several charges, including sexual assault of a 14 year-old girl, allegedly forced into prostitution by a couple, who were the lawyer's clients. this happened back in march of 2012. williams said that a germantown couple living on west harvey street knew the victim from the neighborhood. >> the girl told police that she had been recruited by couple to have sex with men for money. and they would beat her and threaten to kill her if she would try to leave them. >> reporter: teenager says she was sent to more than 20 men a week during a four week
5:37 pm
period, before being sold to a couple in camden for $300. the d.a. says that meehan is just one of the many alleged johns who assaulted her. police say he a had girl come to his office on 16th and jfk boulevard, several times. a spokesperson person from the law office told "eyewitness news" they are shock by the allegations and immediately terminated meehan's employment. police are looking for more victims who may have been assaulted by meehan. >> she also testified that meehan told her that he knew that he was only 14 years old, that he liked young girls and that the youngest girl he had sex with for money was 12 years old. >> reporter: as for the couple accused of forcing the teen into prostitution, the d.a. says that investigation is still ongoing, and so far, no charges have been filed. in center city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thank you. in a rare address to the european parliament, pope francis called for better
5:38 pm
immigration policies and more jobs. he spoke to the panel in france earlier today saying europe had become quote fearful and self absorbed. he also referred to the thousands of immigrant who drowned trying to cross mediterranean sea. four hour trip was first visit to stroudsberg since 1988 when pope john paul the second addressed the european parliament. we're busy, busy, busy, we will go outside and start off on the blue route, between saint david and broomall where an accident just cleared out of the way just moments ago in the left hand shoulder of the out bound lanes here approaching broomall. so there will be residual delays due to that accident even though it has cleared out of the way. all brake lights as they move southbound and northbound lanes, really crawling and not doing much better, stacked the whole way. speaking of stack we will head up to the schuylkill at city avenue where typical delay westbound awe all it looks like a string of christmas lights heading westbound toward king of prussia area eastbound lanes not doing so bad when you look at it next to the westbound lanes as
5:39 pm
well. over on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at valley forge an accident that has since moved over to the shoulder we can expect residual delays there as well n new jersey some problems on the 42 freeway southbound an accident push over in the shoulder just around 295. rest of the majors starting to jam up, 95 south from woodhaven to the vine street expressway, 33 minute trip, 202 still slow southbound from the schuylkill expressway into route 30, about a 20 minute trip there. no problems currently for mass transit the on september, new jersey transit or dart and we currently don't have any delays or, problems in the philadelphia international airport. chris and jessica, back over to you. still to come on "eyewitness news", three things that you need to know to help you save throughout this holiday shopping season. then half day verse full day preschool, is there new research on which one is better for your kids. leslie. >> few days before the nfc ease showdown between eagles and cowboys i sit down with cbs-3 contributor lesean mccoy and gets his thoughts from the big game we will have that
5:40 pm
coming up later in sports, kate? and first major winter storm of the season hits probably on the worst day it possibly could we will have an eye on the storm that will cause major travel troubles for upcoming thanksgiving holiday, we will have the latest details coming up in
5:41 pm
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"eyewitness news" jobs expert, steven greenburg has more. >> every month in good times and bad millions of people, get hired, nationwide, and in pennsylvania, that amounts to 200,000 people, up to 80 percent of all opened jobs may never be advertised. the key is knowing where to find them. jefferson and christiana care do a great deal of hiring in the philadelphia area every year. they are not just looking for doctors and nurses. christiana carries more than 130 openings, and they are looking for analyst, administrative assistants, project coordinators, billing managers and research associates. go directly to the hospital's own career states to find these jobs. employers may list a few positions on paid job boards but they will list all open jobs on their own site. check hospital sites often. the goal, to apply day the
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jobs are listed. that will improve your chances of landing your next job, i'm steve greenburg for
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and the eagles putting their final touches the game plan for big divisional match up with the cowboys. once again they will rely on
5:47 pm
cbs-3 contributor lesean mccoy, sunday he ran for 130 yards against the opponent. last time he faced cowboys he rush for 131. >> thanksgiving, that is big. a division game, that is really big. also, just the record. they are eight and three and we're eight and three. so, they are tons of good players over there we do too. i think it will be a great game to just go out there and bear it out and see who comes out with the win. >> congratulations toville know of quarterback john robert son who was name caa offensive player of the year. he completed 189 of 283 passes for 2629 yards, 34 touchdowns, and leads the team in rushing, and he is finally force walter payton award presented to the top players in football. so, having a pretty good season. >> unbelievable. >> good football all the way around around here right now. >> leslie, thanks much.
5:48 pm
well, we have an eye on the storm this evening, and our weather watchers, of course, are mobilized and we will get snow updates all day tomorrow. right now though things are quiet, most weather watchers reporting temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. i want to show you pictures weather watchers have submitted, beautiful sunset across the region. when we have storm and clouds off shore we will get great reflection. we have great pictures from jason, 20 minutes ago, red sky looking beautiful outside and this one as we zoom in looking very nice as well. just a beautiful sunset, a beauty before the storm tonight. if you want to be a weather watcher sign up, go to cbs tune in tomorrow, for snow updates in your backyard from your local weather watchers. lets take a look at storm scan three. seeds are zone. we have clouds in the pictures that has been around all day to day, clouds are starting to clear a little bit but cold air is starting to gain a foot hold, good news looking for snow in the north and western
5:49 pm
suburbs. you can see heavy rain off coast of the carolinas moving up the coast and this will intensify as it interacts with cold air from the polar disturbance feeding into this system. you can see with the clearing skies where we have got temperatures dropping. forty-five in allentown. forty-three in mount pocono. fifty-two at the airport. fifty-two in millville. high by the way was 68 degrees. we hit that just after midnight. temperatures this afternoon didn't get past mid 50's. winter storm alerts, what you see is a winter storm warning in effect for western chester county, northern montgomery, upper bucks and points north and woes including poconos and lehigh valley. winter weather advisory for city and suburbs in pennsylvania. we don't currently have any watches or advisories over new jersey. lets time this out. by 5:00 tomorrow morning rain is moving into the area we will be dealing with rain early but this will change over to snow quickly. by 9:00 a.m. in the western suburbs you can see chester county, northern montgomery, all those areas in the warning. we will see snow mid-morning. in philadelphia it is still
5:50 pm
trying to mix over, by 11:00 we will see some snow but watch out how this mix line just lines upright along i-95 and it is very, very close. cut off between heavy snow and heavy rain may not be more than a few miles. we have heavy snow accumulations to the west and just plane rain to the east and that line will be fighting all day. watch at 4:00 o'clock. this is band ago this may try to set up. when you get you this can get heavy snowfall all over one concentrated area that is something to watch later tomorrow afternoon. by midnight it is out of here. that is good news. bad news thinks an all day event. rain moves in from 4:00 to 7:00a in m106789 to noon we will see mix over. heaviest snow between 12:00 and two. it will even between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. as a few wet flakes for everyone. traveling, up to the north, i80, 81, expect roads to be snow covered. it will be coming down heavily. rain to snow mainly wet on i-95 unless that backing sets up, rain east on the turnpike slushy to the west. overnight cloudy skies, rain, after midnight and then of
5:51 pm
course snow tomorrow by thanksgiving thursday, it is chilly 4591 degrees and your seven day forecast. it does get better after tomorrow's major winter storm. we are dry and cold thursday and friday and temperatures start to rebound as we head threw up coming weekend. we will be here for you, keep getting you through this storm all day. we will go on 30 minutes early tomorrow morning. join the "eyewitness news" team at 4:00 a.m. for latest weather an traffic update, jessica. a lot of local families are getting holiday help thanks to the salvation army of greater philadelphia earlier they cook dinners for nearly 1,000 families everything from turkey to the stuffing and all of the fixins. the food is being stored in refridge rate odd trucks until it is handed out on thursday. lots of people thank for full families as we approach thanksgiving. you have written in using the cbs-3 hash tag. let look at your pictures and comments. mikayla a tells us i'm so thankful for my mom. lets go to brittany swellguard
5:52 pm
she wrote in with this little will princess mia joel, she is thankful for her on this thanksgiving. copper penny underscore two wrote into say i'm thankful for my new babies worn this week. this is one of babies we guess, jesse love, so nice to have that baby around. and then finally we will end with julie gerhardt writing into say i'm thankful for my son who has drawn syndrome. i have learn more from him in four years then i could in a life time. so much to be thankful for, this thanksgiving. >> we do want to know what you are thankful for, send us your photos on facebook or twitter just use that hash tag cbs-3 and you might see your photos right here on "eyewitness news". a new study finds interesting results that parents of young children might want to hear. right now most publicly funded preschool programs across the country are only half days but researchers at university of minnesota found children test
5:53 pm
higher when they attend full days. >> children in full day preschool had greater gains in literacy and language development, math skills, social emotional learning and also in physical health. >> that improved physical health leads to fewer absences from class. still ahead on "eyewitness news" whether you have your black friday plan all ready to go or waiting until the last minute three on your side has three important things you can help to save throughout the holiday shopping
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camping on the sidewalks or plan to do your shopping on line from the comfort of your own home, everyone is looking for a discount. >> who doesn't love a discount? three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan shows if you easy things you can do to get one. and, shoppers will head to the brick and north or store this holiday season and americans are project to spend a record $89 billion on line. up 13 percent over 2013. when shopping on line, be sure to cash in on discount codes.
5:57 pm
>> we look at those little will spots it is free money here come pick it up. >> reporter: kevin with says typing in a retailer name a along with the phrase discount codes or coupon while doing a web search can pay off. >> we're talking about five, ten minutes of your time to save, maybe 25 percent or more. >> reporter: more retailers then ever are offering specific discounts to followers on social media everybody knows best way to collect followers is to offer them something they wouldn't get if they didn't follow. >> reporter: pay is to follow or sign up for e-mails a lot of these stores are offering special discounts just for people within their e-mail list. >> reporter: finally making a big purchase you may want to take a plunge and get a store credit card. >> most big stores have steep, steep discounts if you sign up for their credit cards. >> reporter: 40 percent of americans expect to do some holiday shopping on black friday whether it be in stores or on line. amount expect to be spent in that one day alone an average of 399 doll a's per shopper. >> coupon code. >> i googled it.
5:58 pm
>> i told you this multiple times, you do not listen to me. >> right over my head until now. >> now i nose. >> now we're ready. >> now ready to save. >> bring it on. >> jim, thank you. mostly. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 the snowstorm threatening to spoil the busiest travel day of the year. >> we will see how communities around the region and major travel hubs are making sure you are ready, kathy. >> it is getting colder. we are talking about winter storm warnings, already posted, i'll show you how much snow will fall where you live and when the best time to travel, will be. breaking news right now protest, continue around the country, and right here in philadelphia a, and aftermath of the grand jury decision out of ferguson missouri we have team three coverage. plus, disturbing allegations against a center city lawyer, find out what he is accused of doing to a 14 year-old girl.
5:59 pm
breaking news tonight, the protest continue around the country, and jury decision in ferguson, missouri. hundreds rally in the streets of philadelphia today. >> but first region prepares as winter storm approaches threatening to reek havoc on the busiest travel day of the year. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. winter storm warnings are in effect for parts of the area. >> let get to meteorologist kathy orr live outside on the sky deck. kathy? >> after another beautiful day we're talking about a winter storm that is already developed. speed increased and that means the storm will be in and out of the delaware valley, earlier then earlier advertised. take a look at storm an three and show you where center of the low is moving northeast with all that moisture, bringing some rain, some wind, and some heavy snow. winter storm warning in effect in areas highlighted in pink, hazardous travel, that is
6:00 pm
where we will see heavier amounts. winter weather advisory for philadelphia north and west that includes mercer county, new jersey. here's what we expect mainly snow in the lehigh valley, reading berks county, poconos, rain change to go snow from north to south in the philadelphia area and mainly rain through south jersey, central and southern delaware. future weather shows precipitation from the south in the form of rain by 7:00 a.m. starting a as snow in the poconos and then between 10:00 a.m. and noon changing over to snow, even in philadelphia, and rain, still to the south and to the east. it is out of here by 8:00 p.m., good time to travel. snow amounts poconos gets mother load. six to 8 inches. four to six in the extreme northern and western suburbs and lehigh valley. in philadelphia two to 4 inches of snow expected. less's accumulations toward south and east. we will be back with that snow map and go neighborhood by neighborhood, so you can see what to expect where you live. we know you want to know because it is busiest travel day of the year. >> indeed it is,ka


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