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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  December 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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. and today is tuesday, december 2nd, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm diana rocco in for erika von tiehl. stories we're following today. what a day mother nature has in store for us. a look at storm scan3 shows mostly rain, but sleet and snow, are also part of the picture. >> a new assignment for phillies top cop. president obama picks charles ramsey to hedda task force following the unrest in ferguson. >> and, he used to be one of temple's most distinguished alum my. now allegation of sexual assault for bill cosby to step down from the university's board of directors. >> those stories and much more coming u almost eights start with our forecast, had little sleet coming down this morning, let's see what's shaking out there right now. >> we have mixed bag out,
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there we just showed you full screen with storm scan3. i feel like this looks a lot worse than it actually is at the moment. but we still obviously advise to you use caution, the reason it looks worse, is that these colors are so bright and vibrant, but it is not actually falling all that heavily outside. mainly at this point you have little mixing going on across the i-95 corridor, and it is primarily rain as go just right off to the south and east. now, the thing is, this whole thing, this whole rain-snow line, will lift north as the day goes on, as milder air starts to take over. but will take a while for that to happen. >> this will be with us for the bet earth part of the day, that said, winter weather advisories take effect berks, lancaster, lehigh valley county region headed up into the poconos, all points off to the north and west, those go into effect, and will last us until at least 10:00 p.m. tonight, some of them extended all the way out to 1:00 a.m. depends on your location, but avenue feeling travel will get worse with time, so may ends
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up being that the p.m. drive is worse than the a.m. drive simply because at that point the temperatures might be little more marginal or freezing at this hour, they're at 39 degrees at the airport, 39 wilmington, i mean, like the magic number pretty much off to the south of the city. further north you go it starts to get colder at this point, mount pocono hasn't seen heck of a l but that will change with time. main being toly look at snow and sleet, 39 degrees, in at 34 in quakertown, that's how you'll see mixing take place, because we're right around the freezing mark, you ends up with a mix, it makes for very word i forecast, okay. so you have mainly rain, southeast of the city, it will be a snow, sleet, and rain mix around philadelphia and point north, and then primarily snow and sleet mix, as well, up to the pocono region. could see grassy coating fall out, there as well, but more than anything just a big travel headache, with wet roads for philadelphia, and the immediate surrounding suburbs, main lip wet in the
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lehigh vale, again watch out for some of the sleet if not freezing rain to take effect here toward this evening. and again, it is just one of those days where do you have slow it down out there. down the shore, all rain, chilly day with a high of 44, and we'll only get you to about 40 by this afternoon, in philadelphia. jess, good morning. >> good morning, katie, and everyone out there, 4:33, we go outside and check out the schuylkill expressway, smooth sailing, so headed towards the city around 202, headed towards the city in the eastbound lanes, moving along great. currently no problems or delays on the westbound side. over on the ben franklin bridge, fortunately, all lanes completely open, this is from the philly side, so this lane right in here, it is headed westbound, from new jersey, on into the city. looking great like a good shot, though, far and overhead dollars from the philly side into jersey moving great there, as well. now, we do have some overnight work in downingtown, pa turnpike westbound, that will be out for quite some time this morning, probably about six armor so, same story for
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out in new jersey, 295, both directions near route 168. some construction going on, there for to you look forward tonight travel times everything still looking real smooth, still early. ninety-five southbound from woodhaven into the vine about 13 minute trip. no problems headed eastbound on 422, diane? >> thanks, jess, new this morning, police are searching for the driver who flipped over his suv in north philadelphia. this was the scene, near temple university, just before 2:00 this morning. officer found the wreckage, but the driver was gone, when they they arrived. no word this morning on any injuries or what may have caused that crash. in response to the violence, in ferguson, missouri, president obama is proposing massive reform plan for police departments nationwide. >> and he is tapping philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey to help lead the charge. justin finch joins us from police headquarters to tell you more about it. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, commissioner ramsey will head to the white house, 21st century policing, he says there is no quick fix.
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but there are already few ideas that he wants to explore. >> this comes as just yesterday another wave of nationwide ferguson-related protests including here in our area at penn and drexel, those protests there were largely peaceful, and that hallmark has gotten philly known across the country for the peaceful demonstrations. commissioner ramsey was in washington alongside president obama for 210th century policing. he will have 90 days to present recommendations and he already has a few ideas. >> i think there are some key areas that we have to look at in terms of just policing. one is establishing trust and ledges mass any neighborhoods across the country. that means they'll challenge neighborhoods, as well, where it is very, very difficult, but we have to be able to do that. we need to take a look at our training and education. we need to look at technology and how it can be applied, but applied within constitutional
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limit. >> sounds like a lot of work ahead for this commission. we already know philadelphia is rolling out program for body cams on police officers, as part of this program. there will be $75 million set aside to allocate rather cameras for these police officers, coming up, as women. so all of this has to go through congress, obviously, but again 90 day commission will be called for commissioner ramsey at the helm. live at police headquarters, justin finch, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> other news this morning bill cosby cuts ties with his alma matter temple university resigning from the board every trustees. latest fall out after decades of sexual assault resurfaced few weeks ago. since his days at temple u, he has become quite a campus legends, routinely speaking at graduation ceremonies, last night the temple community shared their reaction. >> i was just like that is not troop, can't be, but then seeing him resign from temple
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and everything now i'm just like oh, is this true. >> understandable he would have to resign from temple, you know, bring all the attention to the university. >> in a statement temple said it accepts cosby's resignation and thank the him for his service to the university. >> happening spot new jersey chris christie heads to camden again there is time making announcement on school construction project. critics say the governor has not done enough to replace aging school buildings. the governor has made frequent appearances at schools in camden, which is among the nation's most impoverished sit. >> i red cross is a significance several people in newark, delaware this morning, after fire ripped through a line of townhomes there all start wad homeowner driving to back out after driveway, he thought it was in reverse instead it lier offered forwards striking a gas meter on his home. he spoke to "eyewitness news" exclusively after it all happened. >> hit the gas, hit the gas
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meter and it exploded. real we had more than 30 years, all of our good memories. >> wow, authorities tell us, four townhomes were damaged, one person was also hospitalized for smoke inhalation. but is expected to be okay. police cited that driver with inattentive driving. well, there is much more to cover this morning at cbs-3, "eyewitness news", facebook comments about president obama's daughters force gop aid to quit. >> and in sports, the sixers have been in the record books for all of the wrong reasons. we'll check their play from last night on the other sidement be right back.
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>> 4:40. facebook comment about the first daughters have cost a republican staffer her job. elizabeth lawton has resigned as communications director for tennessee congressman. on facebook luaten criticized the first daughters on their appearance at this white house turkey pardoning ceremony
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writing: dear sasha animalier, a i get you're both in those awful teen years, but you're part of the first family. try showing a little class. dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar. luaten has apologized. neighbors in california are building mud dams and stacking sandbags to prepare for a storm. it is expected to generate widespread rain, forecasters say could unleash mud flows. california's facing a severe drought. back-to-back storms are helping some cities in the northwest to reach normal rainfall amount for the year. >> 4:41, nasty weather on the way? >> already underway depending where you are. the thing with systems like this, sometimes these can be the worse when it comes to travel. just because you've got variety pack of issues. it could be changing as you're traveling any given highway, because temperatures are changing as you're traveling along, and you know, you just have to slow it down on a day like this. >> i could see the tire tracks coming in today, see it on the roads. >> not even major system, but
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it is big headache for travel. and it is not even just this morning, either. we will be dealing with this for the better part of the day, i think, because frontal boundery, if you recall from yesterday, we had cold front cross through, that same front now lifting back n so actually will allow us to warm up little bit, eventually, but that's not going to happen just yet. so you have got all of the pretty colors available to us here on storm scan3, and they're all represented in some way, shape or form. but very obvious rain-snow line has set up for us, generally, it is just southeast of i95 at this hour, and we're going to see this whole thing continue to lift north. as that happens, milder air will also join in, and that's going allow a lot of this wintery weather, the purple, the pinks, to disappear, to turn over to straight up rain. i would say, your worse travel worries, in terms every slick spots, are likely going to happen north and west of the city. but that said, we are already hearing report this morning of some slick travel, around philadelphia, so, again it, depends on your location, check that car thermometer. when you walk out the door, and you hit the road, keep an
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eye on that. if the temperatures drops down, could you run into some slick spots out there. the road crews are great at what they do. but they can't necessarily get everywhere. some of the untreated roadways could still be little slick n terms every ice amounts, it doesn't take much, we're expecting perhaps a few hundreds of an inch to fall here in the form of not just sleet but maybe some freezing rain, up that way. and in addition, where you see just enough snowfall, it is mainly wet roads, or maybe some slick roads, but if you see accumulation, it is probably just a quick coating out on the unpaved surfaces like the grass or your windshield. walking you through what the rest of the day has in storm light wintery mix, almost all day, eventually change to go rain with time. 40 degrees. we drop down to 39 about seven-8:00 p.m. temperatures actually climb through the overnight. that will will allow any wintery weather to turn over to rain. left with lingering shower, just a rain shower, by tomorrow, and we'll start to warm things up for you here. little more seasonable with the high of 52. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, katie n sport,
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flyers hope to change scenery will help them get back in the win column. orange and black are in san jose to play the sharks. fly guys have lost eight of their last nine games. to the hoops, hard wood, defending nba champion spurs in town playing without stars tony parker and tim duncan. sixers without noel. sixers up at the half. but did not give up. lay up within five-point, with 902nd left. leonard led the spurs to 26. spurs win this 1109 to 103. sixers now zero and 17. they could tie the all-time nba record for losses to start a season if they lose tomorrow night minnesota. >> well, the eagles will be facing one of the nfl best defenses when they take on the defending superbowl champion, seattle seahawks at lincoln financial field. seattle comes in at eight and four, second place, behind the cardinals in the ffc west. they allow opposing teams only 18 points a game. seahawks defense is led by
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outspoken richard sherman. >> it will be the best secondary that we play, probably top corner in the league which it determines 23 picks, since 2011, more than any other player in the league, reason for, that smart player, intelligent player, he is big, he is physical, he has great ball skills. and they've got players at every position on the defensive side of the ball. there is a reason they won the superbowl last year, there is a reason they held the last two teams they played to three points. >> after the seahawks game the eagles play dallas, washington and the giants, and you can see the washington game, right here, on cbs-3, on december 20th, kick off, 4:30 p.m. >> the miami dolphins score ten unanswered points in the fourth quarter last night at the meadowlands, beat the struggling new york jets 16 to 13. won it on field goal with less than two minutes to go. the jet, gino smith, attempted league low, 13 passes, the entire game. and the jet fall to two and nine. miami's making a playoff push.
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they they a now seven and five. playoffs right around the corner. usually happens when we hit december. usually dodoes. still ahead on "eyewitness news", cyber monday live up to the hype? >> but first, a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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hands pink by president obama ... >> commissioner charles ramsey is the new co-chairman after presidential task force on police work in the 21st century. the creation of the task force comes on the heals of rioting and demonstrations in ferguson, missouri. commissioner ramsey joins us liver in the cbs-3 studios later this morning. bill cosby has resigned from his seat on the temple university boards of trustees. cosby has been the target of allegations of sexual assault, some claims dating back decades. new jersey governor chris
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christie visits camden high school later today. it is the governor's fourth trip to camden this year. he calls a tension to the work of camden school district in june. >> time 4:49. a check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, jill. as we talked about cyber monday is the biggest on line shopping day of the year. now, how were sales this year? >> reporter: well, good morning, ukee, diana. early data shows that cyber monday sales were up 16%, from last year, the big retailers saw the biggest boost, the small retailers saw the smallest. now, a different analysis found that the average order was about $131, which is roughly the same as last year. all-in-all, though, it is looking like sale gains weren't quite as strong as previous years. and one reason, similar to "black friday", is that retailers started dropping prices days even weeks ago. so it does take a little bit of the bite out of these hyped up holidaysment ukee, diana? >> shopping season seems to be
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getting longer and longer, and jill, we searched for sales, and spent, and today's a little give-back. can you explain? >> yes, well, this season of giving, and today's the official day to do it. giving tuesday is what it is being called, global day, dedicated to giving back, after "black friday", and cyber monday, and we were all spending, so this started back in 2012, by the 92nd street y and united nations foundation. this year, about 20,000 non-profits have signed on. soy, this is a nice way to give back a little. >> very nice. > tis the season. thank you, jill, appreciate t coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together. we'll do it on the 3's. stay with us, we'll be right
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our "joy of sharing" campaign is underway. you can help make the holidays bright for under-privileged children. just buy a new, unwrapped toy, and bring it to one of our drop off locations for a list of locations go to
4:53 am or call 215-977-joy. you can also text a donation, just text the word joy to 41444. 4:53, time for traffic and weather together. hello, jess. >> good morning, everybody, 4:53, and virtually no problems really all across the board, we will show you 95 just around the airport here, where you can see everything is moving along nicely, both directions, southbound, headed toward the airport, weaver flight to catch. you'll do just fine so far this morning. over on 202, at 29, you can see everything moving along great here. northbound lanes, where the headlights are, southbound, moving along great there, as well. but, we do have some overnight construction patches that will probably be out there until about six armor so, when they do some clean up. pa turnpike westbound, downingtown, some construction thereto watch for, and out in new jersey some construction there, as well. on 295, both direction action, just near route 168. and the rest of our majors still looking great so far. the schuylkill, no problems
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headed eastbound, from the blue route into the vine, only about a 14 minute trip. and 422, no problems there, oaks into 202, only about a eight minute trip there. currently no delays on septa, new jersey transit and dart. no delays at the philadelphia international airport. katie, how is it looking over there? >> very busy here, jess, really looks as though -- you ten of forget to turn the mike back on. we do have unsettled weather out there, whole mixed bag of all sorts of pretty colors out there on storm scan3 right now where you have got rain-snow line essentially setting up just southeast of i-95. so basically what this means is you will likely see changeable conditions as you travel right now. you know, walking out the door, maybe seeing little sleet. as you travel further southeast, may just turn over to straight rain. and just because the sun's not up yet, you may not be able to tell. soap, i just want you to slow down out there, expect that you might be slowed down by everybody else that's starting to get on the roadways, we
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currently outside of the board walk plaza in rehoboth have damp boards at the moment. not really seeing too much rain down that way. so it is essentially the split section, the middle section of the delaware valley getting hit right now. as you travel off to the north or south, gradually starts to diminish little bit. as this front starts to lift in, though. that will all change, and everybody gets in on something. the 24-hour temperature difference pretty broad. we've seen at least, you know, 15, 16 degrees, get shaved off of yesterday's values. so, it is a lot colder this morning, that's why we're seeing more of a mixing take place, with marginal temperatures, close to freezing for the better part of the day. eventually, we will see any icing or snow turn over to straight up rain by tonight, because temperatures will be climbing, through the overnight, but in the meantime, expect that it will be a whole mixed bag today. more rain the further south you go, perhaps more icing the further north and west you go. so, depending where you are, and what you find, the bottom line is you probably just need to slow down today and stay safe. ukee, back to you.
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>> thank you. shear look at stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. nutter administration wants city council to approve a contract that will double the number of bus shelters in philadelphia. city councilman seeks to get tougher on philadelphia's tax deadbeats, but meets with resistance. and it is crunch time for the parcel services who are delivering all of those items so many you button cyber monday. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. diana? >> coming up in the next half hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will will have the latest on high profile new job for philadelphia's police commissioner. >> also, how is this for an unusual get away? see how that suspect on a skateboard was finally stopped. >> and a popjoy or not, the mixed messages after some nfl players show of solidarity with the protesters in ferguson, missouri.
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this is c cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rain, sleet, snow, depending on where you liver, could you see it all by the time the day is over. winnie mix moving into the area. katie is tracking the weather for you. >> also this morning, picks by the president, philadelphia's top cop get a new job from president owe bamm a he talks about howell ' help clean up the fall out from the police shooting, in ferguson. and the growing fire storm is catching up to bill cosby. one of temple's most famous alum steps down from the school's board every trustees. we have reaction from temple's campus. >> it is tuesday, december 2nd, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm diana rocco. erika off today. our brief break from the wintery weather didn't last
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very long. and it could impact your morning commute as you head out the door. >> katie's outside on the skydeck right now, katie, like i said, little earlier, ran into little sleep coming in today. things are moving? >> they certainly r it is interesting, here on the skydeck, it is barely doing anything right now. i can see just because of the bright lights, out here, i can see few little spits coming out of the atmosphere, basically, but it is very calm, very guy quiet. storm scan3 says otherwise, though. take a look it, looks like it is coming down relatively steadily near philly, doesn't it? so looks can definitely be deceiving on storm scan. i'm not saying that no one is seeing anything, but, it is looking, basically, the bark is worse than the bite kind of scenario on storm scan3 right now. we are looking at wintery mix of light rain, some snow, some sleet throughout the day today. but it is more of news and thanks anything. so i don't want you to get scared off hereby storm scan, but just know, we looking at the wintery mix throughout the day. eventually, winter weather advisories will be going int


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